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A Roll of the Dice

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The naked woman next to me takes the five dice with her right hand, cups it with her left, and looks at me as she shakes them up. There’s a sparkle in her hazel eyes and a wry smile as she watches me watching her tits shake up and down as she jostles the dice in her hand. I’m thinking that perhaps they’re the size of baseballs, and the weight makes them slightly sag. I would love to heft one in my hand to see if I got the size right. “Come on, give me 250.”she says dropping the dice on the table.

Adding the pips quicker than her husband, me, and my wife put together, she breaks out joy: “I won, I won!”, shaking her arms in the air, making her breasts bounce so much that nothing a mere mortal man can do but watch in awe. “But what did you win?” I asked as she high-fived us in succession, making my wife’s naked tits bounce along with hers as they slapped palms. “I just won, that’s all!” Sue said. “But I think you deserve to get something when you win, no?” I said, and then realized what I has just uttered could be taken so many ways.

It always amazes me how some little thing we do, a smile, a look, a gesture, moves the tumblers of a safe lock to line up and spring open a situation only hours before would have been undreamed of. But then, making new friends is always a good thing, is it not? Friendship, like attraction, is totally dependent on a similar set of tumblers where the voltage can occasionally strike with the force of lightning (with the more common bolts from the blue found in the attraction category), or, with friendship, where karma simply hums along like a well-oiled generator. Which is how things went from the start that night.

My name is Scott, my wife is Beth. We’ve been married 30 years, now. We’re in our early 60’s (Beth a year younger). Kids are grown, moved out, having kids of their own. Being close to retirement, we’ve been looking at enjoying ourselves more like all the other baby boomers. One of the things on our bucket list was to try a nudist camp. Try it we did, which not only got Beth’s seal of approval, but an urging to go back on a regular basis.

“It’s very freeing,” she said.

Well it certainly freed up her libido, so who was I to argue?

We had been to Lost Lake Resort before. It was relatively close and the couples there made you feel like you were old friends. And we’ve found that discreetly, some can be more than friends, but that’s another story (called The Pool Party). Although subtle, the men there certainly enjoyed the sights, and the women secretly enjoyed being the subject matter (not that they would admit to their own visual comparative analysis of the men’s privates and whether we were showers or growers). But we were there to enjoy the sun, pool, hot tub, nature trails, and whatever the group had on their calendar for that weekend. After swimming naked for a bit, you wonder why you have to wear clothes to begin with.

We also enjoy camping. A six man tent (I have claustrophobia) is something you can stand up in and breathe easy. A queen size air mattress for Beth’s sake and wa-la! If Beth’s happy, EVERYone’s happy! So having camped at Lost Lake several times before, we found our usual semi-secluded spot where the road turned off from the main campground. In pitching the tent, we noticed some folks camping down below us several spaces. As it turned out, it was Sue and Chuck, a couple we had met before who enjoyed nudity and the same amenities we did. They had a more Southern accent than we were used to, but they were country folks, having an honest disposition, hard, lean bodies, and a simple outlook on life. A little younger than us, but not by much. Certainly not the grey we sported (well, Beth is more a blonde/gray). Chuck might have had another inch on me in the Johnson department, and Sue might have had a tad more heft in the socially acceptable fatty tissue department, but overall it seemed like a pretty good fit, in more ways than one.

It was late afternoon, and you could almost hear the generator purr its low, rhythmic hum as we walked down to say ‘hey’, with me holding a jug of my homemade wine to smooth the introduction. “Hi!”s were exchanged, with the usual chat of who’s been back to Lost Lake more often and how thing’s ‘ve been in the meantime. Since Sue and Chuck were sitting across from each other playing their game, I sat down next to Sue and Beth sat next to Chuck, with knowing smiles exchanged.

I lifted the jug: “Homemade wine, anyone? It’s spiced apple.”

Sue was already getting some mugs out with a “Sure, we’ll try some!”

