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Once upon a time, a very handsome Master and his adoring pet were sleeping soundly in a large comfortable bed. Their bodies and souls were intertwined, as both tend to be in the midst of such a deep subconscious and vulnerable state. With him, to have such blissful sleep with her represented trust, and allowing her to be so close to him while in that vulnerable state. For her, the closeness and bliss allowed her to be protected, safe; her soul open, and the shelter of his embrace shields her from the world. Thus the cycle ensues…

When they wake it is dark. Wisps of light filtered in from the outside through the open window and curtains; but all around them, a blanket of darkness fell. He touched her gently, stroked her warm skin and she roused slowly and stretched; arching her back and straightening her legs. He tastes her warm sleepy mouth before rising from the bed to draw her bath.

He is rested and his mind is racing. He had planned their “nap” together. He wanted her trust and devotion for the evening he had planned for them. They were both very well rested and content; their minds cleared from the clutter of normal life. The world, for them at that moment, consisted of only each other.

She was a bit surprised when he returned to the bed, took her hand and led her to the waiting tub. She climbed in and sank to her neck in the warm fragrant water. He left for a few minutes and then returned with a cup of hot tea for her. She smiled at him and brushed her lips over his knuckles as he caressed her cheek. He got into the tub with her and began to wash her. It was quite an indulgence; performing such luxurious attention to her. She was completely pampered and had never felt more relaxed.

His hands glided over her warm skin, the rich froth of the soap was the perfect contrast to her tanned limbs and breasts. He loved being able to touch her so. His hands slid over her shoulders and he grinned as the flick of his thumbs through the lather caused her nipples to harden almost instantaneously. He continued to wash her, her arms torso and then legs and then rose to his knees. He motioned her to rise to her knees as well, and to turn around, so he could properly wash her back.

She was on her knees as well, her hands braced on the edge of the tub. She had to lean forward a bit, and Master placed himself between her parted thighs. He squeezed the sponge and the lather flowed through his fingers and over her skin, and he watched the white foam glide elegantly down her spine and over her hips. His cock lurched when the gentle purr escaped her throat. He ached to drive himself deep inside her slick warm body; it took all that he had not to do just that. The reminder of what he had in store for the rest of the evening was the only deterrent.

He lifted a cup and poured warm water over her, washing away the lather, then nudged her to tilt her head backward so he could wash her hair. His fingers became lost in her long tresses as he rubbed the shampoo through her hair and then rinsed it thoroughly. He watched her face in the mirror surrounding the tub. She had closed her eyes and he looked at the look of sheer bliss on her face and kept envisioning his own hand wrapped around her throat, capturing her pulse beneath his fingers. When he finished rinsing her hair, he pressed the crown of his cock against the crack of her ass. He wrapped her hair around his hand, and pulled back slightly, and tilted her head to the side, exposing the flank of her neck. He pressed his lips there, then bit and sucked on her wet heated flesh. He watched her nipples harden once again, in the mirror, and he felt the tremor of pleasure ripple through her. He felt her body pulse against his cock as well. With his other hand, he placed his fingers on either side of her swollen clit and squeezed. She whimpered slightly and it took his breath away.

He stroked her gently and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to shave you now pet. You’re going to be a good girl for your Master, aren’t you?”

Her eyes fluttered open and caught his in the mirror. They were dreamy and warm; helpless. “Uh huh” was all she could muster.

She kept herself impeccably groomed in order to be prepared for and pleasing to her Master at all times, however, she had not been shaved bare before this. He turned her around and seated her on a towel at the edge of the tub. He filled his hand with a fair amount of cream and spread it smoothly over her labia. She was warm from the bath and her flesh was a glowing pink. He spread her legs wide and placed her feet on the sides of the tub. She knew better than to move, and although her expression was a little apprehensive, he was delighted that she made no hesitations or indications of denial.

He lifted the razor and began to clear the cream from her swollen mound in long smooth strokes. He began outside and worked his way inward. She watched his face intently as he set about at his task. Her hair formed little ringlets around her face and shoulders and his mind was trying to distract him by picturing the little drops of water trickling down her body from the water in her hair. His concentration was very intense. It was difficult for him not to become terribly distracted; considering the intimate place he was working on. Her lips were slick from the bath and the cream, and also deep pink. He ached to press his tongue there, suckle her, make her whimper, coaxing her desire into intense need and for her to beg him for her release.

