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You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! Ch. 02

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Let’s just say after Jenny polished my knob, I was horny all the time. Jenny was mum about our experience together even when it was just the two of us around. She played the good daughter with our parents and even seemed to be doing better in school.

A day after our oral session, a buddy of mine asked me along on a fishing trip he was taking with his dad and I agreed. I agreed begrudgingly as I wanted to explore the wonderful possibilities with Jenny.

We went up into Canada and found some cool fishing cabins off Lake George. The fishing was awesome as we caught more than our limit each day. We ate the extra and scaled, wrapped, and iced the legal ones. During the day, my mind was occupied with fishing and boating but at night I had a hard time getting to sleep as my thoughts focused on Jenny and our newfound relationship. With my buddy and his dad always around, I couldn’t relieve myself thinking about Jenny so I had to grin and bare-it. My dreams didn’t help. I had dreams of getting caught by everyone from my dad to the milkman with my cock in Jenny’s gorgeous mug. I even had a threesome with my step mom and Jenny fighting over my cock. Needless to say I was feeling very randy when I got home from my four and a half day trip.

It was a Monday and in the late afternoon. I knew Jenny was going to be home any minute from school and my parents weren’t expected until after 6. I called my dad and small talked about my trip. He said he was glad I had chosen to come and live with him and his new wife and Jenny during my break between semesters at college. He said he had to go but asked me to say ‘hi’ to Jenny and try to get along with her. I chuckled to myself that I was going to say more than ‘hi’ and that we were going to get along just fine.

I stowed all my gear and went to my computer and checked my e-mails. I have a ex-girlfriend who loves to send perverted pixs to me and since I had been away she had bombarded me with about 30. All the naughty pixs didn’t help my heightened libido nor did clicking on the movie I had downloaded from my camera before I left. The sight of Jenny between my legs gave me goose bumps. My cock, which has been semi-hard almost for five days, lurched in my pants at the sight of Jenny wiping cum from the corners of her mouth. I looked at the clock and wondered why she wasn’t home yet. It was a good five to ten minutes after she normally made it home.

I really wanted some release but wanted Jenny to do it so I pushed myself up from my computer and went to the front of the house. I looked out the windows and front door and didn’t see her anywhere. It wasn’t like her to not come straight home from school so I went and got my keys and went out to my truck.

I drove by her high school and saw that most of the campus was deserted except for some jocks and band members. I wondered where she could be and decided to try her friend’s house. Jenny’s friend Mandi lived by the school and I had dropped her there once. Mandi was a tall skinny blonde with a slight over bite. She always seemed to act weird around me and Jenny hinted she was attracted to me. I laughed to myself as I thought of what I told her then, “I’m not really into high school chicks right now.”

I knocked on Mandi’s door and waited while a little barking dog was ushered into another room. An attractive older woman in fancy clothes answered the door and she didn’t seem pleased. She looked me up and down and stuck her nose in the air. I guess I didn’t impress her in my flannel shirt, faded jeans, hiking boots, and with five days of stubble gracing my face.

“Can I help you?” she asked in a loathing tone.

“Yes, is your daughter home,” I sarcastically quipped. I could have asked her if my sister was there but I thought I’d push her buttons.

She made a face and then asked, “Does she know you?” I’m sure her mind was reeling, thinking hard about what Mandi would be doing with the likes of me.

“Actually she knows my sister, Jenny, and I’m looking for her,” I answered. The look of relief came over her face and she smiled pleasantly and said she’d fetch her. Now Mandi’s no dog but my mind conjured up a vision of her with a doggie collar and crawling around on her hands and knees.

Mandi was at the door almost instantly and she stepped through it and closed the door behind her. It was an obvious attempt to shield our conversation from her mother inside. She smiled brightly. The kind of brightly that suggests she is trying too hard to impress and turn on the object of the expression.

“Hi, I haven’t seen you in a long time,” Mandi said, trying to start a conversation. She was still dressed in her school outfit and I marveled at the way the high school girls tried to accentuate their conforming outfits to impress the guys. Mandi had her white blouse tied off at mid-chest showing off her tight, flat stomach. She was skinny but she was in shape too, as her abs showed.

“Haven’t brought Jenny by in a while,” I appeased her with polite conversation. Behind her, I could see her mom moving around in the living room. She was nervously looking out the window while trying not to appear like she was.

“My mom said you were looking for Jenny,” she stated. She did a once over on me and despite my haggard appearance she looked like she was pleased. She did a playful turn and spun around for me and I think she definitely had a schoolgirl crush on me. Her eyes stopped at my crotch and I almost laughed out loud. She definitely took after her mom with her lack of subtlety.

