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What Did I Get Into? Friday

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Me and my buddies were going through the usual Saturday night routine. The evening always begins with us sitting around getting drunk and watching sports. We then head out to the local club when we are buzzing. We started off with the usual: buying a drink and checking out the place, just chilling basically. Anyway the club started to heat up and I decided to hit the dance floor. I was out there for a while mixing it up with the ladies when this gorgeous girl approaches me, she introduces herself as Amanda and we started grindin’.

We probably went through about 3 songs, we were really getting into it when she told me she wanted to speak to me. Well, it was way too loud to carry on a real conversation on or near the dance floor so I led her downstairs to the bar area where it is not as loud. It’s brighter so I got a real good look at all of her. She was about 5’6”, athletic build, medium sized breasts with blonde hair and a girl next door face. She was wearing tight jeans that showed off her tight ass and great legs. Simply incredible. So we sat down at a table and started talking.

She began with some basic questions about me and I asked the same about her, nothing unusual: age, school, major, etc. We carried on for another 10 minutes with some small talk. We then got into a conversation about spring break. I was telling her how I really want go to Cancun or Dayton or anywhere but my cash flow, like many university students, was limited. She then told me her dad runs his own business and her mom is a corporate lawyer so money isn’t really an issue with her. At that point I’m thinking this girl is a catch and I can’t let her get away. Damn, I’m lucky. So we keep talking and the subject finally gets to sex.

We start talking about our turn ons and at one point she looked around to make sure no one was close by to overhear, she leans in and says to me softly “I’ve always had a dream to be in charge” That one caught me off guard, but before I had a chance to respond, she continued. “I’d like to dominate a guy, make him my slave, have him do whatever I desire. I get bored with plan old sex and I wanna try something more exciting. How do you feel about that?”

To be honest I hadn’t really thought about it too much and I told her so. She then asked me if I had ever fantasized about it at all. I told her I had, although rarely, which was the truth. She then, again, leaned in and said “You seem like a real nice guy Marc, I think I can trust you and I wanna help you out. I also want to make my fantasy come true. I want to know if we can work something out. What I have in mind is this: I have two girls that I live with right now. They are both here tonight and you would have to meet both of them before we finalize everything. But basically what I propose is this: you become our slave”

I kind of saw this one coming. Right away I thought, “There is NO way”, but the combination of the alcohol and the fact that this girl was so hot got me intrigued. I needed to know more details. “Your slave? For how long?”

“Well I was thinking for a whole weekend. If you don’t want to consider it that’s fine.” She answered

“Well, I can’t say I’m not curious, but I’m not sure I want to spend a whole weekend as a slave for nothing” I said.

“Of course, I don’t expect you to do it for nothing either. How does $5000 sound?” she asked

Well that’s a ton of money for me. I could live well for the rest of the school year on that plus what I had in the bank now. I could also go down to Cancun for spring break. I needed that money bad man. So I told her “That sounds pretty good, but I’m still not sure.”

“Good, neither am I, I need you to meet my friends first. If they aren’t into it neither am I. I never told them I planned to do this. It’s been a fantasy. I’m not sure if they really want to make it a reality. But I’ll talk to them. In the meantime go back upstairs, hit the dance floor. The girls will find you up there. Their names are Liz and Britney.”

So I headed back upstairs and ran into the guys I came with. I was greeted with congrats from them for picking up one of the hottest chicks in the place, little did they know what was really going on, and I would never tell them. Anyways, we talked a bit and I got another round of congrats. They struck out for the night and were going home. I was on my own.

I had finished my drink and I went to the bar and picked up another one. I took it out to the floor with me and started dancing, figuring the girls would approach me soon. My brain was in high gear trying to process all this information and what I should do. Honestly the idea was getting me excited. I figured I could deal with being a slave to a bunch of hot chicks for a couple days. How bad could it be? Deep in thought, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a girl, about 5’11”, just slightly shorter than me. From what I could tell on the dark dance floor she was also hot. “Hi,” she said, “My name is Britney, care to dance?”

“I’d be honored.” I said. She gave a slight giggle and we began to dance to the rap music in the background. As I said before, carrying on a conversation on the floor was difficult, but she tried. “Amanda told me about her plan. Me and Liz are on board, Liz doesn’t think it’s important to meet you right now. I think she might be a little embarrassed about it. She has always been shy. She has seen you though when Amanda pointed you out to both of us a minute ago. All three of us agree you’re definitely cute. But before anything happens I gotta give the patented Britney seal of approval” she said with a grin. With that we just danced for a couple songs. In between songs, she turned around (we had been dancing front to back) and pulled herself in tight to me and said “I need a bit of a preview of what I’m getting.” As the song began, she moved in even tighter to me, pressing her whole body against me, her large breasts mashed against my chest. Her cheek pressed against mine. Both of us were sweating from all the dancing in the packed, sweaty dance floor. Bodies were everywhere. I could feel people all around me dancing. There was absolutely no room to move. Amid all this I started to feel her hand creep down from my shoulders and she grabbed my ass, a good, hard grab and then she let out a satisfactory “mmmmmm.” She kept her left hand there and she pulled away just slightly and brought her right hand around front. She put it up my shirt and moved back in close. She started rubbing my chest and stomach while holding my ass. She said into my ear “I couldn’t be more happier.”

“Neither could I.” I thought. She kept rubbing me and my dick was on full alert, pressed against her right thigh. Another song began. She pulled back and took her right hand out of my shirt and she then wedged it down my pants and at the same time brought me back in real tight for a kiss. Her left hand on my ass, her right on my cock and her tongue in my mouth. We kept kissing and she broke away briefly to say. “Not bad down low either, you pass.” and she then kissed me again, hard, our mouths pressed so tight against one and other while we explored each other’s mouth’s with our tongues. My hands moved to her ass, giving a slight grab as we kissed. Her right hand rubbing my dick the whole kiss. She was getting me so hot. I wanted to do her right there on the floor but the song ended and she pulled away. “Let’s go find Amanda.” she said and I was left feeling frustrated at being forced to stop. We went downstairs and found Amanda alone, sipping a drink.

“Well Amanda, he passes with flying colors. Looks like it’s a go. It was nice to meet you Marc. I hope you and Amanda can work something out. But I’m gonna head home.” And with that Britney left.

“Ok Mark” Amanda said as I sat down “Are you in?”

“I’m still not sure, although between the $5000 and Britney on the dance floor your making it hard to refuse. But I don’t know if I’d be comfortable doing this. I’ll admit, as a fantasy, it sounds great, but I don’t know if I could do it for real. How about this: tell me what your gonna have me do”

“I won’t get into specifics, but I’ll try my best to give you an idea. Anything goes pretty much, we don’t have a plan. Just whatever we feel like.”

