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You Know You’re Right

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“I hate doing laundry!” Emma snapped, storming into her flat and slamming the front door behind her.

“Emma!” Rachel groaned, lifting her head from the sofa, “You woke me up…”

“Don’t expect me to have any sympathy for you.”

“Be nice to me. I’m not feeling well.”

“It’s self-inflicted. You shouldn’t have drunk so much last night,” she said sanctimoniously, putting the laundry basket on the wooden coffee table.

“We can’t all be perfect like you!”

“Shut up and help me,” Emma joked, throwing a pile of towels at her roommate.

Rachel reluctantly sat up and brushed her long red hair out of her face with a sigh. There were dark circles under her tired blue eyes and her head throbbed painfully.

“Did you do my bed sheets?” Rachel asked as she folded the towels.


“Can you put them on for me while I take a shower? I need a nap.”

“Jesus Rach! You’ve been sleeping all day!”

“Please Emma. Love you,” she crawled, blowing her friend a kiss.

“Go on then,” Emma conceded, rolling her eyes and headed to her bedroom.

Rachel shuffled off to the bathroom, turning on the shower and pulling off her pink pyjamas as she waited for the water to warm up. She could hear Emma in her bedroom next door grappling with the duvet cover and smiled, grateful that she didn’t have to do it herself.

She stepped into the tub and began washing her long red hair, massaging her scalp with her fingers in an effort to alleviate her headache. Rinsing her hair clean, she reached for the soap and rubbed it over her young body, running it between her small breasts and pushing it against her hard, raspberry nipples which made her shiver. She moved her hands over her firm stomach and between her legs, sighing loudly as she teased her swollen clit with the edge of the soap.

Rachel smiled to herself, knowing that an orgasm was the best thing for a hangover because it cleared your head, relaxed your muscles and made you feel wonderful. She was already wet from fingering herself on the sofa while her room mate was doing the laundry but she came back before Rachel had a chance to “finish the job”.

Once her pussy was soapy enough, she replaced the bar back in the dish and moved her fingers back to her throbbing clit, circling it as she closed her eyes and groaned. With her right hand between her legs, she moved the left one up to her breast and began playing with it, rolling her tiny nipple between her index finger and thumb.

Pressing her back against the cool tiles of the shower, Rachel fingered herself to a delicious orgasm as the water washed over her. With her eyes closed she tried desperately to suppress her moans of pleasure, not wanting to be overheard.

Meanwhile, Emma was in the bedroom, struggling with the duvet when she noticed something sticking out from under one of Rachel’s pillows.

“What’s that?” she wondered as she reached down to retrieve it. Her brown eyes widened as she pulled out a large purple vibrator.

Although Emma wasn’t naïve enough to think that her roommate didn’t do that type of “thing”, it was still a shock to be confronted with it especially as it was much bigger than her own!

Checking that Rachel was still in the shower, she turned the vibrator on, curious to see what it was capable of.

“Wow!” she breathed as it buzzed loudly, sending vibrations right up to her elbow.

“I think you’ll find that’s mine…” Rachel teased as she stood in the door way wrapped in a white towel.

Emma blushed as she dropped the vibrator on the bed, apologising profusely.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, I know you have one too,” Rachel said casually.

“How did you know that?”

“I’ve heard! You’re not exactly quiet when you cum either!” she laughed.

Blushing again, Emma didn’t know where to look, mortified that her friend had heard her masturbating at night.

“You shouldn’t be listening! I deserve some privacy you know!”

“That’s rich coming from the girl who was just fiddling with my vibrator!”

“I wasn’t fiddling with it!”

“Well why did you switch it on?”

There was nothing Emma could say to that.

“Come on Em, lighten up. We’re both single girls. I don’t care. There’s nothing wrong with it. Hell I just fingered myself in the shower!”

“What…just then?”

“Yeah! And now I’ve seen you with that, I’m in the mood to play some more.”

