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A Taste Of Charlotte

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There she was, as fresh as a spring morning, as ripe as a juicy apple and as hot as an afternoon in the sauna. Sitting in the cafeteria of the gym, in a just a little bit too tight summer dress that strained the front button row around her chest in the most hypnotic way, I knew that there was no turning back. I had to have her, or at least die trying.

Charlotte, a named that had echoed between my ears and between my legs for four months, three days, forty seven minutes and twelve seconds. Ever since I first lay my eyes on her, I had wanted her. Not her heart and soul, although I’ll have to admit that I was more than a little infatuated by her lovely personality too. But what haunted my mind were other burning questions. How would her lips feel against mine? How does her nipples look under that dress? Does she scream when she cum?

Of course, I could say that she looked like a fashion model, and most of you would get the picture. But the truth is, a runway model today looks like shit. They are skinny boys with tits. Small tits too. No, Charlotte was a goddess, a nubile, curvy wet dream of the good old beauty ideals. Think classic, think Marilyn Monroe, Birgitte Bardot, anyone from that era, or older, Greta Garbo even. All of that, but without the air of unreachable glamour diva that they possessed. Charlotte Stetson had the kind of pulse-racing beauty of someone who didn’t know, or didn’t care, that wherever she went, every man and half of the women that saw her dreamed about having their way with her.

I wanted to have my way with her too, I dreamed every night of taking possession of that golden tanned skin, rip the clothes of her and explore every square inch of her voluptuous body. And in that sudden, lust drunk moment when I saw her sitting there, waiting for me, I made up my mind. I just couldn’t go on like we had those last months, pretending like she didn’t drive me up the walls with pent up lust every damn night and day of the week. I’d find a way, at least to find out. So maybe it would cost us our friendship, but then I wouldn’t be in this weird-ass Limbo anymore.

Ok, maybe I should tell you a little about myself too? Time for a little re-wind then.

The name is Nina, I’m a 20 year old student at the UC, majoring in Tech, but I’m not at all the geek girl that you might think. Although I don’t claim to be of supermodel status, I do turn a few heads of my own. Anyway, I came here form up north, with my then boyfriend, two years ago, to study and have a life on our own, in sunny, sexy LA none the less. But there is one thing that you got to know about this city. Unless you want to live in a gang infested, downright dangerous neighborhood, Los Angeles is expensive. I have a steady but small stream of cash from my family, and a small scholarship that pays for a lot, but not for decent lodging. So Brian and I decided to team up and rent a small two room apartment. We both had after hours jobs to pay for the place, and it was quite a bus ride from school. But it was ours and it was private.

And then, the inevitable happened. Brian, and that pretty rich Sandra bitch, that’s what happened. Yeah sure, they were only going to do a lab report together. Yeah sure, they were naked because our AC was acting up. Yeah sure, she tripped and landed on his cock. Well, that was it, exit Sandra, exit Brian, and I had the whole apartment to myself.

Which also meant that I had the whole rent to pay, something I had no chance in hell to manage. It was either finding a cheaper place, a dorm even, or start looking for a roommate. I decided on the latter.

Said and done, a few posts on a student web board, and I had more interested tenants than I could ever ask for. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention that I wasn’t interested in male applicants, so I could easily cut away two thirds of the maybe 50 emails I’d gotten. After making a few calls, I had screened out the party animals and total bitches, and had narrowed it down to five names. The first name read Charlotte Stetson, so I called her up and asked when she could come over and have a look at the place. Her reply was “How about right now?”, and I had no objections to that. She had a car, and twenty minutes later, I heard her knock on my door.

What met me when I opened it is a sight I will never forget. A raving beauty like you only see in the movies. Long, flowing golden hair, a perfect, pearly white smile and full red lips to kill for. And those almost glowing bright green eyes. She wore plain jeans and a sweater, but I could see her breasts pushing out in front of her, and the fabric hugging her forms in the same way I wished I was. I did my best to keep my breathing intact, and opened my mouth, hoping that something coherent would come out.

“Hello, you most be Charlotte,” I said.

Well, fucking duh! Ok, at least it sounded normal.

“‘fraid so,” she answered with a knee weakening smile. “And you’re Nina?”

“Yep. Come on in. I’ll give you the grand tour, and then we can have a little talk.”

