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Working Together Ch. 03

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I put the phone down and dropped my head in my hands. Looking round the Office I could see the quiet faces looking at me as I brushed my hair back and sat up straight. Jess was poised by one of the Admin Team, looking expectantly at me.

“Wilson, has found out we’re on to him. He’s spent the last half hour shredding any evidence that might incriminate him. “

I raised my hands to heaven in supplication,

“Please let him miss something, please,” I pleaded. “Two years Lord, two bloody wasted years.”

Jess shook her head and sighed, patted the admin guy on the back and walked over.


“We don’t know yet, the team will go in shortly and lift him, but he’s had long enough to cover his tracks and those of his buddies too!”

Jess patted my shoulder and leaned lower,

“My office now please.” She straightened and left me alone.

I moaned again tidied my desk and gathered up my notes. Taking my cup I poured more coffee and went over to Jess’s corner suite. Jess was putting the phone down as I came in and I heard the outside doors open and close. I knew it would be Commander Gill Curtis, AKA the Boss.

Gill entered the room smiling, her uniform jacket unbuttoned, revealing a regulation white blouse with the official white and black kerchief necktie. She perched on the corner of Jess’s desk.

“OK troops what gives?”

Jess stood and came round to join her. I spread my notes out on the small corner table and turned to face them.

“Wilson has been tipped off somehow and this morning was spotted moving a shredder to his office, this was as of thirty minutes ago.”

I looked down at my notes again.

“I’ve authorised the Lifters to move in, but I think we’re too late, because our contact tried to get into his room but the door’s locked and he’s shredding everything by the sound of it,”

I glanced up and shrugged.

“At the moment we’ve no idea how he was tipped off, but we may well find ourselves without a trace of evidence and we’ll have to release him.”

“Do we have enough to force his resignation?”

Gill was frowning, crossing her black Lycra covered legs at the ankle. She lent back and her tailored uniform hugged her mature curves. She had big firm breasts and they were pushing hard against the uniform blouse she wore. The lacy pattern of her bra came into sharp detail as she arched her back to loosen the tension she felt.

I felt a tingle and inwardly cursed. This was definitely not the time to get a hard-on. I saw Jess’s eyebrow lift and a curious smile cum smirk flit across her face. I could guess tonight’s conversation.

I looked at my notes hurriedly and found the entry I needed. Looking up I saw Gill had a grin a mile wide, she had noticed my discomfort too.

“We could force him to consider his position; if we say we’ll use ‘habitually consorting with known criminals’ as a reason to dismiss him. We can’t touch him on his record as his cases cover practically every type of offence and his conviction rate is first class.”

Gill nodded,

“OK when you lift him take him to the Detention Centre and I’ll see what I can prise out of him, Jess I’d like you in with me. But we wait overnight, let him start to worry why he’s not being interviewed or charged. ”

“Dave, as they lift him, get into his office and go through it, diaries, log book, notebook, computer, the lot. I want to know who his tailor is, when he’s eaten, where he’s been, who with and how often he farts. I want this little shit nailed down and buried. I hate dirty coppers and his stench needs removing from the force asap, any questions?”

Gill pushed off the desk and straightened up, buttoning her jacket.

“Give me a heads up on Wilson’s arrival. I’m off to speak to the ACC on this.”

She smiled and left the office, I looked at Jess who had a smirk on her pretty face.

“She gave you a stiffy didn’t she, you’re terrible, ”

she giggled and stretched her black Lycra clad legs. I had to look. Jess grinned and opened her legs a little wider, I could see where the tights changed pattern, as it reached the top of her legs. I gulped and looked away red faced. My cock was crowding my pants and I had no doubt would be visible through my trousers.

“This is sexual harassment,” I muttered.

“Of course it is, but it’s for your own good. Now be a love and get me a coffee would you?”

She smiled sweetly and batted her eyelids, I melted.

An hour later the call came in that the subject was now on his way to the Detention Centre. As we worked undercover, we daren’t use any Police Station; so with the connivance of my bosses in the Security Service, we used the Detention Centre at Heathrow to interview suspects. It was just off the Airport perimeter in Hounslow and we had a standing order for a room ready for interviews. The Border Force and Immigration Services weren’t happy but so what, we had to have a secure area for interviews.