“Oh no! No way!”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t believe you! You catch me with your vibrator and now we’re gonna fuck? What is this? The Playboy channel! No way!” Emma said firmly.

“Oh don’t tell me you aren’t curious about being with a woman!”

“That’s none of your fucking business!”

“Here,” Rachel said fumbling around in the drawer of her bedside table and retrieving a video tape, “take this and my vibrator and then tell me that you haven’t changed your mind.”

Emma stared at her indignantly before storming out in disgust, grabbing her coat and fleeing to the pub across the road. She hid there until the landlord threw her out and reluctantly went back to the flat.

When she walked in, all the lights were out and she sighed a breath of relief when she realised that Rachel was in bed.

She went to her room and shut the door firmly behind her, jumping out of her skin when she noticed the videotape and Rachel’s vibrator on her bed, and she stared at them, not sure what to do.

Escaping to the kitchen, she poured herself a glass of water while she tried to regain her composure. Every inch of her wanted to know what was on that tape and what the vibrator would feel like next to her clit, but she couldn’t do it, petrified about what she would do next if she did.

Eventually, curiosity got the better of her and she crept back to her room and switched on the TV. She lowered the volume down and slipped the tape into the VCR with a deep breath.

As the screen came alive, she was confronted with two pretty blondes lying completely naked on a bed making out. They were kissing passionately and playing with each other’s tits while a cheesy song played in the background.

It wasn’t long until she could feel herself getting turned on, as she always did when she watched girl-on-girl porn. Emma loved men, but women’s bodies were so much more attractive, especially their breasts. But it wasn’t enough to make her want to take it any further, she was quite content to masturbate to the lesbian scenes in pornos or fantasise about threesomes with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

Unable to resist the urge any longer, she unbuttoned her jeans and allowed her right hand to slip beneath her while cotton panties. She moaned involuntarily as her index finger slipped between the wet lips of her pussy and found her familiar clit. Rubbing it furiously as she watched the two women playing on screen, she leaned back, resting her left hand on the mattress.

Suddenly she felt something hard roll onto her hand and she stopped to discover that it was Rachel’s vibrator.

“I can’t do this,” she said to herself as it brought her back to reality, remembering what Rachel had suggested. As horny as she was, there was no way that she could use a vibrator on herself that had already been inside her roommate.

Wiping her sticky finger on her jeans, she retrieved the tape from the VCR, grabbed the vibrator and headed for Rachel’s room to give them back. Although the video had turned her on, it didn’t make her want to sleep with Rachel, as she knew that would be a terrible idea. Having a bi-curious fling was one thing, but continuing to live with the person afterwards was another.

Opening her door, Emma turned on the light to find her roommate fast asleep in bed, wrapped in nothing but a white sheet. Although she couldn’t see anything, she could see the outline of her body and she was surprisingly aroused. Her red hair covered the cotton pillow and a smile broke across her plump lips as she noticed Emma at the door clutching the video and vibrator.

“Oh Em, I’ve been waiting for you all night. I didn’t think you were gonna come in!” she said excitedly, her blue eyes alive with anticipation.

Emma didn’t know what to say and as Rachel sat up in bed, the sheet fell down to reveal her small breasts that were centred with two dark pink nipples that may as well have had “suck me” signs hanging off them.

Her mouth literally watered as she stared at Rachel’s perfect body and she could feel her clit begin to throb painfully. She had never seen a naked woman up close before and now she was confronted with it, sleeping with her didn’t seem like such a terrible idea. Emma couldn’t stop wondering how she tasted, what her soft breasts felt like or what sound she made when she came.

“Come here,” Rachel said quietly, beckoning for her to sit next to her on the bed.

Doing as she was told, Emma let her take the video and vibrator from her hands and threw them on the bed next to them. She braced herself as Rachel cupped her face in her hands and kissed her tenderly for the first time. Emma could taste the mint from where she had brushed her teeth before going to bed and it was a welcome change from the stale cigarettes and beer she was used to tasting when kissing men.

