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You’re Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 01

Category: Incest
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There are no characters under that age of 18-years-old in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 18-years-old.

Twenty-three-year-old Albert loved reading incest stories on Literotica. His favorite incest stories were about hypnotizing sisters and/or mothers to have sex with their brothers and/or sons. Every time he read such a story on Literotica, he imagined hypnotizing his nineteen-year-old, virginal sister, Emma, and/or his mother, 45-year-old MILF of a mother, Linda.

Every time he read such a story on Literotica, that night and every day that he was horny thereafter, he thought of hypnotizing his MILF of a mother and his sexy sister while masturbating over the thoughts of them stripping naked and having sex with them.

Only, alone with his bad self, even though the stories read real enough, he didn’t believe that it was possible to hypnotize anyone. He thought hypnotism was nothing more than a parlor game, hypnotist were scam artists, and those subjects seemingly hypnotized pretended they were hypnotized. Even though he wished it was possible, he never believe it possible to hypnotize his sexy sister and his MILF of a mother for sex. He didn’t believe that just by swaying a shiny object before their eyes while telling them that they were getting sleepy, so sleepy that they couldn’t keep their eyes open, that he could control their minds. He didn’t believe that it was possible to give anyone a hypnotic suggestion to do anything that they didn’t want to do. Alas, even if he could somehow hypnotize his mother and sister, they’d never give him sex. They didn’t want him in the way that he lusted over them.

Every day, night and day, yearning to see them naked and yearning to have sex with them, he lusted over his sister and his mother. Every day, night and day, trying to catch them dressing or undressing, he tried to see something of them that was forbidden. Yet, with his mother a church going woman and his sister a virgin, he never saw as much of a bra strap. Fortunately for him, with his father never around, gambling, drinking, and chasing after women, always alone with his mother and sister, he had plenty of opportunity to hypnotize them, if only there was such a thing as hypnosis.

Alas, woe is he, he was doomed to lust over his sister and mother from afar. If only they knew that he was filled with sexual lust for them, he wondered what they’d say. If only they knew that he masturbated over the thoughts of them naked and having sex with him, he wondered what they’d do. No doubt, not wanting to live with a pervert who continued to self-abuse his body by constantly masturbating over the naked thoughts of them, his mother would ask him to leave the house and find another place to live. There was nothing that he could do other than to continue to read erotic stories about women being hypnotized on Literotica while masturbating over the naked thoughts of his mother and sister. Then, something that changed his life happened.

* * * * *

Albert couldn’t believe his eyes. He couldn’t believe that it was that simple. Astonished, he was amazed. An unprecedented sight to behold, he watched the hypnotist hypnotize two women from the studio audience on live television.

“No way! Are you kidding me? No, I don’t believe it. It must be a trick. They are just pretending to be hypnotized,” he said out loud for no one to hear. Yet, the closer he watched the more he believe it to be true.

Never really believing it was possible, he always thought that hypnotism was nothing more than a hocus pocus scam, a joke, and a magic trick. If only he could do that, hypnotize women, he’d hypnotize his sexy sister and his MILF of a mother for sex. If not for sex, at the very least, he’d hypnotize them to strip naked. Once naked, maybe he could give him a hypnotic suggestion to allow him to touch them and feel them were no son and no brother should ever touch and feel his mother and sister.

“Oh, if only hypnotism is real, I’d be so happy,” he said.

“When I snap my fingers,” said the hypnotist addressing one of the women by putting a hand to the top of her head as if he was about to fill her mouth with his cock. “You’ll awaken refreshed and relaxed and will stand and move around the stage as if you’re a brainless chicken.”

As soon as he removed his hand from her head and snapped his fingers, immediately the woman stood and danced around the stage flapping her elbows as if they were wings while making clucking sounds as if she was a chicken. Truly believing the hypnotic demonstration, Albert watched the woman dancing around the stage with sexual excitement while imagining his sister and/or his mother dancing naked in front of him. He could only imagine the hypnotic suggestions he’d give his 19-year-old, virgin sister, Emma, and his 45-year-old, hot mother, Linda.

“When I snap my fingers,” he said addressing the second woman by putting a hand to the top of her head as if he was going to fill her mouth with his cock too. “You will awaken refreshed and relaxed and will get down on the carpet and act like a dog.”

As soon as he removed his hand from her head and snapped his fingers, immediately the woman got down on the carpet sniffed, barked, scratched herself, and acted just like a dog. Albert couldn’t believe his eyes. He imagined his sister rolling around naked on the carpet while he fucked her. He imagined his mother on her knees while he filled her mouth with his cock.

“Wow,” said Albert watching the TV infomercial in total shock and awe.

Immediately, thinking of all the control he’d have with the skill of hypnotism and hypnotic suggestions, he imagined putting mind control to his own personal, albeit incestuous use. He continued watching the demonstration of hypnotism on TV.

