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When He Calls

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“Are you ready, little one?” Her pulse immediately quickened.

“Yes, Sir.” She said, almost breathlessly. How can he have such an effect on me – so strong, so immediate? Surely he’s a magician. She waited for the next incantation.

“Do you have your collar and cuffs on?”

“Yes, Sir.” She could already feel herself getting wet. She wished He allowed her to sit with her legs together, so she could feel it more, maybe rub her legs together a little. But He didn’t allow that. As directed, she sat cross legged on the king-size bed. Behind her, lying over the edge of the unusually tall headboard was a loop of rope. She was naked except for the black leather cuffs and collar. She wore a phone headset.

“Have you pleasured yourself today, little one?”

“No, Sir. Just as you asked, I….”

“Silence! You do not have to explain your obedience. I expect compliance. If you disobey – then, you must explain. Is that clear? Can you tell me the rules of when you may talk?”

“Yes, Sir. I may reply to your questions only ‘Yes, Sir’ or ‘No, Sir,’ unless otherwise requested.” Her throat was suddenly dry. The raspy voice was music to his ears. She swallowed.

“I may make sounds of passion or pain, but only real pain and real passion. Faking will be … punished.” Her voice faded to a whisper as she remembered the one time she was punished for insincere sounds of pleasure.

“Yes, Little one, continue.”

“I may beg you to cum, if I really need it, and I will be most respectful in doing so, by using the words you like. Those are the only times I may speak.” Knowing that she had gotten it right, her shoulders relaxed. What a wonderful master she had.

“Very good, little one! I will start today’s session soon, but you will have to wait just a bit.” He paused. “Did I hear a groan of impatience?” Her breath hitched at her possible transgression.” I will not punish you, but you will wait for me, won’t you? You will wait with your hands on the wall. I will call back.”

She knew what to do. She moved herself back against the headboard. Still sitting, cross legged, she reached up and fastened her cuffs to the ring above her head. And she waited.

She never knew what would come next. But that didn’t matter. She knew her Master would take her to places no other lover had been able to. She and her Master had never met. He was her Master and her guilty pleasure. No one knew that while she dated like a “normal” person (she even had a steady boyfriend right now whom she really cared about), she lusted after a man on the phone. She would have liked to meet him in person, but there were complications. He said that he lived far away and was married. They hardly spoke about everyday life, but she knew that much.

The phone rang. Her heart jumped, and she clicked the controller she had been holding in her hand. “Yes, Sir.”

“Are you waiting like a good girl?” “I have not moved, Sir.”

“Then this will be a very good session for you, little one.” Her cunt throbbed. She could feel the heat to her core.

“You may release your hands.” She did so and placed one on each knee. She wondered what pleasures he had in store for her today.

“Is your ring in place” “Uh huh…yes, sir.”

“Attach your collar to the ring.” She did so. “Now rub your nipples. Are they getting tight? Are they hard little marbles, for your Master? Now pinch them. Roll them between you fingers.”

Even after so many calls, she couldn’t believe how hot this made her. As she rolled and pinched, she could sense the heat growing in her pelvis and feel herself getting wetter.

“You may take one hand and feel how wet you are. I know my little slut will be very wet for me.” She moaned as she felt her hot wet lips.

“Now dip just one finger deep inside. (He heard her moan again.) You are so sweet and hot for me, aren’t you my slave.”

“Oh yes, sir,” she whispered breathlessly.

“Now taste how sweet you are. Taste your own cunt, my slave.”

She hesitated. “I…” she didn’t dare go on. When he had first become her Master, he had punished her for days with no satisfaction, before he first allowed her to cum. She longed to cum as he directed her; she didn’t dare disobey. He gave her climaxes she had never had. She put her wet finger to her mouth. She started tentatively, then took the whole finger is and sucked it like a little cock.

She stopped to say, “Oh, Master, it is so sweet. I … I.” She started to suck her finger again as her nipples hardened even further and she moved her free hand down to her cunt.

“Unhook your collar from the wall, my sweet.” She hesitated slightly as she loved the feeling of the tug of the ring on her collar, but she complied. “Now lie on your back and cum for me. Use just your hands. Make yourself cum and don’t use any toys. Cum in my ear for me, slave.”

