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You. Owe. Me. Ch. 04

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: I went a little method with this one. Forgive any creative indulgences that detract from the story. As always, let me know what you think.

PS – For those of you into Trance, Techno, and/or Electronica…this one’s for you.


Laura was thankful she’d decided to wear underwear. Otherwise, she would have had a big wet spot on her cords. And that could have been a little embarrassing as they came back out into the complex.

It was just after two in the afternoon, and the morning crowds had thinned. The fields were now open to walk-ons and practices and would remain so until later that night when the high school teams came to play.

“So what’s the deal?” Chris asked her. “Are we eating here or going out or what?”

“I don’t know. I told Rebecca we’d find her.”

Chris’s brow furrowed as he thought of something. “Where did you tell her you were going after the game?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m assuming you didn’t tell her you were going into the locker room to surprise me.”

Laura laughed. “I told her I was going to the bathroom.”

He nodded. “Good thinking. Tell you what. You find Rebecca, I’ll find Simon, we’ll meet at the arcade and go from there.”

“Okay.” And before she realized what she was doing, she leaned in and kissed him. As their lips touched, it occurred to her that this was their first time kissing in public.

When she pulled back, she half expected him to be embarrassed or uncomfortable, but he wasn’t. He just smiled at her cutely. “One more.” Relieved, she was only too happy to comply. “See you at the arcade, kiddo.”

“Brat!” She playfully pushed him away. She hated that name. And then he disappeared into the sparse crowd.

As she milled around the complex, she found herself less interested in finding Rebecca and more preoccupied with her thoughts. She couldn’t stop smiling. With every encounter she shared with Chris, she became more bold, more comfortable and secure with who she was.

Ever since she’d first met him, she’d secretly had a small crush. She knew that was why they’d gotten along so well. As far as stepsiblings go, they were probably two of the closest, even before their little interludes had begun.

But then yesterday, something had clicked in her mind. She knew most people would expect them to feel guilty or shameful about what they were doing, but she also knew there was nothing ugly or dirty about any of it.

Society imposed guidelines, and many of those guidelines were rooted in thousand-year-old dogma and beliefs. But humankind as a civilization is constantly progressing forward, evolving, bettering itself. Now, some of those guidelines and supposed “morals” were antiquated.

But her mind was wandering…

The simple truth was this: Laura and Chris were not related. And while some may have viewed their budding relationship as “taboo”, Laura knew in her heart that for them to be attracted to each other was completely normal. It would be no different if he were a guy that lived down the street. He just happened to live in the room next to hers.

She felt a tap on her shoulder. Rebecca was there beside her. “Hey,” Laura said, “I was just looking for you.”

“Really? I’ve been following you since field 3 trying to get your attention.”

“Sorry, I was zoning out.”

“We still having lunch with Chris?”

Laura nodded and they started walking. “He went to find Simon.”

Rebecca’s face momentarily darkened. “Simon?”

Laura took her hand reassuringly. “You’ll be fine.”

They wove their way through the clusters of fans and players that milled around the common area. As they got nearer to the arcade, the crowd thickened with young adolescent boys cramming to change their parents’ dollars into shiny tokens. When they reached the electronic forest, complete with its own cacophony of beeps, chirps and explosions, Chris and Simon were no where to be seen. Then Laura spied Simon through the throng of faces.

Laura knew Rebecca and Simon had dated for a year and half. It had been going great until about three months ago when he’d told her he wanted some time to himself. Rebecca hadn’t understood, but her patience and compassion demanded she respect his wishes. So she had. And they hadn’t really spoken since that night. They’d parted on very civil terms, but Rebecca had never found out the genesis of Simon’s request for solitude. Laura knew there would be tension, but she also knew Rebecca couldn’t avoid him forever.

As she watched Simon, she saw him talking with someone that she didn’t recognize. Then Chris appeared and the three of them laughed about something.

That was when it happened.

It was almost invisible, the casual shake of their hands, the edge of a plastic bag, the crumpled corners of bills. Chris and the stranger both stuffed their hands in their pockets, then the three parted ways, Chris and Simon heading toward the arcade, the stranger moving off toward the concession stand.

Laura couldn’t believe it. Had Chris just scored?

The two guys came over and found the two girls. “Hello, ladies,” Chris said pleasantly.

“Who was that?” Laura asked.

Simon answered. “Friend of mine from school.” He saw Rebecca. “Hey, Beck.”

“Hey,” she said, smiling pleasantly.

Laura hadn’t known what to expect when the ex’s saw each other. If she hadn’t known better, though, she would’ve thought they were just two regular friends.

“So we were thinking we’d grab a bite at Lorenzo’s,” Chris said. He seemed eager to leave. Laura couldn’t tell if it was her imagination.

“Sounds good to me,” Rebecca said.

Chris turned to Laura. “You okay with that?”

He seemed different from when they’d parted ways by the locker room only a few minutes earlier. He was too happy, too excited. Her stare probed his face, but he just smiled. She nodded.