So as I’m pouring into four mugs Sue mentions “We’re playing a dice game. You interested?”

I look at Beth and see approval in her eyes. “Well, it’s kinda late if you want to try strip poker, but sure.”

So they explained Farkle to us, going around a couple times for practice. “Now the object is to get to 5,000 points, and to win, it has to be 5,000 even. You can’t go over. When you go over, you get points deducted. Then you get another chance at getting an even 5,000 the next time you roll.” So we learned as we played, and got better as we went along, chatting and laughing and enjoying the late afternoon sun. The homemade wine was going down easy. I don’t think anyone noticed, though.

“So did I tell you how bold Beth was coming here?” which got their attention as Chuck was rolling the dice. “Anxious to get her clothes off here, she takes her top off as soon as she gets in the car.” Beth looks down, embarrassed for anyone to know about her exhibitionist streak.

So Chuck asks “Well it doesn’t count if no one sees you! Did anyone notice that lovely set? I didn’t hear about any accidents on the radio.”

Beth has what I call million-dollar nipples since they’re always erect, pointing out through whatever she wears, screaming to the world: “Suck me, please!” And I couldn’t help but notice Chuck’s eyes vacillating from Beth’s eyes to her tits. Seems her nipples were not only speaking to him, but he was within earshot, and he seemed to be ready to do more than just chew on the thought .

“As a matter of fact,” I said, “there was one trucker nice enough to blow his horn in appreciation.”

“I was asleep, so it didn’t count.” Beth said.

Then Sue puts her mug of wine down. Reaches over and grabs my tit, shaking it for all it was worth: “What you need to do is get your hands under ’em and shake ’em like this and make sure they notice them!” Which got everyone surprised and laughing at her action.

“You mean like this?” as I reached over and did the same to Sue, only hers was firmer, rounder, smoother, and without the hair of my chest that she fondled after grabbing me. And damn if they weren’t as comfortable as a baseball in the palm of your hand! -Maybe a little bigger. Her areola was medium-size, like Beth’s, with only a nub of a nipple extending out, only more pointing down due to their size. It was the first breast other than Beth’s that I had fondled in over 30 years, and I was enjoying every millisecond of it. Not letting go quickly, I let my thumb trace around the nipple several times to gauge the physical reaction. And although they hardened, they couldn’t come to attention the way Beth’s could. All the same, it was heaven just to play with something different.

But everyone was laughing, whether it was my bold reaction to Sue playing with mine, or maybe the overwhelming graphics of watching a beautiful set of knockers being shaken about, or perhaps as a nervous response from the three to what was quickly becoming a sexually charged situation. Or a little bit of all that. But polite behavior at a nudist retreat doesn’t allow such behavior, and the gentleman in me needed to recover from what could be a gauche situation. Or, the devil in me said, push the parameters a little further, just to see how far they would extend.

“I’m sorry, Sue! It was wrong of me to take such liberties…”

To which she replied “Oh, I don’t know, I kinda liked that!” looking at Chuck. There was no disapproval on his face. Perhaps more a Where-you-going-with-this-one,-dear?-kinda look.

“Chuck, I don’t think it was right of me to do that.” But before he could object, I continued, “Tell you what, to even things out, why don’t you feel Beth’s tits and see what you think of them.”

There. The cards were on the table. Next to the dice and a half empty jug of wine.

He must’ve seen the twinkle in my eye, but being himself gentlemanly in return, turns to Beth and says looking deep into her brown eyes: “Do you mind?”

