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A Couples View On Swinging

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What follows are our thoughts we would like to share with you about a subject that is directly related to our personal relationship, we are swingers. We swing as a married couple. We have been active swingers for several years now and enjoy it very much. We understand that it’s not for everyone, in fact, I guess it’s something that very few couples in society would ever consider participating in. We understand that!

We’re not advocating it for anyone else; we’re just sharing our situation with some of you that might be considering it, just might be a little curious. Obviously, participation or involvement in the swinging lifestyle has to be a very personal choice that’s made between the two people within any relationship.

My wife and I have had lots of discussion about whether or not we should even write this because, among other things, it would give the readers a view into our intimate and private life as a married couple. We both agree that if you are interested enough to read this then we don’t mind sharing with you.

Let me set some basics before we start. We are an average looking, middle-aged, professional couple. We have raised our children and they are living their own lives in other parts of the state. We were monogamous in our marriage before we got into swinging. I am perhaps a little more of a voyeur than Andrea (not her real name), but she is a little more of an exhibitionist than I am. We love nudism, sex, oral play, anal play, videos, toys, and photography with ourselves as well as with others.

Most importantly, we are very much in love with each other. It’s not the wide-eyed, gee-whiz, can’t get enough of each other, kind of love that we had when we were in our twenties. It’s more like the, “we’ve been through a hell of a lot together” kind of love that’s our base and that’s what we rely on. Besides, swinging isn’t about love, it’s about sex. Even so, because of our strong relationship we just don’t have any fear that our partner will become emotionally attached to anyone else. That’s what lets us have fun in the lifestyle…without worry.

We thought it would be best if each of us gave you our personal views about the subject. First I will tell you my thoughts and then it will be Andrea’s turn. We have also decided to be frank and very descriptive about the subject because it’s an important part of our own eroticism. By sharing some of our experiences with you, in a very descriptive way, is just another turn-on for both of us.

I think what led us to start swinging was a kind of boredom – sexual boredom. We had gotten into what I think was a serious sexual rut. We always seemed to have sex the same way every time. It was pretty predictable. Take Saturday afternoons for instance, that was pretty much agreed on by both of us that, if everything worked out, that was our time for sex. We would go into the bedroom, get naked, lay on the bed and fondle each other for maybe five-minutes or so, and as soon as Andrea was a little wet, we would fuck until we both came – that was pretty much the way it went for a lot of years. Sometimes we would have sex on a weeknight too, but almost always on Saturday afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, we both enjoyed the sex but in time it was getting pretty predictable, and understandably, maybe even a little boring.

Occasionally we would watch an x-rated video as part of our foreplay so I will admit that when we started watching the videos, it wasn’t long before I secretly started having fantasies about Andrea getting fucked by some of the male porn stars we saw in the videos, while I watched. In some of those fantasies I would join-in and take turns fucking her, or having her suck my cock as she was taking a cock in her cunt. For years I kept those fantasies to myself even though they were pretty strong.

Let me tell you how we first got involved in swinging.

As I said, it was several years ago and we had another couple over at our house one Saturday afternoon for drinks and just to relax and get together. The wife was one of Andrea’s friends and we had known them for a few years and we always enjoyed their company. On this particular afternoon it was hot and I remember that the woman was not wearing a bra under her blouse and as I handed her a drink I could see her breast as the folds of the material parted slightly.

I don’t remember how, but as the afternoon went on, the conversation got around to sex, and specifically about x-rated videos. The other couple admitted that they enjoyed them and used them as part of their sex-play. I was surprised by their frankness but even more surprised by Andrea’s reaction – she admitted that we enjoyed them too, and used them often in our lovemaking.

From that point on, the conversation got more and more sexual. For the first time in our marriage Andrea and I had a very open and honest conversation with another couple about our private sex lives. We all shared what turned us on, and the different ways we liked to have sex. As the evening went on the other couple admitted to us that they were swingers and had been involved in the lifestyle for years. They told us of many of their experiences with parties as well as with other couples on a one-on-one basis. I know that their openness made Andrea feel very comfortable and as the conversation progressed, I could tell she was getting very horny. She asked a lot of questions and seemed very accepting of the idea. The conversations had turned to the subject of fantasies and suddenly, she (Andrea) said something that surprised me more than just a little, she said, “One of my fantasies is to watch another couple, in the same room, having sex…not a video…but in real life!” The couple glanced at each other and then back at Andrea and, I’ll never forget this, the wife quietly said, “We can take care of that.” It’s funny but, I wasn’t really sure what she meant at the time, I mean things were happening pretty fast. Andrea looked at me as if asking a question and I nodded. At that point the other couple started to kiss each other very passionately and as they did, started to take their clothes off. It was easy to see that all four of us were very turned-on at hat point. In what seemed like moments, they were nude, right in our living room. The woman had a very sexy body and her husband had about a 7-inch cock that was very hard and kept sticking into her belly as they embraced and kissed each other. After a few moments the woman sat up on the sofa and her husband stood up and placed his cock in her face. After teasing it with her tongue she slowly sucked it into her mouth and began a soft sucking rhythm with it.

