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Wrong! Ch. 02

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Note: this story carries on directly from Wrong! To have any idea please read that first. As always thanks for reading!!


My wife Sophie and I sat in the taxi home with my little sister Beth. We had a great meal with our friends Ken and Meg. Sophie had warned Ken off Beth by lying that she was only sixteen. Ken being Ken, though, that hadn’t really been a problem and it had been hilarious watching him flirt with her. Sophie had even faked jealousy that Ken was paying all the attention to Beth.

“Next time Ken, maybe just the two of us can go out. It’s about time you put all your words into action!” Sophie had joked, although Ken was the only one who couldn’t decide if she meant it or not.

And now the three of us were in a taxi. Beth was horribly drunk. She evidently wasn’t used to the quantity of wine that the rest of us had been drinking. I forgot that she was still so young and not used to the things that my wife and I , in our thirties, can do. We had had to carry her out to the taxi. And now halfway through the journey things took a turn for the worse.

” I’m gonna be sick!” Beth moaned.

“Driver! Sorry, can you stop, she’s gonna be sick!”

The driver pulled up at the side of the road, just in time for me to lean across my sister and open the door for her to vomit onto the roadside.

“Sorry,” I repeated to the driver.

“It’s ok. It happens all the time in taxis. At least she was sick outside,” the driver responded.

We arrived home and Sophie and I helped Beth into the house and up the stairs to the bedroom she was staying in. We slipped off the little black dress she had bought just that afternoon, but which now stank of wine and puke. Sophie took off my sister’s underwear, leaving her naked in the bed. Then we both went to our own room.

Sophie and I were both too tired for sex that night. We’d had ideas of a threesome with my sister. Sophie also admitted that she found Ken’s flirting a real turn on whenever we went out with him , but that she couldn’t ever imagine actually doing it with him. Then she looked at me seriously.

“You and your sister,” she began.


I had already told her everything that had happened with my sister. Everything.

“Well, we have our fun. We’ve had our threesomes in the past,” she continued.

“I know.”

“But there’s always been rules. You know the ones yes?”


“So we can invite your sister around for some fun. If you want. If she wants.”

“Ok,” I answered.

“But those rules still apply. I don’t want anything happening between you two if I’m not there,” she told me.

“Sorry. It won’t.”


“Promise,” I told her.

“You can still see her. She’s your sister after all. That can’t be avoided. But you’ve had your fun with her but you’re married to me. Remember that. And I’m a hot shot lawyer,”she laughed.

“I promise.”

We fell asleep. The next morning I awoke the first. Sophie and I had breakfast and coffee in the garden. Me in shorts, Sophie in bikini briefs. No top. Beth eventually appeared in her bikini, looking quite rough still.

We sat there for about an hour before we heard the telephone chime. I ran indoors to answer it, hearing my mother’s voice informing that they were just about to leave to collect Beth. Sophie went indoors to put on her top. Beth packed her bag then came back to join us in the garden. It wasn’t long before my mum and little brother arrived. I smiled when I noticed Robbie gawping at my wife and our sister in their bikinis.

After they had gone Sophie and I had a repeat of the conversation from the previous night. That annoyed me.

I made my promises and believed that I had every intention of sticking to them as we enjoyed what was left of that Sunday. On Monday I didn’t see Beth at school. I did, however, see Mrs Nicholls, the head of the physical education department.

“Mark, just the man!” she told me when she came into my classroom at lunchtime.

“Keith is sick, won’t be back before the summer vacation. Is there any chance you can take the boys hockey club for the next three Tuesdays after school?”

I had done it before and in truth had quite enjoyed it. A group of about twelve boys, aged between thirteen and fifteen, for an hour after school. Easy stuff. And it kept me in the good books of the school governors and principal.

“No problem,” I replied.

“Thanks Mark. Much appreciated.”

On Tuesday afternoon I looked after the hockey club as promised. As I stood on the field I noticed the girls athletics club training on the track. Among them was my sister, Beth. I don’t think she noticed me and I tried not to pay her any attention, my wife’s warning ringing in my ears.

The same applied to my history lesson with Beth and her class on Wednesday. Although to be fair Beth also seemed to be trying to act as normal as possible. The only time she spoke to me was at the end of the lesson when she and her friend Jennie approached my desk, both asking a question about the homework I had set. Just as they turned to leave Beth reached down and stroked my hand, smiling at me as she left.

On Thursday evening my dad phoned up, asking if I might be able to come over to his house. He had bought some ‘interesting’ new books he thought I might like to look at. I checked with Sophie who said she was planning to visit an old friend on Sunday. Dad said Sunday was perfect.

“Your mother is taking Robbie to a swimming gala on Sunday. They’ll be out till late in the evening I expect. Don’t know about Beth but I’m sure she won’t want to hang around if we’re talking history,” dad explained.

I told Sophie the plan. I added that it was just me and my dad. That Beth would be out.

“Good,” she smiled.

“I can’t avoid her forever you know.”

“I’m not asking you to. I’m just asking you to not fuck her!”

That annoyed me. Made me feel small. I walked away, sensing that this was starting to become an issue. I’m not one for rows.

On Sunday I drove over to my parents house late in the morning. Dad opened the door wearing just a pair of shorts. It was another hot and sunny day. Dad poured me a cool glass of lemonade as we went to sit on the decking area outside the kitchen door. I took off my shirt so I was also just wearing shorts. A thin pair of dark blue soccer shorts. No underwear.

“Got the place to yourself then dad?” I laughed.

“No Beth’s here. I told her you were on your way but she insisted on staying. Strange girl. She’s over there,” he said, pointing to the lounger in the middle of the lawn.

“Says she plans on lying in the sun relaxing. All day,” he continued.

“I suppose I’d better go and say hello to her.”

I walked across the lawn. As I approached the lounger I saw a bare pair of legs. As I got nearer and turned to face her I realized Beth was naked!

“Well hello big brother,” she purred.

“Beth oh…”

I stood and looked at her, then looked back at our dad sitting by the house. Beth had angled the lounger so she had her back to the house. The backrest of the lounger was in the ‘up’ position, shielding her body from dad’s view. All you could see were her legs from the knee down. She calmly spread her legs, giving me an inviting view of her shaved pussy.

“Mmmmm…Beth,” I muttered.

