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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 08

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This is an addendum to Pretty Mouth Ch. 07, due to error on my part or Literotica’s the ending was lost. This will conclude Ch. 07 and include a full story for the series. Thanks for all the wonderful emails praising my writing. I write fairly well but I think it is our twisted minds that make you enjoy my stories so much. For those who don’t like my stories, that is fine too but you need to use more constructive criticism rather than boring vulgarities. I’ll gladly try to incorporate all suggestions good and bad into my stories.

Jenny wasn’t going to let me put my cock in her mouth, at least not without a fight. She pulled her head back from the edge of the sink and put up her hands up to keep me at a distance. Her naked form wiggled on the cold sink top as she tried to get away from my hard on.

I growled at her playfully as her obstinacy turned me on and made things a little more interesting. I reached instead for her legs and swung them over the edge of the sink to make her stand up. Her bald little pussy came into view as I pulled her forward.

Giggling, Jenny’s feet fell to the floor and she leaned backwards with her hands up as I reached for her shoulders. I grabbed them anyway and pulled her to me. She was laughing as I wrapped one arm around her shoulder and hugged her to me so I could smack her tight little ass with my free hand.

“Oww, you big meanie,” she squealed as she wiggled her ass to try to avoid my next smack and the next. She didn’t do a very good job as my hand found her right ass cheek repeatedly and she began squirming up and down now in order to protect her butt.

“You got that right,” I joked and reached down and squeezed her right cheek. Dropping my right arm from her shoulder, I slid my hand unto her left cheek and squeezed both now forcefully enough to lift her off the ground. Jenny giggled and wrapped her arms around my shoulders to keep from falling backwards. Glancing at my face she smiled as she felt my hard cock against her belly.

I don’t know if it was the twinkle in her eye or the fuck-me look on her face but it came very naturally to me to kiss her on the lips. It was a rougher kiss than one that lovers would share and much more impassioned. Jenny’s hungry mouth met mine and our tongues intertwined. She had asked me to teach her how to kiss better and I would have to say she was an eager learner. There was nothing wrong with her ability to kiss but I wasn’t going to tell her. We could work at forever if it was up to me.

Taking my hands from her ass cheeks, I brought them up to her shoulders and pulled her arms from around my neck and shoulders. Jenny didn’t fight me as she was a willing accomplice to our sordid relationship. Not breaking our kiss, I pulled her arms behind her back. I grasped her two wrists in my right hand and held them to the small of her back. Jenny moaned in my mouth as she was enjoying our little tussle. She was too little to put up a real fight but I think she was getting off on making things tough on me.

“Bend over,” I told her as our mouths broke as I began moving her body with my free hand. She let out a sigh as she let me know she was enjoying the kissing. As I bent over her upper torso, I cupped her head and pulled it to my stomach.

“Ah,” Jenny replied as she tried to keep from falling. Her head was against my navel as she stood straight leg beside me. She noticed her predicament as my hard cock poked her in the cheek.

I gripped her wrists more tightly and grabbing her hair in my other hand told her to put my cock in her mouth. She wiggled beneath me as she playfully tried to get free. ‘Suck it,” I told her as I held her there and pushed my hips at her face. My hard cock poked at her cheeks and mouth. She steadfastly fought me by keeping her mouth close and refusing to open it. I kept it up and as my cock slid across her cheek, I smeared pre-cum on her lips and face. My assault continued without results until Jenny couldn’t hold out anymore. She was enjoying our little game and as my cock poked at her mouth and lips, she got the giggles and I was in.

“Agguuguuuh,” she muttered as she took my cock into her mouth and sucked as she laughed.

‘Yeah, that’s it,” I told her as I felt her soft mouth and tongue caress the head of my cock.

“Agguuguuuh,” she continued as I sawed my cock to and fro her mouth. She spread her legs to keep from falling and was now suspended by her mouth on my cock. Taking the hair on her head I eased her mouth lower and pushed upwards with my cock and felt her open her mouth wider to take me.

“Oh god yes,” I said and told her to hold my cock deep in her mouth. She did as best she could until she had to pull her head off my cock. She came up gasping for air and I released her hair and patted the side of her face.

“That’s the way,” I encouraged her and smiled at the thought of her sucking the juices of her mom off my cock. I wondered how Maureen was doing and when she would be home.