“Great.” He looked at Rebecca. “You need a ride?”

“Yeah, my folks left with Kyle.” Kyle was her little brother.

Simon said, “I can take her.”

All three of them looked at him with obvious surprise. Chris looked at Rebecca and shrugged. “You okay with that?” She nodded. “Okay. We’ll meet you there.”

—— Chris knew Laura was upset.

All during the ride to Lorenzo’s, he’d tried coaxing conversation out of her, but she just sat there beside him, staring at her camera or out the window or sometimes taking pictures out the window. When she would, he’d ask to see them on her preview screen. She’d show him, he’d say it was nice, and she’d thank him, then go back to silently staring.

He knew she’d seen him with Jason, Simon’s friend. And he also knew he shouldn’t deny it, either. After a prolonged uncomfortable silence, he finally asked her, “You’re upset with me, aren’t you?”

She turned and looked at him. Her gaze was direct. “Did you and Simon pick up?” He sighed and looked back out at the road. “I thought you’d quit.”

“And I didn’t think you cared this much.”

“I don’t, I just…” She trailed off then looked back out the window. “…don’t agree.”

“Have you ever tried it?”


Personally, he didn’t think she had any right to tell him not to do it then. He was the med student, after all. But he kept that opinion to himself. “You ever wanted to?”

She didn’t answer.

He looked over at her. She was still staring out the window, doing her best to ignore him. He wanted to reach over and touch her but decided against it. Instead, he dug into his pocket and produced a small plastic bag and dropped it in her lap.

It wasn’t filled with oregano.

She looked down at it, just staring.

“Throw it out,” he said. When he saw the look she gave him, he had to laugh. “You know you want to. Don’t look at me like I’m crazy.”

“But you paid for this, didn’t you?”

“Simon and I split it, yeah. But if you don’t want me doing it, then throw it out.”

“What about Simon?”

“I’ll give him his money back.”

She tilted her head at him. He did his best to stare straight ahead. “Why would you do that?”

He was quiet for a minute, then shrugged. “It’s not worth you being upset with me.”

Laura just continued staring at him incredulously. “You’re joking, right? There’s more, right? Something like that?”

He took a breath. Now he was getting upset. “Look, Laura, if you don’t want me getting high, here’s your chance. I’m not gonna piss you off for pot. Now either get rid of it or shut the fuck up about it.” A moment passed, then he said, “I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve that.”

She held the bag up, peering at its contents. He quickly grabbed her hand and forced it down below the window. She glanced around quickly at the cars around them, then looked back at the bag. “You’d actually let me throw all this out?”

He nodded silently. They drove a few more miles in silence, the bag still out in the open on her lap. They were approaching a red light. Chris worried about being stopped and someone seeing the bag. But before they reached the intersection, he felt her stuffing it back into his pocket.

“What are you doing?”

She answered quietly, calmly. “Just because I don’t like something you do doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it anymore.” She met his eyes and her gaze was soft.

He braked for the red light and they rocked back gently as the car came to rest. “You’re sure?”

She nodded her head yes.

“Well…you wanna smoke with us tonight?”

She shook her head no.

“Would you…would you want to smoke with me tonight?”

She stared at the gear shifter between them for a moment. “You?”


“Just you?” She seemed to perk up as she said it.

“If you want to.”

She looked down at her camera thoughtfully. When she looked back up, he saw a contained smile on her lips, and she avoided looking at him. “Maybe,” she said with a shrug.

He smiled. “Maybe?”

His smile made her smile grow. “Maybe.”

“Like, maybe yes, or maybe no?”

She was giggling. “Like maybe. Now go, the light’s green.”

He suddenly leaned across and kissed her cheek, nuzzling her neck playfully. It tickled and she laughed and tried to push him away. “Stop! Go!”

The car behind them honked.

“Kiss me,” he said.

“Drive!” she laughed.

“Not until you kiss me.”

“You’re such an ass.”

“Kiss me or we sit here.” He was so stubborn it was cute. Other cars were honking now and Laura was getting flustered. Finally, she leaned across and gave him a quick peck. “Hey,” he protested. She leaned back and drilled him hard on the mouth, their tongues touching lightly before she pushed him against the wheel.

“Now go!”

He did. And she couldn’t stop smiling.

—— When they got home, the house was empty.

Lucy was most likely at the office; no one wondered about her absences or disappearances anymore. As for Jack, Laura found a note on the kitchen table. He’d gone into the museum to work on some last minute restorations.

Then she felt Chris’s arms slide around her from behind, his face nuzzling comfortably against her neck. “No one home?” he asked.

“Just us.” She cuddled against his embrace, and they both breathed in as much of the other as they could. “The whole house. Empty.”

He kissed the ridge of her ear. “Wonder what we could do.”

Smiling, she turned to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Anything. Everything.” She kissed him lightly. “I’m sorry about earlier.”


“In the car. Me being upset.”

He shook his head. “Don’t be.” Then he raised a brow. “Do you wanna try it out?”


