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You Are Mine

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For your love only

“Don’t go outside”

Niva told very coolly to her aged son Ratan. She was standing in such a position covering the entrance that nobody can go outside without pushing her body specially smashing her heavy boobs covered by thin saris. Her cleavage shows very clear how big they are. Ratan has to go outside to have his regular quota of women flesh which will recharge him for next few days hard task already arranged near his Bungalow.

‘I have to go related with my personal work” replied Ratan.

“I know what is your personal work you are going to enjoy your night with that aged women nearer like me” Niva straight looked at her son,

“I cannot understand what you are talking about? Ratan replied.

” I know after hard work mentally and also physically you need company of women to full fill your desire, but having attachment with outsider may harmful to you and it is also not safe for you, Why you are not marrying some nice girl? I can also help you to choose someone as per your likings.”

Ratan cannot avoid seeing those big milk jugs of his mother though covered with thin saris. Those are bigger than Rekha’s boobs even the figure of his mother is more attractive than her, only the face is a little bit older due to the age but still now comparatively she can turn any man she wants.

“How do you know my likings? I like experienced women who will do all the things to please me as long as I want.”

Niva came inside, close the door and said in a very low tone “Yes I know what both of you did in the night, being a man still you are not getting the extreme pleasure what you deserve against the money you are spending on her. May be she is sincere maintained good figure but do not know the best way to treat a man to the fullest.” ”


“I am not going to argue with you, yes a am agreed that chances of getting disease are there but she always keep me satisfied that is sufficient for me” Ratan came very close to Niva for crossing to reach the door. Niva intentionally smashed her sari covered heavy fleshy boobs directly to her matured son’s flat chest to cover between the door and her son to make the attempt to stop him and also the intention to giving him the pleasure of her soft bouncing boobs.

” Mom, please let me go” Niva came closure to her son her woman scent indulged her son to hear her word silently, mother’s soft boobies make him confused, Niva kiss her son’ s ear “Sunny do you forget those days when Both of us kissed and love each other when nobody in the house and you always return me back my kisses holding me tightly like lovers even some time you rest your head on my boobies, I always allow you to do so and frequently you are crossing the limit pressing my boobs madly?”

Ratan cannot deny her mother, that time he was really wants to make love with her mother very intentionally. Ratan kept silent, “Let me go today I will discuss everything with you after coming back.”

Ratan leave the house rashly. Niva seats on the chair and recall those old days while his friend circle wants to see adult picture or hungry to see women’s pair of hanging melon, he was that time very much interested to go to his house after closing the door he directly hold his matured mom with both the hands, moms big melons smashed his body with warm pleasure, Niva allow her son to feel her heavy jugs and enjoy her womanized body and said “Naughty boy! Whenever you getting chance always rubbing your face to my milk can for pleasure! Now you are a man you cannot squeeze me like this, you know I never wear bra while in the house if somebody sees us like this, what they will think?”

Mom is encouraging her mature son to have some physical entertainment inside the house burring her son in between the pair of her juicy jugs with the test of forbidden fruit. Without responding her, her son close in himself near to her and put down his lips directly to the her deep cleavage with a mild pressure on her blouse covered right big boob resting his clutches.


“Umm! You are going to be crazy.” “You are making me crazy I cannot control myself while seeing your boobies hanging likes melons just calling me “come baby we are waiting for you only”

Ratan blowing kisses her huge milk Jug very passionately.

“Umm baby you are really irresistible”

Her saris uncovered the thin materials of her blouse covered tits, those are suppose to burst any time, it seems that they are unable to hold those huge boobies for long time. Ratan easily find the big hard nipple of her aged mother slowly sucking with passion blouse covered entrance of milk tank. Niva try to control the situation holding her son in hand kissing him with love.

“Please leave me baby you are going to love me like your lover please. Nobody will know if I hold you like this even without any blouse also or both of us make love our self on the bed like lovers within the close door”.

“Let me close the main door first, I don’t want that anybody will see us while you will do all naughty things to me.”

While Niva closing the door Ratan holding her from back, his manhood pressing deeply with the pleasure of her mother’s fleshy back, Ratan squeeze Niva’s blouse covered big milky jugs little bit hard to pull closer, “Now the door is locked show me your love to me”

Niva smiled silently, your boobies are heavy and too big to hold each even with two hands is a tough job”.

“I think you are very much happy to do the tough job.”

Niva closing her eyes with the pleasure, her son’s going to rub his thicker pennies into her roughly.

“Baby you are taking advantage of my soft tummy, what you want from me? ”

“I want to see those jugs uncovered” Ratan replied

“You are already smashed them though covered with the blouse with your thirsty lips if I allow them uncovered, you will never release your mummy without sucking them badly, the hard thing in side you is still asking me for love.”

“Please mom show me your heavy boobs, I promise I will suck those jugs and make you free” Ratan plead his aged mom continuing squeezing her boobies like car’s horn.

The thick penny poking in her back already make her week, her cunt is going to be wet, she knows that if she open her blouse and allow her son to suck her hanging huge breasts even, giving him a womanly pleasure and take his hard rod and meet up his thrust for his aged mom, no outsider even imagine their passionate relations.


“I will uncover my blouse, free my big jugs for you not only for today but for all the days when nobody will be in the house and allow you to suck them, squeeze them whenever you want in one condition, if you will be mine for ever. You will be my secret lover for whom I will make myself waiting, for the man for love.”

Ratan kissed her shoulder with passion “Mommy accept me as your lover, every day I will make you fill that you have a man who always eager to show his love

like this even I will never show my interest to marry if you want.”

Ratan wants to show his urge for his mother. Niva pleased to hear all those wards “No if you want to marry I will never say no, but we will keep some special time on regular basis to love each other.”

Niva turn back make herself facing her son unhooked the buttons of her blouse two gigantic mountains slowly exposed their huge shapes with little slogged due to heavy weight. Ratan come closure pressed his ten fingers on those huge globes “Mom you have really huge tight boobies any man will prefer you than any younger girl even me.”

“Uff! sunny you are complementing me more I deserved I will be rather happy if my son show his interest every time to take care of me all the time like to day.”Niva released her blouse.

“Baby my love come to your mom, my big jugs are eagerly waiting to meet up your thrust for long days.”

“Oh mom your boobies are bigger than I imagine. You can meet the thrust two men like me.” Ratan starts sucking her mom’s herd brown nipple madly.

“Baby women always love to be sucked but not so fast.” Rubbing her son’s head on her huge fleshy globes.

“I am now onwards yours baby, be assured that I will always make myself ready to fill you.”


From that day the mom son love story started. Niva’s urges for her son going upwards rapidly, she never control herself to touch her son’s thick rod which is constantly knocking her soft abdomen Niva easily understand the extra ordinary thickness of her son’s love pole. Touching lightly her soft fingers on the heated rod Niva close her mouth to her son’s ear “Baby you are too thick and hot may be I am not able take you properly like any young girls,”

“Mom nobody can satisfy me like you, I want to make you my woman the moment you kissed me two months back while sleeping with you during power cut. I never forget the pleasure of cuddling your body till date. From today you will be my woman.”

“Yes baby you are right from now inside home I will be your passion, Baby let allow your mom to see your thick love pole, I am getting aroused to see your hard thing.” continue sucking mom’s milk jugs alternating each other Ratan replied.

‘Do not hesitate? It is yours, untie my blouse and play with it as much want.”

He didn’t talk. He kissed her again. He reached his hand under her blouse and easily pulled down the soft bra. It felt hot to her when her son touched the bare flesh. He said, “Your breasts feel as beautiful as they look mom.”

Niva could only moan softly in reply. He fondled her tits for what seemed like forever. She wanted him to stop and she wanted him to continue – with equal intensity. He pulled on the rubbery nipples that had responded to his touch by engorging and elongating. Finally he bent his head down and took one of them between his lips. “OH…” was as much a cry as a sigh, as her son once again suckled. But it was so different this time. This time her whole body was suffused with sexual desire. Every inch of her yearned for Niva to be where she could hardly imagine him – inside her. Niva wrestled with the images of her son astride her, on top of her, having her aching center filled with her boy’s manhood. Ratan’s sucking on his mother’s tit also made him hungry for her. Her creamy flesh was full in his hand, and her nipple between his lips and on his tongue had made his cock strain. It was straining to find his mother. He wasn’t troubled with his desire to put that cock deep inside his mother’s center, he savored it. Her responses


encouraged him and the son thought that in a few moments he would be where he had long fantasized about being, inside her. Ablaze with sexual hunger, and giving little thought to what he was about to do, Ratan unzipped his pant and took out his cock. Niva tried not to stare but was taken aback by the massive evidence of her son’s desire for her. She was frozen in indecision as he stood and took his pants off. When he brought his cock near to her face, her boy’s musky aroma aroused her. She knew what her son wanted but was reticent about taking him into her mouth. Her desire to please him overcame her reluctance and she wrapped her lips around the spongy swollen head. Niva was surprised by the excitement she felt as she tasted her son for the first time. He pushed more of his cock into her mouth and she instinctively sucked. The feel of him on her lips registered as a complex sensation; the skin was soft and velvety, but the shaft was hard, so hard. It made her feel desirable that her own son could be that hard for her. He seemed to grow right in her mouth. The width of his hard meat registered on her lips. She liked his taste. She liked having him there. Years of thinking that a woman only took a man in her mouth to please him, changed in moments.
To Ratan, the sight of his mother’s face, with her lips wrapped around his cock was exquisite. He found it so beautiful, it almost surpassed the sensations her sucking was creating. His engorged knob was completely in her mouth, and when he felt her tongue exploring it, there was a call and response as he moaned, and then she moaned.

She reached and touched his shaft and balls as she continued to suck. Exploring this unfamiliar territory awakened something in her and she moaned and writhed from the stimulating ache deep between her legs. This encouraged her son to stroke into her mouth. Yet even as her desire was inflamed, a more overwhelming emotion washed over her, and she thought, ‘I love him so much.’

The young man looked at his mother as she sucked him with earnest desire and was overwhelmed by tenderness for her. He stroked her hair as she took more of him into her mouth. He’d been given head before, but he’d never been made love to in this way. She touched him with love, she stroked him with love, and she sucked him with love.


Niva hold the hard thick rods of her matured son with love give him a warm squeezed and say in a very low voice “Baby I will always give you the most pleasure that any women can give it to you”.

“It is an immense pleasure as you squeezing it with you soft exited fingers.” Ratan shaking with sheers in his mom’s soft womanly touch. Niva rubbing his hanging balls nicely “love me mom the way you are doing, it needs your love from long days.”

Starting ups and down the fore skin of her son’s thick cock Niva said “Your mom will take care of your love pole whenever you come and ask for it, it is mine now sunny your mom wants to drink you.”

Ratan can not understand her mom’s ward “mom is you thirsty?” “From the sounds he was making and the tension she felt from his hand on her breast, Niva intuited that Ratan was about to orgasm. She thought that if he came she wouldn’t have to contend with the dilemma of intercourse. She stopped sucking long enough to say, “Are you going to ejaculate in my mouth?”

Ratan smiled at her use of the term that was usually referred to as ‘Come’, or ‘Cum,’ in the porn books. He thought about being inside her, but figured that would come later. By asking, it seemed to him that she was telling him that he could. His mother was telling him that he could come in his mouth.He could only say, “Yes mom.”

Niva took her son’s cock back into her mouth. He put one hand on the back of his mother’s head and started pushing in and out harder than he should have. He sensed his mother’s difficulty and eased up. When she caressed his balls, he began to release between her lips.

“Yes I want to eat your baby, after long time seeing your thick lovely cock I have the desire to drink male juices direct from your love pole, give it to me baby please.”

“No mom my love, it is my duty to fulfill you in every way you want, the way you are sucking me, I am very much near to explode after long sucking of your boobies, take it as much you want it is your thing.”

Ratan fills that that mom’s lovely teasing as well as sucking in such a pleasure he is going to explore, he moaned ‘Mom take it out all my juices, oh I am Cumming mom you are sucking me so nicely, no women can ever do this so affectionately. ”


“Yes baby give me all you have for me, I know that men are very much satisfied while women pleased him sucking and swallowing his male juices.” Ratan spurts huge loads of hot sperms inside her mouth like a bull, holding her hair forcedly

“Umm! Niva groaned but managed his bursting heavy thick cock with very experienced way; never allow any single drop of male honey outside squeezing his balls to give him an extra pleasure till last drop. Her cunt discharging with womanly pleasure while drinking the thick cum of her son. Ratan slowly open his eyes Niva circling her tong over the monster cock of her son like a tigress who got the taste of man juices after long time smiles looking her tired son after a fantastic blow job by her matured mom with uncovered huge hanging tits like pendulum.

“Darling the taste and manly smell of yours make me wet after long time” Niva adjust hair with both the hands her huge melons touching each other very erotically, her armpits covered with black lair of hairs make her more sexy she knows it.

“The way you squeezed my tits its paining but still now it’s a pleasure for me that you treat me like your woman who never missed his loving mom to eat.”

Sleeping on the bed besides her son she kissed his hairy chest very lovely manner Ratan giving her a hard squeezed of her big tit.

“My baby does not satisfy with long sucking of my boobies? Let your mom be ready for another session, come to me baby rest your face on me boobs to make me feel that I got a man to cuddle whenever I want”.

Ratan reached under her armpit hairy places and suddenly kissed gently “Do not tease me baby you are reaching to a very sensitive place.”

“Did I hurt you while discharging? I hold your head towards me tightly”

“oh baby, men always give his full throbbing cock inside her lovers mouth while discharging love juices with force, women should adjust this with the eagerness of having it.”

Ratan rubbing his lips under his mom’s hairy armpits Niva sheers with that sexy plays of her son loves touch. “Umm baby you are making me mad better you fix your lips on my hard big nipple and suck me like earlier.


Ratan pressed his palm on his mom’s heavy tit and pushed his face deep inside that bushy armpits “Oh my naughty baby always keep on doing naughty thing bring pleasant feelings that your mom will never sleep without her loving son”.

Niva keep fingers on the foreskin of her matured son’s thick prick, it is now stiff again “My thick lover is growing very first.”

Ratan chewing his mom’s hairy armpits slowly and replied “My organs knows that his lover beautiful mom wants more from him.”

‘Oh no baby my love I know you can take me many times a day but we will make love each other in the night like husband and wife when there will be no disturbance while you take your mom fully as well as I will give you full pleasure like you want from your lover mom”.

The way Ratan burring his face to her bushy armpits Niva cannot resist her urge instead keeping off her hand from her son’s cock she womanly squeeze his pennies and his hairy balls with passion, her cunt is wetting and aroused.

“Darling hold me roughly and keep on playing with my bushy armpits it makes me very hot I need you to cover me my boobies my body under your manly pressure as much tight as you can I really need a lover like you my son”.

Niva stroking her son’s thick monster slowly to enjoy the show of rising man pole. “This time I will make you ready for my pleasure baby.

” Ratan give little bite to the nipple of herMother’s huge fleshy tits, “Mom do you want me in you without any protection? I mean required any condom,

” Niva is in fire now hugging her son with motherly love “No baby I will take your raw meat in me and do not want to miss a single touch of your thick cock inside me.”


Finally she moved away slightly, raised her petticoat up her waist, showing her pussy. Ratan couldn’t see it clearly in that dim light as her pussy was covered with dark public hair. Then she took his right hand and placed it between her legs. She guided her son’s first two fingers to her pussy and rubbed herself with them. She released his hand slowly and allowed him to continue rubbing her by her son. “Oh Baby! Niva sheers with pleasure and also thinking the moment while her son’s thick cock will be pushed with manly force.

“Baby come to mom give me your dick and show me your love to me, eat me baby” her hands got hold of Ratan’s thick penis, pushed it inside her inflamed vagina. Niva feels rough thrusting of her son’s monster to adjust, Niva gasped, as she always did, while her son’s enlarged penis penetrating her violently. After long time she is having huge male in her.

“Yes baby do not hesitate push your full length hot rod in me uff I love the thrust do it baby my darling.” Niva holding her son’s naked body passionately. Ratan began pushing his body into his mother’s warm wet love hole, little by little. Niva raised her hips to meet his son’s thrust, groaning at each shove. They kept it at a steady pace, not wanting to rush their lust for each other, their increased bit by bit.

“Yes mom you are simply superb you are squeezing my pole so lovely tight way I cannot stop ramming you hard.”

“Yes baby my love push me hard your hairy balls hitting my crack so in each lovely thrusting of your thick dick, it is amazing baby umm! Darling you are really giving me a hard meaty shaft”.

Ratan suddenly took his swollen cock out. “What happen baby why you are pulling your hot rod out?”

“Mom if I continue may it is not possible to hold myself and explode in you,”

” oh! My baby do not worry I desperately want you to come inside me every women like to have men juices in side forget about the bull sheet about the pregnancy and all, give me the raw hot rod, I am protected I want you right now.”

Niva holding his son’s swollen prick and insert inside her “Sunny suck my jugs and release your hot juices inside me let your lover mom empty your balls fully.”


Ratan suck her nipple rapidly entering his pole like a hungry bull. “Yes baby now you are giving me what I need yes baby yes.” Niva cuddling her son like long time thirsty woman Ratan kissed his mother, fondling, sucking her breast, pinching her nipples. They were both aroused. Ratan thrusting his hips in and out of her, with the passionate lover.

Niva’s moans got louder ‘Baby my love suck me hard push your dick harder I am Cumming baby ooooh”, her breathing rapid, heavier.

Her son’s chest smashing her boobs, their hearts were beating as one; their rhythm faster, more energetic. Mother and son both were moaning, “Oh mom I am going to cum mom”

“Yes darling give it to me as much as you want” they are calling out each other, kissing passionately, finally coming together in one explosive orgasm.

They were grunting, gasping for air. The son kissed his matured mother. “Oh! Baby do not leave me till last drop of your love seeds.”

Niva enjoy the spurt one after one directly into her cunt, which lasted for minutes, “Son” Niva moaned “you are giving me the pleasure of having a man and his love I cannot explained.”

“No mom you are much better than me, you know how to please and make satisfied man fully with all loving acts in the bed. Any man will be happy if he will get warm woman like you, I bet.”

Niva closed her son’s face and kissed her take her son on her naked huge breast and pressed lovely and replied in a sexy tune “Baby you are praising me too much, from now onwards I will never allow to sleep without loving me like this in night”

“And what about other time?”

“You naughty boy your mom will be always your darling wife while we are alone”


Niva kissed her son “Please hold me your lover mom I want to feel your manly body pressure darling please.” He looked at her, kissed her mountain like heavy breast, smiling, gasping for breath. ‘Mom my love’…///

The Next day while Niva was wearing her petticoat and searching for blouse saris Ratan enter into the room sliding the loose door Niva took her cloth and try to cover her big hanging tits “Oh you! Ratan easily could make out the shape of her huge hanging tits through the thin material of her cloth as she moved. Ratan came closer he kissed her shoulder softly hold her body nearer “Baby my darling let me cover properly”

Ratan upset he thought his mother will show her willingness to fondling her few minutes turned back ‘ Niva running her fingers through his hair and crawled to him. She stands behind him, her woman body clasped his firm, muscular body. Her perfectly large, natural breasts hard coins like big brown nipple caressed his back, her lips kissed the back of his neck – giving her fleshy heavy boob’s soft touch just the way Ratan liked it. “Sunny do not turn back baby! Do you want me now or want to suck your mom’s jugs I will never turn you down my love”

Ratan again kissed her soft lips “Baby I am always for you’. Niva feels Son’s weighty paws over her heavy tits, he squeezed her melons firmly. “Mommy I will get aroused while get in touch of your hanging big boobies’

Niva feels increased pressure on her milk tank “All men are getting aroused to see those boobs specially too big size like mines’

Niva opened the pant and touched his son’s thick meat. “Oh my man is again ready to feel his lover mom, my crazy love I think you forgot that you bulling me till midnight, flooded with gallons of your lovely male juices. I thought you will take me again in the bed at night for love making.”

“Baby we have very little time, the service woman may come within few minutes darling let me please you by sucking you which you enjoyed earlier.”

Ratan humping her gigantic tits with manly hard touch “Umm baby you are always giving extra care to those big jugs”


Niva still not forgot that moment of oral pleasure, her hide passion for hard dick hunt her like anything, once she had full taste of it whenever the chance will come.

” You deserve it and also enjoy my hard squeeze” Ratan kissed her mother’s soft lips Niva allow her son to take her soft body like his loving wife. Holding his stiff manhood in her hand with mild stroke Niva kissed and rubbed her thirsty lips on his hairy chest.

“Baby I love to stick with you like this holding and playing your hot dick, it feels that you are always in my hand you will be mine baby you are only my love” Ratan holding her very close to him Niva dropped her cloth down cover her son with both the hands let him fill her soft lovely touch of her naked body, Two bodies clashed each other like one.

“Oh mom my sweet heart it is a great feelings your soft body melting in me like you are intend to show me the total pleasure of the woman can give her man. knocking at the door heard by them prominently. ‘Darling please leave me now let her go back I would not get disturbed during our love making,”

Ratan smiled at her his cock has already been erected under the sexy treatment by her exited fingers Ratan put down his head fixes his lips on the big hard nipple of her mom’s huge breast Niva sheers with moan for suddenly feelings his horny pleasant bites on her tit. “Mom You told me you are mine, I don’t want to give a single flame on our loving relation Which society called taboo, let her enter and finish her duty, you will have your lover specially your most favorite things (indicating his semi hard cock) as much as you want, and you know your lover will never allow his mom till she will get his man juices.”

Niva Kissed her again “You are right baby we should not destroy our relation for anything I will have you in me latest in the night. Niva went to the toilet for dressing. Ratan going to open the door for the maidservant.


Niva little bit running while hearing the door bell like teen age lover. She opens the door Ratan entered. After locking the door Ratan looked his lovely dressed mother Ratan was too driven crazy by her Mom’s feminine assets. Her milky white skin with chunks of fats on her lower back used to force out of her tight blouses. Her flat but little fluffy silky tummy with exposed deep naval sighted through her sari would make him horny. And the day she would wear low-cut blouse and that too sleeve-less, oh my god, she would look like a goddess with her silky smooth nicely shaped hands & shiny cuts between her large boobs. Her boobs would make a huge elevated structure on her chest which most of the men would not help their eyes-off on it. Ratan thought that even any strangers would get attracted with this voluptuous woman of dreams. Ratan pulled his mom towards him Niva came closer “Mom you are looking gorgeous.”

“Thanks Baby,”

“The black sari and sleeveless blouse cannot cover your assets rather more provocations to any man.

” I want you to be prorogated not others.”

“How you said others to close their eyes and not to see your big juicy mountains”

“Umm you naughty boy always teasing me” Niva Kissed his hairy chest her huge tits softly smashed on her matured son due to their closeness. Both lips met each other the pleasant loving moment starts between them

“Darling I am feeling very secured and enchanted holding you like this I will be proud that you are taking me the place of your wife come lover.” Ratan put his mouth on the uncovered silky shoulder and kissed, keep going down rest on the deep cleavage of his aged mother’s huge breasts with light biting. Niva sheers with joy “oh baby my love the way you kiss my boobs make me wet.”