“Before we get any farther” I interrupted “There will be only you girls there, no one else”

“Again, I can’t guarantee that no one else will be around ever, I don’t know what exactly we are gonna do. This is my first time doing this. We are just going to see what happen.s” She said

“Fair enough I guess, but I’m walking away right now if you can’t promise me that no other guy will ever set foot in the house the weekend I am there” There was no way I was doing anything with any other guys. For any amount of money.

“Agreed, anything else?” She said.

“Not right now, continue with what I’d be doing. Your not just gonna sit around whipping the shit out of me are you?”

“No, inflicting pain isn’t my main intention, but you will get whipped and punished hard. You will do things you may find disgusting or humiliating or painful or whatever. You still up to it?”

“I don’t know I find it hard to commit to something this crazy without knowing exactly what I’m getting into”

“But that’s the fun!! …for everyone. However I do see your point. I am going to offer you $10000 dollars. Don’t you dare ask for more.”

Well shit, she just made an offer I can’t refuse. I realize this weekend will put me through many humiliating and gross things but I’ll get through it. “I’ll accept on one condition: I will not be cut or take any other type of bodily damage that will leave a mark”

“Deal” said Amanda, extending her hand. I shook it and we arranged a payment method. The money would be there in cash on my arrival. I could leave it in my car in their driveway so I’d have it when I left. If I decided I couldn’t handle it they would take it all back and I could go home. Simply enough. Today was Saturday night. I was to show up at their place for Friday at noon and leave Monday morning at 8.

The week went by ordinarily enough. Although the upcoming weekend was almost always on my mind, I was thinking about all the things that could be done to me. I also realized that I’d get to see all these chicks naked and that I was getting paid to do this. That mad me feel a lot better about the bad stuff that would certainly happen. I told my friends I was driving home for to see the folks for the weekend so they wouldn’t wonder where I was. I decided to pack up some clothes. I didn’t know if I would need them at all, I did it just to be prepared I guess. So I packed up, threw my suitcase full of clothes in the trunk and headed off to the girls house for my date with destiny.

I arrived at about 11:50 Friday morning. I knocked on the door. Amanda answered, dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt. “Before we begin, here is your money, go put it in the car” she said flatly. I did and returned “Any other matters before we begin Mark? Last chance.”

I thought long and hard about that one before I answered. “I’m ready.” I said firmly.

“Good, strip naked, place your clothes in this garbage bag and then take it out to the end of the driveway.” She said as she handed me a garbage bag. She said it in such a firm, commanding way, so much different then when we first met. Before she was nice and patient and understanding. The warm tone in her voice was gone.

“Huh, outside?” I said, caught off guard. I didn’t expect to parade around in the middle on the day naked in public. The girls lived right by campus in a suburban street inhabited my groups of students. People were always walking back and forth to school on the sidewalks in plain view of the house.

“Yes, did you misunderstand me?” She asked me impatiently.

“No, its just, well, don’t you care that people will see a naked guy going in and out of your house?” I asked nervously.

“None of your business Slave. From now on any order that isn’t immediately followed will be punished. Now do it. If you want to quit just say the word “quitter” and I will take the money out of your car and you can go home no poorer, no richer than when you left. Naked. Trash. Now.”

I thought of just going home, just saying I made a mistake, but the ten grand is too much to give up on without a fight. So there I was, I looked around nervously. I could see a couple girls walking this way. They were far enough away that they might not notice me, but I would be heading right toward them when I took out the trash. It would be pretty hard to miss a naked guy on the side of the road no matter how far away you were. There were also a couple of people walking away. Their backs were turned and they probably wouldn’t see me. I had one last thought of leaving, but I needed that money. So I started, I took off my shoes and socks first, then my shirt, put them all in the bag. It was a warm, sunny day, so I wasn’t cold or anything. I took a deep breath and then quickly removed my shorts and underwear, threw them in the garbage bag and ran to the edge of the driveway, right in the direction of the girls. I looked up, that group of girls saw me, their eyes were wide in shock. I took so much time getting undressed that they had gotten pretty close to the house. I quickly dumped the bag off and ran back to the front door, approaching Amanda in the doorway.

“Stop” Amanda said. “Wait for those girls to pass. Turn around, face them and don’t move a muscle until I say so” she closed the door as I had no choice but to watch the group of girls approaching, staring at me the whole time. I could hear giggles now. Being naked outdoors is a weird feeling, even though it was a warm day I was chilled by the slight breeze. My body had goose bumps. I was slightly shivering also. The girls got to the sidewalk right at the front of the house, barely 15 feet away and just stared at me, fully naked standing on a porch. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I couldn’t even look up. I put my chin to my chest. I could feel my face burning in embarrassment as they stared and laughed at my predicament. I didn’t dare try to cover myself because I knew Amanda would not approve. I just stood there with my arms by my sides waiting for them to pass. Finally they were far enough away. Amanda opened the door and said “Enter.”

I entered and I saw Britney and whom I assumed to be Liz standing on the other side of the hall watching me. Amanda spoke first: “Ok, Mark let me tell you how this is going to go. You do absolutely nothing without our permission. I mean that. Nothing. Disobeying will be met with strict punishment. You will remain naked at all times unless someone tells you different. You will refer to us at Mistress Amanda, Britney and Liz. You will answer to slave and come when anyone yells slave. Are you clear?”

“Yes, Mistress Amanda.” I said, remembering to say mistress on the first try. This was very embarrassing for me, standing naked while these girls looked me over, in total control. However, even with my nervous fear and humiliation I couldn’t contain my erection and I stood at full alert looking at these beauties. Amanda, with her blonde hair, medium height and athletic build. Britney, tall with blonde hair as well, more curvy than Amanda. She had large breasts, but not gigantic. And Liz was small, barely five feet. She has short brown hair and small perky tits. She couldn’t have weighted more than 100 lbs.

“Well girls” said Amanda “What do you think?”

“Definitely a good pick Amanda. He’s in good shape. I am going to enjoy this.” said Liz. She than came over and gave my ass a slap and then a grab. Not as shy as she was when she couldn’t even talk to me at the club. Liz appeared to be so comfortable in this situation. She seemed to relish being in control of me. On the other hand I could really sense Britney’s tentativeness by her body language and facial expressions. Liz circled me, looking me over and then said “I think we should shave off his body hair. Make him smooth everywhere. I don’t like the feel of body hair against my skin. Plus it will seem like he is ours after we are done.”

“I agree.” said Amanda “I think we should wax his legs. Let him feel just regular pain for a woman, let’s go slave.” Amanda turned and walked upstairs. I followed her while Liz and Britney followed me. I could tell Amanda was the leader of the group, she seemed to be the decision maker. We arrived in an upstairs bathroom.

“Liz, go prepare the hot wax.” Amanda said as Britney laid out a towel on the floor.

“Think this will be ok Amanda?” asked Britney, motioning to the towel on the floor.

