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Whispers of Pleasure

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A soft warm breeze teases her body. The fragrance of flowers embraced by the wind teases her senses. A gentle summer sun holds her firmly, warming her. Her mind slowly wakens as the generous mother cradles her body. She is still drifting in and out, not quite knowing if this is a dream or reality. Flashes of memory whisper through her body and haut her soul, tempting her body to embrace them. The fingers of the wind dance over her skin causing the tingling waves of goose bumps to flow up her leg. Slowly across her stomach and around her firm breasts.

Her nipples harden and a shock runs up her neck. Instant panic fills her mind. Where is she? What has happened? Her mind races as consciousness fills her…

The flashes of memory run through her head, but these must be the lingering threads of dreams. The images are too intense. The waves of pleasure too much. These must be the remains of a very naughty daydream she smiles to herself. “Wow Willow” she thinks, “You have quite the dirty mind. This is a dream to remember.” In the comforting rays, she tries to savor her newfound dream. Not wanting to loose it so soon as happens so quickly when you awake. So many men, she tries to count but there were so many… too many. Time after time taking her, using every part of her for their pleasure. Sometimes alone… sometimes in teams. No two the same an endless stream of cocks. Using, taking, she was their toy. “You really out did yourself Willow” she grins savoring the endless moments, dozing off again.

The wind takes his turn enjoying her naked body. He swirls around her body, dancing and caressing her young curves. Tasting her lips and tweaking her nipples. He drives his massive power between her legs mixing the fragrance of the flowers with that of her own wetness. Her body is tight; she is not tall but has been told many times that she is the perfect height for fucking. Her breasts are round and firm with large nipples that are very sensitive. They stand alert, ready to be played with, totally at the wind’s mercy. She has caught both men and women staring, with that face of wanting, wanting to fuck her.

This time as she wakes the fog isn’t as thick. It is such a beautiful day she thinks to herself. Such pleasant warmth covers her body as the sun holds her. The air is clean and fresh filled with flowers and a light sweet musk of her wetness. She is aware of how turned on she is, her nipples are hard and her pussy is pulsing. Her wetness slowly dripping out of her and slipping down between her ass as she lays on her back. She smiles as she feels how deeply wet she is. “Man what a dream” she says opening her eyes slowly. The bluest of blue fills her eyes. What a day this is.

Her body is week so she hesitates to sit up. “Best to go slow” she thinks “I must have been laying out here for a while.” She moves her head side to side to stretch and take in the day. She is in the middle of a hedged in garden, a spectacular garden! “Wait… What the fuck! Where am I?” Reality quickly races through her. Her heart starts to pump. Flight or fight instantly courses through her veins. Her head moves side to side. Nothing familiar satisfies her growing fear. She tries to sit up. Her body resists. No she can’t move! At that moment, the restraints instantly enter her reality. Panic takes over. She try’s to scream… softly words struggle out of her. Then louder as instinct takes over “HELP! IS ANYONE THERE? HELP…” Fear start its ancient battle with reason. Her body is shaking, over and over she screams. She struggles, but is firmly held down. Her ankles and wrists tightly tied to the object she is lying on. She tries to lift her head, but it will only move slightly as she finds her neck is also bound. The object she is on is very comfortable, almost form fitted to her body. Her legs spread and she can see that it is cut out between them right up to her ass. She is fully supported but as the wind again caresses her, she can tell that her ass is partly exposed. Somehow being spread open as she feels the wind lick her wet asshole. Her arms are held out at a comfortable angle and her palms facing up.