“Mom you have dues to repay”

“I am always ready to compensate you baby because I will be always benefitted to your lovely juices”.

Niva smiled to her son and get lovely cuddling each other. She got the feelings the hit of semi hard cock on her abdomen rubbing warmly, “Oh no baby first take some food then have me.


” Your bouncing huge boobs always make me horny you know that now wearing sleeveless blouse aroused me to take you to the bed and give you some punishment for making me aroused.”

“I will be ready to get punished in the bed while at night and eager to please your angry hard thick rod in me as much as you want my baby.”

“As I told you tonight we have our dinner outside let me fresh myself.” Ratan went for changes

Thanks for the nice Dinner” Niva resting her body on the sofa sitting just beside her son who already opened his shirt and under garments looking her son’s hairy chest Niva make her closer to him roaming her fingers through his hairy chest

” Baby my man, should I help you to open your rest dresses” she slowly opened his pant Ratan was now sitting only with underwear. Niva looking at him his bushy thighs starts deeper towards his under pant covered sleepy monster Niva cannot control her to keep her hand on the tent. Her womanly soft touch enjoyed by her matured son he pressed her hand on his covered thick man pole.

“Baby just little up your hip and allow me to free you. Your mom would like to set free your gun and nuts to make you comfortable.” She never want to disclose that she wants to full fill her hungry eyes for looking fully naked man roaming around her with semi erect dick and hanging meaty balls like bulls the way she loves to fulfill her own sexual pleasure so she can have those organs to play whenever she wants. Ratan also enjoying his nakedness in front of her aged mother Niva also opened her blouse standing opposite her sitting son covering her heavy jugs with the bra which shows more portions of her huge breast than covering it, Ratan grip her hand and pull her closer to him Niva seats on his laps and kissed him lovingly She loves the hard touch of her son’s thick naked cock pressing into her fleshy back. She allows his son to enjoy to be rubbed by her soft buttock.


“Do not be naughty only enjoy our attachment being your wife, holding me within you kiss me slowly on shoulder as I am not wearing only blouse you have full access to hold firmly my bra covered boobies in such a loving way that I may seeks you in me as my lover”.

Ratan squeeze those heavy tits from behind and replied “Mom still your tits are so tight how you make this after lots of punching during long time?”

“Umm baby you should not ask a lady about her secret?” Niva feels the way Ratan squeezing her boobs her big nipples are going to be hard and stiff.

“Every time I cannot resist myself getting aroused whenever I saw your hanging huge mounds.”

Niva resting her feminine body on her son’s chest kissing her son shaking herself with sheers ‘Uff! baby you are squeezing my big balls little hard those are yours baby I am always allowing you to do harder while you are with me in bed.”

Niva turned her face and rubbed her lips on her son’s hairy chest deeply “Baby your naughty cock continue sly teasing my back already make me wet I think he is hungry for me.” Ratan holding her closely returned her kisses passionately.

“Mom milking your jugs may stop him to get you in the bed for a while.”

“Untied my bra and release those heavy jugs for free handling” Niva literally resting her naked body uncovered her hanging melons covered by her son’s clutches rough fondling like pressing Bus horn petticoat covered ass rammed by son’s naked monster provoked her for intercourse.

“Baby I thing you need me very badly.”

“No mom I am enjoying squeezing your heavy globes and your hard nipples.”

Niva starts kissing her one after one “Baby your hard squeeze of my boobs make me so horny I need you in me right now, I am already discharged twice don’t tease me more take me to the bed put your so hard cock in me like you did to your loving mom.”


Both of them go to the bed. Niva place her flat on the bed Ratan standing at edge of the bed with hanging thick manhood hard on. “Come on baby with your thick loving stick your mom is eagerly waiting to take you in.”

“Mom first time you called me for loving your man.”

” Oh baby” Niva hold her favorite thing her son’s thick pole putting inside her wet love hole moaning with pleasure.

“UFF baby give me in your thick rod totally in’ Ratan burring her face into deep to her naked big breast of his mother

“Ohh! mom your cunt is taking so lovely tight way and pump me very hard.”

“Yes baby your thickness giving me more pleasure Baby suck me hard fulfill your desire of making love with me push me hard baby I am Cumming you make me cum baby Oh no baby Niva moaning with pleasure make her body stiff for few seconds.

” Don’t stop me ramming baby you cannot imagine how much you pleased me baby I will give you all my body to make you happy squeeze my tits baby you are going so hard in me Uff! my darling push your heavy balls like bull I am in heaven baby Oh! no pull and push me hard my lovely son.”

“Mom I am going to cum” Niva holding her son within her body passionately replied “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes baby nothing to be worried burst your nuts inside, your mom will eager to take all your lovely hot juices inside to give you full pleasure of exploding cum.”

“Mom you are squeezing my dick like pumper it seems that you want to take out all from me as much you can’ ‘

oh baby my love I cannot wait give it to me baby give it to me.” Niva close her son’s naked body rubbing his face inside her huge melons and starts moaning for extreme pleasure with the sheers that her son’ s thick dick is near to cum.

“Mom take it taaake it”


“Yes baby uff oh my god what a pleasure baby I love this fill me with your male juices”. Ratan burst spurts after spurts biting her mother’s breast with excitement while discharging Niva running her fingers with pleasant feelings of flooded male lovely juices.

“Yes baby my love feeling tired take out your lovely giant in me slowly” Ratan rest his body just beside her with close eyes.

Niva kissed her hairy thighs, goes up Ratan felt that her lovely mom gradually took his limp cock and swallows his man pole totally putting inside her mouth. Ratan closed his eyes and enjoy the pleasant treatment by her matured mother “Baby my darling a single drop of my man should not be wasted.”

She did it very warmly as if she is having ice cream candy. Within few minutes of the lovely swallowing treats his male pole going hard. ” Uff! bad boy! you are again starts regaining?”

To make him irritating Niva little pumping his hairy balls with soft womanly touch said “You young guys can easily thrust in me twice or more I know that but, you are my man, take rest, we have many love making nights to come now hold me like your wife take my nipple in mouth and let us have a good sleep.”

Ratan kissed his mom like a lover “you are making me fully satisfied.”

“Yes baby your mom always try to be your best lover, satisfying you to discharge your thick juices every time when you will be with me. Being your woman it is my duty to take care of your gun and nuts properly.’ They both sleep together.

Niva waking up from sleep early she saw her naked son besides her. The sweet and passionate love making memory between them give her pleasant feelings she moved down kissed the thick organ of her son kissed on that rubbing her nose on the man’s forest loves to smell the manly scent like addiction. She thought that she will never felt tired of playing man’s meat roll with her mouth. She opened the foreskin with her soft fingers and surrounded her tong on cock tasting the dryness of it. All veins of the thick cock respond her leaking. Ratan moves little bit, Niva said herself “Sorry baby my love your naked dick insisting me to leak, I may not control myself whenever I saw your loving pole.”


She rubbed again her lips Ratan’s hairy place with the man pole “Sleep baby sleep now, I will never let you free until you will give your mom the total pleasure of having healthy man she needs every night, and will make empty your balls as much as he can like your wife so that you rare wish to see other women for sex’. She get up from the bed wear her bra keeping inside her huge melons with little pressure and think may be after regular sleeping with her son the size of her boobs will need the bigger one. Ratan waking up do not find her darling in the bed, completing his daily washing and others went to the kitchen close his mother with both hands from behind and said “Good morning my love” Niva was only with the bra and petticoat feels her lover son’s hard manly thing rubbing in her soft fleshy buttock it’s a real lovely touch of a man whom she takes twice and full fill her hungry thrust.

“Morning sweetie, last night you give me all the pleasure my body needs for long time if it will go on than I will never sleep in night without having you in me.” Niva shaking her back to give her son an womanly attractive invitation for rubbing her soft back with the hard prick of her son.

“Ohh mom you are a real good lover and a horny wife for me. You satisfied me like no young girls can do, yes mom I have decided that from now, you will be my woman, and I will never marry”.

“Oh! My love don’t say like this I will keep you happy every night as much you want but if you marry someone, we will meet each other desires regularly. Our secret love making will continue till you want me as your woman. Ratan kissed her naked shoulder and squeezed her big milky jugs hard as she likes.

‘Umm! Baby you are having me in the night and fondling my jugs free till midnight still are you not satisfied? The way I gave you my entire body I never thought that you will start playing with my boobs and back with your naughty pole.’

“Mom I need my breakfast from you hope you also need this.” Ratan twist her hard nipple and pushing his man rod roughly inside her back Niva moaning


“Oh baby I never say no to you I really like your manly thing in me every time you hold me and rubbing your steal rod in my back to find my hole,” hard squeeze of her big tits make her loud moan

“baby my baby always hungry for his mother you are always remain yourself so hard which make me lusty to have you in me” Niva feels that Ratan’s fingers entering into her bra and pressing her heavy mound directly.

“Baby, have your food first” Niva brushed her palm on her son’s hard prick Ratan kissed her deeply.

“Yes baby your mom will always like your stiff poles, but you should keep your health in such a manner so you can drill me and flooded your hot honey in me as many times I want you. Ratan while kissing her mother and replied his mother “mom the erotic way you are making love with me until and unless no man can ever resists him to give you all the juices you want.”

Niva smiled light “That is the trick of bed game baby that’s why my loving son running after me.”

Ratan released his mom and starts having breakfast soon. Ratan doing well in his studies at the end stage and now keen to get a good offer from the reputed companies. Today he has interview for a lubricant job, before leaving home he hold his mom Niva very warmly, “Mom I need your best wishes for today’s interview.” Niva tight his tie but open the front button of the shirt and rubbed her soft lips deep in the hairy chest of her son “Best of luck darling, I will always celebrate your success sharing my body when you come back to home.”

She cuddled in such a manner that Ratan felt the full pressure of her busty boobies smashing on his body like anything. Ratan kissed her lips like she wants. “Thanks baby you will get the return in time” “when?” ”

“Oh naughty! My love you know better than me, the time when I will take you in my mouth.” Ratan gave a little bite to her lips and left the house.


The interview session was great. Ratan cannot forget the last test of his mom’s soft eager lips. Feeling very satisfied with everything that He has the woman who always ready to please him as much as he wants. To refresh himself let’s take a cup of coffee. He entered in to the café and relaxed. Remembering all those intimates’ moments between her son, Niva never feel any regret. By nature her matured son required women of his choice (especially with the heavy tight milk tank and who also give him a real oral pleasure he wants). At the same time she also needs a hard man in her to fulfill her loneliness in the night who will cover her naked full woman body under him. Niva also had experience sex with woman though she is not typical Lesbos. She loves to be tested by woman if she will be the admirer of her feminine assets like her son. She has some long term secret relations with Sudha the widow neighbor use to come her frequently its started long time before she cuddled with her in the bed.

After few days Sudha always showing interest to get intimate frequently touching her body the way passionate men intended to touch. Primarily she did not take seriously but one day Sudha hold her and kissed on her lips and said in a very husky tune ” You are still very attractive”

“I never feel so”

” you have everything in full size that even any woman can get attracted to you”

“Oh no both we have the same thing like any woman. Sudha keep her hand on Niva’s heavy mountain and squeeze hard “You have bigger balls then us”

“Yours are also in having good size” Niva indicating Sudha’s boobs with a light smile Sudha again too close to her pressed her boobies hard

” you know if I will be a man than I will have you every night.”

“Oh god blessed me I cannot take lover in me every night at this age”

“Don’t lie you have still enough fire in you to satisfy any man even your son’s age to the fullest”

“Oh you are going too far, I know that mature women like me are more desirable for the young stud like my son but usually he will prefer you in bed than aged woman like me.”


Sudha never detached her body while talking; they are much free with the conversation between them. “You are not wearing bra inside your blouse let me see the original size of your heavy twins” Sudha requested her Niva little bit astonished the way sudha looking at her and squeezing her boobs like hungry lover may do. Niva directly touched her hanging melon softly “Sudha I know you are junior to me, you have hunger for sex but you need a man with pole not me.”

Sudha again kissed her like a lover “I need you the day I saw you, your figure always make me exited rather than man I have experienced about men but they always hurt me to get their own pleasure, I don’t know that I will get the right man for me or not but I am sure your warm womanly body will give me the taste of love to some extent.”

Sudha rubbed her breast roughly “You are alone and need some sexual pleasure I am also, why not start to please each other be assured that I will give you all the pleasure you expect from your loving man”

Sudha touched her sari covered secret place and squeezed. The way she started playing with her Niva felt that the woman is very much aware about how to aroused women. Sudha continuing steady punching of her huge breast makes her nipple hard, Sudha is also in burning desire “Let me open your blouse” Sudha released all the front hooks of her blouse within few seconds Sudha’s hungry looks on her huge milk tank make her wet. Sudha holding one huge boob with both hands squeeze like bus horn and moaning “It is much bigger as I imagined, I will take out all the juices from your milk jar Niva hold her head the moment she started sucking her boobs so passionately chewing her hard nipple.

“ohh baby don’t rush you will have me as much as you want” they cuddled each other Niva help her to release her dress one by one Sudha’s hand expertly covering Niva’s naked body with lust Niva enjoying the thirsty lips sucking her boobs so hungry even any man can do the same. Sudha holding both her boobies and squeezing them very hard.

“Ohh nice baby squeeze them harder uff! Baby you are doing this better than any man can handled.” Niva keep her hand on Sudha’s love triangle and rubbing gently pushing finger in it, Sudha getting aroused with the game.


“Ohh Niva your boobs are so tasty and soo hard let me take all the honey from it.” Niva closed her eyes and enjoying the violent sucking with deep pleasure “Yes baby suck me hard suck out all the liquid from my heavy jugs make empty if you can” pressing her head into her naked breast like she used to take her like lover “Umm baby my sucking doll” Niva squeezed Sudha’s hanging melons little bit hard with excitement Sudha sucking her so roughly that Niva holding her body and pray her “Please Sudha take me to the bed eat me as much as you like”

Niva keep herself relax Sudha cuddled her whole body like a man, started kissing all the parts of her body her lips rubbed her hairy armpits so lusty manners that Niva felt cumming and flooded her cunt with juices Sudha’s lips sucking deeply her hairy armpit with joy she knows that Niva releasing her juices she kissed all sides of her heavy breasts and moaned “Yes Niva cum for me flood your cunt with your sweet juices I will help you to released you baby.”

Niva’s body is shaking with sexual pleasure Sudha put her fingers in her wetted cunt “Oh no Sudha you are going to folk me with your fingers”

“yes Niva it will give you a pleasure like a man’s hard cock” Sudha ins and out her fingers rapidly Niva holding tightly Sudha’s naked body like a lover.

“Sudha my baby love me baby this is first time any woman having me and giving me orgasm so lovely way” Making her moan Sudha come down and covered Niva’s cunt with her hungry lips Again Niva shacked her body and discharged. Sudha suck all the juices from Niva’s wetted cunt with great satisfaction while sucking her she discharge herself with pleasure. Niva never expect that any woman will suck her cunt and drink her so folking good, her whole body enjoying the oral sex by Sudha her lady love “Umm Sudha you are too good than any man I met ever,” Sudha still licking her cunt slowly Niva crossed her leg holding Sudha

“Come baby come my love naughty girl you have taken all my cunt juices, are you satisfied? Sudha covered her naked tits and playing with them said “Niva I will be your man I want to have your body, your jugs, wetted cunt, all of you as mine. Niva took her naked within her and kissed her with love”

“Yes baby you will be my man, I will take you in me whenever you want you will have my juices while you are thirsty even if I will get involved to any man I will always allow you to have me like this way”


Sudha took Niva’s finger into her own cunt and smile “look, what you did to me? I am getting so much exited to see your naked body that I discharged myself so badly while eating your cum”.

“Oh my honey I never thought that any woman can love me so boldly like you did. You make me mad baby. Niva kissed her naked soft boobs gently.

“Umm you are a real lady, your tenderly loving attitude insisting me to have you like a man I don’t know whether you ever tasted hard cock or not but if I will be your man than I will force you to eat me every night”

“You sweet baby no need to be so rough I am that kind of normal women who always love to have hard pole of my lover and pleased him shallow all male juices in to my mouth willingly’ Niva pushed her thick finger into her wetted cunt deeply “let me give pleasure to her lady love.”

Sudha opened her legs wide to enjoy the good finger folk by Niva “Oh yes insert your finger deep, it feels me so good ah ah I am going to cum” Sudha’s cunt squeezed her thick fingers with womanly lust. Niva took her inside her busty melon with love.”

“Yes baby release you cum suck me baby while you are Cumming let me feel that I satisfied you to the fullest. Sudha shacked her body holding Niva’s big boobs with both the hands with high voltage orgasm and slowly come down burring her face into Niva’s fleshy tits with loud moan “Oh honey my love don’t take out your thick finger in me until I released my volcano fully.”

“Yes baby yes enjoy the discharging as much you want” Both the mature full naked ladies holding each other so passionately any couple will get envy of it.

Don’t wear bra now Sudha stopped Niva wearing bra. “Niva baby I want to see your huge boobs only covered with saris you looks sexier in that”


Sudha grabbed her like a man and squeezed her hanging melon very hard” “Nobody will come soon don’t force me to folk you again”


Niva smiled in a provocative manner “So if you will be my man you will screw me till I will be unable and exosted to satisfied you to the fullest.”

Sudha hugged her closely holding her half naked body with love pressing her breast hard. Niva kissed her lips in return her heavy boobs smashed Sudha’s soft hanging melon clashing each other. Niva has again feel that she is going to be aroused with effect of rough fondling her huge milk tank by Sudha. Niva is that kind of woman who always enjoying squeezing boobs hard. Kissing passionately Niva starts moaning “Darling you are again arousing me by squeezing my boobs so wild you are more hungry to have me than any man.”

Sudha said nothing only placed her mouth on Niva’s big hard nipple and sucked with force like she will take all the liquid from her big tits with in a minutes Niva felt paining the way Sudha sucked her hard big doller sized nipple with biting but never complain Niva knows that big bobbies woman have to bear such bitings from her lover to satisfy her sexual desire. Sudha continue her manly treatment to make her best orgasm Niva rubbing her whole body holding Sudha like lover take her hand on her hairy mound “Baby see what you did to me I never get wetted so early even any man drilled me with their stiff rod keep me closer have me in, you Sudha my lovely darling.”

Niva moaned in a husky voice said Sudha squeezed her huge breast too hard. Niva moaned loudly “Oh my love don’t get so aroused if you squeezed my jugs so hard I can’t wear bra for two three days while going outside due to paining”

” don’t talk rubbish you are my woman those heavy boobs are always be treated like this just enjoy the pumping baby” Sudha kissed her very warm.

“Sorry baby don’t get upset keep on pumping as much hard with my jugs” she relax her body and closed her eyes allowing her to play with her body, arousing herself to think how Sudha has given pleasure sucking her cunt so hungry lover. They again come to the bed Sudha coming down in between the legs She touched her flooded cunt with her lips and discharging with sheers due to continue fondling Niva’s sexy body she has to discharge earlier lips burring into Niva’s cunt with extreme sexual pleasure Sudha moaned “Oh baby once again you won the game of love touching your sweet cunt entrance I cannot hold my juices”


Niva holding her head in between her silky thighs ” Yes baby your woman needs your lovely tong in her swelling cunt and fulfill your desire to have me taking my cunt juices and drink your woman’s love ahhhh” Niva moaning like a horny chicks.

Both of them holding each other enjoying the sexual pleasure with full of their lust.

Sudha slept on the top of Niva’s naked soft fleshy body rubbing slowly her face surrounding her big breasts after the final climax while both of them cooling down the hit of their lusty sexual affairs. Niva affectionately stroking her fingers through sudha’s hair and “Darling you know that my aged son is grown up enough to make pregnant any women like you, if I loitering inside the house without any bra only wearing blouse he never stop himself to steer at my globes due to their enormous size which some time makes me ashamed after all I am his mother’

Sudha smiled seductively ‘nothing to be ashamed any women will feel proud having those big milk tank like yours being woman I felt exited to see your solid tits. both of you are staying alone if you two have any physical relations or your son will get attracted by your beautiful boobies don’t disappoint him nobody will going to know if you making love with your matured son inside the room.”

Hearing those wards Niva mentally get exited but coolly expressed “You naughty baby do you know what you are talking about? Is he getting interested to take aged woman like me?”

“I bet he will be more satisfy getting sexy baby like you rather than any girl nearer his age that will also safe sex for both of you I am also ready to share my sexy doll only with your son and I believe that you are the only woman who will satisfy both of us very perfectly” Sudha teased her big nipple with pressure. Niva agreed with her but try to keep hide her feelings.

“You naughty lover eating me twice now insisting me to get involve with my aged son so that he may also pushed his thick hungry cock and tore my soft pussy with male thrust.”


Sudha cover her lips with her palm “sss that means you have seen her male organ already?”

“Did I say you? Niva get puzzled

“Then how you came to know that his cock is thick”Sudha don’t want to miss her chance to tease her.

“He is my baby I have rights to see his rod if I want” Niva tackle her in a very tricky way

“That’s the thing I was telling you, have your matured son taste his male juices I thing he will enjoy his sexy mother’s thirsty lips and give her his honey to lovely mother suck and shallow.”

Sudha increasing her interest to her son rapidely and also getting herself exited thinking the possibilities of taboo love affair between mom son. Niva smiled coolly remembering the fact that she has already involved with her son and sharing her on bed, enjoying her son like lover every night like husband and wife. Niva kissed Sudha and asked “do you really happy if I take my sunny in the bed being his lover I hope he will never let me go without having me I mean discharging his hot sperm inside me if it will start once than he will never sleep without his loving mother in the bed alone like his wife.”

“.What is the harm in it? You are protected let your matured son pumping twice or thrice daily and have his hot sperm and feel youth full freshness make you more energetic in the mean time I will also getting chance to have mixed taste both of yours juices from my lover’s sweet cunt”.

Soda kissed her aggressively and she is serious also. ” You naughty love please get down and allow me to take rest” Sudha get down from top on her “Niva please kissed my lips with your whole passion bite me sweetly’ Niva does what Sudha expected She hugged Niva get her dressed. The long lusty session ends. Closing her eyes got the sound of her main door locked by Sudha. After good sleep she will be make herself ready for her lusty son in the night.


After having dinner, Ratan followed her into the kitchen. He saw her standing at the kitchen Sink washing the dishes. Ratan closed the kitchen door and locked it. When Niva saw her son locking the door she washed her hands and wiped them dry with her napkin. Ratan turned around and looked straight at her she could clearly read his eyes for his nasty intentions. “NO! You cannot! Maid servant is coming shortly, It’s too risky.” She said nervously; her hands shaking with fear. For some time Ratan stood calm, his eyes looking at her ravenously.