“Dad said you were coming over. And mum is out with Robbie. Well I thought…”

I knelt down by the lounger.

“What did you think?”

“We could…” she said, reaching towards my shorts and the hardening cock inside.

“We could…” I repeated.

I sat forward and placed my hands on the inside of her legs. Then I bent down and placed my head in between her legs, my tongue reaching for her juicy cunt lips. I began licking her vagina.

“We could…oh god…oh yes…we…” she stuttered.

Beth always makes a lot of noise during sexual activity. Even my wife had commented on this. I put my hand up and placed it on her lips, beckoning silence as I licked her out. Beth’s hands reached for my shorts and pulled them down, wrapping her fingers around my erect cock.

“Mmmmm…I’ve missed this,” she said as she began stroking my cock.

She managed to keep the noise down as I licked her to her orgasm. As soon as she’d cum I stood up, quickly pulling my shorts up before dad looked over.

“Later…” I said as I walked away, aware that my thin shorts made my erection very obvious.

I sat down by dad.

“That was a long hello,” he commented.

“Sorry. Just talking about school,” I replied.

Dad and I sat and chatted for about thirty minutes. Out of the corner of my eye I kept glancing over to my sister’s bare legs, hanging over the edge of the lounger.

Shortly after, Beth stood up her and walked toward the house. To my amazement she was topless, having only put her bikini briefs on. She walked slowly toward the house, in full view of me and dad. She walked through the kitchen door. I tried not to make it obvious I was looking, occasionally checking on dad, who I could tell was looking. After my sister was out of sight inside the house I looked down at the magazine I was reading.

“That sister of yours. She has no shame,” dad piped up.


“She always seems to walk around in next to nothing.”


“Yes. Your mother never displayed such a lack of modesty. Nor your sister Kate when she was that age,” he muttered.

“I’m sure she’ll grow out of it. Just a phase she’s going through,” I assured him.

“Maybe you can have a word with her. She seems to listen to you.”

“Dad, I’m already her teacher at school. I don’t think she wants me to be a teacher here as well.”

Silence for about three minutes.

“Nice breasts,” dad suddenly said.


“I said, nice breasts.”

“What?” I answered, hoping that by acting dumb this conversation wouldn’t happen.

“Beth. Nice breasts.”

“Really? I didn’t notice,” I lied.

“Well she just walked by with them on display. It was hard not to notice.”


“Well,” he laughed.

“Where are these new books?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“Similar to your mother’s. Maybe a little smaller. But still a pleasant sight,” he continued.


“Your sister’s breasts, dummy!”

“Dad! She’s my sister. I don’t want to talk about her breasts. Or think about them, for that matter,” I protested.

“Alright! Don’t get so defensive. I’m just saying,” dad shouted back.

“Ok. Can we drop it?”

“If she chooses to walk around with her little titties on show, us men are going to notice. Sister, daughter, whatever. Tits are tits. I just said that they look nice,” he complained.

“Ok dad. Sorry. It just seems a bit weird.”

“You’re the weird one if you pretend not to notice. I saw you looking, ok?”

“I’m sorry dad. It’s just that…well you know…being a teacher…her teacher…breasts are a subject best ignored,” I explained, trying to diffuse the situation.

“I know son. I was just saying. Anyway. Yes, these new books. Come inside I’ll show you. It’s getting a bit too hot out here, even for me.”

We went inside and sat in the living room. Dad brought in some sandwiches for us to eat for lunch. About two hours later our reading was disturbed by Beth coming in. She was wearing a flared short white skirt, just covering her ass. And a cropped loose white top. Just covering her breasts.

“Hey guys! What’cha doing?” she laughed.

“Girl! Don’t you ever wear decent clothes?” smiled dad.

“Dad I’m eighteen!”

“Your mother never displayed so much flesh at that age!” he protested.


“Nor Kate,” he continued.

“Well we all know I’ll never be perfect like Kate,” she snapped. It was a comparison she’d had all her life. In that respect I did feel for her.

She flopped down on the couch next to me.

“Hey big brother!” she joked.

“Hey sis” I joked. I never called her sis.

She sat next to me, saying nothing as I continued to read one of the books dad had shown me. Eventually she let out a big sigh.

“What’s wrong Beth?” I asked.

“Bored. I wanna do something,” she moaned.

“Like what?”


“Beth, I did tell you it would be like this. You chose to stay home. Why don’t you go back in the garden or something?” dad scolded her.


She sat quietly for a while then began messing around. First a gentle kick to my foot. Then a prod in the knee, or a stroke along my shin. I ignored them all. Until a poke in my ribs got me.

“Ow!” I exclaimed.

So she did it again. I tried to poke her back. Dad started laughing.

“This reminds me of when you were younger. You would be about nineteen or twenty. Beth was about five or so. You would fight and wrestle all the time,” he said nostalgically.

“Bit one sided at that age?” I joked.

“Well I think you let her win most of the time.”

“I’d win easily now,” she laughed.

To prove her point she began trying to prod and tickle me. Our arms and hands flew in all directions as we messed about. Eventually she stopped and sat still.

“Give in already?” I joked.

Without warning she jerked her hips into me, barging me over onto the couch. I got back up and tried to push her over but she fought me off. This carried on for a few minutes as we each tried to push each other off balance. Beth trapped my legs by wrapping hers around me and with one giant lunge pushed me onto the floor.

Dad clapped his hands in delight as he watched us.

“Just like the old days,” he laughed.

Beth hopped off the couch and sat on my lap, pinning me in place. As she tried to pin me down I reached up and tickled her under her armpit causing her to lose balance. Now it was my turn to go on top. I held her arms by her sides and sat on her legs. As I tried to tickle her armpits again she threw her arms up in self defense, causing her top to ride up and expose her breasts. This made me lose my concentration and she pushed me back. She climbed back on top of me. I felt her naked and wet pussy on my stomach. I looked down and observed that all our wriggling had caused her skirt to slip upwards so the elastic was up by her navel. She obviously wasn’t wearing any panties.

She tried to tickle me but I fought her off. Again her top rose up, exposing her tits. I looked across at dad who was watching us in hysterics.

