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Using The Back Door

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Andy wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. He longed to try anal sex. Not from the receiving point of view and absolutely only with a woman, but he was totally obsessed with the idea of doing what he liked to call “using the back door!” Indeed he had determined that this year, in fact soon, he would feel his cock press against a woman’s sphincter muscle until it permitted him entry and he finally slid his length deep into her rectum.

The problem was that he didn’t know a woman who would allow it. Jackie, his wife, certainly wouldn’t help him out, though she was no prude and adored oral, and wanted him to do that every time. He had even tried realising Jackie’s favourite exhibitionistic fantasy in the hope of her fulfilling his in return, but without success. In the end, more out of pique at his wife’s apparent intransigence and her lack of understanding than anything else, he joined an online adult dating site, feeling that surely there he’d meet someone with the same obsession.

It wasn’t long before he began to receive answers from interested and interesting people, though some obviously did not understand his advert very well, if at all! (Can’t men read? And anyway, how does a cross dresser qualify as a woman?) He also sent several replies of his own to adverts he had found appealing, and it was eventually through one of these that he came into contact with a beautiful lady named Helen.

Helen had advertised to ‘put a little excitement back in her sex life!’ and, although she had not mentioned anal sex, she had asked for someone ‘adventurous’, which Andy had (rightly) taken to mean that she was open to new experiences! She was a bit older than he would normally have considered, but there was something about the tone of the ‘ad’ that attracted him, and so he wrote to her, taking a risk by sending her his mobile number with the request that, as he was married, please only to ring or text at certain times! She would tell him later that this nearly stopped her calling, until she realised that she was no different and was also going behind her spouse’s back!

It was a few days before Helen rang and Andy was beginning to think she had decided he was not for her, but then during one of his ‘safe times’ his phone rang and it was Helen. She had, she said, decided to ring rather than text because so much more can be heard in someone’s voice besides the words! She was of course, absolutely right, but this was a little disconcerting for working class Andy to hear in the refined speech of such a sophisticated woman! Sophisticated she well might be, but down to earth she also was, and the mismatched pair were soon chatting easily.

Neither had a problem explaining to the other their intention in placing the adverts, she because of her barren sex life and a need to experiment, and he because of an overwhelming urge to try that one activity that his wife would not even consider. Neither one had any problem with each others motives, though Helen felt that she had to explain that Andy would be only one of several men she expected to meet, and that their strange relationship was unlikely to last for long! That, replied Andy, was not going to be a drawback as he just wanted to be able to say he’s tried it at least once!

As their initial ‘phone conversation seemed to have gone well, the pair decided on a neutral face to face meeting before going further, and arranged to get together for coffee in town the following day. Andy’s initial reaction to Helen was one of surprise and instant lust. Her online photo, though showing an elegant and attractive lady, simply did not do her justice. For her part Helen smiled. Before her was a tall, pleasant faced, solidly built young man doing a remarkable imitation of a fish! Though she knew she carried her years well, she didn’t usually have that effect!

“Is that coffee still on offer?” She asked mildly, her head cocked slightly to one side and a smile still tugging at her mouth.

“Yes, yes of course, sorry!” He composed himself. “Shall we go in?” They had arranged to meet outside a popular coffee house.

Seated at an out of the way table and with coffee ordered, the two would be lovers began the delicate negotiations that would be needed.

“I must be straight with you Andy” began Helen, “I’m pretty sure I couldn’t simply undress and present you with my backside to be fucked! But I’m not sure how else we are going to get to that stage. And in any case both of us, as I understand, are novices at this, so things may not work immediately. What happens if one of us can’t do it?”

Helen said this with such unembarrassed concern that Andy simply couldn’t smother his grin and worried for moment that she might be offended, but when he saw an answering smile replace her worry lines he knew that things were going to be a lot easier than he had thought!

“Yes, I know, I’ve thought about it too.” Andy paused at this point as the coffees arrived and then, as the waitress departed, he stirred his cup thoughtfully and continued. “I don’t think either of us would deny the other the right to pull out at any time, do you?” He asked, looking across at Helen for a reply.