“Uh, no, it’s ok with me!” We all watch Chuck as he fondles Beth’s closest tit, cupping it while he tweaked her nipple, then ran his fingers lightly all over her breast, circling the areola, then going back to lightly massaging her nipple. Beth closed her eyes to savor another man’s hands on her. Her eyes opened again, looking deep into Chuck’s. He leans further in to her to fondle her left breast, their faces gravitating towards each other. Sue and I watch in slow motion as their lips meet in a deep, passionate kiss, with Chuck lightly caressing Beth’s tits all the while. And knowing Beth, her hand under the table was fondling his johnson, doing a tactile study of his length and circumference, slowly repeating the process, over and over, with an occasional dip further South to heft his ball sack and play with his testicles. I do know my Beth. When it comes to sex, she can be quite the opportunist. Perhaps it was her attentions that made Chuck kiss her all the more passionately, with me being less the wiser for her under the table dealings. It is not known if he succumbed to her ministrations, as I was soon distracted.

Sue, impassioned by watching her husband with my wife, turned towards me, a big smile on her face, looking at my lips, wanting the taste. Who was I to say no? I don’t think Sue minded me mirroring her husband’s actions of tongues exploring new territory as hands wandered, feeling body parts.

It was several minutes later when all of us came up for air. It was a collective “Whew!”

Sue was the first to speak: “Wow! You know, we’ve never done anything like this, before, don’t you?”

“Should it matter?” I said. “And where do you want it to go tonight?”

“Well, let’s just let things happen, ok? Who’s turn to roll the dice?” Sue said, still breathing heavily.

“Now wait,” I said, “Chuck had the chance to appreciate Beth’s tits, but you haven’t. Aren’t you interested? Here, have you ever seen a nicer pair of nipples?” I put my hand on Sue’s breast and pulled, motioning her to stand, meanwhile rubbing her nipple, making it harder. Then I pulled Sue’s hand, making her stand, as I place her hand on my wife’s breast.

“Oh, they are nice! Have they been surgically altered?” as Sue’s thumb and forefinger massages Beth’s nipple, making it even harder and more erect.

“Nope.” Beth giggled. “They’re just, well, they’ve always been like that.”

As Sue’s hand examines Beth’s other breast, they make eye contact. Before I knew what was happening, they lean in to each other and kissed, their eyeglasses clinking against each other, their tongues exploring, playing with each other, while their hands found and lightly, gently caressed and stroked each other’s breasts.

I look at Chuck. Chuck looks at me. And shrugs his shoulders. So we sit back and watch. And wait. Then an idea hits. I get up and go around the table, and grab one of Beth’s tits: “Here, Chuck. You suck on one while I suck on the other” while the girls, leaning over the table, were hard at work inventing kissing like it’s never been done before. It wasn’t too long before we all heard Beth climaxing. How she could make those sounds without breaking a lip-lock is beyond me. Having my naughty fun, I went back to sit beside Sue, with Chuck fondling Beth’s naked ass while we enjoyed the show.

Several minutes later, Sue breaks off “Mmmmmm. I’ve never, never kissed a girl before. Never dreamed of it. But damn, girl, you know, you’re a really good kisser!” and back they went for more oral exploration.

They finally break off again “Tell you what, hun, why don’t you come over here and sit next to me?”

I felt like the party was turning a little exclusionary, but, if that’s the way it was rolling, so be it: “Tell you what, why don’t you two take it into the tent?” which must have reset some of Sue’s parameters, as shaky as they were.

“No. No, I don’t think I’m ready for that.” Sue said as Beth came around the picnic table, knelt down on her knees, and started kissing and licking Sue’s clit. Seems Beth wanted to move a few of Sue’s parameters herself. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Yesssss! Oh, hun!” Sue said as she leaned further back against me so Beth could get a more easy access to her nether region. Before I knew it, Sue had reached behind and got a firm hold of my hardened dick, stroking it in time as she bucked against Beth’s tongue. Her bucking between us finally got to be too much for me, as I felt my balls scrunch up, ready to shoot a load, and it felt like with all that was happening, it felt like the floodgates were about to explode open.

So I stand up, breaking the rhythm of Sue’s climaxing. “I’m gonna cum. Who wants it?” Aiming my dick at Sue that’s about to erupt from her ministrations.