She liked the place immediately, and started asking if she should bring any furniture, about room for books, and such things, so it was apparent that she was interested in the place. She was really easy to talk to, and we instantly got along very well, so I had no argument. To make a long story short, I decided to skip the other viewings and make Charlotte my new roomie. All that was left was moving in.

“Oh, and one more thing.” I said, while she scanned the yellow pages in search of the number to someone who could help her with her bed and some other stuff. “Just so you know, I’m bi.”

“Huh?” she said and pried her eyes away from the phonebook.

“Bi. Bisexual,” I explained.

“Oh, I know what that means. I’m just surprised you brought that up. Who cares?”

“I didn’t want you to find out at a later point and freak out, that’s all.”

“Nono, I’m cool with that.” she said and returned to the matters at hand. “I’ll just make a mental note about not running around naked in here.”


That made her laugh, and I knew that I was going to like her. I already did.

Well, that was almost half a year ago, at the end of the last semester. Now summer crept closer, as well as my filthy fantasies about the sweet girl. As every Thursday night, she had come by to pick me up from the local gym, where I worked as a beginner’s instructor. But she didn’t look like her sparkling self this evening.

“Hey, C,” I said, as I walked up to her. “What’s the matter?”

“Oh nothing,” she replied with a sigh. “just bored, I guess. I miss Denny.”

Denny was the on and off flirt. A nice guy, but nothing really serious went on between them anyway. Charlotte had decided to call it quits and officially break up with him two months earlier.

“Or I don’t,” she continued, “but I miss having the option. I just found out he is dating some exchange girl, and I’m jealous. I haven’t gotten laid since Valentine’s.”

Purr-fect! Time to set things in motion.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said, “I know how to get you in a better mood. You need to relax. How about if we swing by the store, pick up some cheap-ass booze and wine, rent a movie and have a girls’ night in tonight?”

“Sounds like as good a plan as any,” she said with a little smile. “Actually, that’s a great plan. I wanna get drunk as a skunk.”

“Then drunk I shall get you, maidemoselle!” I said and added in my head: “And take all kinds of advantage of you.”

“Let’s go then!” She stood up and we headed for the exit. “And strange fruits! I wanna make silly cocktails.”

The night was a complete success. Charlotte’s mood was bright and bubbly again as soon as we got into the car. And hours later, after wine, takeout chop suey, more wine, ice cream, snacks, vodka coolers and promised silly cocktails, we were back at the red wine again. Curling up in one end each of the sofa, while the VCR rewound the tape, I decided to go the final step.

Charlotte was pretty out of it by now, giggling and sipping wine, as we small talked ourselves through the first midnight hour. Closer I went, my hands more and more seeking out her soft skin, my side nudging hers, and the side of our thighs rubbing together, with a sensation that almost made me lose my cool on more than one occasion. After a while, we weren’t even speaking anymore. It was like a strange dream, I could see that Charlotte’s eyes were lost in the swirl of her wine glass, her breathing calm and deep. I reached out and touched her cheek, and she leaned her head ever so slightly into my palm. I leaned in closer, placing my other hand on her knee. No reaction, other than an extra deep breath. So I moved that last few inches forward and kissed her softly on the lips. My head raced as I felt her lips respond to mine, parting in invite. I gently nudged my tongue in between her lips.

And then she woke up. I can’t explain it as anything else. She went in an instant from warm, snuggly, flirty, to a cornered animal, trying to get away from a predator. It was as if my tongue on her had burst the bubble. She pulled her head away, pushed me to the side and scurried away to the other end of the sofa.

“What are you doing?!” she demanded.

Shit shit shit shit…

“I, uh…I” Think think think… “N-nothing. I….I’m sorry, I thought you wanted to.”

“Wanted to what? Kiss you? Sleep with you? What?”

“…I don’t know,” was all I could say. Yep, I was a real fountain of wit now. It had gone so well, so smooth, and now this? All of a sudden and out of nowhere a total turnaround. I felt how my ears started to get warm, and I knew that I was blushing like a little girl. I looked away, pulled up my knees and buried my face between them. “I said I’m sorry, ok?”

“I mean jesus. I’m not even gay,” she said.

