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A Favour for Anthony

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The swinging scene has changed a lot in recent times but Anthony’s contact group remains much the same. For 20 years it seems to have stood still in time. He organises regular get-togethers and he keeps it exclusive. An invitation requires a personal recommendation. Even then, Anthony may want to talk to you himself to decide if you are suitable. Discretion and security are the by-words. If it was any different, I wouldn’t be there; it would be just too risky for me.

Despite the exclusivity, there is a nice mix of new faces along with the regulars. The venue is Anthony’s house, or to be more accurate, his mansion. I think it costs more to maintain the grounds than I could ever hope to earn, and I have a good position. He has a function room which would be the envy of many 5-star hotels. Then, there are Anthony’s private living quarters. They are sumptuous beyond belief but strictly off-limits to guests; off-limits, that is, unless you are invited to participate in one of his special fetish sessions. Most of us regulars have done that at some time or other, but that’s another story.

It was at one of Anthony’s parties that Anthony himself took me to one side and made a special request.

‘Have you noticed the Oriental couple who are sitting at the bar?’ he asked.

‘Yes,’ I answered. ‘Who are they?’

‘Let me just say that he is a particular friend,’ he replied. ‘He’s an important business contact, very important. She is his Personal Assistant. His English isn’t too good and she translates for him. They come from Hong Kong and are just here for a couple of weeks. Would you like to do me a favour and give them a session at your place this evening? They think you look like Sharon Stone.’

When Anthony asks for a favour it’s not something you can decline very easily. Anyway, the couple from Hong Kong had a certain look about them and I’d never done anything with an Oriental guy before. And, that they thought I looked like Sharon Stone was just the right kind of flattery.

‘Well,’ I said, ‘tell me some more, like what are they expecting?’

‘Don’t worry,’ Anthony said with a smile, ‘I wouldn’t set you up for anything nasty. Your friend Sandra fucked them last weekend and she said they were very nice. I think if you played with her for a while and then let things take their course, they’d be more than happy. Sandra tells me he’s a little under-sized in the trouser department but he gives a good shag.’

The thing about Anthony is that he has the kind of upper-class accent that can cut glass. He manages to get away with saying things that would sound crude from someone else.

‘So I can assume they are not beginners, can I?’ I asked.

‘I’m sure they’ve done a few things,’ he smiled, ‘but they haven’t been with Sharon Stone as yet.’

‘OK,’ I said, ‘but let me meet them and see for myself.’

Anthony introduced me to Sig and Lindi and they greeted me with glossy smiles. They were younger than me but then most people are these days. I put her in her late 20’s and Sig in his 40’s.

Their looks said they might be of Chinese origin and from the cut of Lindi’s short black dress and the jewellery around her neck, they weren’t short of spending money. She was petite with dark brown eyes, spiky short hair and an overtly sexy mouth. Her sense of style saved her from looking cheap. Sig had well-cut hair, his features were regular and his manner spoke of quiet confidence. He was very cool and very attractive.

We chatted casually for a while and it seemed that Sig understood more English than he spoke so Lindi did most of the talking for the two of them. Anthony kept a close eye on me and I knew he was checking that I was happy to go along with his proposition. After I’d given him a smile and a nod he didn’t wait long to get to business.

‘Jill would be happy to entertain you at her apartment,’ he said to them. ‘I can guarantee that she knows how to look after you.’

‘How wonderful,’ said Lindi, reaching out a delicate hand to brush my cheek in a gesture of unmistakable intimacy.

I was glad to hear that not only did they have a car but a driver as well. When I spoke to him to give him directions to my place, in case we got separated in the traffic, I got the impression he was as much a bodyguard as a chauffeur.

I showed Sig and Lindi around the apartment, dimming lights and selecting music as we went. They seemed quite at ease and showed no sense of nervousness which told me that they were well-experienced in such situations. I took them to the bar in the corner of the large living space and wondered who was going to make the first move. I didn’t have to wait long. Lindi moved behind me, wrapped her arms around my waist and reached up to kiss me softly on the side of my neck.

‘I’m so glad you invited us,’ she murmoured.

I turned to face her and then spoke to Sig who was at the bar behind her.

‘Sig, why don’t you fix yourself a drink. Lindi and I need some time to get know each other.’

I put my arms around her and I had the first real sense of her; yielding but firm and exotically perfumed.

‘I want you to myself for a while,’ I whispered into her ear. ‘And I’m sure Sig won’t mind waiting.’

‘Sig likes to watch so I’m all yours,’ she purred and then she turned and said something to him in Chinese which I assumed was a translation of what we’d said.

