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A Married Couple’s Fantasy Cruise

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Jenn’s Story:

My husband and I have been wanting to take a cruise for years but just haven’t been able to find the time to get away. We’ve only been married for three years and haven’t had a real vacation together before and have heard nothing but great things about cruising. It sounds like the perfect vacation, great food, fabulous destinations and world class accommodations.

We’re a young couple, my husband Dan being 24 and I’m 23. My name is Jennifer, everyone calls me Jenn. Dan’s a real hunk, at least I think he is. He’s six foot two, one hundred ninety pounds of solid muscle. He’s a very quiet guy, not overbearing at all but definitely not a pushover either. He’s a perfect lover, at least in my opinion. I’ve never had better.

As for me, Dan thinks I’m OK too. I don’t think I’m all that hard on the eyes, neither one of us walk around thinking we’re Barbie and Ken. I”m a tiny girl, just five feet tall, about a hundred pounds. I have long, dark straight hair with brown eyes, both of my parents were from Japan so I guess I’m naturally just a little thing. My darling husband did buy me a very nice addition to my body last year.

I was very self conscious about my appearance as I wore a 34A bra, was jealous of everyone. I never wanted to wear a bathing suit, always feeling like a little girl wearing them. I always felt embaressed when it came to my breasts. One day I jokingly suggested to Dan that I’d like to have my breasts enhanced. He jumped at the idea saying he’d pay for it so I had it done, he even let me choose the size. I figured I might as well start big so I selected a D cup. It was the best decision of my life.

Wow, do I ever get looks now. It completely changed how I look and my confidence level. I LOVE wearing string bikinis now, I have so many different colors and styles. I have confidence on the beach now, I love showing my ample cleavage off everywhere. I now even have a little swagger when I walk.

My husband loves to show me off now too, I’ve always loved showing him off, he’s the best husband a woman could ask for, he’s a hunk.

We decided on a short cruise to test the waters, so to speak, for our first time. We booked a short five day cruise to the Caribbean out of Miami during March. It would be a great month to get away from the crappy weather we had been having at home in Virginia.

We’ve been very open about our sexual fantasies with each other, sharing many sessions of pillow talk while having sex. Our fantasies usually include having other people joining us, in every combination imaginable. We decided this cruise might be the perfect place to try and live out some of these fantasies. Maybe it was all just pillow talk but both of us were excited with the possibilities.

Our bags were packed, the car was loaded and we were on our way to the airport for our non-stop flight to Miami. We were both so excited we could hardly sleep the night before.

We parked the car in the parking garage at the airport and dragged all of our bags to the check in counter. Poor Dan, he had one suitcase and a carry on. I had three bags and a carry on, Hey, a girl has to be prepared for everything. I must have brought a dozen different bikinis and dresses for only five days. Oh, and matching shoes for each bikini and dress as well.

After paying all the surcharges for our excess baggage and getting through security we settled in to wait for our flight. We boarded and left right on time, only taking about an hour and a half to get to Miami.

We were greeted a the baggage area at the airport by the cruise line, it couldn’t have been any easier. We boarded a bus to our ship, only a short drive away.

The longest part of the entire procedure was the check for the cruise as we waited in line for almost two hours before we boarded. Finally we were on board searching for our state room. It was very small but we didn’t care, we hadn’t planned on spending much time in the room anyway.

We dropped our bags in the room. Of course I had to change into something a little more revealing, we were on vacation. I put on a nice little tight red mini dress with a plunging neckline, no bra of course. We were on vacation and I had every intention of cutting loose immediately. I loved the thought of dressing slutty, nobody knew us anyway.

We went straight to the top deck and were greeted with our first drink of many to come. This ship was fabulous. It was time to explore!

We sipped our drinks as we practically skipped around the top decks checking out the three pools and numerous hot tubs on deck. There was an exercise area with an outside walkway as well. A huge buffet was located just off the large pool deck, it was going to be difficult controlling the waistline on this vacation.

One of the things we noticed was the number of extremely attractive, young people on the ship with very few children. We later found out it was during spring break so there were a lot of college students aboard. This had all the elements to make a fun vacation. We loved making new friends and the possibility of a fantasy weekend was looking very good.

Next we had a little emergency drill that lasted about fifteen minutes and we were back to vacationing again, another drink in hand.

Still exploring the ship, we discovered an adult section of the ship. It was sectioned off from the rest of the ship at the rear of the boat, requiring anyone to be at least 21 to enter. This was sure to be a place of interest to us in the future, we’d have to check this out later. There were hot tubs there, a bar, loungers, chairs and a dance floor.

We were so excited as we heard the ship’s horn blow signaling it was leaving the dock. We were on vacation!

“Let’s go get our suits on,” I said to Dan.

“Let’s go.”

We practically ran to our room to get changed. We hadn’t even unpacked yet so I had to rummage through my suitcases to find just the right bikini to wear, with matching heels. Dan didn’t have such a difficult time since he only brought two pair of trunks. Little did he know though, I had a surprise for him in my suitcase.

I selected my tiny black string bikini with black matching heels. My bikini had very little material, the two pieces covering my breasts only being about the size of a silver dollar. This one left almost nothing to the imagination, I knew Dan would love it. I chose a cute little sheer black wrap to wear on the way to the hot tubs, I’d feel naked without it. We had decided to go to the adult section of the ship as if looked secluded and romantic.

“You look stunning, very sexy. I’ll have to keep an eye on you,” Dan said. He had been dressed for at least fifteen minutes waiting for me.

“You don’t look so bad yourself handsome. But, we have to do something about those ugly old shorts you’re wearing though, try these on,” I said, tossing him the new sexy suit I bought him without him knowing.

He looked the suit over reluctantly, squinting his face, his nose turned upward.

“I’m not wearing that little thing. Are you kidding me?”

“Please, for me. I bought it special online just for the trip. Nobody knows us on this ship. Lighten up and show off that gorgeous body of yours. It isn’t as if it’s a banana hammock or something.” I begged.

It was just one of those European square cut swimsuits. A little more snug fitting than Dan was used to wearing but I knew he’d look sexy in it. It had a nice pouch in the front to allow ample room for his great package. He enjoyed seeing my cleavage so I thought it was fair play for me to see his fantastic bulge, I knew he’d get as many looks as I expected to get.

“I’ll feel like an idiot. If one person stares at me, I’m changing,”

“Deal,” I said

Dan changed suits in front of me and I have to tell you, it was the perfect choice and fit. I would have to keep an eye on him now. He always wore black suits so I bought this in black, but it was snug fitting, showing his great physique, outlining the shape of his cock. I was getting horny just looking at him in it. The material was thin but not see through, I thought it was incredibly sexy and just revealing enough to draw interest.

“God, you look so sexy in that,” I said as I stared at his crotch.

“I feel like an idiot,” he said, but I noticed him start to grow a bit in excitement of my attention. His cock looked great in this suit. I could make out the shape of his shaft, his balls nicely displayed as well. It was one hot fucking suit.

I kept staring at his crotch as I noticed it twitch. I licked my lips.

“I really like that suit,” I said seductively, as I dropped to my knees.

I kissed my husbands cock, contained by the snug fitting new suit he was wearing as his cock began to swell. I cupped his balls, squeezing them.

“I think you like it too,”I whispered, licking my lips.

I grabbed his cock through the material, stroking him as it strained to be released. I reached for the waistband, pulling his suit down as it dropped to his feet. His cock sprung to full erection before me, inviting me to ravage it.

Dan stepped out of his new suit as I reached for his cock with both hands, guiding him to my mouth. He was already moist with anticipation, his cock throbbing for attention, leaking from the tip. I looked into Dan’s eyes as he held my head, guiding my mouth toward his cock.

