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Workout Partner with Benefits

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This story is a work of fiction. All characters are fictional. This story is for adults and not to be read by minors, all characters depicted are over 21 years of age. If you like this story please vote, leave a comment or drop me an email! XXOO – Dre


4 Days a week, every week, that’s the schedule. I started with the usual warm up on that torture device from hell, the Stairmaster. From the moving steps of pain, I spied a shapely pair of legs and a nice tight butt on one of the elliptical trainers in front of me. I thought how nice to have a good view during 20 minutes of tedious cardio. My mind wandered to thoughts of “what I could do to girl like that.” The object of my attention then stopped, stepped off the elliptical, and saw me staring. Flipping her long bangs back with a quick toss, I realized that the objects of my exercise induced fantasy wasn’t a her but a him!

He gave me a little smile then grabbed his phone and towel and continued his workout. Being a city gym you see a lot of the same people over and over. I had noticed this person before and I recall that I often had trouble telling if it he was male or female. He was about 5’11”, slim with long shapely legs, small waist. and shoulder length straight black hair. His long asymmetrical bangs hung over his eyes. He also had very fine features and full lips. Yes I had noticed him more than once.

I finished my warm up and moved on to the weight room. I started with a set bench presses and I put two 45 lbs. plates on the bar to warm up. As I loaded another 90 lbs. on the bar I noticed the object of my earlier fantasy standing by the bench next to me. He seemed at a loss, he turned to me and asked:

“Sorry to bother, but could you help me get these heavy weights off the bar…I am such a weakling,” he said with a grin and a tilt of his head.

I noticed his bright blue eyes and smooth skin, he was probably in his early twenties. I said, “No problem.” Taking the 45 lb plates off the bar and putting them on the rack.

“Thanks so much. That was very nice,” he said.

“My pleasure. People in this gym aren’t that friendly so it’s nice to actually ‘talk’ to some one here.” I said, hoping to start a conversation.

“That is so funny I feel the same way! It’s as if everyone is so serious about working-out, life and death, work out or die!” he said in a funny kind of way.

He extended his hand and said, “Shawn”

I shook his hand and introduced myself. We chatted a bit as we both lifted. After this initial encounter we would say hello, occasionally stop and talk about this and that. I don’t know if it was because I had just turned 50, or I had been divorced for a year, but I have to admit I found Shawn attractive. I often caught myself looking at his mouth and eyes as we talked, or checking out his smooth legs and ass. Some days he would go to spin class. On those days he would wear white spandex bike shorts and a crop top. He would come out of class glistening with sweat, hair sticking to his face, fanning himself. He showed a nice bulge and it was difficult not to stare. I had been venturing into bi chat rooms lately and the idea of having some same-sex fun was on my mind. Maybe it was Shawn or maybe it was just something I had repressed all these years, who knows, but I began to think of Shawn in a sexual way.

One memorable day Shawn came to me and said, “Dre you know what your doing, and you have an awesome body so you must be doing something right. Can you show me how to work out so I can bulk up a bit? I just work out and work out but nothing changes.”

Modesty aside, I do have the body of a 30 year old. I have been a serious cyclist, soccer player, skier, and for the past ten years a focused power lifter. I know a thing or two about how to work out. I have a broad chest, powerful legs, large arms and no gut. Looking Shawn over I said, “Well tell me what are your objectives?”

Pulling up his already short t-shirt he said, “Nice definition of my abs, like a six pack.” Holding up his arms and flexing, “Bigger muscles, but not too big.” Turning around and standing on his toes, he looked over his shoulder and said in a kind of whisper “To be honest I want a higher, harder ass.”

I swallowed and felt warm. “Well…ah…hmmm…what’s your diet like?”

“Mostly Starbucks, gummy bears, cocktails and an occasional salad.” Sean said as he raised his perfectly plucked eyebrows and shrugged.

I laughed. “We’ll have to work on that. Sounds like you need to get some more healthy food and protein into your diet.”

Sean smirked and said, “Mmmmm I love protein.”

I little embarrassed we started working out. I gave him a series of exercises and we coordinated our schedules. We became better friends and my workouts and advice on diet was working. Working out together often put us in close proximity and I often felt as if there was a sexual tension between us. But my attraction to another man, being an entirely new experience, made me doubt my instincts. I often left the gym wishing I had asked him out for drinks but I was afraid of making a fool of myself.

