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You Have To Go To Mass! Ch. 01

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Maria knocked loudly on her son’s bedroom door. “Matthew? Wake up! You have to get up and get ready for Mass.”

Matthew’s muffled voice came through the door. “I’m not going to Mass, Mom.”

Maria’s eyes shot up. We’ll just see about that, she thought. She wrapped her fingers around the knob, twisted, and swung open the door.

Matthew was lying in bed, covered with a blanket. His eyes were open, but he said nothing.

“And just why do you think you are not going to Mass with me, young man?”

Matthew stared at her for a moment, then said, “Because I can’t possibly go to Mass like THIS.” With that, he threw the blanket aside and onto the floor.

Maria’s eyes popped out of her head. Matthew was stark naked, and sporting the largest erection she had ever seen in her life! The long blue-veined shaft and flaring purple head stared back at her and bobbed slightly.

Maria stumbled backwards as if hit by a blow. Was this her innocent little boy? Her mind turned back over the years. She had married Matthew’s scumbag of a father nearly twenty years ago, and they had been happy, for a short while. Until she learned what a womanizing scumbag he really was. He left her shortly after Matthew had been born, running away with some young bimbo. She had never heard from him again, nor did she want to. She swore that she would raise her son by herself, and she would raise him to be an honest, decent, God-fearing young man. Not a scumbag like his father.

She had dutifully taken him to Mass with her every Sunday and every church Holy Day of his life. She had bought him his first prayer book, and his first rosary, and seen him through his first communion and confession and confirmation. She had done a great job of making him into a good, honest, God-fearing young man. She had devoted her life to it.

But he had turned eighteen a few days ago, and apparently that had some sort of effect on him, turning him suddenly into some kind of sex beast! There he was, naked before her, leering with a lopsided grin, and exhibiting the biggest, most obscene boner she had ever witnessed with her own eyes.

“You see, Mom, I can’t possibly go out of the house like this. I don’t think I can even get my pants on.”

“You’ll…. you’ll just have to, um, take care of it. You know, like boys do.”

“Can’t do that Mom. That would be a sin. You wouldn’t want me to commit a sin, now would you?”

“Of course not! But it’s also a sin to miss Mass.” Maria was confused. Oh, what to do, what to do! She felt all her plans starting to slip away from her. After all her hard work all these years!

Matthew was giving her his sly grin again. “You know, Mom, YOU could take care of it for me. Then I wouldn’t be committing a sin. You’d be saving my soul, and letting me go to Mass after all.”

Maria was shocked all over again. Was her son suggesting that she should… should…

“Are you suggesting that I should…. should….”

“Yeah, you should jerk me off. Of course, then YOU would be committing a sin, but I wouldn’t be. C’mon, Mom, you’d do that to save my immortal soul, wouldn’t you? Certainly you love me that much, don’t you?”

Maria thought it over, through her shock and horror. Yes, it would probably be a sin for her to jerk off her own son. Of course it would. Especially on a Sunday! And right before Mass! But, she would be doing it to save him from committing the sin of self-gratification. And from missing Mass. Yes, it is a sin, she thought, but it is for a higher good. She wouldn’t be judged for that. And even if she were, even if the act damned her soul to Hell, she would be doing it to save her son’s soul. It would be worth it. She made up her mind.

“All right, Matthew. I’ll do it. But you have to promise me that after I, uh, take care of you, you WILL go to Mass with me.”

“Absolutely, Mom. Of course. I promise. Now…” He glanced down at his throbbing penis and grinned again.

Maria sat gingerly down on the edge of the bed. She stared at the enormous organ in front of her. It twitched slightly, making her jump. Matthew laughed. She reached one hand out daintily, extended one finger toward it. She stopped an inch away.

“C’mon, Mom. It isn’t going to bite you. It’s a cock, not a snake. You act like you’ve never had sex before.”

“Well, certainly not with my own son, I haven’t! And never with one so, um, large.” She brought her fingertip to the slit at the top of the flaring purple head, touched it tenderly. Matthew shuddered slightly with pleasure. She touched it again, more firmly. A tiny bead of pre-cum began to leak out of the slit. She rubbed it into the skin of the glans.

“Oh, that’s good, Mom! Keep going. Keep going!” Matthew had closed his eyes and thrown his head back in pleasure.

