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Working Out

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Their home-gym in the basement was nothing to laugh at, complete with treadmill, weight bench, bike trainer, mats, yoga balls, and even a heavy bag to box on. Cliff had invested in himself, both of them really, and even though his company had some of the best equipment to offer, nothing beat the workout in his home, especially next to Stephanie’s well-formed posterior.

He quickly donned his gym shorts and shoes, turning up the volume on his Yamaha amplifier as it pounded through his floor speakers. This house began to rumble as his workout playlist shuffled through, a mix of everything from Ozzy to Flo Rida.

Stephanie could feel the bass rumble through the levels of the house. She loved these sessions, just the two of them, sweating out their stress and showing off to each other. She loved to watch him lift, even more to watch him box. Cliff looked better than ever and she found herself insanely turned on every time the speakers blasted. She slipped into her tightest workout pants, a sports bra that pumped her girls up very high while keeping them secure and spiked her hair. Maybe they might get some extra cardio in, she thought with a grin.

“Whatcha’ got today babe?” Cliff was stretching and bouncing around, getting his blood pumping as his shirtless body began to respond.

“Oh I figured I run for a bit, and then lift. You?”

“Lifting and boxing, get a little swoll’ on.” He smiled as his arm went behind his head for a good stretch.

“Sounds good,” she smiled.

Within minutes Steph was picking a decent pace on the treadmill as Cliff was in his second set of incline bench press. They stole hidden glances at one another, the music flowing through them, their eyes feasting on one other. Cliff almost found it distracting, her long legs flexing as they hit the belt, her calves accentuated. Her ass was covered by a thin layer of polyester and cotton, appearing as an airbrushing as her pants clung so closely to her skin. Her chest heaved only slightly but just enough to make him want even more what was trapped underneath.

She would look back occasionally, watching his chest flex and swell with blood as he grunted through his repetitions. Almost stumbling she would bite her lip, intent on keeping her focus yet unable to right her attention. His chest was gleaming with sweat beads now, running through his abdomen before collecting at his waistband. Each little stream flowed together, rippling as the washed over him.

They played this game for half an hour, stealing glances, trying to remain focused. Cliff stood from the bench with a deep sigh, just as Steph killed the treadmill. He took a good hard look at his woman, breathing in the smell of them both, grinning at her as he reached back for a deep stretch.

“I think it’s time for a little Rocky action.” He stepped back to grab his gloves.

“Well good, get out my way then because it’s ‘back day’ and I need that bench.” She grinned as she gave a jab to his stomach.

Cliff cranked the music just a little louder, pounding his fists together before throwing his first punch into the bag. He loved this cardio, a real opportunity to not only hone skills but to let out the stress. His dreams still lingered in his mind as he jabbed harder. His only distraction was Stephanie, her weight lifting incredibly erotic for him. He punched harder and faster, trying to right his mind, still stealing glimpses whenever possible.

Her back muscles flexed as her chest heaved, her shoulders creating lines of pure sex appeal. Her sweat slid ever so slowly down her back and stomach, wetting her body in the dimly lit basement. It was almost as she glowed. She knew her power over him, the ability to drive him wildly mad as she continued to pump out her sets. She slowed her reps down even more, acting as if she was truly trying to get every ounce of strain from the movements.

Her blood was rushing through her body, her warmth and sex lusting as she watched Cliff melee the bag. His form was incredible, every muscle cut, every jab with purpose. He was intense now, the music driving him, his look of pure determination sending a shiver through her. She had to have him, had to feel him inside of her. She begged for him to break his routine, take her right there, strip her naked and use her. She didn’t care how rough, how carnal; just to be used and loved, his hard member driving into her deep.

Cliff was spent but still punching, the music helping to keep his fists flying as he eyed Steph straddling the bench.

“Oh my God!” he thought. “DAMN!”

She was consuming his mind now, his concentration lost on both globes of her perfect ass. Her back flexed to its extent as she started her butterflies, the weights coming back slow and even. He wanted to drop his gloves, rush to her, throw the weights down and ravage her sweet ass. He felt what little blood he had left in his brain rush to his cock, a semi-hard erection begging to come to fruition.

“Honey,” she asked softly, a little feigned strain in her tone.

“Yea babe,” he gasped, dropping his hands with a deep exhale, happy to take a break.

“Can you spot me here; make sure I’m doing this right?”

“Sure babe, give me a sec,” he said, quickly stripping the gloves off his hands.

