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You’re Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 04

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Continued from chapter 3…

Shocked that she slapped him again and again, Albert was surprised that his sister had discovered his sinister plan to hypnotize her and his mother for sex so soon. She was savvy but obviously underestimating her, he didn’t give her credit for the intelligence she had to see through his ruse. He figured that it would be a while before his mother and/or his sister suspected that they had been hypnotized.

He figured that it would be a while before his mother suspected that she had incestuous, albeit hypnotized sex with her son and his sister suspected that she had incestuous, albeit hypnotized sex with her brother.

Being that bitch that she is, knowing that she would report him, her own brother to the police, he didn’t want her going to the police to report him. He didn’t want to be arrested. He didn’t want to go to jail. He didn’t want to be listed on the sexual offender’s list. He didn’t want her to embarrass him in front of all of their neighbors, friends, and relatives and he didn’t want his name appearing in the newspapers telling everyone what he sexually did to his mother and sister. There was only one thing, just one thing that he could do to get out of this sticky situation.

“Beetlejuice,” he said. “Beetlejuice,” he said again. “Beetlejuice,” he said for the third time and with that, he sister slowly started undressing.

* * * * *

Happy that he didn’t have to give her another hypnotic suggestion to undress, in the way that he had to do with his mother, once she was naked, he knew that he’d have to give her another hypnotic suggestion for her to have sex with him. Obviously being that she was already undressing, something that he imagined would be just as difficult as getting her to have sex with him, getting her to strip naked seemingly was the easy part. No doubt, with her still having the mentality of an innocent and naïve virgin, even though she just had hot, wild sex with Brad, getting her to have sex with him would be the tricky part. It’s one thing for her to have sex with a man her age, a man she’s interested in, but it’s quite another thing for her to have sex with her brother.

With their mother obviously wanting to have sex with him for her to freely, albeit hypnotically strip naked and have sex with him, he didn’t think that his sister thought of him in that sexual way. If anything, especially now that she knew that he had hypnotized her and their mother, he figured that she hated him. Yet a fine line to cross with the emotion of hate as strong as the emotion of love and with the two of them always butting heads, perhaps not in a sexual way but they connected in a lustfully emotional way nonetheless. Perhaps with the right hypnotic suggestion and by putting her in a deeper trance, she’d relent and not only strip herself naked but also have sex with him.

He couldn’t wait to touch, feel, and fondle her naked body. He couldn’t wait to feel her fingers wrap around his cock while stroking him. He couldn’t wait to watch her fall to her knees to take him in her mouth. He couldn’t wait to get her in bed and fuck his nineteen-year-old sister.

As if he was at a strip club with his sexy sister as the stripper on stage and with him as the only paying customer, he watched her slowly unbutton her blouse. He couldn’t believe it when he saw her sexy line of cleavage. Always wanting to see his sister’s body, he couldn’t wait to see her in her bra. He couldn’t wait to see her without her bra. He couldn’t wait to see her tits.

Having always wanted to have sex with his sister, thinking that he was hypnotizing his sister instead of his mother, having sex with his mother was an unexpected bonus. Then, when she returned from her date early this morning, he was surprised that he had hypnotized his sister too. An erotic enigma, now, here was exotic Emma stripping off her clothes. Expecting her to awaken any moment and stop stripping, he wished she’d strip herself faster instead of slower.

* * * * *

In the way that a filly tosses her mane, she tossed her head back to move her long, straight hair out of the way before looking at him with her big, unblinking, brown eyes. Her lush, black hair glistened like shiny, black ebony. So very sexy, he loved it when she tossed her hair like that. Whenever she made that move with her head, he imagined her tossing back her hair in readiness to suck him before fucking him. If he didn’t know any better, by the sexy look on her face, he’d think that she was just as sexually excited as he was. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Only, playing it by ear, he needed to give her another hypnotic suggestion to see how far he could go with his sexy sister.

With her eyes opened wide as if she wasn’t sleeping and as if she wasn’t under his hypnotic trance, she seemed happy to be undressing for her brother. He wondered if she was faking being hypnotized but Emma would never strip off her clothes in front of him unless she was incapacitated in some sense of the word, whether drunk, drugged, or hypnotized. Such a beautiful woman, she was smiling at him in the way that he imagined her smiling for Brad when she was stripping herself naked in his car. She seemed to be enjoying undressing in front of him in readiness to show her big brother her naked body. In the way that he watched her stripping naked for him, he imagined her enjoying stripping for her future husband, the lucky bastard, whomever he may be, while on her Honeymoon.

