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Walt and Erma

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After a fairly brief fight with cancer, although it seemed long as she experienced it, my wife died. We were both retired, our children have children of their own and live a few hundred miles away. So, after the funeral and everyone returning to their own lives, I was on my own. It’s difficult adjusting to that. I mean, after a long marriage where you become sort of two halves of one organism, to all of a sudden be alone.

I guess I knew that I should sell the house but it took about three years for me to finally get around to it. A house is a lot of work. I cut the grass, pulled weeds, watered, washed clothes and dishes, and took a lot of long walks. But finally sold and now, here I am, eighty years old, in a retirement facility with a lot of other old farts.

In many ways, this is easy. People to talk to, people to play bridge with, eating in a dining room with other people, and yet having my own little apartment with my own furniture and all. There are a lot more women than men. Some of these women, well, I doubt if I would have been friendly with them in years past. They’re downright pushy. And it’s almost funny, they’re so open and forthright horny. A new guy showing up was like some raw meat had been tossed to the hungry lions. “Can you get an erection?” I was asked at lunch my first day here. Not even “my name is Mary, what’s yours?’ or “What did you used to do before you retired?” or any normal small talk. It was right away, “can you fuck?”

Fact is, it scared me off. Not that I was scared of fucking. I truly hadn’t thought of it for several years. I still wake up with a woody so I guess I can. And now that it’s been brought up, I guess I could be interested if the right woman came along and interested me and let me know she was also interested in me. But not these sex driven old bags that come on so strong.

Although, I guess I’m an old bag too. I still walk a lot and am in decent physical shape but it’s obvious to me as well as to others that at eighty I’m not what I was fifty years ago. And neither are any of the others living here as physically attractive as they once might have been. Some are better than others, though.

Like Erma. I play bridge, a card game. Here, very often, it’s possible to get four players together for a game. The second afternoon I was here, I ended up with this rather small, white haired woman as a partner. She is a whiz of a bridge player. Better than me. She’s not bad looking, fairly quiet, obviously has a sharp mind. So, when possible, I would try and make sure Erma was my partner. Then, one day after breakfast when I’m taking my walk, I see Erma walking. She’s in shorts and I realize that she’s in good physical shape for another old person like me. So, we start taking some walks together as well as playing bridge together. We even end up often sitting at the same table, with some others, at meal time.

So, one day during our morning walk, this quiet, little white haired woman says to me, “I’ve had several girls ask me how good you are in bed.”

The remark surprised me. Not that some of those horny women would think that we’re fucking but that Erma, quiet Erma, would bring it up. “I guess they see us together a lot and let their minds go in that direction,” is my rather weak reply. Truthfully, I had no idea what to say.

“I had to tell them that I didn’t know,” she said. “We hadn’t got around to that yet.”

I stopped and looked at her. “Yet?” I asked, “So you think we will?”

“Well, only if you want to, of course. But we’re both here after years of being used to regular sex and now having none. I’m sure you miss your wife. I miss my husband. So it seems logical since we get along so well that we’d move on to sex eventually. It’s just taking longer than I had thought it would.”

“But you’ve never given any indication!” I sort of blustered, I’m so surprised by this.

“I’ve been living in the past, assuming the male would make the move and I would just agree. Today, I guess women are more aggressive. So, Walt, why don’t we have sex?”

I just looked at her and grinned. “I really have missed having a naked female in my arms. And I’ve missed the taste of an aroused pussy and making a woman go nuts with an orgasm. ”

She smiles. “You like oral? That’s great, so do I.”

“Well, lets head back and give it a try. I should warn you, though, not to carry oral to climax because I might not be able to get up again for actual intercourse.”

We started back. “Women don’t have the problem of getting it up again,” she says, smiling at me, “so don’t stop early on me, I’d love an orgasm or two. ”

“Which of our places should we got to?” I asked.

“It could be either but this first time, why not mine?” she answers. “I’ll probably feel better with my own bathroom and stuff and in my own bed. That is, if it makes no difference to you.”

“That’s fine,” I say.

We walk up to the second floor and to her little apartment. It looks pretty much the same as mine but with different furniture. As we head through the sitting room to the bedroom she tells me, “We might as well get naked. I like the feel of naked bodies against one another, don’t you?”

I don’t even answer, just start taking off my clothes and she does, too. I’m surprised, she has a good body. Small breasts but with no sag at all. Her waist is probably a little bigger and probably softer than it once was but still is nice and her legs are in good shape, with muscle definition. Her butt looks firm although probably a little wider than it was years ago. “You have a very nice body, Erma,” I tell her.