“Ratan dear, No! It’s too dangerous.” She whispered loudly at him again. Ratan’s ears had gone deaf; his eyes filled with lust and then almost at a lightning speed she saw her son plunge at her like a lion. She felt his strong arms grasp her waist and with his raw force he pulled her down with him, forcing her to lie over the kitchen floor. “Oh my love, I am serious, if you don’t stop now I will scream.” Niva flinched. She was damn serious. She didn’t like the idea of having sex with her son while anybody may come and knock.

“You are mine” Ratan grunted at his sexy mother, “And nothing can stop me now.” He began kissing her, first on her lips, then on her neck, then down her breast.

“You are crazy… You know that” she whispered loudly but she wasn’t struggling. By now she had given up her choices. Ratan smiled at her ‘not-so-pleased’ face.

“We will do it in the bed while nobody will be in the house.” She whispered into his ears. Ratan looked amused at Niva’s word. She kept gawking at him for a while, gazing into his big black eyes. She could see no fear in them. Suddenly she felt confident about his moves. And then bringing a smile on her beautiful face, she giggled, “You know I don’t want to do it rashly.” Ratan smiled at her as he pushed her sari above her knees. He watched her face blush when he caressed her milky white thighs with his soft hand. Her timid legs squeezed in, holding tightly against each other. Ratan embraced her legs and tried to spread “Are you still hungry?’ then I will prepare something for my bad boy to eat,” he giggled at her and walked out of her door.


As she walked out of the room she whooshed. It was a close one- she thought. Her timid legs squeezed in, holding tightly against each other. Ratan entered in to the room again with lust and embraced her legs and tried to spread them apart but Niva held them together not allowing him to see her dampen panty-crotch. He then brought his hand down under to feel the softness of her inner thighs. Her body trembled with his caressing touch. “Ratan my love you are crazy, if anybody finds us like this, I will loss you forever’ She whispered.

Her voice trembled as she spoke to him. But her sultry words only made her son grow over passionate and he hurriedly undressed himself. He ripped off his shirt and hastily undid his pants. His bulge began to ache inside his knickers so he undid them also.

Niva gawked desperately at his hardened manhood; all swollen and pulsating, as it flung before her craving eyes. She rose stretching her hand eagerly trying to hold it between her fingers. “OK let your mom to have you in me take me to the bed” While Niva keep her half naked body placed flat on the bed, “Come on baby give me your thick tool in me so you can have it.” Niva with her eyes filled with lust and her body craving for her son’s swollen manhood, willing spread her legs before him. Ratan’s eyes were drooling at her pink laced undies that were semi transparent. Through its transparent fabric he could see her beautiful snatch that he wanted to fuck so dearly. He grasped the two ends of her panty and gently peeled her panty out of her legs. As he removed her panties out his eyes kept drooling at her moisten slit like a hungry dog. Now naked below her waist she felt like an 18-year old virgin. Ratan watched his mother’s face intently as he caressed her silky smooth cunt lips with his fingers. She felt overwhelmed and her heart missed a bit with his sensuous touch.

“Oh Ratan, we have to hurry up.” Niva moaned softly at her son while she still worried about her maid servant who may come any time. But instead she saw her son relax and kneel down between her legs as if they had ample time. Then he bowed his head down between her legs and kissed her soft fleshy thighs; one after other. And with his warm wet tongue he began licking her left thigh; in circles, moving gradually towards her swollen pussy lips. Niva felt gushed as his tongue grew closer to her soaked pussy; the dampness of which she could feel growing excessively. And overwhelmed by her growing ecstasy she bit her lower lip and cooed delightfully, “Oh Ratan! You are making me wet.”


And when her son’s mouth reached her pussy, he lifted his eyes along the length of her body. Niva saw her son’s eyes looking straight at her; his mouth so close to her pussy that she could feel his warm breath over her flesh. She gasped as a delightful thought surpassed her mind, ‘God, is he going eat me?’ And her exhilarated heart began to beat faster.

But instead he held her gown and further pushed it up until he could see her belly. He brought his face over her belly and kissed her round naval and then with his tongue he licked its depth. Niva was growing impatient. She wanted him to eat her out. And with this aching desire she gently pushed him few inches away from her and then she undressed her gown out of her body.

Ratan held himself back as he saw her undressing her gown. And something made him to gasp. His nasty eyes stared at her skimpy bra that could barely hold her two massive sized tits under them. Though they had managed to cover her nipples but the rest of her tits were spilling out of her bra. The sight of her heavy bosoms spilling out of her bra frenzied her son’s ‘mind & body’ to such an extent that he lurched at her like a ravenous beast. He hugged her and held her tightly as he passionately kissed her soft fluffy lips. And then slipping down, he kissed her neck and then kissed her ample flesh just above her huge breasts. And while he was at it he tucked his fingers inside the cups of her bra and pulled it down. This made her tits pop out of the bra cups. He gathered both her jugs and one after other, like a baby, he began to suck her nipples. “Mmmm… it feels so good…” she sighed biting her lower lip.

As he still suckled her nipples, his mother cooed and her moans were growing louder. His eager hands reached down between her legs. And when he rubbed his fingers through her moist slit, her wetness quickly crawled up over his fingers. Realizing how wet she was, Ratan gradually made his way down kissing her all the way. He finally brought his face once again between her two folded legs right before her sodden vulva. When Niva saw her son crawling down her body; between her two parted legs, she raised her head to see her son’s face. Unbelievable though, she saw his mouth open wide; wide enough to take a bite of an enormous burger. Her eyes grew wider as they stared at him in anticipation. And then suddenly Ratan split open her outer lips with his fingers and wrapped his mouth over her soaking inner fleshy lips. She gasped and threw her head back. “Oh god! eat me… eat me…


“she groaned her both hands quickly reached down over his head, her fingers ran deep through his hairs clutching them desperately as she pulled his face into her sodden pussy.

Ratan clasped his hands firmly at her hips holding her legs apart as he began slowly running his tongue over her soft, sensitive light brown flesh of her inner lips. His tongue licked her fleshy inner walls as it probed in search of her clit-hood. The warm wet touch of his tongue made her ecstatically moan, “Oh Ya, Oh, It Feels Sooo Good eat me baby.”

Her pussy was squirming under her matured son’s face and more fresh juices trickled from her into his mouth; which he gladly gulped in.

But by the time his tongue made its way up her rosy clitoris, she hit a jackpot. She clasped her legs together trapping his head between them and she pulled him in as she was enchanted with one rare but an intense orgasm.
Ratan felt her body stiffen for while and almost after a minute as her muscles relaxed, she wheezed at her son lovingly, “Ohh god, Ratan, it’s unbelievable but I just came so early.” She heaved, her eyes looking at her loving son like a woman in love. “Baby please, make me cum again you have done magic to me no body eat me so good like ever.” She whispered at him.

Ratan lifted his mouth from her orgasmic pussy and got up on his knees. He looked down at his mother with her legs spread wide for him. He crawled up over her body and balancing his upper half on his palms, he lowered his pelvis until he felt his knob rub over her super wet pussy lips. The touch of his thick penis sent ripples through her body. And desperately, she reached down her hand between their bodies to guide his shaft roll into her sodden entrance. When she steered his meat straight at her entrance Niva rose her head at her son’s ears and whispered, “Darling my love, put your raw meat in me push me hard baby.”


Almost as Ratan felt his knob rub at her entrance, he gave her a loud thrust. And with his macho thrust, his swollen manhood penetrated halfway within her, making her squirm like a worm. “Aahh… Aahh…uhh my baby have me baby my loving bull” she moaned with his every push.

She felt him pushing his meat deeper into her until his entire length was inside her. Her pussy was gushing with her warm natural lubrication but he had to struggle his way to go deeper as her pussy was still as tight as any virgin. “Mom, Wow! You are still so tight you are holding my rod so warmly with your love making hole,”

Ratan grunted as he felt her vaginal muscles squeezing tightly over the circumference of his shaft. Niva felt a chill run through her spine when he said this. Ratan calling her ‘Mom’ intensified the passion within her and she folded her legs around his waist and gave off loudly, “Ohhh my baby my darling, take me baby take me as much you can you are so loving stud..”

These passionate words frenzied Ratan’s mind, he retracted his penis halfway out and pushing back into her spasmodic orifice, he began his slow but powerful thrusts.

He slid his arms under his mother’s sweaty back and pulled her to him tightly, her large breasts flattening against his chest. He bites her like horny man kissed his aged mother’s mouth powerfully while he kept shoving harder into her deep chasm.

Niva was in love with this man who was riding her like a black knight in armor. She felt content with him on top of her pounding her with pleasures she thought she will never deny her son to be rammed like the way he is doing now. She thought that she has mare interest in sex. But now that her matured son had taken up the charge of filling her up, she had nothing to worry about. And now she wanted him to be addicted mom lover not for the desire to acquire his part of fortune but because she was now in love with son her lover.
These overwhelming thoughts transformed Niva into a woman in heat. And like an ecstatic bitch, she threw her arms around her son’s neck, with her legs previously wrapped around his waist, clenching tightly on to him, she lifted her hips to match his thrusts. “Uuumhhhh Yeahhh, have me baby, have your Mother…. I am all yours now… Aaahhh” She groaned nastily and her moans were so loud that Ratan getting much aroused.


Ratan continued to thump her like a machine and with his every stroke he felt her body convulsing. Her soppy inner walls contracted over his penis making it harder for him to penetrate deeper into her. Ratan was pounding his thick penis into his darling mom without mercy now. The nasty wet noises of their love making filled the air inside the room. “Ohh baby you are drilling me so hard my love your rod is growing thicker inside me yes baby keep thrusting me my naughty lover … eat me… yeahh…” She moaned with his every thrust.

Ratan felt like he would never sees his reign but a deep rush of his seminal fluid from his testicle to the tip of his penis made him convulse.

“Oohh MOM I am going to cumming into you …” Ratan groaned as he heavily pounded his cock into his mother’s shattered vulva. “Ohh Yeah baby!! give it to Me, Give all the hot juices into me my love”, she shrieked.

And almost as she said this his cock erupted his fertile seeds deep inside her womb. As their bodies gradually relaxed over the floor, still hugged tightly around each other, and like two passionate lovers they were kissing. Ratan finally broke from the kiss to breath in some fresh air. He gently withdrew his limp cock out of her still quivering cunt hole. Niva quickly hugged him and gave a peck on his lips and afterwards they parted away to their respective rooms.
When she entered her bedroom she found pleasure in her that she now get her lover son who never allow her to sleep alone without ramming her like wife and happy to flooded her inside with hot male juices which she required very badly. The thought of her son’s male organ affirm her dead asleep as she was content enough lovely juices in her secret loving hole.


Next few days Ratan was very busy with his new project and every day came late at night. Niva everyday came to him and sleeps silently with her son without disturbing him. Third day Niva closed the door though there are no chances to get entry for anybody in the house but Niva intentionally did this for safety. The way they both are sleeping holding like couple she wore only bra and peti court even some time without bra and her aged son without any cloth. Niva request him to sleep with her like she wants. Aged woman like her always like to have her man in such a manner that she may freely fondled her man’s hairy chest hairy hard pillar like thighs and thick dick and balls covered with deep hairy jungle. She has fantasy to roam her fingers to play all over with womanly thrust. Closing the door she took off her blouse and bra Ratan open his eyes and looking at her. Holding her 38 sized boobs with both the hands felt proud both are still too tight for punching compare to her age she admire herself and promised them “I know both of you needs some good fondling today I will try to please you.” She pressed her own boobies herder and get excited by her own activities, covered her huge melons with the sari and turned back and saw that Ratan looking at her. “My love you are looking like husband waiting for his wife” “Another reason is also their”

“What is that?”

“Your heavy tits covered with thin saris hanging very provocatively, Nobody can avoid to stare those huge sized woman balls, moving fleshy mountains under the cover”

“Are you appreciating my assets or praising your loving wife”

“In all sense, you have real things to appreciate all men are keen to have woman like you”

‘Past days every night you showed your love to me like one of the best wife can ever do.” Ratan getting down from the bed and hold his mom’s soft body very tight Niva’s twin breasts smashed on his hairy chest with womanly softness Ratan felt her big hard nipples.

“Baby you deprived me long days to have you in me, you naughty lover make my habit like married woman who never sleep without getting her man’s thick pole in her” Niva directly touched his stiff dick with her all fingers like a horny woman.


Ratan kissed her lips with manly pressure the way she wants. “Ohh baby your kissing always makes me aroused” Niva closed to his son and squeezed his hairy balls with most sexual desire.

“Baby let me have all the hot honey you stored in your balls for your loving wife.” Niva sheers with forbidden lust thinking of that she will going to rammed heavily her cunt getting flooded with the thick drilling rod will burst her love hole like a roller. Ratan squeezed her huge breast extremely hard, instead of getting pain Niva getting aroused “Ohh baby you’re hard squeezing always make me so aroused and encouraged me to take you in me as early as possible.”

Ratan again squeezed her big tits with manly thrust” “Ohh baby don’t tease me with love take me to the bed and have me inserting your stiff pole in me I am very much near to my climax even if I touch your loving hot rod with my tong I will get discharged.

For a while Ratan worked his fingers into her as she lay back helplessly writhing until he touched her clitoris. This dragged a long scream from her as she begged him, “Don’t stop…don’t stop…”. But he stopped. Ratan parted the lips with his fingers and leaned forward and started to lick. He felt her convulse and she cried out, “What are you doing…what are you doing to me…you crazy boy…you might not like…oh darling…darling…oh God…” From protesting she gradually subsided and held her head to him.

He wondered if it was possible that nobody ever enjoyed her in this way. For him it was the epitome of giving love to a woman. But then, he reveled in her taste and smell. When he started to lick and suck her clitoris she became frantic and began to orgasm. It was a struggle to hold on to her as she thrashed and bounced on the bed in a wild display of euphoria.
The lower part of his face was soaked with her warm fluid and he stayed with her until at last she gave a long drawn out sigh and felt her relax.

Niva was saying repeatedly, “Ratan, what have you done to me…what have you done…it was exquisite, but was it all right, did you like it?”


“Mom,” he said quietly, “I’ve waited for years to do that to you.” he drew her back gently onto the bed and lied down near her, kissing her body. Soothing her, he kissed up her shapely legs, spending time on her fleshy thighs and giving her love bites, which made her giggle. Ratan was so nice, so sensuous. He made love to her generous body, licking and caressing her belly and navel, going up slowly to her still heaving bosom. “They are so lovely mom” He murmured kissing and licking her valley and going up to her neck, licking of the sweat from her.

She held his face and her eyes shone “Oh Ratan, you are so good, I never imagined” she smiled. Ratan licked her boobs again marveling at the firm softness and the way they yielded, the way her nipples were hard. He teased around her nipples and she cried “Again, please suck me baby”.

He sucked her in deeply and felt her body shivering in passion. Her hands held her son’s head to her bosom, and she was whimpering and groaning. He wanted to penetrate her but was afraid to ask, despite what both have done so far. He stopped and sat near her. She looked so sexy with her spear over the pillow her body wet and shining. His hands came down and rested over her center. She murmured “Ohh my love”

“Yes Ma” he looked up

“Are you waiting for my permission to have me” she smiled. “I am ready, darling, eagerly waiting for my lover’s thick male rod in me I am ready for you my son.”

As she lay there in an attitude of surrender Ratan carefully parted her legs and then lay between them. He was probing with his penis for her entrance when he felt her hand guide him in. he slipped into her, passing under her pubic bone and into her hot wet depths, so soft and clinging. He had his full length in her when it happened. It was like receiving an electric shock. A pulsating grip held his penis for a few seconds, and the mother asked, “Did you like my warm sleepery tunnel, darling?”

He tried to respond, but all he could stammer out was, “I-it wer-was…greatt…do it again…please…” There it was again, like a powerful clamp.


To move his penis in her he had to make a concentrated effort. She released him and gently laughing she said, “You see, my love, I’m never going to let you go…never…you’re mine now you are not allowed to leave me unless you will release your honey in me.”

Then her smile changed to a look of lust ‘Come on make me love have me deeper as much as can I will fulfill your desire from a women with loving lust. Drill your thick rod in me love me your aged wife have me, baby have me” She was tight, and very wet, Ratan moved easily, as their bodies copulated. he was slow and clumsy but she guided him as he came out a couple of times. As he got into the groove and their bodies found the eternal rhythm of love, it was heavenly. His loving darling mother was groaning and shaking under him in sexual heat as he plunged into her.

“Love me Ratan my baby my hubby, you are doing so good so manly the women loved to have” she cried her hands caressing his as Ratan rammed in.

“Harder my love , my lover, harder. Yes baby Yessssss” he don’t know how long they copulated….

“Mam I…… ” Ratan near to spurt his body is shaking with excitement Niva the very experienced woman knows her lover is very near to explode. She said “It is ok darling, go on come to Mummy pour all the juices in me it’s a immense pleasure to having your hot sperm in me ever women like to have it”

Niva holding her son like intimate lover burring his face inside her big milk jugs, she raised her legs and he rammed in harder. Ratan had already held back too long, and as he let his orgasm go mother seemed to spring into action. “I’m coming again…I’m coming…let it go…put it in me…..I want it,”

Niva sheers with sexual pleasure” SG …GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…oh God… baby I need…I want…oooaw….oooaw…darling…yes…yes…aaaa ow AASSSSSShhhhh …”
He was lost in her, pumping his seed in deep as if responding to her cry.
his sperm slammed into her. They were struggling together for ever greater depth of penetration. Beneath him Niva was screaming and weeping still begging him to do her.


One final spurt into her and he started to unwind but Niva was still thrusting up against him as her orgasm continued to hold her in its grasp. With his softening penis he kept moving with her as he kissed her Niva holding her matured son’s muscled body and moaning with joy

“ohh baby don’t take out your loving weapon in me until I feel that my baby is complete happy to have me” Niva kissed him madly

‘Do you know what I mean? Let me feel that your pennies going to be a soft toy” Ratan slowly rubbing his face on his mom’s heavy breast “I felt very much happy to have a man in me like you”

Niva kissed him softly. “Are you fully satisfied with me?”

Ratan asked. “Of course I am, I am so happy, so so happy”. She found his lips and kissed him. During love making with her Ratan punched her big boobies very roughly with continuity. She had stopped sobbing and she looked at him mischievously, smiled, and said, “You thought you had hurt me? I am habituated of getting punched my hanging jugs and enjoyed your roughness in the bed like all aged women like me. You are too much showing your sexual appetite towards my bigger tits like any men, but we aged women don’t get hurt by rough fondling and hungry sucking while love making, you will have me every time specially in the night so eat me with love.”

“Oh Mam, ” he kissed her again. Then a hideous thought struck him; “My God, I …. I did not use a ….. will you….get?”

“No, I have done an operation dear, I told you earlier, you can feel me inside as much as you can, woman at my age always wants man juices raw in her.” She smiled. she lay down and she curled up to him, putting her thighs over him, running her hands through the hairs on his chest.

“Oh Ma, I don’t want to leave you” I sighed overcome with feelings “You don’t have to be son till you marry”


“I don’t marry nobody will have me so deep in her like you” Niva smiled and provoked him intentionally “That means every night you will drill me twice/ everyday you are increasing your speed as well as your timings. Oh no baby you are humping me like anything”

“Ohh mummy I always have to surrender myself and every time you own the game”

Ohh naughty boy being your lover I have to take out all the male honey so that you will release your seeds in me and sleep coolly.”

“So, Ratan if due to work you will go outside of the city, I shall be happy to come and stay with you as long as you want. if my son wants me, I want it to be with someone whom I love and who loves me, and I think you will be the best choice.”

“I know that,” he replied.

“Yes,” mother said.

“Ah…Ratan, my baby you are going to be stiff, do you want to come in me again?”

He still had his penis in her vagina and it had hardened again and she must have felt it.

“Er…well…if it’s okay it wants you.””It will always be okay, darling, If you still hungry for me for the second round then why don’t you put your lovely hot sperm in me. By the way, you will do that nice thing with your tongue again that lovely hard sucking, won’t you?”

“You will never stop me to do so,” he said as and started to move in her.


Another day Niva was slept on the bed Ratan silently pulled the bed sheet his hand accidentally brushed against her breasts and she felt him stiffen and move his hands away, some how that act deadened the raucous complaints of her conscience. The bed sheet slipped down and he could see her heaving bosom with her blouse partly torn from the top so that her black brassier and deep cleavage was very visible. He started in mild voice “I love you so much,”

She murmured, almost under her breath. “I Love you, too, my love” she muttered, trying to control the burning desire burning out of down in his belly.

Ratan glanced down his throbbing giant was so hard and stiff, he didn’t know how long he could keep it concealed he told himself as he continued to hold his dear mother close. His hands were caressing her hands and as she shifted herself his hands rested on her belly over the bed sheet. He delicately fingered the pliant flesh for a moment, “Darling you are so nice”

She looked up at him “So are you” Ratan smiled at her aged mother and couldn’t help but notice the change in his mother. She seemed amazingly calm under the circumstances. Here they were, sitting on a bed, her semi-naked under the sheets, him with only his Bermuda shorts on him, both of them obviously sexually aroused and yet, she seemed calm and collected. It was almost as if she had made her mind up to not let anything bother her. It was weird. He couldn’t explain it. But she most definitely had a different air about her. He could see that she was calmly watching him as he tried to look away from her body. She could see the profound effect her semi-nudity was having on her son. And why wouldn’t it, she smiled to herself. After all, she was his mother.


And she knew she was having all womanly things any man would like to have her for pleasure. He was very tightly wound, she thought, watching him furtively glancing up at her breasts as he stroked her belly. She couldn’t mistake his obvious excitement as it was clearly evidenced by the giant protrusion jutting up under his shorts. There was little sense in protracting his agony, she told herself. She had made up her mind, so there was no need to torment him any further. She held his hands and pressed them to her belly and slowly moved them up “It feels nice my baby” she murmured. “Your loving touch are making all the pain disappear” Sweating and trembling with excitement, he let his mother move his fingers up her belly until they were only an inch or so from the underside of her breasts. She could see the sweat glimmering wetly on his forehead. Now, she telepathically urged him on, now. Touch it. Touch me. Please. But even as she silently pleaded with him, he suddenly stopped and moved his hands away, pushing her hands down in the process. “Sorry” he said” “Why dear”? She asked as her hand moved farther and farther down until it brushed up against his granite-like hardness thrusting up under his shorts. She didn’t move.

“I am so sorry to wake you up” his voice shook. Her fingers traced his hardness, there was no hiding now.

“MOTHER,” he gasped staring down at his mother touching his throbbing manhood.

“Oh, mummy, please I …. I am… I don’t want to disturbed you …. sorry”

He stammered, trying to move back. “Why are you being sorry, I am not upset with you” Niva coyly said, moving her hands over his hardness.

“Oh, darling” he groaned, trying to pull her hands on his huge cock with, “Your hands are always arousing me please don’t start playing.”

“Why,” she said teasingly, “Why can’t I feel how much my son has grown”

“Mom, I didn’t mean to” he sputtered, turning away from her, “don’t tease me, your soft fingers making me hot.” He hesitates.


