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A Surprise Roadtrip Stop

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“Oh, look,” Carrie says “another adult bookstore. What is that? The 5th one we’ve seen on this highway?

“Yeah, at least,” I reply, “what is it about highways in rural Missouri? I guess truckers must be the horniest profession known to man.”

We watched the signs as we passed by the XXX Adult and Novelty Store. There were a couple cars in the parking lot, but probably not more than the folks who worked there.

Carrie and I were on a drive back from her family’s reunion in some god and culture forsaken spot in southern Missouri. I was driving and she was sitting in the passenger’s seat with her beautiful legs kicked up on the dash. She had the seat reclined back a little and I could see her pink t-shirt ridding up on her belly. Hmmm, it did look good.

She has such a great body. She’s tall and thin, blond hair and blue eyes – but one of those girls who has no idea how beautiful she is. That’s all right by me though, because I know how pretty she is – enough so I couldn’t think of not having her around for the rest of my life, which I guess is one of the reasons I proposed to her. But that’s another story for another day.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” she exclaimed. “Look at that one.”

Another building was coming up – and yep, it was another adult bookstore / video rental place. I could see at once what caught her eye. Even though this one was further off the road and didn’t have any advertising that I could see, the parking lot was packed. Well, not packed like a football game, but there were 10 or so cars there. And since it was such a tiny parking lot, there were cars parked on the grass.

“I wonder what makes that place so special,” she asked.

“Well, we could always go see what makes this place so different.” I replied.

“Oh, let’s go!” she exclaimed while grabbing my leg. I was horny as it was just sitting next to her, so when she grabbed me I almost forgot about the traffic around us.

We pulled in to the lot, as another car left – opening up a great parking spot right at the door. The building was painted a dark blue color and just had one sign out front that said – Pleasure-land Erotic Adventures. The windows were tinted but there was an open sign hanging in the door.

As we pushed open the door, the counter girl looked up from her book. She just glanced at us and then went back to reading. She was sprawled on a barstool with her legs kicked up on the counter and was smoking a cigarette. Obviously, this place had a casual atmosphere to say the least. There were racks of books and videos, toys and games all around, but only one other couple to be seen. It didn’t look like there was a theater or anywhere else folks could be hiding.

“What’s the deal with all the cars out front?” I asked the counter girl. “Where are all the people hiding?” She pushed back from the counter and looked Carrie and I up and down. I noticed how her eyes lingered a little long over Carrie’s exquisite legs before looking up. I couldn’t really blame her, I spend a lot of time distracted by Carrie’s body as well.

“You guys must not be from around this area,” she said. We nodded. “Most of those cars are dropped off here while everyone’s on tour.”

“Tour? Carrie asked.

“Yeah” she replied. “We have a local group that organizes a mix of camping trips and fuck fests every quarter.” Her bluntness was completely natural – although her hair color – bright blue streaks in black hair – and her boobs were obviously artificial.

“They all load up on a bus with long couches and coolers and invade local parks or out of the way hotels for the weekend.” She looked at Carrie. “You should go sometime; I bet we could have a blast.”

I saw Carrie blush and shift her weight from one foot to another. “Hmmm,” she said, noncommittally, but she took the flyer the counter girl thrust into her hands. “We’re from out of town, so we’ll have to pass for now.”

“Well, let me know if you change your mind,” she said coyly and went back to her book.

Carrie and I moved off among the racks, looking around. There were the usual videos and such. But I noticed something I hadn’t seen before.

“Hey honey, come take a look at this.” I called. Carrie came over to where I was standing and grabbed me around the waist, hugging me from behind. She saw right away what I was looking at.

On the wall in front of us was some sort of collection of art and other posters created by amateurs or locals – perhaps part of that tour club. There were posters that outlined camping trips with Polaroid’s of nakedness and sex acts. There were pages that were just some person’s “home page” with articles and photos of themselves. In one area was a “Fantasy posting board.” It had pages of computer paper stuck up there in several categories. Each page had a brief – or sometimes really detailed fantasy – and then a person’s name at the bottom. Most of them had either a photo or a phone number as well. It was obvious that if you read a fantasy that really turned you on, these folks were inviting you to drop them a line – perhaps to enact that same fantasy.

