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Unknown Other

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While he worked at his computer, she sat quietly on the settee, looking out the window at the rain. A book lay open but unread on her lap and she seemed a thousand miles away. He occasionally looked her when she was not noticing and he saw a lot.

She looked lost and innocent, not wanting to give up her elegant ladylike manner, not knowing what she wanted, except for direction from one who gets his greatest pleasure from making her in his own image. He could see the desire to be of use and used in her eyes.

And then in a moment no one else would notice…. And because he knew her so well, knew her better than anyone else alive knew her, he saw the slight change. From innocent to wanton, from perfect lady to total slut, he saw the deep sexual desire blossom within her. There would be a sudden flash in her eyes, which indicated the change and no one but him would ever recognize the transformation. Others might understand the different in the atmosphere around the two of them, Master and submissive, but the actual thoughts and spark that he recognized would go over everyone else’s head. They would be as oblivious to the sudden wetness between her legs…but he would know…he’d simply sense it. …no one else would have more than a glimmer of the electricity that passed between him or her when the signal was sent and received.

Age old ritual…the female signals and the male takes over. It signified.

He knew she was ready and where he wished her to be. Not only just ready… ready for him.

Then as if he never looked from his keyboard he softly said, “Remove your dress please.”

She startled, then slowly closed the book, and laid it aside. Standing she slipped the dress over her head and laid it on top of the book. Her breasts glimmered with the soft light of dusk. She stood before him with the light shining softly off her smoothly shaven pussy. Her legs spread naturally… or as naturally as he had trained her to present herself as she stood.

He had exacting standards. And though he had made a name for himself in the lifestyle his rules had never changed. From the beginning he had been firm with her but fair. He had trained her to stand, to sit, to walked beside him, and to maintain a ladylike appearance in public. In private he had trained her to display herself for him, come on his command or nearly so, taught her how to pleasure him best and gave her the experience of heaven and hell in but a moment of time.

As she stood before him, she knew this was private time and so she adjusted her legs more widely spread. Her mind also began to come into focus on him. She waited for his command…. something was going to happen and she did not know what…. a request for a cup of tea, directions to dress for an outing, or a session…. it could be anything.

“You may sit back down but spread your legs widely for me.” He still had not looked at her as far as she knew. Her reflection in his monitor told him she had obeyed.

“Are you sore?”

“A little….”

“From what?”



“My pussy and my nipples.”

“Hhhmmmm…. ass isn’t sore at all then?”


“Well then that shall be taken care of shortly. Go to the playroom and get out the cuffs and a blindfold.”

She rose, nervous that maybe she had provoked him and noticed him checking the clock and then walked into the playroom to do as she had been told.

He stood in the doorway watching her just as she finished laying the items he had requested on the bed. Walking to her, he cuffed her wrists and ankles and then kissed her just before placing the blindfold over her eyes. Leading her to a waist high padded table he bent her forward over it and secure each wrists to the furthest ends and her legs, spread widely to the table legs. The table was no more than body width and her head hung down over the side.

Then he sharply slapped her ass simply because he liked the way it was presented to him. Smiling when she cried out he slapped her again…this time fully on her open exposed pussy.

Then suddenly he walked away from her and she heard the door close as he left the room. Her bottom and pussy burned from his slaps. Being blindfolded and alone made her feel so very vulnerable. Being left alone made me feel the sensations of stinging more. Mentally she went over her body, feeling the tenderness from previous uses…. feeling the stinging from the last two slaps.

What was he doing? Where was he? How long was she going to be tied immobile over this table? Had she closed the curtains securely that morning? Her nipples hardened as the door opened after what seemed like an hour…when actually it had only been a few minutes. Then she heard the door close and even though he said nothing to her she knew she was no longer alone in the room.

Suddenly she felt his hand on her ass and lubricant being applied to her anus. Oh no, she thought….he is going to use my bottom somehow now….. oh I am not ready for that! Without a word he probed her ass with his fingertip as if testing the tightness and then she felt his cock pressing into her bottom. She cried out weakly and tried desperately to relax and accept his intrusion. Just as he slid himself fully into her ass, she suddenly got the feeling something was not right.

He reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up. She opened her mouth to protest but never got a sound out of her lips before a cock was pushed into her mouth.

She nearly fainted from shock. If her Master was mouth-fucking her, who was fucking her ass? The two men began to pump into her together, she felt the concussion grow wilder in her body, and her mind struggled to accept what was happening to her.

