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Young Nephew Ch. 02

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I am sharing my history with you for fun not trying to get a good grade for English class. I did a spell check that’s good enough. Enjoy my story and comment on the story, not the grammar.


Last night was fresh in my memory, I had seen Ben’s sleeping erection and then later I awoke to him having a wet dream and shooting his load on my bare back.

I look at Ben and think, he is 18 it would be fun to see how a little teasing might affect Ben. If your just reading this second story about me and my nephew I am Julie, I was back then in 1996, an SWF age, 28 very slim petite 105 lbs., brown hair, 5’5 a B-cup and as always a shaved pussy and recently free of a controlling relationship.

I have babysat Ben his whole life. Physically Ben was a little behind in his manly development. Shy with the girls, still a virgin mostly innocent. He lives with his parents who are out of town, Ben did not want to be alone and came to stay at my place. I moved back home with my elderly parents. They are currently out of town.

We plan to spend the day together go out to the mall. I decided to start my teasing after breakfast. Ben went to shower, I knocked on the door and let myself in, I told Ben I wanted to get going as soon as possible and to save time I wanted to get a start by shaving my legs while he is showering. I could see Ben’s blurred outline behind the curtain. I think I could see that he had an erection, maybe I even interrupted him jacking off?

I told Ben that I will not look but I need to poke my leg into his shower spray to get my leg wet and start to shave it. I had only a short robe just covering my ass, I tried to shove enough of my leg in and also show a peek my thigh and pussy area. I wish I could have seen his face. I did a quick shave and repeated the same with my other leg. I made sure that I bent over in front of the full length mirror on the door, if he chooses to peek out the curtain he could see me in the mirror I left the bathroom long enough for Ben to get out and wrap a towel around him then I jumped in for a quick shower.

I decided to put on some clothes that were a little young for me. Something a teen would wear I choose a thong panties, a pair of pink capris just tight enough to show off some camel toe and an off the shoulder shirt with no bra and some sandals to show off my painted toe nails.

The mall is a great place to hang out. You can sit in big comfortable chairs in the center court and talk with your friends. Or you could just sit there and watch people go about their business. It was the weekend and a warm summer day. Lots of people and kids were at the mall. I turned Ben loose, and he ran into a couple buddies. I hung back and watched Ben greet his buddies. They were looking my way and giggling and slapping Ben on the back. I could see Ben blushing I think they were teasing Ben about being with me in a boy/girl way. I did look hot today. I decided to follow from afar and watch the boys goof around, I could tell that Ben was checking out the girls with his friends. Young women in their shorts and camel toe glory.

I did some window shopping and met up with Ben after a while. I decided to do some more teasing of my own. I took Ben with me to the Vicky Secret Store. I wanted Ben to see all the sexy lingerie and panties and bras. I did some modeling, holding up panties and tops to myself and asking Ben, would this look good on me? It was fun to watch him squirm.

I bought a nighty that was my skin tone and see through. Ben doesn’t know it yet but he is going to get an eye full tonight.

Ben and I spent the entire day together, and I let him drive my car. We went to a movie and ate lunch. I held his hand in the theater. I touched or hugged Ben as much as I could. I did notice Ben checking me out a couple of times, which made me feel great, even though Ben is shy, and he is going to be a great friend to a young woman someday.

When we got back to my place, I had an idea. Ben opened up to me about not having a girl friend, he knows a couple of girls but lacked confidence to take the chance. I decided to give Ben some confidence. I sat Ben down on the couch and told Ben that from a woman’s point of view girls will like him. I told Ben he has all the quality’s young women like, funny, chatty, respectful, he listens to what they say and remember. I opened up to Ben about the troubles I had in the relationship I escaped from. Women also like a man that can show a little “Mojo” like being a good kisser.

I decided to teach Ben how to kiss. He was a little embarrassed at first, I told him I new he did not have experience and I was not judging him. We are going to kiss the right way and we are going to kiss the wrong way so you know the difference.

Ben’s first kiss, we leaned in and our lips touched mouths closed. I told Ben to remember softly and gentle not wet for now. Our mouths came together again, I took the lead our closed mouths slid together, came apart and slid together again, slightly moist and warm we separated and looked into each others eye. I could see the hunger in Ben’s eyes, could he see my hunger as well?

I showed Ben several more kissing situations. Standing, sitting on the couch, laying on the couch, we progressed to open mouth kisses and finally a little tongue action. Ben was pretty worked up by now and so was I, I could feel Ben’s erection when he was against me on the couch.

I told Ben we should cool down from the kissing. It was important to me to keep the illusion that we were just goofing around and nothing was going to happen. I know we could just start fucking each other right now, but we are family, if we looked into each others eyes while making love things would be awkward in the future.

I told Ben I need to get some laundry going. I said this because I knew Ben was most likely going to go and jack off in the bathroom. I decided that I would try my hand (pardon the pun) at a little voyeurism. The hall closet is next to the bathroom on the back wall is an access door to the bathroom water shut offs’ I noticed one night that you can see into the bathroom through a vent. I heard the bathroom door shut and lock. I went straight to the closet to peek.

Ben got right to it. He stripped off all his clothes and stood at the sink in front of the mirror and stroked his cock with one hand and held his balls with the other hand. His dick was bigger than when I saw it sticking out of his shorts during his wet dream. I was getting that need to touch my wet pussy. In the dark of the closet I rubbed my clit and in secret watched Ben jack-off. Ben was getting close to Cumming his strokes getting faster, his large balls were getting tight, I liked watching his balls bounce around when he would let them go. I was getting close to orgasm myself, I watched Ben he would look close to Cumming then slow down his stroking and squeezed his balls hard. I could see he was building up the pressure for a huge release.

