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Younger Sister Ch. 03

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It was becoming a regular habit now. Once for sure, more often twice, and once in awhile, 3-times a week I would go by Cathy’s early in the morning to say “Hi”. To maintain protocol, I would even go by the dreaded week and get terrific blow jobs. Often, I arrived even before Bill pulled out and headed for work. We would chat, then I would head in to lay some meat between my sisters thighs.

The more I stopped by, the hornier Cathy got. We each anticipated our time before and after the girls left for school. It was now consistently MWF mornings. Cathy and I grew closer, the girls now expected my visits. Even Diane grew more attentive. I loved the feel of her hand on my arm, the twinkle in her eye, the head tilted eyebrow raised look she gave me each morning. Then she would walk by and let her hand land on my hip, and work across my body to the other hip, did not matter if I faced her or faced away, her fingers left no doubt I was being caressed. I grew more brazen with her as well, letting her settle on my lap whenever possible. My hands would settle over her hip bones and pull her body to mine. As winter turned to spring, clothes grew lighter as well. I would caress her back, letting my hands slide to her sides, fingers stretching to feel the small bulge of her breasts. I even cupped her tits when possible to “hug” her to my body. My mind raced, sex filled my thoughts. And when she had to leave, I got to fuck Cathy. Thoughts of Mother, sister and niece crossed my thoughts often.

Out of the blue, Cathy had purchased 2-treadmmills at an estate sale across the street, sectioned space in the large basement, added weight lifting equipment, and we began an exercise program each morning the second the girls left. It got to be competitive, how much weight could we drop this week, this month. Our bodies begin to reflect the hard work we were putting in. And the increased energy from our metabolisms changing increased out sex drives as well. We fucked hard, in the weight room, bedroom and shower.

Spring break arrived. As warmer arrived, I dressed in shorts and T-shirt for exercise first, then our sexual escapade, then shower and dress for work. Many a grope started on the bench press as I spotted Cathy. She would reach for my rod. I would step forward and stuff her open mouth, my cock engorging rapidly.

“Damn Cathy”, I’d mutter in false protest.

“Can’t you wait until” and I would get cut off in mid sentence as her mouth sucked the head into her mouth, sliding balls deep in her mouth and throat. Her hands circled my ass, pulling me hard to her mouth. I took the 60-lb bar and weights, put it aside, and bent over her body on the bench. My hips flexed, driving my cock deep again. I grabbed her shorts, pushing them down, exposing her clean shaven mound. Leaning quickly, I shoved my tongue between her lips, raking her clit. Her hips jumped as she gagged slightly on my cock. I reached around her thighs, pulling her legs up, open, Her glistening cunt invited me, begged me to flatten my tongue and lick down her slit, over her engorged clit, dropping between the labia, sliding to her soaked hole. Instinctively, my tongue hardened, sliding quickly to ream her, probing, stabbing into her depths.

For several long minutes, I sucked, licked, and reamed her. I then moved to her clit, taking each lip in my fingers, spreading them to completely expose her pink flesh. Slowly, deliberately, I thrashed her clit back and forth with my finger, mashing it firmly to her body. Taking it between my teeth, I held it gently, tongue circling, mashing, thrashing it back and forth in my mouth as I slid two fingers into her hole. Her legs flared, lifted, offering her cunt to me again. Mine I thought as I sucked her clit harder into my mouth. She faced fucked my cock with abandon, hammering up and down the shaft. Her legs stiffened, almost straight up beside my ears, nails digging into the cheeks of my ass, hips rolling to my mouth. Her body froze. That split second, her private second all to herself, her time to leap from sexual arousal to sexual orgasm exploded through her body, her legs shaking wildly beside my ears, quivering as her convulsions ripped through her body. I slowed my tongue, softly circling, thrashing her clit with a feather touch. Her hips settled down as I gently played with her clit. My pace quickened slowly, faster, harder my tongue swirled, probed, jabbed her swollen clit. I could feel her body respond. Her switch clicked, her focus centered on her clit, she pulled off my cock, her hand wrapping around the shaft, choking my cock head hard as she stroked without thought. Ragged, gasping breath inhaled, neck arched, her body now only listened to her approaching orgasm.

“Oh god Richard! Make me cum!” she commanded, teeth clenched. Repeated a second time. A guttural moan started deep in her core. Her whole body tensed, froze as she erupted in a scream.