I picked up my case and left for the suspects office. By now the jungle grapevine would be awash with rumours and supposition and the whispers would have started. I had to get there before anyone else had a chance to get in and assist in removing the evidence.

I knew Wilson had been lured away by a tip off that a known criminal was about to pull off a daring robbery. Our man was known to have wanted the kudos of feeling this crims collar, so off he went like a teenager in a brothel. He was promptly bagged by the Lifters at the rendezvous, and was unable to use his phone to warn anyone else.

I entered the Police Station, showed my identity card and asked for an office for an hour or so, a matter of national importance. As they had little space and his office was empty I was shown in and immediately locked the door behind me.

I started with his diary, nothing untoward here. His notebook appeared to be contemporaneous with his known arrests and interviews. His PC was a standard issue Home Office Police desktop and nothing appeared to be hidden on the system.

I dialed my Security Section and spoke to Don in IT, he swiftly logged in and began a deeper forensic search. He assured me it was untraceable. As an extra, he loaded a bot which would record and forward details of all keystrokes used and applications opened. This was highly illegal normally but a necessity and we could get Home Office approval for it anyway.

Finding nothing I prepared to leave unlocking the door, just then the Desk Sergeant approached me.

“I’m sorry to disturb you Mr Maybury, but there’s a solicitor asking to speak to the Officer in Charge of the arrest of Detective Sergeant Wilson, that’s his office you’ve been in. Do you know anything about this?”

“I’m sorry Sergeant, I have no idea what you’re talking about, I just needed a hot desk to make some calls and complete the paperwork. I can’t tell you what it’s about but I know nothing at all about this…” I paused and looked at him,

“Detective Sergeant Wilson.”

“Exactly, so sorry but I must go, I have to be at Heathrow to catch a flight landing. Is that all Sergeant?”

“Yes sir, sorry sir. I really don’t know what to say.”

“Look I’m really sorry I can’t help. Perhaps there’s something in his room, I haven’t touched anything except the phone. Go on, go and have a looksee.”

“Good idea thanks Mr Maybury.”

I left before the solicitor saw me and hurried back to Heathrow.

I parked in a public car park and walked to the terminal. I phoned the office.

“Can you get over to Terminal Three and pick me up. Come in an Area Car, blues and two’s make it look like I’m in on an arrest, cheers, ten minutes then.”

Ten minutes later we threw a blanket over one of the guys who had been in the terminal on lunch break and whisked him out to the waiting squad car, and with bells and whistles charged off again. Anyone following would have believed I was working on an arrest and left it at that. Luckily this event had been foreseen and all the crew had “uniforms” to slip into so we could mount this type of operation.

I wrote it all up and added the info to the database, then headed on home. Jess came in about an hour later with the Boss. I saw Jess and Gill talking in the hallway as they hung up their coats, I carried on in the kitchen.

“Hello darling what’s for supper then?” Gill kissed me on the cheek and grinned.

“Mmmm Bro. that smells pretty good.” Jess said, kissing the other cheek.

“Sometimes I think you only tolerate living with me because you never have to cook,” I said raising my knife and grinning.

“I know but, you do love me really,” said Gill and kissed me again, this time on the lips.

“Hey, Boss, I’m lips only, he belongs to me, give that back” said Jess laughing, then kissed Gill on the lips. Gill’s eyebrows shot up and she lurched back a step.

“I say steady on old girl, I’m still your Guv’nor,” Gill said grinning, and flung an arm round Jess.

They hugged and cuddled as I carried on with the meal.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m just the staff, you ladies carry on, there’s beer or wine, whatever.”

I finished the salad and tossed it lightly, then placed the bowl in the fridge for a minute.

“Right, beers?” said Jess and we both nodded, she skipped off to the larder and returned with three pint bottles.

“I prefer draught but as it’s you, this will do fine, got a glass?”

I gestured at the cabinet over the hatch, Gill opened the doors and reached up for the glasses. I watched her lift herself up on her toes and her skirt lift up to show her, hopefully, stocking clad thighs. I really hoped for stockings and not tights, I hate tights, even the American pantyhose sounds better, but the products the same. No white flesh between crotch and thigh, give a guy a break please.

Jess nudged me in the side,

“Oi!, that’s enough of that from you, you randy bugger.”