“Yeah, I was just wondering where she was at,” I said, “She is normally home by now.”

“Aww, that’s nice,” she mused. “The caring older step brother,” Mandi kidded. She knew we weren’t related and I hoped she didn’t know much more.

“Yeah, yeah,” I chimed back. I looked through the living room window and got a disapproving look from her mom. “Do you have any ideas?” I said.

“Yeah, I know exactly where she is,” Mandi said playfully, “but you have to tell me something.” She smiled slyly and looked back over her shoulder at her mom. She turned back to me and smiled.

“What?” I said, she was playing with me and I was just about done being patient. I thought for a brief moment that just maybe Jenny had told her friend of our new relationship but I was relieved to find out she hadn’t.

“Are you seeing anyone?” she asked coyly and I smiled. She bit down gently on her lower lip with her overbite and winked.

“No, I’m not at the moment,” I said and smiled back at her. Mandi was a first class flirt and wasn’t very shy of her intentions. “Would you like to go out one of these nights?” I stated and looked over her shoulder at her mom. She didn’t approve of our conversing; I knew she wouldn’t approve of our dating. “What would your mom say,” I asked as I watched Mandi blushing. She was shaking her head ‘yes’ and preening in front of me and I could see her mom aghast as she watched her daughter flirt with the filthy heathen in front of her house.

“Where is she?” I said, as I looked Mandi up and down. She had a tight body and I couldn’t wait to see her naked.

“She is trying out for cheerleader for the winter sports and should be,” she said and paused. She was looking at her expensive, sleek wristwatch and figuring out where Jenny would be. “She should be just finishing up and probably walking home,” she stated and wiggled her long, firm body.

“When do you want to go out?” Mandi asked. She smiled and did another glance down along my body.

“How about I call you” I suggested and turned to leave. I wanted to catch Jenny walking home and didn’t have any more time for chit-chat. Mandi’s mom approved as she waved from the window. I think she was watching to make sure I didn’t maul her daughter in front of the house and when I didn’t she was happy. Mandi was caught unaware though and yelled her phone number as I got back in my tuck and sped off. She didn’t finish it as I think she surmised I could get it from Jenny.

I drove back to the school and my cock was growing in my pants. It was now 4:35 and I was hornier than I ever had been before. I searched the faces of the girls in the parking lot looking for Jenny. They were all wearing their school outfits so it wasn’t as easy as you might expect. When I spotted her, I started getting giddy. She was walking alone and I could tell she had made the team. She had on a cheerleader’s outfit and was wiggling as she walked as she tried to get used to the feel of her new clothes. I drove up beside her as she walked on the sidewalk and asked her if she needed a lift.

Jenny was cautious at first as she avoided my cat call. Realizing it was me, she smiled and ran to the side of the truck. She was beaming as she was proud of her new accomplishment. She took the front of her sweater and pulled it away from her body to show me the “Fighting Beavers’ logo.

I smiled back at her and thought how much of a ‘wet dream’ she really was. She had her hair in pigtails, had on a cheerleader’s outfit and her makeup accentuated her gorgeous eyes and mouth. I wished I had a camera on me and thought I would have to explore that avenue at another time.

“I thought you were one of those crude boys again,” she told me as she climbed in the passenger side. As she got in, her skirt caught on the fabric and rode up, reveling her cute little white panties with little cherries on them. Jenny quickly pulled the fabric down over her legs as she got situated in my passenger seat.

“Not me,” I laughed and reached over and flung her skirt up revealing her panties again. Jenny giggled at my forwardness. She flipped her skirt back down but only after holding it up so I could get a good peek.

I started driving home and looked over at her. She smiled and then looked out her window. I changed the radio channel and smiled to myself, we were suddenly speechless as we rode home. The more we drove in silence, the more I thought that what had happened, had never happened. It certainly had happened, I had the movie to prove it. I wondered if maybe Jenny was so embarrassed by the moment that she now regretted it and maybe even hated me for it. But that couldn’t be, she had smiled at me and had so eagerly jumped n my truck. I looked over at her and she smiled at me again and then fished in her school backpack for something. Man, I thought, I had come home from my trip so horny I couldn’t see straight and now Jenny was seemingly giving me the cold shoulder.

When I turned the truck down our street, I was resigning myself to just taking a shower and hitting the sack. On the fishing trip, I had drank too much and spent a lot of sleepless nights fishing and telling war stories with my buddy and his dad.