She held on to his hands. “I am not disturbed, and I am not teasing” she said softly, leaning down and reaching for him, “I just want to show you how much I love you. Show you how much I need you. And I think you want me, too. You must or why else would you be like that.”

“God, Mother, what are you saying? The same feelings I have for you” he gasped, his face turning white with love. “Do you?” she asked him, softly caressing his rock hard buttocks as he stood by his bed trembling.

“Do I what?” he wanted to know, still not believing that his mother’s aggressive movement.

“Would you like to show me your love to me?” she murmured.

“Oh, yes mom, you have me whenever you want.” he groaned, feeling the strength leave his legs as his knees began to quake.

“Yes,” she told him, watching him start to sink to the floor but catch himself and sit down on the edge of the bed.

“Your so warm invitation make me always,” he muttered, shaking his head and pinching himself,

“I must be dreaming.” “This is no dream,” she told him, “but, if you don’t want to give me your lovely stiff rod right now, I will wait in the bed at night.”

“Oh, my darling,” he blubbered impotently,

“Having you is always a pleasure for me. Come to me baby I’m just asking you to love me,” she said softly, clearly in charge of the situation unlike the one earlier in the day,

“Don’t you want to love your mother like your loving wife?”

“Oh Mother,” he cried “You make it sound so exiting. So easy, casual, Like it’s uh, uh, that a loving wife inviting her hubby. ”


. He got up again, and turned himself so that she can see his erection. “Ohh baby come to me,” she said emotionally, “I didn’t intend to make it sound but I really need you right now the way you have me before. She paused, uncovered her enormous breast to make him more aroused and she looked deep into his eyes.

“I just want to share something loving and tender with the man that I love more than anything. More than a life itself. I’m sorry that it came across as casual. But I’m not sorry that I want to make love to you. I could never be sorry about that. Your lust for me always increases my thrust for you.”

Electricity arced around the room, sparking and crackling dangerously as they stared into each other’s eyes. “Oh, Mother, I think that loving you would be the most wonderful thing ever, I have always, you know?”

“I’ve never been surer of anything in my life,” she told him emphatically. The tension in the room was so charged, passion was flicker around them like fireflies in the night. She couldn’t breathe as she waited for him to respond. Finally, he slowly turned to face her with his hands still trying to hide the huge monster jutting out of his groin. “It is ok, baby I know you are hard, take your hands away son your lover is very much eager to see your monster like any women does”

She asked. As he moved his hands away Niva pulled the string of his shorts and pulled it down, and the gasped.

“Oh baby my love” she looked up at him and then again at his cock, it was so huge, red and throbbing.

“My son, it is so loving big size, so lovely” she murmured. Her hands took his pole he felt that she bite his meat pole lust

“Oh, my hard baby,” she gushed and then she pulled his pant down “Your soft loving touch do this to me’ He make him closure to his mom., taking him in her arms and pulling him to her tightly, “Come to me baby your mom will treat you so Lovely way you will really enjoy it very, very Much.” “Oh, Mom, Your big boobies are like melting and pressing their softness so lovely way I can’t explain.” He cried out, returning her embrace.


They sat holding onto each other for the longest time, each of them wrapped in each other’s arms, soaking up the love that flowed between them. At last, Niva slowly released her hold on him.

As they parted, she reached down to his great, towering penile monolith. Gently wrapping her hand around thick, rigid shaft of his penis, she lovingly began to stroke him. Staring down at it longingly, she slowly ran her hand down from its great, rubbery head all the way down to the hairy base of his cock and back up to his cockhead again. Pausing for a long, dizzying moment, she cupped her hand over its giant head and gently squeezed and kneaded its firm solidity. As she did, she felt him struggling for control.
“Oh, darling,” he groaned, “I don’t know how long I can hold it back.”

“My sweet baby,” she cooed intimately, “I’m sorry that I teased you so long. I didn’t want to but I couldn’t help it. I had to be sure. So don’t hold it back, now. Let it go. We have the rest of the night, the rest of our lives to make love. Let go and come. Mommy wants to taste your cum. Let mommy suck your pole how much she will be happy to have your throbbing dick in her mouth. That musky male aroma from your male rod make me crazy to have your meaty rod in my mouth for horny suck and drink your cum as much as load you can give to me.”

She started sucking like she don’t want to lose a single moment tasting his rock hard pennies without mercy. Her vulgar, obscene words lit the fuse on the powder keg of bubbling, boiling cum inside his aching balls as she continued to gently sucking with stroke his quivering monster. As he felt her fiery fingers scorching the taut, stretched skin on his throbbing cock, he groaned and whimpered, trying to hold back the flood that was damned up inside him. Then suddenly she felt his giant cock jerk and bulge out threateningly. Upheaval was imminent. His cock, stretched as tightly as a bow string vibrated with dangerous tension as it prepared itself to erupt in her hand.”Yes baby cum baby cum” she clumsily bent down over his jutting manhood. Then, just as she opened her mouth and softly sucked the bulging head of his penis into her mouth, she felt it jerk wildly yyyyummmmmmm!” Ratan bellowed out as he felt his mother’s hot, sucking mouth close down around his hypersensitive cock head. The depraved excitement of the moment overwhelmed him. With the force of a cannon firing, his gigantic cock detonated and shot out a huge spout of thick, white love-cream into his mother’s mouth.


The pent up passion had built up such a load of hot, creamy cum, it immediately, filled her mouth to the point of overflowing. Sucking and swallowing as quickly as she could, she still couldn’t keep up with the great gushing torrent of hot, gummy cum that spurted from her son’s gigantic manhood. The flood of burning gunk gushed out and trickled down the shaft of his cock and onto her hand. Never had she known such virility in a man.

Niva while sucking the hot rod of her son moaning loudly “Umm! Baby my love you kept so much love juices for your wife your hot juices are so tasty I always love to have it.”

Putting aside everything else, he watched his mother in all her naked innocence, though he was yet to see her nude. As the image of her naked body danced through his head, he felt a quiver of excitement tickle through his cock. Reaching under the cover, he wrapped his hand around the germinating erection and began to roughly stroke it. It only took a few seconds of this to bring it to full hardness as he thought indecent thoughts of his mother. “Oh, my sexy baby so you are enjoying sucking it wasn’t enough for you?”

She laughed, slipping into his room unannounced and catching him in the act. “Oh, mom you are right,” he blushed,

“That’s okay,” she smiled.

“I was just thinking about you and how beautiful you are. I just started getting hard,” he said, still a little self-conscious,

“So I just thought I would help it along.”

“Can I see?” she asked, leaning over.

“Of course,” he bubbled throwing back the covers to reveal his rock-hard cock and reaching up to pull her down to him all in the same motion. Staring into the deep warmth of her black eyes, he tenderly pressed his lips to her, kissing her so softly, it was like the wings of a butterfly brushing across her lips. He did not know how to kiss, but she taught him. And soon they were kissing open mouthed with taking the lead and drawing out her son’s saliva with her lips.


“You young stud always going hard within short period this is what love is supposed to be,” she moaned softly as he released her, “I don’t know if I can live without it.”

“Me, either,” he said emphatically. “How did all this happen so fast?” she mewed.

“I still can’t believe it.” “I don’t really understand, but,” he paused, gently caressing the silky softness of her hair, “I don’t want to stop, darling, I want more, I want to”

“Oh, My Love, I know what you want, you want to make love to your thick rod making me wet twice,” she mumbled.

“Oh, mom my love” Ratan pulled her closer.

“Oh dear take rest for a while let us have something to eat, you should be hungry, you will get me in your bed latter.’

“But, I,” he started to say but found his mother’s fingers on his lips blocking any further conversation.

” I want my lover always keep himself fit enough so he can rammed me like a bull and smashed me on the bed as long I want him in me honey” “NO baby” she commanded him,

“What,” Ratan laughed out loud, “Great, mommy, Best one yet. Now you are acting as I am kid.”

“You are in spite of this, my kid” she teased holding his penis.

“And also my man my lover at bed” They stared into each other’s eyes for several long, poignant moments.

“God, I love you so much,” Ratan murmured.

“I love you, too,” she whispered. Then, she shook her head to try and break the passion of the moment. He went to the dining hall and Niva closed the door “let me dress.” She took her Bra and petticoat Ratan touched her shoulder” Niva entered her bra through hand, “Lock the hook now”


Ratan did it from behind and can’t resist him to touch his mom’s big hanging breast comes out from the bra due to their huge size.

‘Oh baby leave them as they are they will do their duty while we will be in the bed and start our love making session”.

Niva felt her son’s hard man hood pressing her buttuck with a pleasant manner she directly touched his dick ‘Oh naughty boy control your organ always poking on my back, tell him to wait for his woman she will give his food and satisfy him after some time.”

She smiled at him. Niva thought as she washed her face and applied light make-up. She brushed her hair and wore a light perfume. Ratan’s eyes popped as she came to the hall “Oh my darling, you look so, so great, I never” She smiled

“You have not seen it, I know, glad you liked it, now sit down, and let me serve you”

He suddenly realized he was starving. She served him the Rice and Chicken curry and he dug in. “Wow, momma, it so good, I missed your cooking, your are the best”

“Just eat,” she laughed, pouring him a glass of Juices They hungrily devoured the food and almost finished the bottle of wine after having food before they were cleaned. “Wow, I didn’t realize how hungry I was,” Ratan said, rubbing his stomach appreciatively, “and I had forgotten what a good cook you were.”

“You flatterer” she said modestly as she cleared the dishes “No moma’ he praised her.

“Well, thanks, I love cooking for you darling” she said as she came back to the hall. “I love cooking for my loving son” she took his hands and kissed his fingers. He pulled her and kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, and then her quivering lips. He went on kissing her and she adoringly ran her hand up his thigh, stopping just short of his drooping cock.


“This is nice,” she said softly, “I can’t believe that we’re doing it, but it’s actually beginning to feel natural and very good” she turned off the lights.

“Now come with your mother to the bed room” she said huskily. “Yes moma”
Hand in hand mother and son went to the mother’s bed room each thinking of the possibilities, the limits to which their incestual love would take them.

Inside as her son kissed her Niva knew that she will have to take the lead here. She slowly pushed him away as he was trying to touch her bosom.
“I have seen your manhood, and I am sure you want to see your woman now…. Nude and ready for you…. why don’t you let me undress my love” she asked.

Ratan nodded and stepped back and sat on the bed. Niva unbuttoned her night gown and saw her son eager eyes taking in her nudity as it emerged. She came near him as she peeled off her gown. Ratan stared all over her sexy body.

“Oh darling” he sighed as she stood before him and slowly moved closer and her fleshy belly and deep navel were inches in front of her young son. “You are so sexy” he murmured as Niva hugged his face to her belly. Ratan loved it the feeling of her soft flesh, the generous spread and slight protrusion, the faint birth marks… the deep navel. He kissed her and by instinct licked her seeing how she groaned in appreciation he licked her again.

“Oh baby, my son, my love” Niva murmured as she felt his hands cupping her buttocks.

‘Let moma show you everything my love” she replied. Ratan released her and Niva moved back unclasping her brassier and then bending down and removing her panties gracefully. She was naked. Ratan could but stare. He had never seen her naked before today, and he could feel his juices already rebuilding down inside his big balls as he openly gaped at her with open admiration. Although she was forty-seven, she possessed an ageless beauty. Her large, pendent breasts, perfectly shaped for their astonishing size still maintained some of their previous pertness. They were marvels of nature. Big, creamy melons with large, circular cups of dark brown flesh tipping each of them were tipped with big, bulging nipples. Watching them bounce and wiggle seductively with each step she took, Ratan found him recall a day in his youth.


He remembered it as if it were yesterday. He had been fascinated by the size of her breasts even back then. So one day he had gone through her chest of drawers in search for a brassiere. Prowling through her lingerie, he had found a pretty one with big lace-trimmed cups. He had been perversely excited as he had breathlessly held the lacy brassiere in his small, shaking hands. As he held it, he knew that her big tits had actually been in the bra and it made him instantly hard. He had known that the cups seemed large, but he didn’t really comprehend what the 36DD on the tag meant. That is until now. Below her mountainous tits, her smooth fleshy belly flared into her wide hips. Her deep navel adorned her sexy belly. Her waist was overshadowed by her breasts making them seem even larger than they actually were.

Then, as she turned deliberately he saw her delightful buttocks. It was full, firm, and shaped like a smooth, pink upside down heart. It was beautiful, sexy, the rounded perfection of her ass. All of these were complimented by smooth fleshy thighs, and shapely leg and that moved with fluid grace as she walked towards him. “My love” she called twice before he broke of his trance “What happened, are you unhappy, am I too fat?” she asked with concern

“Oh no dear, you are so great, even more lovely than I ever imagined… I am so lucky” he stood up.

“Oh baby, I am the lucky one to have a fine young man like you as my son, and as my love, take off and let me see you” she asked coming near him. Ratan removed his shorts and his cock sprang up. This time he did not hide it from his mother his lover.

“Ready again, my darling isn’t you? Niva sighed marveling at her son huge manhood “Do you know how handsome you are my son,” Niva said coming near as her nipples touched her son and his penis touched her belly both of them wincing at the touch.


“And with this lovely penis, you can make your loving woman very happy”. Ratan groaned at her touch and the promise in her words. His hands went around her pulling his mother on to his body, mother and son embraced nakedly feeling the warmth of each other. Niva felt the taut hardness and muscles of her son, he was hard and lean and so strong she thought. His eager lips found hers and she pushed him to the bed. “You naughty baby have to show me how much harder to make me happy I am really thrilled to have your love pole in me.”

He lied down and his mother came into his arms “I am yours baby fulfill your wifely desire in me make me your woman my darling” she smiled kissing him again.

His hands roamed her back and rested on her buttocks. He squeezed and she smiled at him “like them”. He nodded.

She kissed him again and slowly moved down his body “let momma love her loving son” she murmured kissing his neck and moving down to his slightly hair chest her fingers teased his big nipples and as she started teasing and sucking them Ratan squirmed and enjoyed. Niva marveled at his body, the hardness of his chest and the manly smell emanating from him as she moved down kissing his belly and then skipping his throbbing penis she went to is muscular thighs. Ratan was experiencing the love of a woman and swimming in a sea of eroticism, he groaned as his mother sucked on his inner thighs. He looked down and their eyes met. Looking into his eyes Niva moved up “May I taste my lover’s big pole being his aged wife?” As she is not asking permission demanding her loving rights? She murmured taking his cock in her both hands like meat roll.

“Oh darling” is all that the eager young man could say as his sexy mother moved up his legs “Did you like my mouth on your penis baby my darling?” she cooed. Ratan nodded eagerly and pulled her closer in between his hairy thighs “have me baby my love’.


Niva was always eager to love man’s hard dick the lovely game with men she enjoyed more than the man she sucked. She feels the power of the man has been easily taken under her fully while taken the hard tools of the man inside her hungry mouth. No man can deny her when their throbbing dick inside her sucking mouth. She peeled back his foreskin and stroked him and still looking into his eyes she opened her mouth and traced her lips over his balls and up his penis. She saw him shiver with lust and pleasure, and this made her lick him wantonly. Niva opened her lips and took her sons cock inside and started sucking him, her tongue rubbed the underside of his manhood as she bobbed her head. Ratan could not believe such pleasure existed. He groaned and twisted on the bed his hands caressing his mother’s hair as she made oral love to his manhood. He knew he will not last long with this kind of ministrations, and the way his breathing quickened his mother also sensed it. She slowly released him and moved up.

“Not so soon baby” she smiled at him as she hovered over him her breast dangling down. “Oh momma, you are so good”, his hands caressed her breasts, as he marveled at their size and softness

“Like them darling” his mother asked moving further up as he tentatively touched her erect brown nipples and caressed her areola.

‘Yes mom, they are the best, actually much bigger than I thought” he squeezed

“And so soft” Niva murmured

“Love them baby”

And held on the hear board of her bed and lowered her boobs to her sons face, the dangled tantalizingly and by Ratan buried his face in them. Niva held still as her eager son caught her left breast and started kissing and licking it all over, he was mad with desire she realized. Ratan was ecstatic, his mother’s breasts are so sexy, kissing them gave him pleasure beyond dreams he wanted more and tried to capture her nipples. Niva realized what he wanted and said “Let me lie down dear”


She lied down her body is eager for love as her son came over her, she held her breast and said “Come baby come to your favourite dish like all horny lover I always stored honey for my hungry baby suck them by pumping hard squeezing hard to take out all my juices for my love through my nipple’s door.’

Ratan’s lips closed over his mothers nipples and he was in heaven, he sucked and suckled as his moaning mother caressed his head, calling him sweet names. “Oh baby you are sucking me so manly bite me baby I never mind manly biting nipples making me aroused take as much my fleshy tits as much as can ahh ahh baby Ratn chewing her big brown nipples so hard Niva get dischared with shaking her body with extreme pleasure

“Oh baby have it baby have all’ her voice became slow. Mother and son were caught in an ocean of lust.

Ratan moved to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment, his other hands caressing the other breast with love and passion. After some erotic sucking Niva murmured “Oh my lovely baby my love” he looked up

“Yes momma’ his face was wet and flushed.

“I love you, I love them”

She laughed “Oh darling you are so good to me, and they are yours I will not take them away from you”

He kissed her cleavage and then her lips. “Oh momma,’ He got up and placed his hands on her thighs, stroking her. He bent down and kissed her belly as his hands moved down tentatively. He looked at his mother.

Niva smiled “Don’t be shy, you want to see don’t you” she opened her legs. He nodded. Niva provocatingly opened her thighs her treasure, her pussy was revealed in front of her son. She slowly took his hands down “You can have the taste of it, all woman always love to have tasted by her lover with manly thrust, touch it baby , if you want to” she murmured.


“I want to ” he said huskily, touching her outer lips. Niva spread her lips with her finger and guided her man. He learned fast and soon Ratan was gently fingering the soft, limp lips of flesh surrounding her inner most sanctum.

“That feels good,” she sighed, slowly spreading her legs farther apart and exposing more of her bubbling femininity to him.

“Your, uh, your, uh, pussy is beautiful,” he told her, blushing as he spoke.

“Your touch makes me wet again, thank you,” she returned, blushing too, “But I don’t know what you see in it that is pretty.”

“It is so soft, and wet, and warm, it makes me hard just looking at it,” he tried to explain as she saw his cock twitch.

“Can I you know…..” he hesitated “Tell me baby” Niva knew what he wanted

“Can I kiss it,” he asked. “Are you sure baby, it will be wet and squishy, you may…”

“Momma, I love you, I want to, just guide me to have you please”

“Of, course you can, My Love, she cooed, lifting her foot and draping her leg over his arm, “I would love for you to kiss me there, come” Inching closer, Ratan stared into the very core of his existence. It was almost impossible to imagine that he had once been deep inside of this beautiful, warm place. Leaning closer, he gently kissed the soft, flaccid flesh that hung down encircling and guarding the deep, wet chamber of her vagina.

“Oh, My Love, you will make me yours with your lovely tong” Niva sighed euphorically as she felt his tongue probing her vaginal lips. Running his tongue around her hot, dripping slit, Ratan eagerly lapped up the overflow from her drenched gash.


“A bit above darling.. aaaah, you will see a small protrusion that is my clit, kiss me their love”she guided him” He probed the soft flesh, searching for her clitoris. Poking and exploring with his tongue, he found the little fleshy sheath and the slippery, little marble inside it. When he did, he felt her jump.

“Oh My God you are making me so horny,” Niva whispered as she felt him tentatively poke the protruding button with his tongue. Seeing how much she enjoyed it, he reached up with his hand and gently peeled the fleshy hood back from her clitoris. Then he tenderly nuzzled the smooth little bead of flesh peeking out its fleshy cave and felt another shudder tremble shudder through his mother’s body. Running his tongue around it teasingly, he toyed with it for several moments before he began to flick his tongue back and forth across it roughly.

“Oh, baby my love,” she groaned out loud as she felt her clitoris being ravaged by her son, “you’re going to make me finish if you don’t stop.” Hearing this, Ratan began to attack her clitoris even harder and faster. Lapping at her hungrily, he felt her dig her fingers into his hair and push his mouth down onto her pussy. As he vigorously attacked her clit, she grabbed handfuls of his hair and pulled his face down into her pubic mound even harder. Sucking and pulling on the slippery little knob of nerves, he flicked it up and down and back and forth as fast as he could. While he did, he could feel her whole body straining and tensing in anticipation.

“Oh Ah, yes, yes, yes,” she panted, trembling and quivering under the assault. Raking his tongue across her slippery clit, he felt himself growing harder and harder, too. The animalistic sounds coming from his mother’s mouth were so lewd and obscene he couldn’t believe she was capable of such passion. But the fact she was mouthing such profanities was adding fuel to the fire growing down inside his aching cock. She was so hot and aroused she could barely contain his passion. Then, suddenly, she felt her body stiffen for a few moments as a tortured groan escaped from his lips. Then, while he continued to tongue her clit, her body began to jerk and twist as if she were having some kind of seizure. Pulling his mouth and tongue into her imploding pussy, she thrust herself up into him wildly humping her gushing pussy onto his mouth.


“Awwww baby….” she growled as her body continued to twitch and shake uncontrollably.”

“Umm,” she blathered out as her body was consumed with the unholy passion of their incestuous love. Sucking as much of her pussy lips and clitoris into his mouth as he could, he kept licking and teasing her slippery clitoris as she writhed under his onslaught. It was difficult to keep his face plastered down on her bouncing, gyrating pussy but he somehow managed to do it as he rode out her stormy climax with her. He is holding both her heavy thighs tightly to control her from shaking. Gnashing her teeth and groaning, Niva was carried to heights of ecstasy that she had never achieved before. They were so high and wonderful, it almost took her breath away as she felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over her body and mind.

It seemed like it would go on forever, but unfortunately the spasmodic contractions of joy that undulated through her pussy slowly began to lessen. Then with one final convulsion, they finally stopped altogether. Basking in the warm afterglow, she was left weak and disoriented as she hungrily gasped for air. Ratan had felt his mother’s muscles rhythmically contract and relax for several moments as she was consumed by her orgasm. Finally though, he felt the tenseness slowly flow out of her, leaving her limp and almost lifeless. Gently nuzzling her clitoris, he felt her fingers untangle themselves from his hair and fall to the bed beside her.

“Oh, my love, it was beautiful,” she cooed softly.

“O momma” he mumbled, lifting his juice-slathered lips away from her drooling pussy. Sleepily, Niva watched him lazily get to his hands and knees.

Looking down his body, she was gladdened to see that his penis was jutting out stiff and hard as a baseball bat. First time no man hadn’t like doing that to her, but it been clearly evident that her son did. Touching softly his rod in her palm “Oh, My, baby, you’re dick is so hard now,” she said happy that he had enjoyed what he had just done.

“Kissing you made me harder” he blushed, slowly crawling up between her still outstretched legs.


