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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 05

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The rest of Tuesday was uneventful, as Jenny didn’t make it home before my dad and step mom. Apparently her high school is going to have a big game this weekend and she had to stay late so her squad would be adequately prepared. I did some odd jobs around the house to occupy my time and chatted with an old buddy on the phone.

When my dad and step mom got home I went to my room so I could check my e-mail. I was busy doing it when I thought about the Glory Holes at the adult bookstore out by the airport. I couldn’t wait for the weekend and to take Jenny there. I brought up the site for Glory Holes and tried to remember if I had my old buddy’s phone number still. I knew what store it was but I wanted to know if the holes were still there and if that kind of thing still took place.

Old Charlie Pratt was a weird guy in high school, who everyone knew but sort of kept at arms length. You always saw him at parties and high school functions but he sort of floated between groups of people not really hanging out with anyone in particular. I’m sure it was because he was into things most other guys weren’t exactly comfortable with. Charlie was always talking about sex but weird shit. He was into S&M and bondage and was always talking about some bizarre sexual fetish or sexual story he read about. Most guys in high school think about sex 24/7 but not as deeply, twisted, or perverted as Charlie. Take the Glory Holes thing, he thought it was the neatest thing going and would tell everyone about it. Most of my buddies were afraid to take showers with the guys because they didn’t want to see another dude naked. The whole sticking your dick through a hole and getting it sucked off scared most of them and the thought of getting seen by someone they knew petrified them. Not ‘Old Charlie’ or “Spunky” as some of the guys used to call him. It was for the obvious reason, because he was probably always “spunking” through the glory holes or beating off to his endless stories and the fetishes he had uncovered.

I had dropped his name a couple of times in my conversations with my buddies when I called them about employment and got the usual response. “What do you want with Spunky?” I dropped it when I said, “I just wondered what he was up to?” and their response was, “What do you want with that sick pervert?” I didn’t really have an answer that seemed plausible and I wasn’t going to tell them the truth, “I’m thinking about sticking my step sister in one of those ‘glory holes’ at the airport.”

Sitting at my computer with just my jean shorts and an old football jersey, I felt my cock stir as I glanced at the screen and a young blonde servicing two long black cocks that poked through the glory hole walls. She had a dirty smile and enjoyed taking the fat pricks and smacking them on her extended tongue. I had the sound shut off and was flipping through an old sports magazine when I heard the front door upstairs open and close. It was Jenny home from school and she moved through the house like a bull in a china shop. I could hear her as she made her way through the house above me. I glanced at the screen again and mentally put her in the little blonde’s place. I smiled and adjusted the front of my shorts so my hard on was pinned in the fabric.

About two minutes or so after, Jenny busted through the front door and through the house, I heard the sound of feet on the steps leading to the basement and my room. I expected Jenny so I didn’t turn off my computer or try to hide the glory holes site. I played it nonchalant and went back to reading my magazine. It was Jenny and she had an almost apologetic look on her face. I smiled at her and told her to come in. She was wearing her cheerleading outfit and frilly socks with no shoes.

“What’s up?” I asked as I watched her move towards me. My parents were home so nothing could or was going to happen but I wanted a repeat performance from earlier today and my cock wanted its release.

“Nuttin’much,” Jenny giggled and then looked serious. Her eyes looked at me and then at my computer screen. An older brunette was trying to be very accommodating as she worked hard to service three different cocks as they poked through the holes around her. She seemed enthralled and I laughed.

“Oops, sorry about that,” I lied and she knew I was kidding and giggled.

“I just came down to tell you a couple of things. One is that I can’t make it this weekend to the adult book store,” she said. She smiled, frowned and smiled again. Her hands nervously smoothed down her skirt and adjusted her buttons on her blouse. She licked her lips and flipped her hair out of her eyes.

“I thought you didn’t want to go?” I said.

Jenny smiled and tried to control a giggle and got serious for a moment, “I don’t,” she started and then searched for the right words as if trying to convince herself. “I have to cheerlead the big game on Friday night and then there is the dance on Saturday so I couldn’t go if you wanted me to go and I don’t want to go,” she muttered through anxious lips. When she was through she acted as if she was proud that she was able to say what she said and was convinced it was the truth. She bit her lower lip as she awaited my response.