Oh great, that too? Hand me a rope, someone. I didn’t say anything. Nothing I could say at that point would have mattered or made any sense anyway. I didn’t look up either. And the room fell awfully silent for almost half a minute. Charlotte was the one to speak first.

“Hey, look. It’s no big deal. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Maybe I was sending out some…signal, I don’t know. Just don’t beat yourself to death about it. It’s ok.”

I nodded from between my knees.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

I nodded again.

“Ok, good,” she said. “Well, I think it’s time for us to get some sleep now. I’m going to bed. Thanks for the…wine.”

I heard her soft steps against the carpet as she walked out of the living room and into her bedroom. I didn’t move a muscle until I heard her door shut. I still sat in that cursed sofa, finishing my cursed glass of wine cursing my cursed stupidity for another cursed quarter of an hour, before heading to my own room.

I woke the next morning to the sound of someone knocking at my door.

“Nina?” a small voice said in the doorway.

“Go away,” I muttered. I was slightly hung over, and more than a little embarrassed

She didn’t go away though. She just stood there. Finally she spoke again.

“Ooo kay. This is really weird. Look, I have something to tell you. ”

“Can it wait?” I muttered into my pillows.

“No, no it can’t. Nina, I haven’t been totally honest with you the last months. You know I did break up with Denny in Mars? Well, the reason I did that wasn’t that much that I didn’t like him anymore. It was something else. Something…a bit closer to home. You. I’ve been having all these crazy fantasies about you. How you would look without clothes, how you would feel, how you would…taste. Stuff like that.”

My heart stopped and my brain froze. What was she saying? I slowly raised up on my elbows to meet her nervous glare with an astonished stare.

“Ok, ok, I know that doesn’t make any sense at all. I mean I said I wasn’t gay just yesterday. But that was just some shit I said to get you out of my hair for the moment. I was too nervous, I freaked out. Sorry.”

We just looked at each other for well over a minute.

“Are you still nervous?” I asked.

“Only a little. A little is good.” she said with a shy smile.

“Do you want to come here?” I said, sat up in bed and held out my arms to her. She hesitated only a moment before padding silently to the side of the bed and stopping again.

“Are…are you sure, Nina?”

“I’ve been awake all night, thinking of you Charlotte, and only just fell asleep an hour ago. Yes, I’m sure. I’ve been sure ever since the first day I saw you, I’ve been sure every damn night when I’ve been hugging a pillow pretending it was you, I’ve been…”

I was babbling like a complete fool, but the words just flowed out of me, and I had no chance of stopping them. I didn’t get any further though, because Charlotte knew how to do that for me. I didn’t even see it happen, but suddenly, she was on her knees in front of me where I sat, her hips between my thighs and her lips softly but firmly pressed against mine.

My head was flooded with sensations, each one trying to outdo the other and unable to settle on which would go first. The softness of her mouth against mine brought tiny tremors that reached into me and grabbed on tightly, forcing my tongue to reach out and trace along the line between her closed lips. Through the fog of my lust, I heard someone moan and only knew it was Charlotte because of the gentle vibrations from her lips into mine.

Pure joy coursed through me and I used the kiss as a window to slide my hands down her back. My fingertips reached the bottom of her t-shirt and as my tongue danced with hers, I slowly slid the soft cotton up her back and touched her bare skin for the first time. The heat and softness combined, sent tiny tingles into my fingertips and when my hands moved over her round bottom, I felt her hips tilt slightly. Her mound pressed into mine and a jolt of excitement swept through me, the likes of which I had never known.

With a sudden gasp, Charlotte broke the kiss and her body went rigid against mine. She stared with her hypnotic eyes straight into mine.

The gorgeous blonde was suddenly shy and the realisation that I now had the opportunity I’d dreamt of for the last six months, I almost wasn’t sure how to proceed. My first priority, though, was to make her comfortable. I was rather surprised that my natural inclination was to soothe her and ease into things. I would have guessed that instantly devouring every inch of her would have been my first move. I let my arms slide to her hips, and leaned her away from me. I have her a reassuring smile, and got a little nervous one in return. It was only then that I realised it. Maybe I was first? What if…

“Have you been with a girl before?” I asked.

At first she just looked at me. And then, slowly, biting her lower lip with a sultry grin spreading across her face, she shook her head.

“No, I’m your little almost-virgin, Nina. So be gentle, ok?”