One slow button at a time, she undressed herself so slow that he wondered if his hypnotic suggestion was wearing thin. When he listened through his bedroom door early this morning as she undressed in front of their mother, even though he was unable to see her and to watch her undress, she seemed to have undressed herself much faster then than she was undressing herself now. So wanting to open his bedroom door to catch his sexy sister naked, now that he had her alone, he was glad that he didn’t open his bedroom door to embarrass her and upset his mother.

He wondered if she stripped naked faster the first time that she stripped while undressing for Brad. He would have loved to have witnessed that naked display of his sister giving her date not only a striptease show but also hot sex. On my God, being that she was a virgin, as if she was a bitch of a dog in heat, she must have been a sexual animal who couldn’t wait to suck and get fucked.

Yet, not complaining that she was stripping so slowly, actually, it made for a better show that she stripped slower than faster. Not wanting to miss anything of his sister undressing herself, he’d much rather have her undress slow, real slow. He remembered the Noxema shaving cream commercials of old with Edie Adams, when she said her famous and immortalized seven words made famous with Joe Namath, Broadway Joe, quarterback for the New York Jets shaving.

“Take it off. Take it all off.”

* * * * *

His sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t believe he was watching his sexy sister undressing before him. He watched her unbutton her blouse to reveal her long, line of sexy cleavage. With every button that she unbuttoned, he so wanted to feel her tits through her blouse and through her bra while kissing her and kissing her, French kissing her. Just as he’d love to stuff her mouth with his cock and bury his prick inside of her pussy, he’d love to impale her sexy mouth with his tongue. Only not wanting to startle her awake and ruin her stripping herself naked, he didn’t dare.

Now that he’s seeing what’s beneath her blouse for the first time, he so wanted to lick her long line of cleavage. He was so tempted to push her to her knees, unzip himself, remove his cock, and fuck her tits. Only if she was there on her knees ready for him to fuck her tits, he’d be too tempted to fuck her mouth instead. Thinking better of it, not wanting to startle her awake, too much too soon and too fast, he dared not touch her, not yet, anyway.

With her blouse now unbuttoned, as if he wasn’t even there in the room with her, he watched her unbutton her cuffs before removing her blouse, folding it, and placing it carefully on his bed bedside him. Emma stood before him in her sexy bra. A sight he’s never seen before, he’s only imagined what she’d look like in her bra and with her flat, toned stomach making her breasts look even bigger than their C cup size, he wasn’t disappointed.

Naked, naked, naked, he couldn’t wait to see his sexy sister naked. Next, as if there was a silent drumroll repeating in his head, he watched her reach her hand to the side of her short skirt. She unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. Then, while giving him a sexy stare as if he was her boyfriend or already her lover, she shimmied her skirt down as if she was in a fitting room and he was her mirror. Finally having removed her blouse and skirt, his sexy sister stood before him in her bra and panties.

“Wow! Oh my God. She is so frigging hot. Brad was such a lucky man to have sex with her last night. Not one for sloppy seconds, I’m just glad she took a shower this morning.”

If he thought his mother had a hot body, twenty pounds slimmer and a couple of inches taller, his sister had an insanely hot body. His favorite sight to see, to him seeing a woman in her bra and panty was even sexier than seeing a woman naked. Yet, somehow, he suspected that his sister would be the first to break that rule. Oh, yeah, definitely, no doubt, he imagined that she’d look even better naked than in her bra and panty. He couldn’t wait to see Emma naked.

Naked, naked, naked, after unsuccessfully trying to see her naked since she turned 18-years-old, today was the day. It wouldn’t be long now. All she needed to do was to remove her bra and panty. Only, with her suddenly stopping, he wondered if she’d go through with stripping herself naked. Maybe his hypnotic suggestion was fading enough to diminish her need to strip naked. Maybe he needed to put her under again so that she’d finish undressing.

With the defined separation between the tops of her shapely thighs, he could see clear across his room between her shapely legs. He imagined his horny hand filling that sexy gap by cupping her pussy before he filled her with his cock and blocked the opening with his balls. He watched her watching him. Going from yelling at him and slapping him to undressing in front of him, he preferred this version of his sister so very much better.

As if this was always what she wanted to do, strip naked for her brother, she was smiling. She was smiling at him while she stripped herself naked. Holding his breath and with the silent drumroll in his head growing louder, he watched Emma reach behind her back to unhook her bra. Tits, he was finally going to see her tits. His sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t wait to see his sister’s big tits.