“Put it back in your mouth,” I told Jenny and looked down at the back of her head as she moved it above my cock and swinging her head tried to bob for my cock. She caught it and began sucking. “Oh god, you are great at this,” I said as I felt her saliva drool down the length of my cock and over my balls. Hanging over, she hadn’t tried to swallow so her mouth dripped warm wetness and her lips smacked as she sucked.

I released her wrists as I found her no longer fighting me. She tried to drop them to my thighs but I scolded her to keep them off there and she complied.

“I just want to feel your mouth,” I told her and gave her head a playful little push downward.

“WaaaUgggh,” she moaned and gagged a little. Her hips rose and fell as she mouthed my cock.

“Oh god, yes,” I groaned as her mouth and throat squeezed my cock. “Keep sucking,” I told her. My right hand reached forward and played with the side of her face. My left hand slid down her back to her ass cheeks and I gently caressed and kneaded them. Jenny seemed to like that and I felt her push back against my hand. I playfully gave each ass cheek a slap and I felt her gum me as she giggled. Sliding my hand between her legs, I cupped her sex from behind and felt her moistness.

“Keep sucking,” I said as she moaned on my cock and I felt her head begin to rise. “I want you to show me how turned you are by sucking my cock,” I added as my right hand pet the side of her face. She groaned her appreciation and I felt her mouth drool on my cock some more and the saliva escape her lips and drip down my balls.

Taking my fingers, I split her wet lips and slowly inserted my middle finger. Jenny was beside herself as she moaned on my cock and lowered her hips in an attempt to catch my finger.

“Ha, ha, you like my finger in your little pussy, don’t you,” I chided and she shook her head almost comically with my hard cock in her mouth.

“Yahhheessss,” she gutturally choked out and went back to sucking.

Now I could have exploded right there but I wanted to bring my little stepsister off first. I glanced at our images in the mirror that was slightly fogged over from Jenny’s bath when I heard a knock on the door to the bathroom leading to my dad and step mom’s master bedroom. I froze in the moment and it took me what seemed like a whole minute to realize who it could be. But Jenny knew immediately and as much as she was supposedly submitting to my desire, she sprang into action and slipped out from beneath me.

“Hi mom, its just me finishing up with my bath,” Jenny exclaimed as she bolted for the door and reaching it, took the knob in hand and held it as she twisted the lock into place. “How was your day?” she said trying to appear as nonchalant about her predicament as possible. You could see the relief in her face, as she knew her mom couldn’t get in through that door. She looked at me and grimaced as she spotted the other door and knew it wasn’t locked either. Hustling across the bathroom and past me she locked it just as quickly. It was funny to see her fast walk in the nude, trying to get there as fast as possible but trying to make as little noise as possible so as not to draw suspicion.

“Oh same as usual honey,” her mom lied through the door. A vision of her on her knees sucking the cocks of total strangers entered my mind and I knew her day was anything but the usual. ‘I’m a little tired, I think I’m going to lie down,” she added and you could hear the weariness in her voice.

Jenny smiled at me, as she knew her mom didn’t suspect she was in the bathroom having sex with her stepbrother. She walked in front of me and faced the wall where her mom’s room was. I could smell her soft, tender body and her sex. It was intoxicating and looked down at her cute little ass.

“Okay mom,” Jenny said in a cheerful voice, looking devilishly over her shoulder at me. She bit her lower lip to suppress a laugh as her hair swung around.

“Tell your step dad, I’m not feeling well and to get dinner for the three of you,” my step mom said and I grimaced. She had enjoyed herself at the Glory Holes but probably didn’t know when to stop. The nastiness of the thought of her trying to please all those men through the wall made my cock lurch and I looked back down at Jenny’s ass cheeks.

Jenny looked at the wall as her mom talked to her and her soft hands came behind her and she held my hips. Drawing me forward, I lowered my hips and gently bent her small frame forward. Jenny’s ass pointed upwards to me and dropping my hips beneath hers, I brought my cock to the edges of her soft pussy lips.

Jenny looked over her shoulder at me and answered her mom with a shocked look on her face. My cock was about to slip between her tender, velvety lips and all she could do was say, “Okay mom”.

I pulled her hips back to mine and my hard on slipped into her tight, little hole. The sensation was too much for Jenny and she let out an anguished “Ohh”.

My step mom heard it and she spoke up, “You alright honey?”

