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Zoey Gets Her Daddy

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“Hi darling! This is Marisa…Marisa; this is my daughter, Zoey.”

“Hi Marisa. At last, I have the chance to finally meet you. I heard a lot about you!”

Zoey cordially shook hand with her father’s new girlfriend. Marisa Heart, 39, a doctor and a colleague of her father at St. Gabriel Hospital. They had been dating for the past 4 months. The woman facing her was pretty and petite, Zoey guessed she was about 5 feet 4 inches in height and she had the most appealing laughter. Her father incessantly made jokes at the table and she realized that he was happy to be with this woman.

The dinner lasted 2 hours and Zoey genuinely liked Marisa. She was much different from Irene, her mother who had left her 10 years ago. Her mom was a bombshell with huge tits, smoky grey eyes, and blonde-ash hair and killer legs. She could not be a ‘mother’ to Zoey, saying that domesticated life was a prison to her. One day when Zoey was 9, she came back home from school finding her mother had packed her suitcase in front of their house waiting for her ‘manager’ to take her away. Zoey was devastated but since Irene was not much of a mother to start with, Zoey continued her life happily with her father, and her loving dad had become both a mother and a father to her. She loved the man with all her heart.

“Thank you Edward for the pleasant dinner. Thanks to you too Zoey.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow Marisa?” They kissed and he walked her to her car.

As they were driving home, Zoey noticed her father was ceaselessly talking about Marisa. How nice she was. How well she could cook. How caring she was. How lovely her family was. She simply smiled and nodded to her dad with every remark that he made about her. She had to show that she cared about his happiness and Marisa, but deep down in her heart, she hated every single second of it.

Zoey loved her father more than she even loved herself. She could not bear the thought that she was going to share this man with Marisa. She did not hate them, but she could not have her father finding happiness in the arms of another woman. Only she could make her father happy, not Marisa, as he was the centre of her life.

“You are mine daddy.” She said to herself.

She turned her head facing her dad and continued smiling and nodding with whatever he was saying. At 41, he looked gorgeously hot. He was tall, lean and compact with muscle as he was a very health-conscious man. He was 6 feet 4 inches tall and with his aquamarine eyes he was making women from 15 to 60 years of age drooled over him. Zoey was quite surprised that only after nearly ten years; her dad had started dating again.

“Dad…you really like her, don’t you?” She suddenly asked.

“Think so Z. I’m so happy that you like her too. You like her don’t you?”

“Yes…I…do. I really do. She’s do different from Irene.”

She noticed his countenance hardened with anger. He could never forgive Irene for leaving him and Zoey; as he really loved her and her betrayal was too much for him. He knew that she was cheating behind his back, he did forgive her, and nevertheless, she could never be a wife to him and a mother to his daughter. He was the cuckold husband, everyone was talking about him, and still he tried so hard to hold on to his marriage. However, she finally left them for good. She did come back and visit them three times for the past ten years, but Zoey hated her so much that their meeting always ended in disaster.

The car pulled into the driveway and stopped. Her father, a caring and loving dad that he was, undid her seatbelt for her and accidentally brushed his forearm across his young daughter’s ample tit. He did not even notice. He then kissed her on the temple lovingly before he opened the door and went out. Yet, the girl’s toes curled with the contact and her nipples contracted under her push-up bra. She brought her fingers on the temple and touched where his lips kissed her skin while her other hand grasped her breast that was inflamed by her dad’s touch. She imagined how his lips would travel even lower to her neck and licked her there while his hand would knead her tits.

His knock on the car window brought her back to her senses. She was relieved that the window was tinted. He opened the door for her and they walked hand in hand into the house. His father directly went into his reading room while Zoey went into the kitchen to have a glass of water. When, she came out from the kitchen her father was at the bottom of the stairs on his way up to his bedroom.

“Daddy? Can you please carry me up to my room like we used to?”

“Really Z? You’re too old for that. You’re 19 for God’s sake!” He smiled.

“Oh…come on dad. Please!” She begged and she knew that her daddy could never say no to her whims.

“Come here.”