She had all her “toys” by the bed, even a new one he had sent in a box. She did not have time to be disappointed that she did not get to use them. Her hands started their sensuous torture, and her mind was soon lost. As one hand gripped and pinched her nipples; the other was on her clit. With just one finger and so much lubrication, it didn’t take long. She moaned as her climax neared, then more loudly, until she was almost screaming. Master had taught her that the deep breathing of being “vocal” during her climax only increased the pleasure.

“OH yes. Oh yes. God that’s so good. OH Master, you are so good. Oh yesssss. I… I. OH GODDDDDD!” It was a hard-clenching orgasm. About as hard as a clitoral-only orgasm can be. When the spasms subsided, she lay there waiting, trying to catch her breath.

“Put Doctor Johnson on the bedside table,” her master ordered. “Attach your collar to the long rope, just so you remember who is master.” She pulled the 8″ silicone dildo out of her drawer and attached it with its handy suction cup near the edge of the end table. She then reached out and got the longer rope she had attached to the wall. Normally all her ropes and rings hung behind the headboard where no one could see them. This long rope was arranged so, with her collar attached and standing near the edge of the bed, it felt like someone was pulling back on her collar.

“Now, sit on Doctor Johnson. But do not cum until you are given permission or you will be punished.” Oh God, she wasn’t’ sure if she could do this. But at least, he hadn’t turned on the Doctor’s vibrator. “Be sure to turn the Doctor on low”

Oh shit. That was often her undoing. With her cunt tight after cumming, the feeling of this large cock sliding into her often, almost always, made her cum again. She slowly lowered herself onto the cock. She was careful not to rub against her clit. But even so, she shivered with the intensity of the sensation.

“Do not move up and down just yet. Do you have the box I sent you?” “Yes.”

“Can you reach it? Good. You may unwrap it now.” She held the small box in her hand and tried not to think of her full cunt or the tug of the collar on her neck. She thought her cunt would burn up if she didn’t get some relief soon. She fumbled with the box, with shaky hands, but finally got it open.

“What do you see, my little one?” Her hands were trembling. Just the sight of the new toys was about to send her over the edge. If she had to say it out loud, she was sure she would cum.

“What has your Master sent you, my slave?” She had to answer. Her voice was barely audible. “There are nipple clamps.” She paused and tried to collect herself. “… And a….a Red Hot Butt Plug. Oh…oh. Oh nooooo.” She couldn’t stop it. She rammed herself further onto Doctor Johnson and rode it up and down twice as a quick deep orgasm overcame her. She knew that her Master had heard.

She knew he would be angry. “Stay on the Doctor. Remove the nipple clamps from their package.” She was very worried by the cold deliberate tone of his voice. “Now put the clamps on your nipples. Adjust them so they are as painful as you can take.” She took one of her now soft nipples and pinched it, then applied the unadjusted clamp to her nipple.

“OH MY G….” It pinched like a son of a …. She instinctively yanked it off. BIG mistake. As it slid off, it only pinched worse. “OUCH!!”

“Get them on, bitch!”

She was now desperate to obey. No more sweet words from her Master. She loosened the clamp completely and tried the other nipple. It wouldn’t stay on. She tightened it a little more…then a little more; it stayed. Now that it was in place, she tightened it until it hurt. She tightened it further, and a shot of electricity jolted between her nipple and her twat. Her master heard her moan. She applied the other clamp. “They are on, Sir.”

“Tug the chain. Do they stay? Good. Now, unwrap the Red Hot.” She did so.

“Get on the bed.” She nearly came again, as she slid off Doctor Johnson, but luckily she did not.

“Had you obeyed, this would be a much more pleasurable process, but I want your virgin hole, and I will have it. You are going to ram that Red Hot in your ass when I tell you. Whether it gives you pleasure or not. Get out the lubricant.” She usually needed the lube only when she had been bad and master was punishing her with some hard fast fucking of some kind. Somehow he knew how to direct her to fuck herself, have a climax and yet get very little satisfaction. Other times, he could give her orgasms that rolled on forever and made her so, so glad to be his slave.