“Oh,” I said and smiled at her. She smiled back as if she was glad I was taking her admission well. She seemed very worried that she might be hurting my feelings by pulling out of our trip. Using my right hand, I motioned for her to raise her skirt. Jenny saw me and glanced around nervously and back at me. She hesitated and slowly pulled at the fabric as she raised it against her thighs. I watched as she slowly revealed more of herself until her cute, mildly hairy pussy came into view. Her lips were still a little engorged and I figured running around without panties had kept her at an agonizing state of excitement.

“I think you are due for a shave,” I said as I glanced from her cunt to her face. “Remind me to shave your pussy tomorrow,” I chided. Wednesday’s were always a shorter school day for Jenny and we would have more time to play. My cock stiffened as I thought about playing barbershop.

Jenny smiled anxiously as she looked down between her legs and back at me. She bit hard on her lower lip and giggled. She got a serious look on her face again and started to speak, “The other thing is really important.”

The sound of more footsteps on the stairs broke us from our conversation and Jenny dropped her skirt. She tried to look nonchalant but couldn’t. She looked ready to bolt from the room and hide under my bed at the same time. I wasn’t much better as I tried to shut off my computer and hit the wrong keys and finally just turned the screen away so no one could see it from the doorway.

It was Jenny’s mom and she had more than two handfuls of laundry in her arms. She smiled at us as she made her way past my doorway to the utility room. Jenny smiled and I could see she was very relieved her mom wasn’t faster down the steps. I breathed a sigh of relief myself and waved her to go and she moved to the doorway.

Thinking fast, I sought to explain her being in my room and said, “Sure, bring me any homework questions you are having problems with and I’ll see if I can help you with them.”

Jenny smiled and said, “Thanks! I will” as she moved out of my room into the hall. She disappeared quickly up the steps and I moved just as fast to my doorway. I wanted to close my door so I could turn off my computer and the ‘glory holes’ site before my step mom passed my doorway again. As I got to my door, I was almost floored by my shock as my step mom stepped into my room.

“Oh hi,” I said as I straightened up and backed up from reaching for my door handle. My step mom is an older version of Jenny and she could easily pass for an older sister. She was still dressed in her work clothes, a matching brown vest and skirt, with a white blouse. The blouse was unbuttoned to the top of her cleavage. What Jenny lacked in the chest department, her mom made up in spades. I don’t know if they were real as that isn’t the question one asks his dad about his new wife. She had on a pair of nylons and four-inch heels that made her seem taller than her 5’4 height. She a hint of makeup on and smelled of vanilla

She moved towards me quickly and had I not stood up, I would have been pressed to her chest and been able to find out the answer for myself. She had delighted smile and I think enjoyed the fact she was able to back me up. She didn’t speak and I think it was a little bit of a power trip. She wanted to see if she could fluster me. She couldn’t. I stepped around her and moved out of my room and went to the utility room for one of my shirts. I walked into the utility room trying to use my peripheral vision to see if she was following me. I didn’t want to play her game so I didn’t look back. She wasn’t at least not right away.

“I’m glad to see you and Jenny getting along,” she said as she entered the cramped utility room. The warmth from the dryer made the room seem like a sauna.

“She’s pretty easy to get along with,” I said and a mental picture of Jenny gorging herself on my cock caused my semi-hard on to become stiffer. I looked at my step mom and she was looking me up and down.

“Your father and I have noticed her grades have improved and we are impressed about her trying out and getting a cheerleading position,” she said, as her eyes looked hard at my face. She seemed to be gauging my reaction to her conversation.

I dismissed it and found my shirt. I grabbed it in my right hand and started out of the room. “I know I have helped her with her homework but she has done most of it on her own,” I assured my step mom as she watched me walk past her.

“Well we thank you for any help you have had with getting her schoolwork turned around,” my step mom started, “but I do need to talk to you about something that I found today that is quite disturbing.” She stared at me as I tried to walk away and I now knew she was definitely trying to uncover something from my reaction.

I turned to look at her squarely and we had one of those very awkward moments of silence that seem to go on for hours but are really just a couple of bone-crushing seconds. I didn’t bite, I didn’t know what she was referring to but I knew not to incriminate myself. My step mom felt the awkwardness of the moment herself and she smiled. Her eyes looked me up and down. Not the same way Jenny or her friend, Mandy have when they were scamming me for dick. No, my step mom was still trying to gauge what part I played in something she had uncovered and must have thought she was an expert in body language.