She was deliriously happy as she could straddle her father facing his handsome face. His strong big hands were on her ass supporting her weight; her lean legs were around his waist while her arms around his neck. She put her head under his chin and drank the scent of his body making her pussy quivered and juices started to flow. She had to control her breathing because the movement made by him, as he was climbing the stairs, rocked and rubbed her tits and her pussy against the material of his shirt. Her nipples puckered with the contact and her pussy oozed more juices.

“Here we are princess.” He lowered her in front of the door to her bedroom.

“Sleep tight.” He kissed her lips and went into his bedroom.

* * *

A flash of light lit her room and a rumble woke her up from sleep. Zoey used to be frightened of thunderstorms, but no more. Only she knew this. Her dad would come to her room and comfort her. Sometimes, she could sleep in his bed until morning and feel the warmth of his body enveloping her.

“Thank god for thunderstorms!” Zoey muttered.

She bolted from her bed and quickly opened the door to her bedroom. She scurried out from her room and she was joyful when she saw her father was already walking towards her room. His chest was deliciously bare and her eyes could not help but stared at his hairy lean chest.

“You okay baby?” he asked as he hugged her.

“I…I’m so scared daddy!” She cried and wrapped her arms around him and savored the warmth of his body radiating through the sheer silk nightgown she was wearing. She was not wearing any bra or panties that night; and her nipples were pebble hard under the silk. Zoey pushed her body deeper into his embrace and felt the delicious rapture of her lust.

“Come Z. Let’s go to my room.”

Her father wrapped her with the soft blanket and he went to the other side of the bed and came to her side.

“Sleep Z. I’m here. Don’t worry.” He kissed the bridge of her nose, put his arm around her and drifted back into slumber.

She waited until he was sound asleep. Then, she moved closer towards her father and removed the blanket from both of their bodies. She then pushed down her nightgown to her tiny waist, she touched his hand softly, and he did not stir. She then brought her daddy’s hand inch by inch until it rested on her tit. “Ah…,” she moaned feeling his warm hand on it. Her pussy started to drip more of her juices. Her face came closer to his chest, licked his hairy chest and sucked lightly at one nipple. He groaned in his sleep and the hand on her tit started massaging and kneading it roughly.

“Ah…Marisa…love…you…tits.” He said with his eyes closed.

“Marisa?!” she hissed and hated to imagine how her hot daddy fucked the dainty pretty doctor.

She raised her body up slightly and guided her other tit to her father’s warm lips. His breath touched her nipple and it puckered even more. She sucked her breath with the pleasure brought by it. She then grazed his lower lip with her pebble-hard-nipple and she buckled with the sensation squeezing her legs to pressure her soaked pussy. Her dad slowly opened his lips and suckled hard on her nipple. He used his teeth to nip on the sensitive bud of her breast with his eyes still shut.

“Ah…oh…daddy…ah!” she whimpered and closed her eyes enjoying the pleasure.

Zoey was convinced that he was having the nicest dream as he was massaging and devouring her breasts. He kept calling her Marisa. He seemed to love the satiny salty tastes of her breast as he kept sucking and licking it hard; and his hand squeezed and kneaded her tit. He raised his left leg over her lean body and pressed his throbbing cock softly onto her mound. She moaned again and she called him daddy. “Yes Marisa…call me daddy.” He muttered on her breast. He sucked her nipple hard and used the tip of his tongue to torture the pebble-hard nipple. She moaned again calling him. His expression suddenly changed in his sleep, he looked confused. Zoey quickly closed her eyes, pretending to be sleeping.

His eyes flew opened and he saw his hand was on Zoey’s tit while his mouth on her other tit still sucking and lapping. He seemed unable to stop his actions as he was experiencing the most pleasurable feeling touching his daughter in such a way. His 19-year-old daughter was practically naked on his bed with her nightgown was now around her waist as it had also risen to her navel. She had no panties and she was dripping with juices. His cock quivered with the sight.

“My God! Z…Z…Zoey, wake up honey.”

She continued to close her eyes and moaned even louder. She was happy that her father had not removed his hand on her tit and she sluggishly moved one hand, pressed it on her father’s hand that was molding her tit; encouraging him more. She could feel his cock quivered in his pajama.

