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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 03

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I passed out about 5 minutes after Jenny left my room. I had a hard-on when I woke up that could break bricks. I don’t know what my dreams were about but I knew they had to have been good. I remembered that I had told Jenny to come back down after our parents went to sleep but really didn’t know if she would. I glanced at my clock and it was 9:45. I was starved but wanted a shower first. I dragged myself to the stall and showered. I thought about beating off but decided to wait to see if little Jenny would be stopping by. After my shower, I went to my room and put on something so I could go upstairs and raid the refrigerator.

I grabbed a pair of old swim trunks and a white cotton t-shirt. With a wet head and bare feet, I went to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. Both my dad and step mom worked in the morning so I figured they had made it upstairs to bed. Jenny was nowhere in sight so I grabbed a plate threw the sandwich on it and went back to my room.

I was chowing down on a turkey on rye and looking at a cool porn site on my computer when I heard the door to the basement open and close. There was silence for a moment and then I heard the sound of feet inching there way down the steps to my door. It was closed so I closed down the porn site and opened my mailbox and started going through the endless crap people and companies send me. In my heart and in my swim trunks, I hoped it was Jenny but wondered if it might be either my dad or step-mom getting clothes ready for tomorrow. Just in case, I grabbed my camera and pointed towards the center of the room and turned it on. I had it hooked up to my computer so the movie would be directly downloaded into my computer.

I knew it was Jenny when I heard the soft tap of her hand on my door. She was trying to be as quiet as possible as to not wake up our parents. They both usually fell asleep before 9 so I figured we were pretty safe.

“Come on in,” I said, trying to be as matter-a-fact as I possibly could with a hard-on tenting my swim trunks and my mind already exploring the many possibilities Jenny’s hot mouth and body offered.

It was Jenny and she was smiling shyly as she opened up the door and stepped in. She turned her back to me and quietly closed the door behind her. She was wearing a little baby doll nightgown that hung down just below her waist and little frilly socks. The view of her ass was incredible as I spied her soft, silky panties. She had her hair tied back in a ponytail that hung at the back of her head. She spun around and moved over to me at the desk. She smiled and almost giggling asked me, “Whatcha doing?” Her eyes looked to the computer and back to me.

Now even though I had fucked her mouth twice and felt her up, I still felt compelled to lie to her and say I was just answering my e-mails and surfing for cool sites.

“Really,” Jenny said coyly, as she pointed at my crotch. She had busted me and she giggled about it.

“Funny girl,” I laughed and my cock throbbed. My stepsister was so hot and her body made me crave sex so much that I couldn’t go a minute or two without thinking about her and her sweet little mouth. “Come here,” I told her and motioned for her to come sit on my lap.

Jenny moved quickly and sat down on my left knee and my hands wrapped around her. My right hand moved to her chest and my left hand held her to me. She was braless so her firm tits hung inside her nightgown. I cupped her right tit and my fingers rubbed her nipple. It quickly grew harder to my touch. Jenny moaned softly and bit her lower lip. She welcomed my roving hands and I had a feeling she had been thinking about this moment since she left my room.

The little vixen slid her back against me and her right hand fell in my lap. Her hands’ warmth made my cock stiffen even more. Her legs spread slightly and I could tell she was trying to rub her hot, little cunt against my thigh. I dropped my left hand down her tight stomach and as it lid lower Jenny hummed through clenched lips. She knew where my hand was headed and didn’t move to stop me. If anything she tried to be more accommodating as her back arched and her legs spread wider.

My right hand moved to cup her left breast and she brought her left hand up to hold it. She covered my hand and moved with it. My right hand drifted into her lap and she wiggled on my thigh and I felt her cum for the first time. I had barely touched her between her legs and she came. The sensation was incredible, feeling her tight little body rub up against me and then writhe as she gave into a wave of ecstasy. She held her breath through her climax but moaned hard as she came down from it.

“You didn’t just do what I think you did?” I said in amazement. My hand cupped her pussy and I applied pressure.

Jenny giggled and answered an aspirated “Yeah, I did.” Her right hand felt my cock through my shorts and she alternated between stroking me and squeezing the head of my cock.