I wasted no time, taking him completely in my mouth, devouring his delicious shaft as I began milking him with my hands, twisting and pulling as I plunged onto his cock, then rose until I could feel the head touch my lips. Dan has a beautiful, fat cock. He’s not the type of guy to get out a ruler and measure it but I’ve never see a bigger one, he must be over eight inches long and as thick as a big cucumber, all I can handle, all I want or need. I love his gorgeous circumcised cock. I love how the veins on his shaft show as he swells. I can always feel his pulse through his cock as I hold him in my mouth.

I hadn’t planned this afternoon session but we’ve always had a great sex life, doing what felt good when it felt good. I just had to have him right then, I needed him, I wanted him, I hungered for his salty cum.

I wanted him to cum for me, to explode in my mouth, right then. I gripped the base of his cock firm with both hands, jerking him off as I took him in my mouth, first circling my lips around the mushroom head, sucking it hard, then falling on his swelling shaft, veins bulging from it’s mast. He was swelling in my mouth, his cock pulsing as he readied to erupt. I could feel each beat of his heart through his cock as it jerked in my mouth.

I pushed his cock deep into my throat as I gripped it tighter, sucking feverishly, gagging as I forced him further into my throat on each thrust. His hands held my head as if it were in a vise as the first shot of my lovers hot semen hit my throat.

His hips pushed forward as he fucked my mouth, I remained still now, knowing he was now in total control, ravaging my mouth with his volcanic eruption. He growled as he continued emptying his hot, sticky cum into my mouth, filling it. I swallowed several times quickly as my mouth overflowed with his cum, , oozing out, running down my chin as he slowed rocked back and forth, relaxing as his orgasm subsided..

His cock was still contracting, oozing his last few drops of semen as I eagerly sucked them up, then he released his grip on my head. I always knew that was his signal, he was finished. He claims his cock always became too sensitive to continue sucking after he came but I always did it anyway.

“You’re the best, babe, thank you,” Dan panted.

“My Pleasure,” I said with a big smile on my face as I stood and embraced him. “Now let’s go!”

Dan pulled up his new suit and followed as I held his hand, though now lethargic as I almost had to pull him along. He always got that way after sex, lost all his energy and ambition to do anything.

“You like that new suit now, huh?” I asked flirtatiously as I strutted down the hallway.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said as we shuffled along.

I couldn’t wait to get back out in the sun. We approached the adult area of the shop, went through the door and were surprised there were already quite a few people there, but that was great too. We loved making new friends.

As we entered it looked like all eyes were on us, I’m not sure which one of us but we were definitely noticed by more than a few folks. To our delight most people were attractive 21 to 50 year old couples, no groups of single guys lurking around.

We made our claim to lounge chairs, found a great pair together pretty close to the bar but later found that didn’t matter as they had servers come around anyway. The sun was wonderful, there were four huge hot tubs to enjoy, all but one vacant.

I removed my wrap as Dan stared at my tits, making me a little self conscious and looked around to notice a few other sets of eyes were on me as well. My bikini left almost nothing to the imagination. I loved showing off what I had as well. Again, the tits Dan bought for me changed my life and confidence level.

“Let’s get in a tub Hun,” I said as I pulled Dan along.

The water was perfect, must have been about 103 degrees with bubbles galore. There was actually a rush of cool water blowing in through the bottom jets to counter the heat, never experienced that before. I guess it made sense though as the air temp was about 85 degrees.

“This is nice,” Dan said as he settled back, his arms resting on the sides of the tub. He still had that after sex look on his face.

“Perfect is more like it.”

“Would you two like something to drink?” our hostess asked.

“Yes, Please bring us two specials of the day,” Dan said. “Make those strong too please.”

“Yes sir, I’ll be right back.”

“This is so nice,” I said.

This really was paradise as we sailed away from Miami, soaking up the sun in the hot tub. Our hostess brought our drinks quickly as we each accepted them eagerly. They were delicious and very strong. We were both already feeling the effects of the alcohol, it was only our second set of drinks.

After three or four hours of enjoying the area and getting in and out of the tub we were joined in the hot tub by a couple of guys who had arrived. They sat across from us, not really saying anything but I could see they were stealing glances at my tits. They were both young guys, probably in college, fairly attractive and in pretty good shape. They were nothing like Dan as he rarely got jealous and had no reason to. These two guys were staring at me though, making me a bit uncomfortable.

Dan actually enjoyed showing me off. I could tell Dan had noticed these guys looking at my tits as he tapped my knee and made eye movement their way, signaling their interest. Dan always got a kick out of young guys falling all over me.

“Hi guys, where you from?” Dan asked them.

Christ, Dan always had to stir something up, knowing these guys were in the tub to get a closer look at my tits. I was hoping they wouldn’t take the bait and not talk to Dan.

“Ah, Boston. We go to Boston University and are on spring break,”answered one of the guys.

“What’s your names?” I asked.

“I’m Dave and this is Jeff,” Dave said as he nudged his buddy.

“Nice to meet you two,”Dan said.

‘You too,” Jeff said.

We settled back in, closing my eyes relaxing in the tub, every now and then sneaking a peak at the two guys staring at me. Good thing I was wearing sunglasses, they couldn’t tell I was watching them. I looked down to make sure everything was still in it’s place and noticed just how thin the material was as my nipples were completely visible through the suit, no wonder they were staring. My nipples looked like two hard little clam heads pushing through the material.

“Wanna have some fun with these guys Hun? Touch their feet with yours, see what they do,” Dan whispered to me.

“Are you serious? I don’t want to give these guys the wrong idea,” I whispered back.

“Hey, they’re cute guys. You’ve always had a fantasy of two men, just toy with them a little. It’ll be harmless,” he whispered back. “These two will leave you alone then. They’ll probably run away.”

I raised my eyebrows at Dan as if he were crazy as he tried to motion with his eyes to “go ahead”.

What the hell, a little harmless fun I guess. They were both sitting directly across from me so I stretched both legs out, barely grazing their toes with mine. The look on their faces was priceless, Dan and I both had all we could do to not laugh. Their eyes were like saucers as they stared at me in wonder, not sure if it was by mistake or not. Maybe they thought Dan was flirting with them for all I knew. Maybe they were gay.

I touched them again, this time running my feet up and down their legs as I licked my lips. I thought they’d both cum right there in the hot tub. Dan seemed to love it as his hand was now working it’s way up my thigh, caressing it’s way to my pussy. Dan was getting excited by this. That fucking instigator, I’d show him. I figured I’d see just how far Dan was willing to go as he started this shit.

I continued running my feet up each of their legs until I was caressing their thighs with my feet, these guys looked like they were in shock. Neither of them dared to move, not taking their eyes off me except to glance at Dan quickly. I’m sure they both thought at any moment Dan would get up and kick the shit out of them.

Dan’s hand had found my pussy as he inserted a finger into me, gently rubbing my clit. I reached over to his lap to verify his excitement to find he had a growing erection, barely contained by that new suit. It was a damn good thing the bubbles were so strong or he would have been noticed for certain. This was actually turning Dan on, knowing I was teasing these college kids.

Jeff was moving closer to me, almost next to me now. Dave had nowhere to go as Dan was sitting on my other side, my hand on his cock. I slid my foot onto Dave’s crotch to feel his growing excitement for the situation he was in as I felt Dave’s hand rest on my knee.

I had Dan’s cock out of his suit now stoking him as he swelled, I had no idea what I was going to do with him right out in the open like this though. Dave had Pulled his suit down now as my foot caressed his cock, he had a nice, hard cock. Damn, it felt like he was very large but was hard to tell with my foot. I fondled him as best I could with my toes circling his cock. Dan’s finger was now sliding in and out of my pussy, I couldn’t take much more.

“We have to get out of here Dan, I think people are watching,”I said.

Dan looked around and agreed, pulling his shorts up.

“OK guys, here’s the deal. Room 603 in 10 minutes if you’re interested, no questions,”Dan said.