“Do you want me to kiss your thing again,” she asked him, reaching for his huge, thick cock as it jutted out at her, bobbing up and down malignantly. “or do you think it’s time we consummate our love for each other,” she asked her son.

“We’ve already waited too long.” “Oh momma, do you have me right now” “I will and I will not let you go without taking out your hot juices and making me a satisfied woman again”

She guided him to come over her. Ratan eagerly positioned over his mother gradually lowering his hips and aiming his enormous love-weapon down at the weeping pink gash between her legs. Ratan eagerly positioned over his mother gradually lowering his hips and aiming his enormous love-weapon down at the weeping pink gash between her legs.

“Oh baby I hope I can take all of you, it’s so thick,” she said uneasily as she bent his rigid maleness down toward the drooling pit between her legs. Suddenly, Ratan felt a bolt of electricity spark through his cock as his rounded cock head slowly sank down into the soft, wet core of his mother’s soft femininity.

“God, it’s so hot,” he gasped as he slowly eased the giant head of his dick down into her waiting oven. “Oh, darling you’re Huge,” she groaned as his gigantic prick slowly penetrated deeper and deeper into the hot, clutching cavern of her vagina.

“You always want me like this?” “Oh, yes my baby, my love, don’t stop,” he whimpered, “I want to take all of you in me, I love to have your thick rod in me like any thirsty woman in the world.”
His mighty cock was so hard and full of blood, she could actually feel his heartbeat pulsing through it. Like a giant pink serpent slithering into its wet, drenched lair that was surrounded by soft, curly hairs, his cock disappeared inch by inch into the deep of her hungry loving tight hole entering between her legs. Deeper and deeper it plowed into the inviolate depths of her tight, clutching cunt. Slicing through the sopping, clinging flesh of her vagina, his cock sliced in like a knife slicing through butter. She could feel his great round cock head stretching her vagina, as her pussy dilated to fullest to accommodate the giant monster while he forced more and more of his cock into her. Finally, just when she thought his enormous cock would never fit, she felt his belly gently nudge up against hers.


“Oh, yes baby what a pleasant fillings yes baby, I took it all. I took all of you, back inside me again, your heavy balls giving their lovely touch at the door of my entrance” she bubbled, relishing the feel of her son’s giant cock filling her hot pussy to its limit.

“Oh, momma the you are having me so nicely I can’t even explain,” he groaned, kissing her on the lips, hard and long as their tongues intertwined and probed the other’s mouth. Then as slowly as he could, he backed his cock out of her wet, clinging cunt. As his cock came out, it glistened wetly, coated with a thick layer of her abundant juices. Grunting, he slowly pushed it back into her watching her eyes soften and her pupils dilate larger and larger. The pleasure she felt was indescribable. Never before had she known such joy. Knowing that she should be filled with shame and remorse, she couldn’t keep from reveling in the wondrous new love she had found. She had never had a man make love to her so lovingly. So gently, So tenderly. She couldn’t believe how gentle he was as he slowly worked his wonderful penis in and out of her clinging womanhood. She was so focused on the delightful pleasure that was pouring up from her pussy, she could even feel his big, soft balls softly slap up against her bottom every time his cock completed its journey into the depths of her drooling femininity.

“Oh baby my love you are drilling your momma so nice with your powerful thrust any woman aged like me will be mad to have you in her, my baby my darling give me in your hot thick tool in me, ohh my love”

Niva going crazy the sensation shaking her womanly body with the male thrust by her son. His cock slid in and out, in and out as Ratan fucked his mother with powerful, slow, deep strokes that drove his cock into all the way to the hilt every time. He had never felt so powerful and protective at the same time. He realized that he was committing a heinous trespass, but that didn’t seem to matter now. Nothing mattered to him at the moment except bringing pleasure to his mother.

He had seen the loneliness she endured. And now he wanted to drive all that away. He wanted to make her happy once more. Happy, like she had been when he was a little boy. It was all that he could think of as he lovingly drove his manhood in and out of her hot, clutching pussy. Time seemed to stop as they fucked. While their lovemaking was physical thing, it was an emotional upheaval of passion, too. He couldn’t explain his feelings. It was just the most wonderful thing he had ever experienced.


Neither of them wanted it to ever stop as Ratan tried to prolong his mother’s pleasure as long as he could. Staring down into her glazed eyes, he would fuck his mother up to the point he felt her muscles starting to tighten in anticipation, he would pause. Then, lying top of her motionless, he would lean down and lovingly kiss her until he felt her muscles soften, and then he would resume fucking her again with slow, loving strokes. Again and again, he brought her to the portal of an orgasm only to stop and wait until she was able to regain control again. Every time he did it, she grew a little more frantic in her drive to attain the final burst across the finish line. Leisurely, lovingly, he once again stroked her to the very edge of the abysmal pool of pleasure only to stop and hold his cock thrust into her all the way to the hilt.

“Oh, darling, Please, Please,” she begged him, “Please finish me sweet hurt my baby, my love.”

“I want it to be the best one you’ve ever had,” he told her clenching his muscles and making his cock swell up inside her.

“Please, Ratan, Please make love to me and let me finish,” she pleaded again, squeezing down on his cock and milking it with her strong cunt muscles,

“It’s killing me, you rammed like a bull I really enjoying you madly in me, the most lusty way with you than any man.” Niva hold him so tight that her huge boobies getting smashed under the pressure of Ratan’s hairy chest. She also wants to feel his manly pressure on her boobs. Seeing she was becoming frenzied with desire, he began to fuck her again. This time he drove his cock into her with quick, powerful strokes. Slamming his cock into her hot wetness, as deep and hard as he could, he felt her rapidly respond to the hammering attack on her cunt.

“Yes baby, yes that’s the way, oh yes drills me baby, like that,” she hissed passionately, digging her long, sharp fingernails into his back as she goaded him on. The room reverberated with the lewd sound of their bodies slapping together as they fucked furiously. But it only took a few, deep driving strokes to bring her to the apex of passion and she felt her vagina burst with pleasure.


“OH baby you make me cum again oh no it is going too big in size baby you are humping me so manly oh baby uff ahhhh I am releasing baby my juices showering your cock with full force, hold me baby my man uff daaarling my baby ……”

She gasped as the fires of incestuous gratification consumed her.
Her whole body was on fire as it shook and writhed. Her clutching cunt collapsed down around her son’s cock triggering it into its own cataclysmic eruption as she threw her arms out and clawed at the sheets.

“OH, momma ………..” he bellowed as he felt his cock explode inside of her releasing an enormous gusher of his hot, creamy man-seed into her. Her pussy clasped his spurting penis so tightly, the river of cum he was spewing into her couldn’t escape. Again and again, his giant bucked and spurted gob after gob of his potent cream into her. As it did, she could feel the pressure inside of her growing greater and greater, but she couldn’t relax her hold on his cock. Higher and higher she spiraled up on a great updraft of pleasure and joy. Higher than she had ever flown before. Higher than she thought she could ever go. Higher than any other woman had ever been. Higher that any woman would ever go. Fireworks were bursting off inside her head and exploding in her cunt as each brilliant burst of pleasure filled her mind with exquisite spasms of delight and gratification.

On and on it went as her son’s great spurting penis pumped more and more of his hot, thick cum into her. Then, finally, after what seem like hours, the fireworks finally stopped exploding inside of her head and she reluctantly came spiraling back to earth. As the last throes of her orgasm wracked her body, she felt the muscles inside her pussy slowly relax and release their stranglehold on her son’s cock. As they did, she felt the pressure inside her vagina suddenly release. At the same time, she felt a gush of Ratan’s hot, sticky man-cream spew out around the thick shaft of her peter. Spewing out of her like a foamy river, it coated his big balls with its sticky heat as he held his cock thrust up inside of her as deep as it would go. She could even feel some of it wash over his balls and onto her inner thighs as continued to gush out of her. Neither of them moved for the longest time. Finally, Ratan tried slowly lifted up and pulled his shrunken penis out of her vagina


“Don’t pull it out, it is still hard enough. Please baby let me have it inside for few more time it feels so good only women can understand.”.

Ratan kissed her heavy naked breast passionately. “Yes baby suck your momma’s jugs and enjoy your favorite dishes, your wife wants to have you in her for some tome more”. He did it as requested, Ratan detached him. She felt like it her pussy was still stretched wide open and his venomous secretions were still running out of it.

Rolling over, he lay beside her and began to gently fondle one of her mountainous breasts. “Baby my love it was the best sex your momma ever had” she murmured “Are you satisfied? giving all your hot juices in me baby”

“Oh momma, I never imagined it will be this good you took me in you so lovely way, every time you are squeezing my cock so tightly in your loving hole I cannot keep myself within my control and squirt”

“Oh no baby my darling you drilled me like a bull no man can ever give so pleasure like you that time I am going to be mad to get your hot juices in me so I make you bound to discharge my baby to cum in me, I was really need your love juices very badly, even I will never allow you to cum outside at any cost. All aged women love to have their man’s love juices raw in their love hole.” he kissed her lips.

“I am now yours,”

“I know that baby my darling”

“I love you” he smiled at her tweaking one of her big, ripe nipples.

“It was as if I saw heaven” he murmured, leaning over and sucking her hard, tingling nipple into his mouth.

“You’re going to get me all hot and randy again, I will never allow you to sleep until and unless I will play with your nuts.”

She smiled seductively. Feeling her juices start to warm again.


“Oh, really,” he smirked; sucking harder on her nipple and gently massaging her big pink melon with his fingers.”

“Oh, you naughty, little boy,” she laughed, grabbing his hardening cock and roughly kneading it back to life.

“Oh, you’re such a naughty, little boy. Naughty lover and my darling hero, all rolled into one, and I think you are still hard again, Oh baby, what will I do with you.”

Niva getting down slowly “Take it in your loving mouth and play your favorite game love me mumma’ he said kissing her again.

After few days he came back with good news to deliver. He was so tired that he went sleep earlier.

Niva entered into the room. They have started to sleep together in the night like married couple. Niva almost wear only saree while go to the bed Ratan was lying on the bed without any cloth which Niva likes by heart.

She enjoyed her man’s naked specially pillar like hairy thighs. the meaty dick covered by deep hairy jungle with hanging balls, She brushed her lips by her tong like horny women who always eager to handle those man tools as long as the man wants.

Getting up the bed Niva kissed Ratan’s naked thigh like addicted women her eyes fixed on the monster cock of her son covered with jungle. She knows her aged son is sleeping but never stop herself to move forward towards the limp man pole of her son uncovered asked herself.

“Baby do you mind if I want to touch your love pole and play with my tong?

Got answer “who stops you?” She again brushed her lips with her horny tong.


The thick meat roll grabbed her like magnet. Niva put her head down the musky smell of the male organ make her crazy like always. She brushed her lips all around the male rod surrounding the hairy Jungle. Ratan shacking his body with the pleasurable touch of his mother’s soft wet lips. She came down towards those meaty balls she swallows them very gently even chewing them slowly and plead silently”Baby, my darling don’t get up let me enjoy sucking your heavy balls it has too good taste too,any horny women will love to taste it.

Ratan opened his eyes with pleasure of sucking and saw his mom’s head deep in between his thighs. He spread his leg wide to give her access more easy movement. “Ohh baby watching you naked make me crazy I never keep myself stop to swallow my darling’s heavy balls, should I stop?”

“Mom you know how to tease me” Holding her head pull her closer “Continue it mommy uff! I love the game you have started”.

After satisfying herself she slowly coming upwards, she rest her heavy tits pressing the thick rod directly under her hard big nipple brushed against his hairy thighs with pleasing womanly touch, she intentionally provoked him by rubbing her big heavy tits on his thick rod so that he will start the cuddling game with her which she wants right now. His rod getting hard after rubbed under the hard pressure of Niva’s soft boobies, Niva coming up she kissed his son’s lips passionately, Ratan felt that his aged mother sucking his lips like horny woman seems she started her motion to seducing him to fulfill her lust. Ratan enjoyed the aggressive attitude and like to being seduced by the woman of his choice. The stiff hard man pole of her matured son roaring in between her thighs love hole entrance covered by deep hairy jungle.

“Baby your naughty boy eagerly wants to enter in me to show his love”

Nava holding the thick dick with her soft touch and playing back and forth which gives him the pleasure of excellent blow job. Ratan buried his face in between her naked big jugs “Yes baby you needs to suck your mummy’s big tits while Niva starts squeezing his tight balls, “baby my darling let me check how much juices you have stored for your darling mom?


Ratan took one of her hard big nipple with in his mouth and sucking hungrily Niva closed her eyes and enjoy the mouthful sucking of her tits “Oh baby suck me baby I want that hard sucking” Niva holding his thick rod and squeeze with lust. Both of them now loving each other like couple.

“My love my baby give me your loving dick in me I want your love inside give it to me baby I am already getting wet to thing that your thick loving pole will about to start ramming me so lovely way, come in me come to mummy’s inside hot cave baby let me feel you in me Niva felt that the thick rod entered into her with a rough stroke.

“Oh yes baby my darling start hammering slowly it is enlarging too big size push it baby”

“Uff you are tight mummy” ” Nothing to worry, mummy will love to have my thick loving bull and ready to give my darling all the pleasure she can give as his woman” Niva sheers with last within few minutes she came twice.

Niva enjoyed Ratan’s heavy thrust while smashing her body with a lovely rhythm “oh baby you are giving me so nicely any woman even like my age will wish to continue it as long as you can.

Ratan make his rhythm slow and buried his mouth inside his mummy’s hairy armpit and started chewing those bunch of hairs “Oh baby you are really incredible” and again discharge herself heavily.

“My lovely darling” Niva holding his naked buttock and punching them passionately “push me hard baby give me your honey inside don’t tease me more it is more than enough time you are screwing me I can’t wait please empty your balls baby my love your lover badly wants your hot juices right now.”

Ratan kissed the fleshy big boobies surrounding her big brown nipple while getting stopped ramming Niva knows the trick she pushed his head in between her big melon plead his lover son “Oh baby you are too thick inside I need some break give your darling your hot juices.”


Ratan felt that his experienced aged mom squeezing his meat rod so tight and bound him to close the bed at the end” Nava realized that her son is going to explode she took her head pressed on her naked breast with love and womanly care soft touch.

“Mom I am coming out, you are going to have all my juices” Ratan shacked his body with pleasure.

” Yes baby give me all your love to me yes come to me baby, your momma darling will take out all your hot loving juices as much as you stored for her, Niva closed his body so tightly that his thick pennies get all inside while discharging Ratan release his load like volcano spurt after spurt Niva closed her eyes and enjoyed the load of male juices flooded fully into her wet love hole with tremendous jerking she pumped his bursting dick to extract all the cum like hungry women “oh baby my love my sweet baby stay on me let mommy take out all the male sauce from you let me fill your love inside for more time.”

Ratan slowly rubbing his face in between two mountainous boobies with warm pleasant feelings “Oh mom still your are holding me so tight so loving way I have to wait for some time more Niva smiled provocatively “So you understand, I never allow my man till I will get all my loveable dues, you naughty lover my love, let me enjoy to have your hot male juices flooded all the way inside my womb I love every time to feel while you bursting in me with deep thrust my horny baby,”

“Are you satisfied mom?”

‘No I need my baby more” Niva holding and cuddling him kissed him like crazy,

“Baby take it out now and sleep like a good baby”

“What are you want to do?”

“Just shut up, this is the right time” without completing the word, came down sliding his body “Oh no mummy” Ratan uttered in husky voice


“My love my baby deserve this” she took his dick and shallow all the way very nicely, Ratan closed his eyes as it is her property she can take care of it the way she wants. She took it all in her mouth with womanly love. She shows her passion about loving pleasure of having her favorite thing as much as putting inside her mouth enjoying the male organ with love.

After some time while both of them holding others. Ratan said “I want to tell you something”

“Yes baby” Niva smashed her heavy boobs with her aged son’s flat hairy chest with soft tone

“I got a good job far distance from the city, the company will pay high graded salary.”

“It’s good news for us” Niva rubbed her face with in deep of her son’s hairy chest inhaling the manly smell which she likes very much.

“I have to stay there. That is one of the conditions related with my job”

“How it can be possible? How I can stay without you? You make my habit to sleep with you every night, you keep me warm, you fill me woman, fulfill my desire to show your lust and love, I am now addicted to have you in me every night do you understand? Niva cried.

Ratan holding her very warmly “I have the same feelings like you I also miss you my love”

Niva kissed him passionately all the naked places of his body and said loudly “You are for me the whole body is mine” even she cupped his hairy meaty balls and twist them in a lovely manner and said “All the hot juices you stored every day inside this, for filling me do you understand? You have to understand Niva holding his body and brushed her lips into his deep bushy chest covering his body under her womanly soft figure on top. Ratan holding her firmly heavy breast smashed on his chest and her thigh rubbed his manhood and balls so warmly that he enjoyed the situation while consoling his mom not to get in depression.


“Mummy my darling don’t get so upset I will keep in touch with you regularly, I will also missed you my sexy wife,who never get tired to give me pleasure till to the last with love nobody can ever give it to me, I don’t know how I can sleep without sucking your huge boobies no woman will please me the way you’re thirsty lips take my thick dick and treat so passionately” Ratan confessed himself very clearly.

“I always feel myself the man, handled by the best woman in the world.

” Niva blushed with those words “Oh you naughty love don’t praise me like this, any woman will love to take your love rod in to mouth and like to have the test of salty honey to fulfill her lust with pleasure. You never feel how much I love the foreplay it seems that I take your power, while you have no way than to come out all of your hot sperm helplessly inside my thirsty mouth. I love the moment when you surrender yourself jerking the whole body with pleasure while ejecting the male juices load after load. Ratan get down from the bed “You know mom I will also miss you very much.”

Niva covered her heavy breast with the petticoat “I know you never stay long time anywhere without me it’s one type of addiction for both, we never live each other without having each other” she finished the word like she cried.

Ratan came closer to her kissed her chick her beautiful eyes lusty lips “I love you momma, your lover will be always yours it will be really hard for me to stay without having my darlings juicy globes’ he touched her big bosoms

“You make me mad baby while you squeeze my jugs like this my naughty love.”

After a month calls from her son Ratan has been received by her though phone coming frequently to share their moments each and every time between them. Niva wants to go her son’s place but she also wants that invitation will come from him first. She always reminding their loving moments and getting herself aroused to think that mad love encounter between them. Some time she laid with Sudha whenever she came to her, she eat her like crazy. Sudha give her best pleasure she sucks her like men but she missed the hard male rod of her lovely son.


Many days passing through she is getting impatience and felt that may be her lover is getting some young girl and involved with her. She felt jealous, getting impatient and decide to go to Ratan’s place after few days. Sudha also advice her to go to her son’s place and stay there for a couple of days for change. She phoned her son to pick up her from the station. First time Ratan don’t believe that his mummy really phoned him from the station, immediately he took the office car and moved to the Station. Ratan saw her from the distance, she was wearing blue chiffon sari with sleeveless thin blouse which shows the huge size of her heavy jugs snatched every bodies view towards her, Ratan appreciate the attitude of her aged mother in every way. Niva hug him, “It’s a really pleasant surprise for me, you looks stunning and also thinner like I saw before” Ratan greets his mother.

“Oh my handsome baby after long time I am seeing you my love” She heavily pressed her melons intentionally over her son while hugging him which makes her nipples hard.

“My baby my darling hopes you still want me like past days” Niva asked his son in a very low voice like his wife meeting her lover after long days.

“Let us go to the car” Ratan grab her from beside and take her into the car. Niva sat very close to Ratan, fully pressed her soft boobs directly to his body and brushed warmly, resting herself keeping her hand on his thigh playing her fingers surrounding on the top of his male organ covered by the cloths. Niva felt that she already getting herself aroused and going to be mad to have her son inside her. They continue their conversation during the half an hour journey towards the bungalow type house given to Ratan from his office. Niva pest with his body like a stamp to feel herself warm during all the time inside the car. They enter into the house Niva closed the main door spread her both hands towards her loving son Ratan and called “Yes baby come to momma” her sari dropped and shows the deep cleavage of her heavy jugs within the coverage of her tight blouse and bra.

Ratan slowly came to her, Niva kissed him on the lips “Oh baby how long I was waiting for the moment you can’t imagine” She hold Ratan to close that her big tittles smashed to Ratan’s chest with womanly pleasure. Ratan respond her not so warmly, she realized, after few moments and asked him “Are you not happy to see me here, then why are you not doing some naughty thing to me? You know what I mean?


“No mom it’s ok” Ratan replied.

“it’s not ok, I thought, after closing the door the next moment it is expected that you will jump on me and eat me like a hungry bull, I was just thinking to have you in me and fulfill your manly thrust with pleasure”.

Ratan squeezed her boobs and said ‘I have to go now, take rest, refresh yourself”

Niva holding him closely “Oh baby I do not want to take rest, I need you right now, fill me baby fill me, my body needs your love very badly, just once you take me inside than go” Niva pleaded him like hungry lusty woman.

“Ohh momma you just allow me to change my dress for going back to the office, you may also refresh yourself.” Ratan leave the room.

Niva get herself stunned to think that he never missed the opportunity to having closer to her as and when the boy got the chance, what is the problem with him? Niva silently entered Ratan’s room, Ratan was just change his dresses, stands wearing only underwear, He never expect that his mummy will come in his room, Niva came closer to him holding his body with passion kissed him with love, her heavy boobies pressed on his naked chest Ratan sheers only “Oh mom what are you doing?”

“You know what I am doing”

Ratan feels that his aged mom’s hand is going down “Oh no mom I have to go to my office.

Niva’s hand silently entered inside his underwear and directly gripping his loin softly covered by the hairy jungle “oh my baby your prick is responding very quick to my lovely touch.”

Ratan felt that his thick man pole strongly squeezed by her mom’s fingers. “Umm! Baby long days I missed you, do you imagine? night without your love is really tough for me’


It seems that he could not be able to control himself the way his sexy mom not only handling his nuts as well as rubbing her soft huge jugs such a lusty manners with deep kisses all the places of his naked body. “Please let me go mom” Ratan plead.

“Oh my naughty boy, are you teasing me? No women can release her lover within this situation?’

Niva turn down his jockey and play freely doing her son’s thick rod ups and down, her favorite game she always like to play. Ratan shacked his body and hold momma’s soft Smooth body so close Niva enjoying the moment, “So my baby needs momma for more pleasure, tell me baby, you need me, you missed your woman long days right.

“Yes momma” Ratan answered in a husky voice.

“I know baby, man of your age always need this exercise with the help of women very badly. She continues doing blowjob with pleasure. Suddenly somebody knocked at the door, “Oh god who is coming now baby” she quickly pushed up Ratan’s undie and cover his male organ.

Some guy from Ratan’s office came to call him. Rattan dressed up. While going Niva kissed him and said in a low voice “your woman will eagerly waiting to get her dues from her man, remember it and try to come home early.”

Continue one week Ratan came at late night and leave the house early morning. They talked with each other but won’t get the chance to be close each other Niva always thought it is not fare to disturbed him while sleeping at deep night.

