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Upside Down

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Rachel bit her lower lip and whimpered meekly as she neared a frantic orgasm; her nimble fingers nothing but a blur as they deftly manipulated her burning clit. The beautiful blonde then moaned out and grabbed her sheets with her free hand as her hips began to thrash. Her whole body shook violently as a flood of sensation flashed through every part of her being, before slowly retreating to its epicenter between her trembling legs.

She panted erratically, trying to regain her breath, as her fingers slowed their rotation and her hips finally came to rest. After an infinitely deep breath the young blonde pulled her hand from her spent pussy and let it drop gracefully onto her bare stomach. She groaned weakly and allowed herself a sly smile, the type of smile that only accompanies complete satisfaction.

Rachel lay on her bed and traced a finger delicately across her flat belly and around her navel, her thoughts reluctantly shifting from her mind-blowing orgasm, back to reality.

The intense pressure of the last month had allowed her little time for frivolous thoughts or activities. Now however, with her finals done and her first year of college safely behind her, the nineteen-year-old planned on nothing but frivolity for the next few months.

After a short rest she lazily rolled out of bed and wrapped herself in a robe before heading to the bathroom for a much-anticipated shower.

She spent the better part of the day unpacking and catching up with her mother, Sara and her eighteen-year-old sister, Trisha. Her father, Dan, had left for work long before she woke. They were a close-knit family and although they spoke often while she was away, there were still plenty of stories to exchange, which the Brooks women did at length.

The next few days were spent getting used to living back at home again. It was pretty uneventful. Other than hanging out with her old friends, Rachel was content spending most of her time lounging around and allowing her tired brain time to refuel.

It was as she was lounging out by the pool on the following Thursday afternoon that Sara informed her she and Dan were going to the Cape for a long weekend. They were leaving the following morning and wouldn’t be back for a few days. It was nothing new; her parents owned a vacation house right on the ocean they visited often.

The next morning, right after her parents left, Trisha was on the phone inviting a bunch of her friends over for a party that night. Rachel laughed as she thought back to all the parties she had thrown while her parents were away; now seeing her younger sister doing the same thing sparked happy, nostalgic feelings of the not-too-distant past.

She had plans to meet her friend Stephanie at the mall to do some shopping and told Trisha she’d be back in the early afternoon. As she drove to the mall, she found her thoughts drifting back to school and the event that had her masturbating twice daily since its occurrence.

It was the third straight night of relentless studying for Rachel and her roommate Emily and they were both beginning to go a little stir crazy. They decided to take a break to blow off some steam and ended up going to a big off-campus party. By the time they stumbled back to their room, they were both wasted.

She wasn’t quite sure how it started but she clearly remembered what happened. Somehow she and Emily had ended up in the latter’s bed and they were making out passionately; Rachel’s pussy dampened again as she recalled the event, which ended with Emily fingering and rubbing her to the most powerful climax of her life.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms but awoke in different beds. Rachel was afraid to say anything, and after Emily had acted like nothing happened, she decided she should just forget about it. But she couldn’t.

She managed to suppress her thoughts during her time with Stephanie, planning on taking matters into her own hands again back in her room.

When Rachel arrived home, she kicked off her shoes and stopped in the kitchen for a glass of water. As she took a deep drink, she heard a faint laughter coming from the pool area. Rachel peered out the window and smiled broadly at the scene. Trisha and her friend Katie were in the pool, which in itself was no big deal; it was the fact that they were nude that caught her attention.

With her thoughts already clearly on the female form, Rachel had a dirty idea. She put her glass down and hurried into her father’s study; the closest part of the house to the pool. Once inside she carefully opened the shades, affording her a perfect view of the whole area.

She felt her heart thump and a heat build between her legs as she stared through the blinds at the naked girls by the pool. Rachel’s blue eyes scanned Katie’s tight little body lustily until she inevitably shifted her attention to Trisha.

The instant her gaze fell on her sister, the difference was obvious. She stared at the younger girl with wide-eyed admiration; her body was absolute perfection. Her breasts had grown into beautifully shaped, ultra-firm C’s. Her stomach was so tight it was nearly concave and her butt was flawless.