Gill turned and and grinned, she knew what had been happening behind her back.

We had a pleasant evening, unwinding and chatting. As part of an unspoken code we never discussed work after work, difficult as it was we stuck to this. Gills husband arrived and he came in for a coffee before whisking her away again.

I grinned at Jess who batted her eyelids slowly.

Standing she pulled her cardigan over her head, then slowly unbuttoned her uniform blouse, revealing a small white lacy bra. Gyrating she shed her skirt and stood in her underwear. Grinning she slowly eased her white half slip off her hips and let it slide to the floor. Turning her back she undid her bra and let the straps slide down her arms. Her small neat bare back , slightly tanned offset her tights and knickers. She wriggled out of her tights and turned towards me hand on hips.

“OK big boy, show me the money?”

I stood and languidly unbuttoned my shirt, whipping it out of my trousers. I let it fall to the floor, then unbuttoned my trousers and let them fall away I stepped out of them and pulled my pants down.

“Keeping your socks on then?” She laughed.

“I like to keep an air of mystery about me,” I grinned, as my cock rose of its own accord.

“Well why don’t you bring that air of mystery into the bedroom and see if it can really please a woman.”

She winked, my cock lurched and she turned and slid her knickers down, bending forward so I had a view of her perfect arse and the little secret world in between. I must have gasped because she gave a throaty giggle and walked away. I followed obediently.

We walked to the bed and I shucked my socks off, she grinned and lay back on the bed her arms and legs opening to invite me to join her. I moved to her and she mewled with excitement as my cock raked her thigh and moved over her slit.

“Please Dave take me now, I need you now so very much.”

Willingly I slid my cock along her slit and coated it in the juices sliding out of her open and welcoming pussy. I held my cock lightly and pushed into the tight, moist cave of her sex, slipping in easily.

We met and began a gentle swaying rhythm, until fifteen minutes later we climaxed together, she lifting off the bed, me trying to pin her to it.

Afterwards we lay in a post sexual glowy cuddle and kissed each other lightly. I must have dropped off because the next thing I remember is the damn alarm belting out its raucous good morning.

Looking at each other we grinned and kissed. Forty minutes later we were showered and breakfasted, ready to go.

It was a slow morning with nothing new coming in, I made sure all my reports were up to date and settled back to await the outcome of the interview.

Then Don phoned, he had been surprised to see that someone was using the PC in the DS’s room. He was analysing the keystrokes as we spoke.

“It’s an e-mail by the look of it. Possibly coded, I have the recipient address. When it’s sent I’ll copy it to you.”

“Thanks Don, I appreciate it.”

“Your round then!”

“As soon as this assignments closed I will buy you all the beer you can handle.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

“Cheers Don.”

I hung up and wandered over to Jess’s office. She and Gill were in conversation, but Jess beckoned me in.

“Evenin’ All,”

“very funny Dave, now tell us some good news.”

“Well I have good news and bad news.”

“Bad first please.”

“His office was clean and a solicitor turned up to represent him.”


“Not sure but they must have a network structure and keep each others backs covered.”

“and the good news is.”

“Someone’s using his PC and the message appears to be encoded.”

“Are you monitoring this?”

“The necessary action has been taken and was prior to someone using it.”

“Hallelujah, thank you the God of small mercies.”

“Once we get a transcript of the decrypt we should be in business.”

“OK how long?”

My phone buzzed, I excused myself and answered.

“Hallo mate it’s Don, you hit pay dirt buster. The user sent it to a box account and it was redistributed. But Uncle Don has managed to track down and source every mailbox it landed in. No! don’t say thank you, buy me beer. It says it so much more gratefully.”

“Don you are a genius, can we have the decrypt and the mailboxes by this evening?”

“Done oh bountiful one, I prefer Bitter to Lager and not the shit multinational crap either.”

“How about the Alice on Friday?”

“Five thirty, do not be late, you’re buying.”

“Cheers matey.”

I almost ran back into Jess’s office.

“Transcript on it’s way and the mailboxes it was being sent to.”


“At Last”

“Right, let’s get this bastard and his mates and then let’s get pissed.”

Later we looked at the mailboxes and Gill whistled, the list was astonishing.