Within this time she got the news that that Ratan is getting involved with some lady younger than her but her attractive attitude makes any man to be molded. First time she is getting angry, when she became cool she asked herself that, is she jealous about her or is it the chances to lose her lover/ finally she decided that she will have a look of that woman. She watched her from distance and found that the lady has a good physic but also having 2-3 intimate friends like Ratan and used to very close relations like Ratan.


At last came to the conclusion that she utilizing all those guys including Ratan for time pass and personal entertainment. She took the case very sensitively as any mother will do and tries to explain everything indirectly to her son but Ratan just blow away all those in a casual manner. Ratan usually goes to her at night which creates gossips and rumors gradually turned into worse. It is a small town any such rumors may be affected too quickly. Niva heard, some of his local friends also advices Ratan, not to go there to avoid any unpleasant thing to be happen. The day she decided to stop him to go there at any cost. If it is only hunger for woman that can be meet up much better the way she knows.

Come back again the sequence story started

Ratan returned home early. His face shows that he is in trouble. Niva sat down on the bed closer to him. Finally came to know that Ratan heckled by some of the local men and also threatened him not to come that lady’s house or area again. Niva heard everything but did not make any comments only rest her hand on his shoulder and expressed her sympathy for the same.

“You are right mom, I must hear you, and one day this has to be faced by me. Niva slowly moved towards the kitchen,

“Let me make tea for both of us.’ Suddenly Ratan hold her body from back “Forgive me the way I deny you and left the house so rudely mom, I should not have the rights to hurt you the way I did,”

Niva kept silent she feels her matured son’s body weight on her specially the warm pressure of the semi hard prick on her fleshy buttock, those old days are coming again she smile silently.

“Tell me mom you forgive me?” Ratan starts rubbing his gun between the soft cracks of his mommy’s ass. Enjoying the passionate touch of her son still Niva kept silent.


Ratan kissed on her naked shoulder lovely way she always likes. “So you have missed your lady today onwards”

“Mom she is not my own lady”

“She keeps you release your tension, am I right? Niva try to get some space between her spongy back from his son’s hard rod within his pant.

Ratan now intentionally rubbed his manhood for more pleasure. You are searching for replacement in me?

“Mom please do not compare others with you” Ratan raising his grip directly on his mummy’s sari covered huge melon and squeezed the way she wants madly.

“Oh baby, every time you won’t get mewhen ever you want,”

“Mom I need you very badly, you never return me back, will you do that? Ratan took all the soft womanly body of his mother as much as close to him.

“Uff Ratan don’t hold me so tight, you try to take me by forced, may you won’t get that pleasure from me like other women younger than me,”

“Come on mom I said sorry” Ratan sucks her neck like he suck her hard nipple.

Niva felt she cannot resist her from lust for her matured son for long time.

“Don’t tease me mom, you know better my love pole is very much hungry to get entry into some soft warm places for rest.”

” Is that tool will feel happy to get in within this old lady love’s warm place?” Niva fully rest her body on him.

“I will rather not allow my husband again to get empty his balls in other places than in me, hope you understand?” She gave access more freely to Ratan to squeeze her heavy jugs.

Niva turned around “So my baby came back to me again.”


She kissed her on his lips’ To think that she is going to take that thick cock she sheered with lust. She already get wet. “ohh baby how you forget your loving mom for so long days, who is just waiting for the moment when she can have you in her on the bed.”

” Ohh mom you are mine I am now repenting myself”

“yes baby I am yours, forget those past days, let us celebrate our reunion, are you in hurry to get in me now? Or your wife will give you let her eat till midnight slowly for maximum pleasure.”

“As you wish” Ratan surrendered Niva kissed him very softly

“You will be punished. I allow you to sleep until and unless I will take out the last drop of your hot juices I missed for long days.”

“I will be glad to give you all I have in me” Ratan rubbed his face inside her deep cleavage.

“Ohh my baby you will get all mom’s honey to suck, the way you started. My big nipples are getting hard I will be crazy for my naughty boy.” After kissing each other they separated.

Sitting on the bed watching his mummy entered into the room. Niva covered her body with see through nightdress covered with black bra and petticoat. Any men may aroused to get those enormous tits forcefully coming out from the brassier she knows better her matured son like her heavy breasted mother as she is. Ratan get closer to his mummy, holding her from behind “Hay my baby after long time you are holding me like this I am having your manly touch pressing my bum”

Ratan kissed her shoulder deeply. “Baby feeling so thrilled that my loving bull came back to me again” Niva knows that her old lover starts cupping her huge milk can with both the hands

“Mom do you again became mine?


“Are you confused? Your mummy allowing you to squeezed her tits rubbing her bum so close to fill your hard pole to show you my eagerness to have you in me like those old days”

“Ohh mom” Ratan squeezed her fleshy tits so hard that Niva sheers with lovely pain all aged women never complain as usual. Niva opened her nightdress and holding Ratan’s body from front and kissed his hairy chest and smelled the musky aroma coming from Ratan’s body. “Do we stand here for night? Or you will take your mummy, your wife to the bed for long sexy drive?

Ratan pulled her closer and pushed her to the bed and jumped on her like wild animal

“Uff are you going to rape me? Niva felt his body pressure on the top of her. Ratan madly buried deep between her large bra covered boobies and planted thirsty kisses all over them “Oh my baby, have patience don’t make hurry your mummy will give you all the pleasure through long night”

Niva pulled his underwear ‘I want my man fully naked in bed’

The moment he released his under wear, Niva hold his hard cock and starts squeezing tightly “That’s the way I like my man to be handled”

Ratan felt that his hard man pole and big balls are now roughly fondling by his lusty mom’s very badly. “Oh baby I will keep you busy until you will satisfy my all needs and empty your balls to make your darling mummy tired.

” Mummy let me suck your big jugs I am now really thirsty for them”

‘Ohh my baby who stops you? Open my bra and suck those milk jugs with big nipples, I just love that my man will suck and fondling my boobies those are made for this”.


Ratan opened the bra hook and rubbed his face on those melon so lusty manner that Niva sheers with pleasure “Oh my baby I want this so badly, take big brown nipples and suck as hard as you can all the honey have been stored for you, those big balls are also waiting for your hungry sucking, lick them like hungry bull”

Niva holding her son’s head on her boobies and shaking her body that she is going to coming. She is shaking her body holding her young lover’s naked hard rod “ohh baby I am Cumming I am Cumming keep on loving you naughty lover”

Niva felt her juices dripping from her womb on her thigh to down wards. “After long time I got my man so close” Niva rubbing her lips on her son’s hairy chest,

“Baby your poll is going too large, I am getting afraid it may so excited to get in my soft loving hole please be gentle while landing your big pole in me and first time don’t play too much”

Ratan squeeze her boobies too hard “Umm you naughty boy squeezing my jugs like car horn”.

“Those are bigger than any horns and nobody can stop me to rub my darling mummy’s heavy melon”

Niva felt another round of hard squeezing continue “Yes baby my darling give them hard rubbing uff how much I love this you know that Niva playing his hairy balls with her soft experienced fingers the way so that his man go nearer to the extreme point.

Ratan entered his big rod steadily “Ohh baby slowly come in me let your darling enjoy the arrival of your thick cock in me Ohh yes push it baby yes darling I want it Niva take her son on top spreading her leg to get her lover easy entry “yes baby ram me nicely uff give me the full hard lovely cock ohh baby take your mummy

as deep as you can”,

Ratan felt that Niva sucking his thick pole with her cunt muscles very nicely the way no man can ever hold his juices for long time ‘Darling the loving way you are taking me in I cannot control mom I am going to discharge” Ratan said in husky voice


“Yes baby You are already made me come twice, now I want your hot juices as early as possible nothing to be hold flood me in with your hot sperm , yes baby I need this very badly”

Niva pulled his head in her naked huge breast “suck my tits and flood your juices baby, your darling mom want it, give me baby give it to me” Niva shouted with lust she came again. She closed her eyes Ratan breaths faster “Yes baby I know you are going to discharge give me all your lovely juices mom will very much happy to take out to please your manly hunger, yes baby your pole is enlarging bigger it is a nice feeling while taking you to the maximum pleasure in me, give your hot juices inside me, waiting your mom is waiting for this”

Niva feels that Ratan’s hard cock rammed her for blowing juices. “Ohh mom I am cumming cumming Ratan spurts his load after load Niva holding her man on top let him enjoy the moment while discharging,

“Yes my baby it is so hot so excellent so nice gift for your lover for which every night I will ready to take you in, uff! my loving boy” Niva holding her mature son on her top like his wife, “Yes baby release yourself in me, momma will take care of you till you finish.”

They slept together for few minutes, Ratan wants to get up but Niva holding him tight “Please do not leave me now your man pole is still oozing it is still hard inside me let me enjoy the hard tools.”

“Mom your loving treatment will make me hard again” Ratan sucking hard her big nipples nicely”

” Ohh My naughty lover I am always ready to take my man as many times he wants me to drill, being your woman it is my duty to please you on the bed so that you will never look at any other woman because you know that you have your loving mom at house who is always fulfill your lust and make you fully satisfied on the bed, I know at your age I have to please you at least two three times per day, if you want more your darling will take you as many times you want” Niva take his face inside her mountainous boobies and enjoying rubbing his face within her fleshy jugs.


“Mom they are heavy but both are solid.”

“I know that I really enjoyed while my lover fondling it madly, I feel that my darling very much satisfied with my tight big size boobies, you always feel exited whenever you looked at them, your lusty looks make me excited they always help me to call you back, those milky jugs are for you, and you are mine.” Niva spread her hands freely her hairy armpits make her sexiest woman she knows that her matured son certainly kissed her armpits with lovely way she closed her eyes Ratan kissed her hairy armpits started chewing the bunch of hairs the musky womanly fragrance. “Ohh! No baby the place is too much sensitive for me better you

suck my big nipples it is easy way for me to keep myself cool.” “Sweetie you have to pay their dues”

Ratan going deeper with his lips like hungry wolf. It’s a tremendous pleasure when her hungry son chewing her bunch of hairs under her armpits and shallow all the prohibited areas she already exposed to the man she loves. Keeping her eyes close “You baby always crazy for your aged mom”

“You are the best loving woman for me you are always ready to take my tools with love as many times as I want, some time I may forced you for pleasure I know’

“No baby no I also enjoy two three encounters your lovely hot juices and it’s make me so happy while you discharging your liquid in me and rub your face in between my naked boobs with manly satisfaction I felt proud that still I am able to give all womanly pleasure to my love who is too much younger and more or less half of my age and also really enjoying my big tits and loving holes.”

Niva touched his thick manhood with her soft fingers with loving way, “You are my real bull always ready to drill me, you are amazing, never getting tired to having enjoyed your loving mom, and I do not know what you see in aged lady like me?”


Ratan take her hands under his naked heavy hairy balls “just touch it feel it and you will get all the answer you want, you aged woman knows how to satisfied your young son you know how to squeeze balls without hearting them your lovely lips knows how to please my raging hard meaty cock and above all every time eager to take me inside so hungrily that make me aroused till discharging my sperms in you.”

“Oh my naughty baby don’t tease me like this Niva softly giving squeeze those naked balls with her fingers and nails them so nicely Ratan sheers with joy ‘I know what my baby wants from his lover mommy while in bed I am always ready take your meat rod in my mouth being your experienced wife as long as you want to be sucked this is my duty and also pleasure to have your hard rod inside my mouth I love to suck you baby it’s make me so aroused I cannot explain, baby I really mean it” Niva said in a husky tone.

“Oh mommy my darling again you insisting me to drill you” Ratan holding Niva very tightly her huge milky jugs smashed Ratan’s chest roughly.

“Ohh no baby, my naughty baby before having me again please let us have some food so that my baby can feel his mommy darling so manly with his killer cock soo hard that his loving mommy may take him to the heat of the extreme pleasure.”

“Baby my naughty baby mommy will not going out of your reach right dear.”

Both of them sitting on the sofa and watching TV after their last conversation. They finished their dinner. Ratan is feeling relaxed that he will have good companion who knows how to make him refresh. Either it is on the sofa or on the bed. Niva wearing thin saris with sleeveless blouse, her heavy tits shakes whenever she moves. She came closer to her son and asked “do you like to have drinks? One or two pegs may help you to cheer up”


He smiles “Yes if you also have one”. “I agree if you want”. Niva give her one glass and sit as closer to her son’s that there will be no space between them to make him fill like his wife. Ratan take her closer with one hand her sari covered big boobies pressed his body from the side Ratan cannot avoid to go through her cleavage covered by the thin saris “Umm naughty boy look at the TV those are yours you will get it on the bed”

Ratan hold him more closer “You always looking sexy how you maintain your womanly warm attitude every time any man would love to enjoy.”

“You are the real man that’s why you always enjoy my womanly curves which make me feel pure woman.”

Niva kissed her, one hard peg of vodka make her tipsy she enjoyed it She intentionally rubbed her bloused covered huge melon tits to feel her matured son that her sexy mother darling proved herself the best wife for her so that he will never think of marrying any other girl for physical comfort and love. Niva getting closer so that her heavy milk jugs smashed with their full weights to her lover’s body to feel. “You are going to seduce me”

“Oh no they love you to be closer” Niva smile passionately. Ratan hold her in sitting position and hugged.

“What they wants”

“Don’t tease me you know better, your thirsty lips”

“Both are already hard” Ratan kissed her lips twice.

“How you come to know?” Niva asked.

“Your areolas are so big that any one may easily fill while smashing your boobies like you are doing right now even they are not so hard like this.”


Niva directly keep her fingers on his son’s man pole under the thin pajamas, “My baby is also getting hard right” Niva squeeze his thick meat rod with womanly love.”Nothing has more attraction rather than tasting your hard meat for me” Niva swiftly open his hard naked rod with in a moment.

“Yes let me have my baby inside my mouth” Niva shallow the front portion of his hard rod like delicious ice cream stick. Niva getting down in between his thighs Ratan hold her head “mummy you are getting tipsy let us go to the bed”

“Yes I drunk but I really love to suck my darling’s hard cock and also ready to have your honey, if my darling wants me to drink his all male juices till last drop” Niva starts kissing the meaty head of his male organ. Ratan allow her for few time to suck but easily understand that he cannot control if this type of madly sucking will continue for long time his darling mummy will take out all the juices from his male organ forcefully though he love to get sucked but not so hurried like this.

“Mummy my love’ he took her up holding her with both the hands.

“My baby please let my drink your hot juices I want my lover’s hot cum spurt after spurt like you give your darling mom earlier, you never imagine how I much I love to drink your thick juices my love” Niva pleaded Ratan took her with in his both hand and moved to the bed room. Niva’s sari fall down her big milk tank seems to

come out from her blouse.

“Baby open my blouse I am feeling too hot” Ratan now holding her from behind open the hook of her blouse and take her blouse off. The bra covered Niva’s heavy tits shows maximum portions out due to their huge size.

“Umm honey your pole knocking my ass hole with naughty love, I do not mind if you want to enjoy me inside my ass though I never take any one before” Niva hold his naked pennies passionately. Ratan come closer his hard pole rubbed Niva’s soft heavy bun Niva sheers She wants him very badly

” Your thick pole is too hard baby umm! It is so big for my back hole” Niva slowly open and close the flesh of the head skin of his man pole.

“I am not going to hurt you my loving doll I will drill you with care, very slowly once you have it you are going to love me from back”


Ratan continue squeezing her bra covered huge melon so hard “Oh baby I always enjoy the way you squeeze your mama’s big boobies”

“Your extra ordinary hanging tits always provoke me towards you, they are still tight enough for punching”

“uff naughty boy” Niva grip his rock hard pole with her soft fingers and pleaded like teen aged girl to increase his excitement

“Will my lover really wants to push this thick rod in me now’ she dropped her sari on the floor she felt that her petticoat covered ass brutally rammed by her son’s hungry cock Rattan still continue punching her big milk jugs and rubbed his face on her bare shoulder with manly passion She enjoy the situation that her man now hungry for sex and wants to having her with lust, all experience ladies at her age felt happy to tease when male are mad to get in.

“Baby it is too thick are you sure that I can take you in” Nava loose the petticoat and dropped she feel the hard pole roaring her bare back she bend lower the thick meat rod touched her ass entrance Niva sheers with excitement and close her eyes to feel the steel rod enter into her back hole slowly Niva took his son’s cock very steadily Ratan take support holding her big milky tank gripping with both the hands starts stroking with rhythm “Did I hurt you”

“Oh no darling’ Niva insisting to make him continue to move in and out

“Should I love this way?” Ratan pushed his loin total inside her anus

“Ohh my god do not push me fast let me have you in me easy” Niva starts enjoying her man from the back.

“Ohh baby my love the best thing is that when you stroke your naughty rod in me your lovely hairy heavy balls are giving me their lovely smashing feels which I really enjoying” Ratan punching her hanging huge tits from behind and rubbing his face on her naked shoulder like passionate lovers every time while drilling his balls are smashing her soft ass very hard


“Baby my love I thing you are not able to continue your lovely session for long time” Niva said the right thing.

“Yes mummy you are right I cannot hold myself the way you giving me the pleasure you are squeezing my rod like pumping with your back tight hole’.

Ratan’s voice shaking with excitement he is very near to end

“Uff! baby you are too big and thick let me force you to cum otherwise I cannot take you more you loving baby give me all hot juices in me” Niva pumping her hole so tight that it will be tough for Ratan to drill her easy.

“ohh mum take me I am comming out you are squeezing me so lovely my balls are heated in to burst out ohh my lovely darling” Ratan shacked his body with lust squeezed Niva’s tits too hard and starts releasing sperm load after load

“Ohh yes baby give it to me your male honey what a lovely hot juices baby release your cum as much as you have in your meaty balls my loving baby”

Niva starts shaking with joy for the pleasant orgasm Holding her loving son on her naked huge melons and enjoying the moment “Baby, mommy will take out all the hot honey from your rod baby.”

Smiling silently like bitch and said herself “I never allow my man to make stock of sperms I will squeeze either within my love hole or my hungry mouth I will make you my loving baby”

Ratan felt that his loving mom running her sexy fingers through his hairs “Umm! Baby let it come inside till last drop I always enjoy your hot sauce inside my hole.

Ratan continue sucking her tits slowly “Yes baby don’t stop, only one can be compared to you such pleasant handling with my jugs like you did”

Niva close her eyes “So you have another lover’ Ratan asked

“Ohh baby don’t think like this holding his swelled rod she said “This is the only meaty rod I took inside”

“That means you don’t have lover”


“I have one who is mad about me but she is a woman”

“What do you mean by that you are sleeping with woman? You are not lesbian? You are always very much eager to satisfy me to the fullest”

“Don’t misunderstand me, surely I want man like you to drill me as many times you want but I also never mind If any woman wants to love my body and sleep with me for sex but you will be my real pleasure though I also enjoy to play with woman if she loves me to play on the bed.” Ratan never enter Niva’s personal matter/ involvement.

Niva kissed him affectionately “Let us go to the bathroom and refresh ourselves.”

Ratan stands near window and looking outside Niva entered into the room slowly and hold him from back, her huge melon smashed on him Ratan clearly understand that Niva did not have any bra inside as usual “Did you dishearten to hear about the existence of my other lover?”

“First time yes, but now I realize the lovely way you treat may any woman can get involve with you due to your physical attraction”

“You naughty boy what do mean by that” Ratan turned back I mean to say two things, one, how you smashed your heavy jugs on my back and also the gigantic size of your milky jugs any woman may get aroused to see those hanging within your blouse” Ratan hold both her huge melon and press the way she likes. “May I know the details of your lover?’

Ratan come closer to her “When you leave me for this job, I am getting alone but the main problem arise due to you’ Niva rubbed her face on his hairy chest and kiss.

“You make my habit to have you in me every night the urge of sex make my irritation for sex very badly. Then Sudha entered into my life and showed physically interest gradually which I cannot deny, with in very short period she took me to the bed like any men can do.


She always use to open my blouse and suck my boobs madly like man suck my love hole and prove that woman also can give sexual pleasure to the fullest. Though, I am not comparing with man but somehow she fulfills my sexual desire in your absence which I need very badly that time. After few intercourse with her I am going to love her sex play and allow her to play bed game whenever we met each other both of us get expert to enjoy the game woman loves woman she always take the role like man and please me every time on the bed. She sucks my naked boobs so hungrily more than good to any man she ate my cum so passionately which satisfy me fully she ruled me on the bed many times like you did every time. That is different experience though I never deny that your driller has no substitute.”

Niva took pause and smiles passionately looking at him. “You know what I mean to say? Especially the moment you explode in me through your male volcano the lovely feelings I cannot explain. Are you getting annoyed? Niva asked him.

“No it is your personal life but interesting” Ratan replied.

“She sleep with men but I think never satisfied in other word never get the chance to enjoy the way she wants.” Ratan commented.

“May be you are right but I assured she is very much enjoying my body while sleeping with me”

Niva get intimated Ratan hold her heavy boobs with both the hands and squeezed gently “Umm baby you are too good in handling my huge milk can” Niva kissed him slowly.

“You may call her here for some time if you want”. “Oh no I don’t want to miss you on the bed as well as the way both of us enjoy like married husband and wife, now any time you are free to make sex with me without any hesitation. If anyone here I cannot have my Baby in me whenever he wants me to satisfy, you make my bad habit of having your hot honey every night without which I cannot sleep.”


She directly touched his prick and shake with love. “I want to see her who is mad after you I never anything like women aggressive sexy thrust about another woman before. If you want to enjoy her presence here you may call her for few days.”

The proposal sheers Niva’s inside that means she will enjoy both the lovers throughout the whole days. She is happy to think that once again she will enjoy Sudha’s hungry thrust on her heavy boobs and cunt like those previous days.

“So you my naughty baby just think what will be my position? both of you will ram me day and night don’t you think I am going to take too much physical exercise compare to my age? Niva looked at him mischievously.

Ratan kissed her passionately holding her both heavy boobs ” You have the strength and also passionate to take both of us with full satisfaction to explore, as far as I remember you never get tired of taking me in you as many times I attempt.”

“Yes baby I never say no to you darling because mommy wants to make you fully satisfied as many time you want her”. It is my duty being your darling to please you as many times you wants.”

Niva rubbed her face to his matured son’s hairy chest like any submissive wife. Ratan hold her close and again kissed her lips and said “You are always given me extreme pleasure in every time on the bed no woman can give it to me. Both of us have experienced about sexual pleasure with other partner but if anybody told me to choice from woman even more beautiful/ younger than you, then also you will be my choice”.

Niva thrilled as well as excited to hear that sort of comments from her darling son and ask eagerly “Oh my baby my love you make me excited.” She kissed and rubbed her lips madly “Honey why you are so passionate? I know you very much like my huge boobs you are always hungry for your mummy’s hanging milk tank but that is not all right?