I looked at Dan, puzzled with what the hell he had in mind. This had been fun and innocent enough but just what was he suggesting? We had just set sail. Was he inviting two guys to our room?

“What?” I asked Dan.

“Let’s do this if you want this vacation to be uninhibited and do anything and everything you ever thought possible. Live out every fantasy,” Dan said.

“Are you sure? Do you know what you’re saying? I’m not so sure about this.”

“I am, I’d love it. This is just the start,”Dan said.

We sat in the tub for a few more minutes as Dan’s excitement subsided so he could get out of the tub without embarrassment. I winked at the guys, not knowing if they’d really come to the room or not. I wasn’t sure I’d let them in if they did. They watched my every move as I walked away, got our bag and towels and left for the room. I was excited but scared as we left for the room. Were we really going to do this already?

“Are you sure about this Hun?” I asked as we rushed to the room.

“Sure, it’ll be hot. You’ll have a great time!” Dan said.

I was beginning to wonder what had been in his drinks. I wasn’t even sure if I could handle this. We had fantasies, but to actually do something like this seemed crazy. I needed another drink. We stopped at the bar quickly on the way back to the room as we each got a couple of doubles, that did the trick.

Ten minutes later we were waiting in the room, I was now wearing a tiny little white nightgown, very lacy, almost see through as I nervously waited on the bed. I was finishing of my second double, Dan was sitting on the edge of the bed in his underwear, caressing my leg.

A knock came on the door. My heart was racing as Dan got up to answer it, letting them in. They both came, wearing tee shirts and shorts, looking wide eyed and scared to death. Jeff and Dave each had drinks in their hands as well, surely they were even more nervous than I was.

“Relax everyone, I’m cool with this. Everyone is nervous but this can be great if we all respect each other and just let loose,” Dan announced. “Get comfortable guys.”

That’s all it took for those guys. They both removed their shirts, shoes, socks and shorts as all three men were now sitting on the bed in their underwear. What the fuck was I going to do with three guys?

Thank God Dan came to me and kissed me passionately, as he lay on top of me. The other two men lay on the bed next to me, not really sure of what to do or what they dared to do. I figured I’d have to initiate things or nothing would ever happen, this was definitely a bed full of men.

As I continued Kissing Dan I reached for Jeff and Dave, going straight for their cocks, rubbing them through their underwear. They were both growing hard already, before I touched them. I reached into each of their shorts, grasping their cocks as I stroked them. They swelled immediately in my hands. Dave had a very large cock, very thick too, maybe even larger than Dan’s. He had large balls, hanging well below his cock and was neatly trimmed. Jeff’s was quite a bit smaller but very hard and straight with tight balls. He had very little pubic hair, it was very soft. I couldn’t believe I was kissing my husband and stroking two strange cocks.

Dan inched his way away from our embrace, tracing between my breasts with his tongue, continuing to my thighs as he removed my panties. Dave and Jeff each immediately made their move for my tits, as if they couldn’t wait for the chance. I sat up and pulled my night gown over my head, now totally naked before them all. Dave, Jeff and Dan all followed suit removing their underwear, we were all naked on the bed.

As I reclined, Jeff and Dave each took a breast in their mouths, sucking my nipples, gently as I felt Dave’s tongue work it’s way masterfully around it, stimulating it to it’s maximum length. Jeff was already nibbling my nipple.

Dan had reached my labia, gently caressing me with his flickering tongue, his hands behind me holding my ass up to allow him perfect access, lifting me as his tongue probed my moistening pussy.

Dave’s cock was now rock hard, uncircumcised, thick and log, oozing from the head already from excitement. Jeff was eagerly sucking my tit now, acting as if he was ready to cum already, without sex, I’d have to get right to him or he wouldn’t make it. He was humping my leg, breathing hard, rolling his head against my tit as he sucked it as I neared orgasm. He was like a kitten rolling in cat nip.

Dan was masterful, bringing me to full orgasm as I tensed, grasping his head, pushing myself onto his tongue as it searched my depths as I quivered, shaking, shuddering in an intense orgasm as these three men ravaged me.

Jeff’s cock was now in front of me as I reached for him, pulling him to my mouth. Dan was still devouring my moisture as I devoured Jeff’s cock, easily taking all of him as I felt his soft pubic hair on my upper lip. My tongue reached for his balls as I forced him deep within my throat, trying to void him of his seed. His hands held my head firmly against him as be began to shake already. I had no problem stuffing his entire cock into my mouth, he must have been about six inches long.

Dan stood as I continued my assault on Jeff’s cock, I’m certain he was loving the show, seeing another man’s cock in my mouth. Jeff was tensing as his cock began to twitch, his hips thrusting forward. I pulled back to the head of his cock, grasping the base as I jerked him, plunging back down until I had him all in my mouth again, repeating this, faster now, milking him.

Dave was now over me as I felt his huge cock resting on my stomach, preparing to enter me. Dan was still standing, watching.

Jeff moaned, almost a growl, as he thrust forward pulling my hair as I felt his first splatter hit my throat. I quickly swallowed as that was followed by an equally powerful second blast, filling my mouth, not giving me time to swallow as I chocked before the next blast came. I was now gagging as he was cumming so much, it was running out of my mouth, unable to keep up with it’s flow. I gave up as I finished him off by jerking him off as he shot load after load onto my face until he collapsed forward in completion.

What he lacked in size he made up for in the amount of cum he had, I’d never seen anything like it. His orgasm was like a flowing waterfall of hot, gooey cum. Dan handed me a towel after he finished cumming as I wiped the cum from my face. Dave waited, watching as he prepared to fuck me..

Dave’s massive cock was now touching my pussy, not pushing forward, just rubbing the labia as my excitement mounted. He was so big, he had to be a few inches longer than Dan, maybe more, even Dan was watching. His cock was as big around as a beer can, huge veins tracking the entire length of his mast.

“Fuck her with that big cock Dave,”Dan said.

Did my husband just say that?

My pussy was so wet from my receiving my husband’s oral delight or I would have asked for lubrication for Dave’s monster cock. Dave pushed the head of his cock forward, barely entering me as I gasped, it took my breath away. He pushed forward, forcing the head of his cock in as my pussy stretched to conform to his massive girth. I screamed as I shuddered, grabbing the bed sheets as if preparing for impact as his cock impaled me.

He pushed forward as my husband and Jeff looked on, my mouth open, eyes shut tight, still screaming, now reaching and holding the headboard of the bed. He was being as gentle as he could but it was massive, I was tiny.

He pushed forward more as I now had most of him, I felt heat coming, knowing an intense orgasm was building, about to take my body over. He withdrew slightly and slid forward again pushing himself forward until I felt him push against me, able to accept more of him . His length being more than the depth I had, he understood this as I screamed in pain.

He withdrew, now careful pushing forward knowing he couldn’t put his entire cock in me. His hands came up, cupping my breasts, squeezing them as he started slowly sliding his mast in and out, now careful not to hurt me. I became comfortable with his size as my orgasm started, just before my husband’s cock appeared before me as I reached for him.

“Let’s change positions,” I said.

Dave withdrew, his cock could be heard as it escaped my pussy, creating such suction. It actually made a popping sound, he was massive. I looked closely at his cock, now seeing his full size. He must have been a foot long, much larger than anything I had ever imagined.

I turned on my side as Dave mounted me again, this time sideways, I guess they call it scissors position as he entered me again, this time more easily. My husband knelt before me, his erection in his hand as he fed it to me. I took him in my mouth as Dave started slowly fucking me, gently with his massive cock. Each time he thrust forward as he pushed me toward my husband’s cock, it gagged me, almost forcing me to bite down on his cock.

Jeff was already hard again watching, stroking his cock, I had to figure a way to include everyone.