Maria slid her pre-cum moistened finger up and down the length of the shaft, feeling every vein and ridge. The blue veins stuck out in stark contrast to the pink skin, so smooth and velvety and pulled tight. Matthew gurgled in his throat. She still had some power over him! She moved a tiny bit closer, and brought the pad of her thumb into contact with the opposite side of the shaft. She moved thumb and fingertip up and down, sliding them gently. The shaft seemed to grow a bit longer, and the head flared a bit wider. Matthew cooed in pleasure.

Getting a bit bolder, Maria closed her thumb and finger around the shaft. They didn’t quite meet; he was far too thick for that. But the increased contact allowed her to stimulate him all the more. She moved the ring of her fingers up and down the shaft, below the head, down to the faint patch of pubic hair in his crotch, and then up again to just below the rim. Matthew’s breathing became ragged and his shoulders twitched slightly. Finally, she closed her entire fist around the shaft, and jacked slowly up and down his length.

“You’re doing great, Mom,” Matthew said between gasps. “Don’t forget the head!”

Maria slide her hand up higher, up over the rim of the cock head. Matthew shuddered violently. She pulled her hand away. “Did I hurt you?”

“God no, it was awesome! Don’t stop!”

Maria made a mental note about the sensitivity of the cock rim. She returned her fist to her son’s cock, and wrapped it more confidently around the shaft. She jacked up and down again, all the way down to the base, and all the way up and over the rim until her hand almost lost contact. Then back down again, over and over. Matthew was breathing very heavily, with a catch in his throat each time she passed over the rim. On an impulse, Maria stopped the rising motion of her hand when she was gripping the head of his cock, her fingers wrapped around the sensitive rim. She began twisting her hand in a doorknob-opening motion. That drove Matthew crazy!

“Oh my God, just like that, just like that!” He was talking through clenched teeth, his fists grabbing the sheet below him. “Keep going, Mom, keep going!”

Maria continued to twist her fist back and forth around the flaring purple cock head, feeling the steady stream of pre-cum making the whole mess slicker and wetter all the time. Matthew was shuddering almost violently, gritting his teeth and clenching his fists.

Maria suddenly pulled her hand away. What was she doing? She was jacking off her own son! This was totally wrong!

Matthew’s eyes popped open and he stared at her. “Why did you stop? I was this close! Finish me, finish me!”

Maria was close to sobbing. “I can’t! I just can’t! It’s totally and completely wrong and immoral!”

“Only for you! Not for me. Mom, I need you to do this so I can go to Mass. Do you want me to turn into a scumbag like my father? Do you want me to become a sinner? I’ll end up damned to Hell. Eternal damnation! Fire and brimstone and imps with pitchforks. I’ll be in Hell, and you’ll be in Heaven and we’ll never see each other again! Is that what you want?”

Maria was sobbing for real now, with her face buried in her hands. She could smell his pre-cum on her palm; it was strangely intoxicating. “No,” she managed to say. “No, of course I don’t want that.” She sniffed back her tears. She took a hanky out of her pocket and blew her nose. She couldn’t damn her son to Hell. She had to go through with it, no matter what. She set her jaw and threw back her shoulders. She turned her gaze back to the throbbing, gleaming tower of cock that awaited her.

“Mom?” She tore her gaze from his cock and looked up at his face. “Use both hands, okay?” She nodded and turned back to the matter at hand.

Maria wrapped both hands around the pulsating shaft, interlacing her fingers on the far side. She slid the double fist up and down slowly, feeling the thick, slick pre-cum that by now had completely coated her son’s cock. She slid up and down, and twisted at the same time. Matthew began to moan again. Then, noticing how much longer his shaft was than her hands, she unlaced her fingers, and placed one hand above the other. That was better, she thought; almost the entire shaft was covered. She slid up and down, and twisted her hands in opposite directions. Matthew was again breathing raggedly and clenching the sheet. She moved her right hand up to the cock head, and again gripped it like a doorknob. She twisted the knob, and continued to jack the shaft with her left hand. Matthew was practically speaking in tongues by now, transported by the pleasure.

Matthew managed to grunt: “Faster! Faster, Mom! Faster!” Maria kept up the twisting and jacking, but at a faster, more urgent pace. Matthew was vibrating like a paint mixer by this point; he was almost ready to blow his load. Between clenched teeth he grunted out, “I’m …. gonna… CUM!!!”

Maria pulled her right hand off the head of his cock just in time. A giant rope of pearly white cum shot straight up into the air, and fell back down to land on his abdomen. A steady gush of cum continued to pour out of his slit, and run down the slopes of his cock head to coat her left hand, still jacking up and down on the massive shaft.