I pulled into our driveway and parked the truck. I offered Jenny a hand with her backpack to break the ice but she just smiled and said, “Thanks, I got it.” I cursed her to myself. She was giving me the cold shoulder and was probably enjoying it. I followed her into the house and as much as I was put off by the whole situation and the way things had turned, I still studied her ass as she walked. Some girls have the hourglass figure and have those child-bearing curves but not Jenny she had a tight round ass but slender hips. My cock twitched in my pants but I knew now I was going to have to take care of myself.

It was now 5:45 and my dad was due home in 45 minutes. I walked past Jenny and went to my room. Her room was upstairs on the second floor across from my dad and his new wife’s room. The room they had allowed me was down in the basement. It was converted into my bedroom after being my dad’s game room.

Jenny went up to her room and I could hear her grabbing for the phone before she went up the stairs to the second level. I got my clothes off and with a bath towel and my boxers I made my way to the shower my dad had installed in the basement across the hall from my room. As I was turning on the shower, I heard Jenny’s feet on the stairs as she made her way down to my room. She must not have seen me as she turned and entered my room and then swung out when she didn’t find me. She spotted me standing in front of the shower adjusting the water.

“Mandi says you asked her out,” Jenny said blankly. She had the phone in her hand but I could tell she had finished her conversation.

“Not really,” I said, “She sort of asked herself out with me.”

Jenny looked at me like I was crazy. Her eyes looked me over and they stopped at my semi-hard cock in my boxers. She looked preoccupied with something and I decided to shock her back to reality.

“Whats’ it to you, anyway?” I asked. It was now my turn to look her over. She hadn’t changed yet but had kicked off her school-issued shoes.

I walked to where she was and she stepped back as I got real close. She smiled nervously and looked from my face then to my crotch and then back.

“Worried she might get my cock instead of you,” I said. I was being purposely crude as I was still upset by her apparent cold shoulder.

Jenny giggled nervously and said, “Nah, no.” She tried to step back again but she had backed herself up against the far wall. “I just know how she is,” she protested as her hands nervously played with the hem of her skirt.

“How is she?” I chided and moved right up against her. I purposely placed my left leg between hers. My thigh bumped against her mound and held her to the wall and in front of me.

“Sh, sh, she is a real slut,” she offered as her hands moved to take my thigh from between her legs. Realizing she would have to touch me to do it stopped her and she dropped her hands beside her and tried to extract herself from between the wall and myself.

Pushing my thigh tighter against her skirt covered pussy, I held her from moving. “So you afraid of losing my cock to her,” I said as my hands came up either side of her.

Jenny was breathing hard and I could tell my thigh was having some effect on her womanhood. She had begun to wiggle free from me but then stopped as she found she was rubbing her mound on me. She felt uneasy now as her loins cried out for more pressure.

“No, I just thought you should know what type of girl she is,” Jenny offered and turned her head to avoid looking at me.

“Oh, is that so,” I laughed. I rubbed my thigh forward and then across her pelvis and Jenny sighed and shifted in front of me. “And what type of girl are you,” I asked as I shifted my body and rode my thigh up so that it slid between her legs and upwards drawing her skirt up.

Jenny moaned and bit her lip. She didn’t answer me as she didn’t know how to answer. She was enjoying how my thigh felt between her legs but she didn’t want to let me know it.

I sniffed her hair as I ground my thigh between her legs. “Are you a little teaser or a pleaser?” I asked as brought my hands to her shoulders.

The touch of my hands on Jenny’s shoulders was like electricity as Jenny groaned and twisted in front of me. Her hands came to her skirt and she tried to smooth it out.

“Are you a teaser or a pleaser, Jenny?” I insisted. My mouth came next to her left ear and I breathed heavily in it.

Jenny was beside herself. The feeling between her legs was growing and our closeness had her sexually charged. She moaned an almost audible response.

“What?” I asked. “I didn’t hear you?” I said as my hands massaged her shoulders and neck.

“I’m a pleaser,” Jenny said louder now and her mouth tried to catch mine.

I stopped her and caught her mouth in my right hand. I pursed her lips and kissed her on the mouth. She responded by trying to kiss me back but I allowed her only a peck. I pinched her lips between my fingers and told her I thought she was a ‘teaser’.

“No, I’m not,” she gasped as her hands came up beside me and she tried to hug me.

“Put your hands down,” I told her. I looked her in the eyes and smiled, “Show me that you aren’t a teaser,” I told her.
Jenny looked into my eyes, the eyes she had been avoiding and smiled. I think she had been waiting for this ever since she had blown me four days ago. She slid down against the wall and into a crouch position. Her little hands fumbled with my boxers and pulled them down. My cock sprang from my pants and she admired and stared at it before taking it in her hands and stroking it.