Rachel forced herself to look away from Trisha and instead tried to focus on Katie. But it didn’t work for long. It seemed almost involuntary to her, the way her eyes were drawn back to her younger sister’s naked form. She reminded herself that she was peeping on her own sister, in a weak attempt to dissuade her mind’s desire. But ironically, that only fueled the fire.

She slipped off her jeans and panties and sat down slowly in her father’s office chair, noting the contrast of the cool leather on the heated skin of her bare ass. Her right hand was immediately tracing deliberate circles over her hot pussy as her left slid under her shirt and began to tweak one erect nipple.

Rachel cooed and shifted a little in her seat as her stare moved up and down her sister’s impossibly beautiful body. The water droplets beading off her smooth tanned skin, her wispy, neatly shaved pussy and hard, half-dollar sized nipples completing the most striking picture of feminine beauty she had ever laid eyes on.

Within minutes she was in the throes of another earthquake of an orgasm. Thoughts of feeling and tasting Trisha’s naked body flashed persistently through her mind; the shame of the taboo only serving to feed the orgasm’s voracious appetite as it consumed her wholly.

When the tide of ecstasy had finally ebbed it was replaced by a wave of instant regret. She reached down and pulled her jeans back on hastily before closing the blinds and quickly retreating to her room.

Rachel threw herself down on her bed and buried her head in her arms. The guilt and shame she felt seemed to physically weigh her down.

“What’s the matter with you?” she asked herself out loud.

.However, as she battled with her newfound desires, images of Trisha’s nude form crept into her conscious, interrupting her. After about fifteen minutes of deliberation, Rachel half-heartedly decided to simply suppress her dark desires. She figured the task to be cut and dried, what other choice did she have? The alternative, it seemed, was just not an option.

The blonde pulled herself off the bed with a renewed sense of confidence and headed back down to the kitchen for a fresh glass of water. As she poured her drink the sliding glass door opened and in came Katie and Trisha, now wearing their sparse bikinis.

Rachel nearly dropped the pitcher as her eyes were drawn directly to her sister’s proud breasts, whose hard, dark nipples were plainly visible through her white top. She quickly attempted to compose herself.

“Hey, Rach!!” Trisha exclaimed as she smiled warmly and approached her sister.

“Katie, did I tell you how happy I am that my sister is home?” continued the younger girl before hugging Rachel tightly.

It was in that moment that Rachel’s fragile plan, barely in its infancy, was snuffed out. Feeling Trisha’s body against hers, their breasts pressing against each other, her sister’s nipples so hard, like syringes injecting lust directly into her blood. She tried to hide her trembling as her sister held her close and continued talking to her friend playfully.

“And Rachel doesn’t know it yet but she’s hanging out with me and my friends tonight because I’ve missed her sooooo much and she doesn’t want to make her little sister cry … right?”

Rachel managed an uncomfortable smile and agreed to hang out at Trisha’s party that night. Her head throbbed as her sister mercifully ended her playful embrace and slowly walked away towards the stairs. Rachel couldn’t help but stare at Trisha’s beautiful ass in the slight bikini bottom as she left the room.

The older girl allowed herself a deep breath as soon as the girls were out of the kitchen. She couldn’t understand her sudden obsession, couldn’t even begin to, actually. She knew it was wrong, and really wrong, but she couldn’t deny its tangibility. Besides, she couldn’t get the feeling of Trisha’s body pressed against hers out of her mind, making it impossible to concentrate on much of anything.

She holed out up in her room for the following few hours, trying in vain to avoid stoking the fire.

It wasn’t until nine o’clock when she finally made her way back downstairs. There she found the party beginning and grabbed herself a beer. The first hour was pretty uneventful, but by its end there were a good fifty high school kids partying throughout the house.

Rachel made it a point to avoid Trisha as much as possible but just before ten, her younger sister found her.

“Hey you!!! Come, come, come, come …” the eighteen-year-old said quickly as she grabbed Rachel’s hand and led her into their father’s study.

