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Unusual Relations

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My mother Anne was a rather average-looking woman. Her hair was brown, short and curly, and she had a pear-shaped body with wide hips. Her breasts were hanging low and they had huge dark areolas.

Right now mom’s wide cellulite-ridden ass was up. It had a couple of dark moles on it, and I could see the nest of wiry hairs which surrounded the opening of her vagina, which felt loose and warm as my penis slid into it.

No-one could have guessed we were doing this, we were perfectly normal people in every way. It was surprisingly easy to keep the secret, since we did not behave strangely otherwise. This just felt like the most natural thing whenever we had a private moment together. We were in my bed, but no-one would hear mom’s moans and whimpering since dad and the others were at a baseball game.

Mom had been my first, and it still always felt special to be with her. She was breathing heavily and making little whimpers, and she felt really warm.

The vagina was opening to my thrusts. It was hairy and loose, and its familiarity felt comforting when I went all the way in. It felt nice to be close like this, as always.

I felt mom’s bush against my groin and testicles as I started thrusting harder. It was really thick and dark, it was all around the vagina and the bristly hairs reached to her thighs and stomach, which was hanging slightly because of the stretch marks.

Mom was whimpering more often now, and she was, her ass making little twisting motions.

“I’ve been holding it all week, mom,” I sighed to her. I usually did even when we were not able to be together for a while, since it felt wrong to just shoot the sperm away instead of the womb which had borne me.

“That’s good, dear,” mom answered in an agreeing manner. She was breathing heavily and her hips were shuddering and heaving, causing the warm motherly vagina make warm waves around my penis.

I was grunting and thrusting hard into it when mom came. “Oh mom!” I shouted when the spermatozoa suddenly started rushing towards my mother’s womb, giving me a huge toe-curling orgasm as I shot them deep into there. I can tell you that own mother’s vagina is the best place for a boy to shoot in, because it’s so warm, loose and familiar. I held tight onto mom’s wide hips and groaned as I slammed hard against her jiggling cellulite ass, again and again. Mom’s womb was receptive as always, and it was contracting with orgasms which made her shudder and moan.

“Oh mom…” I sighed when after the lingering final thrusts I finally pulled out as I felt myself softening, and caressed mom’s ass a little.

We got up and kissed, but it was just a quick touch of lips. Dad and the siblings wouldn’t be back for a while, but mom had to make the dinner ready. When she had gone downstairs, I turned on the computer. I had some important papers to write, but occasionally I had to take a break and visit a certain video site.

We had filmed my first time, like many other precious moments. Our faces weren’t visible in the video, of course. We had often watched it together after family gatherings. I remembered the incredible lotus position orgasm with grandma when we had been visiting her. That was on the video too. Grandma was the only one who knew about us, since mom had always been so close with her she knew she could tell her anything, and granny had actually given her advice concerning my first time. After mom had told grandma we had actually done it, I had been with her too. We had only done it once, but I loved how grandma’s hips and thighs moved in the video at the moment when I came.

Mom had occasionally posted our videos to some websites such as this one. Most of the users didn’t usually believe they were real, but some said they certainly did look like it.

I went to click on them right now. The one with me and mom was titled: “Son’s first time with mother, 100% real”. First it showed mom naked, fiddling with the camera as she turned it on and played with the settings. She had left that in because it only showed her body and eighteen year-old me sitting on the bed in the background. Then the view changed and a close-up of mom’s labia filled the screen. The dark hairs surrounding it reached to her thighs, which were wide open. We had only one camera, and we had not wanted our faces to be showing, so mom hadn’t tried any tricks while filming the actual act.

After a while I appeared on the screen too. I was my holding my hard penis in my hand and I was nervously looking for the right spot until mom helped me with her own hand. I remembered how jittery I had been. The vagina could be seen opening as the whole length of the shaft slid in and my testicles were hanging against mom’s buttocks on the screen.

Then the practical learning of human copulation started, and mom’s vagina was could be seen opening and reacting to the thrusts. It was an insecure performance, with the penis slipping out of the vagina several times, but I got it back in with mom’s help. Despite the awkwardness I managed to stay hard and finally shoot the sperm to where it belonged. I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to go all the way with anyone else than mom.

The microphone wasn’t very good, but you could still distinctly hear the groan when the intercourse on the screen reached its only natural conclusion, and the whole world got to see from up close as I ejaculated into my own mother: “Mom, I’m gonna – Nn-nn!”