“Are your panties on the night stand?” “Yes.” Odd question, she thought.

“Get on your knees, so your leash is pulled tight. Can you reach your ass? Yes, good. Put plenty of lube on the Red Hot. It has three bulbs you see.” Yes, in fact, the soft, clear red silicone thing she held had, at one end, a head like a cock. Then two other bulb-like shapes, before it flared out at the end, apparently so it wouldn’t “get lost”. It was about 6″ long and the effect was that it started narrow, got wider, then narrow again, ending in a ring; it looked like a perverted pacifier. The narrow part in the middle looked awfully big, bigger then some of her dildos. The last one was smaller, she guessed so it would stay in place.

“You are going to put it in, in three thrusts; the final thrust it will be all the way in. Do you understand.” Her hand started to shake again. “Yes,” she managed to say.

“Put in the first part now! And I want to hear you!” She reached back and tried not to think how she had never imagined she’d do anything like this. She just positioned it and pushed. “Oh GOD! It stings. Please. Please. I CAN’T….” She couldn’t stop the tears in her eyes.

“You will LEAVE IT IN, SLUT!” “OH it hurts, it hurts.” She fell forward so that the rope and her collar were holding her up. She tried to relax. The stinging started to ease. But before it was gone completely, she heard, “PUSH AGAIN, BITCH!!”

He had her so well trained, she reached around and rammed it in another notch, giving into another round of pain. But it was stinging less, and she was starting to feel full in a place she hadn’t felt it before. Her legs started to shake, and she tried to maintain her balance, or she would hang herself. Her nipples started to harden. And as they did, the clamps that she had forgotten became very present! She moaned with pleasure and pain, and the pressure in her ass joined with the electricity from her nipples.

“My slave likes this doesn’t she? You are a dirty little girl aren’t you? And you are all mine. PUSH again, slut!” She groaned, now with pleasure as she pushed it further in and listened to her master in her ear.

“Only a slut would allow me to fuck her ass. And that’s just what you are doing. Such a dirty little girl. Now grab the ring of the Red Hot and move it in and out. Fuck your ass, slut.” She started very slowly. She thought that once she has it out, she wouldn’t want it back in. But, as always, the feeling in her body and the words in her ear made her a slave to her passion. No sooner had she slowly slipped it out, than she slipped it back in again. She groaned, and an animal sound left her mouth. Her breasts were painfully engorged with pleasure and straining at the clamps. Even the swinging of the chain between the clamps caused a new round of pain. Her legs were shaking, and she fought to stay upright. Her Master let her continue until she was moaning almost continuously.

“Now stop and leave it in your ass. Get to your feet slave.” Her breathing was hitched and shallow now, as she reached toward a new level of ecstasy. She would do anything he asked.

“Is the plug staying in? Good. Now lower yourself very slowly on Doctor Johnson.” One hand was on her clit and the other pulled at her nipple chain as she lowered herself onto the Doctor.

“You will fuck yourself now until you cum. You will cum harder than you ever have. And since I know you so well, slut, I know you will cum in a gushing wet flood. You are filled like you never have been before, and you won’t be able to control it. As you cum you will catch your cum on your proper white panties. Now fuck, slave, and don’t be quiet about it!”

She raised herself up, then down for the first thrust. A shudder when through her entire body, and she was completely lost in the sensation. Her knees were shaking from the intensity of it. She moved up and down twice more, and that was all it took. It was all just too overwhelming for her. Her Master in her ear; her slave collar and two cocks impaling her, filling her.

“Oh, oh, ohhh….ARGGHHH!!” She was convulsing in a mind-numbing climax.

“Cum for me, slave,” he taunted in her ear. “Cum for me, baby, and let it all go.” She had no choice; her body was not under her control. As her cunt spasmed, she ejaculated like she never had before, leaving a very wet Doctor and bedside table. She fell onto the bed, still trembling, and curled into a ball.

“Listen to me, my sweet. Take your pretty white panties and clean the Doctor. Some off the table too.” She did so, still in a trance.