Trisha closed the door behind them and they joined Katie, Jessica (another of Trisha’s close friends) and two guys, Justin and Tim. Trisha introduced her sister to the guys before nudging Justin purposefully.

He smiled and pulled a small Advil bottle from his pocket and popped the top off. He then tilted the bottle and poured five white pills onto the desk. Rachel recognized it as Ecstasy right away and shot her sister a surprised, but not disapproving look. She was no raver but Rachel had done E five or six times and had really enjoyed it each time.

They each popped a tab then smoked joint, compliments of Tim, and by the time they rejoined the party Rachel was feeling much looser. The situation with Trisha didn’t seem as big a deal, such are the temporary healing properties of alcohol and drugs.

A half an hour later Rachel was beginning to roll and found herself dancing in a circle with Trisha and about eight of her friends. Her inhibitions, along with her previous concerns were suddenly gone entirely and she found it impossible not to watch her sister dance.

An arm then surprised Rachel around her waist as someone began to grind into her from behind. She turned her head to find Justin smiling at her. She smiled back and began to grind her tight ass hard against him in response.

It had been a while, excluding her experimentation with Emily, since Rachel had fooled around with someone and Justin was pushing all the right buttons. The Ecstasy heightened her sense of touch immeasurably so that his hands sliding across her flat stomach and up and down the sides of her hips seemed to generate an electrical charge on her skin.

After a few moments she turned to face him and they continued to grind into each other hard. He then grabbed Rachel’s ass with one hand and squeezed it tightly as he brought his mouth to her ear.

“You are SO fucking hot,” he rasped before nuzzling his face against her neck.

Under normal circumstances Rachel would’ve taken exception to a guy grabbing her ass so soon, and right in the middle of a crowded room. But his attention seemed to make her forget, at least temporarily, about her sudden incestuous desires.

The blonde turned around again and resumed grinding her firm, little ass into the younger guy’s hips to the thumping beat of the techno; her mind narrowing it’s focus on nothing other than the beat and the feeling of Justin’s body rubbing against hers.

After a few songs, Rachel decided she needed a fresh drink and Justin tailed her closely to the kitchen. Once they each had a new beer, he took her hand and wordlessly led her towards her father’s study, picking up Trisha on the way.

The music pumped loudly through the study’s speakers as Justin closed the door and backed the two sisters against it, side by side. He then moved in and began to kiss Trisha deeply.

Rachel could only stare dumbly as they kissed, their tongues wrestling frantically mere inches from her face. When he broke his kiss with Trisha, Justin immediately moved in on Rachel.

Rachel was shocked as Justin kissed her and quickly pushed him away. She immediately looked over at Trisha, waiting for an angry tirade, but instead found her younger sister giving her a devious smile. Trisha then reached out and pulled Justin’s face close to Rachel’s again.

He kissed the blonde girl hard again. Rachel responded this time and accepted his hot tongue as it darted into her mouth forcefully, snaking deep down her throat before retreating. He traded off kissing the sisters a few times until Trisha moved behind him as he kissed Rachel’s neck and slowly began to unbutton her shirt. She kissed him back hard as he removed her shirt then unhooked and discarded her bra.

When she opened her eyes again, Rachel felt a rush of heat to her head as she found Trisha staring lustily at her. The younger sister had removed Justin’s shirt and was caressing his chest from behind as he kissed her sister’s neck and began to pinch one of her nipples hard. Rachel’s whole body trembled and she made no attempt to hide her eyes from Trisha.

Their stare was broken only when Justin intervened, gently pushing Rachel to her knees as Trisha dropped his pants. The blonde watched closely as her sister pulled down Justin’s boxers, revealing his fat, hard cock swaying directly in front of her face. Trisha grasped his thick shaft from behind and put his throbbing head right at the tip of her sister’s mouth.

Rachel gently closed her lips around his fat head as her sister’s petite hand glided up and down the guy’s hefty trunk. Her eyes then trailed upward as Trisha released Justin’s cock, stepped around to his side and began to kiss her friend deeply. Rachel gripped Justin’s cock tightly at its base and began to suck him harder as she watched the two of them kiss passionately.