“Oh…Z…this is not happening.” She could hear him say; nevertheless, he did not take away his hand from her tit.

She opened her legs and nudged him a little with her wet opened pussy; he head moved from her tit and looked down her length; and she could feel her daddy’s whole body froze. May be he was shocked with what about to happen. He was about to fuck his hot daughter. To her disappointment, he slowly removed her hand from his. Then, he lifted the hand from her tit and covered his daughter’s navel with the silk nightgown. He too covered her with the blanket and in the cloak of darkness; she could see he was jerking off his throbbing cock through her semi-closed lid. He cum within minutes and went into the bathroom.

Zoey felt her eyes stung with frustration and turned to her right, with her back to the bathroom. Her nipples and her pussy were still quivering from lust. She inserted one finger in her pussy and fingered herself hard. She bit her lower lips to prevent herself from moaning loud in her father’s bed. She inserted another finger and shuddered with pleasure. Her mind was spinning with images of her naked father ramming his cock into her wet pussy, into her mouth and she, sucking his cock. She cum under the blanket and later brought her fingers into her mouth and licked the juices.

Her father came out from the bathroom after sometime and he slipped back into bed. He was behind her and he drew her closer into his embrace nuzzling her neck. Suddenly, Zoey felt his tongue licked her neck and nipped her earlobe while his hand grasped her breast. Father for quite sometime kneaded her tit and he moved his hand lower and rubbed her mound that was covered with the thin material of her nightgown. Zoey felt thrilled that he was actually lusting for her. To her frustration, as fast as it happened, it ended. She steeled herself from the overwhelming disappointment. He then kissed her on her head, turned to his other side and slept.

* * *

Zoey woke up the next day when she could feel the sun’s ray on her face. She opened her eyes and quickly searched for her dad on her left. He was not there. She put her hand on the bed where he had lain and it was cold. She was frustrated with the knowledge. She could hear that he had gone downstairs and the kettle was whistling. She rose from the bed and went to her bedroom. She washed her face in her small bathroom and brushed her teeth thinking what to do with her dad.

When she entered the kitchen, her dad was facing the window looking out to the garden behind their house. She crept towards him and hugged his warm body from behind. She could feel his body froze up. She pressed her ample tits onto his warm back just to tempt him more. Her hands deliberately went lower down his abdomen and stayed there. She could feel how her father tried to steel himself from her touch.

“Morning dad!”

“Oh…m…morning Z.”

She then tipped-toed and kissed his left temple and let him go.

“What’s for breakfast?”

He turned to face her and she noted that he was averting from looking into her eyes and he looked flustered.

“Breakfast? Well…What do you want? Toast? Scrambled eggs?

“Toast would be fine dad.”

As the father and daughter ate their breakfast that morning, they were in silence. Zoey was still in her silk nightgown and she purposely let one strap of the nightgown fell down her shoulder exposing the generous swell of her right breast.

“Dad? What are doing today?” she asked.

He moved his eyes from the newspaper and she noticed her dad’s eyes darted to the swell of her tit, and then to her face, unconsciously back to her tit, and back to her face. He swallowed hard. She rejoiced that her plan was set in motion.

“There is some stuff I got to do. Yeah…stuff…things to do.” His eyes glanced at her boobs.

“And…and tonight I’m going out with…with…Marisa. We have a movie to catch. You?”

“I wanna stay home today. Maybe do some sunbathing or swimming.”

“Okay…Z. Will you excuse me? I want to…to…,”

“To what dad?”

“To do…stuff Z! Stuff!”

“Are you okay dad? Did you sleep well last night? You seem…weird.”

“Yes…yes I did sleep well last night. W…why are you asking?” His eyes dilated.

“You’re so restless and fidgety.”

“Fidgety? No!” He rose from his chair and left her.

* * *

She put on her bright yellow bikini; looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She went downstairs and went into her father’s reading room where he was lying on a divan with a cushion under his head reading a book. She moved to the sofa and her dad slowly put down the book on his crotch. His eyes widen and they raked her young toned body while his tongue licked his lips nervously.

“I’m going for a swim dad. Wanna join me?”

“T…thanks Z. I…want to read this…this is…a really…good book.”