“Well the floor is a good idea, but the towel is a luxury the slave doesn’t need.” Amanda picked it up and put it back in the cupboard as Britney looked at me and shrugged. She didn’t seem to feel any pity for me either. Looks like this could be a long weekend. “On the floor slave” Amanda ordered.

I did as I was told, lying belly-up on the tiled floor. It was very cold and uncomfortable. Amanda and Britney left and I lay there for about five minutes. That gave me even more time to think about my unique situation. I looked at my legs, my arms and how all the hair would soon be taken from me, using wax in some places, that would be painful. They all re-entered at the same time, with what was obviously the wax.

“Hold up your right left” Britney ordered. I lifted it straight up and the girls began to apply the wax all over my leg. Six hands expertly applied the wax to my legs. It was done very businesslike. No words were spoken as they worked. My erection that arose from seeing these girls while I stood naked in the front hall had left when I hit the cold floor of the bathroom. All I could think about now was how I was about to have thousands of hairs ripped from my legs. I’ve had single hairs plucked and they hurt plenty. I was very nervous about the pain I was about to go through. Even though this was customary for the girls, the way they did it to me seemed like unnecessary and a punishment, not to mention how feminine it is to have your legs waxed. “Ok slave, the best way to do this is very fast” Amanda said, breaking the silence, who then motioned to Britney who quickly ripped a strip of paper off the back of my calf. I inhaled sharply and let out a sound that was a result of the pain I felt. That hurt, a lot. Amanda said “Ok slave, that was one strip, usually it takes about 20 for a leg. So I’d guess 39 more to go.” Then immediately all three girls grabbed a strip and ripped them from my leg simultaneously. The pain from the first one was nothing compared to that and I made another sound of pain, this one louder. It felt like 3 hot bars were pressed to my leg at the same time. “Hurts doesn’t it?” said Liz “It’s not easy being a women.” I had no time to respond as the girls went into rapid mode…just ripping hair from my leg wherever they saw it as I did my best to just endure the pain without yelling or screaming. The pain was everywhere, as soon as one section was cleared another was started. Quickly, they finished the whole leg, from the bottom of my calf to almost the top of my thigh. My right leg was hairless. “Oh, look at how smooth that leg is now” Liz said mockingly as she ran her hands up and down my whole leg, feeling the newly hairless leg. “Feel your leg slave and tell me how it feels.” said Amanda.

Embarrassed, I ran a hand up and down my leg and said “It’s smooth.”

“You must address me as Mistress Amanda!” she said angrily “You will be punished for this, we will wax this leg differently. Every hair will be ripped out excruciatingly slow.” Well the only good part about this was that the pain was only there for a short period of time, but by doing it slow I would assume the pain would last much longer and perhaps even be more intense. “Now lift up your left leg, put your right down.”

I did as I was told, again they got my leg full of wax. The wait for the impending pain was scaring the hell out of me. When they were finished applying the wax Amanda said “Here we go, for your punishment, a slow removal of hairs.” With that she took a strip and very slowly started to pull it back, removing the hairs, seemingly one by one, this hurt like hell and it was agonizingly slow. “Does that hurt?” Liz taunted me. It was even more painful than my other leg and it went so slowly. I was breathing sharply but there was no release from the pain. The first strip took about 10 seconds but it felt like forever. “Well, that was ok but I think I can go even slower” And she tried again, she took a strip and she did go even slower, but whole body was shaking as I tried to control myself. I had my jaw clenched so hard it hurt. This one must have taken about 30 seconds. When she was finally finished I let out a sigh of relief. “Ok Amanda, I think we got it.” Liz said. To my disbelief they all started to do a section of my leg, all very slowly. All three finished at about the same time and then they started again. They continued on until the leg was done. “Ok slave, we are finished, put your leg down.” said Britney. I was totally exhausted, the constant pain left my whole body tired. I just lay there, glad it was over.

“I think that is the hard stuff done now slave” said Liz “but we still gotta get the rest of the hair off one way or the other.”

“You know what guys, I have always had a thing for short cut hair, do you mind if I get the clippers and cut his hair real short?” asked Britney.

“Actually I think it would be quite appropriate.” said Amanda and Britney took off to get the hair clippers. “Sit up” Amanda ordered, as I sat up she said to Liz to take an arm and shave it. They each took a handful of shaving cream and applied it to a forearm, they then got a razor each and expertly shaved it off. Both my forearms were now hairless. “What about his knuckles?” asked Liz.

“Let’s just get a pair of small scissors and cut the hairs there.” answered Amanda.

Britney returned and knelled beside me, plugged in the hair clippers and began to buzz off my hair from the forehead to the back in clean strokes, I could see just barely high enough in the mirror to see my head, my hair cut so close. I had never had that done before. It looked weird to me and it represented me being in there total control. She finished very quickly. As that was going on Amanda had trimmed any hairs on my hands with small scissors. Liz then began doing my chest, I had a small patch of hair there, which she quickly lathered up and then shaved off. Britney took the clippers and buzzed my armpits then Amanda shaved off the short hair that was left.

“Ok, now all we have left is the midsection.” said Amanda. The way they went about it, quietly and efficiently, it was like they were building a robot or something. It was like I had no feelings, no emotions. I was there to do with as they pleased. I felt so used.

They first told me to like back down on my back and put my feet straight up in the air. I could feel my balls and asshole exposed to them. “Now spread your legs as wide as they can go” said Liz. I did, evidently it wasn’t enough for Liz , because she pulled down on one of my legs and held it there, stretching my groin hard. As I lay there, everything out in the open with my legs split wide in mid-air in front of three girls who where treating me like a doll, I though it couldn’t get any worse. Then Amanda and Britney each went to one leg. Liz straddled me. Her legs spread between my chest, now she could grab both my legs and pull them apart even farther. I grunted from the discomfort of the position. Liz applied hard pressure on my legs, spreading them so far apart I thought my groin would snap. It was painful. Through Liz’s legs I saw Liz and Amanda apply shaving cream to the highest part of my thighs, the part they didn’t wax. They shaved it off then Amanda told Liz to drop to her knees so I couldn’t see what they were doing. I didn’t like the sound of that one bit. Liz did and had her legs on either side of me, her feet sticking into my armpits, her ass resting on my chest. I could no longer see my crotch as her back was blocking my view. Being on her knees gave her even more leverage and she applied even more pressure to my legs, spreading them an inch wider, stretching my groin even more, I was positive I couldn’t widen them any further without sustaining an injury. I heard the shaving cream being dispensed and applied to my pubic region, I was startled by the coldness being applied there. I felt the razor touch my skin. I jumped slightly. I could feel all my pubic hair being shaved off. It felt so cold and sensitive down there now. I then felt a breath of hot hair directly on my newly shaved pubic area. It sent a much-needed shiver of pleasure down my spine. That little breath came as a surprise, you have no idea how good it felt at that moment. After 15 seconds of desperate waiting I realized that was the only positive contact I would receive. Neither girl spoke up after to tell me who had teased me. I could only guess because both there heads were hidden from view, this lack of communication was bothering me. They would occasionally say quick works to each other, but no one ever acknowledged me, they would only give me orders that I quickly obeyed.

