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Vaughn Takes Carol

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Vaughn dug halfheartedly through his pocket looking for his keys. He had been off for the last two weeks and coming back to work was not something he had been looking forward to, especially after such a relaxing and peaceful vacation. He found his keys and reluctantly selected the master key, which would allow him onto the ward and open most of the doors in the psychiatric hospital where he had worked for the last several years as a nurse dealing with psychogeriatric clientele, most of whom were afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease or some type of dementia.

It was a good job, and he enjoyed the people he worked with, but he enjoyed being around women all day even more. Actually, he had only slept with a couple of women that he worked with, but since they all worked in other areas of the hospital he didn’t have to work with them on a daily basis, which he preferred.

Vaughn finished listening to report, and there really wasn’t too much that he had missed, other than the fact that there was a new patient on the ward. He was a 67-year-old man who had been diagnosed with dementia six years earlier. Not too much trouble as a patient, really. He was quiet and bedridden, and exhibited no aggression, as his advanced illness left him pretty much immobile. The patients Vaughn usually looked after were very aggressive and had severe behaviour problems that could not be managed in a nursing home. This patient was only there temporarily until they could find a nursing home for him, as all the ones nearby were full. His wife could no longer manage his care at home, and was forced to arrange his hospitalization. Vaughn was told by the other nurses that his wife was very caring and supportive, and came in every day to feed him his lunch and dinner.

Vaughn went about his duties, completing care on his patients with some help from his partner, and then helped her do care on her patients. They fed the patients breakfast, and the day seemed to drag on until the lunch trays arrived on the ward. The trays were being handed out, and the buzzer sounded, indicating there was someone at the door.

“I’ve got it,” called Vaughn. He turned the key and opened the door to the ward to reveal an attractive woman in her early forties. “Can I help you,” asked Vaughn.

“I’m here to visit my husband, Roger Maxwell,” replied the woman.

Vaughn was taken aback slightly, and it must’ve showed, as he offered no immediate reply.

“He’s still here, isn’t he?” asked the woman.

“Yes, yes of course he is,” Vaughn hastily answered. “I’m sorry, I’ve been away for the last couple of weeks, and it’s my first day back on the job. I’ve only just met your husband, and I’m afraid that my brain is still on holiday.”

The woman laughed, and introduced herself as Carol Maxwell.

“Vaughn Garrett. Nice to meet you. You know where his room is, right?”

“Oh yes,” Carol replied, “Is lunch here yet?”

“You’re right on time,” Vaughn assured her. “If you’d like to go down to his room, I’ll bring it down to you.”

“That would be great. Thank you,” said Carol.

“No problem,” Vaughn assured her. “Go right on down and I’ll be there in a minute.”

Vaughn watched her walk down the corridor and into her husband’s room. He was still in a mild state of shock after meeting the wife of the new patient. The other nurses had told him that she was caring and supportive, but hadn’t mentioned that she was twenty-five years younger than her husband. Carol was about 5’4″ with chestnut brown hair, blue eyes and a shapely figure. She had an extra pound or two on her, but they were proportioned very nicely, and gave her a ripe, mature figure that captivated Vaughn. Her breasts were about a 36C Vaughn guessed, with just a little sag, and she had that classic hourglass figure. Vaughn had slept with better-looking women, but had never been with an older woman and had never even really thought much of it, but for some reason Carol seemed to find her way into his thoughts.

Carol spent an hour with her husband, feeding him his lunch and visiting. She was let off the locked ward by one of the other nurses, and Vaughn was still thinking about her. He went home after work and beat off several times, thinking of Carol each time.

The next few days, Carol would come in every day at lunch and feed her husband, visit for a while, leave for a few hours, and then come back and feed him his dinner. And every day, Vaughn marveled at her devotion. Most of the patients had families who visited, and some of them came every week, but not many came every day.

A week after Vaughn had been back from his vacation, he took Roger’s lunch tray off of the cart, and unlocked the security door separating the dining area and day lounge where most of the patients ate, and the bedrooms. He took the tray down to the end of the corridor where Roger’s room was, and when he walked in, he could see Carol sobbing. “Mrs. Maxwell, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Oh, Vaughn, I didn’t hear you coming,” Carol said while hurriedly trying to wipe away her tears and compose herself.

“Is there anything wrong?” Vaughn asked again. Carol hesitated, and Vaughn could see that she was welling up again. She held out a piece of paper, and before she could explain what it was, her composure broke, and she burst into tears again. Vaughn gingerly took the paper from her, and asked if he should read it. Carol nodded her head and continued weeping into her hands. Vaughn scanned the paper, and it was written by a woman named Janice who evidently had had an affair with Roger several years ago.