“Daddy! Are you sure? It’s about telescopes dad. Come on dad! Let’s go for a swim.” She insisted.

“You go Z. I’m fine.”

“Oh dad! Come on…please?” She went down her knees and held his right arm tightly against her bikini clad tits. She deliberately squished his arm to her tits and tugging his arm so that he could feel her nipples and the softness of her tits. Then she wrapped his upper body with her arms. Her breasts now were sandwiched between her body and his chest. She could feel he tried to steel his body, but he was breathing hard.

“Please…daddy? Swim with me?”

“No…I…can’t…no…I don’t want to swim today!”

She rose and tugged his left arm to pull him up from the divan. He was too strong and he resisted. She pulled again. He then jerked his arm too strong; saw Zoey flew, and fell flat on his lean body with her between his legs. Her generous tits were on his face while her pussy was on his abdomen. She felt the delicious feeling of her daddy’s breath on the soft skin of her tits.

“Ops daddy! I’m sorry.” Zoey raised her body up while holding her father’s shoulders.

His eyes were staring at her spilling dangling tits just inches from his mouth. She deliberately slipped her hold on his shoulder, making her right tit squashed on his mouth. He closed his eyes and swallowed a groan.

“So sorry dad. I’m so clumsy!” the girl wiggled between his legs trying to get up and she could feel the wonderful tantalizing feeling of her father’s throbbing cock.

She slid to her left and rose from the divan. She smiled when she saw his cock grew in his pants. He looked dazed with what had just happened between him and his daughter. Nevertheless, Zoey knew that her plan was unfolding itself and her father lusted for her and that made her so thrilled and happy.

“Fine dad. I’ll swim by myself.” She said after sometime and left the reading room.

* * *

“Help! Dad! Help me!” She screamed and bobbed her body in her water.

“Daddy! Helped me…dad!”

She could hear the door being opened roughly and sank her body deeper into the swimming pool. Within seconds, she could feel her father’s arms around her waist and pulled her out from the pool. He was breathing hard and he looked worried. He wiped her hair away from her face and touched her face.

“You okay…baby? What…happened?”


“Where?” Her dad glided his hands on her wet legs.

“The right one.”

He then kneaded and massaged her right thigh. From her knee, he slowly kneaded the muscle up to the juncture of her thigh. His eyes all of a sudden looked into her.

“Z…your muscles are okay.” There was a long pause. “Your muscles are not experiencing any cramps…right?” her dad asked.

“I do have cramps in my muscle daddy. Here.” She grasped his hand on her thigh and pressed it onto her wet soaking mound covered with the flimsy yellow bikini. She then pressed her legs tightly together and moaned.

He snatched his hand away and rose to his feet. He was breathing hard and his eyes were clouded with lust. Zoey could see his cock swelled in his wet trousers. He covered his face with his hands, turned around and sat on one of the lounge chairs near the pool.

“What’s wrong with me? And…what’s gotten into you Zoey?”

“If you hate the Marisa, just tell me. Y…you don’t have to do this.”

“Oh…God! What is happening to me? I am lusting over my own daughter!” he whispered looking up to the blue sky as if asking to god why he had this lust for his young daughter.

Zoey gradually rose from her spot and walked towards her dad who was still distraught by his reaction and his daughter’s actions. She knelt near his legs and held his left thigh.

“Dad…I don’t hate Marisa. Really. But…I want…you.” His eyes flew to her face.

“I always wanted you daddy. And…and… I just can’t lose you to her!” her eyes were welling with tears.

“Oh Z! You don’t want me. I’m your father. I’m old, not young like…Jake.”

“I dumped him daddy! When he fucked me, I could only imagine that it was your cock inside of me daddy. Filling my pussy!”

“Do you want me daddy?”

“No Z! N…no!” “It is a lie! You do want me! I know that you want to fuck me daddy!”

“I can’t Z! I just…can’t.”

“No… you don’t want me because I look like Irene, right? You loath…and…and hate me because I look…like…like her!” Zoey suddenly burst into tears.

“No Z! It’s not that! You’re a very beautiful girl. And you deserve much better.” He tried comforting her.

“I don’t want anyone else except you daddy!” she cried even more.