“Yea, just hold my shoulders a bit, make sure I come back even…I can’t tell,” she lied.

“I gotcha babe.”

She felt his heat behind her, his chest dripping with sweat, the beads running down his arms as his fingers lightly touched her shoulder blades, pressing in gently. She sighed to his touch, begging for a little more strength to keep the charade alive. She swung her arms back again, slowly, letting him observe her back flex, knowing how he loved it. His breath was panted already, she could hear him hold it. Again and again, she worked the weights as he softly touched her shoulders, rubbing through the sweat as he guided her.

“That’s it babe, good, one more.”

She dropped the weights, collapsing her chest on the bench, breathing heavily as his hands caressed her shoulders.

“Good job babe, good push!”

The music still pounded as she looked over her shoulder, smiling at him as she leaned back for a kiss. He leaned in, trying not to make her too wet with his sweat but it was all she wanted. She reached back, her back fully arched, grabbing his head with her arm as she kissed him harder, tonguing his mouth, clicking their barbells together. He sunk down toward her, sliding his hands down her sides, rubbing her sweat into her skin as she pulled him in closer. Further down his hands slid down to the center of her back, breaching the waistline of her pants, the sweat pouring through the new opening. She could feel the cool air rush to her ass, the feeling exhilarating.

Steph had him now, the first part of this workout was over, now it was time to get some extra cardio in. She reached back, her muscles flexing even more as she guided his hands to her chest, arching back further as he grabbed her breasts from underneath her sports bra, full hands consuming her. He guided her up as she stood, quickly rotating her hips and facing him. They kissed deeply, her hands running over his sweaty chest and stomach, his wet muscles flexing to her touch.

She slowly slid back down to her seat, pushing his shoulders up as she did, devouring his stomach with her mouth. His sweat tasted so good, his shorts sitting on his hip line, his flexors shining through. She kissed every inch of his waistline, loving his dips and crevices, his ripped midsection a feast for her tongue. He leaned back and exhaled, looking down at her with a grin as she looked up at him with a sly smile. Her fingers inched his shorts down, the music still pounding, their hearts still racing.

Slowly his hips gave way to his thighs, his now rock hard cock springing free. She glanced up at him, a loving smile as her tongue reached out, slowly caressing his tip before taking him in slowly, inch by inch. She sat on the bench, rocking her head back and forth on his stiff cock, his sweat still running down his body. He smelled like a man, full of life and passion. She worked him harder as he leaned back, grabbing his soft ass as she took him down her throat, her tongue extended to his sac.

“Oh my dear God…DAMN WOMAN!” Cliff was really loving this attention.

She broke her lip-lock on his dick before standing up and kissing him deeply, a little pre-cum passing between them.

“Sit down,” she ordered him, changing positions with him as she slowly laid him back against the bench.

She slowly pulled her bra over her head as he slid her shorts down, her freshly shaven mound peaking from between her thighs. Standing there fully nude, still running wet with sweat she smiled at him, placing her knees on his legs as she pulled her body up to him, her hands locked around his neck.

His legs stretched out to gain balance as her back arched, one hand balancing her weight on his leg, the other pulling his face to her now exposed navel. He lapped at her skin, running his tongue along every inch of wet glory he could reach, her scent flooding his nostrils as her pussy wet to his tongues sweet caress. She took the hand from behind his head, touching herself just below her breast and running it hard along her abs. She rinsed her body of sweat, watching it run down to his waiting mouth in a torrent of bliss he was only too happy to consume. She arched again, flexing her waiting mound to his mouth, his hands gripping her back to steady her as he hungrily sucked at her clit.

She was fully aroused now, the music still reverberating through the small room. She moaned louder and louder, each assault of his tongue rushing through her like a tidal wave. More sweat poured over hips, his hungry tone driving her mad.

Her hips started to buck as she grabbed her chest hard, pinching her nipple to the point of pain. When she could no longer hold herself up she rested her back, taking his face with both her hands as she straddled him, kissing him and tasting her own musk on his tongue. She slid of him, turning around as she turned back to him, the sultry look of sin as she arched once more while spreading her legs.

“Get back here,” he said forcefully, grabbing for her hips.

“Oh no!”

She slapped his hand as he sat back. She rubbed both of her hands across her slick body ending with one finger on her tongue, the other diving to her hot hole as she plunged two fingers inside. She started to move to the music, arousing him even more as he watched her hips sway seductively, her hamstrings flexing to every move. He had to have her, to feel his cock enter that sweet cave, to pump her full.