Once more I made a grab for her armpits, instead taking a hold of her top and pulling and stretching it up to her neck. She applied more pressure and then leaned back to tickle underneath my feet. This caused her bare breasts to jut out even more. She also lost balance and I pushed her off me. She fell onto her back and I climbed on top. I also became aware that I had an erection and that my cock was causing a fairly obvious tent against the thin material of my shorts.

Beth continued to wriggle under me, trying to slide down past my legs. This had the effect of causing her skirt to rise up even more. The elasticated waistband was now up just below her breasts. I looked up at dad and knew he could see everything. Her tits and pussy and my tent in my shorts.

Beth wrapped her legs around the back of mine and applied pressure. This was actually quite painful and caused me to release my grip on her. She slid out from under me and pushed me over. She climbed on top of me again.

“Good move Beth! Classic move, well done!” exclaimed dad.

Beth’s naked ass pressed against my stiff cock and she leaned over me, holding my arms up above my head. Her tits were just inches from my mouth and if we had been alone in the room I wouldn’t have hesitated to lean forward and lick them. As it was I could feel her wet pussy on my skin and guessed this was turning her on as much as it was me. She slid down me a little, pressing her tits against my chest and causing her vagina to press against my tent in my shorts. With just a small adjustment I could slip my cock out of my shorts and inside her and fuck her. I guessed she knew what she was doing and didn’t mind. But dad was there watching.

Beth carefully rubbed herself against my cock and I knew that I would cum soon if she carried on. I pushed upwards and she fell off.

“A tie I reckon. Come on you two that’s enough,” declared dad.

I stood up, the tent in my shorts clearly visible. Beth stood up and without adjusting her clothing she shook my hand, before heading out the room. Dad and I watched her bare ass as she left.

Eventually getting my breath back I sat down and resumed reading. I heard the shower running upstairs.

For the next half an hour or so the house was silent. Dad and I sat in the living room, both engrossed in books. I realize that I’m a lot more like my father than I care to admit. I hope that I’m not quite so eccentric. Then I wonder where having sex with your sister comes on the eccentric scale. Quite high up I imagine!

I’d heard the shower stop. Beth had left the bathroom and walked along the hallway to her bedroom, closing the door behind her. I’d heard all this. Then I heard her coming down the stairs and approaching the living room. Sure enough the living room door opened and Beth appeared, her hair still wet and her body (well most of it) wrapped in a dark red towel. She smiled when she saw her big brother and her father.

“Honestly you two are so alike,” she laughed.

“Err, thanks?” I responded.

“Mark, can you do me a favor? I’ve been asking dad for ages but he always finds an excuse to avoid doing it,” she asked me.

“Depends what it is. Maybe there’s a good reason dad keeps putting it off,” I joked.

“Ha Ha you’re so funny. No there is a box on top of the wardrobe in my room. It’s too heavy for me to lift down. I want to sort it out.”


“I kept meaning to ask you when you were helping me with my studies but…” her voice tailed off.

“Oh yes I remember now. Sorry,” dad suddenly realized what the conversation was about.

“It’s ok dad. Mark can do it.”

“I’ll be up in a minute. Just let me finish this chapter,” I added.

“Take your time brother dear.”

Beth went into the kitchen and then came back in and sat next to me, eating some fruit, still wearing just a towel. I looked down and noticed that her pussy was just visible at the bottom of the towel. I finished my chapter and stood up. Beth led the way out the room and I followed her upstairs. As she climbed the stairs she let her towel drop, revealing her naked body. When she passed the bathroom door she threw the towel into the bathroom and carried on walking to her bedroom.

Inside she pointed to the box on top of the wardrobe, but I was hardly paying attention, more interested in the naked eighteen year old girl standing in front of me. She saw where my eyes were looking and smiled.

“Alone at last,” she whispered, climbing onto her bed.

I pulled down my shorts and stood before her equally naked. I stepped onto her bed and lay next to her. We began kissing, touching each others bodies.

“You know my wife has suggested I keep away from you,” I told her.

“Keep away?”

“As in, don’t have sex with you.”


“Oh,” I repeated.

“And what did you say?” she asked, stroking my now erect cock.

“I promised I would.”

“You’re not very good at keeping your promises are you?” she teased me.


“What should I do with a brother who is so bad at keeping promises?”

“Punish me.”

“Mmmmm, you’re obviously a very naughty boy,” Beth added, clambering over my naked body and lowering herself onto my lap.

“Extremely naughty,” I agreed.

“And a dreadful husband to your poor sweet wife.”


“And do you know what really makes me mad at you?” she asked as she lowered her cunt onto my shaft.

“What’s that then?” I asked.

“You’re the worst kind of big brother,” she smiled, rising and lowering herself onto my cock.

“Mmmmm, the worst.”

“I’m such a sweet innocent little schoolgirl and you come along and use me for your own greedy pleasure,” her pace picking up.

“What a pig!”

“I’m going to have to…oh…get my own back.”

“How?” I asked as she fucked me harder.

“Oh…I’m…ooh…going to use and abuse your…oh god…your…favorite toy…for my fun…oh god…oh god…”

“Don’t hurt me,” I joked.


I placed my hand across her mouth as she moaned and groaned with pleasure, my body bucking against hers.


She did. And again. I pumped my cock into my little sister harder and harder until all my seed was inside her. We lay quietly on the bed, our bodies beaded with sweat, panting as we regained our breath.

Finally my sister slapped my arm.

“You bastard, you made me cum. Oh god!!” she fake scolded me.

We lay together for a while before I stood up.

“Right. I’d better do what I came up here to do,” I said, pointing at the box on the wardrobe.

“You mean you didn’t come up here to screw me?” she laughed.

“Well you know… The box? Give me a hand.”

She stood up and passed me a chair, which I placed by the wardrobe, and stood on. I lifted the box down while she ran her hands over my still naked ass.

“Nice ass brother,” she purred.

“You’re not helping you know. I could fall over.”

Eventually I placed the box on her bed and we proceeded to investigate the contents. Beth sat at the end of the bed, one side of the box, while I sat further up on the other side. It was full of photos, tickets, pin badges and coins. Just the junk gathered through her teenage years. As we sifted through it we talked.

“Did you ever, you know, think of me, you know, before?” she asked, not making much sense.


“Did you ever think of… me…sexually…before?”

“Before this summer?” I replied.

She nodded.

“No. You?”

“Didn’t you ever check me out? Look at me?”