I brushed my lips lightly against hers, then more fully and felt the warmth of her sensuous mouth. Her arms went around my neck and our tongues met, fencing and then dancing together. Our bodies molded themselves into a close embrace and we swayed in rhythm with the music. She felt supple and lithe and giving, and from the way she was moving her hips against me, there was no mistaking her desire. Things were moving fast and the apprehension of discovering her body was getting me hot.

My hands felt the bare, honey-coloured skin of her shoulders and I eased the stringy straps of her dress down to her elbows. She didn’t resist and, one at a time, she freed her arms. I eased down the satiny material and her breasts bounced free; small, high, round and mouth-watering. She pressed them against me and again we kissed, fully and deeply, with growing intensity.

I had to stoop slightly to get my tongue to her neck and I did it as sexily as I could, throwing out my hip, knowing that Sig would be watching every move. I licked and kissed her, first the delicate hollow of her throat, downwards to the rise of those delicious breasts, downwards through her cleavage and then around and up to a firm nipple. It was a perfect disk of dark coral with the center jutting out, begging to be sucked. I flicked it with the very tip of my tongue and she sighed and shivered. Her hands moved away from my shoulders and she cupped both of her breasts, offering them up to my teasing tongue.

I looked up at her face and saw the need and the wanting in her eyes and my passion for her took another leap. I covered one of her nipples with all of my mouth and gently sucked until the teat seemed ready to explode. I did the same with her other nipple and then alternated between them, licking and nibbling and sucking. She sighed and gasped and moaned and her hands gripped my shoulders.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Sig take a step towards us.

‘Wait, not yet,’ I said to him.

His eyes met Lindi’s and she spoke quickly to him as if to confirm what I’d said. He stepped back and I sighed inwardly with gratitude. I wanted lots more of her for myself before he got involved.

I took her back into my arms, stroked her face and gradually eased her backwards until we were almost against the panoramic windows.

‘Turn around,’ I whispered and she did as I asked, so that she was facing the view over the city lights and onwards across the ocean.

I stood behind her with my arms circling her and I kissed the back of her neck through the tendrils of hair.

‘Hold on to the safety rail,’ I whispered into her ear, ‘and then take a step back.’

She took hold of the rail but hesitated. I ran my hand down her hip and asked her again to take a step back. She looked over her shoulder at me and I smiled and stroked the swell of her butt, giving it a gentle squeeze. She got my intention, pouted a smile back at me and nodded.

If you had been at street level and looked up to my apartment window you would have been mesmerised by what you saw: a beautiful young woman with breasts exposed and thrust forward, her back arching and her legs slightly apart, and another woman by her side, plainly visible, stepping out of her dress.

I licked my way down her back, between her shoulder blades to her waist, and then I sank to my knees behind her. I stroked her ankles and ran my fingertips along the back of her calves and licked at the back of her knees. Because of her position and the heels of her sandals, the tendons in her legs were held taught which added to their wonderful definition. I pulled slightly at one of her ankles and she stepped back further so that the bend of her body was more pronounced.

My hands ran over her hips and down the outside of her thighs, then back up, taking the skirt of her dress along with them. I was expecting to find the back strap of a thong splitting the cheeks of her ass but instead I discovered black, lacy boy-pants stretched tightly across it. The lower half of each cheek was tantalisingly exposed and I didn’t resist the urge to kiss them, causing her to tense and wiggle.

I slid a hand between her legs and felt the warm, damp gauze of the pants and the outline of her pussy lips. I took hold of the loose hems of the panty legs and worked them over her hips, down her legs and off her pretty little feet.

She had an incredible figure: rounded thighs hollowed just above the knees and then swelling in smooth curves before flowing back into slinky hips; ass jutting out in two full round globes, a deep cleft between them. She looked a totally sensuous creature and I was sure she was loving every second of her provocative pose.

I knelt beside her, rucking the skirt of her dress around her waist, and I glanced across to Sig. He had stripped down to a pair of black briefs and the bulge of his cock was very obvious. We exchanged smiles and he nodded as if giving me his permission to continue. I ran my hand over the contour of Lindi’s bending bottom and pouted salaciously at him. His response was to reach down and pull his dick out over the top of his briefs, happy to be turned-on by the show.

