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Wake Up!

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She had awakened way too horny to get back to sleep. Her thoughts were always random at such a dark hour, but they often strayed between her handful of lovers of the years and the ones she hadn’t had, the ones whose cocks she only imagined while she masturbated in the lonely hours.

She writhed in the bed while her fingers traced fiery trails over her body. She stroked her neck, but she couldn’t bring herself to squeeze the way she wanted it to happen, though she experimented by herself a little when she was this hot. A bag over her head, maybe? She’d heard of such things, but she dismissed them with the thought that, god, what if she died and her mom read the report about how she was found? The thought made her giggle a little in its absurdity, but her breath caught quickly, back to business, as she found an already-erect nipple and nearly tore it off…

She didn’t move immediately to her pussy, but she was certainly aware of it. She knew it was wet and flowing already, the way it was when she knew she was going to get fucked hard, like she loved it, and she started contemplating moving to get a toy from the drawer, dismissed the idea, and continued to stroke her skin, feeling the heat of the room and the tingling of every nerve ending. What she didn’t notice was the man standing just a few feet from her bed, interrupted in whatever he’d been doing when he’d made the small noise that had awakened her, suddenly no longer interested in petty larceny. The show was about to begin.

She rarely opened her eyes at these times; the fantasy world sucked her in, and she felt dirty. She was a nasty slut, and she knew it. While she’d been pushed to the limits of her depravity a few times (not that she wouldn’t have liked to have been pushed a little further), it hadn’t been very often. A lot of the stuff that she would have liked as a regular diet only went down (as it were) here, alone, where others couldn’t see her blush or feel the violent waves of her loud and convulsive orgasms. She guessed immediately that she wouldn’t get back to sleep for a little while.

She raised her hips to meet the thrusts of the two fingers she intended to plunge deeply into her sopping-wet pussy, the thoughts of what she wanted spinning through her head, and she felt her hips pop with the sudden action. She was so wet, she only barely felt the lips part past the hungry cock that she imagined fucking her, but between the other fingers working on her clit and the depth to which she started fucking herself immediately, it didn’t much matter that she’d missed the tingle of entry.

She liked it when her man, the one she was fucking now, took her hard and fast, made it last, stretching her out and making her sore for days afterward, pretty much when he knocked the bottom out of what she knew was a very tight pussy for his thick cock. She wasn’t getting that sensation now, but she did wonder how challenging it might be to fist herself.

Between the rubbing and the pounding (god, she was really horny this morning!), she got herself off to a great start in under a minute. She thought she might pull something in her lower back when she came, as hard as she was bucking, but she survived, and the waves flooded over her, helping her to lose her last little inhibitions amid the din of her cries and taunts to an imaginary lover: fuck me, you bastard; pound my tight pussy; fuck me harder; yeah, now fuck my mouth.

The last little cry, heard not by her alone, by the way, was something she’d been working with on her own lately. While her lover would fuck her mouth, and with great zeal, she didn’t get it enough, since he would tend to lose himself in her pussy. She lifted her fingers to her mouth now, most of her hand slick and aromatic from her juices, and slid two heavily-coated fingers into her mouth. She sucked at them, thinking of her lover’s cock, covered with her own come, drilling her mouth while her other set of fingers danced around her swollen clit.

She gobbled and gobbled, dreaming of his sack against her chin, bringing herself to another throbbing orgasm in just minutes. Two sets of slick fingers traced lines of come and saliva over her body now, and she reveled in the feelings inside her, on her skin, the slow ache of receding orgasms and the soft heat of her afterglow.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” The whisper, harsh and deep, shocked her from her luxury.

“Shh!” The reply was insistent and impatient, and it wasn’t far away. She sat up instantly, struggling to make her eyes work in the darkness, and she was immediately met with a hard slap across the face that sent her reeling back down to the mattress. Two metallic clicks and a painful impact on her wrist told her that one hand had been cuffed to the rail of her headboard, and she knew more was to follow. She turned, determined to do more than be a victim, and she swung out hard with a closed fist.

The crack of contact and the yell of pain told her that she’d struck a blow for unaccompanied sex, but she didn’t think it would last. Another strike to her face, harder, this one making her eyes tear and bringing blood to her lip, made her sprawl again, and the other click happened, and she was a prisoner. She kicked her feet a little, but the man (she could see him now, dark and menacing above her bed) just stood there and watched her. Then, he spoke:

“I didn’t come here for you, but you certainly seemed like you could use something I have to give. I don’t mind if you struggle. Just tell me later if you liked it.”

With that, he slapped her across the face again and she whimpered a little. Truth be told, as much as she was frightened and angry, she was also about as curious as she had ever been. As she watched him unbuckle his belt in almost no light, her breath caught, and she determined that, under the circumstances, she was going to make the most of this.