Her father knew that what she said was partly true. Zoey was an identical replica of his ex-wife. She had Irene’s big tits, her long killer legs, her ash-blonde hair and sexy ass. The only difference was Zoey had his aquamarine eyes. She was hotter and sexier than Irene was; and that what was bothering him as that made him wanted to fuck her. She was a hot sexier and younger version of his ex-wife Irene. Years ago when he lusted over Irene, now he too could not control the lust that he had for young Zoey.

Zoey unexpectedly bolted away from him ran and cried into the house. Her father too rose and went after his daughter. Before she could reach the bottom of the stairs, her father’s arms encircled her waist and hugged her from behind. She tried to pull his arms and they struggled even more. One of her dad’s arms wrapped itself on her tits and another arm clasped her abdomen from behind. She thrashed more violently.

“Let…me…go daddy! You don’t want me! You…h…hate me just…as…you hate Irene!” She trashed in his embrace.

“Z…please…I love you! I don’t hate you, not like that!”

“You…hate me! You hate me!” she continued crying and struggling to free her waist from her daddy’s arms. Her bikini top came lose and fell to her floor from the strain of their body thrashing. As her daddy struggled to subdue her movement; his hand unintentionally clasped on her left tit. Zoey’s body was shocked from the intense pleasure and she steeled herself in her father’s embrace. Then, to her surprise, the hand started kneading and massaging her tit. He used his thumb and a finger to pinch her nipple. Meanwhile, his right hand moved lower from her waist and went lower into her bikini rubbing her shaven mound. Zoey relished the feeling of her father’s hands on her tit and her mound. At last, her daddy was touching her the way she had always dreamt and wished that he would. She felt her father’s hand pulled on the material of her bikini, and he grabbed the material and untied the knot. At last, she was finally gloriously naked for her daddy’s eyes.

Zoey was not struggling anymore. Both were breathing hard and that was the only sound that could be heard in the living room. Her daddy slowly massaged and squeezed both her tit and her pussy simultaneously. She sucked her breath with the intense pleasure brought by her father. He kneaded her tit and tweaked her nipple; while his other hand inserted one finger into his daughter’s vulva. She shuddered in his embrace, moaning and squeezing her thighs to exert more pleasure created in her pussy.

“Oh…Z…do you want…this?” He moved the finger in her dripping pussy.

“Oh yes…daddy…more than anything.” She whimpered.

He dragged her to the sofa and sat with her on his lap, with her back to him. They were facing a huge mirror and in the mirror, Zoey could see how her dad’s large hand was squeezing and stroking her tit while his finger fondled and caressed her pussy. She noticed how with each stroke made her father in her pussy, her body would shudder and tremble with the pleasure it brought. She too noticed how her long legs spread themselves to accommodate her daddy’s hand; opening her pussy even more. Her father inserted another of his long lean finger into her wet pussy. She buckled and shuddered on his lap. His cock was engorged with the movement of her hip in front of him.

He gently moved forward from the sofa so that they were now on their hands and knees. Her hands were on a rug while her daddy’s hands were still on her ample tit and in her wet pussy. Zoey could feel her daddy’s cock between her thighs from behind. He then withdrew his fingers from her pussy and put it on her waist. He too leisurely moved the hand on her tit to her waist. Zoey moaned when she felt the head of his cock at the opening of her soaked pussy. She held her breath. He bit by bit inserted his penis. She whimpered with every inch of her daddy’s thick cock being inserted into her dripping pussy. Slowly and deliberately, her daddy inserted his inflamed cock. He was relishing the reflection on the mirror looking at how his sexy young daughter took pleasure in his fucking. Finally, her hot soaking canal was fully gorged with her daddy’s thick throbbing cock.

Zoey gyrated her hip first and she could hear her daddy groaned from behind her. She moved again and he too moved his cock in her tight wet pussy. He used one hand to grasp and squeeze her tit while moving his cock in her sheath. Zoey felt every movement and pleasure created by her daddy’s incessant ramming and thrusting of his cock into her. In the mirror, she saw how her daddy’s handsome face contorted with the every thrusts and how he groaned when their body slammed into each other. Her tits too shuddered and quavered with every lunge of her daddy’s cock in her.