Oh, I would. A small gasp flew from Charlotte’s lips as the sheet covering my chest fell away, revealing me from the waist up. My body went still, and I sat there, holding my hand out as curious green eyes roamed over me. The look of surprised wonder in her eyes began to morph into unmasked lust and curiosity. I decided it was now or never.

“Take my hand, C,” I said softly and delighted in the feel of the other woman’s hand sliding into my own. It trembled a little and I pulled her to me and proceeded to wrap my arms around her tightly. She giggled against my cheek and all of a sudden, we were the fun-loving roommates we’d been for the last six months. But this time there was more.

I wanted this woman more than I had wanted anyone, I wanted to make this the most memorable day of her life. I gently directed her to sit beside me on the bed, and nudged her back to lay down. Slowly, I let my fingertips travel up and down the length of her body. She closed her eyes and shifted positions, so that she was turned to me, with her thighs slightly parted. From her feet, up her wonderful legs, and in between her thighs, my hands went. The smoothness of her skin sent small jolts of excitement up my arms, and I heard her breath turn into short gasps as I brushed oh so close by the thin fabric covering that last, delicious treat. But that was for later, so I continued up. Using a full palm now, I caressed my way up her torso and at the same time, placed my knee between her legs and leaned forward causing my thigh to press into her satin covered sex. I used the weight of my body to begin a slow grinding motion against her pussy and watched in fascination as her head turned to the side, and a soft moan spilled from her luscious lips.

My own arousal was evident as my pussy moved over Charlotte’s thigh and I knew before long she would feel my wetness against her skin. She looked so beautiful with her head tilted back and her lips parted slightly. Her eyes were closed and she had the most divine look of relaxed contentment on her face. The sight of her neck before me was too much to resist and I leaned down, sealing my lips over her smooth skin and suckling gently. I eased my body down on her. Her hands reached up and clutched at the pillow and a surge of excitement raced through me as I felt her firm nipples pressing into my breast.

We lay like that for over a minute. My face nuzzled against her neck, and my lips and tongue slowly tasting the soft sensitive skin. Her arms came down and she stroke my shoulder, and played with my hair as we lay there, absently, almost nursing, as if I was the one being taken care of. I left a trail of saliva with my tongue and let it travel across her cheek, once again aiming for her now wide open mouth. I locked my lips to hers and she immediately responded, sucking at my tongue with a fervour that surprised even me. Her hands were on my neck, pulling me to her, and her chest heaved lustfully with each breath. I let one hand slide in between us to cup her breast, and pinched lightly at her nipple. She gave up a small squeal-like moan into my mouth, and I responded with another pinch, a little harder this time. I settled for a steady but light massaging motion, and focused my attention on her pussy again.

Easing myself off her, I let one hand take the path down from her chest, her solar plexus and tummy, until I reached the laced edge of her pale panties. I hesitated for a short second, before sliding my fingers in beneath, and over a small triangular patch of soft hair, before my hand cupped her crotch. My motion had been quick, and it wasn’t until I was actually there, and could feel the trembling heat and moisture of her sex, that she realised the same thing. Instinctively she broke our elongated kiss, and let out a sharp gasp of surprise. She tried to raise up on her elbows to see what I was doing, but I firmly pushed her back again, I had something special in mind, and leaned up over her to look into her now wide open eyes.

“Relax,” I whispered, and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Then I started to move my hand. In slow soft motions, I massaged the outside of her labia, and Charlotte started to breathe in deep, but trembling breaths, tilted her head back, and started to close her eyes. But I would have none of that.

“Look at me Charlotte. Here I am, look into my eyes.”

She did, and I started to rub her pussy a little faster, my index finger sliding up and down her slit, all the while her eyes were transfixed on mine. It was a strange, almost magic feeling, to see her like this. Almost delirious in the throes of lust, and still staring straight at me like a deer in headlights. I could see every move with my hand reflected in a twitch in her face. Every fraction of a millimeter that my finger parted her pussy lips, meant another tremble on the lips I could see in front of me. Her pupils growing bigger and bigger, and she slid into a more and more dream-like state of pure bliss.