Jenny’s mouth was stuck in a fixed ‘O’ and her eyes were closed as she slipped down on my cock as I held her little taut body in my hands and pulled her down on me.

“Honey?” my step mom said and I could hear her right outside the door.

Jenny bit her lip as my cock began sawing in and out of her moist pussy. She reached back and held my hips tighter and tried to catch her composure. She spoke slowly as if trying to make sure she didn’t blurt out.

“I’m alright mom, I just stubbed my toe, toes,” she lied and bit her lip as my cock was causing shock waves of pleasure to run up her spine and a warmness to fill her pelvis. She looked over her shoulder at me as if she was mad and wanted me to stop. She was afraid her mom would hear her and know exactly what was happening.

“Ouch,” my step mom said, and added, “Be careful in there.”

I smiled at Jenny and bent my head forward and kissed her full on the mouth. My tongue sought hers as I ground my cock into her tight little body. Jenny kissed me back and I heard her moan in my mouth. It was the first time we had fucked and I was going to make it memorable. I lifted her little body off the ground and began screwing her right there in the middle of the bathroom floor. Jenny was beside herself and enjoying the moment. She seemed almost compelled to pivot on my cock to embrace and ride me. Her arms reached behind her and clung to me and she shifted her upper body to the side so she could kiss me harder.

The warmth and wetness of her pussy drove me crazy with desire and watching my stepsister rise and fall on my cock was almost too unbearable. I wanted to cum but I wanted her to get off first. Taking my right hand, I brought it to the front of her mound and cupped her cute little twat in my palm. Applying a little pressure, my palm pressed against her clit and my middle finger diddled her tender and engorged pussy lips as they wrapped around my shaft.

Jenny responded immediately as her mouth went stiff and open as I kissed her and she groaned a muffled ‘yes’ into my mouth.

“Come on, ride my cock,” I whispered to her as I broke our kiss to bounce her up and down on my rod.

“Yes,” Jenny uttered slightly louder than a whisper and I cringed. My step mom was probably still awake in the next room and I feared Jenny might be a screamer or at the very least a loud moaner.

Bringing Jenny back to her feet, I bent her forward and pumped my cock into her from behind. Her soft little body was responding by bouncing back into me and undulating her hips.

“That’s it fuck me,” I whispered in her ear and taking my index and middle finger pulled her pussy lips wider as my cock pistoned in and out of her.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck me,” Jenny moaned as she bent over in front of me and reached behind her to hold my hips to hers. She was building up to and an orgasm and I was gladly along for the ride.

“Oh yes, OOH YES,” Jenny cried out growing louder as she moved closer to her climax. My eyes swung instinctively to the door to her mom’s bedroom even though I knew it was locked. I expected a knock on the door any second by her mom wondering if she was being killed in there.

Thinking fast, I reached my left hand forward and cupped it over her mouth to muffle her. Jenny responded by sucking on my fingers and moaning on them.

“Oh Fuck, Oh fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Jenny managed to get out through a finger filled and covered mouth.

“Sshhh,” I whispered in her ear as I tried to recover her mouth with my hand. Jenny’s wet mouth and eager tongue was turning me on and pushing me towards my own orgasm.

“Come on, please fuck me harder,” she moaned with desperation. She was going to cum and she wanted to heighten her sensation all the way through it. Dropping her hips and spreading her legs wider, she sought to improve the angle of my cock in her young cunt.

“Yes, Yes, Yes,” she started and didn’t seem likely to stop or get quieter. My hand wasn’t working so I looked her something to help and spotted a folded bath towel. Grabbing it, I covered her mouth and face. Jenny didn’t stop muttering but buried her face in the cloth towel in order to keep her mom from haring her. She spasmed back onto my cock as I fucked her over the edge and she came. As she did, her body tightened and her muscles in her ass cheeks and pussy clenched and relaxed in a wonderful sequence, squeezing my cock and releasing, squeezing it and releasing.

Taking the towel off her face, I found a gasping Jenny, who despite having her air cut off, was so lost in her climax that she hadn’t tried to get air. She was hyperventilating with a huge smile on her face.

Seeing her face coming down from an orgasm and the sensation her tight little pussy muscles and body were giving me brought me to the edge too. I was ready to bust but knew not to do it in her. Pulling out, I swung her around and made her face me. Her smile went to a devilish grin and she lowered herself to the floor in front of me. Hungrily her mouth sought my cock and she took me in.