“Yes I am mad for those huge tits but more than that the way you call me towards you, you love all my body parts each places of the body so lovely, your lips always eager to taste every portion, eagerness to have me fully inside you, steady and loving way you take me to the extreme with motherly love to reach climax and in the final stage squeeze my male juices till last drop inside your love machine even after that always holding me on top till I get the normal rhythm and not the list, you used take my rod in your mouth for my oral pleasure.”

“Oh baby I am really pleased hear all your feelings about me, when you take me to the bed I would like to pretend myself your loving wife with motherly touch so that my son will never think about other women still I am able to give my darling baby maximum satisfaction he wants expected from his woman. Rest is your sexual desire about your own mother you always have the very first day you kissed my boobs directly and rubbed your lips which make me feel that you want your mummy to love as your woman”

Niva took pause “Personally I think being women in bed I preferred to taste all the places of a man and specially the hard meaty rod I really love to eat, the feeling is incredible while ejection ohh! Baby the hot sperm like volcano jet after jet I always enjoy when you are unable to hold and have to discharge your male juices inside my mouth helplessly I enjoy the moment I feel that you are surrendering all your strength inside my hungry mouth to fulfill women’s thrust.’ Niva silently laughing at her darling son who cannot deny her at this point. They agreed to call Sudha for few days. Ratan thought that it will make his mom happy.

Because enjoying male and female at a time will be enchanting moment for her. Though there will be a positive chance to get involve with mom’s friend Sudha of course physically but that depends on the situation. Actually Niva, his mom is more than enough to satisfy his lust. He got the news over phone that their guest already reached. Ratan got no sound while he entered into the house, His bed room door was just closed but not locked from inside. They have three other bedrooms but Niva always sleep with her son like married couple so other bed rooms are not in regular use and also have the same arrangement. He hesitated to push the door and incidentally his mom Niva opened it. “Oh baby I guess that you are in”


Niva cover her body with sari but it is clear to him that she did not wear blouse or even bra inside and slept with Sudha right now. The same way she used to sleep with her loving son. That meant they complete their sexual desire already. Niva can understand her darling’s voice of eyes, how he looked at the position of Sudha who was in deep sleep and she also wear only petticoat without any blouse or bra her heavy jugs ups and down with the rhythm of her breathing.

Niva just pressed her boobs on Ratan’s chest and push her indicating to go outside of the room. “I was helpless she madly wants to have me in the bed. It’s a long time gap I cannot say no to her. Do you mind for it?” Niva asked.

“No It is very natural I also feeling hungry if I will not get you in bed even for few days gap” Ratan replied.

“UFF you just given relief me from tension.” She kissed him and said “Baby but do not worry if you like to have your mom right now I will be glad to please you”. She moaned while holding him tight and smashed her huge bosoms and rubbed like wife does. Ratan kissed her lips “Let me arrange food for you”. Niva went to the kitchen.

First when she met Sudha at platform Sudha scrolled her holding total body and kissed her like lover who met each other with full of love and thrust. Nobody can understand what type of current is going on between to matured ladies. While kissing Sudha directly pressed her boobs and said in a low voice “I want to have you in the bed right now, long time you kept me hungry.”

“Umm! Sudha don’t be impatient many passengers eyes are on us specially the way you hugged me let us move”. They both leave the station.

After entering into the house Sudha throw her bag and hold Niva with both the hands her lips kissed Niva’s lips madly Sudha uncovered her sari from her boobs “Ohh! Those boobies are bigger in size than the last time I sucked.

“Are you sleeping with somebody here?

“Ohh Sudha you are still naughty I don’t know anybody here, only Ratan and me”


“That I will check later on, may be your son is in love with his sexy mother, and that is the safe sexual relation nobody even doubts”.

Sudha directly heat the ball without knowing that original story is the same. “You just stop pulling my leg that is between my son and me why should I disclose it to you? Niva’s face going red but she smiles at her jokingly it seems that she enjoyed what Sudha told her.

“Forget it let have your sweet juices which I have tasted so many days back”.

“Oh no what do you mean? Are you going to start loving me right now, Ratan will come within short period, if he saw us in the bed that you are eating me like lover.”

“Don’t tease me you will make both of us happy before he reached here no excuse” She pushed her to the bed and directly squeezed her mound with lovely pressing.

“Oh no you can’t do like this” Niva moaning.

“Just undress quick let me close the door I want you right now” Both rolled each other with love.

“Come baby suck my boobies” Niva took Sudha’s face on her boobs Sudha rubs her lips smashing on her heavy jugs hungrily and starts sucking furiously in such a way that Niva closed her eyes and start shaking for womanly orgasm within few minutes.

“Oh no Sudha you are making me horny oh my baby you are sucking me so hard I can’t bear any more.” Sudha pushed her two fingers in Niva’s hot juicy cunt and starts stroking with speed,

“You lovely woman you darling, depriving me long days to screw you like this, explore how much you can” Sudha get down between her knees and fixed her lips directly on her womb Niva starts shaking Sudha eating her pussy like hungry lover Sudha felt that her cunt going to lick due to excitement.


Niva came near to explore She hold Sudha’s head between her wet holes “Oh Sudha I am Cumming eat your darling’s hot juices ummmm! Sudha allow her to release as much as she can. Tired Niva scrolling her fingers on Sudha’s hairy cunt and entered her finger into her sleeper cunt and starts in and out Sudha enjoying the finger folking she sucks Niva’s milk tank.

“Oh baby go deeper your fingers are working so nicely ummm! Sudha chewing her big nipples little bit rough way like man Niva never stopped her she can understand that Sudha is near to her orgasm.

“Oh yes oh yes I am cumming I am cumming Sudha sucking her boobies so hard that Niva moaned loudly “Oh baby don’t suck me so hard.” Sudha shacked her body for complete her extreme climax and continue squirting for few minutes.

“Oh baby allow me to go, my son will come now.” Sudha closed her eyes with smile. Niva hurriedly get up from the bed and opened the door and saw her son Ratan standing in front of the door. Sudha will stay for four five days. They have to arrange another bed room. Others rooms are not set properly.

Sudha clearly understand that only one bed room is in regular use but never comments on that. Niva and Ratan’s regular intimacy has to be postponed. Both of them wants to keep secret specially Ratan. Niva never hesitate to show her affection to Ratan even in front of Sudha also. She hugged Ratan whenever they are alone smashed her tits on his chest and also rub them while Ratan hesitate she use to say “Oh baby they needs your care I may not able to come to my darling but I never want to miss any chance of getting close to you.

Sudha and Niva share one bed room to gather and Ratan sleeps in another room.

Every night Sudha use to sleep with Niva fully naked the wild game of two women continued till late night. Sudha pleased her like any man she taste every place of her body and make her so many orgasm and two to three climax that Niva get fully exhausted and have take rest for the whole remaining night. Sudha ate her like hungry lioness she sucks her all juices till her cunt fill dry, no man even ate her like this. But the passionate love affair between her son which has been stopped suddenly, make her embarrassed. Physical attachment with Sudha make her fill good but having her son in between her thighs is different pleasure which she missed long two three days which embarrassed her badly.


But both of them firmly decided that they will keep their secret between them. When Ratan throw the proposal, that for some legal matter regarding their property both of them have to go to the court which is far from their house. If they start early in the morning they may be come back to house at night. Niva ask Sudha for seeking formal permission because Sudha have to stay the whole day along. Sudha agreed. Niva appreciate the way out done by the Ratan it means that Ratan also wants the space for lovemaking his darling mom and also mad for having her on the bed. Niva allow Sudha eagerly to enjoy her as much she wants. There is some sexual satisfaction but having man in side of course is a different feelings and at the end of climax, hot sperm spurt after spurt inside the cunt with all those vibration of the male stiff rod uff! thinking about, Niva get aroused. The next day they started their by hired car both of them sat on the back seat. The pleasant journey they enjoying. Niva’s deep colored chiffon sari make her so attractive with low cut sleeveless blouse exposed her heavy milk jugs try to burst out due to their gigantic size. She keeps her hand on Ratan’s thigh and smile and start speaking in such a low voice so that driver may not able to listen their conversation. “So after long days we both of us seat together alone.”

You are not so close still now.” Ratan replied coolly. Niva know what he mean to say, she came closer to him so her heavy tits may brush his body and smile “Is it ok” or else? Little bit more so that I can feel the heavy things as much as they are. You are looking beautiful mom.”

“You always appreciate my feminine beauties because you are my man” She scrolling her fingers through Ratan’s hairy chest she always loves the male ordure which aroused her slowly.

“Please remember that you’re teasing me to grab you, insist me to punch your globes.’

“Don’t be so good every women lust for her man like you said” Niva get closer as much she can and give her loving kiss like her lover

“My lips are very much eager to get the return from my darling”

“You are sitting in the car and not your bedroom driver may not see you to kiss me but he may watch.”


Niva rubbing her heavy boobs intentionally on him “I want my man now at least touch my big juicy balls which required his special attention” Niva in teasing voice her hand just playing on his stiff cock covering all over

“You like me to play with your toy which is always mine’

“I never deny it” Ratan replied

“You know within few moments you make me aroused’

“That means you are also have the hunger to get your mummy for the love making”

She opened steadily his pant zip slowly “I can’t make myself waiting to see my darling’s thick pole with those hairy balls” Niva’ fingers hold his thick rod covered by short brief her lips going to be dry every time she is getting mad when ever see her darling son’s thick prick fully naked.

Ratan kissed her passionately “Oh mom your fingers knows the magic how to please me”

“Yes baby mummy knows how to take care you young guys” she try to open the foreskin of her man pole within his brief.

“You are too hard baby”

“you make me so” Ratan replied .They are near to the destination Niva hit the rod with love and zip up his pant “Stay at is I will eagerly waiting to take you in my mouth and please you baby as soon as I will get the chance”.


There work has been done within one hour the Advocate was aged but frequently surrounds his eyes on Niva’s big milky jugs covered under her thin low cut blouse and saris. Ratan knows that the voluptuous figure of her mother cannot be ignored by any men if he is really a man. While talking some time her sari slips form her huge gigantic boobs and shows deep cleavage which easily make provocation to the people seating around. They finish their job and went to the hotel already booked for them. They will stay there 2-3 hrs. for rest, giving order for lunch they went to their room. Door locked and Ratan turn back Niva was standing with in his two steps ahead her heavy boobies are ups and downs with rhythm her deep cleavage exposing the huge size of her tittles “come on let kiss you, your lips deserve,”

“Only kissing nothing else from my darling” Niva asked mischievously. Ratan came closer Niva’s big nipples are getting hard inside the blouse and bra her matured son take her within his both arms she melted like anything, her heavy melons are smashing on his chest Ratan’s lips touched open place of her shoulder her body starts shaking his lips coming down slowly on her deep cleavage covered by her sari kissed her boobs very softly Niva hold his head on her sari covered huge bobbies.

“You are thirsty for long days are you?” Ratan’s face buried deep in between her cleavage “Ohh baby your crazy kisses make me come right now UMM you my darling, it’s amazing that I am getting aroused only thinking that you are going to take me to the bed and will start your love making game” Ratan did not say a single ward just press her left tit squeeze hard the way she wants.

“Oh my baby have patience let me untie my blouse mummy will eager to have your lips on her naked bobbies” She dropped her saris on the floor get off her blouse her tight boobies are bursting out of her bra like they want to get out from the bondage from her bra. Ratan’s eyes appreciate those huge globes with lust he came close to her hold her tight.

“Oh baby I need you in me immediately please have me now your hard prick showing his love brushing on my thighs he needs comfort inside my juicy hole”

Niva took his thick tool with in palm “Umm my baby, mummy will give you all the pleasure you want”


Niva pressed the hard rod with nice treatment. He has only wearing now brief covering towel.

“Mum wants to have drilling machine from her darling you know that’ Niva took of his towel and touched his hard male rod covered by his brief she kissed him so passionately “Naughty boy long time I did not take you in my mouth”

“You are out of my reach, you have your friend with you” Ratan replied. Niva eagerly turn down his brief and the thick male organ jumped out like a snake Niva again discharge herself inside to see the meaty rod like black snake with lust. She gets down on her knee and kissed the stiff rod madly. They heard knocking at the door.

“Ohh god how anyone can disturb me while I am going to eat my darling’s juicy rod? Niva getting annoyed.

Ratan Pulled her up by holding her shoulders “Go to the bed and cover your body with the bed sheet so that the person waiting outside may not see your hanging milk tank merely covered who may deliver the lunch for us “Ratan kissed her and pushed towards to the bed. Ratan collect the blouse and other dress materials and placed inside the almirah quickly and opened the door after getting his trouser on. The hotel boy served their lunch on the table and leaves the room. He closed the door and went to the bed scrolled her from back she felt his semi hard pole on her buttock she loves the touch of his thick male organ.

“Get up mum let us have our lunch first then we will have each other in every way”

Ratan uncovered her Niva lying straight Ratan covered her body on top her bra covered huge breast smashed under his chest she closed her eyes “Umm sunny after long time you are loving me like this I love my darling this way’

Ratan keep his lips on her lips and presents plenty of kisses Niva holding him on her top tightly with both her hands cried with pleasure “My sweet baby my darling” Ratan tried to untied her bra’s hook from behind “Umm no baby let us have our lunch then you will have your mum’


Both get up from the bed Niva just covered her hanging melon with in her brassier by pulling up her petticoat. “Mum you are looking more sexywith this pose'”

Ratan holding her closer to the table. “Ohh baby don’t tease me those are yours, you always love me that is why you feel so”

They complete their lunch with in few minutes. Niva stands in front of the mirror Ratan holding her from the back “You are still attractive at this age no need to see your beautiful globes” Ratan pressed her back closer Niva felt his darling son’s hard cock rubbing her buttock she deserves.

“They are getting bigger from the time when I have started sleeping with my naughty boy” Niva smile provocatively.

“Are you blaming me? Your tits are always larger than other women at your age and also tight I bet” Ratan touched her naked shoulder and grabbing her both milky jugs with pleasure his male organ are getting deeper at the crack of her ass.

“Umm my baby is going harder on my back” Niva intentionally pressed her soft buttock to give him more pleasure.

“Let me ask you one thing why you are not showing your interest of having Sudha, she has a good figure any male wants?”

“I have experienced with some of the women, but nobody satisfied me like you did”

“oh my baby don’t praise me like this”

“I am not praising this is true’

Ratan go for untied her loose petticoat down so that her gigantic bosom under bra may show their huge size. Niva Move her hand towards her son’s thick rod with in her palm and squeezed pleasantly “You baby needs me very badly’

Ratan sleep flat on the bed Niva scroll her fingers with in hairy balls “Ohh baby long time back I sucked those balls full of sperms”


Niva kissed them with love she scrolling up while kissing all the places of his body having male odor which she really likes. Ratan’s male organ rubbed under her bra covered twin melon Niva wants to feel the heat of his stiff rod under her soft huge boobies his male organ roaring getting the touch of her mummy’s huge breast. Niva kissed him on the lips ‘You baby I am already so much exited only thinking that you are going to drill me with your thick tools that I have already discharge myself twice” she is enjoying the pressure of Ratan’s hard cock under her abdomen.

Ratan’s hands are playing the naked portion of her back just near her bra’s hook “Ohh baby my darling please untie my bra’s hook” Niva said in husking voice “My boobies wants to feel your touch directly” Ratan loose the bra hook Niva get rid of it with practiced hand. Her huge tits are now smashing his chest merciless

“There will be nothing between us when we will make love to gather” Ratan pull her closer.

“Yes I know my baby always wants her mummy’s raw tits fully naked when he will love her as his wife I will please my darling as he likes.”

Niva loose her petticoat and get it down his hard man pole show his hardness on her belly and her soft hairy cunt “Baby come on, your lovely cock is trying to find his place, give me baby I want you in me baby uff I need your stiff tool, mummy needs you baby.” Niva cried

Like horny women Ratn felt that Niva took his thick tool with in her palm and pull his prick into her wet cunt and shout with husky sound “Ohh baby its feeling so good to have you in me just push it in fully so that I will get you in me to enjoy my darling’s thick love stick’

Ratan just push in the thick meat in her wet love hole with full manly stroke. “Ohh baby’ Niva shake her body with the immense pleasure.

‘Mum did I hurt you” Ratan asked while rubbing his face in the deep of her big deep golden colored erected nipple.


“Ohh no my darling it is a lovely push every women even older like me will enjoy, your male rod is so hot that it seems how much exited you are to have your mum for love making being your woman I will give you all the pleasure you expected just stroke your hot rod as much as you can” Niva closed her eyes.

And feel that her loving matured son sucking her big erected brown nipple and his other hand roughly squeezed her huge breast with manly thrust she always allow her man to squeezed her big tits as rough as they want, she loves hard squeeze with her huge milk can by her lover she is enjoying the stroking the way he does. “Yes baby! give me your love, mum needs her baby’s hard cock, love making with you in the bed will make me exited to the maximum.” Niva holding his body as tight as she can his hairy chest smashed roughly her huge naked breast the way she wants,

Niva starts pressure by humping his male rod within her love hole in such a experienced way that no man can hold his ejection for long period.

‘Ohh mum the way you are squeezing my cock I may not hold myself for long time” Ratan said with pleasure.

Niva holding his head in between her gigantic tits with love and said in a husky voice” Yes my darling, yes my baby, mum needs that very badly, like other women I always wants to give my man the full satisfaction and force him to release for the final climax, Baby I want your hot male juices inside me go baby drill me as hard as you can your meaty rod is very much ready to show his love to me, honey I have already two climax. ”

“But mum your man want to feel your love some time more’ Ratan replied with speedy movement

“Ohh baby my love your hard cock is growing thicker I cannot take it more please don’t tease me give your mummy your hot juices, I cannot take it baby” Niva plead her son she kissed her armpit and starts and rubbing her lips in between the hairy jungle of his under arm and madly enjoying the male fragrance of her exited lover’s.


Ratan speed her movement for the final moment though he tried to continue the bed game for few times more but cannot control him against her experienced matured mother’s sexual urge like all the previous time and he knows that he cannot hold his ejection more.

Niva with her long experience taking his hard male organ and make him force for ejection “Oh Baby my love have me as much deeper as you can your loving cock is very near to cum mum need this very badly, your darling wants your hot male juices baby suck my boobies show your love to mum.”

Niva going crazy for her son’s male juices for blasting Ratan rubbing his face on her heavy meaty boobies with deep breath “Take me mum it is an extreme pleasure that you are giving me Oh mummy.” his voice are shaking.

“Yes my baby give it to me give all the juices you stored for me”

Niva holding his face tight on her naked tits with full of excitement feeling his hard cock furiously thrusting which is going to be unbearable even experienced aged woman like her she cried “Baby my love I can’t take it more please empty your balls and release me you are drilling me sooo hard, your loving rod is fill my cunt all the way like bull”

She felt that Ratan at the end of the final climax “Yes baby give it to me mum will take all the juices you have”

“mum take it” Ratan hold her body and blast his loads of hot sperms jet after jet Niva felt that Ratan bites her tits and release his male juices.

“Yes baby my love you flooded me so much I am really satisfied being your wife while on bed you are always please your wife cum mother all the time”

Ratan did not reply still he is sucking her boobies which Niva always like “Please don’t take out your lovely cock from my cunt till last drop of your cum I don’t want to miss my darling’s a single drop of hot honey till end”

“You deprived me from your love long days” Ratan squeezed her tits roughly’


“Yes honey I make my love hungry for so many days I am sorry being your wife one should clear your juices either sucking or pumping but I let you sleep alone when you need me in between your thighs, you want your mummy’s big melon for sucking I keep you hungry, while you waiting for my thirsty mouth on your stiff male rod to give you pleasure I deprived I am really sorry”

Niva allow him to take his semi hard cock and felt sweet pleasure at the time of detachment. She never stop herself the lusty urge to take his swollen cock inside her mouth Ratan felt that pleasant sucking with lovely experienced way he hold her head and pull her close and shut his eyes.

“Oh my baby feeling tired after showing love to her mum darling”

Niva took half of his cock inside her mouth and shallow all the places of the meaty rod she always loves wild smell and salty taste of the male organ the liquid cum makes her aroused. Somehow it seems that the man has been surrendering his power to her feminine by all means. She sucks his hairy balls and chewing them in such a way and browse her fingers that Ratan’s pennies starts growing bigger she kissed his cock head and smile at him “Ohh naughty boy sleep & relax, take rest I am just showing my love to them for the pleasure with long time duration few minutes before they have given to me. It is my duty to show my love to your hard meaty rod and those big hairy balls for their hard labor.”

Niva again engaged her thirsty tong on his pennies.

“Oh mum you are simply excellent, you know how to please a man even after a great long time love making session, being your husband nobody can even think other woman because the man will have nothing left for any other women who ever it is”

Ratan felt that his mother took all his semi hard thick cock inside her mouth and enjoying the terrible sucking pleasure like the most wild cock hungry woman in the world, her soft fingers cupping his heavy balls adding extra pleasure to him.

“No way baby, my darling I will never allow my man to go outside for sexual pleasure until and unless I would take out all the male juices till last drop from his meaty balls while on the bed.”


She get up from the bed took her bra and wear, she is covering her huge hanging boobs with the petticoat Ratan looking at her and smile with love to her mother’s passionate figure “Come to me”

She went to the bed and seat just beside her naked son Ratan hold her with both the hands and pull her closer so her huge milk can smashed on his face she stay there for a minute and feel that her soft boobies kissed by her matured son. “Ohh baby let me go for bath, and make a call to Sudha that we are unable to return to our home and will stay in the night in this hotel.”

Ratan exactly want this he also wants to spend the night with his sexiest mum to fulfill their sexual desire. “I also was thinking about it how you can guess that?’ Ratan release her.

“I know my baby, honey, you will never be satisfied until and unless you will get your mum drilling two three times continuously after long break like this, how I can deprive my lover for love making? Though it is tough taking you two three times in one day for aged woman like me but I know how to make satisfy my young love”

She make pause blink her eyes holding her heavy boobies only covered by her thin petticoat which makes her more lusty. Ratan keep his left hand on her petticoat cover bouncy tits and punching like horn and replies “You can still make satisfy more than two three lovers like me and get them tired taking out their male juices in one night.”

She enjoyed the appreciation but protest him with mechanical anger “You naughty boy! Don’t push me up like this; I only want to have my baby in me not others, as many times he wants me on the bed to meet up his desire for woman. Any woman who has desire for man can easily handle more than one, I am not exceptional but I need my baby all the night as long as my baby wants to drill me O.k. now stop punching, those are yours please let me go and take rest for our night session.”

She got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. Ratan close his eyes. After having bath Niva stands in front of full length mirror she just open her boobies. Full round globes are showing their huge size with big nipples, they are still hard, Niva touched her big coin size brown nipples tip with fingers.