Emma had never kissed a woman before and as their lips met, they kissed softly for a few moments before Rachel’s tongue found its way into her naïve mouth. It darted into every corner before dancing with her own in a kiss that became hungrier by the second. She could taste Rachel’s strawberry lip-gloss and it was such a surreal sensation. Her mouth was warm and welcoming, her tongue velvety smooth and she tasted of honey.

But there was nothing unnatural about the embrace, and Emma didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable. It was a hungry, curious kiss that betrayed a tenderness usually only shared by old lovers. Rachel’s hands ran all over her body, touching and caressing her in places she didn’t realise she wanted her to and as she inhaled her familiar perfume, it made her head spin.

“Get this off,” Rachel said impatiently, tugging at her friend’s t-shirt. Emma obliged, letting her pull it over her head so that her full breasts spilled out.

“Oh God, you’ve got such fantastic tits,” Rachel breathed as she saw them for the first time and caressed them with her hands.

“I’ve wanted to suck these for so long,” she admitted, pushing Emma onto her back so that her blonde hair tumbled off the edge of the bed as she reached down to lick her hard nipples.

Emma cried out as she felt her mouth on firm breasts, concentrating on her nipples and circling them with her tongue before nibbling on them gently.

“I’ve fantasised about this for so long…”

“That feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

“You like that huh?”

“Oh yeah. Keep sucking…” she begged.

Emma’s jeans were still unbuttoned so she let her hand slip back under panties and began fingering her clit again as her friend sucked on her tits.

“Here let me,” Rachel offered, pulling her hand away and replacing it with her own. Emma moaned loudly and arched her back as her friend’s slender fingers found her aching clit and she began fingering it like only a woman knows how.

“Oh yeah! Right there Rach! A woman’s never touched me there before…”

“What a beautiful clit. I can feel it throbbing against my finger. You like that don’t you?” she teased, “See, I know what my baby wants. Are you gonna cum for me?”


“Good girl. That’s it. Cum all over my fingers…” she encouraged as she fingered her to a toe-curling orgasm and ran her tongue over her breasts.

“Oh Rachel…oh…yes…” Emma called out as she came but before she had time to recover, Rachel had her jeans and shoes off and was kneeling between her legs.

“I have to taste you. I wanna feel your clit against my tongue…” Rachel admitted, burying her head between her friend’s legs.

“Oh yeah…eat me please…” Emma breathed as her tongue found her swollen clit and she began licking it furiously. She could feel her hot breath against her inner thighs and she arched her back and closed her eyes, losing herself in the moment.

“Please don’t stop…” she begged, giving in to her fantasises and being honest with herself for the first time in her life.

Feeling something pushing against the entrance of her pussy, Emma froze, moaning loudly as she realised that it was Rachel’s vibrator. Turning it up full blast, Emma shivered as she fucked her hard and deep with the vibrator while her tongue lapped at her sensitive clit.

Not that Emma needed the stimulation, but as the vibrator buzzed loudly inside her, she could feel the beginning of another orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum again!” she called out, lifting her hips off the bed as Rachel picked up speed and began ramming the big vibrator in and out of Emma’s tight cunt as she expertly licked her sensitive clit.

“Oh! That feels so good,” she groaned, thrashing about on the bed as she came.

“Cum for me baby…cum for me!” Rachel encouraged as she watched her lose control, licking every inch of her dripping wet pussy.

“Please Rach…please…” she whimpered as she came all over the freshly washed bed sheets with a deep groan of satisfaction.

“That was amazing,” Emma sighed as her friend sat up and slowly removed the thick vibrator from her hot cunt.

“You’re not my first,” she said licking her lips.

Emma sat up too and brought her mouth to Rachel’s kissing her deeply and tasting her own cum. As they kissed, Emma allowed her hand to slip over to her small breasts, touching them for the first time and squeezing them tenderly.

“They’re not very big…” Rachel whispered, breaking their kiss.