“Sure. No one’s home. I’ll pack a small bowl.”

She thought about it for a moment. “You think we should?”

“Why not?”

A slight smile slowly crept across her face. “Why not.”

The two went up to Chris’s room, where he closed and locked the door. He went over to his desk and pulled a small glass bowl from one of the drawers. Laura sat on his bed, watching as he pulled the plastic bag from his pocket. He opened it and pulled out a small clump. To Laura, it looked like the dirty roots of some plant.

“Can I see it?” she asked. He handed her the bag then began crumbling up the clump and packing it into the bowl.

As Laura studied the bag’s contents, Chris’s cell phone rang. It was Simon. “Yo, mon,” Chris answered.

“What is up, brutha?”

“Packing a bowl.”


“With Laura.”

“You serious?” Chris could hear the surprise in Simon’s voice, and Laura looked at him curiously upon the mention of her name. She mouthed, who is it? Chris mouthed back that it was Simon.

“I am deadly serious, my friend. She’s decided to join the ranks of the Bohemian.”

“Fantastic,” Simon said. “Beck wants to get in on tonight. Think Laura would be up for the group thing?”

“Let’s see how she likes it first.”

“Fair enough.”

“Is Becky with you now?” Chris asked.

“Nah, I took her home.”

“You guys were pretty friendly during lunch,” Chris said. “Anything going on there?” Chris and Laura exchanged knowing grins.

“Nothing I know of,” Simon said easily.

“If you do know of anything, we’ll be the first to know, right?”

“You’d be the second to know. And, we’ll see.”

“Fair enough,” Chris said. “Our parents have that play to go to tonight. I’ll call you after they leave.”

“Sounds good. Later.” They hung up.

“Anything?” Laura asked.

“He’s not saying much.” Chris joined her on the bed. He pointed the remote at the stereo. Moments later, electronica could be heard.

“Who’s this?” Laura asked.

“Hooj Choong. You haven’t heard of them.”

“Says who?”

“You don’t listen to trance.”

“That’s because I like my songs to have a point.”

He smiled knowingly. “In a few minutes, you’re going to completely see the point of trance.”

The way he said it and the look on his face made her stomach boil with excitement. She felt like she was at the beginning of a rollercoaster, climbing the first big hill and anticipating the inevitable plummet.

“Okay, so. This is a bowl.” He held it out for her to take. It was heavier than she thought, made of glass with swirls of colors coursing through it. Chris pointed to a small opening on the side. “That’s what we call a shotgun. Some people call it a carb, but the name doesn’t matter. Here’s what you do.”

He took the bowl back from her and held it so that his thumb was covering the “shotgun.” Then he lit the bowl with a lighter and inhaled. At the end of the hit, he took his thumb away from the shotgun. Laura watched the smoke that had gathered in the chamber disappear into Chris’s mouth. Chris sat there holding his breath, holding up a finger, indicating she should wait. He checked his watch, and she laughed, then he finally let the smoke out.

“Wow,” was all she said.

“Basically,” he coughed slightly. “We call it a shotgun because when you let it go at the end of the hit, it shoots the smoke deeper into your lungs. Deeper hit, better high. It’s as simple as that.”

“How do you know if it’s a good high or a bad high?”

He shrugged. “You just know.” He handed it back to her. “You try.”

She took the bowl and the lighter, holding them the way he’d done. “How hard do I suck?” He burst out laughing, and she immediately joined him.

“As hard as you want,” he said, calming down. “But I’d suggest you take it easy for your first time. Here, I’ll light it for you.” She gave the lighter back to him. “Ready?”

She closed her lips around the end and nodded. “Start breathing in,” he told her. She did and he struck the lighter. She watched as the flame was sucked down into the herb. As it burned, she watched the tiny cinders spread through the packing, clumps expanding as they burned.

Then he took the lighter away. “Alright, let go of the shotty.” She did, and immediately felt her lungs balloon with smoke. She scrambled to hand the bowl back to him as she started coughing. He took it and rubbed his hand soothingly across her back. “It’s okay, let it out, don’t hold it in.” He went over to the mini-fridge in the corner and grabbed a bottle of iced tea. “Here, small sips.” She did so and gradually her coughing fit subsided.

When she spoke, her voice was hoarse. “Wow.” She let herself fall over into his lap, catching her breath.

He stroked her hair gently. “That was good for a first time.” He took another hit, and Laura watched, amazed by the ease with which he held the smoke in his lungs. Finally, after ten seconds or so, he let it out. “You just gotta work on holding it longer.” He offered the bowl back to her. “Wanna go again?”

Her voice still felt hoarse, so she simply nodded. He held the bowl to her mouth and lit it. This time he held the shotgun, and when he let it go it was much more manageable. “Big breath in,” he coached, “keep going, keep going, keep going, and…hold it.”