Finally, I had slipped my finger deep inside of her. The walls of her pussy gripped it and tried to milk it deeper and deeper inside. I decided it was time to up the stakes a bit, and started to nudge my thumb up at her clitoris. The reaction was instant. As soon as my thumb came in contact with the throbbing knob, just brushed lightly by, Charlotte let out a loud moan and threw her head back. I immediately withdraw my thumb and placed my other hand behind her neck, tilting it back to me again.

“I said, look at me.”

For the first time in five minutes, she was able to utter a single coherent word.

“P-please…” she whispered.

“Will you look at me?” I said with a chiding tone. She nodded a short nod.

“Good girl,” I said, and without hesitation pushed in another finger as deep as I could.

I wasn’t worried about pain, I knew she could take that and more, having seen the generous, mint green dildo she tried to hide behind the book stacks in her room. But from her reaction, one might think that I had pushed a stick of glowing iron into her. Her first reaction was a loud yelp, followed by a short scream, and an aggressive growl, but then she eased down again, into short, heavy panting breaths. All the while, her eyes didn’t leave mine, and she stared at me with a fiery glow and a tense face.

There was no holding me back now. The sense of connection, and the sense of control I had, was intoxicating. Charlotte was completely at my mercy, her whole world was my hand between her legs, and my whole world was the intense lust bordering on panic that played in the beautiful blonde girl’s face.

Her hands had now left the safety of clutching the sheets and pillow, and was stroking my back and put a soft grip on the arm diving into her panties. No more coaxing was needed to make her look into my eyes, not at this time. I settled for a steady pumping rhythm. Charlotte started to not only breathe in sync with the thrusting of my hand, but also to buck her hips up to meet my fingers in an attempt to intensify the feeling. If that’s what she wanted, I was not going to be the one to argue. This was all for her, there was nothing more important in the world at that moment than to maximise the pleasure for this girl. I wanted to show her just how good I could be. I wasn’t even interested in getting off myself anymore, only to drown her in orgasms.

So I stopped. Her reaction was immediate. A mewing, dissatisfied moan.

“No…no. Don’t stop. Why did you stop?”

“Just this,” I said and pulled at the waistband of her now totally soaked panties. Her free hand was more than eager to help, and in no time, the small satin fabric was dangling around her ankle. She did no effort to try to kick them off, and I didn’t care either way, my attention was back at her pussy, easing my fingers back in to that hot, slippery heaven. This time I had turned my hand around, so that my thumb was resting between her buttocks. Just to let her know I was there, I rubbed my thumb over her anus, and she jerked in surprise, but wasn’t apparently scared, because in the middle of her lusty panting, she burst out giggling.

“What are you doing?!” she demanded.

“Relax,” I said, “you’re going to like this.”

“You…you not going to push it…in, are you?”

Now it was my time to laugh.

“No, silly. I just do like this,” I said, and rubbed my thumb back and forth. All I really knew was that I loved to do that to myself. I was hoping Charlotte felt the same way.

She sure did, and with a loud series of “oh” and “aah”, the relentless sex massage continued. She was trashing around, tossing her head back and forth, losing all self control, so keeping her eyes on me was pretty futile by now. Well, screw the mind-games, it was fun for a while. Now it was time for some real climax chasing.

I heard Charlotte’s breathing get heavier and heavier, and I knew what was about to happen, so I increased the speed and vigour of my thrusts a little bit. And then a bit more, as I heard her respond.

I can’t really say that it came out of nowhere, but her orgasm did take me by surprise. I thought I had a lot more to work for, when her breathing stopped, and her body tensed up. I felt the walls of her pussy close in on me, and a shudder started in her loins and spread through her whole body. No time to waste, I bent down and sucked hard on her nipple while I pinched the other one with my hand. She shouted out loud and bucked her hips so hard that I almost lost my grip on her. I leaned my hip against her to steady her, and continued my finger-fucking for at least another half minute. The now delirious blonde just wouldn’t stop her wonderful spastic motions and her incomprehensible moaning mantra.

Charlotte had cum like it was the end of the world, and I didn’t even break a sweat. So sensitive, so receptive, so irresistible. Of course I had to see. See what would happen if I really made an effort. She was either done, or I had the opportunity to take her further than I had ever brought anyone before. When her limbs relaxed, and her breathing finally started to return to normal, she let out a long exhale, and tilted her head to look at me. She radiated complete satisfaction, and I knew that at least she thought she had reached the end of this ride.

