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Whisper Fathomed Deep Inside My Own

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When Gloria first walked into her apartment, she noticed the wet foot print on the carpet instantly. A pinch in her gut became a punch as the back of her neck blossomed goose bumps quickly. The adrenaline was flowing fast through her body as she took a cautious step into her kitchen to reach the phone. She held onto the receiver but did not dial.

She took the cordless handset and stepped into the living room to investigate. She knew her friends played cruel jokes often so didn’t want to make a false call to the ploce if a friend pretended to “break in.”

She took a look in her bedroom and turned to walk away as a pair of hands pulled her right back in. A very strong and muscular man threw Gloria onto the bed as she screamed in fear. He placed a hand over her mouth while the other hand held an automatic pistol, pointing it at her forehead.

“Scream again, I fuckin’ dare you.”

Her eyes widened at his words, filled with tears frozen on the spot. He looked her up and down and said,

“Well, you’re a pretty little thing, aren’t you?”.

Her deep orange, long hair sprawled around her face on the bed. Her petite body was no match for him as he moved his hand from her mouth to hold her hand above her head, admiring her chest. Her arms pushed up over her head pressed her breasts together tight making her shirt strain to keep them inside. The attacker moved the gun from her face and placed it in his back pocket. With his free hand he moved to her buttons to work them free as she pleaded quietly with him.

“Please, don’t do this… Please…”

Tears ran down her face as a smile spread across his when the buttons on her shirt were opened. When her chest was exposed, she knew she had to do something quick. She reached her hands out for something, anything. The broken post on her bed! One pole was broken on her headboard from an accidental toss during a wrestling match with her little brother when he came down for the weekend two years ago. It was almost in reach. She wiggled her body and moved her arms up to reach the broken pole. When she shimmed the pole loose, it was in her hands. She stopped crying and waited for him to loosen her hands.

He was holding tight and lowered his lips to her skin and began kissing her breasts. His warm lips actually felt good, but she dismissed the thought. She felt his grip loosen a little around her wrists and she moved. She bashed the pole over his head and he fell to the ground with a loud thud. What now? What to do with the body? Call the police. No it will look like she killed him intentionally. There was only one thing left to do. Revenge.


…He woke up with a pounding head ache. It felt like something was dripping on his forehead or numb with the pain. “That bitch.” Was all he thought. He went to move his hand to his pending lump on his forehead but he couldn’t move his arm. His other arm wouldn’t move either. He turned his head to see his arms tied to her bed post. He looked down and saw his feet were bound as well.

The fury took over his body and pulled at the restraints, only to finally grow tired and stop. What the hell am I going to do? She probably called the cops and they are on their way. I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m dead…,” he panicked and began to pull once more on the restraints. As he was unsuccessful again, the door to the bedroom opened and instead of the cops coming through it was Gloria.

She was still wearing her shirt unbuttoned so her breasts were exposed, only now she wore her jeans unbuttoned and folded over so the top of her thong was showing through the top. His first thought was, “I cant wait to get out of these things and beat the hell out of her.” but after looking at Gloria’s sexy body exposed, teasing him, he changed his mind of what he wanted to do to her after he got out of the restraints. She had a look on her face of pure revenge and it almost frightened him as she made her way over to the bed.

“What are you going to do to me?”, he whispered out of his lips, making his headache appear once more.

She laughed at his question and began to unbutton his pants to his surprise.

“Oh, sweetheart, I’m going to give you what you want.”.

Confusion smacked him in the face and he said, “What do you mean?”.

Gloria pulled his pants down around his knees. “Well,” she began as she jumped on the bed and straddled his broad chest, “You want this body, don’t you?”. She moved her hands to her breasts and began massaging them right before his eyes. He quickly dismissed his confusion and concentrated on her hands. This is unreal. A gorgeous woman wanting to make love to him, even after he tried to rape her? There has to be a catch, this is a trick. There is something he is missing here.

She looked him dead in the eyes and said, “Ok, now if you follow my rules and do exactly as I say. I’ll let you go and I won’t turn you in. But the second you defy me, I’m calling 911. Understand?”. The catch. Fuck. “Yes, ma’am.” was his response, not wanting to risk getting locked up.

“Good. That’s what I want to hear.”