She looks at me and smiles, “Thanks, you do too.” Like most people as they get old, I’ve sagged a little, my waist is larger than when I was younger, but overall I’ve tried to keep in good shape, just to keep going, if for no other reason. She climbs on the bed, laying on her side facing me and pats the space next to her, so I climb on and lay down facing her. We get up against each other, our arms around each other as good as we can and I kiss her for the first time. We don’t talk much, kiss over and over. I run my one hand down her back, feeling the way her lower back curves out onto her butt. I’ve always loved that curve. I feel her ass. Nice and firm but yet soft, too. A lovely ass.

We don’t need to say much, she can tell from my feeling her than I like it. She reaches between us to get her hand to my cock. I can tell that I’m not hard yet. It’s grown a little but isn’t fully up. Since she’s started it, I reach between us, too, to get my fingers to her pussy. I can feel her pubic hair and then feel that she’s actually slightly wet, aroused a little already. Maybe it’s because I was married for so long and had sex with my wife a lot, probably more than a thousand times, so I was used to moving on to the real meat of the situation without wasting a lot of time on seduction.

I started moving to get my face down between her legs. I tarry a little to feel her breasts, kiss them and suck on her nipples. I get down between her legs and then crawl over her leg to get next to the bed. I grab her hips and pull her over some. I’m used to kneeling on the floor and getting my wife’s pussy at the edge of the bed, one of her legs over my shoulder and the other spread out on the bed, making access to her pussy much easier than trying to get my chin down into the covers and eat her on the bed. Erma makes a little happy noise as she realizes what I’m doing and cooperates fully.

I’m looking at her pussy. Many, many years ago, before I met and married my wife, I was in this position with maybe a half dozen pussies. And then for fifty some years in this position with my wife. And I have long thought that, in general, pussies are not really very pretty. The outer lips are usually sort of wrinkled and an odd color, sort of brown. The pubic hair usually just gets in the way. But here was Erma, actually a very pretty pussy. Sort of a pink powder puff with a split down the middle. Not a lot of pubic hair and what there is, is all above and pretty much out of the way. I look up at her and say, “You have a really pretty pussy,” just before I use my hands to pull a little on each side and spread her open, then lean in and get my tongue into her.

I’ve learned that it’s possible to lick and play with a pussy for a long time or else it’s possible to get the woman to an orgasm as quickly as possible. Both can be very enjoyable for both of us. I figure that today I should probably get her to an orgasm as quickly as I can. So I lick up and down a little, savoring that sexy female taste, and then slide a finger into her vagina while I get my tongue and lips to her clit. I finger fuck her and concentrate my mouth action on her clit. She get juicier and juicier. She also makes a lot of sounds — moans and gasps and little shrieks. Her hands both come down onto the back of my head, holding me to her, and it doesn’t take very long at al and she’s yelling and the fluid comes out of her and her hips jump and I’ve obviously succeeded in giving her the orgasm that she wanted.

Then we’re up next to one another, holding each other and kissing and kissing. “I think you’ve done that before, Walt,” she almost murmurs to me between kisses. just kiss her some more and she adds, “I loved it.” Then she’s reaching down between us, grabbing my cock. I’m still not fully hard but I’m getting close. I lay there as she moves around, sort of kneeling to the side, looking at my cock. “You have a nice cock, Walt,” she says. “I bet I can get it up,” and she leans down and starts licking up and down along the sides and it definitely grows hard. She then gets her mouth over the head and starts licking and sucking, moving her hand up and down on the rest of my shaft, holding my balls with her other hand.

“I love your cock, it feels so good,” she tells me lifting her mouth free and moving a little, repositioning herself slightly, and then starting to swallow as much of me into her mouth as she can. I guess my cock is about average. I mean, it’s not some huge porno salami but it isn’t a little thing, either. Erma doesn’t seem to have any problem getting most of it into her mouth before she starts bobbing her head up and down. I can hear her slurping as she licks and sucks me and milks me with her lips. She lifts her head up some and looks at me, saliva dripping of her lips. “I’d love to do this for a long time but maybe this first time we should get this thing into me.”

She moves around to lay on her back so I move around to get on my knees between her legs and get it aimed at her pussy. She holds me and helps aim me into her and I start pushing my way in. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, feeling your cock push it’s way through the insides of a woman. She’s tight enough that I can feel my foreskin getting stretched taught but loose enough that there’s no problem pushing fully into her. I think we both sort of sigh with pleasure as I bottom out, inside her. I just hold it there a second, loving the feeling, and then start to pull back out so I can shove into her again. I purposely move slowly the first couple times and then speed up a little and then a little more.