“Hold on Willow, Calm down” she speaks. “Think, what is going on” The dangling threads of that dream flash through her head. She again struggles against the restraints that hold her down. Panic and fear are winning their fight with reason. “That was no dream” she speaks to herself. All those men… the waves of pleasure and pain. The restraints firmly hold as she fights. All those men… The sun is no longer embracing but pinning her. All those men… time after time…her body shakes and she is scared. “What have I done?” She struggles and screams for how long she does not know. At some point the realization that she is alone and imprisoned sinks in. She lays there no longer struggling and try’s to piece together what happened. As a scared sense of calm comes over her, she begins to remember…

She had been extremely horny all day. In the afternoon, she had gone to the store to pick up some things. While driving into the parking lot, she saw this guy sitting on his motorcycle having a smoke. Instantly she thought how cute he was. So being a little playful she decided to parked where she would have to walk by him to get to the store. She was feeling cute herself in her tight little halter-top and very short cutoffs. She liked to tease men and thought, “I’ll give him a little something to think about while he smokes.” She had to park kind of far away to play her little game so she had a long time to watch him as she walked up. He was leaning up against his bike facing her. She notice he saw her immediately and was staring at her the whole time she walked down. She like being watched, so it didn’t bother her and well she was checking him out also, so fair is fair. As she got closer she could see he was wearing tight jeans and to her surprise she thought for sure he was getting hard watching her. She found herself starring at his cock and then as she was about to pass him, he began rubbing it. It was definitely hard and from the looks pretty big. He smiled as she strolled by and continued to rub it. “Oh wow” she thought to herself feeling her own pussy getting damp. “He is more of a tease than I am” she smiled.

As she got her things inside the store, she thought of him the whole time. When she began to leave she dangerously thought, “I hope he is still there.” Not to be though, he was not in site as she exited and started the long walk. Then as she got closer to her car she noticed he was there, he had just moved his bike to the space on the far side of her car waiting. A wave a fear and excitement ran through her and her knees got a little week. “What was he going to do?” she thought to herself. As she got to her car she noticed that he was still hard and rubbing his cock through his pants. At first, she was scared but as she put her things in the car and sat down, she began to feel real naughty. Sitting in her car, she could look right at his hard cock and he was looking right at her pussy. She decided to reach down and rub her own now throbbing clit through her shorts.

To play her game she had to park deep into the lot, out of the way of the in and out traffic of the stores. So no one saw as he continued to stroke the length of his cock caught in his tight jeans. His hard cock and the friction on her clit was driving her crazy and in a moment’s rash thought, she looked to see if the coast was clear, and pulled her cutoffs down. She hardly ever wore panties and her hand went straight to her now exposed pussy. She was so wet and horny; it wouldn’t take her long to explode. Franticly looking around and rubbing her clit. Fingers teasing and entering her wet pussy she could hear him get excited as he watched her fuck herself. All the while rubbing his cock through the jeans and pressing his hand against the head of it. Things got blurry as she began to cum, trying not to scream and enjoying the waves of pleasure rush through her, she lost touch briefly. This was the wildest thing she had ever done and it brought on a very intense orgasm. When she finally came back from it she looked over to him and he was gone. She had cum so hard she hadn’t even noticed him leave. Realizing she was half-naked in a parking lot, she hurriedly pulled her shorts up and speed off. After she got on the rode and calmed down a bit she smiled and thought “I bet he broke every traffic law trying to get home and bust that nut off…”

Lying in her garden prison, she thought to herself “Yes that is when the trouble started.”

She had cum again that day as soon as she got home with her favorite toy, feeling even hornier than before. The rest of the day was uneventful. She did things around the house thinking many times about the mystery biker. Hoping her boyfriend would hurry up and come over so she could have the sound fucking she desperately wanted. She had decided to tell him the whole story while on her knees between his legs. She couldn’t wait to be licking and sucking his cock telling him what a dirty slut she had been. They had discussed doing naughty things like this before, but neither of them had ever had the guts to do it. As she fantasized about telling him, she was sure before the end of the story he would be cumming all over her face not being able to hold it.