“No. Honestly I didn’t. You were always my kid sister. That annoying little squirt.”

“I think I’ve had a bit of a crush on you for about five or six years,” she admitted.

I really didn’t expect that.

“Have you? I never knew.”

“I obviously hid it well.”

“Why didn’t you say something?” I asked.

“Yeah right!”

“But you seem so…confident. Bold. The way you act around me. You’re not shy.”

“I know. Not now I’m not.”

“In fact I’m amazed at how naughty you are. Not just with me. But like you told me before how you walk around the house naked when it’s just dad and you at home. And you’ve done stuff with Kevin,” I told her.

“I know. I just like taking risks. Pushing buttons!”

“Well you definitely pushed mine. I think you’re…” I paused.


“You’re…I can’t describe it…what I’m trying to say.”

“Try,” she urged me.

“Special. You’re special.”


“There’s something about you I feel that I don’t feel around anyone else. Not even Sophie,” I continued.

“What…do you feel?”

“Like I’m a child again,” I explained.

You didn’t do this when you were a child,” she said, flicking my soft cock.

“Not sex. Just I feel young again. It’s hard to explain. You are still young. When you get married, you get a job, you get a house, you get responsibilities. But you also lose something. Hope? A sense of wonder, excitement. That the future is no longer stretching out in front of you. You still have so much of a future. I don’t, but with you I feel I do.”

“Deep, brother. Deep,” she teased me.

“Ok. I just like fucking you and your tight little cunt and ass and tits you perv!”

Our chat was disturbed by dad coming up the stairs. He stood outside the door for a moment.

“Are you two ok in there?” he asked.

“Fine dad. Just sorting out the box,” Beth called out.

Dad opened the door and looked in.

“How did you get on?” he asked, ignoring the fact that his eighteen year old daughter was sitting naked at the end of her bed right in front of him.

“A bit awkward but…” I responded, shifting a packet of photos to cover my naked penis.

He stepped a bit closer, to the side of the bed, and peered into the box of junk. He stepped over my shorts, lying crumpled on the floor.

“Looks like a load of nothing to me,” he laughed, resting his hand on my knee.

“It is. Just photos and stuff. Nearly finished. I’ll throw most of it away,” Beth added, looking straight at dad and not appearing at all weird at being naked.

“Anyway I’m just about to make dinner. Chicken salad. We can have it in the garden. About half an hour. Ok?” he asked us.

“Great dad,” I answered.

“Thanks dad,” Beth nodded.

He left the room. My sister and I looked at each other, bemused.

“Does he even notice?” she laughed, waving her hand across her body to emphasize her nudity.

“Well his eyesight is poor but he must see. He obviously doesn’t find it as strange as most people would.”

“Mum would kill us!” Beth laughed.

“No way would I have done anything we’ve done today if mum was here,” I replied.

Finally we dressed. Well I put my shorts on and Beth put back on her flared white skirt and cropped top.

We went downstairs and sat in the garden with dad, eating dinner. I had a beer, while dad finished off some red wine, even allowing Beth some.

By the time the food was all gone I could tell dad was a bit ‘tipsy’. His nose was a bit red and he was laughing at his own jokes. Beth and I took the plates in and washed them. Then we all sat on the decking outside the kitchen door. Beth and I sat on a wicker couch while dad sat on a chair just across from us. I found another bottle of wine and poured dad a glass. After a while, in which Beth had moved onto my lap to sit and been making silly gurgling noises just to annoy me, I decided to have a bit of fun.

“Beth?” I began.

“Yes brother Mark?”

“Dad was praising your breasts earlier,” I informed her.

This made her stop her silly games and pay attention. Dad gave me a funny look.

“What did you say?” she asked.

“Dad was praising your breasts.”

“How exactly?” she seemed a bit uneasy, annoyed.

“He said they were nice.”

“Err,” Beth was unsure what to say.

“You said they were nice. Attractive. Didn’t you dad?”

“Err. I may have done. Something along those lines.”

“Why?” Beth asked.

“When you walked in from tanning yourself over there, earlier.”


“Well you were topless,” dad tried to explain.

“And what did you say, dear brother?” she asked, pinching my leg.

“Well I was a true gentleman. I looked away.”

“Of course you did,” she laughed, obviously relaxing with this conversation now.

“Well you know. I’m your big brother. I’m only looking out for you.”



“But do you think they could be nice? If you had seen them I mean?” Beth asked, clearly playing along now.

“Well of course I don’t think about such things but yes I imagine they’re nice. You’re what, eighteen now?” I asked, trying to act indifferent to her.

“Eighteen and three months.”

“Eighteen and three months? I imagine they’re lovely and ripe now.”

“Why don’t you feel them? Get an idea?” she asked me.

“Well if you don’t mind. What do you reckon, dad?”

“Err, oh, I, err, I suppose,” dad said, confused.

I placed my hands on the outside of her top. Squeezing her boobs.

“Feel ok. Do you want to feel them dad?” I joked.

“No, I’m ok thanks. Don’t embarrass your sister,” he replied.

“They feel ok really,” I added.

I slipped my hand beneath her top and inside, placing my warm hands directly on her tits.

“Well?” she asked, acting very innocently.

“Good. Good enough. Not as big as Sophie’s but big enough.”

“Now Sophie. I imagine her breasts are lovely,” said dad, surprising me.

“Oh yes, Sophie’s are very nice. But the more I feel of these the more impressed I get with them. You should be very proud, dad.”


“Well your daughter has good breasts. Well done,” I was really playing now.

“Not sure I can take the credit for them,” said dad, pointing at Beth’s chest.

“You really think they’re ok, Mark?” Beth asked, all childlike and innocent.

“Yes definitely. Dad, are you sure?” I asked dad, lifting Beth’s top to expose her breasts to our father.

“No it’s ok. I’ll just imagine,” he replied.

With her tits exposed I placed my hands back on them and just played with them for about fifteen minutes. Rubbing, stroking, pinching and tickling. All with our dad sitting opposite us. He was still sipping his wine and looking down at a history magazine. Occasionally he would look across at us.

The telephone rang from inside the house. Dad got up to answer it. As soon as he was out of sight Beth pulled her top over her head and placed it on the couch beside us. All this contact with her boobs had given me an erection and with dad out of the way briefly I was able to make myself more comfortable underneath my sister.