I then felt my balls being brought to one side and shaving cream being applied between my leg and scrotum. This was then shaved and then my balls were pulled the other way and the same thing was done. Finally I felt my sac being stretched and shaving cream applied to the area. I then felt the razor shave this area. I dared not move the whole time for fear of some kind of nick, which I would imagine would be extremely painful. When they stopped shaving my balls Liz got up, letting me return my legs to a somewhat natural position. I looked down and saw I was completely hairless, everywhere. It looked so strange, it was also so sensitive and I could feel air passing over my pubic area and balls.

“Roll over” said Amanda, interrupting my thoughts. I rolled over and I felt my ass being lathered and shaved. I then felt my ass cheeks pulled apart, lathered and shaved, thankfully they were very careful around my anus. “I think we are done, stand up” said Amanda. I stood there as she circled me. “Well I guess we could shave the sideburns and the little stubble on his chin. I have an idea for his head too.”

“His feet have some hair left on them too” said Britney.

“Take care of that with the scissors then.” said Amanda. “You finish his face Liz.”

“Ewww, I gotta do his feet, your gonna have to pay me back for this one.” Said Britney. “Sit down, this will be easier for everyone.” So I sat back down, the cold floor giving me chills.

“What’s the matter Brit? I thought you had a foot fetish.” Liz said.

“I have a foot fetish for MY feet, I don’t care to take care of others, but don’t worry I’ll get my turn later.” said Britney with a sly grin at me.

The girls went to work, Britney trimming my lose hairs on my feet with obvious dislike, Liz shaving my face and Amanda trimming, with the clippers, along my head.

“We are finished with you slave, stand up, look in the mirror and check out your hairless self.” Said Britney. As I looked in the mirror I immediately noticed that Amanda had shaved a word in my head. I tilted a bit and read “SLAVE” shaved into my short hair in large letters. Starting at the top my head, ending at the back where my hair hits my neck.

“How do you like it slave?” Amanda asked.

Before I could answer Liz said “I think this is so cool, look at how smooth he is, he is like our doll, he looks so smooth. He is just how I want him. This is so awesome. Great idea Amanda.”

“Glad you guys are happy” said Amanda “What do you think Brit?”

“I think it makes him seems like our property, plus I love the hairless look, I can’t help but feel him” said Britney and with that she brought her hands to my chest, rubbed one of my arms, then my ass and down one of my legs with both hands, not sensually, but like a doctor examining me. She then rubbed my shaved head.

“No hurry to touch Britney, he’ll be here for us all weekend.”

I have never been anywhere near as humiliated as I was at this moment. I was a man without any body hair. I was completely theirs. They owned me. I was even labeled. The only positive contact I was given was a breath on my pubic region. So many emotions were running through me. I was frustrated, horny, scared, humiliated. I couldn’t take it. I wanted to go home right now, I had no idea what I was getting into when I began, but I couldn’t leave, the money was so important to me.

“Ok slave, clean up this mess, throw all the strips in the garbage and I’ll bring you a dust buster to pick up all the lose hair. Don’t you miss a single hair or else. And use a cloth to get the shaving cream. We are going to decide what to do to you next.”

I got to work on cleaning. I felt like pure shit, like nothing. I got the dust buster and carefully got all the hair and shaving cream of the floor. This took me about 20 minutes and then Britney came in and asked me how I was feeling. It felt so good to have someone care about me. I told her I was terrible. I felt like I was nothing. She looked at me with pity in her eyes. She told me she understood and she gave me a small hug and told me it wouldn’t all be this bad. I felt a little better. She told me to follow her to the other two.

I was led into one of the girl’s bedrooms. Liz spoke: “Well, good day ma’am, what lovely legs you have there. As you can see that took about 2 hours. It’s now 2:00 and we are hungry. So we decided that you should show off those lovely legs to the world. I want you to put these on” She handed me a pair of white cotton panties and a short blue skirt. I put them on, the panties where way to small for me. They were tight and crushed my cock and balls. The skirt went about 2 inches past my ass. “Oh you look like a slut!! Look at that skirt” Amanda said happily. She then handed me a bra, with small cups, it must have been Liz’s. I tried to put it on but it was too tight. I adjusted the straps to the max length and it barely fit, but the cups were, of course, empty. Liz was prepared though and she dropped in something that felt like a water balloon in each cup. I now had fake breasts. She then gave me a long sleeved white blouse to put on. “There, that should cover up your biceps, now no one can tell you are actually a man now.” Amanda stated. Liz then tied the bottom of the shirt in a knot, exposing my stomach, which in my current state, couldn’t be judged as a man’s stomach.

I was led to a mirror and got a look at myself, the blouse dress shirt looked like one for a catholic school girl, the knot exposing my stomach added the sluttiness appeal to it. The skirt was so short that a gust of wind would expose my panties or if I bended even slightly. Liz told me to twirl around. I did and my skirt flew up and my panties were fully visible. All the girls whistled in approval. I then put on some socks and crammed my feet into a pair of Britney’s white running shoes, she had large feet for a girl, but it still took a lot of cramming to get my feet in them. My toes were curled painfully. It hurt. I was then given a wig of straight, shoulder length blonde hair that was put on my head. “Should we give him some make-up?” asked Liz.

“Let’s give him some bright red lipstick.” Said Britney “It will accentuate that cheap hooker look he has going.” Liz quickly applied a bunch of the lipstick on my lips. I was then led to the mirror one last time. I hate to admit it, but I looked like a women. The only thing that looked remotely male were my facial features, but there was no way anyone could tell that I was actually a man just by looking at me. My legs, while large and with some definition probably weren’t any bigger than a female soccer player or skier. The hairless look really makes them feminine. The short skirt and midriff-exposing blouse make me look like a cheap slut. And if that wasn’t enough, the bright red lipstick attracts even more attention to me.

“Look at the cheap slut. How do you feel slave?” asked Liz

“Mortified, Mistress Liz” I responded.

“Do you feel like a cheap slut?” Liz asked.

“Yes, Mistress Liz.” I answered.

“Say it slave!” Amanda shouted.

“I am a cheap slut” I said timidly.


“I am a cheap slut!” I said loudly.


“I AM A CHEAP SLUT!” I yelled.

“Good, as you can tell you look like a girl unfortunately I don’t know if you can sound like a girl so I am going to send Liz with you.” said Amanda.

“Where Mistress Amanda?” I asked.

“Oh, did I forget to mention, you two are going to pick us up some lunch. Walk down to the deli and get us some sandwiches. Liz knows what we like.”