There were several that only increased the hardness of my cock that was straining against my shorts. And Carrie wasn’t helping matters at all with her breasts pressed against my back. She was looking over my shoulder at the same wall and reading some of them softly under her breath.

“Hmmm, look at this one,” I said. This person seems to have described our date last week in perfect detail.” It was a story about a girl who liked to be spanked and punished.

“I like this one.” Carrie said, pointing to another. “I really think we should try and work this one into our next date.” The story was about a couple who arranged to act like strangers and meet up at a trashy bar and pick each other up. There were long descriptions about them fucking in the back of the bar as the guys playing pool watched and stroked their cues. I felt her left hand slip past the waistband of my shorts. My breath caught as her cool fingers encircled my cock.

“Did you see this one?” The voice surprised us both. We turned to see the counter girl who had come up behind us. She pointed to a long-full page story. “It’s my favorite.”

Her hand rested on the page as we read what she was pointing at. I saw a faint smile at the corner of her mouth as she noticed where my fiancé’s left hand had disappeared to. Carrie must have noticed as well, but she was too turned on to let go. (And I surely didn’t want her to pull back either!)

The story involved a girl in college who had gotten fired from her waitress job and was having trouble making ends meet. She moved in with one of her friends and her husband for a time – taking their extra bedroom. Of course, one thing led to another and before the story was halfway through the three of them were sharing a bed and a home in a continual fuck-fest.

I felt Carrie squirming against my back as she read. I could almost feel the hardness of her nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt. I groaned out loud as her hand pulled slowly out of my shorts to push back a wisp of hair that had fallen across her eyes.

“That’s hot,” she said. “I can see why you like that.” She reached out her hand. “I’m Carrie and this is my fiancé, Kaiser. This is about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen at a video store. You must love working here.”

“I’m Tina,” the counter girl said. “Yeah, it’s a great job. Not only do I have time to study, but whenever things get lonely here, I’ve got a ton of things that get my pussy hot and there’s no security cameras to see me if I masturbate.

“Wait, a minute, how come your nametag says Holly?” I asked.

“Oh, this?” Tina said. Instead of just pointing at her nametag, she cupped her breast and pushed it forward with the nametag barely hanging on to the edge of her low-cropped shirt. “This is just one way to keep the shitty truckers from talking me up too much. They usually don’t stop in here with all the competition up the road but if someone calls back on the phone or calls me by this name, I know they are just customers and not someone I know.

“Neat trick,” Carrie said, “So do you have an entry up here?

“Come on, it’s right here,” Tina said. She steered Carrie over to the left by slipping a arm around my fiancé’s waist. Carrie went easily from behind me over with Tina. They moved about 10 feet away from me as I finished reading a really hot part of the college story. I also felt a little exposed with my shorts. They were loose cargo shorts that weren’t doing a great job of hiding my erection.

I saw the other couple come out of the video aisles with a movie tucked under his arm. He was tall and thin – looked like a runner and she was athletic as well, but more solidly built. She had blond hair and wore a sports bra and running shorts. He wore some sweat pants and a long t-shirt. They came around to where the stories and posters began and I saw them get caught up in the “on-wall” fantasy collection as well. She must not have seen me standing there, because as I started to move further down the wall to where the girls were standing, she let out a little shriek and moved her hand to her chest.

“Sorry,” she said, pulling a little closer to her husband. “You scared me.”

She blushed a little – probably feeling a little “caught” reading the porn. But I smiled to put them at ease and nodded a goodbye to them as I moved off to where Tina was showing something to Carrie that was on a small stand in front of the posters. They were flipping through a three-ring binder. I watched as Tina’s hand slipped off my fiancé’s waist and dropped to cup her ass cheek. I know Carrie didn’t mind – she had been into women long before I met her, but she was very particular about whom she ever got involved with. Instead of protesting, I watched as her hand rubbed small circles slowly across the small of Tina’s back.