Dad returned, looking at us as he sat down.

“That was an old friend of mine, wanting to arrange a game of golf. We’re playing on Thursday,” he informed us.

“How is your golf? Are you any better?” I asked. He wasn’t very good.

“No not really. Are you still annoying your sister?”

“I don’t mind dad. It feels quite pleasant. Anyway it’s good to know men like these,” Beth replied for me, pointing at her chest.

“You really should have a try dad.”

I don’t know why I kept trying to get dad to touch them. Partly because it would make the situation even more twisted. Partly because I felt if he touched them it would legitimize my own behavior.

My cock was creating a quite obvious tent in my shorts and Beth made that even more awkward by placing a hand on the bulge in my shorts. I slipped a hand down to her inner thigh. Slowly I moved my hand nearer and nearer to the bottom of her skirt. Finally I reached under her skirt and brushed her pussy. I looked across at dad who was still watching us. I noticed his eyes seemed quite glassy and that he must have had too much to drink by now.

Gradually I pushed the base of Beth’s skirt up and continued to stroke her pussy lips, alternating between her vagina and her tits. Dad made no reaction to my movements. Eventually her skirt was high enough up for her pussy to be exposed. I knew dad had seen her pussy earlier when we had been play fighting but that perhaps had seemed more innocent. Now I was openly groping my near naked sister in front of our father.

Beth ‘helped’ by parting her legs a little and pushing her skirt up to her stomach so she was completely exposed. I responded by slipping a finger inside her cunt. Her breathing got more labored and she moaned softly. Again we were disturbed by the phone ringing. Dad got up, a bit unsteadily, and went indoors to answer it. He came out shortly after.

“That was your mother. They’re just leaving now. Should be home in about two hours.”

As he sat down he accidentally kicked his wine glass over, spilling its contents onto the decking.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed.

“Sorry, excuse my language Beth,” he continued.

It was typical of my dad to worry about offending his daughter with a little swear word when she was almost nude and having her pussy fingered by me.

Beth stood up and picked up his glass to fetch him a refill. She placed the fresh wine down beside him and then went back indoors. She returned moments later minus her skirt. She was totally naked. She sat back on my lap. I put my hands back on her breasts as she opened her legs even wider. Sure dad was drunk but this was way more daring than even I believed we could go.

Beth once again began to stroke the bulge in my shorts. As dad looked back at his magazine she pulled the elastic waist of my shorts down to expose my cock. She played with it for a while, but our dad seemed not to notice. Finally he stood up.

“I need the toilet. Back in a minute,” he declared.

The moment he had gone Beth pulled my shorts down. Finally I kicked them off leaving both of us completely nude. After a couple of minutes of playing Beth lowered her pussy onto my erect cock. Her vagina swallowed me up and we began to rock slowly and gently. After a while of this we heard dad clattering about in the kitchen. We froze for a moment before Beth began moving on me again. She moaned audibly as we fucked and I placed a couple of fingers in her mouth to quieten her.

Dad came back out. I quickly reached down for my shorts and lay them across my lap to hide our sex. He sat down. Beth and I slid further down the couch, pushing ourselves further out. My shorts covered my lap but I couldn’t be certain they hid Beth’s cunt with my cock buried deep inside.

“Still enjoying those breasts huh son?” our dad slurred.

“Oh god yes dad. I don’t want to let them out of my reach,” I joked.

Beth moaned loudly and pushed down on me again as my shorts slipped out of my hand. Dad looked at us momentarily. For a second I froze but then he picked up his magazine. She moaned again.

“OH GOD I’M GONNA CUM!!” she shouted.

“Beth! Don’t talk like that! You sound like a slut,” dad scolded her.

“OH GOD OH SORRY DAD!!”she groaned breathlessly.

“Your brother’s just playing a game with you. Don’t turn it into something slutty for god’s sake.”

I had to laugh. Did he really not get what was going on here. Then…we heard the doorbell chime. Dad stood up and went indoors. I tried to stop but too late! My orgasm struck. My cock pulsed as it shot jet after jet of cum deep inside my sister’s cunt.

There was no sign of dad or whoever was at the front door. We hurriedly rearranged ourselves. I slipped out of her pussy and stood up just as dad reappeared.

“That was Robbie’s friend, Ben. He wanted to wait for Robbie but I told him they would not…”

Dad stopped as Beth stood up, still naked. He looked at her then at me. I ignored his look and hurriedly bent over to pull my shorts up. Beth walked past and into the house.

“Finished feeling her breasts then son?” dad muttered.

At first I didn’t bother to reply. I sat down, sensing a wet patch forming on my shorts from the last few drops of semen draining out my cock.

“Yes dad. You were right. Very nice,”I laughed, trying to make a joke of the situation.

Beth returned, dressed far more respectably in shorts and a t shirt. We sat and chatted for a little while longer before I got up and left.

On the way home and through the night I was worried about what we had done in front of dad. Eccentric, short sighted and forgetful he might be, but stupid he was not.

The next day I saw Beth at school briefly. I managed to speak to her alone for a few seconds.

“Did dad say anything about what we were doing on Sunday?” I asked her.

“No we’re quite safe. He was fairly drunk that evening. He fell asleep shortly after you’d gone.”

“Phew! I can’t believe we did that.”

“Me neither,” she laughed.

“You’re so naughty,” I added.

“Are you complaining?” she joked.

On that Sunday evening my wife, Sophie, had asked me about my day. I told her I’d spent the day with dad.

“Was your sister there too?” she asked.

“No. Well she popped home for about half an hour but dad was with me the whole time,” I lied.

On Tuesday I ran the boys hockey club after school. Again I noticed Beth and her friends nearby in the athletics club. The girls, who were all aged between sixteen and nineteen, were wearing green t shirts, green skirts and green socks. I never knew why our school chose such an unattractive kit for sports clubs. As hockey club finished I sent all the boys inside for a shower and to get changed. I was slowly making my way back to the building when I heard two girls voices calling me.

“Mr Johnson!” they called in stereo.

It was Beth and her friend Jennie. I turned around and they came bounding up to me, their chests bouncing and wiggling.

“I was wondering if you could give me a lift home. In your car I mean,” my sister giggled in a pretend sweet innocent schoolgirl way, with big puppy dog eyes.