“Let’s change again boys,” I announced now feeling in total control, getting comfortable with the idea of taking on all three of them. .

I directed Dave to lay down at the end of the bed, his feet touching the floor. I lowered myself onto his cock. Oh, God that thing was so big. I slid down slowly, careful not to push too far. Dan was now standing on the bed in front of me, standing over Dave, presenting his hard cock to me.

I grabbed Dan’s cock, guiding him to my mouth as I sat still on Dave’s cock. This felt so good but I couldn’t move, Dave started moving from below, slowly pushing upward. I noticed Dave reaching upward as he fondled Dan’s balls. I wasn’t quite sure how he’d take that but in the heat of the moment, he seemed to be loving it.

I felt Jeff’s hard cock touch me from behind, touching my ass.

“Fuck me Jeff,” I said, taking my husband’s cock out of my mouth only long enough to say it.

Jeff wasted no time, inserting his cock into my ass, pushing himself in completely in one movement. I screamed not expecting it so soon, almost biting poor Dan’s cock again. Dave started slowly pushing upward as Jeff slid his cock in and out my ass, the entire length of his cock. Dave now gripped the base of Dan’s cock, milking him into my mouth as he fucked me from below.

I was cumming, couldn’t control it, couldn’t concentrate, was totally lost now. I felt hot, in a fog as I shook, screaming, as Dave increased his pace from below. Dave and Jeff were both pounding me now, working in rhythm with each other, pushing me into Dan’s cock as I swallowed his mast.

I felt trapped between three men, each ravaging me as I came.

All three men were moaning and groaning, I couldn’t tell if any or all were about to cum, I had lost track of everything and everyone. Dan held my head as he started to cum, growling, pushing his cock into my mouth as Dave gripped his cock tightly, now milking him feverishly into my mouth.

Dave pushed himself upward as he swelled and growled. They were like animals now. I felt Dave’s first blast of cum explode deep inside me as he tensed and pushed himself too far in once again, his fluid flowing out.

I couldn’t keep Dan’s cock in my mouth, Dave was pushing so hard below, I arched away from him but I grabbed his cock and stroked as his cum shot at my breasts, even hitting Dave’s chest below as his hands joined mine on Dan’s cock.

Dave swelled so large I thought he was going to stretch me apart as he came, exploding deep inside me, wave after wave as I felt his flow escape me. He held his massive cock deep inside me as I felt his cock spasm with his sperm escaping his thick shaft, flowing into my pussy like a river of cum.

Jeff was now tensing from above, cumming again as he clenched my hips, pushing himself deep within my ass. He plunged into me, holding his cock deep inside as he emptied himself again, gripping my hips firmly. I felt his semen escape, oozing down my pussy onto Dave’s cock as their fluids mixed with each others.

It was amazing that all three men came at about the same time as I did, it was the most erotic thing imaginable. These two young bulls had filled me and fulfilled me. I was cum soaked with semen leaking from my pussy and ass, covering my face and breasts. All three men collapsed in exhaustion as we all joined on the bed for a group hug, my cum soaked body rubbing against the three of them.

My husband had granted me a fantasy, giving me to two young men as he joined ravaging me. This fantasy vacation was definitely living up to our expectations. That was a wonderful, sexy experience, so much hotter than I ever imagined. This was just the beginning of our vacation and our sexual adventures ahead.

Now, I’d like for Dan to write about what happened from this point on. He can better describe his feelings than I can. These encounters were as exciting for me as they were for him but he’d like to tell you about them.

Dan’s Story:

Jenn has just described what happened during the first day of our cruise, it was so hot seeing her taken by these two horny college guys. I never thought she’d really go through with it. I’m sure she thought my jealousy would kick it at any minute, putting an end to things.

After our session with the boys, we stayed in our room for a few hours reaffirming our love for each other. Jenn pretty much told me it would now be my turn as she’d try to set me up for something special next. I couldn’t wait for what she would dream up.

We went to the nightclub on the ship that first night, dancing until about midnight. Both of us were so exhausted, we called it a day and returned to our room to get a good night’s sleep.

Jenn woke me up fairly early the next morning, wanting to go to breakfast. That second day was wonderful, but sexually uneventful. I guess that’s not fair to say, every day with my sexy wife is a treat. I love her dearly and she’s definitely the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.

Our third day was quite a day. We started early with breakfast, spending most of the day soaking up the sun. As usual, Jenn had the attention of every red blooded male on the boat, she was amazing.

We had dinner in the dining room that night and after dark decided a nice soak in the hot tub might be better than a night of partying. So, after dinner, we went back to the room and got changed into our suits.

“Do I have to wear that stupid suit again?” I asked.

“Nope, wear this one!” Jenn answered, tossing me something.

“Oh, shit, not again,”

This one was just like the other suit she made me wear, only this one was white. I didn’t like that a bit, knowing when it got wet it may show something.

“Don’t say no either, just put it on and wait for me to change,” Jenn commanded before I could say anything.

I quickly slipped them on, not feeling too bad about the way they looked. They were exactly like the black pair. Then Jenn came out of the bathroom.

“What do you think?” Jenn asked asked as she did a 360 degree turn for me, showing me every angle.

My cock twitched immediately! She had on the tinniest white bikini I had ever seen in my life, with a thong on the bottom. Damn, she was really taking chances this vacation, almost completely exposing herself. The material on her top hardly covered her nipples, I could see through the shear white, even dry!

“Damn Hun, are you really going to wear that?”

“I’ll cover up on the way down. Besides, it’s dark and we’re going back to the adult section,” she answered.

She did put on a full robe to cover with as I did the same. I knew she’d either get a lot of attention wearing that or they’d ask her to go change. I wasn’t sure if they had a dress code or not. She was as close to naked as allowable by law. Hell, are there laws like that on ships?

We got up on the top deck and made our way back to the adult area. Jenn opened the door as we entered together,. The first thing I noticed was the music, usually this was the quiet zone on the ship, our sanctuary.

Not tonight, there were at least 50 people, some dancing on the stage they had set up. It was disco night in the adult area. At least the hot tubs were running, but all of them were occupied.

I was hoping to slip in undetected by anyone, knowing the attention Jenn would get in that bikini. There was no way she could dance wearing it, a tit would surely break free. Besides, she looked naked in it regardless of whether or not anything came out.

We found two loungers together, the only two left, as we put our bags down, claiming them.

“Let’s warm up in the tub!” Jenn exclaimed, disrobing quickly.

Every fucking eye in the area was now on her. She looked amazing! If I didn’t know her, I’d think she were either a model, movie star or a porn star. I was getting hard just looking at her as she made her way to the tub, as I stood there staring. I swear, even the women were staring at her in envy.

I quickly followed, knowing if I didn’t someone else would, as we settled into the tub. There were several other people in the tub with us, all staring at Jenn. Hell, I was still staring at her! There were three young gals, all very sexy, and one guy in with us. The guy just sat there with his mouth open.

Even the three young women were staring at Jenn, she was that sexy. I was positive the guy must have gotten hard, I was. I could see right through her top now it was wet, I mean right through it. She may has well have been topless. She looked like an oriental goddess.

“This is wonderful,” said Jenn.

“Holy shit, you look hot,” I said, staring at her.

“Thank you, my love, so do you.”

As we relaxed in the tub I couldn’t help noticing everyone staring at my wife’s wonderful tits. The guy in the tub was still speechless, another two men had joined us as well. All eyes were still on Jenn. I was beginning to wonder if every guy on deck was going to try to squeeze into the tub with her.

“Let’s Dance,” Jenn said as she quickly darted from the tub, maybe feeling a bit overcrowded with our company. I got right up and followed her closely, still aware of eyes on my gorgeous wife, especially now they were looking at her ass wiggle as she made her way to the dance floor. .