Her eyes glazed over, gasping for breath, I might as well have asked her what planet we were on. “Uh, uh, no.” she said, still panting. I guess interrupting her climaxing didn’t win me many votes.

Beth looks up, her nose and mouth all shiny from Sue’s juices, not even hearing the question, responds “Oh! Yummers!” and quickly takes me into her mouth, sliding down to the base of my dick as I erupt in full force. That’s my girl! After several swallows, she licked me clean and stood up.

It seems wine has a little trick up its alcoholic sleeve when you stand up. While it was off jumping up and down on the ‘pleasure’ button, it was also franticly pulling out the wiring for brain control systems such as ‘cohesive thought,’ ‘maps to get home by,’ or ‘what the hell am I doing.’ Occasionally the brain uses the ‘sleep override’ button to play Yana-yana-poo-poo to trump all the frenzied wire pulling. So as Beth and I stood there, weaving like the proverbial drunk sailors, I felt the need to make a quick, manly decision to find our bed before we both passed out where we were.

“Uh, folks, I hate to spoil the party, but I think it best we find our tent before we fall over. I’m sorry, but this is imperative.”

Indeed the wine must have been having its effect, for processing that information took a minute or two. “Uh, yeah, ok.” Chuck said. “I… certainly understand. It was certainly an interesting evening. I think we had too much, too. Maybe we can figure all this out in the morning?”

“Yep.” I said. “Right now, time is of the essence before I fall over. G’night!”

So, ok. I was abrupt. I was also blitzed. So was everyone else. Or, to quote a famous line in ‘The Magnificent Seven’: “It’s like a fellow I once knew in El Paso. One day, he just took all his clothes off and jumped in a mess of cactus. I asked him that same question, “Why?” He said, “It seemed to be a good idea at the time.”

So, we stumble homeward with an empty wine jug and several experiences for our brains to process, if they ever get the re-wiring job figured out.

We hadn’t collapsed on our air mattress more than a few minutes than when were both taken with a dazzling brilliant idea! But, no. Wait. Ideas don’t hurt the eyes like that. It was a flashlight beam shining against the wall of our tent.

“Hi, guys! Are you still awake?” It was Sue trying to find our tent flap.

“Wrong end, Sue,” (hmm, was that a Freudian double entendre?) “try the other end.” So I help her through the flap, and as she’s kicking off her tennis shoes, I take her glasses and put them in the tent pocket where they’d be safe.

“We’re glad to see you!” Beth and I said at the same time, which the three of us laughed at, perhaps to hide our nervousness. Hmm. And I thought the evening was over. Fool me!

“Sorry about all that, but we had to get horizontal. I hope you understand.” Beth said.

Laughing, Sue said “Yeah, I sure do. That’s why I thought I’d come get horizontal with y’all, if you don’t mind.”

“Mind? Are you kidding? Here, take the middle so we can all snuggle together. By the way, where’s Chuck?” I said making room for her. Glad we got the queen sized air mattress, that’s for sure!

“Oh, he’s ok. He was falling asleep when I left. He said he might come along, but who knows?” she said, lying down towards me and giving me a knowing smile and a deep, wet kiss. Then she turned to Beth and did the same with her. “I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this!” She kissed Beth again as I played with her tits. Then I kissed Sue. Then Beth. Then the three of us were all kissing each other at the same time, tasting and testing two other tongues simultaneously. Licking and lapping and sucking at each other’s mouths like kids who just found a new erotic toy. Which brought more giggles. And a pause for air.

Exploring the body of a female lying next to you in the dark is probably one of the greatest pleasures known to man. Double that if its unexplored territory. Then quadruple that if you also reach over a little further and get to feel the familiar female territory that you’ve known for the last 30 years. Differences. Similarities. And smooth skin and curves , breasts, nipples, thighs, and oh! What have we here? The girl shaves her pubes. And? Oh, yes! A clit, and an entrance to paradise.

