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Working Out the Kinks Ch. 03

Category: Incest
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I lay in my dad’s arms, still woozy from what just happened — physically and emotionally. My free right hand reached for his arm, and caressed the knots of muscle that roping from the shoulder to the elbow. It struck me then, that there was something about an older man in peak physical shape that I found desperately attractive. Of course, he owed this fact to his job as a conditioning coach — but there it was all the same, this frame of capable limbs, narrow waist, and a big, brutish chest.

He seemed sound asleep – on his back, his cock curled on its side against his thigh. My father’s cock. I couldn’t stop staring at it. Mostly limp, it had the promise of springing to hard life with just a touch, or a lick. That excited me – both the thought of watching it grow straight and hard and the idea that I would be the cause, that I’d have that power.

I admired the balls, too. The outline of each testicle was visible and yet they were contained within this sack of delicate skin covered by peach fuzzy hair. I just wanted to lick it and drive him wild.

I was getting all worked up, to say the least, and the idea of just mounting him and rubbing myself on his cock made me feel all gooey inside. I pushed myself up on all fours and placed one knee on the opposite side of his hip and slowly, my head bent to watch, I lowered myself onto his cock. When contact was made between my pink lips and his fleshy shaft, I lifted up slightly and lowered again, several times, feeling the stickiness that fused the two together with a cling that made me swoon.

Then I lowered myself in earnest and began sliding up and down the shaft. I felt it twitch twice, suddenly, almost like cramped muscle, and then it started to harden, lengthen, and straighten. I gasped quietly when I felt that, and I put one hand on his chest and the other on his tummy, where my fingers pressed into the slightly soft layer of flesh (his body’s only real concession to age) that stretched over the hard ridges of abdominal muscles beneath. I loved that part of his body and it was the first time I’d touched it.

Now I was really sliding back and forth on his hard shaft. He began to stir, as I looked down and watched the obscenely big crown of his dick appear from underneath me — and then disappear, as I stroked the full length of my now very wet lips all up and down the shaft.

“Kellie,” I heard my dad whisper.

I meant to look at him and smile and say something sweet, but my body had separated itself from my brain, so I kept just staring at the place where the tip of his cock appeared and disappeared, with my mouth simply whispering, “So good. So good.”

I felt his hands caress my face — his fingers tracing either cheek, combing my hair back from my face, until they’d gripped my head. He lifted my face toward him in this way, curled up in a little crunch, and kissed me. His tongue entered my mouth, and the feeling of it swirling with mine stopped my grinding. His face smelled and tasted like pussy — mine.

As we kissed his hands slid down to the small of my back, where they moved to caress my hips.

“Your body’s so small and tight,” he said as we broke our kiss, our foreheads touching, my red hair surrounding his face like a curtain. “I love it. I just want to touch it.”

“It’s all yours, daddy,” I said.

He lifted me off of him and pushed me onto my back, as he got onto his knees. “Your skin is so fair, so soft,” he said, as he clutched my right leg by the calf and rubbed his cock on my thigh.

“Yes,” I said. I wasn’t at my most articulate, that’s for sure.

Then he was rubbing his cock on my tummy, enjoying skin that soft yet firm at the same time. I smiled, arched my back, and slid one hand over his thigh. He said something I didn’t understand, to which I smiled and said “yes.”

He moved his body up closer to my face and he was soon on all fours with his slightly bobbing, twitching cock right near my mouth, his hands on one side of my head, his knees on another. I wasn’t sure what to do for a moment, and then he lifted his knees into a kind of push-up position — a move that tensed his muscles, especially his abdominals and lats, and also brought his cock into contact with my mouth.

I pursed my lips with a bit of tongue showing through and he kind of rubbed the underside of his his dick against them lengthwise, going from the tip to the base of his balls, rubbing lengthwise, moaning. I brought saliva to the front of my mouth and wetted my lips and tongue and parted my lips more, so that more of the underside of the shaft slid against my wet, warm tongue.

He was gasping and his dick was twitching in a way that made me think he was going to cum. Almost involuntarily, my left hand — the one that wasn’t between his thighs playing with his balls and caressing his ass cheeks — was on my pussy, rubbing my clit, feverishly.

At some point – I’m not sure how long after we were in this position — he took my left hand, and brought it to his lips, and licked juices off my fingers. He then lowered his face and kissed my lower tummy, my upper thighs, my lower tummy again, his tongue fluttering, oh so good. Then his tongue found my clit and licked it calmly, slowly, in a smooth rhythm, and while there for a minute or so, he brought one of his knees over and across to the other side of my head.

He’d positioned himself in a 69 position with him on top, his huge, muscled body hovering over mine, his dick now totally in my face. I was kind of shocked by this — things had gotten very dirty very quickly, and he’d made this latest move without even seeking my assent silently the way you do in bed sometimes.

My feelings about this were a tossed salad of fear, wonder, arousal, and disgust. Somehow the move offended me, like I couldn’t believe that he thought he could just plant his balls on my forehead or position his dick not just for a blowjob but in a way that would let him fuck my mouth — my mouth! his daughters! the second time we were having sex! — anytime he wanted, like he was pride of the herd, or like he was a sultan.

On the other hand — this very display of power and desire made me so wet and excited. Kind of like he couldn’t help it — his hard cock, his balls full of cum, had a mind of their own, and they had to get near my cute little face, and were drawn to it like a magnet. The very dirtiness aroused me — we weren’t just fucking, after all, which is dirty enough, especially if you’re a father-daughter pair. We were in a 69, and daddy was on top.