He watched her squirm, her tied body wiggling in discomfort and dismay, and a devilish smile played across his lips. Jamming himself more deeply into her he listened for her muffled cries of protest. Using her like this was a new experience to them both and whether she liked it or not, and it was beginning to appear she did not, did not matter in the least bit to him…he was enjoying himself. The sexual stimulation was nice enough but more importantly was the pleasure he was receiving from her position, her inability to refuse or withdraw and her vulnerability. On top of that he was extremely pleased at the obvious pleasure this other man was getting from his submissive’s body. Pride in his ownership and the knowledge that he had to power over her to do something like this was intoxicating.

And while they continued to thrust their cocks into her, her mind flashed from one thought to another and her body continued to respond to their stimulation even as it sent signals of pain and humiliation through her. Her bottom was on fire…the pain was intense and difficult to control…she wanted to escape…to be free of this horrid indignity…to flee the hurt. Her mouth and throat was too full and she resisted the constant thrusting of her Master’s hard shaft in her throat. Tears came to her eyes and threatened to spill over. Heat coursed through her veins, making her nipples hardened and tingly and her clit throbbed painfully, wanting to be touched. If only she could come it would relieve some of the situation…if only she was allowed an orgasm, then she could drift off into sub space for a while.

But that was denied her. Her Master did not wish her to be anything less that perfectly aware of what they were doing to her. As if they agreed on the proper time to take their own pleasure the two cocks exploded in her nearly at the same time. She instinctively tightened her ass muscles around the pulsing cock buried oh so deeply inside her as she felt it begin to throb. But her focus was on swallowing…her throat jammed full with a pulsating cock, the mouth filling to overflowing with his come, the spurting forcing her to repeatedly swallow quickly.

Not a word was said to her as they withdrew from her body and left her tied in position. She sucked air in through her mouth in order to recover herself and then wiggled her bottom in an effort to adjust her position. She could hear them still in the room and knew they were lighting cigarettes as they began to relax. And she could not keep from feeling embarrassed at her own nakedness. It was difficult enough to be naked for him…but having another present magnified the humiliation.

And she moaned aloud when she felt her insides convulse to rid themselves of the come that had been left inside her…and she tightened all her muscles against the contractions. This made her pussy leak a bit and the inside of her thighs began to show dampness.

Her Master walked over to her, released her from her cuffs, and then helped her stand. Still blindfolded she lowered her face and crossed her hands in front of her only to receive a swat on her ass for her actions.

“Stand in the proper position!”

She stood straighter, spread her legs to a comfortable but wide position, removed her hands, placed them at her side, and thrust her breasts forward.

Master began to speak again but obviously not to her, “She is going to need to clean herself up now.” The other man may have nodded or not, she did not know, but he did not speak at all…his identity was still a complete mystery to her.

Then he addressed her again. “I am going to remove your blindfold but you are not to look at my guest at all…. do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Then you are going to the bathroom where you will have 20 minutes to clean yourself completely. Do you know what that means?”

She shivered and then feeling she had better have his complete instructions and not leave anything to chance, she said, “No Sir.”

He laughed. “Two full enemas, the first one very warm and the second one hotter than the first. You may take the first one at a slower pace, then release it and give yourself the second one quickly.”

Tears of shock trickled down from underneath her blindfold. This was too t too much of an embarrassment to have her Master say something this intimate in front of another. She moaned softly in distress and he responded with a laugh. Her distress was so obvious to both men and when she did not react or respond at all, he asked.

“Shall I have you leave the door to the bathroom open?”

“Oh No, please Sir, nooooo.” The response was immediately and pleading.

Laughing he said, “Ok you may close the door even though we all know what you will be doing behind that door, but once you have finished, you will open the door before you get into the shower. And remember 20 minutes and I want you back here.”

“Yes Sir, thank you, Sir.” He removed her blindfold and she carefully kept her eyes lowered as she walked to the bedroom door and opened it.

She was very self-conscious as she completed the task he had given her. She knew they were both still out there somewhere in the house and they were both at least mindful of what she was doing to her body. The normal soothing effect of the first enema did not happen for her…her nerves were too stunned to relax. Would one or the other open the door and catch her in this awful experience? No she knew her Master would not allow that to happen but the tiny doubt played in her mind as she heard movement throughout the house.