“Well.” She said, smiling. “You might have phrased that slightly differently, but I know what you mean, so we can take that as agreed?”

Andy blushed slightly as his own ‘double entendre’ sank in, but then nodded agreement and went on. “Then can we meet for a normal session with the idea of the ‘back door’ being the ultimate goal, but if it doesn’t happen then no hard feelings? We can always meet again if we just weren’t ready the first time. Besides, who’s to say that we wouldn’t enjoy ourselves anyway, with or without…?” He didn’t need to say with or without what!

“Ok. You just got yourself a deal, honey!” Helen assumed a mock American accent for this and made both of them laugh out loud as the nervous tension dissipated. “If you can make Friday, then my place is free all day!”

“Ok. And you just got yourself a date, honey!” Andy’s attempted American accent was more like that of Jimmy Durante, but it still triggered laughter which followed both of them around for the rest of the day, long after they had parted.


Friday duly arrived and Andy, dressed as agreed in workman’s jeans and carrying a toolbox “for the sake of nosy neighbours”, knocked on Helen’s door. She opened the door and wordlessly stepped aside for him to enter, blushing madly at his, “Come to unblock your waste pipe, me duck!”

“For Gods sake, Andy”

“Sorry, couldn’t resist, I’ve had that one stored up all day!”

“Anyway, I thought you were here more to block than to unblock!” Helen’s sense of humour quickly overcame her irritation.

“Ok, I stand corrected, though I’d sooner not stand at all really!”

“I can take a hint! Come through”. Helen ushered him into a well appointed, though minimalist, lounge, and indicated a settee for him to sit on. “My turn to get coffee!”

When she returned she had changed from the jeans and sweater in which she had greeted him and now wore a white silk kimono with, Andy instinctively felt sure, nothing else beneath!! He took the proffered coffee wordlessly, back once more to his goldfish imitation!

“Yes, I know!” Helen began. “Forward hussy aren’t I? But I didn’t want my nerve to fail and for us to simply sit here and drink coffee all day.”

“You really are full of surprises!” Andy regained the power of speech! “There’s no chance of just sitting here with you dressed like that!”

“I was going to come in naked, but I thought I might scare you off, and anyway, I wasn’t sure I dare!”

Andy was looking at Helen with new respect. She certainly had plenty of self confidence and he felt that the ‘balance of power’ between them had moved markedly in her favour. If he was to exercise any control over the session that was to come he knew he had to even the score a little. Putting his coffee on the little occasional table by his side, Andy stood and began unfastening his shirt. “I’m feeling a bit overdressed with you like that, and I don’t want my nerve to fail either!”

Helen stood watching, her head once again cocked quizzically to one side and a little smile playing across her lips. He had, he realised, once again fallen into her trap and was now doing just what she wanted and expected! Not that he really minded, but she was definitely running this show! Andy continued undressing and Helen continued to watch until he reached the point where only his shorts were left. Then he stopped, stood with his thumbs hooked into his waistband and waited, looking straight at Helen, determined to regain the initiative! This time she followed his lead and, nodding her acknowledgement, pulled undone the chord to her kimono. Both shorts and kimono hit the floor together and the two expectant lovers looked at each other’s bodies for the first time!

It was difficult for Andy to tell what Helen thought, though had he known of her silent ‘wow’ he would have been content, but he knew that his body, in the form of an immediate and solid erection, was bearing obvious witness to his own appreciation of Helens form. Full bodied but certainly not fat, full breasted but not saggy, she was, in a word, beautiful, and he would gratefully sink that erection into whatever orifice she wished!

Helen indicated the settee once more and, picking up her coffee from the table, sat herself in the chair opposite. Andy was not sure where this was going, sitting naked and aroused opposite a gorgeous and also naked woman whilst sipping coffee was a new experience, but he assumed that she had some reason behind it. He didn’t have long to wait. Putting her coffee back on the table Helen spoke.

“It’s not really fair is it?” She had that quizzical look again, and the smile that went with it! “It’s very clear to a woman when a man is turned on” She gazed at his erect penis. “But men can’t tell with a woman one way or the other for sure, can they?”