“Sure thing. I’ll just have a shower when the boys have all gone then I’ll meet you by the car.”

She smiled at me when I mentioned the shower, then turned around and walked off alongside her friend.

“Bye Mark,” Beth laughed, seductively.

“Bye Mark,” her friend Jennie mimicked her.

I went to the locker room. When the last of the boys had showered, changed and gone home, I began to undress for my shower. No sooner had I removed my shirt when the door opened and Beth peered in.

“All alone?” she purred.


She walked over to a bench in the far corner of the locker room, put her bag down and sat down. I walked over to her.

“So, here we are then,” I whispered.

“Here we are.”

“What do you want to do now?” I asked.

She reached forward and pulled on the elastic of my shorts.

“Well I would like to suck my brother’s cock.”

“Oh Beth! Such naughty words from such a sweet young lady.”

She pulled down my shorts and proceeded to give me an awesome blow job, lapping up every last drop of cum.

When she had cleaned my shaft with her tongue, she pulled down her skirt and panties, kicked them off and spread her legs.

“Your turn…brother.”

I knelt in front of her and began to lick her sweet young cunt. She began to moan lightly.

Suddenly the door to the locker room opened. We both looked around and saw Mr Lawson. Neal. A good friend of mine. He was a geography teacher, about ten years older than me. He looked around but as we were in the corner he didn’t spot us. He made his way to a bench on the far side of the room, put his bag down and began to get undressed. Beth and I were both frozen to the spot. Once he was completely naked he stepped behind the wall into the showers. We had watched him get undressed, expecting him to look up and see us at any moment. But he hadn’t. Beth gasped slightly, then giggled, as he had undressed and his soft cock had come into view.

With the other teacher out of sight and in the shower I suppose the sensible thing would have been to sort ourselves and get the hell out of there. Instead I returned to the business of licking my sister’s pussy. As she got more turned on Beth pulled up her shirt to expose her tits and began rubbing them. The shower turned off and Neal Lawson stepped back to his bench. He dried himself off. I watched him out of the corner of my eye as I licked out Beth, who was now moaning softly. Mr Lawson headed across to the mirrors and turned on the dryer to dry his hair. This was the point when Beth moaned loudest as her orgasm struck. Perfect timing.

We sat quietly in the corner, Beth still semi nude, until Neal had left. Then she dressed and we gathered our belongings. I peeked out the door to check no one would see us leaving together. Then we stepped into the corridor and hurried along. Within seconds we were stopped in our tracks by Beth’s friend Jennie.

“There you are. I was waiting ages for you,” she said.

“Sorry,” Beth replied.

“I saw you go into the boys locker room. I didn’t want to go in so I waited out here for you. Then I saw Mr Lawson go in.”

“Yeah sorry. I didn’t want to wait in the corridor so I just went in and sat at the back waiting for Ma…Mr Johnson to finish.”

“In the shower? Did Mr Lawson have a shower too?”

Beth nodded.

“EEUUUGGGHH!! Did you see anything?” laughed Jennie.

“No I was sitting right at the back.”

We walked back to my car, the girls giggling a few steps in front of me. I took the opportunity to admire their legs and asses in their short green skirts. Jennie also had quite a nice figure. I’d never really noticed before.

They jumped in my car.

“Nice car Mark!” exclaimed Jennie.

I looked at her.

“Sorry. Mr Johnson,” she corrected herself.

I dropped Beth off first. She kissed me on the cheek as she jumped out. Then I took Jennie home.

“Thanks Mr Johnson. Bye.”

“Bye Jennie.”

On Wednesday morning I taught Beth and her class history. Later that day, at lunchtime, I was sitting in my classroom, at my desk, when Beth came in. She sat in front of me, on my desk, and crossed her legs. Her short school skirt rose up to reveal a lot of bare leg. We chatted, and joked about the previous afternoon in the locker room. I placed my hand on her upper leg and began to stroke it, moving closer each time to her panties. At that point there was a knock on my door. It was Mr Lawson. I quickly moved my hand but Beth made no effort to cover her legs, or even get off my desk.

“I was just…oh…oh, it’s your sister. Hi Beth,” he stammered.

“Mr Lawson.”

“Mark, I was just wondering if you fancy coming for a beer tonight?”

“Yeah, great. Can’t stay out too late. Sophie’s booked a holiday so I have some packing to do,” I replied.

“Great! See you after last class, yeah.”

He went out. Bet uncrossed her legs and shifted so I could see her panties. She stretched her right leg out and I resumed stroking her thigh. Just then the door burst open. Mr Lawson rushed in. He opened his mouth to speak when he noticed my hand high up Beth’s leg, near her panties, and the words seemed to stick in his throat. Eventually he regained his composure, but not before giving me a strange look.

“Beth, I just wanted to say well done on your geography exam. I’ve just finished marking them and you got a very high score. One of the highest. Well done.”

Beth just smiled. No answer. Neal turned around and left. We both laughed.

“He’s ok. He won’t say a word. I know things about him that he’d prefer to be kept quiet,” I laughed.

It was true. Mr Lawson was going through a messy divorce. He was having an affair with another teacher in the school. Someone high up. I was one of very few people who knew. We were good friends and confidantes. I had my beer with him that evening and he never said a word about my hand on my sister’s leg.

The rest of the week was busy. Summer vacations were just a week away. I hardly saw Beth. Sophie and I were busy. I saw dad briefly for a beer one evening, but he didn’t mention the Sunday with Beth.

The following Tuesday I took boys hockey club. Afterwards the boys showered and changed. As the last boy left, Beth came into the locker room. We chose a quiet corner and undressed. I knew I was taking a huge risk but I wanted her so bad. We stepped into the shower naked. I turned on the water, lifted her up and pressed her against the wall. With her legs wrapped around my waist I thrust my cock deep inside her. The sound of the water drowned out her moans as I pumped my cock hard into her.

Again though I was disturbed by the door opening. Beth slid to the floor and I poked my head round the wall, being careful not to reveal my erect cock. It was one of the janitors.

“Oh hi Mr Johnson. Sorry I thought everyone had gone home. I’ll come back in twenty minutes.”

“Thanks Tom. Nearly finished,” I said, glancing at my sister, who had sat up and was sucking my cock as I talked to the janitor.