My cock was sensitive and the warmness of her wet mouth made me pull back and bend over her. With my cock in her mouth, she went with me and buried her face in my lap. It was my turn to spasm as her eagerness and the sight of her cute little body submitting to my whims brought me off.

“Oh fuck, oh fuuuccckkk,” I moaned and grabbed at Jenny’s head. My hands clenched her hair on either side of her head and tried to pull her off my ultra-sensitive cock. Jenny giggled at my moment of weakness and forced her head and mouth deeper into my lap. Realizing my futility, I went with it and pushed her head all the way down on my cock and ground my hips into her young face.

“Oh fuck,” I repeated myself through clinched teeth and exploded into her hungry little mouth. As quickly as my cum filled Jenny’s throat, she worked to swallow it, her talented mouth gumming my cock head.

“Oh fuck,” I muttered again and heard Jenny murmur with me in her mouth, “Hmmm, Hmmm,” she teased. She had me at her mercy. My cock was extremely sensitive at the moment and she knew she could bring me to my knees. Ripples of shock ran up my back as I came and came and my legs shook from the sensations. “Oh god,” I almost whimpered as I bent over her. My eyes crossed and closed and my mouth went dry as I tried to get my composure.

I looked down between my legs as Jenny came up for air. She had her familiar Cheshire cat smile and seemed proud of her prowess as she winked at me. I straightened up and smiled back at her. We had had some explosive moments this week but this topped them all. I patted her on the head and then helped her to her feet. She leaned forward to kiss me and I bent to her but we were interrupted.

“Jenny, you done in there Hon?” my step mom chimed as she knocked on the door. She obviously needed to use the toilet. We looked at each other and realized I had to exit when she let her mom in so as to keep her from seeing me. I hurriedly got my clothes as she stalled her with chitchat.

“Sure mom, let me grab my towel and dirty clothes,” she answered and motioned for me to go to the door. I stood by the door and as she moved to her mom’s bedroom door, I opened mine and left. I ran down the stairs as quickly as I could without making any noise and could hear them chatting as I moved. My naked cock happily swung between my legs spent from another wonderful session with my stepsister.

Chapter 8

My step mom didn’t come down for dinner that night, my dad telling my sister and I that she had something for lunch that didn’t agree with her. Jenny smiled at me and winked, obviously in response to our dangerous little tryst with her mom right outside the door. I grinned at her but couldn’t help but think of my step mom pleasing the gang down at Spanky’s instead of going to lunch.

My dad took us out to grab some fast food and he mentioned that he had made plans to take my step mom to Las Vegas next weekend. He said he’d get rooms for us if we wanted to go but we both said they should go and enjoy themselves. Jenny said she’d have a hard time getting her schoolwork done in time for the trip and I said I had something else planned for that weekend. Jenny smiled at that and asked my dad where’d they be staying.

When we got back to the house, I went to my room and crashed hard. I checked my email and found it hard to stay awake. I went over to my bed and just climbed under the covers fully clothed. I slept hard and woke up with solid wood, having dreamed hard about my step mom’s trip to the glory holes and fucking my hot, little stepsister the day before.

I staggered to the shower and peeled off my clothes and climbed in. My cock stood straight up and I thought about jerking off. Funny, but when I don’t have a girlfriend, I’ll smack my cock without provocation. With my new relationship with my stepsister, I wanted to save all my energy and goo for her. I soaped up, rinsed off, and toweled off and went back to my room. Being that it was a Thursday, I knew I was alone in the house. I pulled on a pair of gym shorts and went upstairs for a bite to eat.

The house was quiet as I expected. On weekdays by quarter to eight, my dad, step mom and delicious Jenny were gone their separate ways. It was 10:05 as I made it to the kitchen and the refrigerator. I found Jenny’s half of a hamburger from the night before and heated it up in the microwave. I grabbed the carton of milk and drank right from it as it was half empty and I planned to drink it all anyway. Standing in front of the microwave and waiting for my burger, I spotted the sports page my dad had left on the counter and began to read the headlines. The microwave buzzer went off and surprised me as I had become engrossed in story about a girl high wrestler. She looked hot and only weighed about 98 pounds so I figured she’d be Jenny’s size and I knew how fun it was wrestling with her.