I was in control now and told her to put her hands down beside her. She did but then tried to bring them back up to hold my thighs. “Put your hands down by your sides and only use your mouth,” I told her as I watched from above.

Jenny did her best to comply. With her hands by her sides, she had trouble maintaining a crouch and sucking my cock at the same time. If she rocked too far forward, she would take too much of my cock in her pretty mouth and choke. If she sat back, she couldn’t get enough of my cock in her mouth. I watched intently from above as she tried to get the right balance. She wanted my cock bad so she choked often as she tried to suck my sweaty member.

“That’s it, don’t tease my cock,” I told her, “I want you to suck it good.”

Jenny’s pretty eyes looked up as she leaned forward to take in as much of my cock as she could handle. Her eyes fluttered as she tried her best to avoid choking on my rod. In their corners, tears welled up from her enthusiastic sucking and choking. I smiled at her and she slowed her sucking and hummed.

My cock was in heaven as it had the prettiest mouth I had ever seen wrapped around it and an eager cocksucker attached to it. The fact that Jenny would suck my four day sweaty cock and pretty much do anything I pleased made my head swim with pleasure.

“That’s it, take my cock all the way into your tight little throat.” I urged her and smoothed the hair on top her head. I looked down between her legs and thought about her tight little pussy. I was almost ready to explode but wanted to see her hot little body first. Jenny’s eyes closed and I watched as she tried to slide her mouth further along my hard-on. She was about an inch and half from the base of my cock when she had to pause and relax her throat muscles to keep from choking.

My right hand came down to grab my cock as Jenny slid her mouth back off my cock. She was ready to give deep-throating me another try but I stopped her. She almost looked disappointed as I stroked my cock next to her face. She caught her breath as she looked up at me.

Using my right hand to stroke my cock, I rubbed the head of my rod on her cheek as I took my left hand and reached down to the front of her cheerleading sweater. Jenny looked down at my hand she hesitated. She brought her hands to mine and held it. She looked up at me and I could tell she was trying to decide how far she was willing to go. I chuckled to myself as I thought, she is willing to gag on my schlong but isn’t sure if she wants me to see her titties.

“Aw Come on, let me see your beautiful tits,” I urged her and smiled as my hand cupped her left tit while she held my wrist.

Jenny hesitated again as she looked up at me. Her right hand let go of my wrist and she slowly raised her sweater from her waist. Her taut stomach came into view first as her sweater rolled inward. She watched my eyes as I leered at her hot little body. She smiled and looked down at her chest as she tried to show it to me.

Her soft skin almost glowed as her white cheerleading sweater gave way to her black lace bra. Jenny was probably only a 34 B but they were perky and round and made my heart pound. Holding her sweater tightly around her neck she glanced back up at me proudly.

“Take ‘em out so I can see them,” I told her. Her hot little orbs seemed to be begging me to touch, suck, and kneed ‘em.

Again, Jenny hesitated. This time she didn’t wait as long, smiled and said, “Okay.” A little voice in the back of my head chimed, ‘She’ll do anything for you and I mean anything’.

Her bra was one of those front snap ones and Jenny squeezed the clasp and her bra fell away and her perky, firm tits sprung from their captivity. As almost impossible as it could be, my cock seemed to grow even harder in my hand.

“Fuck,” I muttered impulsively and it made Jenny giggle. My left hand moved quickly to her chest and I cupped each tit as if I was some sort of expert in weights and measurements. Her nipples were rock hard and felt awesome in the palm of my hand. I stroked my cock harder in my hand as I enjoyed the warmth from her body.

“Suck it,” I ordered as I pushed my cock towards her mouth. Pre-cum wet her cheek and lips as I smeared the head on her face. Jenny opened her mouth wide and took in my cock hungrily. Her mouth muscles rippled as she sucked on my hard-on as I pumped the base. “Suck it good, cause I want to pop hard,” I told her as my left hand tugged it her left nipple. Jenny moaned on my cock as I tweaked her nipples. She seemed to be getting off on my playing with her chest and telling her what to do.

I was seconds away from exploding and my left hand had left Jenny’s chest and had become intertwined in her hair when I heard the front door slam shut. Jenny acknowledged it seconds after I did as her face pulled up from my crotch and she stared up at me. It was my dad and he was right on time but couldn’t have come at a worst moment. I reached down and roughly pulled Jenny to her feet. My cock stuck out between us through the opening in my boxers but I had no pants to pull up to cover up with as I was ready for a shower. Jenny flattened down her sweater and looked at me in a state of shock.