Reclining with her head in his lap, she stared up at him holding her breath. She could still smell and taste the acrid smoke, but she wouldn’t classify it as bad, per se. She could feel her heart beating steadily in her chest, her pulse throbbing in her ears. Her hands began to tingle and yet not tingle. She couldn’t really describe it. It felt like relaxation was a tide, and it had just crested over her entire body, a tranquil peace that breached against the shores of her insides.

Whoa. Had she just thought that?

She watched Chris take another hit, and it wasn’t long before she’d nearly forgotten that she was still holding her breath. He noticed and exploded with laughter, the smoke bursting from him in coughs. “Oh shit,” he said between coughs. “You can let it out now.”

She slowly breathed out, watching her smoky exhalation float up toward the ceiling, mesmerized by it. Chris was still laughing as he watched her. “How do you feel?” he asked.

Her head lulled from side to side lazily. “I…” she trailed off as if in search of an answer, then blinked back to reality. “What?”

“You’re baked.”

She cracked a happy grin. “I am?”

“Feel alright?”

She heard the question, but in the time it took her to process a response, she’d forgotten what he asked. And, of course, that was funny. So she started laughing.

“Looks like a yes,” Chris chuckled.

“Yeah,” she said, sitting up. When she did, she felt an energy roll through her. It buoyed her forward then rolled back like a tide. The next thing she knew, she was rocking back and forth. And, of course, it made sense.

She heard a sound beside her. It was Chris’s laughter joining hers.

“This is so cool.” She took his hands in hers, playing with his fingers. “I can feel it…” She brought his hands up to her temples. “…here. Behind my eyes. Like a…a…something.”

“A something?”

“Yeah,” she said, laughing at her verbal prowess. She closed her eyes, letting the feeling carry her. “Like a warmth. Gentle. Calm.” When she opened her eyes, she noticed that he was looking at her mouth. She must not have been making any sense, and she suddenly felt self-conscious. She let go of his hands. “Shit, I’m sorry.”

She felt his hand on her chin, bringing her eyes back to his. He smiled and kissed her. “Be sorry for nothing.”

She started laughing again. “You stole that! Meet Joe Black. You’re a Brad Pitt stealer!”

This brought laughter from both of them. He handed the bowl back to her and she took her own solo hit this time. She was able to hold the smoke a good seven seconds – she counted – then coughed it out hard and had to drink some more.

As they finished off the bowl, the music thrummed from the speakers, a steady repetition of beats, keyboards, and distorted voices. Despite her bias, she found herself unknowingly nodding her head to the beat. “This is good music,” she said.

“You ain’t heard nothing yet.” He took the remote, aimed at the receiver, and hit a button.

Suddenly four other speakers from around the room came to life and the rhythmic tones surrounded them, enveloping them. A subwoofer must have kicked on because the room was being bombarded with bass. Not the crude, disgusting kind you hear from bolla cars blasting hip-hop in the city. This was smooth and subtle yet powerful and with an undeniable presence. It resonated in her body, through her bones, into her stomach, against her ribs. It was in concert with her own heartbeat.

Laura had always loved to dance. She went to every social function her school had and could always be found on the dance floor. Her tastes were generally pop and indie, but in her present state of mind it was not surprising that she began to surrender to the music.

Chris watched her movements, hypnotized. She was smooth, agile, her arms flowing through the air around her. Her eyes were closed and she leaned forward on her knees, her hips moving rhythmically, in concert with rest of her body, one beautiful flowing form of motion. Chris was entranced in a way he couldn’t fully describe. High as a kite, there was only one word he could think of to describe it: amazing.

He suddenly got an idea. He dashed over to his closet and rummaged through the top shelf and emerged with a smile on his face and a black metal box in his hands. It was about a foot long and six inches wide, and he plugged it into the wall outlet, setting it on his dresser, aimed directly at Laura on the bed. He then walked over and pulled his blinds closed. The room was almost pitch black at this point, except for two white bars of light along the sides of the window blinds.

“What are you doing?” Laura asked, having momentarily stopped dancing when she felt the change in light.

“You’ll see.”

Using the remote, he turned the volume up. He could see Laura laughing with delight, but couldn’t hear her over the music.

The beat had settled into a transition. Chris knew a change-up was coming. He joined Laura on the bed, both of them moving now. Admittedly, Chris wasn’t as florid as she, but nor did he try to be. He just moved as the music told him to. And as the transition crescendoed, Chris aimed a second remote at the black box on the dresser.

It exploded with swirling beams of light – reds, blues, greens, magentas, purples, cyans, and even a custom fitted black light that turned their skin tones a smooth, smoky ash color and made their smiling teeth glimmer brightly in the dark. Chris’s word of the moment had changed.


The pot party had turned into a rave.

Laura was only semi-conscious of her movements. She could feel her mind expanding outside her body. Energy, thought, and action all merged into one. With her eyes closed, the rainbow of lights cascaded over her eyelids, providing her a dance of muted shades and tones that flowed through her the way she imagined only the galaxy could.

When the galaxy flows through you, you can’t be expected to worry about what your body does.