My rubbing got harder and I did not slow down or draw in out, I watched Ben’s face, his nose flaring from his heavy breathing, his eyes closed tight in an erotic memory, I think to myself, I hope his memory is about me. I could feel my orgasm wash over me, waves of pleasure moving out from my pussy and through my body. Ben was next, he was stroking furiously, I never saw a man pump his dick that hard. Ben’s cum shot out and hit the mirror behind the sink, another shot at the mirror, the cum shot two feet then arched down for three cum shots then two more followed as he pumped his dick in time with his orgasmic contractions, another cum shot landed on the faucet and one more in the bowl. When Ben’s Wet dream, came on my back, there was not that much cum, the amount of cum I could see all over my mirror and sink, it was fantastic.

Later in the evening we went out to dinner. I got him to try some practice kissing in public. I noticed a couple of people check-in us out. I overheard one older woman mention to some friends she thought I was a cradle robber. The Idea of being thought of as a cougar was a turn on. It was also a turn on to notice Ben’s hard on, I think he gave up trying to hide it from me.

We went back to my place and watched TV. I put on my new skin tone see thru nighty and hip length silks robe. I decided to be a little more subtle about showing myself off to Ben. I would sit on the couch and sometimes bend my knee up to my chest and sit that way a while, I would pretend not to notice Ben looking up my robe. I got up once and let my robe fall open long enough for Ben to get a glance. I wanted to get him worked up again, but I hoped too, he did not go and jack off. I was hoping to feel his dick pressing against my back again tonight.

It was getting late I decided to go lay down, Ben was going to stay up for a short while. I told Ben good night and went to my room. I was Horney and started rubbing my pussy a little, but I decided not to get off just yet. I could hear Ben moving around and shut off the TV he must be getting ready to come to bed. I was wearing my skin tone see thru nighty and pretended to be asleep, my blanket was not covering most of me.

Ben came in to lie down, but I heard him stop half way across the room, the light level was dim with the night lite on. Ben must have been able to see me, he quietly calls my name, I did not answer. Ben came closer to the bed and I could imagine him staring at my body. I’m sure he could see the outline of my body, bumps and curves my breast and pussy veiled by the hazy cloth. Ben sat on the bed I could feel him looking at every inch of my body. I could hear his breathing quicken. I took all my will power to not jump up and fuck his brains out. It was quiet I tried to control my breathing and listen and sense Bens actions. While he was looking at me, I could hear a quiet rhythmic ticking sound. It had to be Ben stroking his cock. I could not take it anymore I did not want his jacking off I mumbled and turned onto my side away from Ben. My blanket rolled along over me. I stayed that way for Minute, Ben laid down and covered himself with the blanket.

I made a yawn noise and sat up on the edge of the bed. Ben was laying away from be, I whimpered something like I have to pee, and went into the bathroom. I washed my face and cooled down I took off my nighty bottoms I had got them damp. I put my short silk robe on over my nighty top And bear bottom. When I came out Ben was asleep. I laid back down and fell asleep also.

I woke up from a deep sleep. I was in that moment when you’re not sure where you are. I could see my clock I had been asleep for three hours? Then my breath caught, Ben was snuggled up to my back. He was sleeping, and his breathing was deep and even. I got my wish. Ben had an erection.

I carefully reached down behind me. I moved my hand down the front of his boxers, I got to the opening and felt the cloth and the warmth of his dick skin still held back by the fold. I used my fingers to spread the opening, his dick slipped out and slapped against my ass cheek I listened to Ben’s breathing it increased a little, I reached down and very lightly gripped it. I could feel it throb and twitch. I made the choice to go for it. I was on my side, Bens’ cock was in my ass crack. I lifted my leg and his dick shifted and came to rest against my pussy lips.

My heart was beating hard, and my pussy was dripping. I made myself scoot down, on Ben’s dick I could feel it pressing harder against my pussy I started to move my hips in a forward and backward swirling motion very softly. I stayed that way for short time. I could feel his dick get harder but I do not think he was awake yet? I was able to get his dick to slide up by pussy slit to my clit and back to my ass my fluids lubricating his dick, gods it felt good, I have not had a cock near my pussy for over a year. It was quiet, I did not make any noise, just scooting up and down against his cock. I started to feel him make his own subtle thrust moves, if he woke up I’m not going to say a word or look back.

Only a couple of Minutes passed, his dick felt harder against my pussy, I could tell he was getting ready to cum. The thought of him Cumming in me was all I needed and I went off with a major orgasm. I really tried not to make a noise but I know I gasped.

Ben’s dick exploded right after me, I can feel the twitch with each squirt of cum at least four shots. I stayed this way against his dick for another Minute, I scooted myself up and let it slip away. I got up and not looking back went into the bathroom his cum was running down my leg, I could not resist and tasted it. I though to myself if he was asleep or even pretending I will never speak of it to him, but I wondered if he would sleep through a blow job? I got cleaned up, and got up the courage to go back to the bed. Ben was still in the same possession and asleep, his dick shrank back into his boxers. I went back to sleep and slept well.

In the morning I woke up and Ben was already up, I asked him how did he sleep? He replied that he slept ok but had some very freaky dreams and left it at that.

No awkwardness. I might have to help Ben have some more freaky dreams.

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