“Oh fuck!” as her body exploded into an intense second orgasm, her legs locking over my head, thighs clamped firmly over my ears. Her body convulsed, hips thrusting up, down and instantly again as her orgasm washed over and over through her body. Reaching, she pulled my cock back to her mouth, her hands grabbed each cheek as she slammed my cock balls deep into her mouth and throat, lips sealing, trying to suck my balls out flesh straw.

“Yes babygirl,” I growled into her flooding cunt. I drove her head to the padded bench, cock flexing, balls contracting, orgasm tightening each orb, jettisoning my cum into the tubes for ejection. Loaded, spurt after spurt squirted into her mouth. Cheeks bulged, she swallowed, and took the next blast. Now stroking full length, I slammed in, out of her mouth, my orifice for fucking. I thrashed her clit as my orgasm subsided, licking, mashing, flicking hard with my tongue. My body relaxed, flopping spent on her torso. We lay quietly, trying to breathe. Slowly, rational thought returned.

Movement in the corner of my mirror startled me. Diane was watching from the doorway. Our eyes met, she turned quickly and was gone. I grinned to myself.

“Go jump in the shower,” I instructed Cathy. “I want to finish the circuit before I head to the shower and work,” I continued. I stood, fisting my cock, squeezing from the base to the tip. One more drop of cum. I pushed the head to Cathy’s mouth. She sucked the head in, licked me clean. Her eyes shown bright.

I was already pushing a new set from the fly press by the time Cathy disappeared up the stairs to her bedroom. Several minutes passed, Diane was right on time as expected. Dressed to work out, she looked terrific in her shorts. Gray, so tight I could hardly breathe, they left very little to my imagination. A prominent camel toe was plainly visible. Her tube top was bright yellow, her nipples rigid beneath the material.

“Hi sweetie!” I said directly as she approached, standing directly at my knees. Her face was flushed. Her eyes flashed. I stared into her eyes. “OK, do we want to talk about it?” I asked.

“My god Uncle Richard!” she exclaimed, louder than necessary.

“Shhhh” I responded quickly. “Your mom must not know you saw us, or even know about us,” I sternly ordered her. “You and I will share several secrets now”, I offered softly. Spreading my legs, I made a place for her to sit directly in front of me so she could straddle the bench as well. I reached out to her, my index finger extending to touch her stiff nipple through the material. “Nice” I whispered as I traversed the material to probe her second stiff nipple. Her eyes followed each movement. As soft moan escaped her lips. I softly rolled her nipple between my thumb and index finger. Her body slumped forward, pushing more tit to my fingers. I grasped her tit, open hand to squeeze firmly.

“That feels really good,” she whispered. Pinching the nipple again, I tugged her forward, leaning to kiss her soft lips. A soft, gentle, light kiss for her to remember. Letting my hand slide down her torso, I let my finger stroke her defined slit, pushing the material between her puffy lips. Her groan was very audible. Reaching quickly put my hand over her mouth. Slowly shaking my head side to side, I caressed each lip of her cunt gently. Her eyes glazed. I pulled the material aside, finding a clean shaven cunt glistening with the juices. I let my finger push through her wet lips, probing here clit. Her body jumped noticeably.

“We can’t do this now sweetie,” I stated clearly. “Meet me later today, say 11am at my office,” I ordered. “Wear panties and workout shorts, not these pj type bottoms” I finished. Her hips rolled to my finger offering her sex. I reamed her very softly as her eyes closed. I pulled away. Her moan stopped abruptly.

“Ok. Can I at least see it?” she asked looking to my crotch. She reached to rub my crotch. Her fingers wrapped around the flaccid but growing shaft.

“Sure” I said leaning back and pulling the front of my shorts down. I pulled my cock free with my other hand, stroking gently. I offered my cock to her. Without hesitating, she reached to take my cock.

“It’s so soft” she said seemingly surprised. Her fingers wrapped the flaccid shaft, tugging, stretching the flesh then pushing back. My cock lacked enough to get hard. She lifted the head toward her, moving it around to see the crown and look into the eye. My hand wrapped around hers.

“Go sweetie before we get caught!” I instructed.

“Get to my office about 11am” I again instructed. She leaned to me, gave me a quick peck on my mouth. Turning quickly, off she went. I resumed my workout. I finished 20-minutes later as Cathy came down.

“Do you want breakfast after your shower?” she asked.