“Dance, dance,” she the hypnotist to the women acting like a chicken. “Bark, bark,” said the hypnotist to the woman acting like a dog.

“Maybe I can hypnotize my sexy sister and MILF of a mother to strip naked in front of me,” he said. “Maybe when under hypnosis, they’ll allow me to touch their tits, feel their tits, suck their tits, and have my wicked, sexual way with their naked bodies. Maybe through the power of hypnotic suggestions, one and/or the other will give me hot sex,” he said while imagining having sex with not only his sexy sister but also with his MILF of a mother too.

* * * * *

“You too can be the life of the party,” said the hypnotist on cable TV. “For just two payments of $49.99, you’ll get my easy to follow book of instructions with illustrations, my How to Hypnotize Anyone, Anytime, and Anywhere, and my step by step instructional DVD showing you how to hypnotize people.”

“A hundred bucks? Definitely, it would be worth a hundred bucks to hypnotize my mother and sister to strip naked,” he said.

“With you being the hit of the party, you’ll entertain your friends and your family by hypnotizing them all,” said the hypnotist. “And as my special bonus to those who order right now, you’ll also receive this shiny, magic eye, metal medallion on a shiny, silver chain.”

“Wow,” said Albert.

“When this magic eye medallion is slowly waved in front of your subjects,” he said while slowly moving the magic eye medallion in front of the TV camera, you will hypnotize them and put them in a hypnotic state and a deep, hypnotic trance.”

Wanting to be one of the first callers to get the shiny, magic eye, metal medallion on a shiny, silver chain, Albert picked up the phone and with credit card in hand, he ordered the hypnosis book and DVD. A week later, he received them both in the mail. So sexually excited while imagining his sexy sister and MILF of a mother soon naked, eager to master the art of hypnotism, he poured over the material night and day. He read the book and listened to and watched the DVD through his headphones while masturbating of the imagined thoughts of his sister and/or mother giving him hot sex.

After a week of studying and learning everything in the book and memorizing everything on the DVD, hoping to see them naked and hoping that he’d hypnotize them deeply enough for them to give him sex, he was ready to hypnotize his mother and sister for sex. For incestuous sex, he was ready and willing to put aside his mother and son relationship for an incestuously sexual one. For incestuous sex, he was ready and willing to put aside his brother and sister relationship for an incestuously sexual one. Under the guise of hypnotism, for adulterated, incestuous sexual pleasure, he was willing to risk the good relationship that he enjoyed with his mother and sister.

* * * * *

As if she was their chaperone, that night under the watchful eye of his mother sitting in the living room, Albert sat across from his sexy sister in the dining room. Looking at her as if she was already naked, he couldn’t wait to see her without her clothes. He couldn’t wait to feel and fondle her big tits. He couldn’t wait to finger and suck her big nipples. He couldn’t wait to squeeze her naked ass and finger her naked pussy. With the thoughts of his sister naked and him having sex with her, he removed his shiny, magic eye, metal medallion on a shiny silver chain from his pocket and gently allowed it to slowly sway back and forth and back and forth while speaking in a low monotone voice to his sister so that his mother wouldn’t overhear his conversation.

“What are you doing? Get that thing out of my face Albert,” said Emma. “It’s scary. I feel as if that eyeball is staring at me,” she said pushing his hand away.

Surprised that she feared it, he looked at her while wondering if his magic eye medallion was working and was the reason why she pushed his hand away. Believing in the power of the shiny, magic eye, metal medallion on a shiny silver chain, he persevered and continued slowly waving the magic eye in front of his sister’s eyes.

“I’ve been taking a course in hypnotism,” he said leaving the medallion in her line of sight and slowly swaying it back and forth and back and forth while speaking to her in a slow, calming voice, as instructed by the DVD.

“Hypnotism?” She looked at him, rolled her eyes, and sighed. “Pervert. My own brother is a pervert,” she immediately said while crossing her arms in front of her chest as if protecting her tits from him groping her. “Why are you trying to hypnotize me? Are you hoping that I’ll undress in front of you? Is that it? Are you’re hoping to see me naked?”

With the image of his sister’s naked body filling his head, he could think of nothing but Emma naked. Naked, naked, naked, he couldn’t wait to see his sexy sister naked.

“So what if I am? Merely for entertainment purposes, it’s just a party game and nothing more,” he said calmly albeit defensively. “I really don’t think that I can actually hypnotize you. Moreover, you’d never strip naked in front of me unless you wanted to strip naked in front of me,” he said hoping that he could hypnotize her and that she would strip naked.

Giving him plenty of attitude with her typical teenager stare, she rolled her eyes and sighed again before making a sour face while looking at him as if he was nuts and, no doubt, at the very least, a pervert.