One day I arrived at the gym as Shawn was walking out the door. He grabbed me by the arm, standing closer than usual, said,

“Hey, I have some stuff to do so I wanted to work out early. I have a bunch of fruit and I bought that whey protein goop, do you want to come by my place and show me how to make a smoothie? I bet you know how to make one that will make my muscles grow.” He said as he smiled and flexed his arm. “I rarely go in my kitchen so I need some one to help…please…pretty please…pretty please with protein powder on top!”

I smiled and agreed. He gave me his address and I went back into the gym to finish my workout. After about an hour I showered and headed to Shawn’s apartment. It wasn’t far from the gym. He lived in a typical city apartment high rise. He buzzed me in and I made my way to his place on the 7th floor. For some odd reason “lucky seven” entered my mind as the lift took me up.

I was about to knock on the door when it swung open and in front of me was Shawn. He was wearing a pair of pink patent leather high heels and shiny silver spandex tights. The tights looked sprayed on. I could see the outline of his nice sized cock and balls. From the back the silver tights looked like they climbed up his ass, defining the globes of his round shapely butt. I had done a good job with my workout routines. Those squats and bird dogs did their job I thought. His top was hot pink, fishnet and sleeveless. It made him look sexier than if he was wearing nothing at all. I could clearly see his pierced belly button. He had on full eye makeup and smelled wonderful. He linked his arm in mine and pulled me inside.

Once inside the small living room he spun around twice and said as he displayed himself, “What do you think, too slutty? I wanted you to see what a great job you did getting me in shape! What do you think of the pumps? Don’t they make my ass look just awesome?”

I stammered as he struck a pinup pose looking at me over his shoulder, hands on hips, ass sticking out, “No…no…as long as your not going to a funeral or something…its…ah…very…very…ummmm.”

“SEXY!” finished Shawn with a mock scold.

“Yes, very, very sexy, yes indeed.” I repeated. It now dawned on me, this maybe my chance to live out my fantasy. Their was no mistaking that Shawn was flirting with me.

“Chanks! You are a sweetie. Now show me how to make a smoothie.” Shawn said as he took my hand and led me into the kitchen my eyes transfixed to his swaying ass in those hip hugging tight tights.

The galley kitchen was incredibly small. Sean moved back and forth between the blender and the fridge making sure he rubbed up against me several times. At one point he slid in front of me then had to bend over to get something in the cabinet. His ass was pressing squarely on my growing cock as he took his time finding what he was looking for. We were kidding and joking and I admit at this point I was flirting for all I was worth.

The smoothie was finished. It was a kind of Pina Colada. Shawn reached into the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of rum. He poured in a generous amount of the alcohol and gave the blender one more burst.

“Let’s make this a celebration, what do you think?” He said and poured the mixture into two highball glasses. He handed me a glass and then holding his up continued, “to my sweet, funny and handsome trainer, I thank you, my abs thank you, my arms thank you, my legs thank you (giggles), and my ass REALLY thanks you!”

I took a big gulp. All I could think about was how I’d like Shawn’s ass to thank me and my swelling cock.

Shawn giggled, “Got Milk? Let me wipe that off.” He took his index finger and gently ran it across my mouth. He then sensuously placed his finger in his mouth and sucked. While he performed this little seduction he never broke his deep stare into my eyes.

“Mmmmm,” he cooed.

We were only inches apart in that tiny kitchen. His blue eyes, heavily outlined in mascara, drew me in. I set my drink on the counter behind him and slipped my arms around his waist. I was surprised at how small his waist felt in my arms. His pouty lips parted and I pulled him against me gently. Without a word we tilted our heads and softly our lips met in delicious union. We kissed cautiously. I held him tighter, his arms around my neck. I explored his mouth with my tongue and he moaned as he sucked it as if it were a cock.

Our kissing became more urgent. I nuzzled his neck inhaling the floral scent of his perfume. My hand wandered over his slender shoulders and down his narrow back resting on the top of his ass. My tongue traced an imaginary line up his neck to his ear lobe which I playfully nibbled.

I whispered, “You are so cute and sexy, I’ve dreamed of doing this to you.”

Shawn pushed back a little so we could look at one another. He had a beautiful smile on his flushed face.

“I have such a crush on you. I am so happy I came on to you. I was so afraid to embarrass myself. You know I love the daddy type. Do you want to be my hot daddy?” He said with a wicked smile.

“Yes” was all I said as we locked lips in a passionate kiss.

I grabbed his curvy ass and lifted him onto the kitchen counter. He gasped as I began to lick his nipples through the fish net top. Shawn tugged at my t-shirt pulling it over my head. I offered the appropriate playful resistance. We alternated wet kisses as our hands explored every inch of our torsos. My cock was making an obvious bulge in my baggie jeans and I looked down to see a beautiful silver snake in Shawn’s tights.

