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Vacation Photos

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I unzipped the bulging suitcase and frantically felt all around my clothes. I pushed down on the top of the pile until every inch of the suitcase had been covered. I felt nothing that would indicate a digital camera was buried inside.

I gazed once more at the carry-on bag I had searched twice already. It was no use. The camera was nowhere to be found.

Then it hit me. I had it with me at lunch. I remembered putting it on the back of the chair as I sat down. And, unfortunately, I remembered walking out without it.

I swore out loud and looked at the time. It was a quarter to five. The cruise ship left Nassau at six. Tomorrow we’d be in Miami and I’d be heading home. Maybe, if I ran, I could make it to the restaurant and back to the ship before it left.

Every picture I had taken during the seven day Caribbean cruise was on that camera. It was worth the risk. I grabbed my room key card and the ID card that would get me back onto the ship, shoved them into my purse and rushed out of the cabin.

I ran down five flights of stairs until reaching the lowest deck, from which I could exit onto the dock. They scanned my ID card and I was quickly out in the oppressive Bahamian heat.

My t-shirt clung to me like a second skin. I realized as I walked faster that I hadn’t put my bra back on. I wasn’t even halfway to the restaurant when I saw my nipples begin to protrude from the front of the shirt, which was speckled with areas of perspiration. I decided to give up some of my dignity in pursuit of my vacation photos.

Ten minutes brought me to the front door of the restaurant. I stopped, caught my breath, and entered. The eating area was upstairs and I scampered up the steps. At the top, I looked over the relatively empty bar and eating area. Soon, a smiling young girl approached me and I explained that I had left a camera at my table no more than three hours earlier.

The best case scenario would have been for her to say, “Sure. I have it.” But my day was not going to go that smoothly. She did not know of any cameras that had been found, but she offered to ask the waiters and busboys. I agreed and watched her disappear into the kitchen. Meanwhile, I checked out the table I sat at for lunch and found nothing.

The girl reappeared shortly and said nobody had seen my camera. She opened the doors to the cabinet at the reception desk and we peered inside together. Nothing. She asked the bartender if anything had been turned in and he replied “No.”

As I was about to give up, she picked up the phone and called the restaurant office, which was located down on the first floor. In broken English she asked about the camera. She stared at the floor while listening to the person on the other end. At one point, she looked up at me and said “Yes”. She nodded once more, said “OK” and hung up.

“Please go to the office downstairs. They may be able to help you,” the girl said.

I thanked her and headed swiftly back down the stairs. I walked around the souvenir-strewn area until I spotted a short hallway containing a door appropriately labeled Office.

My watch said 5:03. I still had a little time, but not much.

I knocked lightly on the office door. The seconds seemed to last forever as I waited for a response. A girl behind the counter at the cash register stared at me, smiling shyly when our eyes met.

Finally, the door creaked open and a middle-aged man with a deep tan glanced out at me. His eyes scanned my body once before returning to my face. At the same time, he pulled the door slightly further open and said, “Come in.”

The office was dominated by a messy desk, but also contained two large chairs and an old mismatched couch that had seen better days. The man closed the door behind me.

“I understand you are missing a camera,” he said while circling around to stand in front of me.

“Yes,” I replied. “Do you have it?”

“Well, we have lots of things left behind by tourists.”

The creepy little man was beginning to annoy me. And time was running out. He stared repeatedly at the front of my shirt and legs. It’s not often I wished I had on something besides my exercise shorts, but this was one of the times.

“I’m really in a hurry, and if you have…”

“What ship are you on?” he asked abruptly.

I told him.

“Ah. So you have until six. No problem.”

He moved behind his desk. “Describe this camera.”

“It’s in a blue carrying bag…a soft bag…with a long strap. The camera is a Fuji. It’s silver,” I said.

He opened a drawer and pulled out my camera, laying it on top of the desk. I knew better than to reach for it.

“Great,” I gushed. “Thank you.”

The man looked up at me. “You have many beautiful pictures on this camera. It would be a shame if you lost them, wouldn’t it?”