“You’re such a pervert Albert. Truly you are.”

“I am not a pervert. I’m just trying to self-educate myself by learning hypnotism,” he said defending his desire to hypnotize his sister.

“You are so a pervert. After all the times you tried sneaking peeks of Mom and me dressing and undressing, denied access to our bedrooms and the bathroom by having to lock the doors, now you think that you found the way to see us both naked. Is that it?”

“No, not at all,” he said continuing to wave the shiny, magic eye, metal medallion on a shiny silver chain before her eyes.

“Next, after you hypnotize us, you’ll be wanting to have sex with our naked bodies,” she said laughing at her brother’s perversity. “That’s incest you know,” as if trying to educate him in his forbidden ways while he was already doomed to play in the Devil’s playground.

Acting innocent and insulted, he looked at her shocked as if he was insulted by her accusations.

“Eww, too much like incest, I don’t want to see either of you naked nor do I want to have sex with either one of you. Gross,” he said lying. “Even if you were standing before me naked and begging me for sex, I could never have sex with my sister or with my mother. I just want to see if I can make you believe that you’re a chicken,” he said lying.

Pursing her lips as if just having just bitten into a lemon, she made that disbelieving face at him again.

“A chicken?” She gave him a disbelieving shrug to go along with her disbelieving look. “I don’t have time for this Albert,” she said looking at her watch. “Really I don’t. I have a date and he’ll be here any minute,” she said getting up from the table.

Albert pulled her down by the wrist and looked at her with pleading eyes.

“C’mon Emma. Please? It will only take a minute,” he said slowly moving the medallion in front of his sister’s eyes again. “I have no one to practice with and I need to see if this really works or if I was taken by a scam artist.”

She sighed before sitting back down in front of him at the table.

“Albert, you can’t hypnotize me. I’m one of those people who can’t be hypnotized. People have tried to hypnotize me before and they can’t,” she said. “Why do you think I’m still a virgin? Every party I’ve been to, there’s been some pervert who’s tried to hypnotize me in hopes of getting in my panties.”

As if he was deeply and sincerely offended, he looked at her in shocked surprise.

“I can assure you that I’m not trying to get in my own sister’s panties. Yuck! Gross,” he said waving his hands as if they were two mini stop signs and acting as if he was insulted again by her incestuous accusation. “Give me a little more credit than that Emma,” he said lying again. “Just give me a minute to see if I can hypnotize you. I just want to see if I can do it. C’mon, it will be fun.”

“Fun for who? Fun for you at my expense,” she said.

“Please Emma, please?” He looked at her with pleading eyes.

“Okay. Go ahead,” she said folding her arms across her breasts again, rolling her eyes, and giving him a bored look before staring intently at the shiny, magic eye medal medallion on a shiny silver chain. “But I swear to God, Albert, if you are able to hypnotize me and if I awaken naked, I’ll kill you.”

Albert smiled in readiness to hypnotizing his sexy sister. Raising the shiny, magic eye metal medallion on a shiny silver chain in front of her eyes, he proceeded.

* * * * *

“You’re very tired, so very tired. You’re eyelids are very heavy, so very heavy,” he said speaking in a slow voice with a calming demeanor while staring at his sister to see if she was really under his spell.

“You can’t hypnotize me Albert. No one can,” she said defiantly.

Not wanting his mother to overhear him hypnotizing his sister, he looked over at his mother sitting in the living room watching television. He spoke in a soft voice and in a voice that was lower than the sound of the television.

“You can barely stay awake. All you want to do is to sleep, sleep, sleep. Close your eyes and sleep Emma, sleep, sleep, sleep.”

Emma closed her eyes. Surprising even Albert, she actually looked as if she was under his hypnotic spell of hypnosis but knowing the joker his sister was, no doubt, she was pretending she was hypnotized just to humor him. If indeed she was hypnotized, as if she was sitting there naked already, he could only imagine all the sexy fun that he’d have with his naked sister. If indeed she was hypnotized, he couldn’t wait to give her a hypnotic suggestion. If indeed she was hypnotized, he couldn’t wait to see his sexy sister naked, naked, naked.

Albert needed a code word for him to give her a hypnotic suggestion and another code word to break the hypnotic suggestion. He found both words when he looked down at the newspaper that was opened to the movie section. He decided to use the word ‘Beetlejuice’ as his keyword to hypnotize her and the word ‘Ghost’ as his keyword to snap her out of her hypnotic trance.

Staring and leering at his sister as if she was already sitting across from him naked, he was tempted to reach out his hand to feel his sister’s big breasts though her blouse and bra to see if she was really sleeping. He was tempted to finger her big nipples through her blouse and bra to see if he had really hypnotized her. He couldn’t wait to squeeze her ass and finger her pussy while kissing her.