Another figure appeared in the doorway, tentatively, and this one was much shorter and slighter than the first. The man wore a stocking over his face, like the first, and he slid into the room, leaned against the wall, and watched. There was something familiar about them both, but there simply wasn’t enough light to see. The familiarity made her relax even more, and she started to slide her ass, the ass that her lover loved to eat, as she recalled, on the sheets as she spoke to her rapist:

“So, now what, tough guy? I sure hope you have enough in there to do the job. If I’m gonna be violated, I hope you can do more than just slap my face.”

“Bitch, you’re not gonna walk for a week after today,” he snarled.

“Good luck, motherfucker. Your pussy friend should take a picture; it’ll last longer. What’s the matter, you don’t want to fuck me, too?”

The other man said nothing, but his hand slid inside the waistband of his pants. She could see that he was rubbing something, but it couldn’t be much, not like the cock that she was staring at now, hairy and thick. God, she thought, the looks good, and it looks a lot like what I had a couple of days ago.

Her pussy was dripping again by now, and he wasn’t one to stand on ceremony, it seemed. He lifted her legs almost over her head, causing a little pain in her back, and he drove his tool hard into her cunt. She cried out, and he left it there for a moment, grunting like a dog, pushing that one thrust as deep as he could get it, right off the bat.

The thrusts were not tender, but she hadn’t expected it. He fucked her like an animal, his thick cock spreading her wide, his thrusts hurting her deep inside, bruising her tender flesh, sending waves of pleasure through her body. He pinned her legs to where each knee almost touched the mattress on either side of her, his strong arms like the steel rods that secured her handcuffs. His forearms were pressed against the backs of her knees, and she was open wide.

His sweat splashed on her face, and she closed her eyes, listening to him grunt. He called her a whore, and she moaned. She told him to fuck her with that fat cock, and he told her she had a tight, hot pussy. She closed her eyes, and she imagined another man over her, the one she preferred, and the hammering combined with her fantasy brought her off.

She screamed, and he screamed, fucking her like a piston. He drilled her even faster, his balls slapping against her round ass-cheeks, and she started to cry as the orgasm went on and on. She started mumbling about him coming, that she needed him to come, and he told her to shut the fuck up. It didn’t stop her from rolling on the waves of orgasm, though, and she didn’t mind much.

The hard pinch on her nipple pushed her over the edge to another wave, and she opened her eyes to see the companion, the little man, his too-soft fingers pinching her ripe, fattened nipple way too hard. She loved it, so she cried out, and she moved her hips into her rapists cock. He responded by slowing and pulling all the way out on each thrust, giving her a new sensation, making her build in a different way. She wasn’t a child, though; she knew it wasn’t for her.

This had been going on for some minutes, and she was already sore as hell, but the small man raised his mask (what a beautiful mouth!) and went down on her nipples, one after the other, alternating licking, sucking, and biting.

She was still getting fuck deeply, but the man’s hands were holding her ass now, one per globe, feeling her well-soaked anus with his fingers. He started sliding one in, and she said, “You gonna fuck my ass, too, you bastard?” He slapped her hard again, told her she’d see, and he sent a wave of deep pleasure through her as, cock impaling her, friend suckling her, he pushed a finger deep into her anus and started fucking her with it.

Fifteen seconds later, she was over again, and the friend stopped, though the finger didn’t. The friend’s mouth moved down to her hot clit and started to suck. She thought that she would die. The other man’s club was still inside her, and it stroked slowly as the small one circled her clit, sucked at it, got it into his mouth, and began flicking it with his tongue. She screamed long and loud as the fucking, digit and cock, began again in earnest, and she thought that she passed out for a second.

The both stopped. She felt bruised, but she was a little confused, since the big man hadn’t come yet, at least to her knowledge. She didn’t complain, though, as she was quite finished, and she just wished they could leave so that she could decide whether to call the police in peace. She was definitely going to the hospital after this, but she would call her lover and cry first.

A fist tangled in her hair, lifting her head off the bed. She smelled leather, and she realized that the first man’s belt was being put around her neck and being pulled tight. “Don’t move, Bitch,” were the instructions.

She felt herself being lifted under her ass, but the bigger man was in front of her, kneeing over her chest, so she couldn’t see. What she could see was his thick, hairy cock pointing rigidly about three inches from her face, and she thought about what she’d been fantasizing earlier. She just wished her pussy wasn’t so sore, but, hell, she’d been dreaming about this for years. After all, what was the difference, at this point?

His strong hand gripped her face, hard, and the belt tightened around her throat. “Now, you listen, Bitch. I’m gonna give you something to swallow. You could really hurt me, and you know it, right?” She nodded.