As the music expanded into an airy breeze that blew through the room, Laura felt Chris’s hands touch her, sliding under her shirt and around to the small of her back. He held her against him as they moved, and Laura held her arms in the air, still rolling and twisting them to the music, but now surrounding him with her movements, bringing him into her storm of sensation.

His hands were warm on her skin. In her mind, Laura could see a massive forest of minute hairs, fine and silken, as Chris’s palms swept over them, a wave of fire consuming each strand as his touch passed. Soon, her entire back was burning and it was the most sensual feeling of her life.

Her arms descended, wrapping around his neck, her hands climbing up the back of his head, running through his hair, pulling him in, and when their lips met, it was a surging inferno that spilled down and inside her, crashing between her legs.

She moaned, surprising herself, but only for an instant before she was again lost amidst the coursing galaxy of lights that danced over her eyelids.

Their bodies were now moving as one, their hips locked together, bumping, grinding, fusing. To Laura, the whole thing felt like it was happening in slow motion. She remembered all those rave scenes she’d seen in movies, the exhilarating music, the smooth and seductive movements of the dancers.

In her mind’s camera, she and Chris played out their scene.


The TRANCE music fills the room, pounding every corner with its rhythmic tones.

LAURA and CHRIS move on the bed in time with the music. Beams of the rainbow swirl out from a black box on the dresser. The moment is intoxicating.

He’s returning her kiss with abandon. They’re pouring into one another. As his hands run over her back and slide down into her pants to grasp her bare butt cheeks, her hands descend from his hair, down over the front of his shoulders, and inside his pants to his hips. They hold each other, instruments of motion, each moving the other as the music moves them.

Chris’s kiss breaks from her lips and falls to her neck. Then her shoulder. Then back. He’s everywhere, consumed by the world they’ve both created. She moans openly into the air, thrusting her hips against his and holding his head to her.

Laura is no longer in control, and she loves it. She’s surrendered to the moment, the music, the room, the drug. When she feels one of her hands slide around to Chris’s front, she mentally thanks it, as if it has a mind of its own. Sliding down inside his boxers, it takes hold of his semi-hard shaft and begins gently squeezing. Her other hand runs back up to his hair and she devours his mouth with all the passion in the world. She feels a tugging at her heart, as if she wants to tell him something but they’re beyond words now. She can find no spoken language for this pressure, this need, this affection that beats in her chest.

She can feel his shaft getting warmer in her hand, thickening and growing. Soon it’s tenting against his pants. Her other hand leaves his head to unbutton his fly, and his hands move up to her hair and take over the kiss. Once he’s free and exposed to the air and her soft fingers wrap around him again, he groans, and she suffocates his groan with a kiss, as if she wants to breathe in his pleasure. She’s now stroking him quickly and steadily. He can feel the bass in his balls, only heightening Laura’s hand job.

When he reaches full erection, his cock strains as if it wants to rebel against its ceiling of arousal. But just as soon as it hits that ceiling, Laura gasps as she breaks from his kiss, panting and catching her breath as she descends to lie on the bed in front of him, still stroking his cock which is now only inches from her nose.

Chris keeps his eyes closed, feeling her husky breaths against his balls, and then the tip of her tongue runs up the underside of his sac, across the base, and traces the vein along the underside. His breath catches in his throat as she does this twice more, then escapes in a moan as he feels her lips, hot and moist, wrap around his glans, her tongue lathering the tip of his cock.

Laura tastes the saltiness of his cock and smells his deep musk, and it drives tingles between her legs. With one hand and elbow steadily pumping the base of his cock and supporting her wait on the bed, she raises her hips up on her knees and slides her other hand down her front and inside her pants where she instantly finds her clit and starts playing. She moans over the head of his cock and feels him shudder. The more she works her clit, the wetter she gets, and the wetter she gets, the harder she sucks on his cock.

When he feels her mouth take him deeper, he opens his eyes and looks down. The spiraling lights fall over the shimmer of her hair like rain, and when he sees she’s raised up on her knees and playing with herself, he can no longer kneel idly by.

He leans forward and takes hold of her hips, turning them, trying to lead her into rolling onto her back. She does so carefully, so that she never has to take him cock from her mouth. The feeling of her lips rolling 180 degrees over the head of his cock, her tongue moving from the underside to the top, is like nothing Chris has felt before. Her cheeks are puffing in and out as she sucks and blows in rapid succession. He’s going to have to concentrate.

With Laura on her back now, Chris undoes her corduroys. She again raises her hips so that he can slide her pants and underwear down, exposing her smooth sex to the room’s cool air. Chris admires her body for a moment; her top has bunched up just underneath her breasts, exposing her smooth tummy and abs, all the down to her hand feverishly working her clit and her bare legs below that. Her body oozes sexual perfection. She is beautiful.

He then leans forward, supporting himself on his knees so that she can continue sucking him while he kisses his way down her stomach, over the edges of her hips – which cause her to writhe underneath him and hum over his cock appreciatively. His hand slides over hers and she takes hold of it, guiding his fingers between her legs and leading them where she wants. Chris trails light kisses just outside where their hands work.