The hamburger was too hot so I set it aside and took another swig of the milk. I was glancing at the records of the teams in my favorite teams division when I got a shock 10X greater than the buzzer of the microwave. A small but firm hand slid between my legs from behind and cupped my balls and cock through the thin fabric of my basketball shorts. My first instinct was to close my legs but I laughed instead. The hand quickly went about massaging my nads and stroking my growing hard-on.

“Hmmm, hmmm, guess who?” A soft female voice kidded. It wasn’t distinctive enough so I hesitated at first. It could be Jenny or my step mom and to err would be disastrous. I chose to stay mum and allow the female voice to give herself away. Spreading my legs, I allowed her all the access she needed.

“Hmmm, hmmm,” she giggled at my submission to her kneading. I would bet it was my step mom, Maureen, but I was only about 75% sure. Her hand was working her magic on my cock and balls and also led me to believe it was my step mom as I had taught Jenny to use only her young mouth.

I moved to look back and I was told not to peek. I stared straight ahead as I felt her other hand slide across my chest and stop at my right nipple. With a little tweak, she gave me a start and my cock twitched and my hips rolled.

“Ha, ha,” she giggled at my bodily response. And I felt a soft robe or shirt press to my back and sweet perfume filled my nose. It was definitely my step mom as I felt her full breasts against me. I still didn’t turn around allowing her to play with my cock to her little heart’s delight. What happened next, happened so quickly that I was caught speechless and I let out a gasp more reminiscent of a little girl than a young man.

Maureen brought both hands to my hips and with one fell swoop pulled down my loose fitting gym shorts, exposing my bare ass to her. She dropped to her knees and brought both hands to my ass cheeks and spread them. Without even a hello she buried her mouth in my ass and began licking and teasing my asshole.

“Oh fuck,” I heard myself utter as I bent forward to look down at her hot little body. My step mom must have just showered too, as her tight little body glistened as it snuck out of her blue terry cloth robe. I spotted her neck line, the inner halves of her wonderful round globe, her taut belly and her white cotton panties stretched across her plump mound and lips.

“Oh crap, don’t stop,” I said as I reached one hand down between my legs to feel up her bosom and brought the other hand behind me to hold her head to my backside. Her tongue was wet and her eagerness was intoxicating. My cock throbbed in front of me and stood straight out.

“Hmmm,” she giggled as she licked and sucked my sphincter. She omitted wet slurping sounds as she brought her hands off my ass cheeks and wrapped them around my hips to fondle my cock and balls.

“Yeah, lick my asshole, you little slut,” I grunted as I pulled her robe off her shoulders, trying to keep from falling over. I roughly grabbed at her left breast and cupped it. Her nipples were rock hard and she moaned loudly.

“Ah fuck,” I muttered as she teased my anus and hung to my waist. I stood up and reached down and undid her hands from my cock and scrotum and spun around. My step mom’s mouth was wet and as I caught her eyes, she was smiling devilishly.

“Someone looks like she recovered from yesterday,” I kidded and she giggled and winked at me. I couldn’t help but think she was a more adult and perverted version of her little daughter. Where Jenny was naïve and innocent, willing to learn and experience, her step mom was experienced and calculated, she knew what she wanted and enjoyed the depravity of it.

I leaned forward to pull her up from her knees but she had other ideas. Her mouth went right for my cock and she caught it in her lips and tried to deep throat me. She couldn’t as her mouth was too dry and her throat too tight. My cock went in about three or four inches and she gagged. She looked at me and her eyes went wide. She was undeterred though and simply backed off her head and spit on my cock head and tried again.

I reached down to grab her head to stop her as I had plans for her down on the living room couch but she continued. She dipped her head and mouth down on my cock again. The feeling was incredible as my hands caught her head and her full brunette locks. Her mouth went further this time and she reached about 5 or 6 inches and she quickly bobbed her head, seemingly trying to get the last inch and a half or so. Her mouth made an incredible, ‘Caa, Caa’ sound. She continued for a few more seconds though it seemed like minutes and came up gasping for air. She smiled at me with wet, glazed eyes and blew me a very devious kiss.

Now I was very conflicted about my step mom and her screwing around on my dad. But at this moment with my cock at full mast and my step mom on her knees in the kitchen practically begging for me to fuck her, I threw all that out the window. The little head was driving my big head and I wasn’t in control now.