She eased the water into her tummy, filling herself at a steady pace as long as she could and then stopped the water flow for a moment to allow herself to adjust to the invasive fullness. And then she started the flow again. The rushing of the water as it settled into her tummy made her belly thicken and her clit throb painfully but she dared not touch herself for fear she would orgasm. That was not something she would want to confess to her Master and she knew he would not be pleased if her questioned her later and found out she had come by playing with herself.

When the bag had emptied itself completely, she slowly and awkwardly stood up from her ass high, shoulders down position. Her hands supported her full tummy and she moved to the toilet to release. The fierce rapid gushing as the liquid left her body nearly caused her to climax then and there but she managed to control herself. When she was nearly empty again she pushed on her lower stomach and looked down, noticing her clit standing very proudly between her smoothly shaven mounds. The temptation to touch the hard little knob was almost too much but her obedience to her Master kept her from caressing herself.

Sighing, she refilled the bag with hotter water and knelt back on the floor. Inserting the tube deeply inside her bottom she took a deep breath, released it and mentally prepared herself to take the second injection.

Suddenly his voice came from just outside the door. “How are you doing?”

“Ok Sir.”

“Just ok? Do you need assistants?”

“No……………..Sir.” Her voice sounded unreasonably loud even to her.

He laughed, knowing she was jumpy. “Have you taken the second yet?”

How did he know, she wondered?

“No Sir…ermmmm….just beginning it now.”

“Ok then, remember, and take it all quickly, no stopping this time.” And she could hear him laughing as he walked away.

Another breath and she reached around and released the clamp. The hot water rushed into her tummy and she started to breath in short pants, trying to relax enough to take it all. Fullness threatened to engulf her…. her entire world at this moment was centered and focused on her increasing stomach. Struggling, she widened her knees further apart and raised her bottom further in the air to give her tummy more room. It happened quickly but still she did not think she could bear it much more as the bag still showed about a cup more water. Her fingertips unconsciously slide between her legs and a shock of pleasure coursed through her body as she touched her clit with a grazing caress.

Stop that, she commanded herself. And she hurriedly withdrew her fingers. The fullness and tightness of her tummy came flooding back to her mind. She hurt with painful and uncomfortable pressure. She could come and the pressure would become pleasure in an instant. The need and desire to orgasm warred in her mind still. It was as if her aching body was demanding she disobey her Master.

Finally the bag was empty and not too soon for her as far as she was concerned. She had to have some relief from this dreadful stomachache and desperate yearning to orgasm. The battle would not be won any longer if she had had to endure this to any further extent.

Struggling again to stand, she looked down to try to see if her clit was still standing out from between her pussy mounds visibly but could not see over her rounded tummy. Damn I look like I am 6 months pregnant. Thank heavens Master…and especially his guest, cannot see me this way.

She released with a huge gush and a cry of relief. Then she tidied herself and rose. A deep breath and a moment to ready her mind, and then she opened the bathroom door as she had been told to before getting into the shower. Again she was thankful to find the hall empty and she quickly got into the shower and closed the curtain to at least afford herself that bit of privacy.

Not knowing how long she had actually been in the bathroom, she hurried to wash herself. Then she got out, looked again through the open door and was further relieved to see no one, then dried and hung the towel. She would have liked to have a few more minutes to compose herself but she didn’t dare. Had she been in there longer than 20 minutes? She had no idea and hated to think what would happen if she indeed had gone over time.

She hung the towel on the hook behind the door, steadied herself and then walked back to the playroom. It was empty when she arrived and she took a minute to check her make up in the mirror and brush out her hair. Just as she finished her Master entered and indicated she was to avert her eyes. She lowered her glance immediately and the other man walked in behind her Master. All she could see of him was his trainers and the tip of a leather-covered crop. She trembled immediately. The blindfold went back into place over her eyes.

“Did you play with your clit in the bathroom?”

“No Sir.”

“Never touched yourself?”

She swallowed and murmured, “Once.”

“Did you come?” He sounded displeased.

“Oh no Sir.”

“Get on the bed in the same position you were in in the bathroom and show us how you touched yourself.”

She was helped to the bed by her Master’s steadying hand and she knelt in the center of the bed, spread her legs at her knees and lowered her face to the mattress. With one hand she separated the lips of her pussy and slid one finger up and over her clit, caressing it gently. As soon as she began she stopped again and waited for her Master’s words.

“That is it? That is all you did?”

“Yes Sir it was a mistake…I did not do it on purpose.”