My joy over finding the camera was quickly dashed by the apparent intent of this guy to make things difficult. I had no choice but to play along for now.

“Yes it would,” was all I said.

“You have very little time and I don’t like to play games. So I think we should settle this quickly. Please get undressed.”

The words struck me right in the gut. The thought of having to pay him for the camera had crossed my mind. But not this.

“How much do you want?” I asked.

The man laughed. “I don’t want money. I want you to take your clothes off.”

My patience, and time, were running short. I gazed at the man one last time and turned towards the door.

“I wouldn’t do that,” he said curtly. “You won’t be on the street more than a few seconds before one of our many cabs takes you on a ride to a place you don’t want to visit. I suggest you stay and do as I say. Then you may get back on your ship.”

I looked at his desk. “With my camera?”

He chuckled. “Yes. With your precious camera.”

I remained close to the door, as far away from him as I could. I clutched the bottom of my shirt and hesitantly pulled it up. When it had cleared the bottom of my breasts and I felt my nipples in the warm air, I stopped, hoping this would satisfy him.

I’m 26 with a decent body and dark blonde hair. I’m certainly not embarrassed by my figure and spent most of the last week exposing as much of it as possible to the sun…and fellow passengers, both men and women. This wasn’t my idea of flirting, however.

He simply waved with his hand for me to continue.

I lifted the shirt over my head and held it at my side. The man’s eyes stared interminably at my bare chest.

“I really need to get going,” I said almost in a whisper.

“Come closer,” he said.

I walked the two steps it took to get within an arm’s length of his desk. His eyes never left me. It was very tempting to throw my shirt back on and call his bluff about the waiting cab outside. But, for some reason I believed his story.

“Take off your shorts.”

It was a command. I knew now that I would end up naked in front of this jerk. All I could hope for was that it went no further.

I tossed my shirt onto the couch and pulled down my shorts. I let them fall to the floor. I stepped out of my sandals and the shorts at the same time, then pushed them aside with my foot.

I wore black bikini panties. Unconsciously, I pulled up on the waistband. They hugged my hips and ass and cunt way more tightly than I wished at the moment.

“Go on,” was all the man said.

I nervously lowered my panties, not sure which way to face. My anger had given way to apprehension that I might do something wrong and upset this guy. Meanwhile, my panties got added to the pile of shorts and sandals.

My captor stared some more, concentrating on my neatly shaven pussy this time.

“Turn around,” he said.

I twisted until my ass faced him…stopped for a second…then continued back around. For some reason, when I was facing him again, I looked down at his crotch and saw the bulge in his khaki shorts. It would have normally excited me and even pleased me that I had brought about that response, but not today.

He walked past and stood very close behind me. Before I could prepare myself, his hands were on my breasts. His fingers expanded over my skin before squeezing my tits and pressing them hard against my body. Then he took each nipple between his fingers and rolled them, pinching lightly.

I couldn’t help but respond, my cunt contracting with each pinch. I felt my ass press against his body. This caused him to move one hand down to my pussy, touching my clit first before sliding down to my cunt.

Any other time I would have wanted him to continue. His continued kneading of my sensitive breasts was making me horny. But I would have picked a more appropriate time and place.

“Lean on the desk.”

His voice startled me. I had been focused too much on my body. And it was almost a pleasant feeling to be able to rest on the desk. However, the sound of his zipper opening removed all pleasurable thoughts.

I heard him fumbling with his clothing, but did not want to turn around. Instead, I gazed down at my camera, just inches from my hands. Stupid camera. Why did I even bother to come back after it?

At the same time I heard him say “Spread your legs,” I felt his hands on my ass. He was forceful enough to get me to widen my stance, but did not hurt me. I felt my pussy spread open. Then I felt his fingers on me.

He rubbed my clit for a few seconds, then stopped. I anticipated the worst, but was surprised to feel his tongue on the inside of my thighs. The man licked all around my wet pussy, finally inserting his tongue into my cunt. How did he know I loved that sensation?

For the first time, I moaned involuntarily. I was disappointed in myself for allowing the sound to come out. But I couldn’t help it.