“Daddy!” she moaned.

“Oh…daddy!” she whimpered even louder.

The wall of her vagina quivered violently and her daddy knew that his long legged sex goddess of a daughter was about to cum. He intensified his thrusts while using one hand to massage her clit making her trembled even more fiercely. She cum and screamed for her daddy. Her father continued ramming his cock into her dripping pussy and relished with her climax. He too cum inside her moments later and filled her pussy with his warm seed. His semen and her juices oozed from her pussy. It slowly trickled down her inner thigh.

* * *

“Hi Edward? What’ve you been doing?” He could hear Marisa’s voice from his speakerphone.

“Me? N…nothing. J…just…just,”

“Why do you sound as if you’re out of breath?”

“Oh! I’m…on…my…my…treadmill…working…out.”

“Oh! Since you’re kind of tide up, I’ll call you later? Love you!” She said.

“Sure…bye.” And she hung up.

“Ah…Z…ah…that’s…nice…yes,” his deep voice reverberated in the room.

He was on his back on the rug, still at the living room with his hot daughter between his legs sucking, lapping and nipping his thick pulsating cock. Her long fingers were wrapped around her daddy’s cock and she was stroking it. He groaned and moaned with her ministration. She licked the head of his cock and she could taste his pre-cum. She then removed her fingers from it, ran her tongue from the head of his cock to the base, and continued doing it. She then brought her big tits together and trapped her daddy’s throbbing cock between her boobs. His cock quivered as it was sandwiched between Zoey’s tits. She squeezed her tits together and that generated much pleasure for her daddy. The head of her daddy’s cock was protruding between her tits and she sucked hard on it and licked it. Her beloved father thrashed with pleasure. She removed her tits. She then sucked the cock again and again, with her hands jerking it even more. He cum in his daughter’s lovely mouth. She tried to swallow his creamy cum but some dripped from her mouth and some was squirted to her chin and cheek. She still held her daddy’s cock even when it was flaccid. She licked all his juices from his cock trying to clean it.


“Where…did…you learn…all that?”

“Secret dad. I won’t tell you.”

“Oh come Z! Tell me! Did you watch porn?” her father’s eyes turned mischievous.

“Nope!” She raised herself and dashed up the stairs trying to get into her room giggling.

Her father caught up with her just when she was about to open her room. She shrieked when he carried her on his shoulder as he walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. He put his daughter on the immense kitchen counter and rummaged the cabinets and refrigerator to find things that he needed.

“Are you hungry Z? I know I am.” He said standing between his daughter’s long lean legs.

He took an ice cube and put it on her nipple and it puckered. Zoey sucked her breath. He then lowered the ice and slowly moved it to her abdomen and drew strange invisible drawing on her stomach. She writhed on the counter holding her father’s shoulders. Then, she suddenly groaned and pulled his head to her generous tits squeezing as he placed the ice cube on her mound and at the opening of her pussy. The ice cube was instantaneously drenched with his daughter’s juices. After a few moments, he removed the ice and his handsome lighted up with his grin.

After that, he scooped up vanilla ice cream and lathered it on her stomach. He held her waist and started licking. The cold ice cream was making her senses reeled, but the feeling of her father’s tongue on her abdomen and moving towards her navel was her undone. She shuddered and shivered with rapture while her pussy was soaking with the juices that had been flowing. Her daddy was using his tongue to lap and lick the ice cream, and he was so close to her mound but he refused to go lower and satisfy her need.

“Daddy…please.” She begged.

Her father was not done with his mission. He then lathered her inner thighs with honey until he reached just inches from the lips of her drenched pussy. He licked and lapped the honey on either side of her quivering thighs. He crept up higher and higher until his face was touching her pussy but still he did not do anything to Zoey’s pussy. Her pussy was quivering with lust and her juices seeped from her canal. He continued to nip and lap her inner thighs making his daughter crazy with lust. He had to strain her thighs from wrapping his head with her legs as she thrashed on the counter in abandonment.

“Daddy…please…fuck me…oh…please…daddy! Please!” She begged.