The comments were filled up with material like: “Unbelievable!”, “Looks real to me”, “A young guy like that wouldn’t call out his mom if it actually wasn’t her” and “Oh my God, check out the other vid with the grandma. This is the real thing!”

The second video was a collection of blowjobs mom had given me when she had been pregnant. It was a nice way of showing her belly growing like in a time lapse, because there was one for each day of the whole nine months. The clips were short and quick, showing just the moment of ejaculation and mom swallowing the semen, because there were so many of them. The video was over two hours long as it was, so it was surprising the site had even accepted it. Mom’s belly started to get huge and veiny towards the end, and in the last clips it was supported by a pillow. I was constantly groaning and firing in my mother’s mouth on the screen, giving everything I could to help the baby grow. After all, letting mom swallow everything my balls could carry every day was just nature’s way of nurturing the baby.

I switched to the video with grandma. She was sitting on my lap with her legs around me, and the camera had been set up behind her. My hands were on her ass, which was wide like mom’s, and a bit saggy. We were moving together on the screen, and deep sighs and groans could be heard in the hissing audio track.

The finale was a very tender moment. I got to yet again see that twitch of her hips and thighs which had happened when we had very intensely orgasmed simultaneously and I had fired everything I had into her womb, hugging her close.

The comments said: “Holy shit, I think that really is the same guy! Look at the mole on his leg.”, “The grandma is old enough, and she does look like the mom in the other vid” and “I can’t believe stuff like this actually exists”.

I had to switch off the computer because I had a date tonight, and I wanted to prepare for it. I was taking Carol from the chemistry class to the movies. She wanted to see the new romantic comedy with Kristen Stewart in it, although she didn’t seem very romantic or comedic to me.

We had been out several times. Usually we held hands and I got a kiss on the cheek in the end. It was pretty fun, and she seemed to like me, although she was very shy.

I picked some stylish but not too posh clothes from my closet and selected the ones which I thought might appeal the best to Carol, although I was not sure she actually paid any attention to my clothes. I had a couple different colognes to select from. I thought about using the most expensive one, but it wasn’t really my own favorite, so I decided against it.

I checked myself in the mirror, and everything seemed decent as usual. That was actually a bit of a problem, since ‘decent’ was rarely enough. Actually it seemed like the guys who were less than decent often got the girls, but that was just not in my nature so it couldn’t be helped.

Dad and the sisters had already come back when I came downstairs, and they immediately commented on my appearance.

“Aren’t you handsome tonight,” dad said approvingly. The sisters seemed less so, Alice even giggled a little. I thought of her as a sister too, and as far as dad was concerned she was one, so there were no problems with that.

Mom arrived from the kitchen and laid her hand on dad’s shoulder, saying: “He’s going out with Carol Parker. You know the Parkers , don’t you? They live a couple of blocks away near the police station.”

“Awesome!” dad exclaimed and threw a high five at me. I responded, although it was embarrassing, and the sisters giggled a bit again.

I left and I walked to the Parkers’ house. Dad would have lent me the car, but they lived close enough and so the movie theater wasn’t very far either considering we lived in a pretty small town.

I rang the doorbell, and Mr. Parker opened the door. His hair had grayed out even though he was a bit younger than my own father, and he had a moustache which looked like it had been styled in the seventies.

“Oh hi, Jim,” he said. “Carol is waiting for you.”

I stepped in. Mrs. Parker was there too, and so was Carol. She seemed to immediately blush a little just from seeing me, but her mother smiled at her encouragingly.

“Have fun, but be sure to bring her back before nine,” her parents said to me as we left, and I assured them I would do so.

The movie was every bit as bad as I had expected, but I did get to hold Carol’s hand during it. She seemed to enjoy the romantic parts and the wedding scene, although she didn’t laugh at any point and neither did anyone else in the theater, so the comedy aspect certainly seemed to be somewhat lacking.

“Wanna go get a milkshake or something?” I suggested after the film, which made her blush again even though it hadn’t been intended as any kind of a double entendre.

“Nah,” she said, biting her lip. “I got to do the paper for Mr. Colton.”

“Oh yeah, I still have to work on mine too,” I said, and we departed amiably with a little kiss on the cheek.

I did work on the paper almost all night, after answering my parents’ usual questions about the date, and providing similar answers as usual. Not much had happened this time, either, but I was sure Carol really liked me, I would just somehow have to get past her shyness.