“Oh fuck,” I said and using my hands intertwined in my step mom’s hair pulled her head back into my lap and onto my cock. She opened her mouth and took my cock into her moist lips. She liked it rough and she liked to deep throat. I was beside myself with lust and pounded at her face with my hips.

“Oh fuck, suck it suck it,” I urged her and looked down at her submissive face and body. Her right arm hung behind her and told me she had learned to suck cock without using her hands. Her left arm hung in her lap and I could tell she was diddling herself.

“Oh god, let me use your mouth,” I groaned as I felt my cock bottoming out in her throat. My step mom’s mouth was wide open and was making delicious smacking sounds, ‘Gaw, gaw, gawp’.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum,” I groaned as I felt my balls tighten. Moving my left hand below Maureen’s head, I grabbed hold of her neck and chin. With my right hand I grabbed the tuft of her bangs and pulled her head back slightly so I could see her face.

Now announcing you are going to cum when you are getting head can usually get you one of three responses. First, the girl pulls her mouth off your cock and her head and face as far away from your cock as possible. Second, she pulls off and leaves her face there and allows you to cum all over her face or braces. And finally, she gets turned on by your climax and her skill and tries to suck you over the top. My step mom fell in the third group with gusto. She forced her mouth deeper on my cock and increased her sucking power.

“Oh god, yes, suck, suck,” I urged now as I looked down on her. She took both hands and reached around me and grabbed my ass cheeks and held me deep in her mouth. I started to cum and the feeling was incredible. Women don’t realize or maybe they do, that a man is most vulnerable when he is cumming and her soft, talented tongue can become so unnerving on the head of the cock. There was no telling her to stop and there was little to no chance to pull her off my cock so I was forced to ride it out as wave after wave of electricity shot up and down my spine.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I heard myself whimper as I crouched over my kneeling step mom and let her finish. I felt light headed as I felt her backing off my cock. She pushed me away and smiled at me. I smiled back at her but it was really half a wince. I stood up and reached down to help her to her feet and she laughed at me.

“Oh, what a gentleman?” she kidded and playfully pretended to curtsy. My step mom’s robe fell open and revealed her wonderfully, mature body. Her breasts are full and have a natural sag from their heft. Her nipples were still rock hard and resembled a swollen pencil’s eraser. Her slim waist and taut stomach from mornings in the gym caught my eyes as they drifted south towards her panties. Her cotton whites were moist from her rubbing and were slightly askew, showing the left lips of her tender pussy. She watched my eyes and laughed.

“See anything you like?” she cooed as she pulled open her robe to show me.

I did but I didn’t say anything. I took her roughly by the hand down to the couch in the living room. She followed dutifully and when we got there tried to embrace me in order to kiss me. Being a good foot taller than her, she stood on her tippy-toes to get her mouth closer to mine. This made her off balance and made it easy for me to push her onto her back and onto the couch. She landed there with a plop and looked up at me quizzically at first, then smiled as I moved to mount her. She laughed as I swung around and mounted her in a 69 position.

She tried to say something clever, at least I think she did but my semi-hardening cock pushed into her mouth. She mumbled it through her stretched lips and it made me laugh. My step mom wasted no more time talking and began working her magic on my cock. Staring straight ahead I looked down at her pussy and smiled. Muff eating is a favorite of mine and I planned to take my time and enjoy it. With little effort, I whisked off her soaked panties and left them hanging around her ankles. My step mom, with my cock in her mouth, raised her hips to help and once they were off, spread her knees wide to allow me full access.

Her pussy was beautifully shaven and pink. Her lips glistened like a wet rose petals and she was fully engorged. Her tiny clit peeked out from under the hood. She had played with herself and the her cock sucking obviously turned her on as my gentle breath blowing on her clit, caused her to hump her hips upward and moan around my cock.

“Ahhh,” my step mom moaned as I lie gently across her belly and spread her lips with my fingers as I blew on her wet cooze. She had taken me out of her mouth and was anticipating my tongue and mouth. I reached down beside me and she took me back in her throat. As I teased her little twat, she reciprocated on my rod. Teasing her little muffin was going to be fun and I had all day.

Drooling a warm drip of saliva, I let it drip down on her tender clit. The sensation hit her little button and she writhed. Taking my fingers of both hands, I spread her lips a little wider and gazed at her pink hole. She rolled her hips in an attempt to get me to move faster and give her some much-anticipated relief. Dropping my head and making my tongue rigid, I tongue-fucked her little hole. Her muscles there tightened, seemingly trying to catch and hold my tongue but couldn’t as her hips tried simultaneously to buck my face.