“Now you will thank your Master.” She had some trouble speaking. But her Master was very pleased with the tremble in her voice. “Oh yes, yes. Thank you. God, thank you. You are my Master, and I am your slave. My body is yours.” She responded as she had been taught to respond.

“You are my slave, and you have been very good and very bad. For the transgression of cumming without my permission, you will wear your wet panties for the rest of the day. Is that clear?” “Yes, sir. I…” But he was gone.

He had had her wear no panties before. All day at work even! But this! Then she thought of the what he would probably give her in return, and she had no doubt she would do it. She looked at the clock. 12:00!! She quickly got up, cleaned her “toys” and put them away. Then she showered. She wished she could just lie there and casually drift off to sleep, but she had to get to work. As it was, she had taken the morning off to “pamper herself” with the call from her Master. She showered, got dressed (including the wet panties) and was in the office by 1:00.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was Friday, so Janet was wearing jeans and a sweater. She tried not to think about that fact that if people got too close, she would smell like sex. She just pretended to herself that she had gotten her jeans out of the dryer before they were done. It was still very hard to think of anything else. And her sore pussy and ass didn’t help either. About 5:00, she got a call.

“How are you, sweetness?” Brad’s voice was a welcome break.

She giggled. “OK, handsome.”

“Are you free to night? How about dinner and movie?”

“Well, Brad. It IS Friday” She should have been expecting his call. He was so predictable. “Will you pick me up at 8:00?”

“On the dot. See you then.”

She didn’t get home until almost 7:00. She had to rush to put on a skirt and do her hair. She obediently left on the panties from this morning. They had dried, but she still thought she must smell. He arrived promptly at 8:00.

They went straight to the movie. It was racier than the movie they usually saw together. They had been dating three months. Janet didn’t rush relationships. They had only had sex twice, but it had been very quick – on his couch. This was their first date since the second time. He put his arm around her and was holding her close in the movie theater. When they got out to the parking lot, he paused before unlocking the car door for her.

He moved up close to her, not quite pushing her against the car. She was already a bit hot from the movie, and as he moved close, she flushed with excitement. He could see it in the lights of the parking lot. His hands were on both her arms.

“You are very …. enticing tonight, Janet.” As he said it, he pulled her to him and kissed her, long and deep. She responded in kind. She was very ready and very hot. Her response spurred him on, and he raised one leg to push against her sex. She ground into him.

“Oh yes!” she thought. “He’s going to take the initiative. He’s going to pin me to the car and take me right here in the parking lot.” It was what she wanted. It was what she wanted from the first time she had seen him. He was the picture of the man she wanted to dominate her; maybe love her. But he never seemed to go far enough. He always backed off.

“Your place is closer,” is all he said, as he got her car door unlocked and they left the parking lot. Dinner was pretty much out of the question. He wanted her very badly. He had since the first time he has seen her. He liked the way she responded. She was the sexiest woman he had ever dated, but he couldn’t find the way to bring it out in her. Their first two times for intercourse were hurried and over way too quick. This time he’d take his time.

Her hands were all over him. By the time they got to her front door, they were both partially undressed. Once inside, he pushed her against the wall of her entryway. His hands were on her breasts and between her legs. They seemed to be everywhere at once. She was loving every minute of it, but suddenly wished she had her collar and cuffs on. She thought of how much better it would be with her arms stretched over her head.

Soon she was focused on him again, as he took a nipple into his mouth and his fingers were doing their handiwork on her clit. She came, in what was probably record time.

“You are so hot,” he said breathlessly into her ear, as he nuzzled her neck. He wanted more from her, her on the wall, in the entryway, but he didn’t how to pull it out of her; how to push her buttons.

She wanted him to make her kneel and demand she suck him. Neither of them knew how to get from the polite sex they had been having, to what they both desired.

She finally said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

He followed. She finished undressing him and pushed him back onto the bed. She climbed on top and ran her hands through his curly chest hair. Then she ran them down his sides to his thighs, around his thighs and caressed his balls. She was gratified by the chills that ran through him. She nudged him into the center of the bed. Kneeling between his legs, she took his cock in her mouth. He gasped and then moaned. He was sure he was one lucky SOB.