Laura is so lost in stimulation that the only thing to tether her to reality is his cock in her hand and mouth. Her tongue works slowly and purposefully, washing over the ridge of his glans before she opens wider and slides the entire length of his shaft into her mouth again. Upside down, her head lulled back as far as it could go, his cock fits perfectly down her throat, and when she swallows, the muscles gently milk the tip of his shaft. Add to that the smooth twisting of her fingers around his base, and he’s incapable of speaking.

Just licking.

And using his hand, he moves hers away so that his kiss can move down over her moist lips. He smells her juices, and they are so overpowering that he feels his balls tighten and he fears he might climax too soon. But he steadies himself and sets to work running his tongue down the length of her pussy. He finds her clit again and makes small circles around it, barely touching the edges. Her hips move to meet his tongue, but he always keeps it a breath away. When her desperate moaning over his cock becomes a steady hum of need, he finally runs the tip of his tongue overtop her engorged organ.

She groans loudly, her tongue fluttering overtop of his shaft and making his knees weak. Her groan continues as his lips wrap around her, and she starts pumping his base again, but hard and forceful this time.

As he sucks harder, so does she, and while she has the advantage of working him longer, he has the advantage of her intense over-sensitivity, made only stronger by the effects of the high.

They both want the same thing: the other’s complete and overwhelming orgasm.

When Chris begins gently thrusting into her mouth, her moans, hums, and groans became an unending chorus of sexual gratification, and he decides to return the favor. He blows against her clit and her hips instantly jump into the air, her back arching and pressing her firm breasts against his lower abdomen. He wraps his lips around her again and hums hard, and suddenly she’s vibrating against him, trembling so fast that he can hardly believe it.

She gasps loudly as her lips break suction around his cock, allowing her to moan as her arousal finally explodes.

LAURA Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuUUUCK!

Her voice distends and trembles with her body. Chris opens his mouth and sucks on the opening of her lips, his tongue sliding between them and inside her pussy. As he tastes her walls, her moans get louder until it almost sounds like she’s in pain. Her grip on his hand tenses, and he holds her tight. She has momentarily released him from her mouth as her body spasms, but her hand remains at the base, gripping him securely but frozen.

Her climax seems to be subsiding when suddenly he locks his lips on her clit again, and this time brings his and her hands back, driving two of his fingers deep inside her. Her hand clenches around his as her hips rise back up. The surprise entry forces the tide of her arousal into another wave and she starts cumming again.

LAURA (desperate, husky) Oh, Chriiiis…

As the orgasm again sweeps through her body, her fingers curl around his, sliding into her pussy, and now she has four fingers inside her, two of his and two of hers. Chris can feel how tight she is, and the thought of his cock throbbing inside her, being squeezed for cum, makes him suck tighter on her clit. His tongue grinds against it, and he can feel her vaginal walls pulsing around their fingers, each repetition making her more and more wet.

LAURA (panting, breathless) Stop, stop, stop, stop…

Her hand takes hold of his and pulls it away and her other hand comes up to his cheek, prying him from between her legs. He rolls to the side to look down at her and she springs on him like a cat, kissing him hard. Lying against him, kissing him, she can feel his cock’s heat against her bare tummy. His shaft is throbbing, and she takes it in her hand and starts stroking again. She kisses his forehead, then his nose, then his lips again before looking in his eyes.

LAURA Your turn. I ain’t stopping…until you’ve cum twice.

His eyes go wide and she puts a finger to his lips to keep him from speaking.

LAURA I don’t care how long it takes…I don’t care how long you last or don’t last…you’re gonna cum in my mouth …you’re gonna cum twice for me because…that’s what I want…and so do you…I need to taste your cum, Chris…I need you so bad…and you are gonna feel like you never have before.

And with that, she scoots back between his legs and takes his cock back into her mouth.

Just as the bass of the music pistons through her body, so also does she piston up and down on his cock; she can feel the vibrations in her exposed clit and each beat elicits a soft purr from her lips over his hot, hard shaft.

Chris can only watch as she bobs up and down on him enthusiastically, her long hair bouncing chaotically with her movements. The entire visage is too much for Chris to handle anymore.

Laura feels his body tense, his hands ball into fists, his hips pressing his cock further into her mouth, and she knows her first prize is imminent. She clamps around his glans again, sucking so tight her lips squeak loudly. A staccato of moans escape Chris until finally he tumbles over the edge.

Ribbons of cum shoot deep into Laura’s mouth and her tongue closes shut at the back of her throat, catching each burst. Burst after burst of cum dribbles into her mouth, and as she swallows it down, her tongue smoothly plays over the head of his cock, begging him for more.