Soon enough he did come over and he was not in the mood she had hoped, but she assured herself that she would fix that in good time. As they ate and she flirted, she did get him to relax. She had been teasing him about the story she was going to tell him, if he behaved, and finally she got him to where she wanted. His pants around his ankles as he sat in a chair. Her naked body seated between his legs. Licking and playing with his increasingly hard cock. She loved this position, on her knees subservient. She loved sucking cock the feel of it getting hard in her mouth, the feel of the head against her tongue and lips. Tasting the drops that leaked out as she made him hotter and hotter, rubbing the shaft over her face. She liked to slap her face with it too, especially when it wasn’t rock hard yet but heavy and fat with the blood racing to fill it. It made her feel so nasty. Being a slut for a man, serving him, turned her on. Now that he was warmed up, she began to lick and tell her story.

At the time she really hadn’t realize what had happened while she was telling her naught tale. She was caught up in it, but thinking back on it now she began to see the signs that she had missed because of her horniness. His body started to tense as the story went on and he wasn’t staying as hard or getting as hot as she thought he would. When she told him she had pulled her shorts down so the biker could see her pussy and watch her cum he shot up and began yelling at her. It was an awful argument as she thought back on it. Many things said in the heat of battle, bad things. Mostly by him at her as she was stunned by his reaction. Though she may be submissive in bed she did not stand by and let anyone call her those things and she began to fight back. When she did he just went silent picked up his things and left.

She was furious when he did leave though now thinks back on the incident with a felling of, good riddance.

In her anger after the fight, she was determined not to let him ruin what had been a great day for her. So she got dressed in something sexy and headed out to a local bar she had been to a couple of times. She had always liked hanging with the boys and thought a couple drinks and fun times hanging with some real men, not that insecure jerk, would end the night right. “Who knows maybe I will still get that sound fucking I have been itching for all day.”

At this point, what had happened to get her bound in a garden was starting to become clear. The flashes of the things to come were very fresh in her mind now and she had started to struggle again. She had gone too far. The sun still warmed her naked body and she knew she wasn’t going to get out of this. She hadn’t just gotten one sound fucking last night; she had been used by so many that, she couldn’t even count. She had things done to her she had only thought of in her darkest fantasies, the ones that excite and scare. Things that could continue to happen to her for as long as her captor’s wanted to use her. She was not escaping this. This thought was becoming very real to her, she was afraid and strangely excited by it. Beyond reasons control it made her tingle and she could still feel her pussy dripping. Though now she was realizing why. She could smell it. Mixed with her sent was that of cum. Lots of cum. The cum of countless men who had used her last night, dripping out from deep inside her pussy.

The bar was small, pool tables and men. Not many women were inside. As she entered, she realized why she wanted to come here. It was kind of a biker bar and maybe the mystery biker would be here. She felt safe though, always one of the boys and well she did know a couple of them. Not by name, but enough so that she got a rousing welcome as she entered and many offers for drinks. As she hung out and had a couple of drinks she told them that her boy had been a ass and she just wanted to relax and hang with some good people. The night wore on and the drinks were washing away the bad parts of the day. Her horniness returned and she remembered joking, flirting and having a great time.

She found herself in the back corner of the bar a couple of men standing next to her talking and watching the pool table. She was tipsy, but not out of control. Though, thinking back on it she had no idea what time it was or that the place was closed. The bar was open but the doors were locked and the windows shut and covered. The men standing next to her began teasing her, telling her that they could smell her pussy getting wet. She hadn’t worn panties as usual and was only wearing a loose short sundress. It excited her that they could smell her, she hadn’t noticed but they were right she was a little wet and she too could smell her horniness after they mentioned it. They even joked with her that she should let them walk her home. If she stayed, she would have to be fucked.