Carrie saw me moving towards them and her right hand caught my hand and pulled me behind her. I moved behind Carrie and she leaned back against my chest as her eyes traveled over the pages. Tina’s arm was still around her waist and pressed against my stomach. Carrie shifted a little until her ass was pressed firmly against my raging hard-on.

She leaned back against me with her head on my neck and looked up at me.

“Tina was showing me some of her stories and artwork,” she half-whispered. “I think you would really like this stuff.” And in a softer voice so Tina wouldn’t hear, “And my pussy is so wet right now you are going to have to fuck me the moment we get back to the truck.”

Carrie had meant that last part to just be between us but I heard Tina giggle and looked up to see her watching Carrie with a huge grin. I don’t think Carrie realized she heard and with my head between them, she may not have seen the grin. Just knowing that it would make her squirm, I moved my hand up and cupped Carrie’s breast while looking over her shoulder to see what they were reading.

It turned out to be some pen and ink drawings of women in erotic poses. Some were nature sceens, others were of two or three people in various states of undress and in the midst of various sex acts. The one on the right page was a girl licking up the base of an erect cock of some unseen man. The girl in the picture was looking up at her man with a gaze of pure lust.

“Holy shit,” I said. “Those are incredible!”

“I guess you can tell I’m going to school as a fine arts major.” Tina said. “But I learned real quick that I couldn’t turn these drawings in to my professors without having to fend off their advances for the whole semester. So there I draw nature and classic nudes, but this is what I love to draw more than anything.”

“They look so realistic,” Carrie said. “You have a real talent for this. That girl looks like she’s a photograph as opposed to art.” I felt her pull Tina tighter against her – or maybe it was Tina moving in closer. Either way, I was feeling totally aroused with their two bodies so close. I saw Carrie look around to see where the other couple was, but they had moved off deeper into the rows, back looking at videos or something.

“The best part about art,” Tina confided. “is that you can have fun with what you draw. I made that penis she’s licking in the picture twice as big as normal cause it turned me on so much.” She looked over at Carrie. “Have you ever seen a cock like that?”

“Not that big,” Carrie responded breathily, “but Kaiser here isn’t too far off from what you drew. He’s certainly as big around as that one.” She must have been caught up in the lustful artwork and stories because I couldn’t believe what she said next. “I can barely get my mouth around it.”

“Oh, you lucky girl,” Tina pouted. “I haven’t met a man like that yet.” She dropped her voice. “But I do have a dildo that is that big that I “appropriated” from the wall over there. I love using it on myself when no one’s around.”

Carrie turned away from in front of me to face Tina. “Feel this,” she said to Tina and ran her hand up and down the front of my shorts. “You wouldn’t believe how wet I am from this thing pressing against my ass for the last five minutes.”

Tina – certainly not a shy one – moved a step closer and put her hand over Carrie’s and then slid off to give my cock a slow stroke through the front of my shorts. Her eyes locked on Carrie’s as she said. “Damm girl, I bet you love having him around.”

Carrie’s hand left my cock and she lifted her hands to encircle Tina’s neck and pulled her forward the last couple of inches until their lips met in a soft kiss. I could have cum right there, as inches from my face my fiancé kissed this stranger. Tina still stoked my cock, but pushed in passionately into Carrie’s kiss. I saw her tongue flick against Carrie’s lips before darting past.

The other couple was no where to be seen, which was good because the two girl’s kiss got more and more passionate as I watched.

Tina’s other hand moved up to cup Carrie’s breast and her fingers found Carrie’s nipple and started to pinch it gently through her shirt. Their lips broke apart but they didn’t move apart, just starred at each other a moment longer. Then they turned their heads ever so slightly to look at me. I moved my arms up to pull them closer to me and joined their kiss, our three tongues twisting, and our lips against the softness of each other.