“You boobies never get tired of sucking and fondling’ she is talking herself with proud. Thinking of the night session she again feel exited and clearly understand that his matured son will now addicted to his Mother’s sexual attraction, no other woman will make him happy even younger than his age. She also never sleeps except her loving son like married couple does. Looking at her sleeping son she admire herself that still long night for another lusty session waiting for them she cover her huge jugs with bra and sari and go for sleep. Making herself promise that after going back she will tell Sudha to go back to her house because now it is not possible for her to sleep without her loving son. She cannot see her lover to suffer more. Also she pretends herself to be a good wife and never bother who things what? Habit of having naked male fragrance of her son’s stiff organ is the most desirable thing than any other. Her eyes closed for the deep sleep she required.

Ratan getting up in the evening and looks her mom sleeping besides him. Her huge melon getting uncovered and deep cleavage of her mountains may spellbound any men of any ages both the boobies are just like tried to coming out from her bra. He just enjoying the sexy scene with long time her heavy mountains are ups and down while breathing. Ratan kissed her she open her eyes and smile “Ohh my naughty baby what is the time?” She kissed her n return She feels his hairy chest on her huge breast.

‘We will spend tonight with endless love I am thrilled” She hold his body on her soft breast with both her hand “Let us ready for a nice dinner in other hotel if you want”

Ratan rub his face in between her uncovered deep cleavages “I will never say no to my darling if it is cost more, being your wife it is my duty to save your money right!”

Niva scroll her fingers through his hair with love “Uff naughty boy do not start sucking right now I will let them free all the night to play with them, Lets dress up for the evening tour”

Ratn release her. Both of them dressed for the evening. Niva wear a black chiffon sari with matching sleeveless blouse which makes her more attractive. “You baby looks dam beautiful I am proud that I have such a sexy lady with me”


” Ohh naughty boy don’t please me like this” Niva ‘s tune makes it clear that she loves those praise about her physical beauty from her lover. They are really enjoy the evening even both of them having extra hard drinks which is usually Niva never habituated to take. Ratan holding her to help from behind with his strong hand. Both are tipsy but with in control.

“Hold me tight baby like I always hold you in me” Niva told in a very low voice and smile mischievously Her huge bouncing boobies always giving pressure on Ratan’s body while walking.

“You know what I mean? It means while your hard toy giving me pleasure I always hold that within me”

Ratan push her into the lift with care. Lift starts for few seconds he put off the moving switch. Nobody except them were in the lift he hold her from behind and kissed her open Shoulder “Ohh my baby why you stop the lift?”

Ratan’s hard prick pressed deeply in between her ass crack, it’s a clear indication of loving male organ.

“You are looking so attractive throughout the whole evening that I cannot resist myself to kiss you holding from back, your fleshy tummy insisting me to coming inside of you. It’s really provocations.”

Ratan hold her full size boobs with in his grip and fondle gently while taking the pleasure of her sari covered tempting back rubbing his hard on.

“Ohh baby I am always at your service don’t be so hurry your thing is raging hard, needs some special attention though, I love the way you are pushing it on my back my darling”

Niva rest her back portion on his chest and feel that if they are on the bed Ratan may start drilling her ass madly with is rock hard cock. Ratan kissed her so nice that she closed her eyes and enjoy the fondling of her boobies. “You always make me crazy while fondling my tits you are squeezing those milk jugs so nice that every woman at my age will feel good, in the hotel while dancing the floor I felt that hard on when you deeply rubbing your cock on my front the touch of your lovely thing I discharge myself immediately.”


“Ohh that’s why you were holding me.

“Umm! Baby loves me more” Ratan replied.

“To be very honest, I want you that time very badly, if we are in the bed I will suck you to the end until or unless your cock will give me the hot salty male juices till last drop”

“So you are hungry for my cock”

“Yes but I also don’t want that you will discharge inside your pant and let deprive off your mummy darling from your hot juices” Niva allow her fleshy soft ass for manly rubbing

“Please let the lift on otherwise some body may complain, you know your mummy will slip with you all the night till the end of your manly wanting”

Niva touched his stiff rod with her loving fingers. Ratan put on the switch of the lift, it moves they reach to their room.

“Come on darling let us start our private affaire the way, few mother love her son ever.” Ratan hold her inside they close the door

“Darling baby open everything except your under were I am very much like to see your hard on inside and take it off in my style’ Niva plead him with a sexy tune.

“I have also one request to you, lose your sari and blouse only and come to me only wearing bra and petticoat so I can see my sexy mummy with her feminine beauties.”

“Ok darling have patience mummy will satisfy you as much as you expect.” She went to the wardrobe and looses her sari and blouse and throws it inside the wardrobe Ratan’s eyes fixed on her petticoat covered bouncy deep crack of her ass which is very prominently shows her sexy back. She turn down in front of him her bra are incapable to hold her huge melon maximum portion of her big tits wants to come out from her bra.


“Come baby come to your darling” Niva getting closer and again turn back ‘Open my bra what you desire” Ratan hold her from back he wears only brief with hard on his prick roughly rubbing on her spongy fleshy back Niva like the feelings of having him on her back every women loves that touch.

“Your spongy bum are also entertaining for any man, I would like have you from behind” Ratan pushing his stiff rod crack of her spongy ass little deeper

“Darling I have already take you inside before from back whenever you wanted me” Niva keep her fingers on his covered man pole but never move because Ratan hold her boobies so tight with in her bra and fondling like bus horn she closed her eyes and moaning “Ohh darling you are extremely good on this”

“Your bra must be getting tired of carrying those heavy jugs long days”

“You my naughty boy let them free from bondage I am now under your custody you know I always feel comfortable to sleep with you with my naked tits so they can fulfill my darling’s thrust let me see your lovely thing roaring inside your under pant”

Niva turn back to face him and nil down, squeeze his prick with her soft fingers with love, his hard balls are fondled by her expert fingers “Ohh my baby they needs mummy’s wet tong on them” She cupping those covered balls very nicely.

“Do you want to taste it now?” Ratan took her head close in between his thigh Niva hold his back and flooded her kisses on his genitals like a cock hungry woman. Ratan felt that he has now nothing to do only to surrender his manhood to her thirsty mother for her satisfaction.

“My baby my darling just relax, mummy will be now your sexy wife who will suck her lover soo good”

She pull down his under wear and release his hanging monster cock to fly “Yes baby I want you, yes I always aroused whenever I see your pole” Niva shallow the rod like tasty ice cream stick.


“UMM so testy your cock I can suck it whole the night if you want” Ratan understand that his mother is still tipsy.

“Ohh mom you always make me helpless you are very good on it” Ratan close his eyes with pleasure Niva take the entire man pole in her mouth and surrounding her tong in such an experienced way that Ratan start shaking with sexual joy

“Ohh mum you are taking all my tool inside so well no one can have it like you”

“Yes my darling keep on giving me your cock inside ”

“Uff you are too good mom any man will fill proud to be treated so nicely like you are doing to me” Ratan scroll his fingers through her hair holding her head Niva are getting more aroused while brushing his hairy thighs both sides of her ears. She releases his man hood after little moment.

“Baby my boy you will make me happy on the bed giving your stiff thing in me no hurry I want to enjoy your youth full energy inside me little bit longer”

She got up and kissed him on the lips while holding him so tightly that her bra covered huge milk tank smashed on his body like anything, “Take me baby within you open my bra my juicy big balls are waiting for your hard squeeze I always want to please you with all my feminine things I have you know that?”

“Yes I know better than you”

Ratan kiss her” “Kiss me darling”

Niva intentionally rubbing his hard on her flat abdomen with pleasure “You are soo hard I love to have the touch of your pole it gives me immense pleasure”

She moves with dancing rhythm while rubbing the cock on her soft abdomen which poking the entire place on her body. “Umm my baby needs me very badly as much I need my darling inside my wet hole”


Ratan starts giving hard squeeze to her hanging big melon covered with thin bra she enjoy the rough fondling “Yes baby just loose my bra my boobies are waiting for your manly thrust darling I need you on them show them how much hungry you are for them, aged woman like me you know always love to be sucked by her lover.”

They hold both together in such a manner that Niva feels all his body against her womanly soft flesh she rub her face on his hairy chest like cat and moan “Umm! Baby I love you, your banana is constantly pressing on my abdomen to find out his place to get in, your naughty thing never tired of getting me all the way.”

Niva sucking all over his hairy chest she never did before. Niva put her hand on Ratan’s hand which is squeezing her bra covered huge melon and whisper “Harder baby bit harder like you pumping me every time while our loving session going on I need rough booby squeezing” She shake her body.

Niva took his thick cock in her hand “You baby mummy need you more, more and more touching your pole I am getting so aroused that I feel I am discharging, hold me tight ohh baby I am really coming” she moaned loud and squeeze his rod hard.

Ratan felt that pressure on his stiff rod but did not shout Niva hold his body and hugged him passionately. “Darling take me to the bed and give your mummy darling what she needs very badly I am feeling itchy inside my wet love place to have my darling baby’s meaty rod, don’t you think that I am tipsy that’s why I will release you early, no way your darling mum will make our loving session as long as I can whenever you come close for the climax’ before she end Ratan untie her bra’s hook and reply “You will do the tricks by holding tight my balls to stop ejection as you did every time specifically when you are very much cock hungry.” Ratan push her to the bed Niva spread her hand towards Ratan twinkle her eyes like lusty woman “Come on baby come to mummy all my prohibited places are waiting to full fill your desire, I will make my man fully satisfied with my hidden treasure yes baby come to mumma’


She looking at his hard on, wipe her lips with her tong “Uff what a nice hard cock you are going to give your mamma to handle come baby don’t waste time I want to have my darling right now” Ratan steadily getting on her his rock hard cock touching her body Niva get off her bra her big boobs are standing like two mountain with hard big nipples

“Ohh my baby suck me, my nipples are hard waiting for your hungry lips You bad boy always wants your mum to fulfill your manly hunger.”

She felt that her petticoat getting untie and slowly removed. His body now on her his hot and hard pole starts giving her pleasant touches on her thigh and then her hairy love spot he rubbed his stiff penis mildly on her bushy forbidden place she sheers with the pleasure of touch of his loin “Uff baby you are incredible just keep on rubbing it’s really nice feelings that my man is just showing that how much he is eager to make me love come to me baby bite my hard big nipples let me feel proud that I am the only woman who can satisfy your sexual desire come on darling your mum give you the best pleasure you need from an woman.”

She takes him on her naked huge dudes and said in a husky voice “Suck mamma’s big tits, bite them eat them as much as you can take out mamma’s milk and give your thick hot juices as your lovely return”

Ratan starts sucking her boobies burring his head in between those huge naked melons with manly lust. His aggressive sexy mother cannot wait any more for the main thing in her, she hold his thick pole and force him to insert with in her hairy cunt. “Baby I cannot wait any more just pushes it inside no foreplay start the real game I need my darling baby inside to enjoy the man I love to have.”

“Uff baby” Niva shouts.

“Did I hurt you’ Ratan kissed her lips with love while inserting his man pole within her wet bushy cunt.


“Ohh no your naughty thing become so loving hot and thick I adjust the jerking while inserting, now I feel your enormous lovely meaty rod inside me, stay on like this and continue your lovely sucking session take out all the honey I keep store in my large boobies for you” Niva scroll her fingers on her hairy ass crack. Ratan always enjoy the way she plays his naked butt.

“Now start drilling me your mum is ready for your pumping’ she grabs him holding his butts with her hands. Ratan easily understand that his matured mother gradually taking him all inside her, his thick cock is now arrested with in her mamma’s hungry pushy.

“Ohh mum you are pressing me so tight” Ratan sheers with the pleasure.

“Baby my darling mamma is not pressing you just express her love to you how much she needs you, holding you so tight, I want to tell you that mumma will never release you until and unless you fill her with your hot juices.

“Yes mumma I will suck you all the way” Ratan starts pushing cock her inside steadily.

“Ohh baby what a nice way you are doing me my darling do it do it do it baby, you my bull, my baby” Niva flooded him with kisses she knows that she cannot bear this tremendous love making for long time and beg him for his hot sperm Ratan going speedy each stroke Niva getting moaned “ohh baby you are filling me so nice no man can feel me like this’

“So mum you love that drilling’

“Yes baby yes it’s too good keep on give me more and more baby” Niva shaking her body with the 3rd time orgasm this was unbearable she pump his rod so tight that Ratan feel hard to continue take it in and out ‘Mum don’t pump me soo hard you force me to come to the end of the game your tight pussy sucking my cock in such a hungry way no man can hold him for few times more.”


Ratan squeezed her massive boobs and bite her big brown hard nipple with sexual pleasure. “Ohh my poor baby I cannot wait for long time your mama needs your hot juices I have already enough orgasm for this night now I am hungry for your male honey your warm seeds’

Niva hold his son on her naked meaty breast and said in husky voice “Now have my milk jug and flood my with your honey”

“Mum I am near to the end’

“Yes baby I know that your male rod is now ready to explode, yes my darling pour all the juices inside mummy’s loving hole, uff I am waiting for this” She hold Ratan with both her hands and kissed him with love.

“Uff mum I am coming” Ratan starts shaking his body Niva press his hard cock with her wet cunt to enjoy his full load of ejection.

‘Ohh mum again you won the game’ Ratan starts ejection spurt after spurt.

“Ohh my baby you flood me all the way inside what a nice thing you are giving me, keep on baby, keep on, mum will take all the load you want to give her, release baby your hot lovely juices to your darling mum.

Niva flooded him with kisses for extreme sexual pleasure “Ohh baby you are too thick while discharging your male juices even your darling mum is getting in trouble when you started pouring your male honey’ Niva allow him to come down

“Ohh my baby make your mum feel fully satisfied stay on me and unload your big balls inside me as long as you want, mum will never allow to waste your precious juices even one drop’ She kissed his lips with lust Ratan rest his body on her soft womanly figure.

“Yes baby you need rest on mummy” Niva felt that the flooded huge load of hot juices oozing out from her womb.


“Umm you naughty darling, my pond are over flooded by your hot semen any woman will love to have, come baby come to mummy’s milk tank” She holding his head in between her massive size breast the nipples are still hard with excitement.

“Baby hope I will make you satisfy on bed do you think any women will give you physical pleasure better than me I want to hear it from you baby’ Niva said with husking voice.

“You are my woman no other can give me those pleasures, your fingers knows the tricks while playing with my balls and meaty rod, your tong always make me ready for hard drilling you swallowing me so good that I have no other option rather than ejection inside your mouth zees after zees with full satisfaction. a woman always wants to give her man to fulfill their sexual desire”

Ratan sucked her big brown nipple and bite.

“Umm my darling, you never getting tired to play with mummys huge tits now be a good boy sleep straight let me shallow my darling’s cream roll and test the delicious mixed juices it is the raw vitamin which increase the sexual desire of the aged woman like your darling mum” Ratan get down and close his eyes Niva nicely hold his semi erected pennies and steadily took all the thing inside her mouth and start swallowing like hungry women in the world “Uff baby you taste soo good what a male smell is coming out from your prick any woman will love my darlings juices,’

He felt that it get harder due to her lovely sucking. “Oh no way first you take rest being your woman I can take you in my pussy as many time as you want, no hurry you will get your mum fully naked to satisfy you as your wife with her massive boobies and hungry tong on your thick pennies, be cool and have rest.”

She live him on the bed and went to the bathroom covering her massive hanging mountain with the petticoat and blink her eyes throwing sexy smiles to her naked son “I am yours baby no one can take your mum from you, those are yours” she is shaking her bouncy heavy milk tank while going to the bath room. “Have a nice sleep I am coming back and will sleep with you within few minutes.”


They return back to their house in the late evening. They have already arranged their dinner and went to sleep. Ratan go to his room alone Niva only send him the message that she will never leave him alone especially in the night like all woman does to their husband. Sudha sleep with her without wearing any blouse and bra inside like she always did while sleeping with Niva. Niva wearing bra and petticoat Sudha kissed her open naked back portion “Are you tired?”

She pressed her palm on her ass mildly “I know you forget me during past days having your younger son with you.’

Niva did not reply only turned her face towards her “I know you feeling little bit tired But two long days I was madly waiting for your love” Sudha kissed her and hold her hanging bra covered huge boobs and give them squeeze”

“You want me now?

Niva felt Sudha’s fingers on her thigh Sudha open her bra’s hook silently “Those are getting bigger and firm then the last time I sucked them’

She squeezed Niva’s massive tits hard Niva always enjoy hard fondling of her big size breast but she cannot forget her promise to her loving son, there is no substitute of sleeping with a male with thick organ she fully agreed.

“What happen to you?” Sudha speak loudly Niva cannot understand.

“You have two three biting red spot on your naked tits surrounding your big nipples, It always seen after long time intercourse, of course with the man.” She smiles at her.

“It seems that you are also having somebody outside rather than your aged son, though it is your personal life, but I am getting envy that someone screw my loving lady.” Niva felt that Sudha’s heavy tits smashed on her back fully naked her nipples are hard enough directly crashing on her back Sudha squeezed her tight boobs roughly as she did every time.


“You are getting bigger size balls within two days gap due to regular fondling. ” She kissed her naked shoulder .

“You cannot deprive your old lover for having you in deep.”

“Ohh Sudha I am tired I want to sleep for few hours” Niva hold her fingers, those are usually going in and out inside her vagina.”

“You have to make me happy do you? I am getting aroused about thinking that still you have some mixed juices inside for me hope it will be more tasty and fulfill my thrust, I love men and their hot seeds getting sucked but hate them when they want to push their rod without my consent that most of the time I experienced.”

Sudha going down in between her thighs “Umm my doll spread little bit wide your thighs, let me taste your mixed honey”

Niva hold her head and felt her hungry tong and deep sucking her cunt too good She moaned “Please leave me as early as you can”

“You are really taste good I am very near to the climax.”

Sudha getting on her massive tits and start rubbing her face on her tits furiously. She rubbed her clitoris and starts moaning “Ohh! Niva my darling I am coming I am coming”

Niva also aroused the way Sudha ramming her bushy cunt and shaking with sexual pleasure she getting wet inside her cunt “Take me Niva take me as you had your lover’s thick cock inside.”

Niva hold her head on her naked boobs “Come on release your juices and relax.”

“Yes my doll hold me like this.” Both are shaking and discharging with joy.


In the mid of the night Sudha opened her eyes but could not find Niva besides her She came out from her room wearing her night gown and checked all the places but Niva was not found anywhere. She getting down towards Ratan’s room the door was not fully closed she can have a look inside the room some noises in very low tune heard by her. With some inquisitiveness she peeping and stunned with the scene inside, Niva kissing her aged son wearing only petticoat her huge hanging melon smashing his body “Ohh my baby sorry for the delay, forgive me, both of us tired after long journey rather say long time loving session, now your darling mom will give you a good blow job by sucking you off”

Hearing the word Sudha’s legs are shaking with excitement that means both mother son are regular having each other on the bed, That is why Ratan is not interested to marry while his sexy mother is giving him all sexual pleasure which no girl in his age can give like his big breasted mother can. Her sexual experience makes him fully satisfied, for this he even never showing attention even towards Sudha. The most advantage is that his aged mother will also allow him to have his hot seeds inside and make him happy any time he wants without any anxiety of conceive. She understands that is the privilege of free sex all the time. Now everything clears to her. Niva took his thick rod inside her mouth and start giving pleasure of nice sucking experience. That means both are having each other inside the hotel.

Outside from the main city this is the right place for the forbidden love and intercourse they are enjoying now. Nobody even doubts that matured son like Ratan enjoying his aged mother with in the house like husband wife.

If they close the door and the aged mom wearing only sari and allow her matured son to fondle her hanging massive tits and play with his thick toy like his wife. In the night when both are alone mom shows her love to her son holding each other with her full breasted mother with those hard big brown nipples (which always arouse even her) in one bed no man on his age can resist himself to fulfill his mother’s physical desire on that stage. While thinking the whole sequence suddenly the door open and Sudha found that Niva is standing in front of her.


She is holding her petticoat to cover her huge mountains “Sudha why you are peeping here, go to your bed, my baby needs me every night like her wife and I am always want to please him do you understand?”

Her voice was in commanding tune “I do not want to hurt you but I also never expect that any one will enter into our private life.”

“I am sorry” Sudha keep her eye on her half covered huge breast her nipple shows their presence even under the cover of the petticoat Sudha keep her head down

“Go to your room we will talk each other in the morning. I have just started taking care of his meaty rod for pleasure as his loving matured mom, he needs my love on that, I do not keep my son waiting as you already watched that I have just started blow job to him. As you know male always feel more pleasant with in my mouth, let me give my son the ultimate climax.”

Sudha kept silence and move out. “Sudha please don’t get hurt.”

Niva now shut the door and go to the bed, get down her face in between his thigh and start rubbing her lips with in his hairy places surrounding his solid balls and semi erect cock “Umm baby, here moma come back to please you let me start the play again with my baby from the beginning”

Ratan felt her hungry mouth again took all his thick meat inside such a lovely way that he closed his eyes and sheers with pleasure “Ohh mom you are best on it”

“Just close your eyes and enjoy my love I do not make it longer because both of us need a good sleep after that, do not hold anything whenever it comes burst out inside my mouth” she is in commands.

After so good treatment by his aged experienced mom Ratan felt he is going to ejection he moans “Ohh mum you are too good I am near the end”

“Yes baby give me your load I will drink all those salty juices of my darling give it to me” Niva sucks him so furiously that Ratan shake his body with pleasure


“Ohh mum I am cumming you are taking all of it from my balls” Ratan starts ejection spurt after spurt Niva took his load fully inside her mouth in such an expertise manner, never allow Ratan to miss a single drop of his thick sauce outside and shallow his meat rod like delicious ice cream stick.

Niva getting close to him her naked huge boobs smashed on his hairy chest she kissed him “Now my darling baby will take rest, my man already give his all male liquid to his darling mother and fully satisfied her thrust with is honey and mummy will take him with in her boobies for deep sleep.”

She gave her hard big nipple to him for sucking and hold him with both of her hands tight “Yes suck mummy’s breast like my love and have a deep sleep.” Niva knows the way she screw her balls last few days that no man at this stage can get up without taking enough rest.

The next day Sudha met Ratan before leaving the house. Sudha told him that she is leaving, Ratan smiles at her “Thanks for having you here.”

She walks gradually towards him closer and hugged him with both her hands covering him. Ratan felt her heavy jugs on his chest “We both love Niva madly, but being a lover your are better, you can have me if you want but never shows any interest about me I am right? Ratan silently release her.

“You have all any man wants from woman, do not be dishearten, take it like this, I also like you because my darling loves you. But for sexual desire she is the only woman who makes me satisfied to the fullest.

Sudha kissed him with appreciation and replied “You are my lover’s love, call me to serve you, if your sexy wife allow me to do so. Keep her warm every night”

Sudha now keep her voice in a very husky tune and take her lips on Ratan’s lips and kiss him “Ratan dear I have tasted your salty seeds from your darling mother’s love hole it is too good, excellent in test, eagerly waiting to have you in my mouth Of course with the permission of your loving mummy. Niva came in “Darling please kiss her back feel her happy before leaving.”


Ratan did as told by his mum. “Thank you very much” Sudha hugged Niva like lover and went to the car.

“Good bye” Both of them wish her raising their hands up.


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