Trisha then gracefully dropped to her knees beside her sister and moved her pretty face in close. Rachel nearly froze but managed to take her mouth off Justin’s cock and offer his glistening rod to her. The sisters’ eyes remained glued to each other as Trisha began to suck his big dick hard.

Rachel was on fire. Watching Trisha slurp at this guy’s cock, just inches away, was nearly more than she could handle. She wanted so desperately to taste her sister’s tongue, feel her hands all over her body; but that was a line that even in her clouded state of mind, she was unwilling to be the first to cross.

They took turns sucking Justin hard, each watching the other closely during their time, until he eventually pulled them up and kissed them both wildly. He then slipped Rachel’s jeans and drenched panties off in one smooth motion. The blonde groaned softly as he kissed her again and began to gently stroke her swollen pussy lips.

Trisha stepped back so she stood about five feet away and slowly removed her shirt. Rachel stared unabashedly at her sister as she bit her lower lip and let out a whimper in response to Justin’s middle finger sliding into her hot, little pussy. Her eyes followed Trisha closely as the younger girl finished taking off her clothes before sitting down in her father’s chair.

Justin then bent Rachel over the opposite side of the desk and the blonde let out a breathy moan as he pushed his fat cock inside her. Trisha hooked her legs up over the arms of the chair, spreading her gorgeous pussy wide, and began to rub her juicy cunt. Within moments Justin was fucking Rachel hard from behind. Her gaze constantly shuttled between her sister’s glistening pussy and her dark eyes as she held tightly to the desk.

“Yeah … fuck her hard, fuck her HARD!!” the little brunette hissed as she fingered herself and watched lustily.

To hear those nasty words come from her sister’s mouth, brought Rachel to the brink and she began drive her tight ass back hard into Justin. He reached around and squeezed one of her firm tits tightly as he picked up the pace even more.

Rachel then let out an unsteady moan and began to come furiously as she rode Justin’s rigid shaft. When she opened her eyes again, Trisha was staring right at her, still rubbing her wet pussy slowly.

The younger girl then got up and walked around the desk as Justin pulled his hard cock out of Rachel. His dick was still swaying as she grasped it with her petite hand and kissed him deeply. Trisha then sat back on her father’s desk and pulled her friend’s cock to her eager pussy.

Rachel just stood there motionless, a somewhat blank expression masking the tumult of thoughts and desires ricocheting around her flustered mind. She watched intently as Justin began to thrust into her sister.

Trisha was moaning and whimpering as she writhed around beneath her friend’s rhythmic pumping. The sound of her sister’s ecstasy was sending shivers through Rachel as her fingers found her aching pussy once again.

Trisha then suddenly trained her eyes directly on her sister.

“Yeah (gasp) you like watching me (moan) get fucked?

Rachel nodded like a child and continued to stare as Trisha’s tiny body recoiled comically after each fierce thrust.

“That’s it … oh God! … Watch me while you finger yourself!” the brunette whimpered lustily as she neared her own climax.

After another five minutes, Trisha grabbed Justin’s neck and pulled herself close to him as she began to come. Her sister’s series of high-pitched squeals and moans were enough to set Rachel off again.

Trisha then slipped off the desk and began to suck and jerk Justin off fiercely. She beckoned to Rachel to join her, which the blonde did immediately. By his moans and erratic breathing, Rachel knew he was about to blow. Suddenly Trisha pulled her mouth off his cock and snapped at Rachel.

“Swallow him.”

Almost as soon as Rachel’s lips closed around his shaft, Justin exploded. Trisha’s hand still pistoned up and down the base of his prick as she watched Rachel struggle to swallow his formidable load.

When he finally stopped spewing, Trisha pulled his spent cock from her sister’s mouth and got in her last licks before standing up and kissing him deeply.

Rachel was in a complete daze and only started getting dressed after the other two were nearly finished.

“Can you give us a minute?” Trisha asked Justin as she hugged him.