My hand cupped Carrie’s tight ass as we alternated kisses between the three of us. I could tell Carrie was having a hard time concentrating with the continued attention of Tina’s fingers on her nipple. She pushed her chest forward into Tina’s palm. One hand came down from Tina’s neck and pulled open some of the buttons on the front of the low-cut shirt Tina was wearing, exposing more of her cleavage.

Tina pushed Carrie’s hand away and instead bent forward to lock her lips around Carrie’s nipple that she had tortured into hardness. She pulled Carrie’s t-shirt up letting her mouth unrestricted access to my fiance’s beautiful breast. Carrie and I were in a deep soft kiss at the moment Tina’s teeth bit down gently and I could feel Carrie suck in her breath. Her hands began to fumble at the zipper to my shorts, which enraged my cock even further as her fingers brushed over its head.

After a second, my cock was free of my shorts and my boxers. Carrie used one hand to stroke it while another slipped downward to cup my balls. Tina bent down quickly to deliver a quick kiss to the top of my cock and then straightened back up to continue on Carrie’s nipple. She ran her tongue down Carrie’s stomach.

Tina moved to her knees in front of us and started to work the waistband of Carrie’s shorts down as she continued to lick. I was still deeply kissing Carrie as she stroked my cock, but the moment Tina’s tongue found Carrie’s pussy, I was all but forgotten. Carrie dropped my cock and grabbed Tina’s head and ground her pussy against Tina’s face. I saw her eyes close and a low moan escaped her lips. I moved behind Carrie and slipped my cock underneath her pussy from behind, rubbing the bottom of her pussy with the top of my cock. I felt the head of my cock hit Tina’s chin and then her mouth encircled my cock briefly before returning to Carrie’s pussy.

Carrie started to lose herself in the bliss and leaned further back on me so I was supporting half of her weight. This allowed Tina full access to her pussy and she licked more and more deeply. I watched down from behind my fiancé as this girl’s head pushed into my love’s crotch. I pulled on Carrie’s nipples and encircled her breasts with my hands as her face came up to kiss mine. Tina continued to work on Carrie’s pussy with occasional breaks to suck on my cock which was still pressed underneath Carrie.

Carrie came with a small clenching of her body and a low and throaty moan escaped her lips. She had pulled my head down to hers, but at the moment of climax her fingers wrapped into Tina’s hair and pulled her tighter against her, smashing her pussy into the counter girl’s face and eager tongue.

As the convulsions subsided, Carrie’s hands reached down to pull Tina up to a standing position. After some slow kisses, my fiancé started to bend at the waist and kissed down the front of Tina’s shirt to her belt line. Carrie’s fingers undid her zipper and pulled her shorts and panties down in one swift movement. She started to return the favor so lovingly given by Tina moment’s earlier, but instead of kneeling in front of Tina, she bent at the waist, positioning her beautiful pussy – wet with Tina’s kisses and her own cum – right in front of me. My cock was all too ready to slip right into her wet pussy.

I started to fuck Carrie slowly, rocking her into Tina’s pussy. Tina had leaned back against the art stand where the three-ring binder sat opening up her legs so Carrie could have full access to her shaved pussy. My cock was sliding in and out of Carrie’s pussy, with my thrusts building in power. I could feel Carrie’s pussy pulsing against the head of my cock as I almost withdrew the whole way only to slam into her velvety warmness until my whole shaft was buried inside of her.

Tina hands had moved from Carrie’s shoulders to Carrie’s head, but now she reached up to pull her shirt over her head. Her breasts were released from their confines and she began to cup and pull at her own breasts, running her fingers over her nipples and moaning. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed. I’ve seen my fiancé lick pussy before. I know how strong the effect she has on others can be.

Tina leaned forward to kiss me as I continued to thrust inside of Carrie and proffered her tit which I quickly sucked into my mouth. One of my hands was cupping Carrie’s breast as I fucked her over and over into Tina’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Tina chanted. And I answered with my own grunts and moanings.