Vaughn gently placed the paper on the bedside table next to Carol, and asked if he could get her anything. Carol gradually composed herself, and thanked him, but said that there was nothing she needed. Vaughn looked at the mascara running down her face, smiled slightly, took a Kleenex out of the box on the bedside table and gave it to Carol. “Thank you,” she said gratefully. “I must be quite a sight right now.”

“Considering what you’ve just found out, I think you’re doing quite well,” Vaughn empathized.

“I’ve had to sell our house because I couldn’t handle all the upkeep when I’m here so much, and I’ve bought a condo around here so that I could be closer to him, and when I was packing this morning I found that in his desk,” Carol explained, pointing at the letter. “I just can’t believe that he did this. I never would’ve imagined him doing something like this. I always thought that we had a good marriage. I thought I was a good wife, and he was a good husband.”

“You are a good wife, Mrs. Maxwell. You come in here every day, twice a day to feed him and visit him…you didn’t deserve this,” Vaughn comforted her. Carol looked up at Vaughn and burst into tears again.

Vaughn had comforted families before, after their relatives had passed on, but this was different. Still, he moved forward, and tentatively embraced Carol, rubbing her back while she wept into his chest. After a minute or so, Carol’s sobbing gradually tapered off, and she pulled her face out of Vaughn’s chest, and before he could stop himself, he leaned forward and kissed Carol. She tensed up, and Vaughn thought that she was going to pull away in anger, but after a brief second, Carol thrust her tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately, embracing each other tightly. Carol was running her hands up and down the back of Vaughn’s head, her fingers brushing Vaughn’s short hair up and down, and moaning hungrily. Vaughn let his hand slide down to Carol’s ass, and began to knead her asscheek. Carol groaned against his mouth, and ground herself against his crotch. Vaughn slid his other hand up to her chest, and fondled her breast through her sundress, feeling her nipple grow taut beneath his palm. Carol took one hand and began to rub Vaughn’s cock through his pants. Vaughn took his hand off of her ass and began lifting the hem of Carol’s dress up past her waist, and then he started rubbing the mound of her pussy through her silk panties. Instantly he was amazed by the heat radiating from Carol’s pussy. Carol groaned appreciatively, and ground her silk-covered pussy on Vaughn’s hand. She unsnapped the button on Vaughn’s pants and pulled down his fly, then slipped her hand down the front of Vaughn’s boxers. Carol’s eyes opened in surprise when she gripped his cock. Her hand barely fit around it, and it felt absolutely huge! Carol began thinking about her husband’s smaller than average penis, and then stroked Vaughn’s cock appreciatively. Vaughn undid the first few buttons on Carol’s sundress and slipped her left tit out of her bra, marveling at Carol’s rock-hard nipples and huge areolas. None of the girls he’d dated had nipples like this. Vaughn lowered his head and sucked Carol’s nipple into his mouth, feeling it harden even more. Carol moaned and grabbed the back of Vaughn’s head, pressing it into her breast forcefully. He bit Carol’s nipple gently, and felt her shudder in pleasure. Vaughn slipped a finger into Carol’s panties and rubbed it slowly along her slit before sliding it into her sopping wet pussy. Carol stifled a loud groan and began to grunt with each penetration of Vaughn’s finger. Vaughn turned Carol around and bent her over the end of Roger’s bed.

For the first time since they kissed, Carol looked into the eyes of her adulterous husband. She saw the tears in his eyes and was beginning to feel twinges of guilt, when an image of her husband fucking some slut named Janice in a cheap motel entered her head.

“Ooohh, fuck me Vaughn! Fuck me with that huge cock!”

Vaughn stepped behind her and lined his cock up with her glistening slit. He lunged forward, impaling Carol with his massive rod. Carol screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain, as Vaughn’s cock was absolutely massive, and it had been a very long time since she had had sex. Vaughn roughly grabbed Carol’s hips and began pounding his cock into Carol’s cunt with fast, powerful thrusts. Carol’s body was rocking back and forth with the force of Vaughn’s fucking, and she was now moaning in delight.

Vaughn was in awe of how tight this woman’s pussy was! She had the tightest cunt he’d ever fucked, and he was going to cum soon if he wasn’t careful. He pulled out of Carol, and guided her down to her knees. Carol was about to put Vaughn’s cock in her mouth but he stopped and turned her a bit, angling her so that her husband had to watch Carol’s face while she sucked his cock. Carol slid his dick into her warm, waiting mouth, and had trouble getting the head of it inside. Carol began to slide her mouth up and down Vaughn’s cock, but could not even get half of it into her mouth. She started to work faster, pistoning her head up and down, stealing sideways glances at her husband, savoring the pain in his eyes as he watched his wife suck another man’s cock.