“That would be great!” I said, heading to the basement bathroom and shower. I had no trouble stroking another quick orgasm thinking of my niece, her soft, hairless cunt.

Cathy and I ate a quiet breakfast, trading thoughts for our next complete sexual encounter. It would have to be the following week after school resumed. In the meantime, I could come by for more exercise in the early morning any day that week. I headed for the office about 8:15am.

I got busy with a project, not thinking about the time passing quickly. My admin Barb popped in, letting me know my niece was there to see me. I let Barb know to send her in but not to interrupt us.

“Hey Diane” I offered as she started to enter.

“Close the door sweetie” I instructed. I stood, walked to the front side of my desk and pointed for her to sit in one of the chairs in front of the desk.

“Thanks” she said softly.

“Are you nervous?” I asked. I looked into her eyes. I saw the deer in the head lights look. Not knowing what’s next. “Easier to think about when your body is reacting to hormones?” I asked.

“I don’t know” her voice trailed off. “I ached for what you were doing to mom,” she continued.

“Now I’m kinda scared a little,” she said looking to me.

“I’ll tell you what sweetie, I will order lunch to be delivered to my condo a few blocks from here. We will have lunch and see what you think”, I offered. We headed out, letting Barb I would be a couple hours. A short 10-minute walk and elevator ride to the 16th floor later, we were at our downtown condo. The entire family used the condo when they wanted a night downtown for a play or after a baseball game. I controlled the key so was absolutely sure nobody would be dropping in.

We talked aimlessly about her last few weeks of high school, the change in the weather. Lunch was delivered. We ate rather quickly, a sexual tension dripping in the air.

“How far have you gone with your boyfriend?” I quizzed.

“Well, we have done it!” she emphasized. “But not like anything I saw you and mom doing” she added quickly. “God that was exciting, makes my insides get warm” she continued. “It was in the back seat of his car, not even big enough to lay down in. It hurt, it wasn’t nice and it was over”, she stated factually.

“Come with me” I said just as we were finishing our sandwiches. I stood, taking her hand and leading her to the master bedroom. “Kick your shoes off, lay on your tummy on the bed” I instructed. I watched as she slowly complied. I kicked my loafers off, stripped to my boxer briefs and laid beside her. I placed my hand on the small of her back and began slow, deliberate strokes up and down her torso. About the fifth time down, I massaged down her ass to her thigh. Pulling back up, I slid my hand beneath the polo shirt to her bare skin. She was so warm to my touch. Hitting her bra, I moved to unsnap it to allow free access to all her back and sides. I rose to my knees, moved to straddle her ass so I sat on the thighs snuggly my crotch to her ass cheeks. Now I could lean forward with both hands to rub her back and grind my cock to her ass softly or firmly, my choice. My cock grew harder with each press to her ass.

“Raise up babygirl, pull your shirt and bra off sweetie” I whispered. She did not hesitate. I rubbed her back, down over the sides to feel her breasts sides several times in a row, each time pressing to her ass. Her hips rose to meet my press. Placing my hands just below her arms on each side, I drove my hips hard to her backside, grinding my cock hard to her ass. Her groan matched mine. I moved to lay beside her again, my hand rubbing down her back and pushing beneath her shorts, snaking into her panties. Sliding to the bottom of her ass, I let my fingers slide over her asshole and push to her wet hole area. It was soaked. I probed gently.

“Turn over please” I whispered into her ear withdrawing my hand. She turned quickly, my hand now reached to the left nipple, tweaking the firm nub. I leaned to kiss her softly. Our kisses lingered. She turned her body to me, her arm circled my neck as she kissed me harder. I draped my arm over her right side, bent at the elbow to grasp her right tit, rolling her nipple firmly. I felt her growl in our kiss as her hips thrust against me. Her free had slid between us, finding my hard cock. She stroked it hard. I released her nipple, sliding my hand again into her panties, pushed over her mound and slipped into the wetted slit I have had in awhile. My middle finger found its’ target, and began mashing her clit firmly. I leaned to her right breast, sucking the nipple into my mouth, nipping and thrashing the sensitive nub with my tongue. She pulled my head down hard to her tit.