This point, she realized now in her garden prison, was her last chance to escape. “Why didn’t I go?” Willow thought to herself. She knew the answer. She never had been with two guys before and the thought of having both there fat cocks in her face made her stay. “She had done one first today why not two?” Willow remembered saying, “No I want to stay, see what happens” and then it began…

They started to touch her breasts and body. These were not the soft caresses of a woman or familiar lover but the firm rough hands of men, squeezing and taking a woman, a woman that was their prize to do what they wanted with. She did nothing enjoying the attention and well, she had already decided she would let these two fuck her tonight. Then suddenly, she was grabbed by both the men and taken to the middle of the room. She playfully asked, “What are you doing?” The only reply was whispered in her ear. “You will serve!” To this, she said nothing. They held her and ripped her clothes off, holding her naked body in the middle of the room. A circle of guys formed around her. She trembled as she stood there, all those eyes looking at her. She looked from face to face and the look in their eyes told the story of what was going to happen. She was scared but also excited; they held her but were not hurting her. She knew she was going to be used but not hurt. The panic eased out of her some at this point and whether it was the drinks or relentless hunger in her pussy, she began to get very turned on.

They began with each one of them taking turns playing with her clit and fingering her. Guy after guy… She struggled some though they by far over powered her and the endless finger-fucking of her pussy weekend her resolve. They were gentle as she was firmly held in place. Guy after guy rubbing her clit and using all the lessons he had learned on how to get a girl off. They studied each other, learning from the one before what made her moan. Hand after hand… The first orgasm took the longest. Though finally she couldn’t resist any more and came on one of the guy’s fingers. A huge cheer went up and the next guy stepped in. They did not stop at one orgasm. They did not stop at two, three… Guy after guy masturbated her. After she would loose control and cum on one of the many guys’ fingers he would take the place of one of her captors. Willow came to many times to count. After what felt like hours, they stopped. She was let go at that point and tried to stand. Her knees were to week and she sank to the floor. No one touched her, as she lay there naked on the floor. After the waves of pleasure moved through her shaking body, she sat up on her knees in the middle of all them.

“Why didn’t I leave? I just sat there looking up at them.”

She knelt there, naked and quivering in front of all those men. Her pussy pounding from the relentless finger fucking. Her cum dripped down her leg onto the floor. She was lifted gently up and blindfolded. She could hear whispers and lots of movement around her. Someone took her hand and started to lead her gently up the steps and outside. There was men moving all around her, cars starting, and all the while she stood there naked on the sidewalk. Not three blocks from her house she stood completely naked in the street, not being held by more than a loving hand in hers. A motorcycle pulled up and she was helped on the back, still completely naked and blindfolded. Her hands placed on the driver’s cock and told to hang on. Forever they seemed to ride, through her neighborhood and many others. Sometimes at a stoplight, she would hear people talking about her, about her naked body, offering to fuck her. Her head was spinning with pleasure, her pussy soaking the seat of the bike. The vibration of the ride on her clit bringing her close to yet another orgasm more than once during that ride.

“How long was that ride? How far from home am I?”

Finally the horny Willow arrived at their destination and she was taken off the bike and lead into an empty room. The blindfold was taken off and she was left there told only to “STAY” and not to open her eyes till she heard the door shut. When it did she slowly opened her eyes and found she was in a small empty room, with only a pillow on the floor. After a time the door opened and she was ordered to her knees in the middle of the room. Then an endless line of men formed in front of her. All of them wearing custume ball masks and completely naked with their cocks in their hands. All kinds and sizes of cocks lined up in front of her and circling her in that room. The first man stepped up in front of her, his cock right in her face. She just knelt there still. He began to rub his cock over her face and lips, then easing it in her mouth. She opened for him keeping still and letting him jerk his cock off with her mouth and face. After a short time, he stepped aside and the next cock stepped in front of her. This one was bigger, fat and swollen. He slapped her with it and put it in her mouth. This time she began to suck and lick it a little, as he slid it in and out of her mouth, in seconds he came shooting hot thick cum on her chest and tits. Then he stepped aside and the next cock stepped in. This man was very tall, towering over her. He had huge balls that hung low below his cock. He stepped over her, rubbing his balls over her face, and using her hair to stroke his cock. She reached up, grabbed his ass, and started sucking licking his balls. She could no longer control her hunger. Severing so many men made her loose control.