Saliva began to run down Vaughn’s cock as Carol was sucking for all she was worth. Vaughn pulled her mouth off of his cock and kissed her deeply. Then he helped her up and bent her over the foot of the bed again. He spit on a finger and placed it at the entrance to Carol’s puckered ass.

“No! Please-I’ve never done that before! I can’t take you there!”

Vaughn just chuckled as he slid his finger into her ass. Carol tensed up immediately and reached behind her to try and pull his hand away from her ass. Vaughn grabbed her wrist and held her hand at her side while she squirmed and tried to move away from his finger. Vaughn began to work his finger in and out of Carol’s ass while she continued to squirm, vainly attempting to dislodge his finger.

“If you don’t like that, then you’re going to hate this,” taunted Vaughn as he pulled out his finger and positioned his cock at the entrance to Carol’s virgin ass.

“Please, no…Don’t! I can’t take you there!” screamed Carol.

“Get ready, baby. Here it comes!” Vaughn pushed forward, and felt Carol tighten her ass, trying to keep him out. But he popped the giant head of his cock through her anal ring, and Carol screamed in pain. “You can scream all you want, but we’re forty yards down the hall with the bedroom door closed, and the doors to the day lounge are closed, too. Nobody is going to hear you, so scream all you want,” mocked Vaughn.

Carol was thrashing underneath him, desperately trying to ease the pain in her ass. Vaughn still held Carol’s right wrist tightly, and then he grabbed her left wrist and viciously pulled back on her arms, arching her back and driving his cock forward at the same time. Carol’s screaming was echoing around the room as Vaughn violated her virgin ass with his massive rod. Vaughn could feel the sobs wracking Carol’s body through his cock buried deep in her ass. He viciously drove in and out of her while jerking roughly on her wrists.

“How’s that baby? You like being fucked in that tight ass? You like that big dick in your little ass?”

“No! Please! Take it out…it’s too big. Please!” Carol pleaded.

“Beg me to fuck your ass,” ordered Vaughn. Carol would not say anything and remained silent except for her whimpers of pain. Vaughn pulled his cock out of her ass until just the tip remained inside her, then he brutally lunged forward until his pelvis smacked Carol’s asscheeks.

“Aaaaaauuuuuuuuggghhhhhh!” screamed Carol.

“Beg!” Vaughn commanded again.

“Please, stop!” implored Carol.

Vaughn thrust into her again bringing another cry of pain. “Beg me for it!” he yelled. “Beg me to fuck your tight ass!”

“Please fuck my ass,” said Carol in a small voice between sobs.

“I said beg me for it,” Vaughn ordered. “Now beg like you mean it.” He punctuated his last command with another savage thrust, eliciting yet another scream from Carol.

“Please fuck my ass,” begged Carol. “Fuck my tight ass with your big cock.”

“What are you,” hissed Vaughn. “Tell me what you are.”

“I’m a slut,” replied Carol.

“Whose slut are you,” asked Vaughn.

“I’m your slut. I’m your whore. Fuck me like a whore,” Carol cried.

“Look at your husband and say it again. Look into his eyes and tell me again,” Vaughn dictated.

Carol gazed deeply into her husband’s eyes and said in a submissive voice, “I’m your whore, Vaughn. I’m your cock-loving slut. Fuck my little ass with that giant cock! Fuck me like a whore!”

Vaughn drove his cock into Carol’s ass again and relished the tightness that gripped his cock.

Carol’s ass felt like it was on fire, and the pain in her ass was unbearable. She continued to try and squirm out from under Vaughn, but Vaughn held her tight. Despite the agonizing pain she was in, Carol looked into her husband’s eyes again and relished the pain she saw in them. The same pain that she had been feeling only minutes ago.

Tears flowed down her husband’s cheeks as he struggled to keep straight in his mind what was real and what was his imagination. But in the deep recesses of his mind, Roger knew that this was no dream. He was watching his wife being violated in her ass. Something that she had never let him or any other man do before. He was powerless to do anything other than lie there and watch Carol get raped in her ass.

Vaughn was fucking Carol’s ass with vicious thrusts, savoring the anguished screaming of Carol, while he pressed her face into the bed. His pelvis smacked Carol’s supple buttocks rhythmically, and her fists clutched handfuls of bedsheets as she tried to think of something other than the searing pain ripping through her poor ass. Carol’s tight ass was gripping Vaughn’s cock like a vise, and he was nearing climax. Vaughn leaned over Carol and hissed into her ear, “Where do you want me to cum?”

“Cum in my ass. Please just shoot your hot cum deep in my ass,” begged Carol.

“Oh, I don’t think so, baby. I’m gonna make you my whore. I’m gonna shoot my load all over your pretty face. I’m gonna cover your face with my cum and make you eat it. Now beg me for it. Beg for my cum.”