This is my first fuck in more than three years. My mind would love to make it last forever but my body doesn’t obey. I manage to get up to a good speed, really banging into her a few times before my insides boil up and I shoot off. I push as far into her as possible and hold it as I empty myself. She moves her legs up around me so her feet are on my butt, her arms around me. “I really loved that, Walt,” she says finally as she unwraps herself. I lift off and lay next to her. She rolls partly onto me, her leg over mine. I can feel her pussy on my hip. She’s leaking a little onto me. We hold each other and kiss some more.

She looks down at me, “You said I had a very pretty pussy. I’ve never heard that before.”

“Well, you do,” I replied. “A helluva long time ago, before I met my wife, I did this with several women and to be honest, I never thought pussies were all that pretty. But I did it with a cute redhead who had a pussy like yours. A really pretty pussy. Were you a redhead?”

She grins, “Yeah, I was. A skinny little redhead. I ended up marrying a guy I grew up with. Knew him all my life. We sort of fooled around a little and one thing led to another. Society was different back then, girls today start earlier, I think. We were probably eighteen or nineteen when we finally gave each other orgasms. Well, that hooked me. I understand how people get addicted to drugs or alcohol because I became addicted to sex. So did he. We couldn’t get enough. We got married so we could keep at it all the time practically. ”

“Then the babies came. Thank goodness for formula. If my babies depended on mother’s milk, they would have starved with me. My boobs are bigger now than they ever were back then. All sorts of things happened over the years but one thing never changed, we stayed hot for each other right up until he died. Fifty two years of sex. It was a real problem for me to all of a sudden not have regular sex. I was too proper to get really promiscuous and go out and find lots of guys. But I couldn’t do without. I’ve had two more lovers that lasted for awhile before dieing. If you’re willing, you’re next in line because you’re really very good at this.”

“I’ve always loved female bodies,” I tell her. “The first girl I was ever with got me to eat her. I think she liked oral sex maybe better than genital. She also loved sucking me. So I did this with several girls and then for more than fifty years with just one woman. Losing her really bothered me. I’m surprised that I didn’t have sex sooner than I have after her death. Because I really do love the female body.” As I’m saying this, i’m running my hands over her body. I slide down a little to get my mouth and hands to her breasts.

She runs her hands over my head as I suck a nipple. “I don’t think you’re going to want to carry this on. I’m pretty messy down there after sex. And I don’t really want to get turned on again without managing to go on to an orgasm.”

“Last time, I purposely moved you to orgasm pretty quick. Now, I’d like to take my time and enjoy you more. You may think you’re messy down there, I think you’re just sexy and I’m going to love getting you up again. I doubt if I’m going to get up again, though.”

“Oh,” she says as I kiss down over her stomach, starting to pull her body into position so I can seriously eat her pretty pussy, “go ahead then, I’m sure I’ll love it. And we’ll see about getting you up again. I think I can darn near raise the dead when I work at it.”

Once I get to her again, I lick and suck on her pussy, enjoying the shape and the taste. A much stronger taste this time. I’m probably even getting a slight taste of my own semen. She has a lot of moans and groans. I keep at it, kissing her thighs and then getting back at her pussy, for what must be ten or fifteen minutes. Her hips move and jump some, I know she’s really aroused. She finally says, “Walt, quit teasing me. I love this but get me to an orgasm, I need to cum again.” So I shove my finger into her, start seriously finger fucking her while working hard on her clit and she cums again with some shrieks.

Then she’s on top of me, kissing me and then kissing down my chest towards my cock. My definitely soft cock. Forty years ago, I’d be up and ready again but I haven’t gone ahead and done it twice for some years. My being soft doesn’t seem to deter her. She’s got me in her mouth, her fingers working on my balls, and I can actually feel some stirring inside me. maybe she can do it. Well, it takes her about as long to get me up again as I had spent eating her but she does finally succeed. “I knew I could,” she says, grinning at me, “I’ve done this before. Besides, I really like it.” And with that, she straddles me and sits on me, holding my cock and aiming it up into her as she settles onto me.

This white haired woman, obviously not young at all, is riding this white haired old man, and I realize that it feels as good today as it did sixty years ago when I experienced this for the first time. “Erma, you’re the fountain of youth. This is just as sexy for me as it was sixty years ago and a girl rode me for the first time. You’ve got yourself another full time lover for as long as I last.”

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