“Jenny is a very, young and naïve little girl,” my step mom quipped, breaking the silence since I didn’t. “She acts like she knows everything, but she doesn’t,” she said as she walked towards me. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke and her similarities to Jenny were striking. I tried to keep my composure since I knew she was after something and besides my dad was somewhere upstairs.

“She is young and impressionable and in the wrong hands, I’m afraid she could get hurt,” my step mom said as she closed to within no more of a foot of me. She smelled great and I resisted the urge to show her just what her daughter liked to do with me most.

I nodded my head in agreement. I moved towards my room and tried to leave her behind me. She let me step ahead of her but followed me. As I entered my room she stepped to my doorway. She was starting to say something when the door at the top of the basement stairs opened. It was my dad and he wanted to know when dinner was going to be ready.

“5, 10 minutes tops,” she said looking up the stairs at him. “Could you stir the peas,” she added and looked in my room and smiled. I heard my dad say something else and couldn’t make it out. My step mom answered with, “Just asking him what he might like for dinner later this week.”

My step mom had lied to my dad and my dad bought it and closed the door. She turned back to me and smiled. “We’ll have to continue this conversation later,” she said obviously disappointed. “Come on for dinner,” she added, “Your dad likes when we eat as a family.”

I nodded in agreement and slipped on some sandals. When I turned back to the door my step mom was still there. I smiled at her and moved towards her and the doorway.

My step mom smiled and said, “Aren’t you going to turn off your computer?”

Forgetting that it was on and more importantly what was on the screen, I turned to shut off the computer. It was then that I realized that the ‘Glory hole’ site was on. I was relieved that I had turned away the screen so no one could see it from the doorway until my step mom spoke again.

“Be careful what you leave on your screen,” she said and smiled, “Wouldn’t want someone seeing something they shouldn’t.”

I could have collapsed right there and my head could have exploded in embarrassment but I didn’t want to let my step mom know she had burned me so bad. I just quickly went about closing down my computer with my back to the doorway and listened as she walked up the basement stairs. Once done, I went upstairs and had dinner, a very quiet dinner. No one spoke much but my dad and when dinner was over we all returned to our rooms.

I had a couple of buddies to see in the morning so I watched the sports highlights for the day and went to bed. I was deep in sleep when I felt a pair of hands slide under my blankets. I was only wearing a pair of boxers so they were able to slide inside pretty easily and get what they were searching for. Semi-conscious I felt the soft little digits tug at my semi-hard on and rub my balls.

I awoke with a smile and looked over at Jenny kneeling beside my bed. She had a naughty little smile on her face and I quipped, Couldn’t sleep, hunh?”

Jenny just nodded her head and I lifted my covers. Almost on cue Jenny leaned forward and her head disappeared under my covers. The sounds of her hearty sucking and smacking lips as she pumped my shaft as she raised and lowered her mouth on my cock was music to my ears.

My own hands moved down under the covers and I played with her hair as pushed her head lower on my cock to help her take all of me. She didn’t resist but instead tried to get as much of me in her mouth as possible. About ten minutes of this heavenly agony and I squeezed the bed sheets with my ass cheeks and nutted in her mouth. Jenny swallowed as she always has, losing a little down her chin but wiped it up with her fingers and licked them clean.

She pulled her head out from under the sheets and smiled, “How’d you like that?”

It was a strange question with an obvious answer and I could tell she was proud of her naughty little stunt of waking me up with her hands. “I loved it,” I told her and pinched her cheeks in my right index finger and thumb. It made her mouth into fish lips and I laughed, “You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth!”

She frowned and faked hurt as she did the day she was catcalled walking home from school.

“But I can think of a few things to do with it,” I said and dropped my hand to the front of her one-piece white nightgown. My right index finger hooked her blouse at her plunging neckline and I pulled it down. Her right nipple popped free and I wiggled the neckline until I could see her left nipple. Both nipples were engorged and I smiled, “Wearing any panties?”

She smiled back and started to answer, “Nah, that’s what I was trying to tell you.” She had remembered what she was trying to tell me earlier in the evening before her mom had come down. Her eyes grew big and she started to giggle, “My mom found your boxers in my room!”