I flashed her a wicked grin, and dove down between her thighs. Charlotte was too out of breath to say anything, but the last thing I saw, a look of surprise, turning into wild abandon and raw excitement on her face told me all I needed to know. She was so ready for more.

I drew out my fingers from her pussy and replaced it immediately with my mouth, taking a long lick over her pussy lips. I heard Charlotte gasp with pleasure, but it was faint and far away, my brain was being flooded with other senses, as the sweet, salty sensation of her sex rushed up to my mind from tongue and nostrils. It was the most intense, most wonderful taste I had ever tasted. Nectar, mothers milk, ambrosia, come on, there is no way to describe it! It was heaven, heaven at the tip of my tongue. I almost lost track of where I was and what was going on, and just laid there, drowning in the delight. But my mind was still with me, and I forced myself to keep my focus on Charlotte. I was supposed to drive her crazy, not the other way around. Not this time, at least.

So I plunged my tongue deep into her flooded pussy, lapping up as much of her essence as I possibly could. I sucked hard at her opening, I let my tongue dart in and out, stabbing it’s way into Charlotte, again and again. She responded with a loud groan, and her hips started to grind her pussy up against my face. I knew I had her then, and I was going to drive this as far as I possibly could. With my left hand, I inserted a finger along with my tongue, and was rewarded with a shout of surprise. And an even louder shout when I wet my thumb and index finger with her juice and my saliva, and began to flick them over her clit. It didn’t take long before she started to tense up again and this time I could sense it coming, in the slowly raising pitch of the moaning, and in her tensing thighs.

When the shudders started to ripple through her this second time, I finally went into full gear. I quickly replaced my tongue with another finger, and let my mouth work on the clit instead. Then, while she was still spasming and half yelling her climax at the roof, I pushed in a third finger. If it would hurt her, I had no idea, but she was too busy cumming to even notice.

And then, finally, my ace in the sleeve. The thing that could either break the mood, or work her up beyond belief. I knew it drove me insane, but that’s me. I just had to try. With a cum-coated index finger, I applied pressure to Charlotte’s asshole again, and pushed myself in to the first knuckle. It changed the pitch of her orgasmic orations, but she didn’t seem to protest. So while she rode that orgasm, driven by a neverending flicking of her clit and furious fingering, I pushed in a bit more, and more. I felt the warmness of her anus, and the tight ring squeeze at my invading finger, but she still trashed around in the same rapture as before.

For several minutes, I wasn’t exactly keeping an eye on the watch, I assaulted her with all I had, a finger deep up her ass, tongue and teeth working her clit with fervour and three fingers fucking the girl’s trembling pussy much faster than any hip thrusting cock could ever had managed. And all the while she screamed out into the room, a song of nothing but primal urges.

She must have come three or four times in a row, I didn’t really count, and it was hard to tell when one ended and the other began anyway, when I heard another edge in her shouting voice. It was barely there, in between the moans, on her inhales, but there it was, I heard it. Faint little words. “…please… no more… can’t… please… no…. can’t… take it…” She was actually pleading for me to stop!

Do I did, I eased my assault on her clit and pulled my fingers out of her. One last long lick along her slit, and I crawled up beside her. Her whole body was still shaking, and I actually began to worry a bit. What had I done, did she have a weak heart or something? But when her dizzy eyes met mine, her parted lips turned into a fatigued smile, I knew that she was more than ok. I slid my arms around her, pulled her close to me and gave her trembling mouth a deep kiss full of her own juices. We just lay there for a few minutes together, breathing into each others’ ears, and listening to the morning traffic outside.

“Oh…fuck,” was the first thing she finally managed to say. “That was the most intense thing I’ve ever felt.”

“Glad you like it.”

“I just…I just wish I could do the same for you.”

“Don’t worry,” I said, “you’ll get the hang of it soon enough. Do you have any plans for today?” I asked.

“Nope. I was planning to have a hangover all day.”

“Got one?”

“I think you cured it.”

“Good,” I said. “Then I promise you, that you won’t leave this bed, until you’ve had your tongue do deep inside of me that it forgets which way is out.”

“But, what about breakfast?” Charlotte asked.

“This IS your breakfast.”


With that, we both lost it, and broke down laughing like crazy.

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