She reached down between her legs and grabbed the edge of the bench, steadying herself as she slowly eased onto him, letting him slide in easily as her warm peach oozed its juice, ready to have him inside of her. She rocked against him, sliding up and down as he laid back, holding his strong legs as she bounced and ground against him. He reached forward and grabbed her hips, moving her up and down as she pulled both hands through her hair, her back in full glory. She slowly lay back against him as both his hands found her breasts, grabbing them forcefully.

“Oh yea…,” she purred. “Fuck me.”

She turned to look back at him, her eyes alight with fire. “Fuck me you stud!”

Cliff needed to further instruction. He grabbed her soft breasts harder then ever before, spreading her legs with his as he thrust his hips up into her, her head over his shoulder, her cries of ecstasy muffled still by the pounding beat from the speakers.

“Oh yea….right there…..OH YEA! GOOODDD!!!”

Steph was loving it, her own finger working furiously on her clit, probing into herself as he continued to pound her flower.

Their bodies slid together, his cock diving deeper and deeper into her womb as she bounced on his lap. She started to slam into now, trying to take every bit she could. His hands gripped tighter around her waist, working her down with force, hitting her deep.

Suddenly she felt his strong arms grasp around her, picking her up, his cock still buried deep inside of her. Cliff swung her around, letting her land hard on the bench as her chest pressed into the backrest. Her ass was in the perfect position to be pummeled, to be violated, to submit to his rough thrusts. She could barely think as the wind left her, a flurry of bass and guitars pounded her ears. It was dark, almost evil. Cliff assaulted her pussy now, thrusting deep and fast, his grip on her shoulders pushing his veins against the skin of his forearms, their sweat flowing once more. She could feel it run down her back, his hot breath in her ears as he slammed into her again and again, pushing her against the bench, her breaths coming in gasps.

“Oh yea! Oh yea! Fuck your little gym slut!”

She was completely in the moment now, a total submissive to his unrelenting grip on her.

“You like that don’t you, you like me pounding your little pussy? That’s it, give me that little swollen pussy, arch you ass!”

Cliff found a third wind, pumping her harder now. He loved it when she lost all control, when she let out her true thoughts, when she wasn’t afraid of how she sounded. The music drove him harder as he slammed into her. The bench was soaked in sweat and pussy juice.

“You want my ass?” She asked him, a grin over her shoulder as he grabbed her neck with a tight hold.

“Mmmmmmmmm, you serious?”

“Fuck yeaaa…” she groaned as he squeezed her neck tighter. “Fuck that little ass.”

Cliff again needed no further instruction. Slowly he pressed against her tight sphincter, his cock slipping in on a rail of sweat and pre-cum.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!” Steph moaned loud as he pressed in, her ass filling with his cock.

Once again his thrusts resumed, slowly at first and then faster, matching the beat of the music. Steph could feel the pressure building inside of her, her pussy on fire, her ass filled with his stiff cock. She could feel every inch, every movement. Her nervous system absorbed every input, her ass fluttering to his slick thrusts. Her abdomen tightened and released, faster and faster as his choke hold kept her breaths to a minimum.

“Holy SHIT!” She managed to gargle out.

“What’s that?” He asked hungrily.

“Holy shit — holy shit, fuck my ass — don’t stop. Holy shit….uuuggghhhhh!” Steph groaned as her pussy swelled.

“Yea, take it baby, take that big cock in that tight little ass.”

“H-o-l-y S-h-i-t!!!!”

Steph couldn’t control it now, her body convulsing as he slammed into her bowels once more. The bench got a fresh soak of cum, her juice flowing out against the hot vinyl.

Her ass began to clench, just as Cliff’s cock swelled with his load.

“You want me to cum in that ass baby?”

“Oh God yea,” she moaned, “Fill my sweet ass with that thick cum!”

She reached back with both hands as he grabbed her shoulders once more, groaning with ecstasy. She gripped his hips and his final thrust buried deep inside of her, his cock spewing its massive load, filling every inch of her. Again and again he pulsed against her tight muscles, his cum shooting into her hard.

As he slowly slid out he collapsed against her back, both of them sharing the small seat of the bench, his heaving and sweaty chest against her wet back. He kissed her neck and ears as she closed her eyes in peace and ecstasy, moaning to his breath. As if it was planned, the programmed music ended, the quiet of the basement only broken by their hot breath.

A small puddle of love had gathered on the floor beneath them. Together they sat, catching their breath, playing with each other’s hands as they entwined their fingers.

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