When he had gone out we resumed fucking. I lay on my back on the tiled shower floor, with water flowing over me, as Beth straddled me. We both came. We dressed. Beth wore her skirt and a thin white blouse. She didn’t bother with a bra and I could clearly see the shading of her areolas under the shirt.

“I can see your nipples,” I told her, as we walked along the corridor.

“Good. I don’t care. There’s no one else about.”

We jumped in my car and I drove her home.

The next morning I learned something interesting. Our school had a dance studio and all the pupils attended dance classes. Apparently the class Beth was in had been preparing a dance show that they were going to perform to the whole school on Friday, the last day before the summer vacation.

I only found this out when I received a request for the girls in the dance show to miss my class that morning so they could take part in a dress rehearsal.

At lunchtime I was sitting in my classroom when Beth and Jennie came bounding in. Wow! They were both wearing skintight gold hot pants and black sports bras. They skipped to my desk and performed a twirl in front of me.

“What do you think?” Beth asked.

“Wow! You two look…”

Careful. You’re their teacher.

“What?” Jennie asked.


“Good? Is that it?”


“Getting better.”

“You look…”

“Sexy?” Beth suggested.

“Err…yeah…sort of.”

Beth sat on my lap. Jennie sat on my desk. Beth took my hand and wrapped it around her bare stomach.

“Are you coming to see the show?” asked Jennie.

“Yes. If you two are in it. Definitely.”

Beth leaned back and kissed me on the cheek. Her friend smiled. My hand slid slightly up Beth’s stomach towards her rib cage. She twisted around so she was sitting directly on my cock with her back to me. I was getting hard.

“Mark, I’m so nervous about the show,” Beth told me.

“Are you?”

She nodded then took my hand off her stomach and laid it on her bra enclosed chest so I could feel her heart beating.

“Wow your heart is thumping!” I exclaimed.

I left my hand on her chest. On her breast to be more precise. I applied a bit of pressure, while staring straight at Jennie.

“Are you nervous too?” I asked her friend.

Jennie nodded.

“You can feel my heart beat too if you want,” she added.

I reached toward her and placed my hand on her chest. Her heart was much calmer than my sister’s.

“You’ll be fine. You both look beautiful.”

I squeezed Jennie’s breast, then put my hand back on Beth’s.

Beth then pushed off me.

“Can we come back here to get changed. The locker room is so busy at lunchtimes?” she asked, nodding towards the book room in the corner of my classroom.

Without waiting for an answer they skipped away. My own heart was pounding thinking about how I had touched them both. Five minutes later they came back, carrying their bags. They disappeared into my book room. A moment or two later they came out both dressed normally.

“Thanks Mr Johnson,” they said in unison.

On Thursday lunchtime this act was repeated. Both girls came into my classroom in their sexy dance clothes. This time they already had their other clothes with them to change into. Once again Beth sat on my lap.

“I’m not so nervous today,” she announced, placing my hand on her breast.

“Still a bit though,” I replied, giving her a squeeze.

“Try me,” said Jennie.

I placed my hand on her breast and squeezed her.

“Oooh, you’re hard I think. Are our costumes getting you excited?” Beth teased me, placing her hand on the bulge in my pants.

With her other hand Beth lifted her sports bra to expose one of her tits.

“Feel me now. Am I still nervous?”

I stroked her erect nipple as her friend watched. Beth rubbed my stiff cock through my shorts.

“That makes me feel a lot calmer,” she cooed.

I looked at Jennie, watching me as I stroked my sister’s tit. She smiled at me nervously.

I raised an eyebrow to Jennie. Just a hint. She took it.

“Can you see if that calms me down too, Mr Johnson?” she asked, lifting her bra to expose a perfect apple shaped breast.

I leaned across to rub her tit. Beth adjusted herself so her crotch was rubbing against my bulge. She began to moan as I continued to play with hers and her friends breasts. Beth then reached across and joined me in feeling Jennie’s tits. With her other hand she undid the fly on my trousers and fumbled to get my cock out. Suddenly I was exposed to my sister’s friend, who also happened to be one of my students. Beth began to stroke my bone hard cock. Suddenly I lost my nerve. I pulled my hands away from their breasts.

“Not here. Not now,” I protested.

“We’d better get changed,” my sister announced, jumping off my lap and running to the book room.

After school Beth came in on her own. She was wearing her skirt and another thin white blouse. I immediately noticed that on the way to see me she had removed her bra. Her tit was clearly visible through the material.

“Sorry about earlier. I hope I didn’t embarrass you in front of Jennie.”

“Did she know about us? Before today?|”

Beth shook her head.

“I told her that I accidentally saw you naked in the shower last week. I think she had her suspicions.”

“Well we’d better be careful. Honestly Beth, the fewer people know what we’re doing the better.”

“I know.”

At that she sat on my lap. Her skirt rode up and my hands slipped inside her blouse onto her tits. She unbuttoned the bottom four buttons on her blouse. Only the two covering her tits were done up. Then a knock on the door. Neal Lawson.

He opened the door and smiled at us. I slipped my hands out of her shirt.

“She’s not feeling great. Dance show tomorrow and she’s having an attack of nerves,” I lied.

“Beth you’ll be fine. You look great,” he told her.


“I got that book you wanted. Just give it back after the summer,” he said, tossing a book onto my desk.

“Thanks mate.”

Beth took my hands and slipped them under her shirt onto her stomach. Neal looked and judging by the look in his eyes I guessed he realized he could see my sister’s tits through her shirt. He turned around and walked towards the door. After he’d gone I grabbed hold of her tits again.

“It’s always him,” Beth complained.


“Mr Lawson. He’s always appearing at the wrong time.”

“Be grateful it’s him. Most people would see us together and make a fuss. I think he suspects something but like I said he won’t say a word. He’s a good friend.”

I continued to play with her tits.

“We could get caught,” she smiled.

“Would you care?”

“Would you?”

“Not right now. All I wanna do is fuck you.”


“In there,” I replied, nodding towards the book room.

We walked over to the book room. Inside Beth took off her clothes. I stripped down and, standing behind her, I pushed her forward. I thrust my cock into her juicy wet pussy and pounded her from behind. After sex we dressed and calmly walked to my car.

Friday was the last day of school before the summer vacation. Not much work ever got done. It was also the day of the dance show. There would be two performances. One in the morning for the whole school, teachers and students. And one right at the end of the school day for the parents.