My eyes went wide and I said “No way.” My mind reeled as I tried to remember what conspired when she came home earlier in the day. I smiled as I thought about coming up from behind her, rubbing my cock on her backside and pushing her to her knees so I could face fuck her. “Crap,” I said as I remembered driving her to school in just my jean shorts.

“Don’t worry I told her, they probably stuck to my clothes with static cling,” Jenny said assuredly. She nodded her head in the affirmative, happy that her mom had probably bought the story.

“You little Smartie Pants, with the great mouth,” I kidded and surprised her, “Come up here and sit on my face.” I motioned with my hands and she got up slowly. She looked around carefully and once standing, stepped up unto my bed. She was pantiless like she said and when she moved over me I could see up under her nightgown at her lovely pussy and ass.

“Like this?” she asked as she moved over me. She had a nervous smile on and began to kneel.

“Just like that,” I said and raised my arms to grab her hips. “Kneel on either side of me,” I told her. She squatted slowly and her heavenly smell caught my nose and I pulled her down quicker.

“Won’t I crush your face?” she asked naively and grabbed my wrists to steady herself.

“What all 95 pounds of you?” I kidded, “Don’t worry about me.”

She tried to speak again but only moaned as my stiffened tongue jammed itself up inside her pink hole and she nearly bent in half as she grabbed my head and hair. “Oh god,” she cried out as I began to lick, nibble and suck on her pussy. Her clenched fingers squeezed my head and mimicked what her lips and vagina muscles were doing in reaction to my tongue and mouth. She came several times and each new time caused her to push down harder with her pelvis and tried to squeeze and hold my head tighter between her thighs. The last time was the best as I sucked lightly on her little clit, my tongue quickly slipped down and tickled her asshole.

“Oh shit, oh shit,’ she moaned and then coughed as she tried to catch her breath. She seemed locked in a fetal position over my face and unable to get up for what felt like minutes but was really probably only 20 or seconds. Being so light, I bench pressed her off of me and set her down below me on the bed. She was smiling and rubbing her thighs as she caught her composure.

Playfully, I slapped her ass and squeezed her as cheeks. She just moaned and looked up at me. Taking my hands, I gently spread her legs so I could get a better view. Her tight little pussy with light brown hairs covering it peeked at me. Her pink lips looked so inviting. Reaching down I took my fingers and spread her lips so I could see her hole. Jenny put her hand on top of mine, not really to stop me but to let me know she was extremely sensitive down there at the moment. I smiled as her eyes watched mine studying her pussy. My cock was rock hard from eating her and playing with her cunt only made it stiffer.

Taking my fingers again, I spread her ass cheeks to look at her tight round puckered asshole. Using a wet finger, I slipped it across her bunghole and carefully rimmed her sphincter. Jenny “Oohed” and knowing how hard she had cum the last time with my tongue on her asshole, I had some great exploring to do in the future. I released her ass cheeks and playfully cupped and slapped her pussy lips. It caused Jenny to shudder.

“Careful,” she said jokingly. She started to get up, having recovered from my mouth and tongue assault on her pussy and said, “I better get back upstairs before my step mom wakes up.”

I stopped her by grabbing her arm and told her to wait. Getting up myself, I spun her around and sat her back down on my bed. She looked at me quizzically and I told her to lie on her back. She smiled at my stamina and perverse ways. I was over her in no time and kneeling over her face, I offered her my balls. “Lick my balls,” I told her and took my hardened cock in my hand, I stroked it. Her tongue slipped inside the leg of my boxers and licked under my balls and across the bottom of them. Remembering how she did a crouching dance on my face moments ago, I had no trouble getting ready to explode again.

“That’s it lick my asshole,” I told her as her tongue slipped playfully lower. “Man, you are a great little cock sucker,” I praised her.

Feeling ready to explode I slid back down her body so I sitting above her stomach and reached down and pulled her by the hair up to me. Streams of cum exploded from my cock and splashed on her face, neck and chest. I gushed cum for a full five seconds and dripped on her chin, nose and nipples. Jenny’s tongue stuck playfully out of her mouth as she tried to get the last dribbles from my prick.

She playfully laughed and asked, “What was that for?’

I shook my head, smiled and said, “I just wanted to see what it was like to cum all over your tits, I guess I got carried away.” Reaching up I wiped a glob from the corner of her mouth unto her lips.

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