She watched his hands, expertly shaving her tender flesh. She longed to touch him, caress him. She watched his cock pulse as well, when his fingers parted and held her flesh, and her own body responded with a deep throb as well. She knew he desired her immensely right then, and the feeling intoxicated her. He leaned forward when he finished, and placed his thumb against her throbbing bud and slid two fingers deep inside of her. She was wide eyed and looked startled. He leaned even further and captured her mouth beneath his. He slid his tongue deep into her mouth and she sucked deeply, struggling to taste him. He pulled away from her suddenly, leaving her mouth agape and confused as to why he pulled away.

“There’s no rush pet, I have more plans for you this evening…” he purred to her with a smile.

He rose from the tub and turned on the faucet in order to rinse them both thoroughly and then stepped out, with his pet right behind him. He toweled her off quickly, then himself, then poured oil into his hand and rubbed it into her skin in long smooth strokes. He saved her tender labia for last. Her smoothness there sent tremors of anticipation trough him. She quivered when he touched her there. She was achingly vulnerable and innocent to him at that moment and he could not wait to have her.

He led her to the bedroom, where he had a cloth draped over the bed. There were dozens of candles surrounding the bed and the room glowed with their warmth. He had four leather restraints with soft red lining lying in a small cluster at the center of the bed. Without having to instruct her, she climbed to the center of the bed and lifted a restraint to her nose. She breathed deeply of the leather scent. He grinned widely, as he knew what the scent did to her. Without losing his gaze, she applied each of the restraints to her limbs and then lay flat on her back in the center of the bed. He sat next to her and reached to the sides of the bed and attached the metal clasps to the large hooks on the cuffs. He loved it when his pet was so eager to please him and accept whatever he had in store for her.

The oil on her skin made it glow in the candlelight. He leaned down to kiss her once again, this time tweaking her nipples sharply, each one in turn, and she yelped against his mouth, and it merely made him chuckle. “One last thing my eager pet…” he whispered gently as he produced a black silk scarf, which he lifted towards her head. He intended to blindfold her. She was a little nervous, hence the blindfold, regarding what he intended to do to her, but she trusted that he would not cause her harm, so she lifted her head a bit so that he could apply the scarf.

He began to caress her once again, applying a bit more oil. He always did so by pouring the liquid first into his hand, then onto her body, so it could be warmed in his hands and also that he had control over the amount and areas where it was placed. He spread a fair amount over her breasts and belly, enjoying the feel of her freshly bathed skin. She writhed and squirmed under his touch as he murmured soft words and endearments to her.

The first slap he administered to her breasts startled her to such an extent that she cried out. The sound went through him, like a cord being pulled from his belly through to the tip of his cock, which lurched. She did not protest, but after the next two slaps, he stopped and resumed caressing her. He knew her mind would brace her body for the onslaught to continue, so he stopped.

He poured more oil onto his hand and let it trickle onto her freshly shaven labia. He knew the sensation was delightful, just as delightful as it was for him to do it to her. He watched as she strained to open her legs even wider, and struggled to lift her hips. When most had dripped from his hand, he rubbed the palm of his hand of her bare flesh and she quivered in response. He traced his middle finger along her slit, top to bottom, then on the way back up, probed deeper, between her lips, and pressed. She moaned like a whore, and his legs were trembling with the need his cock ached to claim her, but he had much more to do to her before he would indulge himself in that pleasure.

The slaps he administered to that bare flesh startled her far more than the ones to her breasts did. She flinched so deeply she all but leapt from the bed. She likely would have, had she not been tethered so soundly. As with the previous slaps, he stopped after only a few, and pressed his palm once again to her mound, as though holding her still; holding her there. With his other hand, he slid two oiled fingers deep inside her pulsing cunt. This time she didn’t moan, she growled. He pumped his fingers in and out of her slowly and stroked her clit with his thumb.

She would have squirmed, but his hands held her fast. She was near sobbing as her clit pounded beneath his digits, and he moved so that his legs were nearer to her head. Silvery strands of pre-cum drizzled from his cock to the cloth near her shoulder and she turned her head. In his mind, she did because she could smell him…the male scent of his sex and he knew she wanted him…craved him.

She opened her mouth and eagerly probed and reached for him to fill the empty cavern of her mouth, so he shifted once again to oblige her. He held his cock right out of reach for her, and she began to beg him…

“Please Master…Please may I have your cock in my mouth? Please sir…Please….” She whimpered breathlessly, and he wanted to tear her wide open.

“Yes pet… you may…” he replied in a soft deep voice. She knew that tone of voice and it set her blood on fire.

He stopped touching her for a moment as he knelt near her head, slowly moving towards her mouth. She turned her head and struggled to capture him. He rubbed the sticky head over her lips and she licked them hungrily.