I thought quickly and pushed her towards my room. We hit my doorway a split second before my dad opened the basement door to call to me. I took Jenny to my closet and guided her into it and closed the door.

“Anyone home?” my dad called from above. He usually did the same routine every night. He’d come home, check to see that everyone was home and then go to den to do some extra work or the home finances.

“Yeah, I’m home,” I answered as I walked back to my doorway and looked up the hallway leading to the steps. “I’m going to catch a shower and probably go to bed early,” I added.

“Great son,” my dad said and closed the door.

I was just about to go through the hall to the shower room to grab a towel when the door reopened and my dad stuck his head through

“Heard from Jenny?” he asked.

“Nah,” I lied and added, “I think she had something after school.” A thought dawned on me that we might have a problem getting her upstairs without her mom and my dad suspecting something.

“Okay, I’ll tell Maureen not to expect you for supper,” he said as he closed the door.

I waited a moment and closed the door to my room. I locked it and tested it. I figured if my dad had anything else to say to me, he would knock and I could hide Jenny again. I went to the closet and opened it. Jenny was standing right inside. She smiled at me shyly as if to ask if the coast was clear. She had re-buttoned her bra as I could not detect any bulging across her chest. There was a bulge still in my pants and I planned to take care of it. Jenny moved to step out of the closet but I stopped her. With my right hand in my boxers I pulled out my cock and with my left hand I cupped Jenny’s head. She looked at me oddly like aren’t you afraid to get caught. I was but I had made the right precautions so I wanted sucked.

Jenny slipped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She began sucking almost immediately and this time didn’t hesitate when I pulled up her sweater to get at her bra. I unsnapped her bra and cupped her breasts. She was still turned on as her nipples stood erect and she moaned as I kneaded them.

She was caught by surprise by my next order but did so without much of a fight, “Pull up your skirt,” I told her. She moaned on my cock but kept sucking and her hands moved to the front of her legs and pulled up her skirt. Her eyes looked into mine as she sought what I was up to next.

I looked down between her legs and saw those cute little cherries on her white panties. I saw something else that caused me to just about bust a nut in her mouth. The front of her panties were soaking wet and the cherries smelled of her pussy juices. I pushed her head on my cock a little more forceful as I realized the little minx was getting off on sucking her step-brother’s dick, big time.

“Come on suck my cock hard,” I told her and pumped my hips at her cute little face. Her mouth bulged as I tried to stuff all of myself in her mouth. Jenny was working hard on her end to take me all in and her face was red for her efforts and her eyes were wet again. “Pull your panties aside so I can see your little box,” I said now as my eyes were transfixed on the front of her panties.

Jenny moaned as she sucked my cock and tried to steady herself. She was working real hard trying to suck me off and stay in a squat. Now she was being asked to show her moist pussy lips when she needed her hands to keep from tumbling over. She rocked forward and then back and then quickly forward, causing her to choke on my hard-on. She emitted a groan, a gag, and than a muffled cough as she hung by her mouth on my cock.

“Yeah, that’s it! Choke on my boner, baby,” I yelled as I caught the back of her head in my hands. Below me, Jenny pulled her panties aside to show me her flower but I didn’t see anything. I closed my eyes as I came like a cannon. The sight of Jenny throating my rod made me explode and lose my composure.

“ Oh god, swallow it all,” I moaned almost incoherently. Jenny did the best she could but considering it was 4 days since I last came, she couldn’t handle it all. She coughed and choked as she swallowed and drank from my rod. She wiggled her face from my cock and tried to catch her breath between gasps.

I helped her up from below me and she leaned into me exhaustedly but with a sly grin on her face. I kissed her on the head as I patted it. My eyes caught her pussy lips sticking out from the side of her panties and I studied them. They were engorged and moist.

“Sucking cock really turns you on,” I stated the obvious and laughed as Jenny nodded her head yes and giggled. “Well we’ll have to make sure you are always turned on then,” I added.

Jenny snuck out my basement window and entered the house without shoes, telling her mom and my dad that she had walked over a friend’s house to ask her a question about homework. Her mom believed her and better yet was encouraged by the fact she would be so moved to do her schoolwork. She left pantiless as when I was helping her climb out the small rectangular window, I caught her backside while looking up her skirt. The view was so awesome but was made so much better by slipping the panties off her young, tight hips. Jenny squealed as she hung in the window’s opening and I rubbed her tender lips and clit.

I told her she could get her panties back if she came down to visit me after our parents went to bed. She giggled and ran off to the front of the house.

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