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Under the Gaydar

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There was this guy that I’d seen around a lot, who worked in the building I worked in, on the first floor, at His TV. I didn’t know what they did there, but I think it was some small production arm of a big local station. He was very good looking, in a straight-guy kind of way. His body was compact, tight. He moved like an athlete. He always wore jeans and sneakers, and a plaid shirt open over a T-shirt or turtleneck, and often a ballcap.

His baggy clothes hid his body too much, but on hot days in the summer he sometimes wore shorts and you’d get to see his nice solid legs, with little hair. If you walked a few steps behind him going up the stairs you’d get glimpses of a sweet-looking ass. He had salt-and-pepper hair. He was probably in his late thirties then. His eyes gave away nothing; they were don’t-even-talk-to-me kind of eyes, blue-gray. He had a kind of blushy complexion, but you couldn’t imagine him blushing. He smoked. For a long time I’d never seen him smile.

I was intrigued by his silence. I’d met him in the alley many times when I went down for a smoke, so he knew I worked in the building too, but in response to my hellos he’d only ever nodded and looked down, concentrated on his cigarette until he finished it and then walked away without making eye contact again.

One day coming out of the subway on my way home I recognized him walking ahead of me. He went into the supermarket, where I was going. I mused that he might live nearby. I went around and got my groceries and got in line, again spotting him in front of me, his turn at the same checkout. I noticed that he was buying all kinds of frozen food – pizzas, frozen dinners, with some fruit and munchies thrown in – pretty much what I was buying: the bachelor’s diet. Again out on the street I saw him ahead and noticed him turn onto to my street. I “followed” until I got to my building and he walked on up the street. I glanced around to make sure no one was around and set my bags down on the bench in front of my building to watch where he went. My street was mostly apartment buildings, with just a few detached houses dotted in between. He turned and went into one of those. I now knew where he lived, and it was just down the street from me. I was further intrigued, if only by the odds of two strangers living on the same small residential street uptown and working in same small office building downtown.

I wondered about somehow mentioning this to him the next time I met him in the smoking spot in the alley outside the back door of our office building, but didn’t see how I could do it without letting on that I had really been spying on him. I decided I wouldn’t bother. After all, we had never really spoken to each other. Not that he was really unfriendly, he just stayed quiet. Maybe he was a little shy. Or maybe he had guessed that I was gay and didn’t want to be caught by his office mates being too friendly with the gay guy from upstairs.

One Friday night when I was feeling too tired to go out and too horny to go home without jerk off material, I popped into my corner video store. This is a Chinese mom-and-pop-run place that has a surprisingly extensive and varied porn collection, housed on its own floor, the basement. Although this arrangement makes for private porn-browsing, the mom and pop have a closed-circuit video camera set up down there, which displays onto a TV that is set up at the end of a row of sets that they keep for sale. I usually check out that set before heading downstairs, as I prefer to browse my gay porn in solitude. If someone’s down there I’ll just hang out upstairs among the regular flicks, and maybe pick something out to watch after I get off. This time I discreetly checked the set as usual and saw that there was someone down there. From behind and in black and white video he looked kind of decent and I thought, what the hell, I’ll check him out too, while I browse. I headed downstairs, and was rather delighted to find that the other guy down there was my shy hunky smoker from up the street!

He heard me coming down the stairs and turned around when I came in the room, and blushed red, like he’d been “caught,” when he saw me. He muttered “Uh, hi” as he strode past me, eyes down, and made his way to a little table they have at the bottom of the stairs. I was so surprised I didn’t even return his greeting – this was first time he actually said hi to me, I guess just out of being caught off guard and embarrassed. I was also kind of turned on by the thought of him watching porn. Even though he’d barely ever even made eye contact with me, the idea that this man who turned me on so much, seemed to be single, and lived just a few doors down would be doing the same thing I was going to be doing that night distracted me so much that I couldn’t concentrate at all on picking out a video. I wandered around the little alcove that housed the gay section, pantomiming browsing the movies, while all I could think about was him, wanking in the blue light of video porn. I had noticed that he already had two videos in his hand when he walked past me. He had just picked out two movies and was now going home, just up the street, to watch them and jerk off. I actually got a raging hard-on just thinking about all this. The next thing I realized was that I could hear his footsteps up the stairs. He was leaving.