Once he’s settled down from his climax, she dutifully starts from the beginning, pulling him from her mouth and planting soft, small kisses up and down the underside of his cock. She looks up at him and sees his eyes, lust-drunk at the sight of her. She smiles warmly and kisses the tip of his penis. It’s a very tender kiss, one of warmth and affection, and her smile is also tender. Nothing sexual about it. Her gentleness is even more arousing than when she’d been crazy with desire.

CHRIS (out of breath) Laura… I can’t even tell you…

She giggles and her innocent smile beams up at him.

LAURA Me neither.

She gives him another soft kiss, just under the slick hole of his cock. Her tongue snakes out and probes the tiny valley, then slides around the edges before finally wiggling against the hole’s opening. His cock twitches in her hand, and she laughs which is nothing more than a series of hot breaths against the underside of his shaft.

Before long, his cock is throbbing in her grip again and twitching at every touch of her tongue. He holds the bed spread tightly in his fists, his mouth held open in slack-jawed awe of what she’s doing to him.

LAURA I thought you might go soft on me.

Not expecting nor waiting for any response, she closes her lips back around the ridge of his cock. When she twirls her mouth around him, he rises up off the bed, almost painfully.

She slowly lowers herself over him, his cock sliding along her tongue until it nears the back of her throat. She swallows and he’s buried to the hilt in her mouth. As her tongue runs steadily over the underside, her flexing throat muscles milk him steadily, sending wave after wave of ecstasy rippling back through his body. He writhes underneath her.

Then she does something new. She relaxes her throat muscles and opens her mouth, her tongue flicking out to lick over the front of his sac. Her mouth hanging open, her tongue licking his balls, her throat intermittently clamping around the ridge of his cock, and her hot breath flowing over his shaft all roll together into an entirely new feeling for Chris.

Add to this, her hand sliding across his inner thigh, stroking the underside of his balls then sliding up his abdomen only to return and do it all over again. After the third or fourth time, her hand concentrates on his balls for a brief moment, then slides lower.

When her finger slides into his ass without so much as a warning, Chris yelps with surprise. He’s about to protest when he can actually feel her finger flexing inside him, and the pressure it’s applying is indescribable.

So here Laura is, panting over Chris’s cock and fingering his ass. And it feels amazing. With each flexing of her finger, she forces the cum higher and higher in his shaft. It hasn’t even been five minutes since his last orgasm and he’s on the verge of another.

His hands go to the back of her head. The head of his cock is throbbing desperately now.

CHRIS Oh god, Laura, that’s amazing. Unbelievable. Fuck, I wanna cum in you so bad. I wanna fuck your brains out…

She closes her mouth around his cock once more, humming hard and affectionately. She’s so flattered and aroused by his words that when he begins thrusting into her mouth, she thinks she might start cumming again. His hands on the back of her head, in her hair, massaging her scalp, are like magic, and as his thrusting begins to quicken, she’s sure of it: she’s brimming toward another orgasm, this time without even being touched.

She concentrates on his cock and her finger inside his ass. She begins twisting and rotating it, each movement causing Chris to move in some new and unexpected but entirely erotic way. Finally, as she feels him tense and moan again, she presses her finger as far forward as she can, pushing against his already throttled climax point. She hears him hold his breath.

Feeling his second explosion of cum in her mouth triggers her own orgasm and she whimpers desperately over his cock as her knees buckle and she trembles between his legs. Streams of cum paint the insides of her mouth and she gulps it down easily since the bulk of it went with his first orgasm. She swallows and sucks until there is nothing left to swallow and the only thing left to suck again is his cock, which she does, lavishing gentle kisses and flicks of her tongue all up and down his length.

She purrs contentedly as she curls into the fetal position in his arms. They’re both naked from the waste down and her bare ass presses into his groin.

But she’s spent. They both are.


—— “That,” Chris said, “was a very good high.”

She laughed. The room was silent now. The CD had run out about fifteen minutes ago; neither of them had noticed. The only sound was from a quiet cooling fan in the light box on the dresser. The beams were still, having no musical beat to react to anymore.

“I don’t think I want to know where you learned to do what you just did,” he said. He felt fatigue in his entire body, and he knew why. Not only had they both just cum more times than they could count, but they were also coming down from their high.

She smiled into his arm. “I read about it somewhere. Then I downloaded a porn so I could see how it was done.”

“You download porn?” Chris asked. He would have reacted with more surprise if he’d had the energy.

“No. I downloaded a porn. One. Singular. And it was for educational purposes only.”

“When was this?”

“Today,” she said, and he could hear her still grinning. “Before I came to the arena.” Now she turned and looked up at him. The room’s dim lighting and the sheen of perspiration covering her skin made her seem to glow in the darkness. “I wanted to surprise you with something new.”

Chris felt his heart glow and he kissed her softly. “You’re full of surprises lately.” She sighed happily and cuddled closer to him. “I still can’t believe you watched a porn.” Then he remembered her camera at the soccer game. “You know, I’ve never seen any of your work.”

“My work?” She said it like she had no clue what he was talking about.

“Your pictures. Your photos. Your work.”