Rachel’s heart started thumping again as Justin smiled and left the room. Trisha then approached her as Rachel braced herself for what was to come. The brunette stopped right in front of her sister.

“You OK?” she asked sincerely.

Rachel nodded, still unable to find her voice.

“Good, ‘cause you look a little bugged out.”

Trisha then moved closer and hugged Rachel lovingly.

“That was amazing.” The brunette whispered hoarsely.

After the hug, Trisha simply turned and left the room, leaving Rachel standing there stunned and unfulfilled. The blonde stayed motionless for a couple minutes before breaking down and beginning to cry. Her tears were mainly a product of her confusion but partly due to a massive feeling of unfulfilled desire.

She gathered herself as best she could, finished dressing and made a beeline for the relative sanctuary of her room. Rachel cried some more as she struggled mightily to comprehend the events of the previous twelve hours; how her whole life had suddenly turned upside down.

Over the next few hours, the pretty blonde blankly watched TV, in a vain attempt to distract her troubled mind. Above all else, she wanted to soothe the fire between her legs. Because even though she was terribly conflicted, she was also undeniably turned on by what had happened. She wouldn’t allow herself the pleasure though, as some sort of semi-conscious punishment.

She listened as the party slowly but surely wound down until outside her door there only was silence. For some reason the silence was a comfort, although she still couldn’t sleep. Her mind continued to replay the surreal events as if on a loop. Over and over she saw her sister getting fucked on top of their dad’s desk; watched her lying naked by the pool; smelled the sweet smell of her pussy on Justin’s cock. It was beginning to drive her mad.

She glanced over at the clock and sighed as she saw the time, 4:15. The house had been quiet for over half an hour so she assumed it was “safe” to go get a drink of water without running into anyone. She quietly opened her door, slipped into the dark hallway and headed for the bathroom. Once there, she filled a cup and drank it down in one gulp. Rachel then put both hands on the sink as she looked up into the mirror.

She stared at her reflection impassively, almost as if she didn’t quite recognize herself anymore. And in a way, she didn’t. She took another big gulp and put the cup back before turning the light out and walking back to her room.

Rachel closed the door to her room softly and turned towards her bed. The blonde stopped dead in her tracks. Lying on her bed, in a little tank top and a pair of guy’s boxers, was Trisha. She had her head propped up in her hand and stared up at her older sister with a furtive look that both scared and excited Rachel.

“What…what are you doing in here?” Rachel asked, trying hard, but failing to sound normal.

Trisha’s expression stayed the same and without moving a muscle she responded.

“You know exactly what I’m doing in here. The question is, are you gonna do something about it?”

Rachel felt a flash of heat that seemed to raise the temperature in the room to a hundred degrees. How was she supposed to respond to that?

“What do you mean?” she stammered.

Trisha lay still for a moment before issuing a sarcastic chuckle as she got up off the bed.

“Well, if you really don’t know why I came in hear, I guess I better go back to my own room.”

Trisha’s tone was both mocking and threatening. Rachel stood frozen as her sister walked by, seemingly with an extra bounce in her step. She felt her opportunity slipping away but was unable to speak. Just as she grasped the doorknob, Rachel freed her tongue.

“Trisha wait!”

The brunette stopped and turned back, her hand still on the doorknob.

“Why did I come in here, Rachel?”

“Because…” The older girl said nervously.

“Because you wanted to …”

Trisha seemed about to lose her patience and began to turn the knob slowly.

“Wanted to what?”

“Because you wanted to fool around?” she finally managed to blurt out with much effort.

Rachel half expected Trisha to react with disgust, slam the door and storm off. But that, of course, didn’t happen.

Trisha instead released the doorknob and approached the older girl.

“Not exactly.”

The brunette paused for a moment before continuing.

“I think we’re a little passed fooling around, don’t you, sis?”

Rachel felt herself go numb as Trisha stared hard at her.

“No Rachel, not to fool around. I came in here to fuck your brains out.”

The blonde girl’s eyes widened noticeably as her sister gently wrapped her arms around her.

“You do wanna fuck me, don’t you Rachel? I could see it when we were in the kitchen before, it was in your eyes.”