Now, one other little discretion feature that I like about my video store is how you obtain your porn videos. You pick video boxes right off the wall and head over to a little table at the bottom of the stairs, where you write down their numbers on little slips of paper, leaving the boxes stacked on the table. This way you need emerge from the porn room with only a discreet slip of paper in hand instead of the garish throbbing-cock-festooned video boxes. This allows prurient spies like myself to check the picks of my fellow porn browsers. As my shy smoker was leaving I dashed over to the table to see what he would be watching that night, and my heart almost stopped! They were gay videos! One was a seventies wrestler feature and the other a European “twink” new release. I had seen both, and was impressed by his tastes, not to mention further intrigued by his apparent penchant for twinks, as I qualify as one, at only a slight stretch.

I finally picked out my videos, just the first two new ones that I came across that I hadn’t seen yet, and headed for home. I settled in for a Friday night at home – smoked a joint, ate some leftovers, popped open a beer, got out the munchies and popped in one of the fuck flicks. It was pretty good, lots of hot guys and lots of group scenes, which are my favourite. I stripped down to my T-shirt and boxers and started to get into it, occasionally rubbing my cock through my shorts as the pot and beer began to take hold. I kept thinking about my “friend” up the street, who I presumed was doing much the same thing I was doing. I pictured him in briefs instead of boxers for some reason, with white sport socks on but no T-shirt. Like me he was kicked back with a beer, occasionally rubbing his thick hard cock through his white briefs, causing a wet spot to grow in the fabric over one hip bone, all lit just by the television, the flesh of guys fucking and sucking. I was incredibly turned on by the knowledge that some semblance of this scene was a reality, just a few doors up the street. I imagined being there with him.

Now, sometimes the combination of pot, alcohol, and hormones can make me pretty crazy. I tend not to consume too much when I’m out by myself because I’ve been known to get myself into some rather dubious situations (all stories for another time), but when staying in I figure I’m safe from that and thus put no such restraints on myself. In other words, I’d smoked a nice big fatty and was flying pretty high. I couldn’t stop thinking about the guy up the street and started to think about how I might be able to make contact with him somehow. Now, I might have just popped over, rang his doorbell and asked him if he wanted to come over for a drink, but I didn’t think that would work and my hormone, cannabis and alcohol-clouded mind was leaning toward a more “adventurous” route. I quickly decided that I somehow needed to see what he was doing, just a glimpse inside somehow. In this state I don’t think in terms of the illegality of such ideas, or think of myself as a Peeping Tom or anything like that. It all just becomes fun, a big giddy challenge to “pull it off”, without getting in trouble, which I never had before. In a state of great excitement I dressed, despite the difficulty of tucking a leaky, rock hard dick into my jeans, and headed out for my adventure.

I knew that his house was probably laid out like most houses in the neighbourhood, with the living room on the ground floor toward the front, and with the dining room and kitchen toward the back. He’d probably be watching his movies in the living room, but even in my clouded state I knew that I couldn’t get away with sneaking up on to his front porch and peaking in the front window. I figured I’d have to head for the back of the house and see what I could see from there. I walked around the block to the alley that accessed the back of the property, hoping that there was easy access to his backyard from there. It was still fairly early in the evening, so even though it was dark I knew I had to be careful and watch out for watchful neighbors and such. I found the row of three houses, of which his I knew was the third on the end. There was a driveway there, with a battered jeep in it (cute, I thought) and a gate through the fence to his backyard, which was propped open. So far I was in luck. Looking around for watchful eyes I slipped into the yard, my heart now pounding, and stopped for a moment in the shadow of an old shed at the back of the yard to check out the house.

Sure enough, the kitchen was at the back – the light was on over the sink and I could see a little down the passageway to where a standing lamp was on as well in the living room, but there was no telltale bluish light of a television coming from there. There was no movement in the house while I stood there watching. I began to wonder if he’d already gone to bed or gone out. There were no lights on in the upstairs windows. Disappointed, I figured I’d better just get the hell out of there, when a faint flicker of light caught my eye from a basement window, down beside the deck that led off the kitchen. I recognized the bluish cast of the light from a television and my heart started to pound again at the possibility that I might get a peak at him watching his fuckflicks after all. In the shadow of the fence I stealthily made my way up to a spot with good cover where I could crouch to get a look in the window.