She stopped too soon for his liking, but then she was straddling him and lowering herself onto his shaft. She had pumped him maybe twice, when the phone rang. She automatically picked put on the head set, without even thinking.

“Are you getting fucked, Little one?” As if His hand had just squeezed her nipple, the sound of His voice caused her cunt to clinch. The man she was making love to groaned despite his wondering who the hell was on the phone!

“Yes, Sir.”

“Who the hell is that?” her real-life** date said.

“Make him be quiet, little one.” She leaned forward, then rubbed her now taut breasts into his chest. She then pressed against him and gave him a deep kiss. Her kiss deepened as she heard in her ear:

“I want you to please yourself tonight. I want you to show your man that you are a slut beyond compare. He will want no other than you. And you will get the master you have always desired. Deepen your kiss. Think of my hands on your tits. I am clutching them, and now I am pinching your nipples, hard.”

Her hands had moved to her nipples. As he said “hard” she pinched as hard as she could, and her cunt throbbed, clinching Brad’s cock. He moaned deep in his throat, even as he sucked on her tongue and bit her lip.

“Now, sit up and ride him hard. But not too long.” She broke the kiss and sat up. She was panting hard as she bobbed up and down on his pole and pinched her nipples.

He could hardly believe how she felt. And how hard she was riding him. He had forgotten about the headset. He grabbed her hips and matched her, thrust for thrust. She started to move one hand down to her clit.

“Do not touch yourself yet, little one.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Stop now and slide off him. Take him in your mouth. Taste your sweet juices on him. Polish his hard meat with your mouth. Do not let him cum.”

She stopped her ride and started to slide down between his legs. As she did, he tried to stop her; but as she got lower, he thought he understood her intended target, and he did not try too hard. He let out an animal sound that Master could even hear on the phone; the Master was pleased.

“You are so lovely, my little one. With your mouth full of cock. And you love it so much don’t you. Love to have your mouth full. Love to be treated like the slut you are. You are such a naughty slut.”

Her cunt was so hot it ached. She wanted to touch it, to frig herself and rub her clit until she cried out.

“Let his cock go and sit on him again. This time with your back to his face.” She pulled her mouth off his rod, and it exited with a “pop”. He started to grab her head, but again, he thought better of it and let her continue. She sat up and turned with her back toward him. “What is she up to now?” he thought. He didn’t have long to wait. She backed up and then slid down on his cock. She shuddered as his thick member now pressed on her g-spot. She sat still as spasm after spasm washed over her. She could her him groaning behind her. His hands moved to her tight, round ass as she slowly started to move up and down on his dick.

“Is this what you want, my slut?”

“Ah ha” was all she could manage to say.

“Do you want more.”

“Oh, yes, please Master”

“Are you sure you want more?”

“Master, please give me more. Please make him fuck your whore until she comes. God this is so good. Fuck me, please Master.”

“Tell him to fill your other hole, slut.”

“Wha…” She was so enthralled now, she was having trouble listening.

“Tell him to put his finger into** your ass.”

She slowed her rhythm. She had never been taken there. “I…”

“Slave, my slut, you will do this, or I will have you stop and you will not cum.”

“Fuck my ass.” She said.

“What?” The confused and nearly climaxing man under her was bewildered by the sensations, the words he heard her saying, and her new request.

“Fuck my ass.” She said more loudly.

“Make him do it or you will be punished.” With some desperation in her voice, she said begged loudly, “Lubricate your finger and put it in my ass.”

He didn’t hesitate any longer. He had been staring at her virgin hole as it bobbed up and down on his cock. He wanted to do it. He had his hands on her as before and wanted to feel her hot asshole wrapped around his finger. He wanted to, and now she was begging him to. He wet his index finger and slowly penetrated her virgin hole. She had to stop moving as the new sensation was first one of pain.

Then her body felt the fullness it ached for; her legs were shaking, and she fell forward overcome with the power of having both her holes filled. He started to move the finger slowly in and out. She recovered enough to sit up and start to move up and down slowly, slightly. She wanted him to stop, but she wanted him to keep going, to find the next level of heat. A moan came from her throat and kept on.