The next day I didn’t have lectures any lectures until the afternoon, so mom had come to my room at about eleven, and she was now riding me in a reverse cowgirl position. Her wide, cellulite-pocked ass was bouncing and shuddering. She leaned backwards, arching her back and spreading her legs wide and supporting herself with her hands which were now beside me. Her birth-giving hips started making twists and turns, and her heavy breasts were bouncing around in circular motions.

Like I have said, his own mother’s vagina is always the best for a boy, since it reacts and responds so instinctively and naturally, especially when her own child is getting near to shooting his sperm.

I came audibly into mom, which made her ass cheeks throb and caused her to throw her head back and moan: “Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!”

We kissed and rested together for a moment, until I said: “I have to return my paper to Mr. Colton.”

Mom watched from the bed with her legs wide open as I got dressed. Then I gave her another little kiss and said: “I have to go now.”

“Yes, remember to study hard. It’s important for your future,” mom said.

“I know,” I answered and left to take care of the day’s chores.

I was looking at the video site again that evening, when I noticed a new video called “Carol swallows daddy’s load”. It was a curious coincidence, considering I had just yesterday been out on a date with a girl called Carol.

I started watching the video, and immediately noticed some other and much bigger coincidences.

A man was sitting on the edge of a bed. He was gray-haired and he had a moustache. His legs were open and he was hard and erect. A brunette girl was leaning over his thigh and directing nervous sideways glances at the camera. She was cute-ish but nondescript, in a girl-next-door way. She was naked, and her brown hair was tied with a band behind her neck.

This one just happened to be an almost literal girl next door for me.

My eyes widened a bit when I immediately realized it actually was the exact same Carol, the shy girl I had gone out with, and that was her real dad, Mr. Parker. I had met him, and the man was obviously him. I had never seen Carol’s breasts until now, but there she was, naked with her dad. They were small, but certainly nice to look at.

I watched as Carol in the video leaned forward and took his father’s erection in her mouth. She had pretty lips, they were full and pouty. Her father was rock hard as they started moving around his shaft.

A little blush started to rise on Carol’s cheeks as she sucked with her eyes closed, probably more from shyness than excitement. She kept her eyes closed most of the time, but occasionally she glanced at the camera with her dark eyes. She was obviously quite nervous. This probably was their first video, and possibly their first time altogether.

The father touched Carol’s shoulder and whispered to her, barely audible on the video: “You’re going to swallow it, aren’t you?”

She seemed to be a little apprehensive, but after a while she answered “Mm-hmm” and continued sucking at the same pace.

The act went on for some minutes, with Carol’s head moving up and down and her father occasionally shifting his hips a little.

“Here it comes now,” her father sighed in a barely audible voice. I had to listen to that part several times before I caught the words. Then after a while he groaned deep and his hips twisted and jerked, instinctively thrusting a little towards the warm mouth.

I could see a jolt going through the shaft of the father’s penis and ending up in Carol’s cheeks when he came in her mouth. She swallowed immediately and instinctively. She had started to blush a bit more, but she kept her eyes closed and didn’t react much in any other way. The father’s testicles were tightening and contracting, and I watched the video several times to see the subtle throbbing in Carol’s cheeks and throat. Her lips were latched on her father’s penis, and she was suckling peacefully with her eyes closed and instinctively swallowing everything warm her father’s testicles could give.

The video ended abruptly when the father had shot himself dry and Carol’s lips had started moving up the shaft as she was about to pull away.

I had to shake my head. Not only was it surprising to see a shy girl like her doing that, I couldn’t believe their nerve at having posted a video showing their faces, and Carol’s real name was even in the description!

Still, after I thought about it, to anyone watching it just looked like some guy and his younger girlfriend. Maybe they thought anyone they knew would not go to a site like this, or that if they did, they would be too embarrassed themselves to mention what they had seen.

I certainly wasn’t going to tell anyone, but it was interesting to know we weren’t the only ones posting real videos here.

The top comment on the video said: “She wouldn’t swallow it like that if it really wasn’t her dad’s.”

I added my own remark after it: “Yeah, a girl isn’t going to suckle like that on anyone else than her father.”

When I returned to the main page, I noticed another video had been uploaded. It was titled: “Carol gives mom an orgasm.”