It took a moment to make anything out in the low light inside through the dirty basement window, but soon my cock was stirring as I got a pretty full view of the object of my intrigue. Yes, my “friend” was down there, sprawled on a couch in the glow of a rather large television, whose screen I could not see from that angle. He was wearing gym pants and wool work socks. I had hoped of course that he’d be naked, but I certainly enjoyed the view of his shirtless torso. He wasn’t majorly ripped or anything, just nicely defined arms and pecs and a nice flat stomach. His chest was just lightly hairy – my favourite kind – with hair that looked in the dim light to be the same salt and pepper as his head. There was a beer on the end table beside him and I saw him raise his hand to his mouth and the orange glow of cigarette as he took a drag. The window was actually open a crack and after a moment I smelled the faint but unmistakable odor of pot smoke – that was no ordinary cigarette he was smoking. I almost swooned. I strained my eyes peering for a woody tenting his gym pants, but couldn’t see anything in the line of cock, when he nonchalantly rubbed himself a few strokes through the pants. My head spun, and my cock struggled against my own pants, to full mast. I was a bit overwhelmed by the crazy luck of so easily finding a hiding place from which to watch my hunky neighbor having his own little porn fest. I thought for a second about taking out my cock to stroke off right then and there but decided to wait a bit, to see if he’d get naked or not. I looked around to make sure no one could spot me from neighbouring windows and balconies. The coast was still clear. I looked back through basement window and froze. The couch was empty. He was gone.

Before I could think about what to do, I heard the back screen door open and in a panic I darted and hunched deeper into the shadows, closer to the deck. My mind was racing with thoughts that he’d somehow seen me out there and was now coming to punch my lights out. But the footsteps on the deck above were unhurried, and I heard the crack of a bottle being opened and the clink of a bottlecap landing in a pile of others – he’d just come up to the kitchen to grab another beer, and had come out onto the back deck with it. He hadn’t turned on the backdoor light. Not daring to breathe I stayed frozen in the shadows, staring up at the railing of the deck. I heard the flick of a lighter and saw the smoke he exhaled from a fresh cigarette. Then I saw something I could hardly believe – a dick, just half hard, emerged between the slats under the railing of the deck, and piss shot out in a long arc, hitting the ground just a few feet away from where I hid. He was actually pissing into the dark of his backyard! I grinned in the dark, enjoying this little surprise thrill. In the dark I couldn’t get a very good look, but his cock looked to be a healthy size and my own ached harder in my pants as I took in this little show. I figured the bathroom must be upstairs and he was feeling a little too lazy to go all the way up there for a leak, and in the dark with no one around, why bother? I certainly didn’t hold this against him. I almost giggled when I heard a fart and burp just as the piss stream came to an end and with a few shakes the dick was gone. A moment later I heard him go inside. I moved back to my vantagepoint at the window and in a few seconds he was back on the couch. I watched for a few minutes hoping he might get out of his pants and get down to business, but he seemed to be enjoying taking his time and only occasionally rubbed himself through them.

I felt like I had to do something to see if I could get in on the action somehow. Suddenly I came up with an idea that in my crazed state I thought just might work. I sneaked back out of the yard, down the alley and around back on to my street. I hurried up to my apartment and took a six-pack of beer out of my fridge and put it in a bag. I took two quick hits off the roach left over from earlier, and headed out again. Heart pounding again, I made my way down my street and right up to my porn-enjoying friend’s front door, and rang the doorbell. No sound came from inside and I waited a bit and rang again. I imagined him trying to get his hard-on down before answering the door, and soon I heard the locks being opened and door swung open. There he was before me in just the gym pants, no obscene bulge at the crotch, and socks. He recognized me, with a slight smile I thought, and raising his eyebrows a little, said “Uh, hi. What can I do for you?” He seemed a little glazed.

“Hi there. This is going to sound really pathetic, but I’m out of smokes and I’ve been to both corner stores and just missed them, they’re both closed,” I lied. “I knew you lived here because I live just up the street and I saw you coming out of here one morning when I was out running,” I lied some more, “I thought you might have some extra cigarettes and maybe I could trade you a couple of beer for them?” I asked, holding up the bag. “Or maybe a joint?”

He looked a little suspicious while I was talking, but smiled. “Uh, sure, man – I’ll give you some smokes but you don’t have to give me anything for them. Come on in while I get them.” He stepped back with the door and I stepped inside. He closed the door behind us and headed down the hall. “I’ll getcha those smokes. They’re in the kitchen.”

“Thanks. Hey, I’m busting to pee all of a sudden. Can I use your bathroom?” I felt I had to do something to prolong my stay inside.

“Uh, actually, the toilet’s busted right now – just stopped working tonight. I’m going to fix it tomorrow. I’ve been using the backyard since it got dark. You’re welcome to it if you don’t mind the outdoors. Just come through the kitchen here” he said from the end of the hall.