I don’t think Andrea moved a muscle as she watched; her breath was shallow and choppy. I knew she was very, very turned on by what she was watching so I moved closer to her. I put my hand under her blouse and lifted her bra up and over her tits and softly started playing with her nipples. After a few moments she had her hand on my crotch and was rubbing my hard cock that was still trapped in my pants.

Andrea and I watched as the other woman lay back on the sofa and her husband got on top of her and slowly inserted his penis into her wet vagina and started to fuck her. I could feel the heat of Andrea’s skin under my hand and Andrea began to tremble slightly. It had been a long time since I had seen her this turned-on. The couple continued to fuck, just a few feet away from us for what I would guess was about five minutes or so before Andrea stood up and took off all of her clothes – I did the same. Andrea sat back on the sofa. I hesitated for a moment before I knelt down in front of her – between her legs – and started to eat her pussy. I wanted her to be able to continue to watch the other couple and fulfill her fantasy.

I know this probably sounds like something I am just saying but it’s the truth, her pussy was wetter than I had ever known it to be. When she stood up to take off her clothes the wet pre-fuck fluid must have flooded out of her cunt and down her thighs…everything was wet. Andrea had several small orgasms that came on her very quickly as I ate her pussy. I lost track of time as my tongue played with her hot clitoris. At some point I realized that the other man had stopped fucking his wife and was now standing by the end of the sofa next to Andrea. His hard cock was just inches from her face and Andrea leaned over and licked the swollen head before she took his shaft completely into her mouth and began to suck on him.

It’s funny how you remember the little things when at times like this. I vividly remember seeing the wetness on his cock – from just being in his wife’s pussy – as Andrea’s lips moved down the shaft.

Suddenly I felt his wife’s hand on my shoulder and she helped me stand and pulled me toward her as she reached down and played with my cock. We moved over to the sofa and she laid back and spread her legs. I remember that her pussy lips were a deep crimson color as if she had just cum. With a slow movement I knelt between her spread thighs and she directed my prick into her wet fuck-hole and I started to fuck her. The eroticism of all that was happening was almost more than I could take and I had to concentrate to keep from shooting a huge load of cum into the woman’s cunt after only a few strokes. We fucked for what seemed like only a few moments when the woman came again. When I looked over at Andrea, she had her legs pulled up to her chest and was getting fucked by the woman’s husband. The sight of his hard cock going in and out of my wife’s wet pussy is another memory that I will never forget. At that moment I really lost my control and my cock began wildly spewing my cum into the woman’s vagina as we both came hard.

I didn’t mean to get so long-winded about that first time but I thought you might like to know just how it all got started and a little of my feelings about it.

Let me tell you this – I don’t mind admitting something very personal here; something I learned that first time we were with that other couple. I love to watch a hard cock going in and out of my wife’s pussy. I know I said that but I think it is worth repeating. I also love to watch at the moment a cock cums inside her and starts pumping her horny hole full of cum. I guess there’s not much I don’t like and it really turns me on to watch her suck, or jacks-off a cock – letting it ejaculate the hot stream of cum on her face or tits. I never admitted this to anyone but my wife before – and I guess I don’t mind admitting it now – but I love to fuck her when her pussy is full of cum. Oh, that brings up something else…we are pretty careful about who we get together with because neither one of us likes to use condoms.

Over the years we have swung with a lot of couples and some select single men, and women, and I really think it has made our relationship a lot stronger. Our sex life is much better both with others, as well as with each other. My wife really turns me on, even after all the years we have been together, so I guess it’s not surprising that I find it very erotic watching my wife getting fucked by another man, or playing with another woman. It just makes me love and desire her even more. Usually, when we have gone home after being with another couple or they have been here to our home, even though we are very tired, Andrea and I always fuck each other just one more time before we go to sleep.

Anyway, I’ll let Andrea tell you what she feels about swinging now.

(I’m a much faster typist that she, so I am just writing her words as she says them.)