My cock sloppily slipped from my moaning step mom’s mouth and she muttered through clenched teeth, “Eat me already.” She was growing impatient in anticipation of me eating her little box. Her hands tried to reach forward and grab at my head to hold me to her pussy but being smaller she couldn’t reach around my shoulders. I laughed out loud at her futility and reached beneath her and raised her hips to me. Not satisfied, I pulled her legs up now and pinned them under me so that her pussy and asshole were laid out in front of me as she lie on her back in a frog-like stance.

“Oh please, oh please,” she moaned as I leaned forward and began making long, slow and firm licks from the top of her clit to her taint. Her pussy responded as did her hips by quivering and bucking. It was intoxicating to feel the power I had over her little snatch and to hear her beg for relief.

I didn’t know it at the time but my step mom told me later that she was so horny now because of her time in the glory holes at Spanky’s. Though having been put through the proverbial cock sucking wringer had wore her out and upset her stomach, it had also lit a fire deep down inside of her. Her dreams during the night before had been one carnal adventure after another. She dreamt of almost every past lover, male friend and family member and had some sort of sordid sexual tryst with them.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned as my tongue lapped across her lips and sunk into her moist hole. Taking my hands, I spread her pussy wider so I dip my tongue deeper. Keeping it rigid, I stuck it repeatedly in and out of her tender and ultra-sensitive twat. My step mom loved it as she reciprocated on my cock and then my balls. She repeatedly bobbed her head up and back down as she let me hard cock slide between her lips. Making smacking sounds, she let me know that my tongue was hitting some of the right spots. For her, it wouldn’t be until my mouth covered her clit and I softly gummed it.

“Oh shit, oh shit,’ she stammered as she felt the first wave come over her and her butt muscles and inner thigh muscles tightened and released as she came. Her tiny body beneath me went rigid for a good ten to fifteen seconds and then she let out a muffled cry of ecstasy. Her face and mouth pressed against my scrotum as she clenched onto my thighs with her arms and rode out her climax.

I let her come down as I climbed off her and stood beside the couch. She was catching her breath and had a delighted smile on her face. She glanced at me and muttered as her right hand covered her chest as if she was trying to keep her heart from jumping out of her chest, “Wow, you really know how to get a girl off.” She shook her head and laid it back down on the couch.

“You’re just like your dad,” she started and I cringed. Nothing like feeling bad about cheating behind dad’s back with his wife and then have her compare your sexual performance to him. “He loves his cock sucked all the time,” she stated the obvious and I couldn’t help but think of her at the glory holes and Jenny and me here at the house. They were perfect matches for the two of us all right.

“Stop,” I stated firmly, trying not to lose my cool. I wanted to say this just right so she would understand what our little tryst was and if we were to continue, what were the ground rules. I explained that I didn’t want to hear about my dad’s sexual proclivities. She was not to act any different towards me than she had before we met in the parking lot by her work. Her daughter and my dad were not to know anything about this, in any way shape or form. Don’t even let on that our relationship has changed at all, I said. My step mom nodded her acceptance and complete compliance to my rules. I got the opinion she was afraid to disagree with me and afraid our new tryst might end. Watching her listen to me, I could see she was willingly submissive to me. If I said jump she would and I was free to set the rules as I saw fit.

One thing I knew is I didn’t want her getting emotionally attached to me. If I had any willpower I probably would have told her we were through but I didn’t have any and wasn’t going to stop having sex with her now that we had crossed that threshold. So I decided that I would set the parameters of our sordid relationship and I decided if I was risking so much, the loss of the love of my dad, I was going to control it all and anything I wanted, I was going to get. She agreed and I could tell she was getting turned on at the same time. She ‘oohed’ when I said I was the boss, she winked when I said I could demand sex any time I wanted, and she obediently got up on her hands and knees when I said I wanted to fuck her now doggy style.

“Put your face down on the couch,” I told her and after she thought of what I meant, lowered her right cheek onto the couch, sticking her ass into the air. I moved in behind my step mom and looked over her wonderful derriere. Her asshole and moist pussy glistened before my eyes.

“Take your hands and spread your ass for me,” I said and watched as she did. She laughed at my perverse demand and I could see her trying to look back at me. Taking my right hand, I slapped her right ass cheek, “Keep your eyes forward,” I added.