She had big tits, nearly as big as his mother’s full C or small D cup breasts and he so wanted to touch them, feel them, see them, and suck them. Having lusted over his sexy sister for so long, he so wanted to stick his hand down her low cut blouse and force his hand inside of her bra to feel her breasts and finger her nipples. He so wanted to strip off her blouse and bra and have his wicked, sexual way with his sister’s big tits before having his wicked sexual way with her virginal pussy.

In his feeble attempt to determine if his sister was really hypnotized, he so wanted to reach beneath his sister’s short skirt and cup her pussy through her panty. With her long, dark hair so shiny and lush, he wondered if his sister’s pussy was shaved, trimmed, or bushy. Figuring she was trimmed instead of shaved or bushy, she was still a virgin after all.

Thinking seriously about sliding his hand between her knees and moving it up her shapely thighs, he imagined tracing her pussy slit with his finger before moving her panty aside to rub her clit and to finger fuck her. Oh, my God, already so horny, he had the urge to take her hand and put in on his cock through his pants. He had the urge to unzip himself and stand in front of his sister to see if she’d take his cock in her hand before taking his cock in her mouth. He wondered if the reason why his sister was still a virgin was because she gave hand jobs and/or blowjobs instead.

Only with his mother right there in the living room, and for fear that his sister wasn’t really hypnotized, he didn’t dare do any of those things. No doubt, with him masturbating later over all that he thought about doing to his sister now, he couldn’t wait to be alone with his bad self. For the time being, he had to see if he had really hypnotized his sister or not. Hoping that he had hypnotized her, he gave her the hypnotic keyword.

“When I say the word Beetlejuice, no matter where you are and what you’re doing, you will not only have the uncontrollable urge to remove your clothes but, indeed, you will remove your clothes, all of them. You will remove your tight, low cut blouse,” he said staring at the impressions her big nipples made in her tight, low cut blouse. “You will remove your short skirt,” he said imagining his sister’s shapely legs while only wearing her white, bikini panties. “You will remove your plunging bra and you will remove your bikini panty,” he said getting her ready for later while imagining his sister removing all of her clothes whenever he got her alone without their mother there.

Truly looking as if she was hypnotized, expecting her to suddenly get up and leave, he couldn’t believe his sister was still sitting there with her eyes closed.

“When you hear the word Beetlejuice Emma, you will strip naked.”

Just as he said that a car horn sounded. Flustered into acting fast, not even having a chance to give her the keyword ghost to snap her out of her hypnotic trance and forgetting to give his sister the keyword to release her from her hypnotic trance, her date was already here.

“Shit,” he said quickly removing his sister from her no doubt pretend trance. “When I snap my fingers you will awake refreshed and relaxed and won’t remember a thing.”

Yet, even though he was about to awaken her, he still hadn’t give her the keyword, ‘Ghost’ to release her from her hypnotic trance. Too late, as soon as he snapped his fingers, his sister opened her eyes.

“I told you that you can’t hypnotize me. I told you,” she smiled her mean, little bitchy smile. “No one can hypnotize me. Lots of people have tried before,” she said, blab, blab, blab, his sister never stopped talking.

So self-centeredly selfish, with the two most used words coming out of her mouth being I and me, it was always about her.

“Thanks for allowing me to try,” said Albert depressed that he was unable to hypnotize his sister.

“I have to go. I won’t be late Mom,” she said to her mother before running out the door. “Bye.”

* * * * *

Feeling like a failure and the loser that he was for believing that he could hypnotize anyone, especially his sister, he was saddened that he was unable to hypnotize his sister. He would have liked to have seen her naked. He would have enjoyed touching and feeling her naked body. He so wished that he could have sex with her. Only, she had a date and besides, with his mother sitting there in the living room, even if he had hypnotized his sister, there was nothing that he could do with his sister with his mother watching. If he had hypnotized his sister enough to get her naked, how would he ever explain to his mother why Emma was sitting there without her clothes?

Now having regrets that he didn’t take sexual advantage of his sister, with her sitting there within his horny reach with her eyes closed, he wished he had touched and felt her breasts while he had the chance but he didn’t. At the very least, he should have gotten down on his hands and knees under the dining room table to peer up her short skirt at her panties. Feeling that he had wasted his money and still had the second payment to make with his credit card, he felt that he was duped into thinking that it was that easy to hypnotize someone, anyone, when obviously it wasn’t. A hundred bucks down the drain, with the hopes of hypnotizing his sister, he wasted his money.

Only, when he walked in the living room to share his disappointment with his mother, his mother had her eyes closed. Was she napping or did he hypnotize her instead of his sister? He looked at her sitting there bolt upright as if she was watching TV with her eyes closed. With her so motionless, he studied her to see if she was still breathing.

To be continued…

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