Andy replied with a quizzical look of his own.

“So let’s even things up!” As she spoke Helen parted her thighs and hooked one over each arm of her chair, giving Andy a welcome but unexpected full on view of her pussy. She was clearly turned on, her clitoris stood like a little sentry on guard before her wet vagina.

Andy’s quizzical look turned into one of astonishment. He had not expected this apparently sophisticated middle aged woman to be quite so sexually adventurous, and indeed, he had wondered how he was going to get her into the mood! That had been taken completely out of his hands. And there was more to come!

“Lick me!”

It was more of a command than a request from Helen, who at the same time took hold of her own legs behind the knees and pulled them right back, exposing herself to him all the way to her anus, the little puckered hole that was to be the object of his quest! Surprised he might be, but Andy wasn’t going to miss this chance and he was quickly on his knees before her, his nose taking in the sweet scent of her cunt and his tongue reaching out to her clit. Helen seemed very ready for him. Her cunt was already very wet and the first touch of his tongue on her clit brought a small cry of pleasure from her lips. He did it again, with the same result, then began slow sweeps with his tongue along the length of her slit, dibbling his tongue into her passage at one end and flicking her clit with its tip at the other. Soon she was whimpering continuously from his attentions and her hips were making small involuntary movements in time to his tongue, pushing her cunt at him to gain deeper penetration. After several minutes of this Andy turned his attention to her clit, sucking it into his mouth and then nibbling on it with lip covered teeth before swirling his tongue around and over it. He then squeezed it between his lips and leaned away from her, causing it to be pulled out almost painfully, before being released to recoil between her labia. All this was soon to much for Helen and it became clear that she was soon going to orgasm. So he stopped!

“I’d better drink my coffee before it’s cold.” He told a bewildered and frustrated Helen. “But I’ll be back!”

Having, as he saw it, regained control of the situation and having finished his coffee, Andy resumed his position in front of Helen. She by this time, had relaxed her legs into a more demure position, but she didn’t resist when he parted them himself and pushed them right back, even further then they had been before! Relieved of the need to hold onto her legs Helen began to play with her breasts, kneading and massaging them and tugging at her nipples. Andy, seeing this, went back to work on her pussy, running his tongue the full length over and over. This time he allowed his tongue to overshoot, with each stroke ending nearer and nearer to Helens ‘back door’, until it just caught the rim of her anus as he began the return journey. He had crept up on it in this way because he wasn’t sure how he would feel about licking someone’s arsehole, and he also wasn’t sure how Helen would react, even though she wanted anal sex! But he needn’t have worried. For his own part he found it intensely stimulating and not at all unsavoury, while Helen responded to his last ‘nearly there’ stroke, by gasping ‘yes’ and lifting herself up to meet him.

For the next stroke of his tongue Andy began at her clitoris and very slowly and teasingly descended to her vagina, where he probed and nibbled for a few moments before resuming his southward journey. As his tongue and lips approached Helen’s anus he could hear her gasps of anticipation and he had to hold her legs down as she strove to rise and meet his tongue. But eventually he was there and his tongue was probing at her entrance.

Andy allowed his tongue to roam around her arse, leaving her anus to flutter across her cheeks before returning to circle her ‘back door’ and finally thrust at her hole as if to imitate a tiny cock. Helen was in heaven, she found the whole thing so incredibly erotic and was rapidly approaching her climax. She couldn’t help herself pushing back at his tongue, wanting it to penetrate her sphincter, hoping it was strong enough. Realising the effect he was having Andy carried on rimming her, circling her hole, delving into it’s entrance, returning to the rim, back to the entrance, pushing hard with his tongue one time while barely touching her another. Finally Helen could hold out no longer and still pushing hard against Andy’s tongue as if willing it to enter her, with a long groan that seemed wrenched from her throat, she orgasmed. It was not the long pulsating climax of a vaginal orgasm but a single earthquake of a climax, an intense flood of pleasure that rushed through her and left her spent and gasping in its wake.

“God” she said having regained her breath. “If you can do that without going inside me…….”