“Blimey, this is going to raise a few eyebrows, have you seen who some of these bastards are?”

“Someone’s going to have to tell the Commissioner quietly and see how he wants to go forward.”

“I’ll tell the ACC and he can make the decision. Thank God his name’s not on the list.”

“Best of luck with that one Gill, you’ll need a beer after that.”

“Then some, but if this is truly the extent of the penetration, we’ve been running round with our hands tied behind our backs since God knows when.”

“We can end it now though, can’t we?”

“Some of these bastards will find a way out, do a deal, take their pension or retire through ill health. but at least we can weed them out.”

“And so after the thrill of the chase we can look forward to several months of paperwork, deep joy.”

“That’s the way of the world old girl, pleasure is brief but pain lives on.”

“Well thank you for that, I feel so much better about it now. I really think you should take that on the road and charge people to listen.”

“OK point taken, sooner we start sooner we finish.”

“OK you two we’ll pick this up tomorrow, after I see the ACC, get off home, tell everyone early night and start at oh eight thirty tomorrow,”

“thanks Gill,”

“Oh I’m not being generous, just saving the budget.”

We all laughed and began to pack away.

The phone rang about eleven thirty, it was Gill, she was upset clearly,

“Dave, are you and Jess OK?”

“Yes of course, what’s going on?”

“They know what’s going on, two of our guys have been arrested, on National Security grounds, they’ve been taken to Paddington Green and held incommunicado. The office has been raided, God knows what they’ve found and destroyed. The ACC has been on the phone, he’s speaking to the Commissioner and the Home Secretary, this is a fucking bad day all round.”

“What should we do?”

“Get the fuck out the flat, find somewhere discreet and phone me back in thirty minutes. Gerry and I have left home and are hidden up in a safe place, thank God we’ve got an alarm. They triggered it then tried to say it was a Police Raid, luckily there’s a basement exit they missed, we got out just in time., now get out ASAP.”

The line went dead and he felt Jess grip his arm,

“What’s happening?”

“Get up and dressed, we have to go, they’re on to us and lashing out, trying to destroy all the evidence and arrest us on spurious National Security charges. Gill and Jerry got out, but a couple of the guys are being held at Paddington Green.”

“Shit, OK, you grab a bag stuff some clothes for you in it, I’ll go pee then dress, then you go and I’ll put my clothes in the bag. Go..”

Twenty minutes later we hit the street, as we reached my car a stream of Police cars, with blues flashing pulled into the front parking area. We bent low and slipped into the car. I released the handbrake, started the engine and put the car in gear. I left the lights off and slipped slowly towards the exit. At the gates, I used the zapper to open them and pulled out, flicking the lights on.

We drove for thirty minutes through west London, until we reached the outskirts of the airport. I found a small run down Bed and Breakfast. Pulling in we wandered into reception. The night porter accepted our story that we had flown in and were too tired to drive down to the west country, so wanted a room for the night. We paid in advance.

Once inside I dialed Gill’s number,

“Where the fuck have you been I was really worried about you both.”

“Gill we’re ok, found a place that’s safe, what do you want us to do?”

“Stay low for the next few hours, we can’t talk too long in case they can track the mobiles. When we finish turn it off and remove the sim, only put it in when we call again. I’ll phone about one ok?”

“Sure, understood, speak later.”

Jess looked at me and held her arms out, I stepped into them and we hugged tightly.

“This will all be OK won’t it?”

“Yes of course, Gill is handling it, who else could do a better job?”

“Dave, love me, please, take me to bed, I really need you right now.”

“Princess, that goes for me too, I need your love, and how.”

We undressed and slipped between the old but clean sheets. I reached for Jess and we kissed and stroked one another. Gradually the stroking became insistent and she reached for my cock and slid her hand gently up and down it. I placed a hand on her perfect breast and felt her nipple hardening. We rolled until she was astride me and I watched in awe as my sister sank slowly onto my engorged pole. I felt the wet warmth of her beautiful vagina engulf me and the pleasure of her bottom touching my thighs.