He felt her eyelashes against his arm as her eyes opened. “I didn’t think you were interested.” She looked up at him again with curiosity.

“I am,” he said simply.

She looked surprised, though pleasantly. “Okay. I’ll go get my laptop.”

She hopped up and gave him a quick lascivious smile as his eyes trailed to her naked butt as she opened the door to his room and disappeared out of sight. He listened to her rummage around her room until she found her laptop and returned, closing his door behind her. There was something surreal about them both being exposed, but Chris was quickly warming up to the idea. As Laura sat Indian-style on the bed beside him, it seemed obvious that so was she.

“You have the cable for the LCD?” she asked, and Chris quickly pulled it from under his bed. Laura connected one end to the video display on her laptop. The other end ran across the room where it connected with the LCD screen’s tuner. Chris switched over to PC mode, and – viola. Her desktop was now on the high resolution display.

“Just so you know,” she said. “A lot of these are pretty monochromatic.”

He nodded. Whatever that means, he thought. It took her a matter of seconds to bring up her folder of pictures. She double clicked and the first one was on the screen.

Chris was silent for a moment before he finally said, “Wow.”

“It’s that barn and silo out behind the development,” she said. “You know the one I mean, right?”

He did. He and his friends used to have camp outs in each other’s backyards. They would always walk out to an old cemetery late at night and would pass that exact barn and silo on their way. But he never remembered it looking anything like this. “Kiddo, I’m impressed.”

She smacked his tummy playfully. “Stop calling me that.” Then her hand slid down his abs to his soft penis. She looked at him and smiled. “This is kinda nice, isn’t it?”

His hand started sliding over the top of her thigh, and he returned the smile. “Yeah, it is.”

Their movements weren’t designed to arouse. Just soothe. Laura found it very relaxing.

“Anyway, moving on,” she said, using her free hand to navigate the mouse.

The next picture came up.

Chris took it in, then asked, “Do any of these have names or titles?”

She shrugged. “I don’t like titles.”


“I think a picture should speak for itself. Naming them or giving them titles feels like a cheat.”

“But it could add context.”

She gave him a knowing look that said, trust me, I’m the photographer, I know what I’m talking about. “If it needs a title for context, then how good is the picture in the first place?”

She gave his limp member a soft squeeze to punctuate her point. He chuckled and nodded to the screen. “Well, these are pretty good.”

“Thank you,” she beamed. “I took it on election day. Didn’t realize how appropriate it would turn out.” She bit her lip thoughtfully. “Think maybe I jinxed us?”

“No. Country’s just fucked up.”

She clicked on to the next picture.

“What the…” He tilted his head first to one side then the other. “Is that even real?”


“You took that?”


“What is it? Smoke?”

“Yep,” she said with a quick, cute nod. “Cigarette smoke.”

“You smoke?”

“No,” she shook her head, “one of my girlfriends at school does. You know, the one who taught me how to…”


“Exactly. She smokes. I took it at her apartment.”

Chris raised an eyebrow. “I’ve always been curious. How does one girlfriend teach another to masturbate?”

By now, simply because it had been getting so much attention, Chris’s cock had begun to fill out in her hand. It wasn’t hard and he knew it wouldn’t be for a while yet, but it wasn’t 100% soft anymore either. She rubbed her thumb over his ridge and gave him a mischievous grin. “Well, certainly not the way you and I showed each other.” She leaned in and kissed him deeply on the lips.

His hand on her thigh descended between her legs, a single finger brushing against the still moist lips of her pussy. She giggled into the kiss. “So she didn’t do anything like that,” Chris asked with a smile.

She shook her head, her hand beginning to slowly pump up and down on his shaft.

“Did she do anything…like this?” His finger wiggled between her folds of flesh, gently nudging her still swollen clit.

Her eyes fluttered closed momentarily and she bit her bottom lip, then shook her head again. “No, she didn’t.” Her eyes twinkled at his. “But then, I’m sure none of your guy friends ever did…this.” And she leaned over and slowly took his semi-erection in her mouth, her tongue sliding methodically over every part of it before she came up, her lips smacking together as she pulled his cock from her mouth. It was now slick with a fresh paint of her saliva, and she looked at him with innocently questioning eyes.

He had to laugh. “No, and I hope they never do.” His finger moved deeper, teasing her tight opening between her legs.

She spread them almost without realizing it. “Careful what you start, mister.” She gave his cock another squeeze. “I don’t think you’ll be able to compete if we go another round.”

He leaned forward, pushing her back on the bed and kissing her hard. Then he whispered in her ear, “Who says I want to?”

And as his finger slid inside of her, she gasped softly, and her hands stroked his cheeks as the inebriation of lust already began to fill her eyes. He saw them glimmer again, and that was when he realized they were moist with tears. She smiled warmly, kissing his lips tenderly.

“I love you, Chris.”

Chris tilted his head at her with a quirky smile. He kissed her back, then rubbed his nose against hers. “And I love you, Laura.”

And with that, the next round commenced.

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