We started dancing before we hit the floor, Jenn shaking her tits just enough to draw everyone’s attention to them without shaking them free. I was constantly in a semi erect state just watching her. She really knew how to work it, she was a fantastic dancer. I think in her previous life she may have been a stripper. She was just so damn sexy, I wanted to fuck her 24 hours a day, every day.

“I love how your cock looks,” Jenn whispered to me as I wondered what the hell she was talking about.

I looked down, trying to be discrete about it to notice that my fucking suit was see through too!

“I have to go change,” I said.

“No you don’t. You look hot, all the gals are watching you,” she said. “If you change, I will.”

I decided “What the hell.”

We danced for the remainder of the song as Jenn’s tits swayed, barely contained or hidden by her bikini. I knew I was going to have to have a few drinks to get comfortable with this and get back in the tub, I just wasn’t comfortable with my cock visible beneath my suit. OK, maybe it turned me on a little knowing other ladies were stealing glances at me. I knew their husbands thought I was a fucking idiot though.

We got into a different tub this time, this one with all women in it. Jenn was a lot more comfortable and immediately started making conversation with the other girls. A few of the young ladies were quite sexy, one having tits almost rivaling Jenn’s. She must have been a bit taller though, her’s were floating on the surface. Her nipples looked huge, protruding stiffly through the thin bikini top she was wearing. It took a hell of a set of tits to get my attention away from Jenn’s.

The drinks finally started coming, I ordered doubles and was getting comfortable after about an hour of pounding them into me. Jenn had now become very friendly with one of the girls in the tub, luckily the one with the great tits. I couldn’t hear half what they were talking about but it looked like they were having a great time.

Both gals kept looking at me and giggling, making me feel as if they were making fun of me or something. If I hadn’t known better, I’d say Jenn was even flirting with this gal.

“I hope you’re not trashing me too bad with your new friend,” I said to Jenn.

“Just the opposite. She noticed you on the dance floor and loves your body, especially your package,”said Jenn, I’m sure loud enough everyone in the tub could hear. Her friend looked to be about 21, blond hair, blue eyes with gorgeous, full tits. They were definitely fake, but that’s what I liked, she was hot. There I go talking about her tits again.

“You’re embarrassing me,” I said.

Jenn put her hand on my leg, quickly working her way to my crotch. She started rubbing my cock through the material as she looked at me seductively.

“It’s your turn tonight,” she said, licking her lips.

I couldn’t say anything. She continued rubbing my cock as her friend moved in next to me.

“Hi, I’m Candy,” our new friend said.

“Pleased to meet you,” I said.

“I’m VERY pleased to meet you,” said Candy as her hand joined Jenn’s on my cock. “Nice cock.”

I swear my eyes rolled back in my head as both women were stroking my cock as it grew, stretching the material almost to it’s breaking point. Candy reached into my suit and released my cock, stroking me firmly as she gazed into my eyes. Jenn’s hand was cupping my balls, giving them a little squeeze.

“I want that cock, Let’s go somewhere private, “Candy said seductively.

“You’ll have to let go for a few minutes, I’m in no condition to get out of the tub,” I answered.

Both ladies let go of my cock as I tried to tuck everything back in. I was so fucking excited, I couldn’t make it go down though. They were chuckling about it. Women just didn’t fucking understand, we can’t just turn that little thing off. I had to think about something else or my raging erection would never go down, My mother, yeah, that’s it, think about my mother naked. That did the trick!

“Are we ready?” Jenn asked a few minutes later.

“Not yet, where are we going?”

“Never mind, just follow us,” Jenn said as she and Candy both got out of the tub together. Every fucking eye in the area was on the two of them. I don’t think either of them had any idea the effect they had on men making us weak at the knees, with stiff cocks.

It was my first chance to get a good look at Candy, she was an absolute knockout! She was tall, slender and stacked. Damn, I just had to sit there as each of them packed up to leave. I was still in the tub watching as they approached, still trying to think about my mother.

“Let’s go Hun,” said Jenn.

I tucked my cock down as far as I could, still almost totally erect. I had to get out and go with them now though. It seemed like all eyes were on me as I could see smiles on the faces of fellow men as they saw me get out of the tub, escorted by these two beautiful women. I had no idea where we were going. I was the envy of every man looking at us.

We closed the door behind us as we left the adult section, now walking past the stage of the theater we had to go through to get to the elevators. The girls each took a hand of mine and led me onto the stage though, going behind the curtains. I didn’t have a clue where we were going but I was so turned on that my erection was now struggling to be released from my tight shorts, actually poking through the leg opening now. My imagination was running wild thinking of the possibilities.

As soon as we were behind the curtains in the dark, four hands were all over me. My suit was down in a flash as both ladies dropped to their knees. Candy and Jenn each had one hand on my cock with the other on my ass. My hands went right for Candy’s tits, untying her top with one pull of a loop and removing it. I did the same to Jenn as these two topless, sexy women stood before me, each stroking my cock. Candy’s tits were fabulous, Jenn was even checking them out. They either had the same plastic surgeon or chose the same implants, they had almost identical tits.

Candy was first to lean forward, her tongue circling the head of my cock, licking the fluid already oozing from the tip. Jenn’s tongue met Candy’s as both circled my cock now, tongues wrapped around the shaft licking down the length as their hands cupped my balls.

Candy covered my cock with her mouth, her hot breath and tongue making my cock swell. She engulfed my shaft, taking most of me as she plunged down on my cock, Jenn’s tongue working the exposed portion, wrapping it around as she slurped.

The ladies were now touching each other as well, cupping and squeezing each others’ breasts as they orally assaulted my cock. Candy was now treating my cock like candy, pounding me with her mouth.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, Candy was taking my entire cock into her throat, gagging on each plunge as my lovely wife sucked her tits. Jenn was sucking her tits! I had all I could do not to explode at that very second seeing Jenn touching another woman this way.

Then Candy released my cock as they embraced, kissing each other passionately as they fondled each others’ tits. I had to do something as I positioned myself behind Jenn and entered her pussy, pushing in completely. She was so wet and I was too horny to work up to anything, I wanted to fuck.

As I pounded Jenn’s pussy from behind Candy dropped to Jenn’s tit, sucking one and kneading the other, pinching her nipple. Jenn came instantly, stiffening, moaning as I felt her release. I was so close to cumming I could feel it build.

“Pull out, fuck Candy,” Jenn said.

I obeyed, immediately pulling my cock from Jenn’s pussy as Candy positioned herself for me. She leaned onto a metal chair, holding it as I slid into her tight pussy. She wasn’t as wet as Jenn but I still pushed right in, wanting to fuck her.

Jenn was now sucking Candy’s tit as her hand was tightly around the base of my cock, feeling my shaft as it entered Candy. She gripped tightly as I withdrew to the head, then pushed forward again, giving her my entire length as my balls slapped her pussy. Jenn was holding on tight as if to witness my fucking another woman.

Candy was now moaning as I picked up the pace, now rocking in and out out her pussy, my balls swaying and slapping her with every push forward.

“Fuck her pussy, fill her with your cum darling,” Jenn said as Candy tensed.

Candy was cumming hard, Pushing against me as I rammed her pussy from behind. She was moaning as I felt her moisture, causing me to lose control as she squirted onto my cock.

My cock swelled as Jenn squeezed it tight, milking me on every pull from her pussy, touching Candy’s pussy each time I trust forward. I gripped Candy’s hips, squeezing her as I felt my eruption build. I stiffened, my eyes closed tight as I forced my cock into her pussy hard, feeling my first release explode into her.

I growled as my cum shot from my cock, splashing Candy’s pussy with my hot seed. My cock jerked again as another load of gooey cum erupted into Candy, I could feel it escaping as I continued my assault on her pussy.

Candy was cumming as she clamped tightly onto my cock, almost as if it were in a vise, the cum being drawn from me by her. She screamed, not caring if anyone heard, or not being able to control it as her fluids covered my cock and pubic hair.