“Oh my God.”

This was it. This was really it. As if ready for her medical examination, she stood there in place with her bra unhooked and her arms by her sides. Was she waiting for him to step forward to remove her bra or was his hypnotic suggestion waning? He wondered if this was how she stripped herself naked in front of Brad. He imagined Brad seeing his sister naked in the way that he was about to see her naked. He imagined Brad’s hands and horny mouth being all over his sister’s big breasts.

Ready to get up from his comfortable position on his bed to remove his sister’s bra, just as he leaned in readiness to stand, Emma slid her bra straps from her shoulders, first one fell to the crook of her arm and then the other bra strap followed. As if she was a dark haired version of Emila Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones, ever so slowly and delicately, she removed her bra cups from her breasts as if there was something very valuable hidden beneath and indeed they were. With the sound of a crash of symbols going off in his head, there they were, his sister’s tits. As if she was Darnerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, as if daring him to touch them, feel them, hold them, and cup them, she held her big breasts in her hands as if she was holding two, unhatched dragon eggs.

“Got milk? Wow! Holy Fuck.”

He was seeing his sister’s tits. He couldn’t believe he was seeing his sister’s tits. He couldn’t wait to touch his sister’s big tits. He couldn’t wait to feel and fondle his sister’s big tits while fingering her nipples. He couldn’t wait to suck Emma’s big tits while fingering her pussy and reaching around her to feel her shapely, firm ass.

Having imagined them in his horny dreams and having masturbated over the imagined sight of them in his sexual fantasies of her while masturbating, her tits were right there in front of him not three feet away. He could nearly reach out his horny hands to touch them, feel them, fondle them, and have his wicked way with Emma’s breasts while fingering her big nipples. He only wished he was naked too and in bed with her. Yet, not wanting to ruin things by rushing things, with his mother already gone to work, he had plenty of time to take it slow. He had the entire day to feel, fondled, lick, and fuck his sister while she sucked and fucked him.

* * * * *

Without a doubt and an understatement, she had beautiful knockers. The best jugs he’s ever seen and he’s seen lots of big boobs in person and in every men’s magazine. Yet, too many women, even young women with large breasts, have sagging and or ill shaped breasts. Conversely, her breasts stood proud. Her breasts were round and shapely. Her breasts were all that he had imagined they’d be. Her breasts were as high and as proud as the breasts that Hemingway wrote about when envisioning the tanned native, young women on the beach of Africa. If only Hemingway had seen the breasts of his sister Emma, he may have been inspired to write an entirely different and more erotic novel than he did when Santiago envisioned lions roaming the beach in the Old Man and the Sea.

Now not wasting any time, he watched Emma tuck her thumbs in the sides of her bright white, cotton panties. Not needing to hypnotize his sister to strip herself naked but needing to give her another hypnotic suggestion for her to have sex with him, he was about to see his sister’s cunt. He couldn’t believe she was removing her panties to show him her pussy and her naked and oh, so perfect ass. Ever so slowly, as if he was having a sexy dream or a sexual fantasy of her while masturbating and/or as if she was rolling down a condom over his hard erection, she lowered her underpants. Down and down her panties slowly moved in conjunction to his erection growing harder and bigger. Lower and lower they inched until, as if seeing one of Homer’s sexy sirens beckoning him from the shore in the Odyssey, finally, when seeing his naked sister, he saw nirvana.

In the way that Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, looked when he opened Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase, played by Ving Rhames, Albert looked at his sister’s pussy now. He could just hear Jules Winnfield played by Samuel L. Jackson asking Vincent, “Are we good? Vincent are we good?”

Oh, yeah, in the way that Vincent was good, Albert was good too, better than good. With his sister standing before him naked, he felt amazing. As if music played and angels sang, seeing his sister’s pussy was as if there was a golden glow that highlighted her black, trimmed pubic hair. As if he was already in a transcendent state, watching his sister remove her panties was nirvana. While watching his sister remove her panties for some reason he thought of Michael Douglas watching Kathryn Zeta Jones removing her panties to expose her black, trimmed pussy to him for the first time. Or the first time that the dozens of men watched Kim Kardashian remove her panties, that is if she was even wearing any panties. With Emma looking like a younger, slimmer, taller version of Kim Kardashian but without the bitchy attitude and all of the makeup, his sister was stacked.