And plus — he was eating my pussy in a way that made me grind my hips and flex my legs. He was pressing a button at the center of my being that made me feel both like my pussy was my entire body and like the lower half of my body wasn’t even there. Like it had floated off into the air and somehow I could still feel it.

I turned my head upward and licked his shaft up and down its length. My wet tongue slid all down the shaft. I reached up further and sucked a nut into my mouth, and gently and wetly bathed it with my tongue. I reached around his thighs and clutched his cock by the base, and pulled it, which was awkward — it was very, very stiff and I had to pull it past his thigh — and pulled it in position to enter my mouth.

At first I fluttered my tongue all over the tip. I held it firmly, controlling it as this licking made his hips buck. At the moment I pulled the tip in my mouth and bathed it with my wet mouth, shockwaves suddenly spread through my body from the center of my being and I started to cum. It came on suddenly and my thighs clamped on his head and I grunted “Cummmmingngnnt soo good!” or something like that. I know I shrieked.

I slipped the crown of his dick back in my mouth and move my hands to each of his ass cheeks. He lifted his mouth from my pussy and I think he was probably watching himself, from a push-up position, looking down the length of my body to my upturned face. His dick in my mouth, the tip of it.

My hands on his ass encouraged him to start fucking my mouth, and he did. Gently at first. I figured this would excite him frantically, and I was positioned to try to take it — and he did in fact start to slide more and more of his dick into my mouth and to the entrance of my throat.

He grunted and moaned. My mouth was very wet with drool everywhere. “Oh god, oh yes, oh so good,” I heard him say. My hands drifted and caressed him everywhere I could. His muscular thighs, his narrow hips, his hard and flexed abs. He had such a hot body and I was grunting approval, grunting “mm-hmmmnnn, MMMMmmmm-Hnnnnhhhhh” as I felt his dick get super extra hard, like they do right before they explode with cum.

He was bucking more frantically and he told me he was about to cum. I think maybe he didn’t want to cum in my mouth so he pulled his dick out. He was still above me though, so I reached up and pulled on his cock, jerking it, the balls right above eye level. I tipped my face of and pressed my tongue into his sack, right between the balls, and started flicking them back and forth, while my small, delicate hands stroked his cock.

“Yes, Kellie, yes, yes, oh god, yes…”

I felt that wonderful sensation of twitching and flexing in his dick as a huge spurt of fluid shot out of his dick, the sticky gob landing on my throat and tits. This was followed by weaker ejaculations that landed in a pool on the hollow of my throat, before flowing down my neck. It felt so amazingly warm and sticky on my skin and the smell was so dirty and foul and I felt so naughty and foul myself. It was like we’d just pulled off a crime that we got away with.

After he panted for a minute, catching his breath and his voice, he got off of me and sat next to me. I spread my arms over my head and stretched out my body. He ran his hands over me — my fit legs, the slim curve of my hips, he spent extra time caressing my narrow fit little waist, and he couldn’t help grinning as he palmed my pert, firm breasts. His tan, strong hands gliding smoothly across my fair skin was a sexy contrast in color and texture, a sight that I enjoyed along with the feeling of it.

“You’re so incredibly beautiful, Kellie,” Dad said. “I just can’t believe how small you are. I just can’t get over it. So tight and petite, and cute. God. I’ve been with Mom only for 20-some years now so I can’t even remember what it’s like being with a girl who’s not her size.”

I smiled and grinned and stretched some more.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I’ll stop talking about her, or comparing you to her. I just…wow. You’re just amazing.”

I smiled. Sat up. Kissed him on the mouth briefly.

“Let me get you a towel,” Dad said.

“No, daddy. Let’s take a shower together.”

* * *

In the shower, dad washed my entire body, from head to toe. He massaged my scalp so wonderfully as he shampooed my long red hair. My breasts got very clean, of course! I washed him, too.

We didn’t talk much there, but we got out, got in our pajamas, and snuggled in his — in mom and dad’s — bed, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

* * *

The next morning, we did not have sex again. I had nearly forgotten during all the week’s tension and drama that I had a friend’s baby shower that afternoon and I hadn’t bought anything yet! And I woke up in daddy’s arms a little after 10:30….

I hopped out of bed and hurried down the hall to clean up and pull on some clothes for a run to Target, where she was registered. As I was leaving my room, my dad appeared in the doorway, rubbing his eyes. Naked.

“You’re not mad at me, are you,” he asked.

I smiled. I squeezed the tip of his cock, got up on my tiptoes, and kissed his mouth with a quick peck. “No, daddy. Rebecca’s shower! Remember? Gotta run.”

During my trip to the store, I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened over the last few days. I felt so satisfied, physically. I felt so safe about the future, too. Instead of being unsure of where I stood or what I wanted — girls? boys? — I had a rock to rely on. I could be my daddy’s naughty, nasty little girl — just thinking those words, again and again in my mind, made me dizzy with horniness.

He could give me what I needed from a guy without the usual drama or problems. Would there be unusual drama from this relationship? After all, I was fucking my dad, and I knew I was going to do it again many times, even regularly. There probably would be. But for now, I was free — free to pursue girls for love, knowing that I had the man I needed for sex.

The baby shower was fun. It was great to see old friends again, most of whom I didn’t get to see much of since I was away at school for most of the last two years. There were also some women I hadn’t met before. I mingled for a while as girls were arriving, when my cell phone buzzed me with a new text message. It was from Daddy.

To Be Continued…

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