My Grunts joined her screams as I continued ejaculating into her hot cunt, my wife assisting by milking my sperm. I came such a steady flow, I felt as if it were a constant release now, my cum mixing with hers, pouring from her pussy as I continued pounding it.

My wife’s hand was no longer on my cock, her tongue was on my balls as I slowed, letting her clean my sticky hot cum from my cock as I felt her tongue rimming Candy’s pussy. Jenn was lapping my release from Candy”s pussy as I held still, my orgasm finished, my cock still hard and twitching deep inside Candy.

Jenn was licking both of us as I pulled from Candy, feeling my cum follow my exit as Jenn’s tongue took my cock’s place, catching the escaping fluids as she lapped feverishly. Candy was cumming again, her hands now on Jenn’s head, pulling Jenn into her hard as she continued sucking my juices from her pussy. Candy was again screaming as she shuddered, her legs wrapped around Jenn’s head, shaking. Jenn moaned as she lapped my fluid, bringing Candy to an intense orgasm, her face drenched with moisture.

Candy relaxed as she released, Jenn parting from her pussy as she kissed Candy, sharing my cum with her as their tongues explored each others’ mouths. I was so turned on seeing my wife being this uninhibited, so sexually free. I found myself just standing there, staring in amazement.

As they parted, I kissed each of them, kind of wishing this had been in a bed. This was incredible, with two incredibly sexy women. A once in a lifetime experience, so I thought.

“That was wonderful,” I said.

“Maybe my husband will join us tomorrow night,” Candy said.

Holt shit, she’s married and wants a foursome now?

“What?” I asked stupidly.

“I knew she was married. Her husband is sea sick today. They’re swingers so he told her to find someone to have fun with. That’s why we were laughing in the tub,” Jenn said.

We all got dressed, said our good byes and left for our rooms. I know a had a huge smile on my face all the way to the room.

“Are you really interested in a swap with a couple?” I asked as we settled into the room for the night.

“Why not? We’ve done about everything else this vacation but it’s your call Hun. Nothing can happen out of the sight of the other though please,” Jenn said.

“I totally agree, we’ll wait until we meet him and see,” I said.

Wow, we still had a few days left of our vacation and most of our sexual fantasies had come true. I had been with two beautiful women at the same time, my wife had been ravaged by three men at the same time. Surprisingly, neither of us had any regrets or jealousy issues afterward. We were actually stimulated with the idea of even doing more. We were two wild sex fiends this vacation, it was great.

We got a great night’s sleep, I even woke up in the middle of the night thinking about what had happened earlier and surprised Jenn by slipping my cock into her as she slept. She woke, startled, then we had great sex reliving our adventures as we fucked. God, I loved this woman!

We were pretty much in a routine now, getting up about the same time, going to breakfast, taking it easy until late morning. Then we’d go to our favorite little area on the ship, the adult section, and get some sun and make new friends.

Candy’s husband, John was feeling better today as he joined her. He wasn’t a bad looking guy but I could tell he definitely wasn’t Jenn’s type. He was kind of a nerd, thin and balding. All we could figure is that he must have made a ton of money to attract someone like Candy, but then again, maybe she just plain fell in love with him.

Jenn and I had some private time in the hot tub with nobody else around so we got a chance to talk things over.

“What do you think about John babe?” I asked Jenn already knowing the answer.

‘He’s a real nice guy but to be honest, he’s a bit of a dork. I don’t think I could force myself to do anything with him, sorry,” Jenn said.

“I figured the same thing, no problem. Maybe something else will come up. This boat seems to be full of opportunities and sexy people. Besides, I’m with the sexiest woman on board anyway,” I said meaning every word.

“Thank you sweetheart, I love you,”

We enjoyed our soak and our little talk, returning to the loungers about twenty minutes later.

“Well folks, would you like to party together tonight?” Candy asked.

“We are just about beat, we’ll have to play it by ear Hun,” I answered trying not to be insulting or too obvious with my lack of attraction toward her husband.

We hung out with them for the rest of the afternoon, then returned to the room to get ready for dinner.

Tonight was formal dress night so Jenn picked out a form fitting little black dress, low neckline, matching high heels and a cute little matching handbag. She always looked like a million bucks, especially in this dress. I loved how her nipples poked firmly through the material as she wore no bra.

I chose a nice black suit, beige shirt and red tie…..OK, she chose my attire but I had to admit we looked great together as we stood in the mirror.

We left for the dining room and were seated with another very nice looking couple. They appeared to be a little older than us, maybe in their mid thirties but were very fit and attractive. I could tell instantly that Jenn liked what she saw and the lady was very petite, brunette, nice green eyes, average height and looked like she had natural tits. If I had to guess I’d say probably a C cup, perfect for natural tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra either, had very firm tits with a low neckline. She was extremely sexy.

I suppose I should describe the man as well, even though I couldn’t take my eyes off his wife. He looked to be a little over six feet tall, very muscular build, dark hair and eyes, very masculine looking. Kind of a guy’s guy.

“Hi there, we are Jenn and Dan,” Jenn introduced us always thinking of the proper thing to do.

“Hi there, we’re Alice and Joe, pleased to meet you,” Alice replied.

We made small talk before the meal, talking about our jobs, lives and where we lived. We were surprised we hadn’t seen them before and asked them where they’d been hanging out.

“We’ve spent most of our time at the pool, soaking up the sun. It’s nice but at times overrun with kids,” Joe said.

“Do you know there’s an all adult section, for the 21 and older crowd? We spend most of our time there. I get to wear my racier bikinis without the fear of families seeing me. It’s nice, really laid back,” Jenn said.

“We had no idea it existed, I wish they’d tell us this stuff. Where is it?” Alice asked.

We talked all about it and some of the great times we’d had so far, leaving out the risque stuff of course but mentioning how sexually charged the area was.

“Well, we will definitely spend tomorrow there,” said Joe.

“It’s open at night too. They have dancing and great hot tubs,” Jenn said hoping they’d be there.

We finished dinner, thoroughly enjoying the company of Alice and Joe, they were very nice people. They decided to meet us in the adult section at seven o’clock. We departed, excited as we headed to our rooms to change for a nice evening of enjoying the hot tub and dancing.

Jenn and I got back to the room, Jenn going through her clothes looking for just the right suit to wear.

“No more see through shit for me tonight,” I said.

“OK, wear this one,” as she tossed me another new one. Now what?

“Do I have to wear this?” I asked

“Only if you want me to wear this,” she answered as she held up what appeared to be a tiny yellow suit. I couldn’t tell, there didn’t look like there was enough material to cover her nipples.

I changed into the yellow suit she gave me, again it was like the other ones. Hopefully this one wouldn’t be quite as transparent. I actually liked the looks of it on me, becoming comfortable with being a little risque.

Jenn came out of the bathroom giving me an immediate erection, Holy Fuck! She was wearing the tiniest little string bikini I had ever seen. It was a g-string bottom, barely covering her pussy. The top was tied in the back, the front being two tiny pieces of triangular shaped materiel, barely covering the nipples. God, she was one sexy woman.

“Let’s go!” she said as she put her robe on and opened the door.

I had to practically run to catch her as she was already on her way down the hallway. I had no idea how she could move so quickly in those cute little yellow high heels, they had to be six inches tall. Her legs looked so sexy in them.

I think we made it there in record time, I was sure she was hoping our new friends were there already but we were first to arrive. We found four loungers all together and saved two for them. Drinks were ordered quickly, we even ordered a few for our friends to greet them with.

Alice and Joe arrived about 15 minutes after us, Joe’s eyes locked onto Jenn’s tits and mine were scanning his lovely bride. Alice had a great body, lean and muscular with very nice large, natural tits. She was wearing a bikini, nothing half as revealing as Jenn’s but it definitely did justice to her body. She had nice full hips with a very narrow waist, her tits nicely filled out the top showing a lot of cleavage.