“Come on slave, follow me. I’ll let you know your responsibilities on the way.” Said Liz. I followed her to the front door. I was praying I didn’t run into anyone I knew, if they saw me and recognized me my life would be over. The deli, if it was the one I was thinking about, was about a 15-minute walk. “Ok slave, here is the deal, try not to speak to anyone if possible. If you have to just try to make a female sounding voice. If you find it necessary to address me when I am in a conversation with someone else who is unaware of your position you make speak to me as if you were my friend. Otherwise you will address me as Mistress. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress Liz.” I said. She motioned to the front door. I opened it for her. We headed outside. Luckily it wasn’t windy out so my skirt seemed to stay in position at the moment. We walked along in silence for a couple blocks, saw a few cars and people pass by. I noticed that a lot of people were looking at me as they passed. I looked liked I belonged on a street corner on a Friday night not walking by the college. We turned a corner and saw two guys and a girl approaching us on the same sidewalk. I kept my head down so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact with any of them. “Look up slave and give then a wink and a smile as they pass.” I watched them as they approached, the girl with a dirty look on her face. As the guys were right in front of me I looked right at them smiled and then winked. Both guys saw the gesture and eyed me hungrily and had smiles on there face, but thankfully they passed without any incident. When they were out of earshot Liz said to me “Look at you slut, picking up guys, are you ever a big flirt.” That made me feel even worse about hitting on a guy.

We turned onto a main street, occasionally a car would honk as I passed or I’d hear a whistle. It made my face turn red. I couldn’t even look up. I just watched the sidewalk in front of me. Finally Liz led me into a deli and again I was greeted my stare from everybody as I entered. It’s an awful, degrading feeling knowing everyone is watching you and thinking you’re a dirty slut. When we were next in line, with almost everyone behind us Liz dropped a quarter and whispered for me to pick it up, with my ass out. I couldn’t believe it, about 20 people were about to see my panty covered ass in pretty much full because the skirt rides way up. The quarter made a loud sound as well so everyone was looking my way as I bent at the waist, as I lowered myself I could feel my skirt rising, my ass exposed. I heard a few giggles and choked laughs. I picked up the quarter and quickly stood up. Liz had her hand held open with a grin on her face. I put the quarter in her hand and tried to just look at the wall, my face bright red from humiliation. The people ahead of us left and then Liz stepped up to order, ordering three sandwiches, the cashier than asked, “Will that be all?” Liz looked me right in the eye then turned back to the cashier and said “Yes, that’s it.”

We were handed our food and we headed out, as I turned around I could still feel everyone staring at me. Liz, in front stopped at the door, I quickly went around her and held it open. As she passed she whispered, “When you leave do a hard spin, I want to see your skirt as your waist.” As I left, I spun around the door quickly, feeling my skirt lift, naked from the waist down except for the panties. Just as the door shut I heard a collective gasp come form the deli at my actions. I turned to see Liz laughing pretty hard. “Holy shit, this is so much fun, I am so glad we did this.” She kept laughing for about another minute, adding insult to another of my humiliations. The walk home was the same as the walk there, stares and the occasional hoot. As we turned onto the girl’s street, I saw a girl waving at us, she approached us. “Hey Liz” she called.

“What’s up” Liz responded.

“Nothing much” the girl said as she arrived in front of us “Nice to meet you, I’m Becky” she said holding out here hand toward me.

“Nice to meet you” I said in a high-pitched voice. It sounded weird. Liz began cracking up immediately.

“Becky, you notice something different about her.” she said in between laughs.

“Well yeah, she is dressed like a slut.” She answered carefully. “You lose a bet?” she was addressing me.

“What yeah, but that’s not it. Touch her breast.” said Liz.

“What? Are you guys drunk or something?” answered Becky.

“No, I’m serious, let her touch” Liz motioned to me to move closer to Becky, she timidly reached out and felt my boob, she looked confused, then she squeezed it.

“Holy shit, she has no boobs!” Becky said, now looking at my face closely, she ripped off my wig and exclaimed “Holy shit! You’re a dude”

“Correct” said Liz, rearranging my wig back on my head. While I stood there she told Becky everything about my situation and what they had done to me so far. Becky just listened very intently, while occasionally glancing at various parts of me.

When Liz was done Becky asked “So he’ll do anything?”

“Yup, anything we demand.”

“Wow, this is so cool. I can’t believe you had the guts to do something like this. Can I touch him?”

“Do whatever you want” Liz said reassuringly. “Actually, give us a spin slave” I did, again exposing my panty covered ass. Thankfully no one else was around at the moment. “Again, faster, twice.” I did it and I heard a giggle escape from Becky’s lips. Becky then approached me and sensually felt my stomach, gently rubbing her hands around. She then went to touch my legs, but Liz stopped her: “Don’t bend down for him, slave lift up your leg, I did and Liz grabbed my calf so my leg was extended outward. I had very poor balance in this position. I could felt a breeze in the back and knew my ass was partially exposed. Becky then starting stroking my leg softly, up and down, it felt good, despite my embarrassment from the fact it was done out in the open on a sidewalk with me in a skirt. Becky was really getting into it, rubbing up and down my thigh, getting in under my skirt. She even gave my cock and balls a little rubbing at one point. Her eyes were filled with lust. Her soft hands felt good as they ran up and down my thigh. She must of really liked the hairless feel too, I guess its not all bad. Reluctantly she pulled away. “You know what Liz, I’ve always wanted to spank a guy.”

“Well today is your luck day, bend over slave. Hands on the sidewalk.” I did as I was told, this left me in an upside down V position, my ass the highest part of me at the moment, my ass almost totally exposed until Liz came over and lifted my skirt so it rested on my back so that my ass was totally exposed. She then pulled my panties down to my ankles. I couldn’t believe she did that in front of a stranger. I was in a real awkward position in the middle of the street. I was now bent over with my ass in the air, naked from the waist down. My balls dangling, at least the panties didn’t constrict them anymore. “Ok slave, I’m going back into the house, you will stay in that position until Becky tells you to go home, you will go home at whatever pace you like, but leave your underpants at your ankles. Stand at the front door until someone lets you in. Clear?”

“Yes, Mistress Liz” I answered. Becky giggled at my response.

“Thanks for this Liz, it has been interesting.” Becky said

“Happy to do it Liz, I’ll be in touch with you later, maybe you can be involved again”

“I’d love that.” she said enthusiastically.

“Ok, and one suggestion, hit him hard and fast, the noise will attract attention to both of you. When you are done tell him he is free to go. But don’t worry if people see him, he is a useless piece of shit.his only purpose is to serve you.” Liz told Becky.

“Ok, bye Liz” as Liz headed about 300 feet to the house. Becky turned to me and asked “How do you like your experience so far?”

“It’s been terrible, nothing but constant humiliation. I mean look at me. This is so awful you can’t even begin to imagine.”