Andy was grinning, both from Helen’s reaction and from the certainty that he was very soon going to taste the ‘forbidden fruit’ that he had so long dreamed of.

“Let’s do it!” Helen rose from her chair and held her hand out to Andy to ‘come with me’!

Andy stood, took her hand and allowed himself to be led from the lounge and up the stairs with the stray thought that the last time this had happened he was a little boy being taken to bed by his mother. An entirely different scenario!

He could see the master bedroom in front of him, but when they reached the top of the stairs Helen led him to another one, which he guessed correctly was a guest bedroom. She had obviously planned to use this room for on a chair by the bed was a small stack of towels and a tube of lubricating gel!

“I know it’s silly, but I can’t bring myself to use the matrimonial bed.” She said the words ‘matrimonial bed’ as if it was within speech marks and Andy’s heart went out to her for her sensitivity.

“That’s ok” He smiled at her in reassurance.

She was still holding his hand and now used it to lead him to the bed and lay them both down side by side, before rolling to him and planting a small, almost loving, kiss on his mouth.

“Thank you for downstairs” she whispered. “I’m sure now that we’re gonna be fine, and I’m looking forward to it”

With that she kissed him again, this time more passionately, wrapping her arms around him and pulling their naked bodies into full contact. Andy responded both in mind and body, feeling relaxed and confidant and happy that his cock was rising to attention once more and prodding Helen’s belly. He felt that the initiative had now finally passed back to him and that the rest of the time would be at his pace.

For a few minutes they simply hugged and kissed deeply, but then Andy slid free from her embrace to find her breasts and suck on her nipples. This allowed him to reach between her legs with his right hand and to investigate between the folds of her pussy until he found her clitoris. Helen sighed contentedly at his touch, opening her legs wider to assist his exploration. Finding her clitoris was easy, it was hard and erect, – on guard again! He played with her ‘little soldier’, as he silently named her clit, for some while, flicking it, rubbing it, even gripping it lightly between finger and thumb to drag it away from her body until it slipped from his grasp and rebounded into place. His reward for these ministrations was as series of contented “hmmmms!” in his ear and Helen drawing her legs right back and wide open to allow him the best possible access to her body.

Andy wasn’t about to waste his opportunity, using the pad of his thumb to continue massaging Helens clit, he inserted first one, then two, then three fingers into her sopping and gaping pussy, pushing deeply inside her as far as he could and thrusting harder and faster until the “hhmmmms” became gasps and her arms were locked so hard around him that he could do nothing but continue sucking her nipple and finger fucking her cunt. Soon, with hips bucking and legs thrashing Helen came again. This one was longer and apparently even more intense than the one earlier and Andy just had to smile distortedly against her breast with surrogate pleasure.

This time Andy did not stop after Helen’s orgasm and after she had relaxed her vice like grip on him, but instead continued slowly fingering her, gently pushing his two fingers in and out of her soaking pussy. His third finger, having ‘accidentally’ slipped from her cunt during her orgasm, he allowed to trail back and forth between pussy and arse as the other two moved in and out of her vagina, and to take with it some of her copious natural lubricant. Her anus was already slippery from juices that had trickled there of their own accord so it was almost natural for his fingertip to slip into the entrance at the end of each journey, each time penetrating slightly further through her sphincter, until with a very little push, it was through and Andy’s finger was knuckle deep in Helen’s arse!

Helen’s arms tightened around Andy again momentarily as she felt herself penetrated, but a quiet “yeeesss” breathed into his ear reassured him that he had her consent. In fact, he had more than her consent, for she was as excited – in both senses of the word – as he by his invasion, and wanted it deeper. Andy withdrew his finger until just the tip was within the ring of sphincter muscle and then pushed in again, just very slightly further than before. Helen gasped each time he repeated this in and out action, sometimes wordlessly, sometimes with a sibilant “yeeesss!” of encouragement, all the time holding Andy tight against her and drawing her legs further and further back. This was the feeling she had longed for, and it was even better than she had ever fantasised it would be. She had already orgasmed twice with Andy and a third was definitely on the cards, and she had yet to experience the ‘main event’! Today was turning into an incredibly erotic encounter and she couldn’t believe how uninhibited and relaxed she felt with him. She had given herself to him completely and knew she would let him to do as he wished with her body – just so long as he didn’t stop!