Rachel remained frozen as Trisha brought her beautiful face so close, she could feel her breath. The younger girl then planted a soft, loving peck on her sister’s quivering lips.

“And when we were with Justin, you couldn’t take your eyes off me.”

She kissed Rachel again, this time parting her sister’s lips with her tongue. Rachel wrapped her arms around Trisha and whimpered as they kissed for a long minute before breaking again. Trisha leaned her face against Rachel’s as she suddenly slipped her hand beneath her sister’s t-shirt and squeezed one breast tight. Rachel gasped as she began to roll her hard nipple around between her thumb and forefinger as they held each other close.

Trisha then sat Rachel down on the bed and stood before her. She stared hard as she peeled her tiny tank top off, freeing her picture perfect tits. The brunette climbed onto the bed and knelt over Rachel’s lap, positioning her breasts right in front of her older sister’s pretty face.

Rachel’s inhibitions were finally gone, along with the shock of the act itself. All that was left in her heart and mind was a wholly unique union of love and lust.

The sisters’ eye contact remained unbroken as Rachel gently took one of Trisha’s firm breasts in her hand. The younger girl cooed as Rachel suddenly squeezed it and flicked her nipple with tip of her tongue. A moment later the blonde was sucking hard on her sister’s hard brown nipple, rolling her tongue over it and biting it softly.

Trisha panted and dropped her head back while Rachel alternated squeezing and sucking her big, beautiful tits passionately. Rachel then lay back, pulling Trisha down on top of her. She resumed her licking and sucking as her hands found her sister’s hot ass; first over, then under her boxers.

The brunette soon slid herself down a little so she was directly over Rachel again and slipped her right hand into her older sister’s panties. Rachel’s hips jumped involuntarily as Trisha’s fingers began to lightly rub her puffy cunt lips. The blonde stared up at her lover’s sweet face and her hand found Trisha’s dripping pussy as well.

Moments later both girls were panting and squirming at each other’s touch. They kissed again as they worked each other’s pussies, each spurred on by the other’s moans and gyrations and the raw, sexual heat of the moment. Rachel marveled at the feel of Trisha’s pussy; so hot, so wet and so soft beneath her fingers.

They continued to rub each other hard for a long while before Trisha brought her mouth in close to Rachel’s ear.

“You ready to eat my pussy, Rachel?”

The blonde girl moaned out as her sister slipped a slender finger deep inside her as soon as the words escaped her lips. She pulled her hand from Trisha’s pussy, yanked down the younger girl’s boxers and squeezed her firm ass hard. She whimpered and stared up at her sister as the brunette fingered her smoothly and spoke again.

“Are you ready to make your little sister come in your mouth?” she rasped.

The unthinkable questions had an electrifying effect on Rachel. She suddenly flipped Trisha over on her back and slipped her boxers off completely. The younger girl flashed a wicked smile as her sister began to grind her hips into her pussy hard, in a mock fucking motion.

Rachel was soon kissing her way down Trisha’s perfect body, stopping only to nibble softly on her nipples and tease her tiny bellybutton before reaching her target destination. She paused for a moment, building both girls’ anticipation, and admired her sister’s beautiful pussy. Her puffy lips were glistening and seemed almost to pulsate while her pink clit, swollen to nearly twice it’s normal size, peeked out invitingly from between. She breathed in deep, the delicate, seemingly floral scent of her sister’s arousal.

Rachel tentatively flicked her tongue over her sister’s pink bud once, then a second time, as if testing the water before jumping in. She then stared at Trisha’s pretty, innocent face as she dipped her tongue between her lips and sampled her flavor fully. Her sister’s essence filled her senses as she began to suck and lick her sweet, pink flesh. Trisha glared down at her, her hips flinching erratically as Rachel’s lips and tongue massaged her fiery pussy.

Rachel was in a dream; so long had she desired to taste another woman. Her sudden obsession with Trisha was instantly validated. It was meant to be. How else could she explain the recent turn of events, leading to this wonderful, all-consuming peak? She couldn’t, or just simply didn’t care to. Where she was at that moment was where she was meant to be and while her mind would continue to question it, her heart remained steadfast and sure. This was right.