She laughed and wiggled her ass playfully. A thought came over me that although I was in control and had set the parameters of our little relationship, it was exactly what she wanted. She wanted me to play with her and call her names. She wanted me to treat her like my little slut and control her. She moaned when I took my hard cock head and slid it down along her engorged, moist pussy lips. I didn’t enter her but instead teased her pink folds.

“Awhh,” she groaned and I sensed her tilt her pelvis back to catch my cock in her wanton hole. She could tell I was teasing her and wanted me to press forward.

I reached out and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them and left my engorged cock poised at her sweet opening. She moaned and she tried to look under herself at her predicament. Letting her hands slip to the couch, she brought one to her mouth and the other underneath her to touch her clit. When her hand touched her clit, she shivered and she used her fingers to split open her hole wider.

I smiled down on her as I didn’t move forward and instead waited to see what she would do. She was almost beside herself in lust and moaned for me to continue. I laughed and gave her a playful smack on her ass that she liked. “Ahh.” She cooed as she stuck one of her fingers in her mouth.

I was ready to fuck her but I wanted her to do it. She was so sexually charged up right then that I wanted to see her fuck herself with the same enthusiasm that she sucked dick with. With another smack of her ass cheek, I told her to back up on me. She ‘oohed’ at me instruction and did as she was told. My cock slipped inside her like butter and she took me to the hilt and stopped. She was enjoying the feeling but I wanted her to work it.

With a playful smack of her other cheek, I told her, “Come on, fuck yourself.”

She didn’t need to be told twice as she started a slow grind back against my pelvis. She rotated her hips up and down and in a circular motion holding and squeezing my cock as she went. My step mom is a bigger moaner than Jenny and I was getting off watching her ride up and back on my cock. The beautiful pink and red folds of her twat glistening and unfolding with each time she rocked to and fro.

“That’s it,” I urged her on, “Back up me.” Taking my hands I spread her ass cheeks to improve my view. Her wonderful backside laid out before me in all her glory.

My step mom was beside herself as she used me as a human vibrator and bounced her tight pussy on my hard on. She was getting off by diddling herself with her hand and sliding her sensitive hole upon my cock. Her moaning was shorter now as her breathing sped up and I could tell she was going to cum. Reaching down beneath me, I covered her hand on her clit. She seemed to like it as she repositioned her hand over mine. I took my free hand and put it on the middle of her lower back and positioned my thumb over her tight asshole. Supplying a small amount of pleasure, my thumb did a lazy circle of her tight rim and spread some of her juices around. It was either too much for my step mom to handle or my thumb massage was timed perfectly with her first wave of orgasm as she tightened up and hips and legs began to convulse on my cock and against my lower body.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop,” she groaned as she began to cum. Her hips rose and fell faster as she sought to increase her pleasure. Her eyes drew shut and she bit her lower lip as the next wave came over her. Her pussy juices drew warmer and bathed my cock and I felt a wave about hit me now as I was about to cum from watching her put on such as show. Repositioning my hands and her hips now, I tore into her hot little cunt and pistoned my cock in and out of her.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah,” she groaned gutterally and hung on for the ride. She was beside herself as much as I was so she didn’t even balk when I stood up and began banging her hard against the back of the couch.

She knew I was close now and reaching back with one arm grabbed my ass and with the other hand cupped my balls between her legs. She knew what she was doing as she massaged them.

“Come on cum inside me, come on cum inside me,” she egged me on.

I was about to cum but I was in control enough to know I wanted no part of that. I pounded away at her mature little beaver but I had plans for my cumshot. I pushed myself almost past the point of no control and then pulled out and flipped my step mom onto her back. She plopped on the couch in surprise and looked up at me as I mounted her. My cock was dripping cum and I quickly grabbed it and began jerking it over her, sending globs and strings flying onto her face, neck, and chest.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I uttered as I kneeled over her fallen body. My cock growing more spent with each droplet. I had expanded the very last cum from my cock when my step mom surprised me again by taking my spent but hypersensitive cock back into her mouth and began gumming it. A shockwave of electricity shot up my back and I felt like falling on her but knew I’d crush her.

“Oh God, God, I groaned as she playfully mouthed my cock until the sensation was too great to stand. Using my free hand I pushed her head off my cock and she giggled at her mischievousness.

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