He nodded and continued to look at her as he thought.

“Shall we watch her play with herself and come now or make her wait?” He addressed the other man and for the first time she heard the other’s voice.

“Not really the best of positions for it…turn her over so we can get a full look at her cunt.”

The crudeness of his word and the embarrassing suggestion made her gasp and her Master chuckled, knowing her response had given him the answer.

“Do it, slut…. spread yourself on your back and play with yourself for us.”

Slowly she rose and turned over to a sitting position. Then she reclined on the bed, spread her legs fully until her thighs ached from the stretch. With one hand she again spread out her pussy lips and then using the other hand’s fingers she began to caress her clit slowly. It was still hard from stimulation she had received during her enemas, and it ached. She tried hard to muffle a soft moan from escaping her lips but failed and the sound resonated around the room. Tingling sensations tightened her tummy and her hip swayed slightly at her budding excitement. She dipped her fingertips into her wet pussy for moisture and then resumed her manipulations of her stiff nub.

“Watch her now…. she will soon become very wanton…. she loses all that shy and ladylike behaviour when she is about to climax.”

She heard his voice and the words registered but the sensations she was experiencing clouded any embarrassment she might have normally felt at being the focus of two men as she masturbated before them. Free of her inhibitions she began to enjoy the coming orgasm. Her hips bounced in rhythm on the bed and she thrust her breasts upwards as if displaying herself completely. She bent her knees a bit, splayed them fully open and lifted her hips highly off the bed. Her fingers danced over her clit rapidly and then dipped into her pussy. Not wanting to stop the constant stimulation of one hand she slid three fingers of her other hand into her pussy and handfucked herself in time with the movement on her clit.

“May I please come Sir?” She was so close she did not know if she could stop if he declined her request.

“Yes, come for me” and then he changed it to remind her another was watching her display “…come for us.”

Those words drove her over the edge and she screamed out in abandon with an intense orgasm. She continued to rub herself and thrust her hips off the bed as if she would take another climax whether he liked it or not and this motivated him to stop her. She groaned slightly and she stilled herself. Removing her hands from her pussy she stayed in her spread eagle position and calmed her breathing.

Someone pinched a nipple sharply and she mewed in pain.


Shaky at best she stood beside the bed and faced the direction from which his voice had come. He kissed her passionately and she melted.

“Now kiss my guest.”

Without thinking she responded, “Oh No!”

And he countered that by grasping her right nipple and pulling it from her body. He led her over to his guest and held her there. The other man laughed harshly and said, “You mean to tell me she will knowingly lay in front of me and fucked herself to an orgasm in front of my eyes but she will not kiss me? Hell I even fucked her ass not an hour ago.”

Master laughed a bit and said, “Oh she will kiss you all right and more. Won’t you, slut?” And he squeezed her nipple painfully.

She recovered from her surprise and nodded a yes, and then guided by her nipple she leaned forward and pursed her lips. A harsh mouth descended on her lips and she felt suffocated by this stranger’s kiss. He held her head so she could not break free before he was finished and her Master continued to apply pressure to her achingly tender nipple.

Finally she was freed and she stood, breathless. She would have liked to wipe her mouth but knew better than to insult both her Master and his guest with that action. The sounds of movement in the room told her something else was about to happen and she simply waited.

Suddenly, her other nipple was seized and she was directed across the room.

“Stand in position.” She spread her legs. A sharp edged bar came up between her legs and rested firmly against her pussy. Master spread her labia around the bar and then she realized he was clipping weights to the labia rings on either side. Heavy weights…pulling weights…more than she wanted to bear weights. Her labia stretch tautly downward and she moaned out in pain. The cuffs were fastened to her wrists again and then they were clipped over her head.

“Up on your toes now, slut.” And she rose upward to stand on her tiptoes, moaning again as the weights swung. The bar was tightened inside her most intimate and delicate region and she struggled to maintain steady. Her legs immediately began to strain and the arches of her feet weakened. But her attention was on her pussy…searing sharp pain radiated through her clit as the weights on her labia strained her pussy forward and downward. As her legs weakened and she began to add the pressure of her weight on the board itself she began to cry out in agony. Her clit felt like it was being torn inward from pressure. She tried to strengthen her legs to hold her weight again and struggled on for a few moments before the crying began again. The time she could spend on her toes shortened with each attempt and to relieve the agony of her clit she rode backwards until her previously tortured and stretched anus came in contact with the bar. That hurt torturously and she immediately rode forward onto her clit again. Her legs struggled to hold her but they had grown too weak by this time and she could only rock her pussy back and forth on the thin blade of the hard. Finally she screaming never ceased and she rode the bar frantically.