I moved behind her, stripped-off my bra and brushed my breasts against the back of her legs so that only my nipples touched her. I stroked her thighs and ran my hands over the warm silky skin on the inside, working up to her slit and then retreating to tease her some more. Her beautiful, round behind swayed back and forth as if asking for attention so I ran my hands over it. I cupped the cheeks of her ass with the palms of my hands and licked at the top of the channel between them. Little by little, I eased them apart to expose the little bud of her asshole. Gently I licked around it, along the creases at the top of her thighs, getting closer and closer and then moving away. Finally I pressed the tip of my tongue against it and she clenched her buttocks and moaned and arched her back, almost standing up straight. She looked over her shoulder at me with wild eyes and then offered her ass back to receive more.

To know that I was creating such arousal in her gave me my own rush of pleasure. I was still wearing my g-string and I felt it soaking wet between my legs.

I worked on Lindi’s tight little ass, making her squirm and groan, until she could stand it no longer. She suddenly stood upright and turned to face me, then sank to her knees, threw her arms around my neck and fiercely kissed my mouth.

‘Come on,’ she said, her eyes burning with lust, ‘finish me off, finish me …’

She adjusted her position so that she was lying on her back on the rug in front of me with legs spread open. Her pussy was topped with a bush of long, black hair but the plump lips were completely bare. She dropped a hand down and with two fingers she spread herself open to expose the tip of her clit.

If only I’d had a prick, I’d have fucked her crazy, but then she was probably used to that so a woman’s touch would be all the more pleasurable.

Kneeling between her parted thighs, I bent over her and licked around her belly-button and then downwards where I discovered the silkiest hair that I’d ever felt on a woman’s body. I couldn’t help but pause to tangle it in my fingers because it was such an utterly erotic sensation. Her hips pushed up at me, urging me to use her and she was massaging her breasts, plucking at the nipples.

‘Don’t make me wait,’ she gasped, ‘do it now.’

But then Sig joined us. He was naked and his prick was standing upright. He knelt behind Lindi’s head, removed her hands from her breasts and stretched her arms back, towards him.

‘Do slow,’ he said to me in his broken English.

‘Oh no, please …’ Lindi cried, but Sig just smiled and shook his head at her.

‘Do slow,’ he said to me again. ‘You see.’

I wasn’t sure if he was being cruel to her or wanted to prolong her pleasure. Either way, I was going to enjoy her and that would include the greatest pleasure of all when I would take her over the edge into her orgasm.

I began to work on her with my fingers, rubbing them softly through the moist crevices between her inner and outer lips. Her thighs were trapped underneath my arms and, with Sig gripping her wrists above her head, her body was pinned. She squirmed at my touches and, for a while, I matched the rhythm of her movements to enhance her arousal.

Then I changed the pattern and with the tips of my fingers I spread her pussy to expose her inner lips and her opening. The lips were smaller than most and formed two hard ridges which tapered out from her jutting, pink clit. I spread her wider apart and saw the slick pink swirls of her cunt which seemed to be pulsing in anticipation.

I had to lick her, to lick all of her slit from top to bottom, to lick and taste her and feel her work her body against my mouth, wanting me and needing me to make her cum. I licked harder and faster and she moaned loudly and her body tensed. I had her on the very edge and then I stopped.

‘Yes,’ I heard Sig say. ‘Slow.’

I curved a finger up into her, through the ring of tight muscle at the entrance and into the inner heat of her body. I circled it around inside her and located the soft pad of her G-spot which produced an immediate reaction. She humped her hips up to me and we began to fuck, my finger and her cunt, moving in unison. I slipped a second finger inside her and we increased the pace. With the palm of my other hand I covered her clit so that she would have something to work herself against.

‘Oh God,’ she cried, ‘please, please don’t stop.’

I looked up at Sig and he just smiled enigmatically and kept his grip on her wrists.

Lindi was throwing her head from side to side and I concentrated all my efforts on her. She was mine and I was going to take her all the way. I wanted to have her orgasm so that for a brief moment I would possess her.

And then it happened. Her body tensed and quivered and she almost screamed. I felt a spurt of liquid from her pussy and her body jerked. My reflex was to move my hand from her clit and I saw it – a second jet of liquid spurted out of her and splashed hot against my thighs. And then another and another. It was like she was a man shooting sperm but instead of being white and creamy it was clear and watery. I’d never seen it before, only heard about it. I licked my hand but there was no taste; no man-like saltiness, just wetness.

I took my fingers out of her and bent over to lick at her cunt and taste more of her. I felt I had an awesome power over her. I wanted to make her do it again, but it was over. Her body lay limp and Sig was kneeling by her side and holding her against him, talking quietly in their own language.