I felt his tongue pull out of me and heard him moving. Soon, his hands were on my hips pulling my ass towards him. I braced myself.

The next thing I felt was his hard cock on my ass. He let it rest there, rubbing against me as he moved left and right. Then his cock slipped between my legs and I felt it begin to press against my cunt.

My fingers were clenched around the edge of the desk. My hair fell around the side of my face. I waited for him to fuck me.

It didn’t take long. His large, thick cock entered me easily at first. But then the throbbing center of his shaft met the lips of my cunt and I felt as if he would split me open. We both groaned and, with one great thrust, he was in me.

Only his foreplay-like treatment of my nipples and clit and the resulting wetness built up in my cunt prevented his final push from being pure agony. But now he was inside me and the fucking began in earnest. His body slammed against my ass with each plunge and the room was filled with moans, groans and muffled slapping sounds.

I braced myself against the desk and bent my knees to accept his pounding. He let go of my hips and held onto my breasts, which were beginning to bounce in rhythm with his hammering. He gripped them firmly, seemingly careful not to hurt me.

But he seemed to care little about the effect his cock was having on me. He thrust it into me with one thought in mind—fucking me until he came. By now my juices were flowing freely and he picked up speed and intensity. The man’s cock was incredibly hard and, under different circumstances, would have been awesomely satisfying.

“Yes, baby. Yes. Fuck me,” he cried out, as if I had any say in the matter. But I was excited that he apparently was close to coming. Perhaps my exit was imminent.

A few more thrusts and he cried out again: “Ahhh. Yes. Yes.”

This time he nearly pushed me onto the desk. I regained my balance, only to have his huge cock enter me again with a force I’d never felt before. The man grunted something I didn’t understand…and then he came.

The first spurt of cum felt like a warm flood of fluid filling my cunt. It was immediately followed by a second. Another thrust. Another spurt of cum. And it seemed to go on forever. His moans softened a little with each orgasm, but it seemed his cock would never soften.

When he was done and withdrew, he was still harder than most men I’d ever been with. Beads of moisture formed on my forehead as I leaned on the desk and recovered. His hands followed the curves of my ass before leaving my body.

A moment later…my thoughts collected…I turned to find my clothes.

The man grabbed me by the arm. “Not yet, young lady. You aren’t done yet.”

My mind was flooded with diverse thoughts. Was I going to be late getting back to the ship? What more did this guy want from me? Could people outside the door hear us?

The man dressed while I pondered things. Then he pointed to a door behind his desk. “Over there.”

I walked towards the door, stopping for a second only to have him say, “Go on.”

The door opened with a rusty creak. It revealed a small, windowless room containing a single bed and old, wooden dresser. Behind me, the man switched on the light.

It was warm and musty in the room. My naked body soaked in every aspect of the space. But my eyes were focused on the little bed.

It had a metal rail headboard, a mattress with a single sheet on it and nothing else. At least the sheet looked halfway clean. I chided myself for being concerned with things like that under the circumstances.

“Get on the bed,” he said.

I sat on the edge, looking up at him.

“Lay down.”

I aimed my head at the pillow, swinging my legs onto the bed as I lay back. “Please do this quickly,” I said to myself.

The man moved closer to the headboard and I saw him reach for something above my head. I heard the rattle of metal a brief second before he grabbed my right wrist and yanked it up. Instantly, the wrist was inside a handcuff. The clamping sound of the cuff echoed in the room.

“Please. You don’t have to do this,” I said, attempting to hide my nervousness.

He didn’t answer. Instead, he leaned over and put my left wrist in a second handcuff attached to the headboard. Afterwards, he stepped back and looked over my outstretched body.

“Do not make a sound,” he said. “Understand?”

I nodded.

He turned and walked out of the room, through his office and out the other door. Just seconds later, I heard him returning. I heard the office door close. Then he and the young girl from behind the cash register entered the room I was in, again closing the door behind them.

The girl was very attractive, perhaps twenty, with long dark hair and eyes. She slowly examined my body and smiled. This time it wasn’t a shy smile, but a confident smile of what was about to happen.