Andy had no intention of stopping, her obvious arousal and enjoyment was having a similar effect on him and especially as his cock was pressed hard against her thigh with every little involuntary thrust of her hips rubbing her soft skin against it. If it continued much longer he knew he would erupt against her leg. He wasn’t too worried about this, he knew he would be able to repeat quite quickly, but he wanted his full load to shoot deep inside her rectum and a second load was never quite as big. His finger was now fully inside her arse, he could feel it with his other fingers through the membranous walls of her pussy and rectum, and he knew that she was ready to go further. Pulling his fingers from both of her openings Andy reached across for the thoughtfully provided lubricant, using this action to ease his throbbing penis away from it’s far too stimulating contact with Helen’s thigh. Then squeezing a large blob of gel onto his fingers he smeared it around and then inside Helen’s rectum, inserting two fingers into her as he did so, concentrating now solely on her anus.

Helen groaned with pleasure and anticipation as he pushed in and out with both fingers, widening her entrance ready for the invasion of his cock that was soon to come. She wanted it soon! She wanted it now! She wanted it hard and she wanted it deep! She loved the feeling of his fingers pistoning in and out of her arse, but she needed more. She wanted stretching, invading, stuffing even, by something bigger and longer than a couple of fingers. She simply needed his cock in her and her face rammed into the pillow as he arse-fucked her doggy style! She moved, pulling away from him and rolling onto her stomach. For a moment Andy wondered if there was a problem. Had she chickened out? Was all this to be for nothing? But, no, it was ok, she was pulling her knees beneath her to present herself to him on all fours.

“Do it, Andy.” Her voice came quietly, almost calmly, but Andy could detect the simmering need behind it. “Put it in me, right in, and don’t stop, even if it hurts me! Whatever happens don’t stop!”

Andy took station behind her, gazing for a few seconds at her soft rounded bottom and marvelling at it’s firmness in a woman of her age. Cellulite had yet to strike this lady! But Helen was rocking slightly back and forth in her need, excited beyond measure, and he too needed release, so he cut short his reverie, reached again for the gel and smeared it over the head and shaft of his achingly hard cock, before grasping her cheeks and pulling them open. Her anus was wet and shiny from a mixture of her own juices and the lube he had applied before, so without bothering to apply more gel, he lined up the head of his cock with her little creased hole and leaned forward slightly to touch his purple head against her entrance, his heart pounding and mind repeating to itself “At last, at last!” At the first touch of his cock against her arse Helen let out a blissful “hhhhmmmmmm!” that descended the scale to become almost a growl, before once more seizing the initiative and pushing back hard against him. After momentary resistance, her sphincter muscle relented and allowed admission, and, with an almost audible ‘plop’ he was inside her!

“Oh, God, yes, yes, yessssss”. Helen was becoming more vocal. “Now fuck me, and fuck me good!”

Andy was taken by surprise with her sudden push, but as his heart leapt with the final success of his mission and the amazingly warm soft feel of her tight rectal passage, he responded and began gently to thrust in and out of her, not yet pushing himself too far into her rectum.

“Is that ok?” He asked, knowing it surely was for him and he didn’t want the beautiful feeling curtailed because of her discomfort.

“Oh, God, oh God,” Helen seemed unable to form coherent words.

“Shall I stop?” Andy anxiously slowed his thrusts!

“NO! NO!” The answer came almost as a scream. “Don’t stop, whatever you do, don’t stop. This is so good. Go deeper, Andy, please go right in, bury your cock in me, fuck me as hard as you can!”

Helen’s speech was getting very unladylike, and this was turning Andy on even more. He began to thrust deep into her, faster and harder, fucking her arse without worrying if she was enjoying it. He knew she was!

“Do you like me pounding your arse? Do you like my cock buried root deep in you? Do you want more?”