During her entire torment the two men sat several feet away, smoking, talking and tossing comments towards her about her position.

“Your pussy is getting redder, slut.”

“Look at her tits bounce!”

“She needs to be fucked like that later.”

“Those weights on her pussy lips are swinging hard now…. Must really be stretching her further than I thought possible.”

“Pick your feet up totally from the floor and stay like that, slut.”

She did as she was told without hesitation but immediately placed her toes down to balance herself and then tried again. Her screaming became hoarse cries and begging pleas to be released.

“Does it hurt?”

Yes, Sir,” she cried out in a pathetic voice.

“What hurts?”

“My pussy. And my clit.”

“Oh and you forgot your ass again…it must need more attention again.”

“Oh please Sir…no more torture. Pleasssssseeeee.”

Master rose from the bed and came to her side. Reaching between her legs he felt the tightness of the bar between her pussy. Then he kissed her lips softly and steadied her as he released the bar. She cried out again when the pressure was relieved and the blood stung as it re-circulated. Her entire pussy was on fire, burning from within, and she leaned into him and sobbed on his chest. He held her gently, allowing her to gain her composure. Finally she stopped sobbing. Since he had not immediately begun another part of the session she hoped he may be done but that hope was dashed when he told her to get on the bed and lie on her back again.

She did as she was told, spreading her tender sore pussy before their eyes.

“Wow she is red!”

“Bound to be redder soon.”

“Think she will be marked tomorrow?”

“Yes she will probably bruise within the hour but it is nothing permanent and besides she is always very proud of the marks I give her. She even asked for a bite mark on her breast the last time she was here.”

“Did you bite her?”

“Of course.” They both chuckled.

“I can see here in her pussy where the deepest colour is likely to darken up. Coo, I liked to see that.” She felt a finger touching her pussy lips and struggled to remain still. Master smiled at the intimate interest in his submissive’s most intimate areas. Then he flicked his hand as if telling the man to remove his touching fingers, and Master slapped the same spot the other man had indicated to be delicate and hurt, sharply. She screamed out to have her tender pussy spanked and they both enjoyed themselves at the sounds of her pain.

“Watch this.” Her Master said. “Come, bitch.” She curled her hips upward as he began spanking her pussy… and even though she cried out with terrible pain, her Master knew she was building an orgasm to climax through the pain. He continued to slap her even when she said. “Now please Master?”


And she tumbled headlong into an intense orgasm as he varied his slap in strength and position.


He stopped as soon as she had experienced one orgasm, wanting to keep her desire peeked.

“Is she still usable or will we end this session now?”

“Oh we will give her a minute while we have a look and we’ll continue.”

“Great…I want a piece of that pussy again….I have a hard cock just ready to fuck her pussy until she cannot take anymore.”

She moaned again at the crudeness of the other man’s words and at the idea of continuing. She wanted nothing in her pussy for a long, long time but it seemed that was not to be. She would be used again for their pleasure.

The men positioned themselves on either side of her on the bed and toyed with her pussy and nipples, causing her to cry out at this pinch or that intrusion. The weights were still in place and several times one of them would grab and pull one or more. They teased, poking and prodding and pinching her and once when she moved to cover herself with her hands, she was flipped over her Master’s stretched legs and spanked a dozen times rapidly. As that was happening the other man cheered her Master on.

“Unzip my pants and take my cock out, slut.” She posed herself on her hands and knees, felt around for his zipper and obeyed. “Now unzip my guest the same way.” Unzipping her Master was not a problem…. fumbling around in another man’s intimate area was…. but she obeyed again.

“Sit on my cock.”

She turned towards him and straddled his legs with hers. Moving her pussy into position she rose over his cock. He grabbed his shaft and held it upwards for her and she sank onto it, moaning as the wideness of his cock, split open her tender pussy lips. When she hesitated he growls softly. Had they been alone and he not care so much about her obedience as he did about her speed, he would have simply forced her body onto his cock…. But he wanted to show the other Dominate how well he could control her and the growl indicated to her she was not pleasing him as best she might.

She quickly forced her pussy down upon his cock, nearly engulfing all of its sever length inside her swollen pinkness.