I started the video, and yeah, it really was Mrs. Parker. There was no question about that. I had seen her just yesterday. She was younger than my own mother, and she looked very similar to her daughter apart from having wider hips, heavier breasts, shorter hair and a thick bush between her legs, and this was noted in the comments of the video.

I don’t know how much the two really were into it. The father was filming, of course, and he had probably set them up for it.

Carol’s ass was up and the camera moved behind her to zoom on her pussy, which was an entirely new and pleasant sight for me, while at the same time showing a view past her legs to where he tongue was moving in and out of her mother’s vagina.

It was taking a while, and Carol had to pause occasionally. The mother’s vagina stayed open for a moment when she pulled away and then pulsated shut. A couple of times Carol said something to her father and he responded, but it was impossible to make out the words. Then she started again, her mother’s vagina opening for her tongue.

A lot of the time the camera was just trying to show a close-up of the girl’s tongue going into her own mother’s vagina and the only sounds which could be heard were caused by their wetness. It still never got boring, because it was hard to think what could possibly be more interesting than that. Occasionally the angle did change a bit, showing Carol with her eyes closed and her nose in mom’s bush.

It looked hopeless at first, but like the description had said, after fifteen minutes or so Mrs. Parker started to sound like she was going to be able to reach an orgasm after all.

Mrs. Parker had started to make some sighing sounds like “Mmm. Mm-hmm” and her vagina could now be seen vibrating and pulsating as Carol’s tongue moved in and out of it.

Soon the mother started whimpering, and little twitches occasionally went through her thighs. The whimpers intensified little by little into heavy breathing. Suddenly Carol’s mother moaned loud, her hips shivered and shuddered, and it looked like she squirted into her daughter’s mouth.

Carol made a surprised little yelp. It couldn’t have been a pleasant surprise, but she couldn’t stop now. Her tongue kept penetrating into her mother’s vagina, and she just had to lap it up. The orgasm was repeated from a different angle, which showed Carol’s eyes widening and looking at mom when she squirted.

Finally the shudders and moans waned, and Carol gave a few more little kisses to her mother’s hairy snatch. Then she laid her head against her mother’s thigh so the father could take a picture of her together with her mother’s hairy and wide open pussy. The mother had also raised her head, so her face was visible at the back. It was a very nice family portrait for the family album. I imagined the caption would be something like: “Carol and her mother’s hairy vagina together after a warm squirting tongue orgasm.”

I saved the videos, of course, in case they would have second thoughts and removed them. I couldn’t resist leaving a comment in the second video too. It said: “I didn’t know you were such a good kisser, Carol. You seemed so shy last night.” It was just a joke, since she had no way of knowing it was really me and not some pervert just using his imagination.

It didn’t look like more videos were going to get posted, at least right now, so I closed the computer. I had some lectures to attend, and Carol would be in the afternoon one too.

The lectures weren’t all that interesting, but I tried to catch at least some tidbits which might have been useful for my studies. I went to sit next to Carol when the third one started, and said: “Hi.”

She smiled shyly and said: “Oh, hi.”

“Last time was fun.”

“Yeah it was.”

“I was thinking we could go to the roller rink on Saturday. Have you tried that?”

She blushed and closed her eyes, but she said: “Yes. I mean I haven’t. But I’d like to.”

“That’s great. See you there then,” I said and left with a smile.

I was looking at the video site again later. There was nothing new from Carol’s family, so I looked at the comments on the one with me and mom. There were several new ones, as always. The newest one at the top said: “OMG!”

Then I watched the ones with Carol again. I didn’t immediately pay attention to the comments, but when I did, I noticed a weird one had appeared over the one mentioning her kissing performance. It said: “I saw your vid too, J.”

My name started with a J. I thought of one thing, which I had not thought earlier. Carol had been in my room, and the damn diploma on the wall and the crack in the plaster above it were visible on the video. Whoops. She should not have been able to recognize me or mom from that, but the room was a different matter.

I wondered if our date on Saturday was still on, but after some thinking I decided I would go at least. Sure the video was embarrassing and would have caused serious problems if some people, like dad, found out about it, but Carol couldn’t really tell anyone about it, considering her own appearances in the other material.

She was waiting me at the roller rink on Saturday.

“Hi,” she said, seeming as shy as usual.

I decided to try a reasonably innocent sounding question: “Have you seen any interesting new films recently?”

She immediately blushed and looked at the ground, which was a pretty obvious answer. She really had written the comments in the videos.