We rose and fell, the pleasure increasing until with sighs and grunts we came, almost together, sated, spent, fulfilled. Jess lay on my chest, my cock still just inside her. We slept that way until my small traveling alarm rang. Jess’s eyes flickered open, sitting up she reached for her phone. Reassembling it she called Gill. I realised I was still inside her and reached for her breasts, she grinned and leaned back slightly, keeping just out of my reach. She moved a finger to her lips, with her free hand, in a shushing gesture. I nodded, but raised my hips slightly. She grinned and responded.

“Boss, Jess, what’s happening? OK, OK, Uh Huh. Got it, right see you in about an hour. Yes, I will, thanks.”

She giggled and ended the call. Switching the phone off, she carefully pulled it part again. Then leaned forward her breasts within striking distance. I lunged she giggled and sat back, I grasped air and she began to pump my cock with her pussy. I gasped she giggled then we set about some serious sex. It was quick, dirty and noisy, I spumed a massive load into her cavern as she rocked her clit across my groin and she climaxed on me.

“Mmm, that was nice, Gill said to finish what we were doing before getting to the office.” She grinned, “So I did, enjoy that?”

“Oh yes, very much, minx.”

“But you love me.”

“I adore you, you know that.”

“Good, you’re hired.”


“But cute too.”

She giggled and brought her hands to her face, covering her breasts with her arms. I loved this woman, so very much, I could no longer imagine a life without her. I felt a strange tension in my throat, I was suppressing a sob, I.. I was going to cry. I let it go, all the tension all the worry, everything. Jess looked at me in horror, leaning down she hugged me, tears in her eyes.

“Dave what is it, what’s wrong, please don’t cry.”

“God I love you so much Jess, I can’t deal with the thought of being without you, I just can’t.” I blubbered.

“Silly boy, you won’t have to, I’ll always be with you, I promise.”

Slowly I managed to get a grip and pull myself together. I winced as Jess pulled off of me and saw her flinch as our muscles objected to the separation. A quarter hour later, we left, explaining that we couldn’t sleep due to the aircraft noise. The owner was nonplussed and explained the no refund policy, we said it wasn’t a problem and left.

We made our way out to the office where Gill, her husband Jerry and the ACC were quartered. They welcomed us in and gave us an update. However it had happened the opposition had got wind of the strength of our investigation and the gathering evidence and had organised a series of raids designed to disrupt the investigation. It was a huge gamble and might have paid off, if they had captured Gill or us.

Gill had contacted the ACC and with a few senior commanders had planned a strategy to neutralise the effects of the raids. With Intelligence Services co-operation, Paddington Green had a visit from senior Police Officers and Security Service Personnel. The Custody Sergeant had co-operated immediately and our guys were released, with the officers who had taken them, replacing them in the cells. In tandem contacts in Thames Valley Police had launched raids to detain many of the names on the mail list.

By seven am we had a complete list of detainees and had managed to discover what had and hadn’t been compromised. Duped Officers were apprised of the situation and were told to stand down, each would be debriefed later. The first calls from solicitors were arriving, although at present citing National Security reasons, those held were all denied access to them.

At nine the Commissioner appeared with the Home Secretary, who was charm itself. Pats on the back, promises of promotion were proffered, but we knew the reality would be different. Eventually we were left to get on with piecing the threads together and fulfilling our job specification.

As suspected a few of the senior suspects opted for early retirement, some on ill health grounds, others scrabbling to retain their pensions but all were willing to grass up their colleagues. The middle rankers would be either offered demotions to minor roles or be left to pursue other avenues of employment with a criminal conviction. The lowest level were offered resignation rather than dismissal, references would be bland and spare.

A series of raids on the known crime-lords involved netted a few prison heavy prison sentences, although a couple obtained bail and disappeared, leaving their families high and dry and financially ruined.

We broke out the beer the day the last sentence was passed and the clear up was complete. We knew we had probably missed a few, but they were very minor and were isolated, the ongoing investigations would weed them out eventually.

Gill, Jerry, Jess and I went on an extended holiday, to the Italian Lakes, and that was an experience. Maybe one day I’ll write it all up and tell that story too. Meanwhile Jess and I moved from my flat to a new three bedroomed house about forty miles west of London.

We have lovely neighbours who assume we are husband and wife, and we don’t disagree with that. They have wonderful kids and we sometimes babysit, that’s when I sometimes see a wistful look in Jess’s eye, but we have no plans for a family. At least I don’t think we do!

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