I stood up, as much to unbend my knees as anything else, and the wetness of her ejaculation ran down my legs. I was still wearing my wet g-string and my body felt hot and sweaty. I decided to leave them to their moments of personal intimacy and to take a quick shower and see what might happen later.

I stood under the cool spraying water and thought of what had happened with Lindi. I wondered about myself and if I might be able to ejaculate as she had, and I wondered if I would ever get the chance to see her do it again. I dropped my hand down between my legs, running my fingers through my slit, feeling the familiar crevices, the inner lips which always seemed too large, the stem of my clit which was rigid and the sensitive tip which could swell to a size that sometimes seemed embarrassingly gross.

I wondered about Sig and Lindi and what they might want to do. Maybe they’d had what they wanted and were ready to leave. Or maybe they were ready for more sex. Sex was what I needed and I’d happily lie back and let them have me. For a moment I thought about how it was to be pleasured by a man and a woman together; the delicious combination of masculine and feminine touches from exploring hands, the different pressures and textures of licking tongues seeking to arouse and excite, the sheer eroticism of being the center of attention …

My train of thought had not run far when Lindi knocked on the glass door of the shower. She pushed it open, hopped inside and grimaced at the sudden sensation of the cool water.

Her first words were: ‘I’m so sorry. Did I get you wet and messy?’

‘Of course you did,’ I answered with a smile, ‘and it was totally amazing and you can get me wet and messy any time you like.’

I put my arms around her and she pressed her face into my breasts.

‘It doesn’t happen like that all the time,’ she said , breaking away from me. ‘It was the way you did it. When it builds up slowly, I feel the pressure growing inside me and I can’t stop it.’

‘Would you really want to stop it?’ I asked.

‘No,’ she giggled, ‘because it’s the best feeling ever.’

‘But now it’s for you,’ she went on. ‘We want to please you. Would you like to have Sig? He thinks you are very sexy and he always wants to do it with blond women. Would you like it?’

‘I’d like it very much, with both of you,’ I told her.

‘I have to tell you something,’ she said after a short pause. ‘Sig is not very big. Did you see him already? But he’s a good lover. I think it will be OK.’

I had seen him earlier, when he joined Lindi and I on the floor. The only impression I had was that it was very stiff and had a lovely dark colour.

‘If he’s good enough for you, he’ll be good enough for me,’ I told her.

I took hold of her hand and guided it between my legs. She didn’t need any more invitation and her fingers ran through my slit and back and forth over my clit.

‘Wow, you are very horny,’ she said.

She sank to her knees in front of me and I leaned back against the wall of the shower, the water streaming down over both of us. She parted my lips and gave me a lick and then she looked up at me.

‘You have a very big clit,’ she said. ‘It looks amazing.’

‘I guess it’s not exactly hard to find,’ I answered. ‘But let’s get out of here and get dry. We’ll be much more comfortable out there. And don’t you think Sig deserves some attention?’

We found Sig, still naked, sitting back on one of the sofas, sipping a drink. He was very slim and angular, and he had almost no body hair. His skin was an olive colour and it enhanced the toned look of his body. Lindi went to kneel by his side on the sofa and whisper in his ear while I knelt on the floor in front of him.

‘This is to reward you for your patience,’ I said, looking up at him and licking my lips.

He just smiled enigmatically, lay back and parted his legs. His dick was half soft, half firm and looked very small but I planned to change that. He was circumcised so the tip was there just needing to be touched. With my thumb and forefinger I gently rubbed and pulled and it started to change shape in that amazing way that guys do. I licked at the tip and then took it into my mouth, all the time massaging the shaft. In no time I had him steely hard.

He murmoured sounds of encouragement but I had no idea how far I could take him. I eased back with my mouth and just rubbed the shaft and fondled his balls. He had only a little pubic hair and he felt super-smooth. What his dick lacked in size, it made up for in stiffness, and the rim around the head was very prominent. It looked taught and dark and sculptured and exciting. When I gave the occasional lick to that delicate sliver of skin between the head and the shaft, it quivered tantalisingly.

Lindi was kissing his chest and she reached a hand down to join mine around his cock. My eyes met hers and she raised her eyebrows in a silent question. I nodded in response and she took the initiative.

‘Come,’ she said, moving away from Sig and making space. ‘Come and sit between us.’

I filled the space she made and they both turned to me, Lindi to kiss my mouth and Sig to lick my neck. They moved down to my breasts, fondling and squeezing them and teasing the nipples into hard bullets. I watched in delicious bliss as Lindi cupped one of my tits in her hand and offered it to Sig to suck upon. He rolled the nipple between his lips then sucked and pulled at it, gently at first and then harder. It was much more arousing than painful, but I was sure that he had a sadistic streak in him.