Matthew had clenched his entire body during his orgasm, but now fell back limply onto the bed. His body was still twitching in pleasure. Maria could feel his cock beginning to wilt in her hand. She slowed down her jacking motion until she was just holding the softening shaft in her hand, gripping it tightly as if she was afraid it would run away. She stared at the copious globs of white cum all over her fingers, like frosting on a birthday cake.

“Wow, that was awesome, Mom!” Matthew said. He smiled at her. It wasn’t the leering, evil grin that he’d had when she first entered the room. No, this was the innocent, happy smile of the little boy she’d known for so long. Maria was happy. She had tamed the sexual beast within him; she had saved her son’s soul!

Maria stood up. She wiped her hands on her hanky. When she realized that it wasn’t nearly big enough, she wiped them on the sheet. “Now, young man, you will get up, shower, and get dressed for Mass.”

“Yes, Mom. You bet.” Maria pulled the door shut behind her and went to the bathroom to wash her hands properly.

Later that morning, Maria and Matthew were sitting in their usual pew at 11 o’clock Mass. Matthew made Maria proud by reciting all the prayers, singing all the songs, and sitting and standing and kneeling at all the right times. He was her perfect little angel, she thought, just like he has always been.

But at the same time, Maria couldn’t stop thinking about his leering eyes, his naked body, and his huge, towering cock from earlier that morning. She couldn’t forget the feel of his proud cock flesh between her hands, or the sticky feeling of his cum running down her fingers. She couldn’t forget the power that he had held over her, or the power that she held in her hands. And most of all, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had damned her own soul to Hell, even if she had saved that of her precious little angel.


Maria spent a fitful night tossing and turning. She felt horribly guilty about what she had done. She didn’t want to go to Hell. But she didn’t want to lose her son, either. She tossed and turned and pondered her dilemma. She prayed for guidance. And the answer came to her in a thunderbolt: Go to confession! Of course, it was so simple. She would go to confession first thing in the morning, seeking both advice and absolution. Reassured, she fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

The next morning, after making Matthew’s breakfast and seeing him off to his classes at the junior college, Maria checked the church bulletin for the confession schedule. Father Flanagan was hearing confessions that very afternoon. She made a point of being first in line.

In the confessional, Maria knelt and prayed and waited for the screen to slide open. When it did, she went into the well-practiced script. “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was about three weeks ago.”

“What are your sins, my child?”

“Well, twice I took the Lord’s name in vain. And yesterday I gave my son a hand job. And last week, they gave me too much change at the drug store, and I didn’t give it back. But I really didn’t notice it until I got home, so that isn’t really a sin, is it?”

“Wait; what was that middle one?”

“About giving my son the hand job? I was hoping you could just forgive me for that one and not dwell on it.”

“This is a very serious sin, Maria. Whatever possessed you to do such a thing?”

Maria began to sob uncontrollably. Father Flanagan waited patiently for her to compose herself. Eventually, she calmed down and told him the entire sordid story, from beginning to end. From the moment she first saw the enormous erection, to the feeling of the warm cum pouring over her fingers. At several points, Father Flanagan asked her for a few more details, which she dutifully provided. The Father shifted uncomfortably behind his screen. He rarely heard about such lurid sins. He couldn’t help but notice his own erection growing inside his cassock.

At the end of her story, Maria pleaded, “What am I to do, Father?”

“Well, the Lord forgives you. You need have no fear on that account. But really, Maria, you have to stop this sort of behavior. You cannot do this again. Is that clear? Absolution is only granted when you sincerely plan to repent.”

“Yes, Father. I understand.”

After the confession, Maria went home feeling much better. The Father was right; this had to stop. She would just have to be more firm with Matthew. He was a good boy. He would come around.

Father Flanagan, however, couldn’t get the image out of his mind of Maria’s small hands jacking off that huge eighteen year old cock. Her slim white hands wrapped around that pink, blue-veined monster. He was glad that his cassock was roomy and flowing, as he spent the rest of the day walking around with an erection. Furthermore, he was wise enough to know that the story of Maria and Matthew was almost certainly not over. Maria reminded him of a woman he had known back before he was a priest; a woman who had appeared pure and innocent on the outside, but who become quite the sexual freak in bed. Oh yes; he felt quite confident that there would be several more chapters of this story to come.

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Very nicely written hopefully more chapters will come