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Young Lover

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I just had finished my work out. I’m 46, married with three children. I took off my clothes and headed to the shower to get rid of the sweat. When I opened the door there was no one but a boy, 18 at most. I had seen him before cause he visited, as I do, the gym every Wednesday. I couldn’t help but to shoot a quick glance at his youthful cock and then took the shower right opposite his.

I started to clean me off and spent some extra time cleaning my dick. When I shot a second glance at the youth I saw that his penis was already hardening. So I looked straight at his face and he blushed. So I went over to him and asked: “You liked the show?” He nodded. Cause he didn’t try to push my hand away I let it wander down to his behind.

“Have you ever tried a guy?” I asked. He shook his head. “But you’ve dreamed of it?”

“Yes, verry often.” I was massaging his nipples by now what caused him to moan softly and I started to move my hands further down to his by now hard member.

“Not here,” he said, “every second somebody could enter the shower.” I told him that this was now problem and suggested that we would go to my place. My wife and the kids were visiting her sister so no one would be round. On the way home we talked a little bit. I wanted to know when he first had second thoughts about men. He told me it all got started when he caught his Dad getting himself of while watching a porno. His father hadn’t seen him and watching his father rubbing his big cock and after some time cumming all over his stomach had made him so hot that he ran to his room to relief his then throbbing cock. From this day on he had fantasized about being Dad’s girl for just one night, to suck his dick and let him have his little virgin ass-pussy.

Of course he knew that this was never gonna happen but thinking about it made him hard anyway. By then we had arrived at my place and got out of the car. When we were inside the house I first led him to my 15-year old daughters room. I checked some drawers and found a bra, panties, a mini-skirt and a white blouse. I threw the stuff on my daughters bed and told him to put it on , I’d be waiting in the room next door. Then I left him all one. A short time later the door opened and my young lover entered the room in mini-skirt and blouse.

I said: “Hi Melanie,” that’s my daughters name, “you wanna make Daddy feel good today?” and he nodded. I got up the bed and positioned myself behind him. Slowly I let my hands travel inside his blouse searching for the bra with my fingers. When I reached it and started to roll his nipples between my fingers his breathing became faster. I kissed his neck while I opened the blouse and let it fall to the ground. Then I lay him on the bed and started caressing his legs.

When I reached the skirt I started to use my lips and kissed my way to his inner tights. I took the skirt off and saw his young throbbing cock press against the thin fabric of my daughters panties. Slowly I started massaging his member through the underwear what made him moan in pleasure. I then took of his bra and panties.

First time since we got home I had free view on his dick. It was uncut with long curly hair around the base and on his balls. By now it was rock-hard. For a minute I played with his balls then moved on and wrapped my hand around his penis.

“You like that, don’t you?” I asked.

“Oh yes Daddy,” he moaned, “please go on.” I did and started to use my tongue on his hary asshole to. Already by tongue-fucking it, I could feel how tight it was.

“You like to have Daddy play with your pussy.”

“Yes, I love it,” it came from him elaborated. My tongue moved back to his balls again, then back up his shaft till it reached the swollen purple head. I let my tongue circle it a few times when I felt a familiar twitching at the base of his cock. I opened my mouth and swallowed as much cock as possible and a second later spurt after spurt of his hot, salty semen gushed into my awaiting mouth. By now I removed the underwear I’d still be wearing and led his hand to my dick. He willingly took it and began playing with it.

I let him go on for some time then I said: “That’s enough, lie on your back and show Daddy your sweet pussy.” He did as told immediately got on his back and pulled his knees to his chest to give me a better look. I again started playing with his asshole, then took some jelly and smeared it on my dick and fingers. After that I slowly started inserting a finger into his asshole. He was incredible tight and his muscles immediately clamped down on my finger. I slowly started to build up a rhythm, moving it in and out of his little twat. I then inserted another finger and told him: “Daddy’s gonna screw his little girl now, you’re ready?”

He nodded and I started to rub the head of my dick against his hole, then increased pressure and slowly my cock started gliding into his behind. He threw his head back and moaned of lust and pain. I watched his virgin asshole stretch wide around my penetrating dick. It was so tight that my penetration had to hurt him but when I asked him if he liked me to stop he said: “No Daddy, please go on.”

Finally all of my meat had been swallowed by his pussy and he was in heaven. I let it almost slip it out again, then put it all the way back in. When his ass had get used a little to the penetration I told him to get on all fours. He did as told and I prepared to mount him from behind. I positioned myself behind him, grabbed his hips and started to fuck him.

Step by step I increased the rhythm till I was fucking him really hard. His dick had got all hard again by this time so I let one hand grab it and started jerking him of while screwing his ass. When I felt his cock twitching for the second time my orgasm was already building up. When he came all over the bed I shot load after load in his sweet little ass. After that we both lay on the bed, wasted. We’ve met again a few times at the gym…

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