All of her thoughts and feelings manifested themselves in a wicked tongue-lashing of Trisha’s delicious pussy. She sucked and ate her sister like she’d been doing it her whole life, using techniques she had both fantasized about and experienced. Whatever she did, it was very clearly to Trisha’s liking. The young brunette moaned and squealed and squirmed and writhed her way through two powerful orgasms in a matter of minutes before having to pull Rachel’s tireless mouth away from her spasming cunt.

Trisha pulled Rachel from between her legs and rolled over on top of her. The sisters then began to kiss wildly with a raw passion most people never get to know. They kissed for a long while, both girls gasping and moaning as they unleashed their mutual lust.

The younger girl slid down Rachel’s tight body and closed her panting mouth around her sister’s neatly trimmed pussy. Rachel grabbed Trisha’s hair and her body went stiff as she released a series of low, guttural moans. The brunette reached up and grasped Rachel’s firm tits tight as her tongue flashed frantically over the overheated flesh of her pussy.

Rachel came almost instantly. Her mind flooded with pleasure as Trisha continued to go at her flowing cunt masterfully. A few minutes passed and Rachel was on the doorstep of another mind-bending orgasm. But Trisha stopped, just before delivery, and reached under the bed. She pulled out a clear six-inch vibrator as she crawled back over the panting Rachel.

They kissed deeply again as Trisha touched the vibrator to her sister’s inflated clit. Rachel squealed and began to thrust her hips as Trisha rubbed the humming toy hard on her desperate pussy. The brunette reached around and took her sister’s head in her hand as she positioned the vibrator at the mouth of her cunt.

They resumed their hard, deep stare as the younger girl pushed the toy inside her sister. Rachel moaned and groaned as she stared up at her pleadingly, silently begging to fulfill her needs. Trisha steadily increased her pace and before long she was pumping Rachel hard and fast.

Within moments, the blonde wrapped her arms around Trisha. Every part of her body twitched but her head, which was held fast by her sister’s hand. Rachel focused on nothing but Trisha’s brown eyes as her orgasm began to rock her senses. The brunette fucked her sister hard through the entire climax, studying her strained face for over a minute before the sensations mercifully began to recede.

They kissed hard again as Trisha pulled the vibrator out of Rachel’s aching cunt and laid down alongside her. Rachel stroked her little sister’s soft, brown hair and they entwined their legs as they stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.

The sisters lay silent for a long while, gently stroking each other’s naked bodies until Trisha leaned in close and gave Rachel a soft, loving kiss on her lips.

“I love you so much.” The brunette said softly.

Rachel smiled and kissed her again. The blonde then turned on her side and Trisha wrapped her arm around her sister’s flat belly as they spooned with each other. In a matter of minutes, they were both asleep.

Rachel awoke the following morning from her deep sleep to find herself alone. A sudden shiver went through her body as she remembered the awkwardness of the morning after she and Emily had fooled around. This had the obvious potential to be a much, much more damaging situation.

She climbed out of bed and threw on her t-shirt and sweatpants before popping her head out into the hallway. The house was silent. Rachel quietly walked down the hallway and peeked into Trisha’s room, but found it empty. She walked to the head of the hallway and nervously called downstairs for Trisha, but got no response.

Rachel fought an uneasy feeling as she crept back down to her room. She stepped inside, shut the door and turned towards her bed. She stopped again and smiled down at Trisha who was lying on her bed, much like the night before, only this time still very much nude.

“Gotcha again.” Trisha said with a smile.

I’m asking you, the readers of this story, if you think I should write additional chapters. I have some ideas about future scenarios for Rachel and Trisha (involving any number of additional people) and I want to know if readers would be interested in hearing about them.

All feedback is valued and appreciated.



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Richie wrote

Great story, love it.

Thought it was well written and very erotic. Definitely, please write more.

I think a follow up chapter with just the two sisters, with Trisha being more dominant and Rachel tied and teased could work?