Well, I guess Richard and I feel pretty much the same, he said a lot of the same things I would have said too. We love each other and even though the sex that we have had with other people is really, really good, I like it best with just him and me…it’s different.

That first time that he just told you about was a surprise to both of us I think…but we both talked about it a lot after it happened and we agreed that we both liked it and wanted to do more. Also, I want to add that it sounds like it all happened so fast…I mean like, one minute we had never thought about it and the next minute we were acting like long-time swingers. Really, it was something that we…at least I…had been thinking about for a long time before that first time Richard told you about.

I don’t think I ever thought much about doing this until after our kids were grown and out of the house. I got very curious (secretly) about what it would be like to actually try it. I think I started to fantasize about it too when we started watching some of the videos but I never told Richard my secret. I didn’t know how, and besides, I didn’t know if he would understand.

That first time, with the other couple, it was like something was unlocked inside me and I couldn’t get enough. I too remember the feeling, that first time, when I sat on the sofa just watching the other couple having sex as Richard was eating my pussy. I was so hot, I thought I was going to burn up, right there. I think I came the first time as soon as his tongue touched my pussy! (Laugh)

It was really sexy when we were both fucking the other’s spouse. I mean, Richard was there – fucking the woman – and I was getting fucked by another man…the first time since we had been married…and I was feeling nothing but incredible excitement. Also, and I didn’t figure this out until later, I couldn’t wait until Richard could fuck me again.

Once we were with a nice couple that we met at a party and the husband was like 9 or 10 inches long and pretty big around and even though I have had two kids it was pretty uncomfortable for me. I just like an average 6 or 7-inch cock…that’s pretty comfortable to me.

After we had been swinging for a short time I had my first experience with another woman. We were at a party with some other couples and there was woman there named Connie and before everything got started we really hit it off. I remember that later in that same evening I was on the bed, sucking her husband’s cock and I felt someone starting to eat my pussy. When I looked down it was Connie. I was pretty horny and I just let her eat my pussy while I played sucked on her husband. She was very good and knew exactly where to lick to get me off. The closer I got to cuming, the less I cared what happened. I just got hornier and hornier and…oh, I don’t know how to explain it really…I was so horny that I just started to play with another woman’s pussy that was with us on the bed. It was the first time I had ever even touched another woman’s pussy but I liked it. When I stopped sucking, the other woman moved over and straddled my face and I started to lick her clitoris and (laugh) it was not like I expected it to be like…I mean, I don’t know what I expected I guess…but I liked it…and I felt a huge rush. In what seemed like just a few seconds I had a huge orgasm. It was fun! Since that first time I really like it and I know that it turns you (I mean Richard) on to watch me play with another woman, so I like it too! I mean I still prefer fucking but…

Um, let’s see, well, like Richard said, we are pretty careful about who we have sex with because (can I say this?)…we like cum! It’s really an important part of it for us. I can really feel it when cum shoots in me – it feels hot and I have a stronger orgasm when that happens.

We prefer a couple our age that are careful like us. Sometimes just talking with another couple tells you a lot. There have been some couples that Richard and I decided not to be with because they didn’t seem to take as much care about…well; you know…cleanliness as we do. We usually don’t just have sex with somebody that we don’t really know. It’s happened but we do try to be careful.

Oh, and sometimes, well maybe just a few times, we have been with another couple that changes their minds about playing after things are already started. That’s real hard to deal with for me. I mean if they aren’t ready, then they shouldn’t start. That’s fine if someone doesn’t like it…it’s really not for everyone and we would never force ourselves, or what we do, on anyone else. It’s really awkward and I always feel bad when that happens. Usually it’s the wife that wants to stop everything.

OK, here’s one of my secrets…Richard knows about it because we have talked about it before and this might be a good time to share it with you too since he shared some of his secrets or fantasies with you. Sometimes I really like the parties where there are five or six couples there…like an orgy and when three or more men fuck me right in a row. My orgasms get stronger and stronger and it makes me feel…well, special…should I say that? OK, it does make me feel that way.

(Embarrassed laugh)

Here’s something else I never told anyone before…I just like the feeling of having a man between my legs! And it has gotten so that whenever a man cums in me it immediately sets me off and I have an orgasm too.

Um, I don’t know what else to say except that I’m not worried about Richard fucking another woman and I really enjoy our swinging activities. Like he said, “We love each other very much” and that takes away any threats.

I always look forward to our special fuck after we have been to a party or with another couple. We are usually pretty tired so it never last very long but it’s special – just between us.

I have some other secrets but I’m going to keep them to myself for now.

(Nervous laugh)

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our swinging experiences. I don’t know what else to say.

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