“Hey, it’s all right,” I said. “You saw I have a special relationship with my mother too, as you saw. Then again, everyone kind of does, even if they aren’t into it the same way as we are. It shouldn’t affect our feelings for each other.”

“Yeah,” Carol said. She raised her head and smiled.

I smiled back.

She hugged me and we kissed properly for the first time. She was still shy about it, but it was all right.

We rented some skates and went for a spin. Carol might not have done it before, but she was a natural talent. Soon I could barely keep on to her speed.

After a couple of weeks of cute cuddling with Alice, mom was in my bed again.

“We were talking about getting married,” I mentioned to her.

“So Carol got over her shyness? That’s wonderful, dear!”

“Yeah, we were on a date yesterday and she said she would love to marry me.”

My mother ‘s ankles were on my shoulders by my ears and we had leaned close to each other. We were looking each other in the eyes adoringly. Mom’s breasts were saggy, floppy and stretch-marked, and they were jiggling with the thrusts of my hips. Our faces were close, and we were whispering kind words to each other.

“I want another sister, mom.”

“Yes, that would be nice,” mom said, and those were the nicest words I could have heard.

Our motions had a deeper purpose this time. What could be more natural than a mother and her child making love and children? Mom’s vagina was wide and its opening was framed with thick furry hair which I could feel with each thrust. It had birthed me, and now was the time for it to give the gift of life again.

We were sighing and holding hands, and because of this stance with mom’s ankles on my shoulders I was able to thrust really deep and hard, as was necessary.

Our sighs started turning into deeper moans, and we knew the time was getting near.

I hadn’t shot for nearly a week again, which was good. I shot with a loud squirt deep into the womb, and mom’s buttocks clenched. Our gazes were lovingly locked together and we both shouted as billions of spermatozoa spurted rhythmically from my testicles into my mother’s womb in long, rapid and audible bursts.

After the final kisses we hugged for a while, and mom touched her stomach.

“Do you think it happened?” I wondered.

“I’m sure of it,” she answered with a smile and we kissed again.

Mom was indeed pregnant at the wedding. It had been another nice surprise for dad, in addition to me and Carol’s announcement. Carol was at the back, in her bridal gown, and on her knees. Beside her were the identical blonde sisters who were her bridesmaids, and they were sixty-nining with each other. Their pink pussies and pink tongues fit well together. Carol and her stylishly dressed mother were taking turns giving blowjobs to the priest, as well as all their male friends and relatives, until their balls were dry and the blushing bride and the proud mother had their bellies full of warm mixed semen of numerous men, most of who were their close relatives. I think my dad was the only one who didn’t get one or even notice the whole thing. When the twins had a warm orgasm together, the priest fired into Carol’s mouth the third time, and after that he had to softly caress her hair and say he was sorry, but he really had nothing more to give to her.

That did make kissing her on the altar a bit awkward, but I managed to do it satisfactorily, and it still made her blush.

Both her mother and mine helped us on the wedding night. Mom was already pregnant, so now was the time to do the same to Carol and hopefully to her mother too. They were sixty-nining now, and I was deep in Carol while her mother helped by licking my balls. She wanted a grandkid more than anything, I guess. Mom was just looking on for now.

Carol’s head was moving between her mother’s thighs, and I could hear the wet sounds her tongue was making in the vagina.

Carol’s mother’s kisses on my balls helped to send the sperm cells deep into her daughter’s womb, and they both orgasmed simultaneously.

After taking a break to recover, I brushed Carol’s mother’s hair and looked into her eyes, saying: “Now it’s your turn, Beth.”

“Oh? Do you mean…” she wondered, raising her pretty brows.

“Yes, you’re going to have a child too.”

Carol lay on her back with her legs wide open, while her mother lowered her head between them and raised her own ass up. Mom straddled her legs on each side of Carol’s head, and the girl kissed her pregnant belly as mom lowered her thick bush to the girl’s face.

Beth felt different than either Carol or my mother, so it was a nice and new experience. Mom was whimpering a lot as Carol worked in her. The Parkers were talented with their tongues, as we had already seen.

I came into Carol’s mom, and we had a long, warm four-way orgasm together. All three of them were now carrying my children.

All three women snuggled close to my balls and they suckled on me for the rest of the night, taking turns to swallow as much semen as I could possibly shoot while the other two were kissing my hairy testicles. It was pretty memorable for a wedding night.

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