Each thrust was accompanied by his obscene questions, and each thrust brought a reply in kind from Helen!

“Yes, you know it, don’t you? Fill my arse with your cock. Shag me, fuck me, drill me, do it all. And make sure you cum inside me, I want to feel you cum in me, I want your spunk all the way up me.”

“So you want me to shoot up your arse? To fill it with my hot cream?”

“Oh, yes, do it and tell me what it feels like when you do, how you blast it into me and how far up it goes!”

“Only if you tell me what it feels like to be filled with my spunk, and what it’s like to have your tight little arsehole fucked like this right now.”

‘Dirty’ talk was making both feel hotter and hotter, Andy was not far from shooting his load into her and she was even closer to yet another climax. For Helen it was the freedom to use such language that was turning her on, while for Andy it was hearing a sophisticated lady using ‘gutter’ speech that was doing it! But the why didn’t matter, it was the doing it that counted and both were well into that!

“It’s wonderful, Andy, your cock is so hard and hot, better than anything I’ve had before. I love it in my arse. Make it go deeper!”

“I can’t go deeper, you’ve got all of me, I’m in as far as it’ll go, and it’s bloody marvellous!” Andy was gasping his words as his efforts took their toll.

“Then harder, Andy, fuck me harder, ream my arse, and ram it up me all the way!”

Andy couldn’t fuck her harder. What did she think he was? He was thrusting as hard as he could, gripping her hips and using them to pull her back onto his cock as hard as he could. Sweat was streaming from him, he was going at it harder and faster than he’d ever done in his life – and it was so fucking good!

“Come on, Andy, harder”, Helen urged him on. “Do it harder, push it in further, I’m going to cum soon, make me cum, Andy, make me cum from an arse fucking, but you’ll have to fuck me harder to do it! Come on, fill me up!”

“Shut the fuck up, you fucking bitch, I can’t go any harder!” Andy’s frustration suddenly boiled over and, releasing her right hip, he gave her a hard open handed slap against her right thigh. The unexpected pain was enough to tip her over the edge and Helen came again, an explosive, never to be forgotten orgasm that ripped through her, making her scream with pleasure, lunging and bucking uncontrollably as wave after wave of ecstasy swamped her. Andy tried hard to stay with her through this unanticipated result, but with only one hand on her hip he couldn’t and her sudden lunge forward caused his cock to slip from her well lubricated anus. His frustration was intense; he had been within a few strokes of sending gouts of cum into her rectum, within a few strokes of fulfilling his dream!

For a minute or so Andy leaned back on his haunches panting from his labours, his right hand gently stroking his swollen penis, but then, as Helen was still on her knees before him, her anus gaping at him, open from it’s recent fucking, he raised himself and lined up his cock to reintroduce it to he silky tunnel. Pausing just long enough to apply a little more lubricant, Andy leaned forward, pressing his cock head against her anus, looking for the controlled entry she had denied him previously. Helen made no attempt to avoid him, if truth be known she still wanted more of it anyway, and with steady but gentle pressure he eased his cock back into the depths of her arsehole. This time he was determined to do it his way. No more fucking like a dog on heat, no more drilling as if for oil, he wanted steady unremitting thrusting that would bring him back to the boil and take him over the edge, to deposit his cum just where she had asked for it – deep within her rectum!

This suited Helen fine now, for her volcanic orgasm had left her trembling and weakened, and she wasn’t sure that she could take any more of the earlier frantic coupling. Her arse was feeling a little sore, her sphincter a little stretched and the walls of her rectum slightly bruised, but she still wanted Andy inside her. She had yet to feel him erupt within her and she desperately wanted that experience! This time she didn’t urge him on, didn’t push back against his thrusts …didn’t anything. She just submitted meekly to his movements, which to her great surprise, seemed as though they might spark yet another climax. If it did then she hoped they might cum together, but whatever happened she wanted him to climax, the very thought of his hot spunk jetting into her arse making her even hotter.