Joe still had his eyes all over Jenn, I swear I noticed a slight bulge growing in his shorts too. He was wearing a very average suit, the kind I usually wore. Jenn was really checking him out, he had a very muscular chest with huge biceps. He surely spent a lot of time in the gym, as did Alice.

“Here’s a couple of drinks,” Jenn announced as she handed them to our friends.

“Thank you, the next round is on us,” said Joe.

Joe couldn’t keep his eyes off Jenn, I think Alice was taking notice of this and it was starting to annoy her. I decided I’d have to show her a little extra attention to take the edge off. Joe and Jenn were already hitting it off, she was a great flirt. Men couldn’t resist her either.

“Want to join me in the tub Alice?” I asked.

“If it’s OK with Joe, I’ll have to ask,” she said sheepishly.

“Go ahead Hun, enjoy yourself. Jenn and I can hold down the fort,” Joe answered.

I took her hand, leading her to the hot tub as we got in. I sat next to her, there were only a few other people in there with us.

“So, how long have you been married,” I asked trying to break the ice.

“Twelve years, next month,”

“You’re a great looking couple, Joe’s a very lucky man,”

“You’re being too kind. How can you say that when you’re married to the sexiest woman on the ship?” Alice asked.

“I’m not so sure about that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and from where I’m sitting, you’re at least tied with her for that honor,”

“Oh, thank you. But it’s not true. Joe hardly ever tells me that anymore,”

“I’m sure he thinks you are, how could he not? You’re gorgeous and very sexy. If I were single, you’d be the one lady on the ship I’d pursue,” I said.

“That’s so sweet, especially coming from such a handsome, sexy man,”

“Thank you Alice, you’re too sweet,” I answered trying to work this thing into something.

I was sure as I glanced over at Jenn and Joe that they were getting cozy as they were now sitting next to each other. He was still staring at her tits, not even trying to hide it. I swear I noticed her looking toward his crotch as well, she was such a flirt.

I thought I’d push things a little and move a little closer, letting my leg barely touch hers. She looked at me, almost stunned.

“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to bump into you,” I said trying to be discrete.

“It’s OK, just surprised me. You’re such a handsome man. I haven’t been this close to another man in many years,” Alice said.

I looked over again toward Jenn and Joe noticing they had gotten very close now. Her leg was touching his now, and it hadn’t gone unnoticed. I wish I could have listened in on their conversation, I know she was turning up the heat just by seeing his reaction to her.

“They look like they’re getting along well,” Alice said as she looked over at Jenn and Joe.”Should we check on them?”

“It looks like it. I think we’re getting along quite well ourselves. I think they’ll be fine without us for a while. I’d like to spend some time with you anyway.”

I moved a little closer again, this time with my thigh touching hers. I could feel her actually shake, either in fear or excitement.

I looked at Jenn again and she had her hand resting on Joe’s knee, his hand over hers. Alice noticed this at the same time and wasn’t quite sure what to do.

I placed my hand on her knee, taking a big chance now. She looked me in the eyes without moving this time but sat completely still, still shaking. I knew she was very nervous.

“I’m sorry if I’m being too forward, I just find you very attractive,” I said.

“I don’t know, this isn’t something we do. I just don’t know,” Alice said.

I could tell she was going to be a lot more difficult to crack than Joe was being. Jenn already had them holding hands, looking in each others’ eyes saying who knows what to each other.

“Just tell me to leave you alone and I will,” I said.

“I don’t want you to though, I’m just scared,”

“I understand,” I said as I started caressing her thigh.

She seemed to relax a bit as I put my arm around her, my other hand on her thigh, working it’s way upward.

“You’re a very sexy man. I love your bathing suit. I wish Joe would wear something like that. It really shows off your masculinity, ” Alice said as she placed her hand on my knee.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Jenn brush Joe’s crotch quickly with her hand as it rested on his inner thigh. The next thing I knew they were getting in the tub with us.

The odd thing was, I expected Joe to go to Alice but he took his place across from us as Jenn sat next to him.

“Hi guys, having fun?” Jenn asked.

“Yes, we’re getting to know each other,” Alice surprisingly said.

“Do you want me to sit with you Hun?” Joe asked Alice.

“I’m good over here, Dan’s keeping me good company,” she answered.

Alice’s hand on my knee had started caressing my knee, then began caressing my thigh. Damn, that was getting me hard. I wish I could control that little fucker better.

I could see that Jenn had her hands under the water and had no idea what she was doing with them, but I had a pretty good idea where they’d end up. I felt her foot slide between my legs, rubbing my cock as I hardened. I was certain that this was her sign that she was making her move on Joe, By looking at him, I could tell she probably had her hand either on or around his cock by now. Her hand appeared to be in his lap.

Alice was still being a good girl, just gently rubbing my thigh, I decided to push the issue. Her tits were underwater so I moved my hand to her arm, making it’s way to the side of her breast, just rubbing against it. I sensed a sigh, an accepting or anticipating kind of sigh so I continued my pursuit of her breast.

I ran my fingers under the side of the material covering her tit closet to me, reaching in and caressing it, stopping to run my fingers over her nipple. She sighed again, almost as a release as I cupped her breast. She actually closed her eyes for just a second as I had her nipple between my finger and thumb.

Joe had a look on his face that only meant one thing, Jenn had his cock out stroking him, her arm was moving slowly. His look didn’t go unnoticed as Alice reacted by sliding her hand onto my cock. For a moment it just stayed there, still. Then she squeezed my cock and began rubbing it, bringing me to an uncomfortable erection, painfully contained in this damn tight suit.

My hand worked up her thigh, now running along the edge of her pussy. I was struggling with the tight bikini bottom trying to get my fingers on her labia, wanting to sample her. I couldn’t get my finger under the material, it was so tight.

Alice then shocked me by reaching into my suit, freeing me as I sprung to attention. As her hand grasped my cock, her eyes met mine, doubling in size.

“You’re so big,” she whispered.

“Naw, just average,” I said.

“You are huge, you have a wonderful cock, it’s so thick. I’d love to actually see that,” Alice said.

“I hope you will,”

We all appeared to be caught up in our own little games of foreplay with each other, testing our limits and inspecting each others’ bodies beneath the surface of the water. I knew we couldn’t last much longer in the tub. Alice was stroking me, now with both hands. She was turning into a sexual vixen.

“I wish we could go somewhere else,” Alice said.

“Would anyone like to go up to our room for a few drinks?” Joe asked.

“Sure,’ I said

“Let’s go,” said Jenn.

It’s so much easier for a woman to just get up and walk away. Joe and I spent a little time tucking our cocks back into our suits as best we could, waiting a bit, buying a little time while the ladies collected our stuff. Joe and I just sat there looking at each other, both of us knowing what the other was trying to keep hidden.

“Have you guys ever done this Dan?” Joe asked

“Never with another couple,” I answered.

“Us either, it feels awkward,”

“I know, but they’re worth it I think,” I said.

“Damn, I agree to that. Your wife is so hot, I’ve never seen a woman sexier,” Joe said.

“Your wife is stunning Joe, very sexy,” I assured him.

“Let’s get out of here,” Joe said as he got up first.

We joined the ladies as we all left together, heading to their room. Little did we know, they had a nice suite with a king bed.

We entered the room all together, nobody sure of what to do. The ladies made it very easy for us as they stripped right in front of us, then and there, removing their wet suits. Of course, Jenn started first but Alice followed immediately to Joe’s surprise.

“Wow,” I said

“I’ll second that!” said Joe

Jenn came to me and Alice went to Joe as we all kissed our own spouses, making our way to the king sized bed. The ladies were already naked so I removed my shorts first, followed by Joe. Joe’s cock definitely wasn’t as large as mine but very respectably sized, probably seven inches or so. He was already rock hard, his cock standing straight up. I needed very little coaxing as this was so fucking exciting.