“Now my slut, you are filled, you are his and you are mine. Say thank you to your Master.”

Breathless and raspy, her reply was immediate, “Thank you, Master for taking this slut.”

Then He surprised her so much that she nearly said ‘no’.

“Hand the man your headset.”

She didn’t dare refuse. She didn’t dare risk not being allowed to cum now. She’d go crazy.

“Keep moving on his cock – keep him hard or you will not be allowed to cum.” She hesitated only slightly, she handed the headset back to her man. He also didn’t hesitate. He didn’t know what dream this was, but he didn’t want it to end. What ever was on that headset had already rocked his world, and he wanted more. With his free hand he put on the headset.

“Yeah?” he managed to get out, as she had increased the tempo of her thrust on his dick.

“Do you like your finger in her ass?”


“I am the slut’s master. I can make her cum with just a word. I can do that now or I can take your both further than you have been before. Do you like to fuck my little one?”

Was this a trick question? “Yeah, but who…?”

“You can be her master. I will teach you. I will teach you to master the slut in her and she will be yours.”

Her pounding on his dick had deepened. She was grinding her ass against his finger, and as it went deeper, he could feel her cunt clinch. His passion had waned slightly at hearing another man in the room. But as she groaned and his finger went deeper, he didn’t care who was driving, he just wanted to take more of her. “Go on.”

“Do as I say. Remove your finger and pull her off of you. If she protests, give her a slap on her ass. Hard.”

Brad did as He said, and slowly removed his finger first. She groaned in obvious protest. He slapped her hard on the right cheek. She jumped and stayed very still. He looked at her as his hand print started to develop.

“Did you like the way that sounded?”


“Do you like the look of your red handprint on her ass?”

“Yes.” She tried to turn around, and he slapped her bottom again.

“You need to teach her who is in charge. She wants to be taken, has wanted to be your slave. Would you like to see her bottom red and throbbing?”

“Yes, I think this slave needs to know who’s boss.” The Master had been right. Her man was becoming just what she needed, he just required training. This would not be an easy night for her, but she would rise to the challenge and surrender absolutely. He knew her.

“Put her over your lap.”

He removed her from his cock, now hard again with his new-found power. As he did so, she got off the bed and started to stand.

“On your knees!,” he said without prompting. She immediately fell to her knees. He looked down at this woman he thought he knew. What kind of slut was she. She had been another man’s slave; a man on the phone? Had they ever done it in person? Did it matter? She was here with him now. And he liked where he had her.

“Tell her to assume the position.”

“Assume the position.” His voice was getting louder and was full of power and passion. Her legs were trembling, and the wetness started to flow again. She separated her knees as she had been taught and clasped her hands behind her back. She looked up at him, wanting to see the approval in his eyes.

“Eyes down, slut.” He leaned over and clipped her cuffs together. She knelt subservient, her hands bound, and her own juices flowed down her legs. As her man, her *new* master, moved close to her and brought his rigid cock to her lips, she couldn’t remember feeling more fulfilled. He only let her suck it until she had cleaned most of her wetness off him.

Then he sat on the chair she had next to the dresser. It had a high back and no arms, so she could be placed straight across his lap. He commanded her to lie across his lap. She got to her feet and then clumsily fell into his lap as her feet caught in something on the floor. He caught her before she fell off. His dick pressed against her belly. He placed one hand firmly on her back.

“Is she ready to be trained?” he heard in his ear.

By way of an answer, he said to her, “You will now feel your Master’s hand.” The first blow fell before she could steel herself. And blows kept falling, giving her no time to even catch her breadth.

Her first master said to his master in training, “If she says ‘Mercy’, you must stop immediately. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand she can ask for mercy, and she must understand I will push her until she does.” Tears had started to fall from her eyes. She was sweating, and as his slaps increased in intensity and speed, she started to yelp with each whack. She started to squirm to try to get out from under his blows.

“Stop, and reach into her top dresser drawer. You will find a new toy she just bought and has not used.”