Only, instead of having no sense of self or desire while he was in this transcendent state, he was in a state of immense sexual feelings and intense lustful desire. He could feel his body going on sexual overdrive with his sexy sister showing him her naked breasts, pussy, and ass. One with himself, he couldn’t wait to be one with his sister. He couldn’t wait to be beside his naked sister naked. He couldn’t wait to be in bed with his sister. He couldn’t wait to be inside of his sister.

Seeing the top of her dark black, pubic hair, where their mother’s pussy was trimmed but still a bit bushy than her daughter’s cunt, Emma had a trimmed pussy. He’d finger her if he dared. He’d lick her if he could. Had he already given her another hypnotic suggestion to give him sex, he’d pound her pussy in the way that he fucked their mother.

Now that Emma was naked, it was time for him to give her another hypnotic suggestion. It was time for him to strip out of his clothes. It was time for him to fill her hand with his cock before filling her mouth with his big prick. In the way that he imagined humping her mouth and fucking her face, he couldn’t wait to hump her and fuck her pussy. Believing in the power of the shiny, magic eye, metal medallion on a shiny silver chain, he pulled it from his pocket and slowly waved the magic eye in front of his sister’s eyes.

* * * * *

“You are getting very tired Emma. Your eyelids are very heavy, so heavy that you can no longer keep them open. Close your eyes Emma. Close your eyes and sleep, sleep, sleep,” he said.

Keeping it simple, he decided to stay with the same code word.

“When you hear the word Beetlejuice, you will become sexually excited at the sight of my naked body and at the sight of my erect cock. Even though I’m your brother, you won’t be able to control yourself from taking my prick in your hand to fondle me and stroke me. Then, overcome with sexual lust for me, you’ll fall to your knees and take me in your mouth. Sucking me and sucking me until I’m hard, you’ll stand, push me back on the bed, mount me, and reach down to guide my hard, hairy cock in your warm, wet pussy.”

He stopped speaking to survey his sister to make sure that she was still under hypnosis. If he thought it was bad before after suspecting that he hypnotized her, if she found herself naked with him naked too, and if she discovered that she had sex with her brother, it would be much worse. Instead of just yelling at him and slapping him, he’ll have Hell to pay. She’d call the police. She’d have him arrested and charged with rape. His name and photo would be on the local news and in the newspaper. She’s humiliate him in front of all of his friends, relatives, and co-workers. Glad that they’d cart him off to jail, he couldn’t show his face anywhere.

“When I snap my fingers, you will awaken refresh and rested. When you hear the word Beetlejuice, you will immediately become very horny. When you hear the word Beetlejuice, your nipples will harden and become fully erect. When you hear the word Beetlejuice your pussy will become sopping wet with sexual lust for me. With all of this happening immediately when, you hear the word Beetlejuice you will be ready to have sex with me, your brother.”

He snapped his fingers and as soon as he did, Emma looked down at herself and covered herself with her arms and hands. Then, looking over at her brother, she stared down at his erection.

“You sick fuck. Oh, my god,” she said covering her nakedness with her hands and forearms. “What is wrong with you Albert? What did you do to me? Why am I naked? Why are you naked? Did you have sex with me? How dare you have sex with your sister? Wait until Mom gets home,” she said getting louder and angrier.

“It’s okay Emma. Relax,” he said motioning her to relax with his hands. “Calm down and I’ll explain,” he said in a calming voice.

“I’m telling Mom that you stripped me naked. I’m telling her that you exposed your cock to me. I’m telling her that you had sex with me, your sister. God, you’re such an incestuous pervert. Then, I’m calling the cops,” she said squatting down to conceal her nakedness from him while screaming at him. “I’m reporting you to the police. I’ll be pressing criminal charges against your incestuous ass. You’ll be going to jail for what you’ve done to me,” she said looking as if she was about to cry.

There was no turning back now. Gone beyond the point of no return, he’s already played his hand and showed his cards. Now, it was up to him. Needing to know when to fold them and when to walk away, either he’d take his winnings or leave it on the table. Deciding it was better to sample the sweet fruits of his labor than to leave it and have it go bad in his future thoughts about her, he was all in. Just as it was before it was now. With nothing else to do and with the only way out of this jam being to go deeper figuratively and deeper literally into his hypnotic dream of a sexual fantasy nightmare, he said the one word that would shut his sister the fuck up.

“Beetlejuice,” he said watching his sister stand with her arms by her side. “Beetlejuice,” he said immediately seeing her nipples grow bigger and harder while her pussy glistened its wetness under his bedroom light. “Beetlejuice,” he said as she walked to him to take his big, hard cock in her soft, little hand.

To be continued…

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