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A Bad Day at Work

Category: Fetish
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You’re having a long day at work and you text me, bored. “Hey, today sucks” you message me, but you feel lonely when you get no response. As you clean out an empty patient’s room, you sense motion from the corner of your eye.

Before you can turn around you suddenly feel hands clamping on your mouth and eyes. You’re dragged backwards off balance into the bathroom and you hear me whisper in your ear “Not a noise.” You nod acceptance and the hand leaves your mouth to squeeze a breast. You moan softly and I lightly slap your cheek, still covering your eyes with my other hand. You quiet down and my hand slides back down to grope your tits again. I pull you off balance again so you’re leaning against me and slide my hand down to your pants. I quickly undo your pants and slide my hand up and down your panties, kissing your neck at the same time.

I hold you suspended against me as I slide your thong out of the way and begin teasing your clit. A whimper comes out of your mouth and I pull my hand out and slap you again, a little harder this time. You quiet down and I pull you around to kiss you on the lips, hand still covering your eyes. I reach under your shirt and pull your hot pink bra down, pinching your beautiful nipples in turn. You arch against me but remain silent, and I reward you by leaning down and sucking a nipple into my mouth. I kiss and bite and suck it, feeling your body twitch but you obediently remain silent. I pull your pants off, delighted to see a cute purple thong on you today. I smack your ass, enjoying the echo it makes in the bathroom. You bite back a yelp and I can see you fighting it down.

I pull your shirt and bra up so that your hands are pinned and your eyes are covered and remove my hand, squeezing and pinching both nipples at the same time. You try to bring your hands down to my head and I grab them and push them back above your head. A soft slap tells you to keep them there, then I go back to pinching and tugging on your nipples. I slowly kiss from neck to tits to nipples to stomach to waist to your clit, hands moving from nipples to ass as I squeeze and massage your ass. I kiss and suck and bite your clit before sliding a finger in your pussy. You gasp in appreciation and I stop fingering you. I grab your hair and pull your head back a bit until your mouth opens and I slide my pussy coated finger in your mouth. You obediently suck at my finger and when it’s wet enough I resume kissing your clit, and I pull your thong down to tease my wet finger in your ass. Your hips instantly arch towards my face and I bite your clit as my finger slides in your ass to the first knuckle. Your mouth opens in a wordless scream, but you obediently choke back any noise you might have made.

I start sliding my finger in and out of your tight ass, still sucking and licking at your clit and pussy. I start tongue fucking you as I slip my finger in to the second knuckle, ears alert for any sound. Your continued obedience pleases me and I stand up to kiss you, letting you taste your juices on my lips as I finger your pussy with one hand and your ass with the other. Despite your best efforts a whimper escapes your lips as I go deeper with both fingers and I bite your neck until you quiet down. You feel me step away for a minute and you obediently stand there, hands above your head, bra covering your face, tits out for me to see, pants and pink thong around your ankles.

You hear a click and a noise that sounds like an insect. You feel my breath on your lower back and then you feel something vibrating and slowly being pushed into your ass. Your breath quickens but you clamp down on a moan as I slide the vibrator fully into your ass, stretching you wide. You feel an orgasm start to build as I reach down to pinch your clit again, and you sag against me as pleasure rips through your body. I push you back against the wall as your body shakes and twitches. I leave the vibrator in your ass as I take my cock out and slowly trace it between your legs. You bite back a whimper of need and thrust your hips at me, needing me in you. Instead you feel my hands take you and guide you to your knees, then pull your head down to my cock.

You start to bring your hands down to help and I quickly push them back, keeping your eyes covered. You suck on my cock, just the head at first, then taking the shaft in your mouth as I pull your head down. You obediently follow my hands as they guide your mouth up and down my shaft. The taste of precum fills your mouth as you move faster up and down my shaft, and my hands tighten in your hair. Just when you think I’m about to cum I pull out of your mouth. You obediently open your mouth and wait for cum to rain down on your face, but it doesn’t land.

Suddenly my hands pull you to your feet and bend you over. You gasp in pleasure as you feel my cock fill your pussy the way the vibrator continues to fill your ass, and you get a hard slap on your ass for the gasp. Your red ass turns me on, and I start thrusting deep into you. You stumble from the first thrust and I pull out and step around, pulling your arms out of your bra and tying it around your face. I guide your hands to the sink then step behind you again, smoothly filling your needy pussy.

You brace yourself as I thrust deeply into you, body shaking as I slam my hips against yours. The impact sets your clit aflame and you reach down to rub it. I smack your hand away then flick your clit hard, making you whimper. I spank your ass hard again, then when you’ve quieted down I reach down to rub your clit, thrusting the whole time. Your body starts to shake as pleasure builds again and I reach up and pinch your nipples. I bury my cock in your pussy as you cum again, and I nearly lose it feeling your pussy clench around me. I grip your shoulders hard enough to leave bruises. As you stop shaking I pull out and pull the vibrator out of you. You sag, thinking it’s over, then tense in anticipation as you feel me spread your ass cheeks. You gasp as you feel my cock stretch your asshole wide, but this time there’s no punishment as I’m too close to cumming to think of anything other than fucking my girl. I slide in and out of your tight ass, gasping every time I bury myself completely in you. Your ass grips my cock hard and I feel you squeeze your ass on me.

With a choked moan I lose control and cum, shooting hot sticky fluid deep in your ass. I buck and thrust against you, spending myself inside you, and you squeeze your ass and milk every last drop from me. Panting, I lean against you for a second before straightening. I kneel down and kiss from your ass to your ankle, then trace the same path up the other leg as I pull your thong and pants back up. I button you up then step in front of you. I kiss from neck to nipple, then pull your bra down from your face and fix it on you properly. I kiss you as I slowly pull your shirt down, making you look like nothing happened.

At long last you open your eyes and see me, and we kiss deeply for a moment before you hear knocking at the dear. “Hey, are you done yet? We need room 3-12 cleaned up next!” You blush and respond “Yeah, I’ll be there in a second!” We smile at each other, knowing the teasing that would happen if we were ever caught, and a minute or two of kissing later we slip out the bathroom door and go our separate ways. You finally get a text back from me “Spanks, baby!” and you blush hard, feeling my cum drip down your leg as you get back to work.

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