I kissed my sexy wife, passionately as Joe and Alice were doing the same. Joe’s hands were already wandering over to Jenn’s tits as mine reached for Alice’s. She had fantastic tits, they were perfect natural tits with large, hard nipples about the size of a quarter.

As I caressed Alice’s tits and Joe caressed Jenn’s, their hands quickly reached for our cocks, Alice reaching for mine.

I kissed Jenn once more saying “I love you,”

“I love you,” she whispered as we parted, reaching for opposite spouses.

I embraced Alice, now her tongue searching for mine, passionately. She was very aggressive, almost trying to devour my mouth as she ran her hand up and down the length of my cock.

“I don’t know if that cock of yours will fit, it’s so big and fat,” Alice whispered.

“I’m not that big,” I whispered back

I finally reached for her pussy, discovering moisture as her evidence of excitement for me. I inserted a finger as she gasped, her breathing quickened as she clenched my cock tighter. I pulled away from her mouth as my tongue traced it’s way to her gorgeous, full tits. I took her nipple in my mouth, gently sucking it as I nibbled. Her breathing continued to quicken as I inserted a second finger into her. She was soaked now, wanting me as her nipples hardened.

I glanced toward Jenn as Joe was sucking and caressing her huge tits. She was masterfully stroking him with both hands as he positioned himself as if he were about to go down on her, his cock left for her to enjoy. They quickly got into a 69 position as I saw his cock disappear in my lovely wife’s mouth, she took him all, his pubic hair touching her nose, his tongue darting in and out of her pussy.

Alice noticed this as well as she made her move for my cock, instantly dropping to my lap, surrounding my cock with her mouth. Her tongue flickered the head, licking my early release from the tip, then she plunged onto it. She buried my entire cock in her mouth, devouring me until she gagged, still forcing more into her throat until I felt her tongue touch my balls then wrap around my shaft. She was a masterful cock sucker, I had never seen anything like it. She wasn’t sucking my cock, she was devouring it, ravaging it, raping it, attacking it!

I physically turned her so I could taste her, trying to concentrate on her. It was almost impossible to, she was that good. She was pounding my cock in and out of her mouth now, slurping, gagging and spitting on it for lubrication.

Jenn even stopped for a minute just to witness Alice’s masterful technique, Joe was enjoying the show as well. Who would have guessed this lady was capable of this? This was the kind of stuff you only saw in movies, and rarely at that.

She continued her assault on my cock until I could take no more, I felt myself losing control as I pulled away.

“You’re too fucking good, you’re going to make me cum. I want to fuck you,” I said the her.

“Fuck me with that big cock,” she said

She lay flat of the bed lifting her legs as she spread her knees to invite me as I climbed onto her.

Joe and Jenn had now assumed the same position and Joe was about to fuck her too. I couldn’t keep track of Jenn, this gal was so fucking horny and aggressive.

I placed my cock at the entrance to Alice’s pussy, rubbing her labia as she quivered, reaching for my cock with both her hands. She pulled me into her as I entered her moist pussy. I only inserted the head as I kissed her, pulling it out again. I repeated, this time pushing almost half of my shaft into her as she gasped, almost screaming.

I pulled back again as she whispered “Fuck me,”

I slid forward again, Pushing my entire cock into her moistness as she arched, clenching her legs around my torso.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed.

I held my cock in her deep, feeling her quiver beneath me, gripping me tight with her legs around me. She released he moisture onto my cock, soaking me as she came, holding her breath as she gripped me. My cock twitched from excitement as she could feel me move inside her, my cock swelled as I forced myself as deep into her as possible.

She finally let up with her grip as I resumed rocking in and out of her, her screams now deafening and overtaking the entire room.

“You’re so fucking big! You feel so fucking good! Fuck me hard!” she screamed.

Joe and Jenn were now grunting and moaning as I could tell she was cumming, her high pitched cry so familiar to me.

“Fuck me hard Joe!” Jenn screamed as I heard his balls slapping her ass with the force he was fucking her with.

I picked up my pace as well, my slaps now matching his as my balls were pounding Alice’s ass. She was a fucking animal, she loved it hard and fast. I was loving fucking this hot woman, her tits swaying as I pushed, my hands cupping them, pinching her nipples. Everything I did she loved.

I could hear Joe already roaring, starting to cum. I glanced over seeing his veins bulging from his neck as he strained to cum, his body tense, his eyes closed as he gripped my fragile wife. He lifted his body from her as he supported himself, his arms out straight beside her as he arched. Her eyes were wide as he pounded her fast and furious.

I could take no more as this put me over the edge, feeling myself beginning to erupt. Alice was still screaming in ecstasy and totally soaking everything on the bed with her flow of constant ejaculation, spurting from her pussy as she squirted.

Joe was cumming, pushing his fluid deep within my tiny woman as she held on. There was nothing gentle about the way he was assaulting her, ravaging her pussy with vigor and lust. He was growling, moaning as he released, gripping her as if slamming her toward him as he came.

My first surge built and rushed the length of my cock, swelling as the immense first wave shot from my cock, splashing her inner walls, joining her fluids. My second spasm erupted immediately, soaking her pussy with my hot semen feeling like a rush of pleasure escaping my body.

Alice quickly pulled herself away, rolling to the side as she dove for my cock, my cum spurting in the air, hitting her face. The next load went deep down her throat as she plunged onto my cock, swallowing it in one movement as her hand grabbed the base of my cock, milking my cum from deep within me.

I came again, this time a flow choking her as she gagged, still not releasing my cock, cum oozing from her mouth. She jerked my cock rapidly, milking me for my final drops of fluid, wanting to drain every last drop. She continued sucking, now with actual sucking force, trying to draw more from me as if she hadn’t had enough, I collapsed, done cumming and totally drained having one of the best orgasms of my life.

Joe had finished fucking my darling wife now as they were staring in amazement watching us. As soon as Alice released my cock, Jenn went directly to her pussy wanting to once again drain my cum from her body.

Alice was very surprised by this but quickly adapted to the idea, laying back as she started to orgasm almost immediately, cumming on my wife’s face. Jenn was cleaning my hot cum from her cunt as Alice was squirting fluid of her own, forcing Jenn’s face hard against her, grinding herself into Jenn’s tongue. Jenn’s tongue was deep inside Alice, enjoying bringing Alice to a violent orgasm as she screamed in pleasure again.

As soon as Jenn finished with Alice, Alice went right for Jenn’s pussy burying her face in her wetness, lapping up her husband’s warm semen. Alice’s tongue was deep inside Jenn as she abruptly tensed, now cumming again herself. Her legs imprisoned Alice’s head as they wrapped tightly around it as not to let her escape, my wife shuddering uncontrollably, screaming in delight as her pussy voided of her husband’s semen.

All four of us had earth shattering orgasms completing a unique, sensuous sexual experience we would all cherish forever. I’d like to say this was unplanned but we had every intention to carry out as many fantasies as possible this cruise, accomplishing that feat easily.

Our love for each other was as strong as it had even been, having shared three very intimate experiences with total strangers. We had these memories to cherish and share with each other often as a constant stimulant to our sexual arousal for each other.

Jenn is the sexiest woman on earth to me, not to be contradicted by many men, if any. I was very fortunate to have married the woman of my dreams and fantasies and able to talk about and share my fantasies with her. Very few men can say that, I know how lucky I am. Just thinking about her makes me horny.

I’m sure we’ll have many more experiences to write about in the future but for now, were both very satisfied having quenched our desire for a wild vacation. We would soon return home to our normal lives, never mixing this lifestyle with our friends or neighbors. Saving this behavior only for our vacation getaways. Maybe our next vacation will be with you!

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