In a perfectly ordered line, they put cock after cock in front of her face. Letting her suck them for a while and then stepping aside so she could serve the next man. At this point her pussy was soaked and as they stepped to her she would grab their cocks and lick and suck it like the slut she dreamed about being in her fantasies. Most wouldn’t cum just be very hard, though some would, not being able to hold it. Shooting their hot cum on her face and body, even shooting deep in her throat when she tried to swallow them. Then stepping aside and the next cock would be in front of her. No one cleaned her up, just cock after cock. By the time it was done, she was covered in cum.

After the last man left the room the door was closed and she was left alone. She had never been hornier; she could feel her hard clit pulsing. Her nipples were so hard they ached. Her pussy was dripping and she rubbed it, cumming instantly. Her head was spinning so much she laid her naked body on the floor, using her fingers to play with the many loads cum that were covering her body.

After a short while two men walked into the room each carrying a very long dildo. They stood her up and placed her between them. In walked a woman, a very beautiful and naked woman. She never looked up, head down the whole time carrying a bottle. The woman approached Willow, opened the bottle and proceeded to lubricate her. Standing at her side and using both hands she lubricated and finger-fucked Willow’s ass and pussy. After she was sure that Willow was wet to her liking and with the two men still standing in front and in back of her with their huge dildos the woman left. Immediately Willow was entered from both sides by the dildos. Deeply entered in her ass and pussy and told to walk. The men walked in perfect unison, dildos firmly in her. If she walked to fast, a dildo would press deeper in her pussy. If she walked to slow, a dildo would press deeper in her ass. Like this, she was paraded through the house. All around her as she was escorted were the men she had just sucked. After the parade, she was lead into a different room. This time with chairs and couches all around and told to stand completely still in the center. “”Or she would be severely punished!”

Soon the room filled with men in their masks. The men sat on the chairs and couches and were served drinks by naked woman, their heads never looking up. As the room fills, she can’t help the urge to turn and see all that’s going on. In seconds she was surrounded by men, her hands grabbed her ass spanked and her pussy entered by so many fingers she thought she might die. She was quickly tied by ropes and left standing there, powerless. The woman serving the men rushed whips and riding crops into the room. Fear that had been replaced by pleasure for so long that night came back. “I am in real trouble now,” she thought to herself. Man after man took turns spanking, whipping, and fucking her ass. When she got dry a woman would step in and lube her ass and it would continue. Her nipples and clit were pulled and bitten. Her ass relentlessly spanked and fucked. Some were in the middle of it she passed out.

When she came to she was were she finds herself now, bound to the fucking table in the garden. Around her the men chatted and drank, unmasked and clothed. It was a short while before they noticed she was awake. She quietly tried to get up but found she was firmly bound to the table. Then one of the women walked up and whispered in one of the men’s ears. He immediately looked down at Willow, smiling as he realized the woman was right she was awake. He walked over to her and slipped out of his clothes, lifted his leg over her and straddled her stomach. He began rubbing his cock over Willow’s chest and nipples teasing her and making himself hard. Some lotion was put between her firm breasts and he began titty-fucking her. Her ass still was hot and burned from the sound whippings she had gotten and her clit and nipples throbbed. It did not take long for her hunger to return and her pussy to get wet. Soon she felt a tongue on her clit as she was being titty-fucked; a marvelous tongue sent shivers up her body. Then a cock was being rubbed over her lips, instantly she started to lick and suck it. Then she felt cocks placed in her open palms and she grabbed them and began stroking them. Her mind was going wild. Different cocks and tongues were all over her, using and pleasing her. Then she was entered. A hard cock slipped into her wet pussy slowly and she came right away screaming. The men cheered. She had wanted to get fucked so badly that day and now she was. The night went on for hours and she was taken by so many, fucking and cumming in every part of her. Till it all turn into one huge orgasm…

Then I woke this morning… Now I remember it all, knowing why my clit still is hard and throbs. Knowing why I can still feel all the cum leaking out of my pussy. As the sun starts to set I worry and hope, will I be used again…

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