“They’re perfect,” she breathed, she had never been so honest with anyone before.

“I wish they were as big as yours.”

“No they’re beautiful. I love small tits. They’re more real,” Emma admitted.

“Have you ever touched a woman’s breast before?”

“No, but I’ve fantasised about it.”

“Does it feel like you imagined it would?”

“It’s better…they’re so soft,” Emma replied honestly, content to caress her friend’s tits all night as she moaned softly.

“Suck them…” Rachel prompted, reading her friend’s mind.

Desperate to feel her hard nipples against her tongue, Emma brought her mouth to her tiny tits and began running her tongue over them. Rachel moaned loudly, obviously enjoying Emma’s first attempt at sucking a woman’s breast.

“That’s it baby…bite my nipples…” she encouraged as she did what she was told and took one of her small nipples between her teeth and nibbled it gently.

Hearing Rachel moan loudly, turned her on more and she began sucking on her small tits hungrily, trying to take as much of them in her mouth as she could while her tongue teased her hard nipples.

Pushing her back on the bed, Emma ran her mouth between her breasts and over her flat stomach to her pretty pink pussy. She stared at it for moment, having never seen a woman in this position in real life before. Her cunt glistened invitingly and she spied her little clit, which stuck out and begged to be licked.

“Come on baby…eat me…” Rachel begged, burying her hands in Emma’s hair and forcing her face into her waiting pussy.

Deciding to tease her a little first, Emma gently kissed her moist inner thighs before running her tongue over the thick lips of her pussy. Rachel groaned with approval, raising her hips a little and pushing her cunt closer to her probing tongue.

She tasted a lot better than Emma imagined and she deliberately avoided her clit before dipping the tip of her tongue into her tight hole.

“Oh Em! That’s it…come on…” she moaned as Emma teased her.

Satisfied that Rachel had waited long enough, she moved her tongue to her waiting clit and licked it slowly which prompted a loud groan from her friend.

Knowing what she liked herself, Emma decided to do the same to her friend, varying the pressure of her licks on her sensitive clit, lapping at it gently before darting the tip of her tongue over it furiously.

“Oh fuck Emma! Right there! Don’t stop…” she begged as her hips bucked violently.

As her warm juices coated her thick tongue, Emma grabbed the vibrator which was still wet with her own cum and plunged it in to her tight cunt, moving it in and out, fucking her with it as she continued to assault her clit with her tongue.

“Fuck me harder…I can take it!” Rachel demanded as the vibrator buzzed loudly inside her. Emma gave her what she wanted and thrust it in and out of her as hard as she could as she trembled with pleasure beneath her.

Turning her attention back to her clit, Emma moved her free hand up to her tiny tits and began squeezing them as she made her cum. Feeling her clit throb against her tongue and caressing her soft breasts was enough to make Emma cum without even touching herself and as Rachel began softly moaning her name over and over, she could feel her own clit throbbing.

“I’m gonna cum all over your fucking face!” Rachel promised as she threw her arms over her head, closed her eyes and came hard and fast.

“Oh fuck!” she called out as her orgasm hit her, cumming all over Emma’s tongue.

With the vibrator still deep inside her, Emma laid on top of her, covering her mouth and kissing her deeply, forcing Rachel to taste her own cum as she recovered from her orgasm. Their breasts pressed together and they moved their bodies up and down as they kissed so that their hard nipples brushed together.

Emma pulled the vibrator out of her spasming cunt and broke their kiss to rub the wet toy over Rachel’s hard nipples before bringing her face down to lick away the cum. Her tongue and the vibrations forced Rachel to bite her lip as Emma used her free hand to caress her sensitive clit.

“Suck it…” Rachel breathed so Emma brought the wet vibrator to her mouth and licked it clean as her friend watched intently.

Rachel started to cum again as Emma fingered her and ran the vibrator over her nipples, clawing at the bed sheets and knowing that it was going to be a long night…

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