“Oh God, Vaughn, please cum on my face. Shoot it in my face. I want to feel your hot cum all over me. Give it to me. Give it to your whore.”

Vaughn pulled his dick out of Carol’s ass, and she thought her bowels were going to go with it. Vaughn wound his fingers in Carol’s thick brown hair and forced her onto her knees. “Open up, bitch. Take my cock and suck it down your throat until I cum all over that pretty face.”

Carol has assumed that Vaughn was just going to jack off on her, and was revolted at the thought of putting something in her mouth that had just been in her ass, and clamped her mouth shut. Vaughn jerked roughly on her hair and hissed, “You’d better open up bitch, or I’m going to shove it back in your ass, and I won’t be as gentle this time around!”

Carol reluctantly parted her lips and took as much of Vaughn’s cock into her mouth as she could, but she could still only manage about half of it. Her manicured hand stroked the base of his thick cock while her mouth bobbed frantically over the head and shaft, while Carol tried desperately to ignore the smell and taste of her ass on Vaughn’s cock.

“I said take it all, bitch,” and Vaughn grabbed both sides of her head and thrust his cock down her throat.

Carol gagged, but still more cock found its way down her throat. She was struggling for air, and tried to push Vaughn away from her so that she could breathe.

Vaughn smirked and continued to force himself on Carol’s mouth. Carol’s struggles drove Vaughn over the edge and he felt himself ready to blow. He pulled his cock from Carol’s throat and immediately heard her gasp for air. Vaughn grabbed another fistful of hair and began to jerk his cock in her face. The first thick glob of semen landed on Carol’s cheek, below her right eye, and was soon followed by what seemed like an endless stream of hot cum. Vaughn continued to milk his cock until Carol’s face was almost completely covered in his seed. He dragged his cock around Carol’s face, smearing his cum around, and ordered her to clean his cock off.

Carol dutifully sucked the remaining cum off Vaughn’s dick and he then scooped some of his liquid off of her face and shoved his fingers into her mouth. “You like that? Huh? You like eating cum like a little slut?”

Carol noticed for the first time since Vaughn had made her beg to be assfucked that her husband was weeping openly. His sobs were like whispers that were carried away before they could be heard, and the pain in his eyes was almost tangible. Carol felt twinges of guilt, but then remembered the letter. How it felt like she’d been kicked in the stomach when she found it. The agony of picturing her husband with another woman while she waited at home for him to return from his many “business trips” when he’d no doubt been fucking women like this Janice. Carol looked at her husband and her eyes gleamed maliciously. “Did you like that honey,” she cooed. “Did you like watching Vaughn fuck me and rape my ass? You always wanted me to let you fuck my ass, didn’t you, honey? But I never would, would I? And now you got to watch me take that huge dick up my tight little virgin ass, didn’t you?” Carol felt her anger grow within her. “Did you get hot watching Vaughn fuck my ass? Did you get hard, baby?”

Carol drew back the bedsheets and carefully undid the plastic tabs that held Roger’s incontinence brief in place. She folded back the brief to reveal a small erection, which she took between her thumb and forefinger. “I’m sorry baby, but this just won’t do it for me. Not now, not ever again. You left me at home alone most of the time while you were off with other women, and I waited for you like a fool. I was a good wife to you, and while most people thought I married an older man for his money, you know that I didn’t. I loved you. I was good to you, and this is how you repaid my trust. Well, honey, from now on, I’m going to be Vaughn’s little slut, okay? I’ll be his Janice. And you can watch us fuck. How’d that be? I’m going to take his massive cock whenever I can get it. And since you’re not home anymore, I guess that’ll be quite often, won’t it?”

Roger was now weeping uncontrollably, but still could produce no sound.

Carol leaned close and whispered in his ear, “Anything else before I go home and get ready to meet Vaughn after he’s done work?”

Roger’s mouth was moving, and soundless words were coming from his lips, but could not be heard.

“I’ll just leave you with this, honey,” purred Carol. She took her finger and wiped away a large glob of cum, then shoved her finger in her husband’s mouth, smearing Vaughn’s cum onto her husband’s tongue.

Roger’s tears flowed freely, and Carol removed her finger and began to gather up her clothes.

Vaughn had dressed already and moved to Carol. He took her in his arms, and cupped a round breast in his hand, then roughly pinched a nipple, bringing a flinch of pain and whimper of pleasure from Carol. “I’ll be over around 4:00 to see my little slut. Make sure that you’re ready for me.”

Carol eased out of his grasp and took a pen out of her purse, writing out her address on a napkin from the untouched lunchtray. “I’ll be waiting,” she said as she slipped the napkin into his pocket, giving his cock a final squeeze. “Just be ready for me.”

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