“Open your mouth my hungry little whore…” he growled to her in a low smooth voice. He watched as her breath caught and a shiver of pleasure went through her. She turned her head and opened her mouth, tilting her backward as much as she could. He slid his engorged cock through her waiting lips and she sucked his shaft hard. She had a deep suction on his flesh. He watched his cock slide in and out of her mouth, as she couldn’t move that way in her state of restraint. He thrust his hips gently, forward and back, in slow but perfect rhythm, and her hold was so snug, he was mesmerized by the taut skin of his shaft seemed to shift and snap back from the pulling of the suction. It was all he could do not to explode into that hot soft wanton mouth!

From the way she was gyrating her hips and pulling at the leather bonds, he knew if he were to touch her, she would cum. “Don’t cum until I tell you to pet…” he reminded her softly. He could see the light film of perspiration forming on her flesh and she began to tremble. Reluctantly, he pulled away from her and shifted once again. She sobbed a mournful groan and lay still; panting. He lay next to her so that his face was near her head.

“Is my pet hungry?” He teased in her ear.

“Yes…please”…she cried.

“Please what? What does my little slut want?” he taunted into her ear.

“Please don’t stop…don’t stop”…she whispered as her lower lip quivered. He kissed her deeply, taking her breath away. He tasted himself on her mouth, and it only fueled his need further.

He turned on the control to a small cylindrical vibrator and placed it in the valley between her breasts. She flinched, the sudden vibration unexpectedly, coupled with not being able to see what objects he had in his “arsenal” of toys. He let it lie there for a few moments while he traced her smooth labia with his fingers. He was murmuring endearments again, telling her how obedient, how much he wanted her, how delicious she tasted and felt, and then he slowly traced a trail down her torso with the vibrator, to the crest of her labia. It was like a warm ripe peach; its flesh full, ripe and fragrant. It made his mouth water to look at her. Her hips thrust upwards and she strained to spread her legs farther as the vibrating object neared her eager flesh.

He bit her neck as he placed the egg on her clit. She cried out in a delightful wale of pleasure/pain. His breath caught as the tremors of pleasure, like a silken cord, pulled through his torso with her every sound. He knew she must want to cum very badly. He teased small circles around her engorged clit and she was shaking uncontrollably.

He continued to talk gently to her as he stroked his fingers up and down her torso, paying close attention to not touch her intimate areas. This was what he was waiting for; her sense and nerve endings were extremely heightened. Her skin was very stimulated and responsive. He began to nip and rake his teeth over her shoulders and the flesh just below her earlobes. When he introduced the bristles of a paintbrush over the flesh which his fingers had just touched, she seemed to swerve and move beneath the strokes, like she was liquid. She continued to pant and sigh alternately, and she was till trembling. Her body seemed to strain towards every move he made, struggling for more and more attention. He pressed the bristles over her smooth oiled skin and his cock pulsed every time the little mewing whimpers left the depths of her throat.

The initial stroke of heated wax that he painted onto her skin with the brush startled her a bit, as the sensation was a bit unfamiliar. Since she was still blindfolded, she paused, straining to determine what exactly he was doing to her. She turned her head towards his and he made little hush sounds against her quivering lip, as though to comfort a child. He knew her well enough that he had lowered her into his domain, and she was completely and utterly under his command and guidance, as though under a spell. She was vulnerable, docile, yet extremely stimulated. She grew silent and still for a moment, as though stunned. He had not done anything of this nature to her previously, so he took small doses to acclimate her. He wanted to see how she would react. She flinched when the heated liquid made contact with her skin. He had a small warmer near the bed, and the wax was quite warm.

“How does it feel pet?” he asked her quietly.

“Oh Master…its delicious….,” she replied in a throaty whisper.

A wide grin crossed his face, and he lifted a makeshift clamp that he had put together earlier in the day. He had secured rubber bands around two chopsticks that were in the drawer. He had lucked out; two sets. Since they were a bit pliable, they would hold her nipples securely and leave them there for a bit longer than clothespins or heavier clamps. He placed first one, then the other on her hardened peaks and them raked them in turn, with his teeth. Her response of sharp intake of breath, and trembling even harder set him on fire.

He moved to straddle her, and began to “paint” her with wax, all over her torso, being careful not to get too near her “more sensitive” areas. He watched the wax go from glossy to opaque as it cooled on her skin. He became bolder and painted her breasts with wax, and she bent her head back, her body arching and writhing as a result of the heated wax and the sensation of the brush. He dipped the brush once again and traced down her torso, between her ribs and over her belly. As he painted lower and lower, her breathing became more and more shallow, and the little “pants” began again. Her flesh quivered beneath his touch but he noticed that she was not as docile as she had been.