“Okay. If you try, I will tighten this strap and you will die. I’ll be hurt, but you’ll be dead. It’s not worth it, not when you’ve already had so much of my dick inside you. Just be cool, and we’ll be out of here soon. You get me?” She nodded.

He slapped her once again, to make the point, and he leaned against the headboard. She could see the belt in his hand, and she could feel it tighten when he pulled. No, definitely not worth it… especially when she wanted it!

She couldn’t tell what the small man was doing, but she was still being held. He was playing a little with her anus, but her sensations were all kind of blending at this point, so she just concentrated on what was happening to her face.

He didn’t push too deeply at first, though god knows his cock was slick enough, and her mouth was already warmed-up from her screaming. She liked the taste of herself much more on a cock than on her fingers, and it made her arousal return in full force. Two men… wow.

The smell and taste of him mixed with her was awesome. He was giving her a lot of slack with the belt, and he pushed his cock deeper now. He wasn’t going fast, and she was sure she could take it all, if she would just relax. His balls started grazing her chin as she opened her mouth and throat more, and she just gave herself to it.

The small man’s cock entered her anus then, and she didn’t expect it. Her first instinct was to fight, but it slipped in like they were both covered it oil. She imagined he’d been lubing them both up pretty well, and there was no pain, although his cock, by comparison, was pretty small and slim. Her ass now sat on his lap, little cock deep-enough inside her, and she heard the hum of a vibrator. My god, what were these guys, thieves and sex therapists!?

The small man used the vibrator on her lips and clit expertly as he moved slowly, slickly in her ass. She loved getting fucked in the ass, and she hoped that he would speed up, since there was a ton of lubrication and no pain at all. Her lover would put her on her face and fuck her ass like a demon, clawing and biting at her back. She thought of it now while she deep-throated this other cock, and she managed to increase the speed a little herself by raising and lowering her hips. Small guy got the point, and he began pumping in her ass like wanted it.

The thick cock in her mouth was sliding fully in and out now, and the man riding her face was tensing his whole body. She knew it wouldn’t be long, but she also knew that the vibrator was not going to let her wait.

Her pussy quivered, and she flooded the lap of the small man. Both men felt it, and the vibrator quickly went from her clit into her cunt. The ass fucking quickened. The face fucking became deep, hard, and slow.

Her legs were wrapped around the small man’s back now, squeezing, and the pressure between him fucking her sore cunt with the humming tool and tooling her ass made her get off again almost immediately. She tried to crush him with her strong legs, and he pounded his hips into her, never making any noise, just fucking her with the machine and the member. She had great anal orgasms, and now she was on the tail end of a clitoral, in the midst of a vaginal, and starting an anal, crying in staccato moans around her mouthful of cock, when she felt him let go.

The cum shot straight into the back of her throat. He grabbed the back of her head, pulling her face flush with his belly, and spurted more. She was choking when he pulled out and let her swallow the tasty, salty juice, only to finish his last hot, voluminous spurts on her sweating face. She moaned like a cheap whore as she felt the splashes on her nose, across her cheek, and onto her forehead. She had been serviced like never before, and everyone knew it.

The big man was off her now, and he raised his mask to kiss her mouth. She opened wide for him, once again, and she sucked his tongue, even offering her own. He held his cock for her to lick clean, and she even tasted his balls before he pulled away.

The little man kissed her softly and sweetly, not with much tongue, and turned to leave. She felt wholly violated, and she knew that she’d loved it. The implications of it all would probably hit her later, and she’d fall apart, but she was too tired for that right now. She wasn’t sure when she’d be in shape for sex again, but she hoped it wasn’t long.

After he uncuffed her, he pulled the blanket over her and told her not to move for a few minutes. She said she had no intention of it. She still couldn’t see him well in the dark, especially with the stocking, but it didn’t matter. She doubted she would call the police, at least not immediately. She needed to think.

As soon as she heard the door close, she did call her lover, though. He sounded groggy, and she started crying as she asked him to come over. Something had happened, she said.

When he arrived, he held her in the dark. He kissed her a little, but she felt weird about the contact. There were a lot of questions. She asked for coffee, and he went down the stairs to make it.

She went into the bathroom, got a robe, and examined herself in the mirror. There were marks and bruises everywhere, and her jaw and hips were sore, not to mention every normal erogenous zone. Her wrists were marked from the handcuffs. She went downstairs.

Fluorescent light does strange things. It throws shadows where one does not expect. She stopped, though, mouth open, in the doorway when she looked into the kitchen, her lover making the coffee. As he turned to smile at her, she asked, “How did you get that bruise around your eye?”

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