Shawn wrapped his legs around my waist and with his arms around my neck hoisted himself up as if he were climbing a tree. Kissing me wildly I could feel his hard cock on my stomach. He hissed in my ear,

“Come on Daddy take me to the bedroom and fuck this little slut good.”

Without hesitation I picked him up and we kissed all the way to the bedroom. I gently dropped him on the bed and he pulled me on top of him. More make out ensued and then he pushed me off of him and climbed on top of me. His hands were on my chest supporting his weight. His legs were spread and our covered cocks pressed together. From this position I could stroke his thighs and ass between alternately rubbing his erect nipples. He stared dreamily into my eyes in the candle lit bedroom. He began to slowly rotate his hips so that the shaft of his cock, now straining against the fabric of his tights, made direct contact with my steel hard bone. What followed was a skillful hybrid of a dry hump and a lap dance. Shawn may have only been 24 but he obviously had some experience in the art of seduction.

I almost blew my load when Shawn began to speak. “Mmmmm baby do you like my hard cock pressing up against yours? I so love the feeling of your manly hard body rubbing against my smooth arms and legs. Yes, that’s it babe twist my nipple…Oh…I love that. Oh Daddy you are so sexy. I know you are going to fuck this sissy boy so very good.”

Shawn slid off me and at the same time he pulled my pants down to my ankles. He slowly pulled my pants and boxers off over my cock and all 8 hard inches sprung free slapping against my chest. Shawn gave an appreciative squeak at the sight, then he proceeded to take off my shoes and left me completely naked.

I propped myself on my elbows for a better view. My spread legs rested on the edge of the bed and Shawn was on his knees between them. He took my cock in his soft warm hand and slowly began to stroke it. He moved up his face inches from my manhood, and his long tongue reached to lick the pearl of precum that appeared at the tip of my throbbing dick. He sang a soft “yummmmy” and continued to swirl his tongue around my cut swollen cock head.

“Oh Daddy, Shawny loves your big fat COCK. It’s so hard and it tastes so good.” He said placing an extra sexy emphasis on the word “cock.”

He took my cock in his mouth and began to suck. He drooled on the shaft getting it all wet. He then sucked making nasty slurping sounds. Squeezing the shaft near my balls he would take my cock all the way into his mouth the pull off stopping at the head. Looking up into my eye, he would suck hard on the glans and then pull off, the suction making a “pop.” He would then smile and give a little cute giggle, pleased with himself, and do it again.

Shawn had me on the brink of cumming several times and my heart was pounding. It was all I could do not to climax. After what seemed like a blissful eternity he stood up. Shawn strutted across the room and struck a sexy pose, damn this boy knew how to work it.

He slipped into the bathroom saying, “Just keep your motor running babe, I’ll be back in a second.”

Shawn reappeared in just his heels. He slowly walked back to the bed with that super model runway strut. His body was pale and perfectly smooth. He had amazing shapely legs and his chubby 6″ uncut cock pointed out erect. Bobbing seductively with each step. He did a slow walk around the bed with a wicked grin on his face.

“See any thing you like?” he said raising his eyebrow in a questioning fashion.

I hopped out of the bed and pulled him against me. We locked in a deep kiss. Our cocks rubbed together as I filled my hands with his ass cheeks and pulled him against me. Shawn swooned in my mouth as my hands ravaged his body and our loins pushed together. Breaking the kiss, I slid down his body, my tongue tracing a line…along his neck…to his nipple…down his rib cage…to the belly button …then slowly to his pubic region. He had his hands in my hair and I could feel his pulse pounding in his veins.

His hard cock rubbed against my cheek as I took it in my hand and I looked up into his eyes. He was breathing hard and there was a slight shake as he wobbled a bit on his high heels.

As he had done to me I extended my tongue and licked the tip of his hooded cock head. His salty precum was intoxicating and I increased my grip on the spongee hardness of his member and pulled back the foreskin to reveal the helmet of his cock. It was wet and slick, and I greedily licked and sucked as he rewarded my efforts with more precum. Shawn moaned loudly as I began to suck his cock. I attempted to repeat what he had done to me hoping to give him as much pleasure. The more I sucked his cock the harder I became.

I could tell he was coming to a sexual peak, so I decided to change course. I turned him around on his pumps so I was facing his ass, and what a glorious ass it was. His cheeks were smooth and round, with well-defined dimples on either side. The separation between the two globes nicely revealed his shaved balls. This hot ass sat atop thighs that had a slight outward bulge of muscle finishing in nice calves on thin ankles…exquisite!