“But doesn’t it make you horny, you looked like you were really enjoying my touch, doesn’t the embarrassment heighten your senses? She said as she stroked my ass. “See, your loving this and I’m just touching you”

“Yeah I guess so.” I said. It really did heighten my level of excitement. I saw a girl and a guy walking towards up from the direction of the girl’s house. Becky must of saw them too because she quickly raised her hand and came back down. SMACK. She hit me with her palm hard. SMACK again. She slapped my ass about 15 times. My ass was stinging pretty bad. At that point the girl and guy were at my house but were so into each other they didn’t even notice us. Suddenly the door of the house we were in front of opened and a guy yelled. “What the fuck do you think your doing?” with that Becky took off and said “Get out of here” I immediately stood up and waddled as fast as I could to the house. The couple saw me waddling and had very surprised looks on their faces. I passed them and got to the front porch where I waited to be let in, surprisingly Britney let me in almost right away. I entered and followed Britney to the TV room where everyone was watching TV and eating their sandwiches. “Turn around let me see your ass.” said Liz. I turned and bent over, they all whistled. “Wow, your ass is purple with hand prints. Becky got you good” Britney remarked.

“I think you experienced enough humiliation as a cross dresser, strip naked slave.” Said Amanda “And besides, the humor of you as a slut is gone now anyways.”

I stood behind them, naked, as they ate. They ignored me for the most part. I had to go to the kitchen to get them drinks and other smalls task, but for the most part I just stood while they watched TV and conversed with each other. When they finished eating they had me clean up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

When I returned Amanda spoke: “Here is the plan for tonight slave, we have had a tough day dealing with you, so we are going to go out on the town for the evening. You will assist in getting us ready for our night out. You’ll start with me.”

I followed Amanda up to the bathroom. “Get the shower to an acceptable temperature and then stand behind me and take off my shirt and bra. No groping either slave or else.” I let the shower run until it got warm and then I stood behind Amanda. I was extremely turned on. The possibility of seeing this girl topless was so good. I had a feeling I might enjoy this exercise.

I reached down and took hold of her shirt at the waist. My fingers curled underneath, touching her soft skin underneath. At that moment she delicately raised her arms over her head. I lifted her shirt over her arms and off. Not daring to get to close or touch her in any way, I undid the clasp or her bright pink bra and boldly put my hands on her shoulders at that she gasped but did not stop me. I rubbed slowly down her arms, moving the straps down with my hands to her elbows, the maximum length of my reach. I wasn’t close enough to her to see her breasts over her shoulders. How I longed to see her naked breasts, to feel her soft skin.

She put her bra on the counter with her shirt and turned around with her arms corssed, covering her breasts. “Take off my socks.” She lifted her feet, one at a time while I peeled off her socks. She had cute, pink nail polish on her toenails. “Take off my pants” I undid the button at the top of her jeans and then slid the zipper down. I could see she had on matching bright pink panties to go with her bra. I put my hands on her waist at the top of her jeans and eased her jeans down. They were on tight and it took quite a bit of wriggling to get them off. She stepped out of them and I put them on the counter. I looked at her legs, so smooth and soft looking. I just wanted to have her right there. I have never been so sexually frustrated in my life, stripping a beautiful girl and only being able to look at her. She must have been able to tell easily as she pointed to my boner and said “Very excited aren’t we slave?”

She turned around again so her back as facing me, her ass not fully covered by her panties. You could see the crease where her cheeks met her legs. It looked so hot. She had a tight ass. “Get on your knees and take off my panties” I reached up to her at mid thigh and ran my fingers slowly and softly up the sides of her legs, she must have been enjoying it because she didn’t stop me. I slowly slid my hands under her panties and brought them down to her ankles, slowly and sensually moving my hands down her legs the whole time. “Kiss my calf slave” she said, must less demanding then before more as a favor. I must have got her turned on a little.

I bent over and planted a small kiss on her calf. She gave a satisfied sound and said “The other one” I shifted over and gave her another soft kiss on the other calf. “The back of my knees” she said, her breathing was a little more pronounced now. I straightened up a little and gave her a peck on her right knee. “Get into it more” she said. To me those were the magic words, I knew this wasn’t in her plan, the sexual excitement of the day had gotten to her too. I was free to rub and touch and kiss as much and however I wanted even if it was only her legs for the moment,. Sensing that the back of her knees must be a particularly sensitive zone for her I went to work. Even thought it’s a pretty subservient position to be in, I knew if I did a good job on her legs I would be allowed to go to more fun areas.

I grabbed her right calf with both my hands slowly started stroking her calf up and down. I again planted a kiss on her right knee, followed by a few more in rapid succession. She was breathing real heavy now. I brought my tongue all the way down the back of her calf and when I reached her ankle I blew softly on it and then slowly kissed her calf back up to the back of her knee and gave her a long, wet kiss on the back of her leg. I moved over to the other leg and repeated the same process, she was making sexy noises with every kiss, every rub of her incredible legs.

I decided to go up higher. While kissing the back of her knee I began to massage her thigh. She was moaning now, she was really turned on and so was I. I started to stand up, moving my hands from her thigh to her hips when I heard a bang on the door. “What is taking so long in there Amanda, almost done?” It was Liz.

“5 more minutes” she said. Shit, I had her and fucking Liz blows it for me. I had Amanda, we were just getting down. I needed to cum badly. “Thank you slave” said Amanda, still with her back turned. “I think I can take it from here, you may go.”

I left and closed the door when I saw Brittany wearing only a towel, obviously just finishing her shower. “Follow me slave” It never ends, although this looked promising for me too, I decided not to get my hopes up anymore, I can’t take another let down. She stopped in front of her bedroom and told me to wait in front. Figures. She let me in a few minutes later. She was dressed up nice. She had on a black mid thigh length skirt and a spaghetti strap top that showed off her ample cleavage. She sat in a lazy boy chair and told me to sit on the ottoman facing her. When I was in position she put her bare feet on my lap, the soles of her feet facing me.

“Remember when I had to take care of your feet, well now you get to take care of mine. I want you to give me a foot massage.” I started with her right foot, rubbing her ankle to her toe, varying the pressure. I rubbed her for about 5 minutes, I looked up from time to time and could see her biting her top lip a little bit, so at least I knew her sensitive spot too. I could also see her black lace panties in between her legs from this position. I switched feet and rubbed the other one. “Move the ottoman and get on your knees slave” She then placed one of her feet in my hands and said “Suck on my toes” I had never done this before and I made a face when she said it. She kicked me in the chest and knocked me over. “Is there anything wrong with my feet slave, why do they disgust you?”

“It’s nothing against your feet Mistress Brittany, I just don’t like to play with feet”

“I don’t care, you’re my slave and you should be grateful for the opportunity to pleasure me, You have insulted me slave and you must be punished.” She seemed like she was seriously offended by my actions. “We are in a hurry so I can’t afford to be creative with your punishment, close your eyes” I did, with a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, waiting for the impending pain.