“Lord, Sue, you have such a small, tight pussy!”

“Well, I’ve never had any kids.”

“Damn, and I thought Beth was tight!” Which reminded me that for that part of the female anatomy, translated from the Chinese was: “the gates of Heaven.” And with me swinging on two heavenly gates, all I could think was “Well, how can it get any better than this?” knowing that for some reason, sometimes, all the cherries in the one armed bandit line up, and the manna from Heaven that one thinks one deserves is about to fall into one’s hands… But the final cherry slipped past to the next notch. And we end up staring at the unexpected banana.

“Knock, knock!” It seems the cool night air on a sleeping body sitting up at a picnic table was enough to bring Chuck back to planet Earth and to connect the dots of where his convenient sleeping partner and love of his life had wandered off to.

“Chuck! Come in and find some room!” I said. Which PRESTO-CHANGO! Turned us all into drink-muddled mathematicians, all trying to solve the new dilemma:

PROBLEM: One queen-sized air mattress comfortably fits three horizontal bodies, and three only, comfortably. There are four people in the tent. What is the solution to this problem?

Me, the guy with all the answers, came up with two solutions. Solution One: Two bodies on one queen-size air mattress with two more on top of said two, all four happily screwing their brains out. Or, Solution Two: two bodies on one queen-size air mattress, with two other bodies down in Chuck and Sue’s tent, with all four happily screwing their brains out. But there’s always one in every crowd that has a different idea. Not bad, per se. Just different.

“Ah, if it’s all right with you, I’ll just make myself at home down here.” And, Chuck manages to find some space down in the corner of the tent, commencing to kneel. As he does so, Beth, being the gracious host, spreads her knees to make room for him, opening up the invitation. Chuck had other ideas. He gets his hands under her knees and pulls her towards him, sliding her half-way off the air mattress. And commences to kissing her thighs. Starting at the knees and going from one inner thigh to the other, working his way up to Beth’s clit, where he parks his tongue to show off his expertise . Or is that expert tease? Beth was not the one to give a straight answer to that word play. But between the “Oh, yesss”‘s and panting, and giggles, and more panting, I do believe the girl was not just on a roll of climaxes, but surfing on those waves of joy as only she could. With Beth climaxing on and on and on, all Sue and I could do was watch and feel the joy emanate from her.

“You know, Beth, he’s willing to do anything you ask of him.” Sue said. Beth was panting normally (is that possible?) while Chuck was still lapping at the gates of heaven, but allowing her to catch her breath.

“Oh. Oh. Oh my. Yes. OK. Yes. That’s good to know. Don’t worry about me. I’m-I’m fine!” Beth said between pants. She reached over Sue, found my hand and kissed it. “I love you!”

“I love you, too!” I said. “And I love you, Sue!” Which only encouraged our guest to respond to me with a passionate kiss.

Sue’s hand, which had been rubbing my chest and playing with my chest hair, slides down further, grasping my dick, which had somehow, magically, managed to get hard again.

“Oh! I think I found my toy again!” And with one hand on my dick and the other hand on my back, pulls me on top of her, aiming my erection at a very juicy pussy, placing the head right at the entrance. My hand replaces hers, and I start to push. As she lifts her legs up to get a better angle for me to enter her, I get my hands behind her knees and push them back, almost to her ears. She sucks her breath in as I do that, and with a little grunt from her, I slide slowly in. Warm. No, hot! Steaming! Wet, oh so wet! And tight! Good Lord, yes! Past the Pearly Gates and sinking in a quicksand of sensations never dreamed of! Does bliss always make your eyes roll back in your head a bit?

So I wrapped my arms around her legs, lifting them over my shoulders, and slowly stroked in and out with the rhythm of the waves pounding the shore. Since we had both shaved our groins for appearance’ sake, feeling each other’s skin when my dick ground against her when I sank it home sent us both into ecstasy. Since my dick’s only a little over six inches, I pistoned slowly in and out to maximize both of us feeling every millimeter of newly discovered territory with each other.