“Would you please get behind her on the bed and put some pressure downwards on both of her shoulders…. she does not seem to be able to encase me without help.” Her Master said to his guest. “She will be so grateful for the help.”

She struggled to take more of him inside her pussy before the other man willingly accepted her Master’s request but still he jumped up from his reclining position and knelt behind her. He grabbed her shoulders, a feeling she did not welcome for the mere contact and for the coming pain she knew he meant to inflict on her. Then he began to force her pussy more deeply onto her Master’s swollen hard cock. Her cervix separated and allowed his head inside its tight, inflexible core.

He groaned and she screamed at the invasion. Nothing on earth felt so painful and so erotic at the same time as having her cervix opened. Master had done it on occasion, mostly by fisting her and then forcing a finger or two up within her core. But this was more intense than she had ever experienced before… his very cock head was in no place a man’s cock had ever been before. She felt like a whore and a virgin at the same time.

The man behind her bounced her a few times, adding more pressure with each downward pressure and suddenly she was begging her Master for permission to come. Her master grabbed one nipple and her clit and squeezed on both steadily as he gave her permission. The man still bounced her but he became unnecessary…she would have continued the forced cervix spreading on her own by this time…. she craved the pain her Master was giving her.

And then she exploded….a million stars flashed before her closed eyes and her pussy became her world.

Before she had time to come out of her wonderland, her Master nodded at the other man, using lube again, he pressed her body forward over her Master’s chest and forced his own cock into her bottom once again. She had just had the same cock up her ass only hours before but still with her Master stuffing her pussy she could not easily accept the second cock in her second hole. The other man struggled and pushed heavily into her ass and she screamed out over and over. She thrashed about wildly and her Master wondered if she was reaching the edge of her limits, but he decided to give her a minute to adjust before giving up on this experience.

This was something he wished to give her…something he was sure she wanted and needed. To be totally filled …in fact if he had a third man he would fill her mouth now and have that fucked too.

After surveying her to make sure she could balance on this limit’s edge and not tumble, he began to fuck upwards with his cock into her pussy.

“Press her down again.” Master said quietly.

“Noooooooooooooo.” She screamed out.

Her words did not matter… the other man grabbed her shoulders and used that as leverage to bury himself more deeply in her sore ass and this in turn buried her Master’s cock in her unused womb.

Her ass felt like it was burstingly full. Her pussy felt like she would never be able to close her legs again. Wetness poured from her as she lay between their bodies absorbing their hammering cocks into her soft womaness. She was nearing yet another orgasm and her Master wished to slow her down a bit so he quieted his strokes and simply pulled her fully onto top of his cock, knowing the constant pressure in her deep opening would cause enough pain to bring her back.

She felt the other man continue to fuck her ass but knew her Master wished to change something. He pulled her closer to his mouth and whispered in her ear, loud enough to be quiet but still loud enough to be overheard by his guest. And as he spoke he mindfucked her.

You know what this means, slut? Another couple of enemas. And this time I may have you hold the first for me, send you to release it and insert another and come back to me plugged.”

Master’s words excited the man fucking her ass and he thrust viciously into her. Master appreciated the moans she was whimpering and went on, building more pictures in her mind, allowing her to experience a real reaming and enjoying her dilemma. She was so close to coming and the nearness was unbearable but still he continued and held her there.

“Then you will come to me, spread yourself on the bed and then present me with the inflatable pump. I am going to blow you up until I am satisfied you are sealed and then maybe I will try to fist you.”

With those words the man in her ass groaned and began to pump himself into her depths. And when her Master said, “Or I may simply allow you to remain full off and on for an entire day…. making you hold consecutive enemas for longer lengths of time.”

That was too much for her and she screamed a request for permission to orgasm. Fortunately he began to fuck her at the same time he granted her request and they pretty nearly climaxed together. Her pussy muscle clamped down on his throbbing, pulsing cock as he buried his load deeply within her inner pussy. She could feel the very thin wall between the cock in her ass and the cock in her pussy and she climaxed like never before. One orgasm became another…. no peeks and valleys…. just one constant explosion.

He relaxed and left her lying on his body while the other man climbed off. Breathless, she struggled back to him and finally, he kissed her. Then sliding her off his body, he rose and escorted the other man out of the playroom. She was sleepy from the events of the evening and dozed off, waking only when her Master returned alone and cuddled her into his arms…

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