When he traced the brush over her inner thighs, near her mound, he expected her to perhaps pull her limbs inward, against the restraints, as an attempt to shield herself. He would have thought it would be a natural reaction. Instead, she seemed to open like a flower and strained to open herself wider! She was indeed his little whore… He looked down to see her cunt soaked, and her juices glistening in the candlelight. He placed his index and middle fingers on either side of her swollen clit and squeezed. She let out a deep growl and her legs twitched as her clit pounded deeply. He squeezed a little harder and pulled a bit. He could see her muscles tense, and it was all he could do not to tear her wide open and pound into her. Instead he dipped the brush once again.

He painted her mound with a thick layer of wax and she began to whimper/sob, and her legs were twitching uncontrollably. All of the wax had become opaque and he set aside the brush and rubbed his fingers against her clit, driving her mad with need.

“Oh god, Oh Please, Please… I want to cum…please let me cum Master Please…” she begged him, her words muffled, barely audible. He reached up and removed her blindfold. Her eyes glowed for him, ablaze with fire and blind need. She looked like a wild animal. She was HIS wild animal!

He pinched his fingers roughly on her clit, and since it was such a tender area, she did flinch, but did not cry out in pain, but rather, groaned in pleasure. He began to pull the wax from her body, the soft smooth substance coming away in various sizes. Some were pieces, the other sheets, and he marveled at her deep pink skin beneath it, evidence of his work. He had marked her well. Her eyes watched him intently, and instead of softening, became more on fire. He contemplated once or twice if he should indeed remove her restraints…

When he had the majority of the wax removed from her, he did free her, first her legs then her arms. He removed the makeshift clamps from her nipples and pinched and pulled them, tweaking them smartly. She squealed in response. He had prepared her, teased her, marked her, controlled her, and now he intended to take her; claim her, for she was His…

He bent his head and licked, then sucked, then bit her nipples and her reaction was to grab the back of his head and pulled him closer. Her deep need for him was like to make him explode. He shoved her onto her back and slapped her pink swollen labia with short, hard strikes. She became more and more wanton, before his eyes. HARDER! She cried out after each, daring him, taunting him, even though the tone of her voice indicated the deep impact, yet her primal need had taken control of her. He bent lower and teased her freshly slapped labia in deep strokes with his tongue. She grasped the back of his head and lifted her hips in attempt to get more. He licked and bit at her flesh and she begged even harder for release. She reached down with her other hand and grasped her clit between her fingers as he had done. He took the opportunity to tease her captured bud and suckled it hard. He stopped only long enough to growl at her, “CUM!”

She wailed so loud he thought surely the neighbors would call the police. Over and over the spasms shook her, and he continued relentlessly until she couldn’t gather enough breath in her lungs to make any more sound. As soon as he stopped, he straightened and grabbed her hips. He turned her onto her side and lifted her top leg. He was on his knees, and he shoved his hard cock into her with one deep thrust. She looked at him with lustful eyes and placed her hands above her head, against the headboard, as a means to push back. He paused for a moment, and felt her still pulsing cunt milk his cock.

“Slap my ass!” she charged at him.

He raised his eyebrows and cocked his head slightly as if to challenge her. He smacked her sharply, and felt her grip around his cock tighten.

She grinned at him, an evil grin, and said, “Is that all you got?”

He smacked her again, harder. He knew it hurt, because his hand was stinging, and a bright red welt was already forming. “I’m waiting…” she teased, the pain of it causing her to have to pause for a moment, close her eyes and try to take a breath. He smacked her again, and again and again; then smacked her three times on her tender labia for good measure. He had so much pent up aggression, and so much stimulation, he felt that he wanted to really hurt her, smack her so hard that she would cry. The thoughts clouded his judgment, but he couldn’t control himself.

“Again….please…” she teased, and he did. His cock was pounding so hard he thought he would pass out.

“I’m yours Sir, please take me; fill me…” she whispered with tear filled eyes, reaching for him.

He began to pound her. He thrust himself into her so hard it hurt. He watched her press her arms against the headboard so she wasn’t able to move away and he drove himself into her deeper with each thrust. He was relentless; like a piston he pummeled into her over and over and soon his release came. He fucked her harder than he would have ever imagined, and continued until he was thoroughly emptied and exhausted. He collapsed into her waiting arms.

She clung to him tightly and cried as he struggled to catch his breath. He stroked her warm smooth skin and held her against him tightly. He kissed her gently and she smiled at him. The warmth of her smile and the tenderness of her touch was reassurance that he had not harmed her, but pleased her as well as she had pleased him. He looked around them and at the “mess” they had made, and intended to take a shower with her, but it could wait. They had all night…

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