“She’s all yours, Maria,” the man said. He then stepped back into the middle of the room and watched his young employee begin to strip. She removed her shirt to reveal a pair of perfectly formed breasts with big nipples. This girl, already dark in complexion, obviously sunbathed without anything on. She took off her shorts and white panties. I had to stare in admiration of the nearly faultless body that stood next to me.

My attention was diverted only temporarily by the sound of the man’s zipper once again being lowered. I watched him withdraw his thick cock. Then returned my gaze to the girl.

She crawled onto the bed, straddling my legs with her own. I gazed at the beautiful breasts hanging from her chest as she positioned herself above me. As soon as she was comfortable, the girl leaned forward. The breasts I had been admiring were now just inches from my face.

Her intention was clear. She moved her left breast to my mouth, which I opened without hesitation. I desperately wanted to touch her. My attempts were, of course, stymied by the cuffs, but my eagerness didn’t subside.

I felt the nipple on my tongue, then closed my lips around her skin. She was incredibly soft and smooth. As I sucked on her nipple, I felt it grow. I flicked it harder with my tongue and she moaned. I took as much of her tit as I could into my mouth. I wanted it all.

I was disappointed when she pulled away from me, but pleased to see that she simply wanted the same treatment on the other breast. I accepted it eagerly. This time her hands were on my own breasts, fingering them gently.

This lasted for a minute or two before the girl moved again. I heard her grip the headboard and pull her body farther up the bed until her pussy was over my face. I would have given anything to be able to hold onto her little round ass. Instead, I concentrated on the thin patch of hair surrounding her moist cunt. My mouth opened even before she began to lower herself onto me.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the man tightly gripping his hard cock, stroking it roughly. Then I returned to the body that was waiting for my attention.

The girl placed her pussy perfectly over my mouth, giving me instant access to the opening between her legs. My tongue quickly began to work the flaps of skin outside her cunt. Her warm fluid tasted sweet. Then she inched herself lower and I was able to enter her body with my tongue. I raised my head until my face was firmly planted against her. I licked furiously, knowing the incredible feeling she was experiencing.

She moved slightly, and I felt the unmistakable stiffness of her clit. I stared up at her lovely skin as my mouth closed around her clit. My tongue ran back and forth across it, pressing harder each time.

The girl was moaning louder now, tugging at the headboard as she ground her body onto my face. I sucked and licked feverishly, wanting now to bring this girl to an orgasm. It took only a couple minutes.

A shrill cry above me and a shuddering body around my head signaled she was cumming. A moment later warm moisture ran from her body onto my mouth. I tasted her and tried to spread it over her clit. I bit the clit softly and licked it hard. Each time, she trembled some more and moaned out loud. She must have cum a half dozen times over the next few minutes.

In the midst of it all, I saw the man move to the side of the bed behind the young girl’s ass. He also let out a groan, and I felt his cum splatter onto my breasts. Long streams of his cum spread over my chest and stomach. And the girl continued to cry out, writhing above me. I tried the best I could to stay in contact with her clit. It must have worked.

Eventually, she moved to my side and leaned against the headboard, exhausted. Then she slowly moved off the bed. The man had opened a drawer in the dresser and pulled out a towel, throwing it on me. The girl obediently wiped his cum from my body, paying particular attention, it seemed, to my breasts.

She gave me that alluring smile as she pulled back from me and began to dress. The man, meanwhile, unlocked the cuffs around my wrists. More than anything, I wanted to play with my clit and make myself cum, but I rose from the bed instead and followed the girl into the office. No command was given to stop. I got dressed while the girl left.

I had just enough time to run back to the ship…if no other delays occurred. The man stood by his desk. I hesitated, then he said, “Well. Take it.”

I grabbed the camera and headed for the door. I never looked back as I left the office. I managed a smile as I passed the girl and ran out the door, never stopping until reaching the pier. I made it by less than five minutes.

In my cabin–sweaty from the run back–I fell onto my bed. I closed my eyes and considered what had transpired in the last hour. I thought about the girl. I saw her naked above me. My hand reached inside my shorts and found my clit.

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