“Ohhhh” I groaned. I felt something hit me in the groin, not terribly hard but anything there hurts and that definitely hurt, I immediately opened my eyes and grabbed myself to try to ease the pain. I looked down and saw that she had hit me with a high-heeled shoe.

“Next time I’ll throw it hard, don’t let it come to that.” She said. “Now suck my toes.” She got back into position and put her foot into my hands. I bent over gingerly, still feeling effects of the shoe. I pulled her big toe into my mouth and sucked on it, I saw her with an angry look on her face and I decided I should make it more sensual. So I started kissing the top of the toe and then wrapping my tongue around it, finally bring it into my mouth and sucking it, I did this a couple times with each toe and then switched feet going through the same routine. When I finished the baby toe she told me to dry her off with a towel nearby, she then told me to put her shoes on. I did with some figuring out how all the straps work. They were two-inch spike heels. She then did something that surprised me.

She stuck up one of her feet and told me to suck on her heel. I didn’t see that coming but I knew I had to act right away, so I crawled over and put the heel in my mouth. “In and out slave, get that head bobbing.” I started doing what she told me. “Faster bitch.” She yelled. I started moving really fast, as hard as I could. That lasted about 30 seconds. “That was good slave, thank you. Before you go I want you to bend over and rub your cheek against each foot and kiss them once. I bent over real low, in this submissive position and did as I was told when I head a yell. “Slave get your ass to the bathroom now” It was Liz.

“You better go” I ran to the bathroom and saw Liz, fully naked with the door open, facing me. She was stunning, skinny, with cute little tits that would disappear if she was on her back, she was completely bald down south, no pubic hair anywhere. “It’s good to see I can get you on full alert that quickly” I looked down and realized I had become instantly hard upon seeing her naked.

“Get in the shower slave, I see no reason to wash myself when your around”

I stepped in and Liz handed me a bottle and then turned around “Wash my hair.” I did and then took the movable showerhead and rinsed it out. “Wash everything back there” I got the soap and lathered up her back and rinsed, not daring to make any sensual contact, I could tell she meant business. I did the same to her ass and legs. She turned around “Arms” I washed them, she then suddenly grabbed my balls, not hard enough to hurt, but she had a firm grip. “Now do my chest and stomach, if you do anything unnecessary I squeeze.”

I quickly lathered up her stomach and breasts making sure to only touch her with soap and then I rinsed her off. She turned around again and said, “Wash my ass crack” I gently spread her cheeks apart and ran the soap through and then used the shower head to rinse away the soap.

“Kiss my ass, get on your knees and do it.” I got on my knees and gave her a peck on an ass cheek. It was embarrassing and so submissive. “Do the other cheek slut.” I kissed that one too. “Suck my ass bitch, all over” I leaned in again to suck on a girl’s ass. It seemed so surreal. I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing it, it’s something I’d never imagine. They had broken my will. I was completely their slave and I just followed orders instinctively.

I started sucking her ass at various places. After a while she said “I want you to run your tongue up my whole ass crack three times, I hope you got it nice and clean” This is disgusting. I had never been anywhere near a girl’s ass with my face before. I had no interest in starting now either. I must have hesitated too long because Liz turned around and slapped me in the face, hard. I was stunned. “Do it now slave” she said as she turned around.

I went in and split her ass cheeks, but I just couldn’t do it. She turned around and slapped me again in the same spot. It fucking killed. “I am going to count to 10, if I don’t feel your tongue on my ass your going to be very sorry.”

1…2…3. I spread her ass cheeks. 4…5…6. I couldn’t do this I wanted to quit so bad. 7…8. I closed my eyes quickly, leaned in and ran my tongue up her ass crack quickly. It wasn’t so bad, I didn’t taste any shit, but it was just so degrading. “Two more times slave. Do it much slower.” I moved my tongue is position and started at the bottom of her ass, licking up her crack, tasting only soap residue, I got to her anus and went slowly over it, she leaned in to my face at that point creating a little more pressure on my tongue with her anus, I continued up to the top. “Good slave, this time I just want you to lick around my asshole only” She leaned over forwards so her ass was sticking out and it gave me better access to he ass. I started just under her anus and licked it gently then moved it around her anus gently licking right over it and around. She was shaking slightly and bent over even more to grab the sides of the tube for balance.

“Ok slave, now I want you to try to get your tongue in my ass. Stick in as far as you can and wiggle it around.” This request would have grossed me out 5 minutes ago but considering what I had done over the last 5 minutes it was just the next step. I knew that I was going to do this and I also knew at that moment that the money was too much for me to pass up. I was sure I would do anything the rest of the weekend. I would not quit.

I stuck my tongue out straight and tried to stick it in her ass, it went in only a little but it must have been enough, she let out a gasp. I could taste traces of shit. She then reached around with one hand to the back of my head and held it into position, she then shoved her ass even more into my face. I was pressed so tightly into her ass that I struggled to breath. “Wiggle around in there slave” I started rotating my tongue in circles around her ass. I couldn’t do much it was really tight, I then started thrusting my tongue in and out. She was letting out small cries of pleasure during every intake and outtake of her breathing. I kept doing this for about 5 minutes, my tongue was aching from all the work, when finally she pulled away from me and said that was enough. I immediately started gasping for air and gagging on the disgusting taste of shit in my mouth.

She left the shower and told me to turn off the water and then dry her off. I grabbed a towel and started with her hair. I then did her back and then her ass. “Get in the crack slave” she said as she turned her head and gave me a mischievous grin. I got in her ass crack and went around to her front. I looked up and down her tiny body that completely dominates me, I weighed about 80 lbs more than her and was taller by about a foot, but she was in complete control.

I started with her arms and then her shoulder and moved down to her chest, rubbing over her tits a couple times in circular motions, I then moved down to her stomach when I finished I heard “just finish my legs slave” That didn’t allow me to get near her pussy, but I did get on my knees so I could get a good look at it. I dried her legs off and stood up.

“Ok slave I want you to brush your teeth and use a lot of mouthwash, a new toothbrush in sitting on the counter.”Good, I could remove that awful taste of shit from my mouth, I also realized I hadn’t pissed since I arrived and I really had to go.

“Mistress Liz?

“What is it slave?”

“I really have to piss.”

“Ok slave” she grabbed me by the dick and led me to the toilet. “Put your hands on your head and piss.” I put my hands on my head and she was holding my dick, guiding it for me. I couldn’t go in this state and stood there for 15 seconds, trying to relax so I could go. “Hurry up slave I am in a hurry” I closed my eyes and tried to relax finally I felt it starting to come. I finished and then flushed the toilet. “Get your teeth clean slave” and then Liz left.