I pushed on the small of his back and he bent at the waist. Pulling his ass cheeks apart he gasped as his pink rosebud of an asshole was revealed. I was instinctually drawn to it, my tongue circling the target with a moist trail. I reached between his legs and stroked his lovely cock from behind. I began to lick his clean hole enjoying the aroma of soap and his musk.

My face now buried in his ass, Shawn pushed me away saying, “Come on Daddy, fuck me, fuck me good and hard!”

He crawled on the bed, so sexy with his heels still on. Reaching into his nightstand he produced a condom and a bottle of lube. His face on the mattress and his ass in the air–I needed no further instruction. I quickly slid on the condom and poured some lube on my fingers rubbing them together to warm the liquid. With my free hand I reached between Shawn’s legs to caress his hard cock and balls as I lubricated his hole.

He moaned again as I began to finger-fuck his ass. Positioning myself between his legs I pressed my stiff cock against his asshole and slowly applied pressure. His initial resistance gave way as my fat cock head disappeared inside him.

Shawn panted, “Fuck yes, Daddy…mmmmmm…fuck me with your big hard cock.”

I worked more of my cock into his ass slowly moving back and forth allowing him the time to adjust and enjoy. His moaning was so loud that I’m sure the neighbors could hear. I grasped his hips and I was now pumping the full length of my cock into his hot ass. I increased my thrust, our scrotums pushing together at the hilt of my push. My breathing was fast and ragged, I had never been so turned on.

Between moans Shawn implored, “Fuck me Daddy! Damn you fuck so good… ah, ah, ah, ah,…fuck that ass hard…ah, ah, ah, ah,…Fuck me with that big cock…ah, ah, ah, ah, don’t stop, don’t stop, Pleeeeeease, ah, ah, ah…”

I slapped his ass and Shawn pushed back even harder. He was now clutching a pillow and glistening droplets of sweat formed on the small of his back. I felt myself reaching my climax but I didn’t want to cum without being able to see his beautiful blue eyes and angelic face. I pulled out and he gasped.

In a gruff voice I commanded him, “On your back and spread.”

Shawn quickly complied, apparently liking the idea. His long hair and bangs clung to his sweaty face making him look even sexier. His cock stood erect and hard against his stomach as he pulled up his knees holding onto the heels of his pumps. I pushed my pulsating cock into him with one thrust. As I supported my weight on my bulging arms I began to fuck his hole. By keeping my thrust short and my penetration at about 5″ I could tell that I was hitting “the spot” for Shawn. He panted now unable to even speak. I bent down and we locked lips, our tongues entwined as we devoured each other.

I slid back slightly so that I was sitting back on my thighs. My hands were on the crease of his thigh where it met his torso. My hold allowed me to pull him into me with each thrust. Shawn grasped my wrist, his eyes closed, his mouth open.

His face twisted and he gasped, “I’m cummmmmmmmiinnnnnnng!!!”

His cock jerked as if it had a life of its own, spewing a stream of jizz into the air and onto his face neck and chest. Shawn’s cock shot four or five times. Shit this boy could deliver a load.

The sight of his orgasm pushed me to my limit. Shawn regained some of his composure and begged.

“Cum on me, cum on my face baby! Please do it!

I pulled out and in one quick movement I removed the condom and began to pump my cock with my right hand. Straddling his chest I pumped and squeezed my cock hard letting go of my restraint. From deep in my gut came a growl and my abdomen tightened, then came the ecstasy of a massive orgasm. Spasm after spasm, my pearly ejaculate splashed onto Shawn’s waiting face, mouth and tongue. He grabbed my ass as I finshed and pulled me toward him so he could swallow my rigid cock, sucking and licking for what seemed like many minutes until my orgasm subsided.

I moved to one side of Shawn and kissed him, our tongues shared the sticky saltiness of my cum. I looked at Shawn who was beaming. I licked some of his cum off his cheek, neck and chest. I pulled him on top of me, my hands squeezing his amazing ass, our wet cum-covered cocks pushed together. We kissed again and again.

Shawn said. “Oh Dre that was so fuckin hot, I don’t think I can ever let you leave my apartment.”

“Well I don’t know if I want to leave. I never knew it could be so good.”

Shawn nuzzled into my neck. I thought to myself that we had so much left to explore in our relationship. I now had a lover that truly rocked me to the core. I could feel Shawn’s cock beginning to grow, pushing against my own hardening shaft. I thought that round two was coming soon. Perhaps this time I get fucked? The thought stirred me, I couldn’t believe I was aroused so quickly. This was the beginning of something very good.

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