Andy was fucking Helen silently and relentlessly, enjoying her sudden submission, his cock entering full length to be withdrawn almost completely out before plunging back into her depths. This time it was for his pleasure, she had had hers while he’d been left high and – well, ok, maybe not dry, but at least unfulfilled. This time he wouldn’t stop till he came, he didn’t care what she felt, although he noticed that her breathing was getting ragged again, signalling a further possible orgasm, and entertained a brief hope that they might get their simultaneously. That would be really something, if only she would hold still long enough for him to shoot off inside her!

Now, with part of his attention on Helen’s impending orgasm, Andy began to fuck her harder and faster, the thought of them cumming together kick starting his own build up. The familiar heaviness and tightness in his scrotum was there, the first tingle at the base of his cock, the abandonment of rational thought, yep, he was definitely going to come. Thrusting harder into Helen’s arse, building up speed, building up momentum and gripping her hips as if his life depended on it, Andy rushed headlong towards the thing that had obsessed him most of his adult life. Cumming in a woman’s arse. And then it was there!

“Ooohh God, I’m cumming” Andy’s yell was echoed almost simultaneously with the self same words from Helen’s lips! They had done it! They were cumming together! Andy pushed hard into Helen, pulling her hips against him as he felt the spunk boil upwards inside his shaft, ready for release into Helen’s arse. He needn’t have worried, Helen was in mid orgasm, but she was holding herself rigid, determined this time to feel his spunk hit her rectal walls. And feel it she did. Andy’s spunk erupted from his cock like a mini Krakatoa, shooting hard and high into her passage. One great gout followed another as his balls emptied their everything into Helen, filling her, flooding her, inundating her with a torrent of pent up semen. He was no longer thrusting, just holding her backside against him while his hips and thighs twitched in their efforts to bury his spurting cock further within her.

For her part Helen felt him slam into her as the first gush came hot and heavy into her arse, and then just hold her impaled on his cock while he continued to squirt molten ecstasy high into her. The effect was electric for both of them. Helen, already close to spent, felt pleasure roll over her in heavy, satisfying breakers, the complete culmination to wonderful lovemaking, while Andy, close to frustration, felt joyous release, pleasure unbearable, a sensation of pure ecstasy exploding around his genitals and spreading like an earthquake from it’s epicentre until his entire being was a trembling, sweating, shell, his legs shaking, his body shuddering, and his brain focused on the white light of his orgasm to the exclusion of all else. Never had he felt pleasure on that scale.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh my God, thank you!” Andy gasped the words as, totally spent but deliriously happy, he all but collapsed over Helen’s back, his weight forcing her onto her belly. Helen turned onto her side taking Andy with her, so that they lay, still connected, like spoons, desperately trying to regain their breath and just a hint of composure!

At last Helen spoke. “Christ, that was good!”

“Oh yes!”

They lay silently panting for a few minutes, then, “Helen!”

Helen tried to look at Andy without dislodging his softening penis from her very slippery arse! “Yes?”

“Thank you!”

Helen, laughed, she just couldn’t help it! Here was a man who had just given her most exciting sex she had ever had, even though she did feel a bit mangled as a result, and he was thanking her?

Her laughter had finally dislodged his shrunken cock, so feeling a little embarrassed that he might come into contact with the spunk she could feel dribbling from her back passage, she rolled over to face him. “No Andy, if either of us needs thanking, then I should thank you! You have made me feel unbelievably happy. What we have just done I have both wanted and dreaded for years, and you have made it into the most pleasurable experience of my life!” She took his face in her hands and kissed him, long, deep, and tenderly. For the next quarter of an hour or so they lay in each others arms, each going over the experience in their minds, each searching their souls, and each deciding that it had been a wonderful, if somewhat frowned upon, thing to do!

“Can I just say” Helen abruptly began again, “I hope you didn’t mind my forcing the issue when we first started. Don’t think badly of me. I felt so nervous I nearly called it off, and jumping in with both feet was my way of making sure I couldn’t chicken out! I don’t usually display myself quite so lewdly, honestly!”

She was looking earnestly at Andy, who smiled at her seriousness. “You did catch me by surprise I must admit, but, hey! What man could think badly of such a beautiful sight, and you weren’t the only nervous one! So again, thank you!”

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