I did a real thorough job making sure I got all the shit out. I decided to go downstairs when I was finished. I saw all the girls sitting on the couches in the living room, all were dressed up to go out.

“We went to a toy store this week slave and we look forward to having you as our guinea pig.” said Brittany “We are going to try some stuff on you while we are gone.” Liz held up some small clamps. I immediately knew what they were for. Liz attached it to my nipple and it pinched, I gasped from the sharp pain, she then put one on the other nipple. Amanda attached small weights to each, causing the clamps to constantly pull down on my nipples as well. Liz showed me some kind of bag, something I had never seen before and pulled it over my balls, she pulled it tight at the top of my sac, it was weighted at the bottom, pulling my sac down and it didn’t hurt but it was very uncomfortable. I then had handcuffs put on my wrists in front of my body.

“Ok, here are the rules slave, you may do pretty much whatever you want while we are gone. I imagine you are starving since you haven’t eaten yet, help yourself to whatever. To not attempt to escape from any of the devices we have attached to you, but I doubt you’d be able to if you tried. We are not sure what we are going to do with you when we get home. A few drinks will help us decide. So you may sleep or whatever. Just make sure that you are easily found. Goodnight.”

They all started to leave and stood in front of the door, I opened it for them. After they left I opened the fridge and saw a microwave pizza, I made that since it required little hand use, mine weren’t too useful at the moment. I ate the pizza and decided that I would have a few beers from the fridge to see if they could help me deal with what I had been through. I then just ended up giving myself a quick tour of the house and then watched TV.

I was watching a basketball game when I heard the door open. I could hear giggling. They sounded drunk. They all went upstairs. “Slave, get your ass up here now”

I headed upstairs and saw Liz wearing a set of pajamas. “It’s your lucky day slave, we are all drunk and horny and we need servicing from our slave. But we don’t think you should be allowed to see us naked yet so..” she put a blindfold on me. I couldn’t see anything. I felt the nipple clamps, handcuffs and scrotum bag being removed. “Come inside now” she took my hand and led me into the room”

“Welcome slut” said Amanda “Here is the deal. You are gonna eat us out one at a time, I want you to take your time, do a good job, start slow and soft and every time you feel a kick take it up a notch.”

“Wait, I don’t want him to know whose who, he’ll be able to tell by our voices, can’t we get some earplugs too.” Brittany said nervously.

“Ok, I’ll turn the stereo on real loud too, that will make sure he can’t hear anything. Are we drunk enough to wanna fool around with each other too?” Liz asked boldy.

“I think so.” Said Amanda with a sly grin “Why don’t the other two that aren’t getting eaten out do a boob each.”

“Yeah that’s fine, how about we do me first. He has seen me naked already I wanna see his face and everything. He has been a good slave and he deserves to see this, just throw your nighties on or something.” Liz said.

My blindfold was taken off. I saw that Liz lay on the bed, a pillow propped up under her ass. She motioned for me to come to the end and I positioned myself so my head was between her legs. Brit and Amanda both went to a side and positioned themselves at a breast. They both looked hot in short nighties, showing off their thighs and cleavage.

“This way I can tell him what I want.” Said Liz “Start by licking up and down my inner thighs for a while” I put my hands on her thighs started to kiss her thigh, then moving my tongue up to her cunt, and passed over it with a breath of air, she shuddered. I was going to put in my best effort in the hopes I would be rewarded after.

Right now Amanda and Liz just had their hands placed on each Liz’s stomach. She then moved the two girls hands to her breasts. They both began messaging. I licked down the other thigh and kissed my way back up, again breathing softly on her cunt as I went over it. I then kissed down her thigh the other way.

“Start licking my slit slave, stay on the outside for now.” I started licking up and down her slit, slowly but firmly, I looked up and saw her eyes filled with lust. She grabbed Brittany by the hair and pulled her in, they locked in for a kiss, their tongues entering into each other’s mouths, exploring while I continued licking her slit, I could taste her, she was getting real wet. I started concentrating on her clit, licking over it back and forth slowly.

She broke off her kiss with Brittany and pulled Amanda in, they started making out. In between kisses with Amanda, Liz said shrilly “Get your tongue in there, bitch” she yelled. I quickly inserted my tongue in her hole, thrusting in and out hard. I could hear her moaning while she came up for air from her kiss with Amanda. They continued to kiss I saw her move her other hand to Brittany’s head and guide it to her breast, forcing Brittany to lick and suck on her breast. She was shaking now. She broke off from the kiss to yell “Quick slave, play with my clit too.” I brought one of my hands up and started to rub her clit, moving over it fast. “Oh god, oh god” Liz moaned, she pushed Amanda onto her other breast and she immediately began to suck. Liz, with her hands now free brought them to the back of my head, forcing my tongue deeper into her. I looked up and saw her face contorted with pleasure. “I’m almost there, keep going” I thrust my tongue in her as fast as I could, in and out, playing with her insides. My thumb playing with her clit as fast as I could. Suddenly Liz’s body tightened, her head went back and she screamed. I could feel the juice pouring out of her, trying to lick it all up. She keep her hands on my head as she orgasmed, slowly releasing me as she wound down. “Lick my juices slave, don’t let them go anywhere” she said quietly “Fuck that was incredible.” I stayed and lapped at her cunt for about 2 more minutes, my tongue tired from the hard work. My dick, rock hard, from the incredible sight of 3 hot chicks.

Amanda came over and put the blindfold back on me. “I still don’t want you seeing me naked yet slave, but on the plus side we are already turned on so you won’t have to do any foreplay with us, just bury your tongue and go to work.”

She then put earplugs on me and blared, fittingly enough “Dirrty” from the stereo. I couldn’t hear much. I was then bent over into a waiting pussy. I started thrusting my tongue in immediately. I was then forced in deeper by a hand on the back of my head. I licked and sucked as hard as I could. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. I knew an orgasm was approaching soon. My hands, spreading her thighs, felt her muscles tighten, then convulse. She had her orgasm. When her hands released me, I began to obediently lap at her juices. But she was quickly removed and another girl was brought in.

I did the same thing to the next girl. My tongue and jaw ached from the prolonged activity. Finally she too orgasmed and I licked up the excess juices. She left and I was led outside. My earplugs and blindfold were taken off. Liz was standing there in pajamas. Come on slave. You sleep in my room tonight.” She threw a pillow on the floor beside her bed. “Lie down” I lie on the pillow and she handcuffed one of my ankles to the bed post. “Goodnight slave, two days of fun left.”

She turned off the lights and I was left to my thoughts. I was still ridiculously horny from eating out the three of them. Especially seeing Liz kissing Amanda while Brittany sucked furiously at her breast. I felt three girls bodies convulse under me. I really wanted to jack off but I knew that I would be in big trouble for doing it. So I tried to sleep and not even think about what tomorrow had in store.

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