As I let go of her legs, she repositions them and wraps them around my back, forcing me deeper into her with her heels and bucking her pelvis up to meet my mine to match my rhythm.

Which, all of a sudden, seemed to have a backbeat to it. Now an air mattress is kinda like a waterbed. And we were both pulled out of reverie by Chuck and Sue doing a nice imitation of our movements. Until Beth decided to lock her left foot against the inside of Sue’s right foot. Then Sue grabbed Beth’s hand and interlocked fingers, looking into each other’s eyes as both Chuck and I continued sharing the joy of each other’s spouse. The energy, needless to say, amped up even more. With the connection between the girls, you could feel it course through all our bodies. The pulse of shared flesh throbbed through us all in rhythmic ecstasy. As the connection broke when the girls pulled their knees back in unison to allow for deeper thrusts, each couple drifted into themselves and the new sensations of experiencing sex with someone new, someone different.

Beth and Chuck paused to switch to doggie style. From the dim light of the moon we could even see Chuck’s dick before he slammed it back home, holding Beth by her hips.

The tent was silent except for grunts, heavy panting, and the steady slap, slap, slap! from the pounding of Chuck’s shaved pubic mound and balls banging into the bottom of Beth’s ass, and as my hairless balls slapped against Sue’s hairless lips and mons. The tent was laden with the smell of sex and sweat. The sounds and smells were an aphrodisiac that only increased our lust.

“Oh, YESSS! Give it to me!” “Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh!” “Ohhhhhhh, yeah!” and “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee!” was heard. It was unsure who was saying what at that point.

Beth has an unmistakable moan when she orgasms. And it goes on and on. And on. Which got the rest of us going. Sue and I picked up our pace to the point we were jackhammering each other.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, yessss!” Sue cries out, bucking against me.

“Uh, uh, uh, here it comes!” as I thrust hard against her pelvis, spewing enough hot seed that I know she had to have felt it pulsing into her. As I collapse and roll off her, we kiss again. Then Sue gets up and stands behind Chuck. Chuck is still slowly going in and out of Beth’s wet pussy, driving himself against her ass as she’s bent over and driving Beth wild with desire as he slowly lays the pipe to her.

As Chuck’s fucking my wife, Sue cups her hand on his ass, rubbing it ever so lightly and says “Come on, Babe, give it up for her! You know she wants to feel your hot cum in her! Now come on, give it up! Do her! Do her! Do her!”

Which gets Chuck back into a faster rhythm, driving himself against Beth’s fine round ass. Slap, slap, slap, slap! And soon bucks into her with mutual “Ahhhh’s” and “Uhhhhh’s” to know that they both got off at the same time.

There’s soft moonlight in the tent, and with our eyes adjusted to the dark, we can softly see each other and the gratified expressions on faces. Sue pats and rubs her husband’s ass and comes back over to me to lie down with. I can see our juices on her thighs as she kneels before lying down and putting her arms around me.

Chuck’s penis, shrunken now, has fallen out of Beth’s cunt. Beth lies down, with Chuck following.

With two couples hugging tightly, it’s a tight fit on the air mattress, but it works.

I guess I wasn’t the only one to close my eyes and nod off. It must’ve been somewhat later, for when I next open them the moonlight was absent. Chuck was getting off the air mattress and pulling Sue up to him.

“Folks, I can’t thank you enough for an unforgettable evening, but I think it’d be easier for all if Sue and I slept in our own tent.”

I find Sue’s glasses as she groggily gets her tennis shoes back on and finds her flashlight. We all kiss and say goodnight, as new friends closer than new friends could ever be.

I zip the tent flap back up and crawl back over to Beth. As we’re cuddling in each other’s arms, she says “You know, we’re gonna haveta get us some dice when we get home.”

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