He did not want to stop. But he did, and when he saw his handiwork, he was pleased. Her lovely round ass was now more lovely than ever. It was bright red and seemed to throb with each breath she took against his legs. He opened the dresser drawer and saw the red silicone butt plug and an assortment of other dildos. Janet {put her head up long enough to see what was in the drawer. Then she let her head fall. She had no idea what was going to happen next, and she was more excited than even her Master had previously gotten her.

Before He could give further instructions, He heard Brad say, “What a slut you truly are. You even buy your own toys. Were you planning to use these without me? Were you planning to pleasure your hole without my permission?”

“Very good, very good,” thought the elder Master.

Brad said to himself, more than to her, “I own this ass. This is a slave’s ass, and it is for me to take.”

“Yes,” the Master encouraged. “She is all yours. Her round ass is yours to pinch and slap and drive your cock into. Her rosy hole is yours alone. Her wet, clenching pussy is throbbing because she is a slut and needs a man to master her.”

“Hand me the plug, slave, and let me show you who’s ass this is.” He released one of her hands** and made her reach into the drawer for the first “tool”. She handed the little red vinyl shaft back to him with a shaking hand. He took it and reconnected her wrist cuffs. He slid her off his lap and back onto her knees. She took a deep breath with her now free chest. He pulled a silk scarf from the dresser drawer.

“I take another deep breath, slave. Show me just how far you can push out those tits”. Her breath hitched.., but she thought she had better obey, lest he use his hands on her sore butt again. As she took in the breath, he pulled back on her elbows and tied them together with the scarf. He reached around and pinched her out-thrust nipples, and she arched against his touch. He moved up to her and rubbed the head of his cock against her tits. And then over her lips and the rest of her face. She opened her mouth, in hopes he was going to put it there.

“Don’t you love my cock, slut? Do you want it in your mouth? Answer me, slave. Tell me where you want it.” His firm tone had her throbbing anew.

“Please master, let me suck you. Fuck my mouth or my pussy. Please fuck me. Please let me….” She knew she dare not ask. She knew it wasn’t time.

“When I think you are ready and have shown me you can me my slave, then I will fuck you. I will fuck you and you will never want another master.”

Her first Master knew that his time was over. She had a new master. “Treat her well. I do not part with my slaves easily. And I act if they are treated badly. Remember, she wants this. She wants to know that you need to be her master as much as she needs to be mastered. She wants passion from you, hot and heavy. Take her all the way, and she will take you further. Love her and she will surrender until you can’t imagine the world without her.” With that, Brad heard a click in his ear, and the man who had owned this slut before him, was gone.

Some deep feelings welled inside him. After a lifetime of quietly pushing them down, he let them come to the surface. He looked up and caught his reflection in the mirror. A beautiful woman had submitted on her knees, ready to worship his cock. His hand was on her collar. He looked into his dark side in the mirror. For the first time, he did not fear it. He looked down at the woman at his feet, and a feeling of possession that burned through him and he liked it.

He moved to the side of her and grabbed the ring on her collar. He rotated the collar to turn the ring to the back of her neck, and still holding, it he lowered her head to the ground. She was now head down, back arched and her ass and pussy presented and exposed. She could not stop the shiver than ran through her entire body. He moved behind her. He placed one hand on an ass cheek. The warmth of his hand started her well-whipped ass burning again. With the other hand, he slowly inserted the plug into her wet and dripping cunt to give it some natural lubrication. She moaned and tried to push against it. He held her steady with the hand on her cheek. When she pushed back again, he pinched. She stopped and whined.

He felt a pang of remorse for what he was going to her. He sat the plug aside and put two fingers into her cunt to give her some of the pleasure she craved. She was so wet it took his breath away. Her cunt squeezed his finger almost immediately. From this angle, he could see her pussy start to spasm. He knew if he continued, she would cum. He couldn’t deny her. And he also knew she was so far gone she would forget to ask. It was the thought of giving her pleasure almost as much of the thought of punishing her that drove him to continue.