“You hot little cunt,” I called her as I slid her panties aside so my fingers could diddle her little button. She rocked on my hand and let out an “Ooh.” I was in control and I decided it was time for me. “How about you get on your knees and blow me,” I told her and moved my legs apart to give her room to slide beneath me at my desk. My hands reluctantly left her body and I brought my right hand to my nose so I could smell her juices. She had wet through her panties and my fingers and palm glistened. She slid off my thigh and quickly kneeled between my legs.

“You really like sucking cock,” I exclaimed as I was taken aback by her willingness to climb between my legs and picked up on our conversation from earlier in the day.

Jenny giggled and smiled shyly. Her hands massaged the bulge in my swim trunks as her eyes stared at it almost in awe.

“Tell me you like to suck my cock,” I ordered her. My hands came down on either shoulder and pulled her forward. Jenny moved forward and I felt her left hand slid up my trunk leg to cup my balls. “Oh god,” I exclaimed as she really knew how to tough a guy.

“I love to suck your cock,” she said so sweet and innocently that I almost came right there. My hands moved to my hips now and stuck my thumbs inside my swim shorts as I stood quickly and I pushed them straight down to my ankles. My cock stood straight out and as I sat back down bare-assed, it hit Jenny on the top of her head. She giggled and pulled her knees forward so she was sitting on her heels.

I pulled her head forward and to my cock and she didn’t hesitate to take it in her mouth. She ran her tongue around my cock head and then bobbed her full lips up and down on my cock, taking in about an inch and a half and then sliding off it. Pre-cum escaped my head but she lapped it up quickly.

“What do you love about sucking cock?” I asked as I grabbed my cock in my right hand and stroked it. Jenny didn’t answer but instead shrugged her shoulders and smiled shyly. She saw me pulling up and down on my cock and giggled.

“What do you love about sucking my cock?” I asked again but didn’t really allow her to answer as I pulled her head to my cock with my left hand and stuck in her mouth with my right hand. She sucked on it and allowed me to force it deeper in her mouth to about 3 inches.

As her head came off my cock and she caught her breath, she giggled and answered, “I don’t know.”

I stuck my cock back in her mouth and as she sucked on the head and about an inch or two of my shaft, I jerked my cock off in her mouth. I could have exploded but fought the urge. Jenny held my cock in her mouth and I could feel her tongue swirl around my head and my shaft.

This time when she came up for air, she had an answer. “I like the way it feels in my mouth,” she said and giggled. “I don’t mind the choking but it feels weird in my mouth and I like it,” she added.

Her answer turned me on and I pulled her head forward and stuck my cock in her mouth. She sucked on me hard and as she did, I forced her head deeper. She opened her mouth wider and I could feel my length being almost completely engulfed.

“Yeah, that’s the way deep throat me,” I told her as my hands came to the back of her head and held her there. As she reached the deepest she seemingly could go I wiggled her head on my cock to try to get her deeper. “Fucking yeah, swallow that dick,” I uttered.

Jenny gagged and then coughed on my dick as I let her face up off my cock and she came up red-faced and fighting for air. Her left hand up to her throat as she caught her breath and tried to regain her composure. She smiled when she relaxed and then giggled. I was amazed by her cocksucking ability and smiled back.

“Wow, don’t forget I have to breathe,” she giggled and wiped her moist lips. “I like the taste of your cock, too. I don’t mind the taste of your cum, I could take it or leave it but I mostly like how naughty it makes me feel,” she relented. She smiled and looked at my cock. She stuck her tongue out and licked from the base of my balls straight up along my shaft to my cock head.

“Naughty, hunh?” I stated. I watched her face and smiled. “So sucking cock really turns you on?” I added and awaited her reply.

Jenny smiled and nodded her head. She had been frank with me but this admission made her blush. “Yeah,” she moaned.

“So can you cum sucking on my dick?” I asked.

“I almost did earlier today,” she answered. She smiled sheepishly and feeling self-conscious took my cock in her mouth again. I sawed back in forth in her mouth as I watched her suck me.

“Come on be my good little cock sucker,” I said and picked up the pace as my cock pistoned in and out of her big, moist lips. Her cheeks bulged and hollowed as I fucked her face. Reaching down with my two hands I held the sides of her face and held her beautiful face in my lap and banged away. Her lips rolled under and over as my cock assaulted her face and I watched as a tear rolled out of her right eye.

“Come on, let me fuck your face, you little cunt,” I groaned as my cock teetered on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Jenny moaned on my cock hard as she tried to catch her breath between thrusts. She had tried to pull her head back from my lap but it was futile, my hands owned her head and my cock her mouth.