“MMMMmmmmm Uncle Richard!” she growled. Her hips humped my fingers invading her slit, dipping down reaming her hole and returning to take charge of her pending orgasm. I began to furiously mash, circle, and probe her clit, pinching, tugging, stretching and then mashing again. Her breathing grew rapid, her eyes now clenched shut. Her hand forgot all about my rigid cock, instead now squeezing her right tit and pinching and rolling her nipple hard. I could feel her approaching orgasm. Her squeals were now coming in squeaks.

“Please, please, please” spit forth from her as if I would even consider quitting now. Her orgasm focused now, raced through her core. An instant of complete calm, eyes flashed open, breath held, body froze, I shoved my middle finger palm deep into her cunt and all hell broke loose as her body exploded into orgasm. Convulsions, whimpering as I continued slower finger penetrations of her cunt. Grinding my palm over her mound, flattening her lips, clit, penetrating deep into her body extended the orgasm. My hand was covered with her juices. Had I been eating her, I may have drowned. She was squirting! Her legs clamped around my hand.

“You like that sweetie? I asked grinning broadly. Her orgasm slowly subsided. “Now Diane, you get to do me” I said rolling to my back. She scrambled quickly to her knees, grabbing my rigid cock.

“Do I have to shove enough to gag like mom did?” you asked, both hands twisting my cock. She took the pre-cum covered head into her mouth.

“Do what you can do sweetie, it’s all good” I offered as she took several inches into her mouth. She had very little skills at blow jobs. Maybe I could get her mom to teach her for me. After several minutes of her blow job, I was more than ready for her cunt to finish the job.

“Now sweetie, straddle me, put my cock into your cunt and fuck me” I instructed. I noted she was still soaked as she moved to straddle my hips.

I fisted my cock as she lowered her body to my cock. I swiped the head back and forth through her slit, coating the head. I found her hole as she lowered her body. As the head speared her, her breathing stopped, she hesitated and pulled up. She pushed down again. Several attempts later, she had most of it in her body, about 2-inches was visible between our bodies. I reached to take her tits in my hands, rolling each nipple firmly. Diane swirled her hips, rocked back and forth in little humps. I realized she did not know what she should be doing.

“Sweetie, pull to near the end, tilt your hips, shove them back down baby” I offered. “Do what feels good to you!” I instructed. I grabbed her hips, and started slamming my hips up and down as fast as I could. Within seconds, my cock was now balls deep in soaked cunt, but I hear her screaming very loudly. Even in a personal condo, I reached to cover her mouth to keep the whole floor from knowing I was sexually killing someone in my condo. I stopped all thrusts, however she was just starting.

“Fuck!” she grunted out loud. “Do that some more Uncle Richard! Please!!” she commanded. I started hammering her a second time. This time, she enjoyed our sex quietly, but the sounds of flesh on flesh bounced off the walls.

“Want to try my favorite position?” I asked between breaths. All movement stopped. I moved from underneath her to stand beside the bed. On your knees baby in front of me. I helped align he knees, grabbed a handful of hair and pushed her torso to the bed. Now, grabbing each hip bone, I saddled to her backside. “Hold on sweetie, this will be very intense until I cum!” I growled. I pushed forward, my cock entering her wet hole. Pulling back to the crown, I savagely pulled her back to me as I slammed forward, driving me balls deep, my hips smacking her ass hard. All thought lost, I fucked her hard and fast. She was now screaming into the pillow. My balls swelled, loading cum for my orgasm. Just as I was ready to explode, she began squirting her juices again, flooding my cock, balls, thighs, and bed. I buried my cock in her body, exploding into a silver box orgasm. It was the most intense, ball busting, cum soaked sex I had ever had. Her tight whole squeezed so tight, I could barely pull my cock out. As she flopped to the bed, I landed on her, shoving my rigid cock even deeper. I had to catch my breath!

We both were trying to slow our heart rates, get our breathing under control, and get some rational thought back. I kissed her neck, her cheek as she turned her head toward me as best she could.

“That was better than with my boyfriend” she muttered, a great big grin on her face. Keeping my cock tight against her hip, my leg draped across her thighs, I slowly caressed her back.

“This is our secret Diane!” I stated the obvious. “Not a word to your mother, you understand?” I continued.

“Got it! Will I get more secrets to keep?” she asked turning her body to me. “I want many more secrets Uncle Richard” she pouted slightly.

“Well, maybe one more while we shower” I stated. I got up leaving her there. Turning, stopping in my tracks, i asked, “Well you coming or not?”. I was just getting the water warm when her arm stretched under my ass and grabbed my flopping cock.

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