It didn’t take long before their hands were between my thighs and I was more than happy to accept them. Sig knelt between my legs, which were spread wide, and parted the lips of my pussy. He watched intently as Lindi played with my clit, rubbing her finger tips in circles around it. Sig seemed to be enjoying the view because he was speaking more than at any time since I’d met them. From time to time Lindi offered a translation.

‘Sig thinks your clit is amazing,’ she told me. ‘He thinks it looks like a little cock. He wants to suck it.’

‘Tell him to go ahead,’ I said, ‘but just softly – it’s very sensitive.’

The combination of Lindi’s fingers and Sig’s mouth, as well as everything that had gone before, was enough to send tremours through my body. I let go of the control I had tried to keep on myself and gave way to the sensations which were flowing through me. I know I tried to push my clit into Sig as though I was fucking his mouth and then I exploded into an orgasm. Lindi held me tight and showered me with soft kisses and when I looked into her face she was smiling with pleasure.

I was only just beyond the high of my climax when Sig slid his cock into me. He was still kneeling between my legs and had my thighs in his hands, forcing them back and spreading them wide. The way he went in, with me slumped forward on the edge of the sofa, caused his thrust to push hard up against my G-spot. It was a perfect angle and I moaned loudly at the intensity it created. I didn’t have any feeling of being stretched; his cock was not thick enough for that and, anyway, I was soaking wet. The sense was of his stiffness and, as he began to thrust and fuck me, each stroke seemed to slide along the upper wall of my slit.

He didn’t spend much time giving me long, slow strokes and I was glad he didn’t. I wanted it fast because I was still on a high and I could cum again very easily. His hips moved with incredible speed and the fervor was all consuming. I was aware of Lindi close to me but all my concentration was on Sig’s fucking and the feelings building up inside me. When I went over the edge and the release came, my whole body seemed to convulse and then I felt like I was free-falling from a great height. It was bliss and I wanted to float away on hot air currents to another world.

‘Are you OK?’ Lindi asked, bringing me back to earth.

I opened my eyes and saw Sig standing in front of me. His tight body was covered with sweat and he had his cock, still stiff, in his hand. He smiled another of those enigmatic smiles and then spoke in Chinese to Lindi. She responded by climbing down from the sofa and kneeling between my still parted legs so that her ass was pointed back to Sig. She looked up at me and smiled, then rested her head on my tummy. Sig knelt behind her and she gripped my waist as he put his cock into her.

He wasn’t moving fast this time. He was giving her easy strokes whilst he regained his energy. Occasionally he gave her a slap on the side of her butt and, from her moans, she seemed to enjoy it. Gradually, he picked up the pace and force of his fucking and each thrust pushed Lindi against my body. Her grip on me became tighter and she began to pant and gasp. His slaps were no longer playful but full-blooded smacks and she winced as she felt their impact. I am sure he wasn’t concerned so much with her pleasure as his own, though Lindi was clearly enjoying what she was getting.

Abruptly Sig withdrew his cock from her, stood up and spoke to her with urgency in his voice. She quickly turned around so that she was sitting between my legs but facing Sig. He moved closer to her, pumping his cock hard and fast with his hand. A jet of cum shot into her upturned face. He groaned loudly as more cum erupted, this time spraying her breasts and my thighs. He crouched over her and lowered himself so that he could enter her mouth. She duly took him to suck the last drops but he wasn’t content to leave it up to her. He took hold of her head and forced his cock as far into her mouth as it would go. Even though he wasn’t so big it amazed me that she managed to take him all without gagging.

Although Sig had again showed his sadistic streak, when he had finally spent himself in Lindi’s mouth, he sat beside her and took her gently and warmly in his arms. It was the kind of combination of emotions with which I was very familiar; at one moment the desire to give the pleasure of pain, at the next moment the desire to give comfort. I wondered just what he might do with her when they were alone or perhaps with someone they knew better than me. It could be very interesting, I thought.

The following day I got a call from Anthony.

‘How did it go last night?’ he asked.

‘Well,’ I replied, ‘I’d have been happy to have things go on for longer but they seemed happy enough when they left. I hope they enjoyed themselves and that I lived up to expectations.’

‘You’ve never let me down yet, Jill,’ he re-assured, ‘and to put your mind at rest I’m sure you would like to know that I spoke to Lindi this morning. She said that you have a free ticket to Hong Kong whenever you want. Just let me know when you can make it and I’ll set it up for you.’

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