He drove her ruthlessly to a climax; pushed one, two, then three fingers into her cunt. “You want it slut. Just fuck yourself on my fingers. Yeah, give it to me baby.” The sound of his voice was the catalyst. She started to move against his fingers.

“Keep moving baby. Keep fucking me. Keep that ass moving.” She tried to slow down. She knew she couldn’t go any further. She knew somewhere in her muddled mind that she had to ask permission. But his hand was on her clit now, and his voice was filling her head.

“Keep your ass moving slut or I’ll stop. I’ll leave you with your dripping pussy on the floor.” Whack! He slapped her ass. “Move it slut” He whacked her again and again. Her soft moans turned to cries. She moved faster against his hand. He had three fingers in her cunt, and with the other hand — after he thought she had a red enough ass again — he start to flick her clit. She came almost as soon as he touched her clit. She screamed and rammed her pussy onto his fingers. Her cunt was still spasming, he picked up the plug and pushed it in her ass and she seemed to start coming again. With her body still jerking as he hauled her up by the collar. He lifted her nearly off the ground with one hand, her face inches from his. With his other hand, he hooked two fingers in her cunt.

“You did not ask permission, slave.” Her dazed expression of lust, turned quickly to fear as she looked into his steel eyes. She shuddered from head to toe.

“Please….” was all she could get out before the pressure from the finger in her cunt told her she should beware. She was nearly passing out from the pressure of the collar, when he let her fall to the ground.

He sat on the edge of the bed, facing her mirrored dresser. He pulled her mass of pillows over so he could have some support of his back and get a better view of her ass in the mirror.

“On your knees and service my cock, slave.” He couldn’t believe he was saying the words. He had never asked for it. He had only gotten a blow job if the woman offered. Now he was asking for it, demanding it from her. It felt incredible. He watched her struggle to her knees, eager to please him. She crawled up between his legs, and took his full length into her mouth. He could see her ass, still red from her spanking in the mirror and the plug still in place. Her hands were still tied behind her back. It was amazing.

He ran his hands through her red hair, and pushed her head down further. She only seemed to love it more when he did that. She had a very talented mouth. She seemed to sense he was near the edge. She started to bob up and done, sucking hard and pushing her head down until he could feel the back of her throat. As he came, he grabbed her head and thrust all the way into her throat; he filled her mouth. She swallowed all she could, and he fell back against the pillows, releasing her head. She continued to suck until he started to soften. Then she licked his dick and balls clean.

After a few minutes, he sat up and looked at Janet. She was kneeling obediently, her head bowed.

“Now you will thank your Master,” Brad said to her.

Her head came up, and the look she gave him made his heart pound. She looked up at him with a combination of lust and admiration. It made him feel like a God. “Thank you, my Master. You are my Master and I am your slave. My body is yours.” She responded as she had been taught to respond.

He stood up and walked to her. He wanted more of her. More tonight and more every night. He wanted the slave he saw before him more than he’d wanted anything before. He put his hand below her chin and tilted her head back so their eyes met again. He had to ask.

“Is this really what you want? Do you give up your other Master.” “Yes. He gave me to you. And I can only have one Master,” She hesitated. She saw the look of doubt in his eyes. “I want you. I want you and all of this. Please, become my Master.” She was pleading now. She hastily added, “I can teach you.”

He said nothing. He pulled her up by the collar and turned her around. He undid the silk scarf and unlatched her cuffs. When her arms were undone, she fell forward slightly, catching herself with her hands on the bed. He used the opportunity to grab hold of the plug that was still in her ass and move it in and out. He loved the sound she made as he moved it. He removed it, gave her a swat on her ass and reached for her cuffs.

He led her around the room. He was looking for something. She couldn’t help the tears that were welling in her eyes. He was going to leave now, now that he knew what a slut she was. Finally he found what he was looking for. He raised her hands above her head and attached them to the large hook above the closet door. He had known there would be one somewhere.

“Teach me?” He said mockingly. He dried her eyes. He kissed both her cheeks and her mouth. Then he ran his hands over her body, pinching and tweaking all her most sensitive spots. Soon she was twisting and moaning, and hoping he wouldn’t ever stop.

“I catch on quick, little one.”


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