She stood up on the bed and pulled her jeans off, tossing them aside and pulling her thong down with it.

Kneeling her body so her snatch was right in front of his face, she said “Ok, now I want you to look at me.”

That wasn’t hard. He was already staring her up and down. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She moved her right hand down to her pussy and rubbed her middle finger over her clitoris right in front of his face. He wanted to kiss it so badly. He watched her finger move all over her soaking flesh and wished that was his tongue. He leaned his head forward and she smacked it down on the bed with her left hand.

“I told you just to watch!”

She began getting loud with him and between her pleasuring herself in front of his eyes and the domination of this beauty. He was becoming instantly aroused. His dick became rock hard behind her and she didn’t need to see it to know he was growing underneath her. Her right hand moved quicker as she inserted a finger into her cunt. His own fingers convulsed in jealousy as she began moaning in her own arousal.

“Ok, now make me cum, you bastard. Make me cum with your mouth.”

Her left hand that held his forehead now grabbed the back of his head by the hair and pushed his face into her. He went crazy with delight and sucked her pussy better then she ever had experienced before. She never said anything, but by her screams he knew. He knows the screams of a woman experiencing pleasure beyond her dreams. She came all over his face and he lapped up the juices as a thirsty man would a cool drink of water before she pushed his face away from her sore pussy.

She leaned back breathing heavily and exhausted. That powerful orgasm left her fulfilled, but she was wanting more at the same time. Gloria’s intruder was squirming his sexually deprived body under her and she turned, looking at his huge hard-on, wanting to be touched. She composed herself, looking at his face, covered in her juices. She took off what was left of her shirt and wiped his face clean before throwing it onto the floor.

“Are you ready now?” she asked, before sliding her body down to his thighs.

He lay completely still and his cock twitched in anticipation of what was to come. She hovered over him as he waited, holding his breath.

“If you cum before I let you, I’ll cause you so much pain, your screams will break glass.”

Lowering her body to his hard rod, she slowly filled herself with him, taking in every inch.

“Well, you’re a big boy, aren’t you?”

She moved slowly to adjust her body to his size. She was a little tight and it hurt but she loved the pain. He was enjoying it as well. He closed his eyes and moved his hips up to meet hers. She held his hips with her hands.

“Don’t you dare fuckin’ move. I told you to do as I say.”

He stopped and paused for her to do something but she just waited. She looked at his face and he looked like was ready to explode.

“Don’t you dare. Don’t you even think about it.”

He tried hard, but the whole experience was too overwhelming. The hot woman was having sex with him and he doesn’t even have to move or do anything. She just does whatever she pleases. She resumes her pumps and moves faster, grinding her hips into his cock. Her body tingles and she can feel her orgasm brewing. She moves her hands to her breasts again and he watched her pull at her nipples as she squeals towards her maximum pleasure. Closer and closer she is, she screams, “Now! Now! Oh, please!!” He moves his body up to meet hers and thrusts up, faster pumping and pumping into her. She screams as he cums inside of her, throwing her into her own whirlwind of pleasure. He moans loud and collapses his pelvis onto the bed as she falls on his sweaty body.

She gets up and stands at the foot of the bed, breathing heavily and sweating all over. She let the restraints go on his legs and then his arms as well. He stood up and grabbed her arms, throwing her onto the floor. Even though the sex they both finished was amazing, he is not going to let some woman show him up. He raised his right hand and brought it down hard on her face. She was pushed away and looked back at him, bleeding from the top of her eye, and smiling. He was confused and furious.

“What the hell are you smiling about?”

She stood up just as the front door burst open and a dozen police officers came funning into the room finding him with his flaccid penis drenched in her juices. His pants were around his ankles, and a crazed look on his face. Gloria stood naked with sweat all over her body, blood dripping from her face and an expression on her mouth saying ‘Thank God you’re here.’ The intruder raised his hands and Gloria ran over to a police officer holding a blanket. She began crying as the officer comforted her, holding her, telling her it will be ok. The large man was being pushed down to ground by four men and three held their guns close incase of any sudden movements. He looked over at Gloria, who winked at him before turning her face away into the cop’s lap, crying her eyes out. As he was being escorted into the squad car, the officer holding his hands whispering “You monster” into his ear he said, “I knew there was a catch.”

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