“Oh god,” I cried out as my balls exploded, sending my seed shooting into Jenny’s waiting mouth. Like the two blowjobs before, she tried to swallow it as it erupted in her mouth but she just couldn’t swallow fast enough and breathe at the same time and I had to let her up for air. She coughed and gagged and swallowed and repeated numerous times until the redness left her cheeks and she was able to breathe normally again. I watched her quietly as I stroked my cock and the last drops of semen out of the head of cock and onto the backs of my fingers.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Jenny looked more in ecstasy then agony. She moaned as she took regular breathes and smiled at me. She licked her full lips and flickered her eyes.

‘That was awesome,” I told her and pulled her head forward to my cock and told her, “Clean the rest up.” Her mouth was right in front of my cock and hand and she hesitated as she saw all the cum she hadn’t swallowed and took a deep breathe.

‘Come on, clean up the rest of cum,” I told her. She giggled and lapped at it then sucked it up like she would jelly or hot soup. When she had finished up, she kissed the head of my cock and moved to stand up.

Since she had been between my legs for so long, she staggered to her feet on wobbly legs. Her back bumped my desk and jogged my computer screen. She fell forward onto my lap and swung around to sit on my lap again. As she did we both spotted the computer screen and what was on it.

Somehow Jenny had bumped my keyboard as she banged into my desk and reopened a window from the internet. Like I had said I was checking out some porn sites and she just happened to open a page from a free site called “Gloryholes.” I moved to close it again but Jenny stopped me.

“Wait, let me see,” she said teasingly. “So you were playing with yourself before I came down,” she said. Her eyes fixed on my computer screen. She checked out a series of pictures with a hot young blonde seated in a men’s rest room stall. Holes in the walls around her sported various cocks and she was alternating between sucking each guy’s member. The walls were littered with graffiti as somebody had written crude sayings for the females who might come in there.

“Open Up and Suck”, “Like Black Cock?”, “Gobble, Gobble,” etc. was written above and around the various holes. Jenny’s eyes were transfixed on the page and she noticed that a couple of the pictures were instead short movies that you could watch. She moved to my mouse and moved the cursor to click on one. It hesitated as the computer downloaded the mpeg for her and then it began playing. She giggled as she watched and I enjoyed her hot little body rubbing up against me as she was amazed by the short movie.

“Do women really do that?” she asked me as she looked to me and back at the blonde as she tried to deep throat a huge black cock sticking through the wall.

I laughed as my hands held her to me and I could feel my cock getting rock hard again. I placed my right hand between her legs and cupped her pussy. She seemed moister than before and her legs squeezed my hand as she rubbed back against my hand.

“I think she’s an actress and the site just sets them up in their and actors stick their cocks through the holes,” I said but added, “places like that exist, where real women go in and service guys.” I rubbed my palm against Jenny’s clit and she moaned. I tried to wiggle my fingers against her lips so I could stick them in her but couldn’t as she was forcing her pussy so hard against my thigh I couldn’t get them in.

“I think chicks like it because the guys don’t know who they are and they can get off without anyone seeing their faces,” I said. I tried to use my left hand to push Jenny up but she just rocked back ad forth against my hand and thigh and moaned.

“A buddy told me that there is a adult book store out by the airport where he goes and chicks go in the stalls and blow guys through holes in the wall,” I reported. Her breathing became more pronounced and I could tell she was getting ready to come again.

“Would you want to go out there, one night?” I asked her as I watched her click on another mpeg in total fascination.

Jenny shook her head, ‘no’ but by the way she was studying the screen, I knew she really meant ‘yes.’ She seemed ready to give into my advances and her own orgasm and she lifted her hips from my thigh and allowed my fingers to slide into her moist hole. About the third in, she came as my fingers fucked her tight little pussy. Her hands came down and grabbed my forearms as she steeled herself for her orgasm and she cried out, “Oh god, yes, oh god fuck me,” she urged me and alternated trying to sit on my fingers and thigh and standing up and trying to free her puss from my prying.

“Yeah you would, you little slut,” I said and increased the pressure of my palm on her clit and pulling fingers from her cunt instead squeezed and gently tugged on her pussy lips. “I’ll take you out there this weekend,” I said as she hung limply against me and tried to recover from her climax.

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