I sat down in a row of teachers as the school hall filled up, the clamor of excited voices creating an amazing wall of noise. When we were all sitting down the dance teacher took to the stage and introduced the show. Twelve girls and seven boys, all aged eighteen, ran onto the stage wearing golden colored gowns. We then sat through a very high energy dance performance backed by some terrible pounding dance music. Towards the climax of the show there was a slow section then with an explosion of sound the performers threw off their gowns. The boys just wore gold colored shorts. The girls were in their golden hot pants and gold colored bras, clearly made of a thin material.

Neal Lawson was sitting next to me. He nudged me.

“This is a bit risque for a school performance,” he whispered.

“I was just thinking exactly the same thing,” I replied.

A teacher sitting on my other side made a comment, also agreeing with our views.

One of the girls, thankfully not Beth, suffered a mishap during an energetic leap, when her shorts split down the back, giving us all a good view of her black panties.

“Lucky she was wearing underwear,” I joked.

“Your sister looks good,” Neal whispered to me.

“She does, doesn’t she?”

“Quite…hot,” he continued.


“She’s growing up,” he added.

We continued to sit through the last five minutes of the show in silence. Afterwards all the teachers headed to the staff room for lunch. I wanted to sneak away to my classroom in case Beth went there but found myself involved in many conversations with other teachers. In the afternoon there was another performance just for the parents. I quickly slipped away from my class of fifteen year olds to have a look and saw my parents in the audience. Just a few rows in front of them I recognized Jennie’s parents, and a young girl who I assumed must be Jennie’s little sister.

After the last class I sat in my room. A couple of my students stood and talked to me at my desk. One fifteen year old boy made a point of wishing me a good summer. I was still in conversation with him when Beth came in, carrying her bag and still wearing her gold bra and hot pants. Nothing else. Beth announced she was going to get changed in my book room. The boy turned to leave.

“You looked lovely in that show Beth,” he told my sister.

“Aaaahh, thanks, erm, err…”


“Thanks Adam.”

He left the room.

“You’ve got an admirer there,” I joked.

“Did you see mum and dad?” I asked her.

“Yeah we had a quick chat. They liked the show although mum thought my outfit was a bit too revealing. They offered me a lift home but I said I was going to hang out with Jennie.”

“Speaking of Jennie. Where…?”

“Oh I last saw her with her parents. She knows I’m up here.”

She went into the book room and closed the door. Seconds later she opened the door and poked her head round. I went in and saw she was just wearing the hot pants. I moved towards her and we cuddled. I groped her bare tits as she fumbled for my cock. She unhooked my belt and unzipped my fly and pulled my pants down. She began lapping at my cock.

Then the classroom door opened.


It was Jennie.

Beth stood up and went to the book room door, opening it and stepping out, topless. Jennie followed her and stopped suddenly when she saw me with my erect cock on display.

“I was just spending some time with my favorite teacher. Want to join us?” Beth laughed.

Jennie walked in and watched as Beth resumed licking my cock. Jennie looked at me and I smiled at her, and she knelt down next to her friend. Now I had two sexy scantily clad eighteen year old girls playing with me. Heaven! They took it in turns to lick and suck my cock and my balls. I pulled at Jennie’s bra and she took the hint by taking it off. They continued to suck my shaft, as I fondled their breasts.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” I warned them.

Sure enough my cock began to twitch and tighten up. Beth knew the signs. She pulled away and began pumping me with her hand. They both moved close and I held them by their hair as I shot my cum into their faces. It began dripping down across their mouths and chins. The next load hit their breasts. Beth moved forward and licked my cock clean with her tongue. I pointed to a box of tissues on a shelf to Jennie. When my sister had cleaned me up I wiped the cum off their faces and chests, being very thorough as I wiped their tits. For good measure I licked any remaining semen off their breasts. Jennie moaned as my tongue worked her nipples. Finally clean, we all got dressed. Before I left the classroom I kissed Jennie on the lips and slipped my hand up her skirt to stroke her tight young ass.

“Can I see you in the summer? If Beth does?” she asked me.

“Maybe. Talk to Beth, we can try to arrange something,” I told her.

The three of us walked down the corridor. Jennie met up with her parents, and her younger sister. Her father shook my hand.

“Mr Johnson, thanks for all your work with my daughter. She says you’re a very good teacher,” he said.

“Oh I try my best. It’s not easy but your daughter is one of the better ones.”

“Well at least I know that when my youngest daughter comes to this school she’ll be in good hands with you as her teacher,” he said, patting a pretty but spotty faced young girl on the head.

I smiled but didn’t reply.

“Thanks again. Have a good summer,” he added.

He turned and walked away with his wife and daughters. As they turned a corner, Jennie looked back at me and smiled.

Beth and I walked slowly to the car.

“Mum and dad are expecting me soon. They’re taking me out to dinner,” she said glumly.

“Yeah, Sophie is waiting at home to finish the packing. We’re off to Mexico for three weeks on Sunday.”

“Lucky you.”

“Not really. I won’t see you for at least three weeks.”

“More than that. The day you get back, Robbie and I are being sent off to grandpa’s for two weeks. We won’t see each other for five weeks. How am I going to cope?”

“How will my cock cope?” I joked.

“I know. Back to using my hand to cum!”

“You won’t be able to parade around naked either,” I told her.

“At grandpa’s? Yes I will. I did it loads last summer.”


“Seriously. Robbie goes out swimming and fishing on the lake all day. I just lie in the garden. Last summer I got naked nearly every day. Grandpa saw me a couple of times. Really turned me on.”

“Beth! Fuck!”

“Maybe I can go a stage further this summer.”

“What? With grandpa?”

“No, not like that! I’m not quite that sick.”

“What then?”

“I don’t know. I was thinking maybe I can let him catch me masturbating. Something like that.”

“What about Robbie?”

“Like I said, he’s out on the lake all day. Mind you I wouldn’t mind swimming nude in the lake. I wonder…”

“I’ll leave you to your scheming. Tell me everything.”

I drove her home. I parked a couple of blocks away and we shared a passionate kiss.

As she climbed out the car, she blew me one final kiss.

“Thanks,” she said.

“For what?”

“The best summer of my life.”



“Don’t forget me.”

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