She used her arms to pull her father into her embrace but he used his strength to overcome her. He held her arms with one hand behind her back and he carried on with his endeavor. He licked lightly on her shaven pussy and his tongue could feel the bristling of newly grown pubic hair. His daughter moved her hip with lust. He then nipped and sucked both of her pussy lips one at a time incessantly. She buckled into his mouth and his face was covered with her juices, yet he still did not do anything to her vulva.

“Ah…daddy…ah…please.” She pleaded.

He let her arms go, raised her right leg onto his shoulder, and rammed his cock into her tight warm silky sheath. She was sopping wet with her juices from the ordeal that her father had put her through. She was shuddering violently with the pleasure and lust that was roused by her father. She wanted all of him, all of his cock and all that he could ram inside her pussy. Her arms were tightly holding her father’s warm sweaty body and her nails dug deep into his skin. He hissed with the pain but kept on thrusting, shoving and ramming his thick warm cock into his daughter’s pussy. Zoey too relentlessly moved her hip welcoming her father’s never-ending onslaught into her soaking depth. She could hear both of them were grunting and moaning with the mounting pleasure of their fuck. Her father’s body was coming down on her lower and lower; with the intensity of their coupling. He was now bent forward ramming his cock while his daughter’s right knee now nearly touching her right shoulder. They cum simultaneously in each other’s embrace. His semen and their juices trickled down their bodies to the kitchen counter.

After sometime, Zoey felt her father slowly took out his limp cock from her sore pussy. He carried her effortlessly to the bathroom and put her in the bathtub. He washed her slowly and methodically making sure that she was squeaky clean. He then joined her in the tub and laid himself between her thighs with his head on her tits and his back to her. She played with his hair and his chest. He felt happy and sated as her long legs wrapped his body from behind and her pussy nudging his lower back and her hands rubbing and massaging his chest.

Zoey brought her lips to shower her father with kisses on his neck, throat and his chest. She kissed his mouth and her father opened his mouth and devoured his daughter’s sweet mouth.

“Daddy? Can we do it again? With me on top?”

“Anything for you Z. Anything.” Her daddy answered.

Her father was lying on the immense bed and his engorged cock was pulsating with lust for his young daughter. She lowered her hips and felt the head of her daddy’s cock in her wet warm sheath. Her pussy quivered and her juices continued to smother her father’s cock. She lowered herself even further down and savored the quivering of her pussy each time her dripping canal welcomed in more of her daddy’s thick warm cock. Her father moaned and whimpered her name when her pussy at last was filled with her daddy’s cock.

Zoey felt her pussy was stretched to the limit in this new position. Her boyfriend had never let her be on top of him, but not her father. Her daddy held her thighs and he started moving his hip. The wall of her vagina contracted with the movement made by his cock. He moved again and she too began moving her hip. Her father buckled on the again and again so that he could fill her with her cock. She in the meantime moved with accordance with her daddy’s movements. Her tits quaked with every thrust and gyration of her hip and her daddy clasped her tits and rubbed them.

Her daddy’s other hand too was also moving to where their bodies connected. He used his fingers to massage the upper part of her stretched pussy. He rubbed hard on her inflamed clitoris and that her thrashed wildly on her father’s warm sweaty body. He raised his hip and ram his cock into her soaked pussy again and again; while his daughter slammed her body down his body to fill her wet canal with her daddy’s engorged cock. Both were moaning with the apprehension of the looming culmination of their lust. He rubbed her clit even harder and felt the wall of her vagina convulsed around his cock. They cum simultaneously and he filled his young daughter’s pussy with hot creamy semen. Filling her soaking pussy with his seeds. She fell on his chest breathing hard with the aftermath of their sexual orgy.

“Daddy…that…was…wonderful.” Zoey said through ragged breath.

“No…you are wonderful Z!”

“But Z…what am I going to do with Marisa?” Her father suddenly asked.

“You still remember her after you fucked me daddy? How could you! But…she’s nice though.”

“She is. But, we can’t do this to her.”

“That’s true.”


“Daddy? What’s going to happen to us?”

“What do you want Z? What do you want to happen? You know I will always love you.”

“I want you to fuck me forever daddy. Forever.” Zoey whispered.

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