“I’m going to cum,” I told them. “God, oh God, I’m going to cum all over both of you.” My words must have set off both girls because as soon as I said that, they started to writhe, Carrie against my cock and Tina against Carrie’s mouth.

I watched as a flush of red traveled up Tina’s chest and neck and Carrie reached back and dug her nails into my leg as she came all over my cock.

“Get on your knees,” I commanded, “both of you. I am going to cover you with my cum.” Carrie slid from my cock into a kneeling position in front of Tina. Tina climbed down from the stand to kneel next to my fiancé.

“Cum for me,” my lovely Carrie cooed. That was all it took, after so much excitement and such a long time building, my cock was shaking in my hand. I felt the first spray of cum leave my cock in a long stream of relief. It splashed against Carrie’s open lips and tounge before traveling over to cover Tina’s cheek. The second rope of cum splashed Carrie’s chin and then climbed to splash into Tina’s open eye and upturned face.

Gush upon gush of cum drove from my body as I emptied my lust upon these two precious beauties. At least five splashes of cum trailed across each face and my knees and legs trembled as I undleased my final load. I moaned loudly as the final spurt left me cock and splashed against Tina’s chin and dropped to drip onto her breasts. Rivers of cum covered both girls and Carrie turned to look as another drip fell between Tina’s breasts.

Locking eyes once with me and then turning to each other, they began to kiss slowly and softly, my cum being the lubricant between their lips. Tina used her hands to turn Carrie’s face to the side and licked up a rope of cum that decorated her cheek. Carrie leaned forward to suck the drops of cum from Tina’s breasts and buried her tongue in her cleavage.

I looked down at the girls with a certain understanding that if I had not just been apart of this, I never could have believed how hot this brief visit had turned out to be. They sat there naked, covered in cum, kissing and stroking each other.

I helped Carrie to her feet and Tina crawled over to kiss my cock one last time before she began to rescue her clothes that had become a bed for our passion. Tina used her shirt to wipe off the cum from Carrie’s face and neck.

“That was so hot.” Carrie said as she pulled up her shorts. “I have never been so turned on in my life.” Tina smiled as she pulled her shirt down over her head.

“I always fantasied about a couple like to two of you when I would masterbate here. I never thought I’d actually find two people I wanted to fuck so bad that I would actually do it. My poor dildo is going to be jealous.” She reached around Carrie and kissed her passionately.

Fully dressed now, the girls stood there looking at each other while I zipped up my shorts. There was a wet spot on the front of them where Carrie’s pussy had slapped against me.

“Uh, excuse me.” A voice said from behind us. “We’re ready to check out now.” It was the other couple. They had come up the aisle we were standing in – now with two more videos and a box under her arm. If they had seen what we were up to, or if they had heard our groans, I couldn’t tell. They didn’t appear to be suppressing smiles or laughter. They looked, as hard as it was to believe, as if they were just ready to go after browsing at the video store.

“Sure thing,” Tina said. “I’ll meet you at the checkout stand.” She turned to smile at us with the same question evident in her eyes. What had they seen? How could they not have seen?

She fished a piece of paper out of the three-ring binder and wrote something at the bottom of the page. “Here’s my phone number and e-mail,” she said quickly. “Call me anytime you two are interested in some more “performance art.” She said with a grin.

“Honey, come here,” Carrie said. She reached up and wiped a last dab of cum from Tina’s cheek. She plopped the finger in her mouth and expertly removed my cum. “Ok, now you’re ready to go back to work. And don’t worry, we’ll call you soon.”

I slid my arm around my fiancé and pulled her close to me as we made our way past the counter and back out into the sunshine. Carrie reached up to kiss me as I unlocked the car.

“See,” she said, “I certainly know where to stop for a little rest and relaxation from a long road trip.” I smacked her ass as she hopped up into the truck.

It was going to be a good ride home.

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