I smiled at my little secret, remembering the little show he’d put on for me earlier. “No, I don’t mind, better than dancing all the way back up to my place, I guess.” I strode down the hall into the kitchen. He opened the back door and led the way onto the back deck. “I’ve actually just been going off the deck, in the corner there, but you can go find a dark corner in the yard if you like.”

“This is fine, if you’re sure it’s all right.”

“No problem, man. Just don’t make a mess,” he said, smiling, and I thought he winked but I couldn’t be sure. The only mess I might make would be in my pants, I thought, as I took up the position I’d spotted him in earlier and managed to get a small stream going despite not really having to go and being semi-erect.

“Now I have to go again myself, if you’ll excuse me,” I heard from behind me and he walked up beside me, just a few feet away and started pissing right into the spot that I’d been hiding in. This was all getting a little overwhelming for me and I was feeling kind of nervous and a little bad about spying on this guy who was now being so nice and neighbourly. Much as I wanted to, I didn’t dare steal a glance at his crotch, as I would at urinals, but as I stared straight ahead and down I thought I saw him out of the corner of my eye, stealing his own glance my way.

We finished up, no farts this time, and he led the way back into the kitchen. “I’ve got a pack I keep in the freezer, in case I run out. You might as well just take the whole pack,” he said, opening the fridge.

“Oh no, I couldn’t take your whole pack. I’ll just take a couple to do me for the night.”

“Oh, take the pack – it’s there for emergencies just like this. You can drop me off a replacement anytime, since we’re neighbors and all.”

I couldn’t believe how friendly he was being. I’d never heard him say a word before in all the times I’d joined him in the alley for a smoke, and now he was downright chatty. I figured it must have been the pot.

“Well, alright, I’ll take the pack in that case.” I quickly decided to take a bit more of a plunge. “I was going to smoke a joint, but I hate smoking up by myself. Can I interest you? It’s good stuff.”

He smiled kind of a leery smile and looked down, “Well… uh.” Of course he couldn’t know that I knew that he was already stoned. “Yeah, sure, I guess. Why not? Come on downstairs to the den.” With that, he headed for the hall, without looking up at me.

I couldn’t believe my luck. This was going much better than I had expected. I followed him downstairs. He took his old seat on the couch and I sat in a love seat beside it. I took out the joint and licked it, lit it, took two good drags and passed it over. He mumbled thanks and took two drags before passing it back. He seemed a little uncomfortable, just shy-like, which was kind of endearing since he had no shirt on. I smiled a little as I pulled on the joint and openly looked at his chest and flat stomach. I had been right about the hair there – it was salt-and-pepper like his head.

“So you’re just hanging out by yourself tonight too?”

“Well, yeah. My roommate’ll probably be home a little later on – he works late. Fridays I usually just chill, go out on Saturday.”

“Yeah? Me too. Where do you go?”

“Oh, you know, there’s usually a party on somewhere. Catch some music. Wherever.”

“Yeah, ’cause I’ve never seen you out.” He just nodded at this, reaching for the extended joint.

“This is good stuff. Thanks a lot, man. Really takes the edge off.”

“Yeah, I like it. Hey, we forgot the beer upstairs. I’ll go get it. You can finish that off if you like, or put it out and save it.” He was getting stoned and drunk and I wanted him to keep getting that way. I hurried upstairs and got two beers and came back down. He had put the joint out and laid the roach aside on the coffee table. It was quite the little den he had down there, smoky and smelling boozy with our open beers and his empties standing about. I handed him his beer and clinked cheers. I sat down and lit a cigarette. I looked at the video cases on the floor, one lying open and empty, and gestured toward them.

“You were watching something. Don’t let me keep you. You can turn it back on if you like,” I hammed.

“No, no, that’s OK. I’ll watch it later. Just some old movies.”

“I love old movies – what one were you watching?”

“I forget what’s it’s called.”

“Well let’s see.” I was really pushing it, I knew, but that’s how I get when hormones, alcohol, and cannabis collide. I snatched the remote off the coffee table before he could do anything and hit Play. The big screen TV lit up with a scene of three guys, the wrestlers I guessed, noisily daisy-chaining. A fourth guy appeared and stuck his cock in the leader’s mouth. I glanced at my neighbour and smiled to find him covering his eyes with his hands, as if to hide himself from me. I noticed though that his mouth was grinning sheepishly, and he was blushing.

“Hmmm,” I hammed some more, “yes, an old classic. Good choice.” I shifted on the love seat and put my feet up as if to settle in to watch. I glanced over at him again and saw that he had uncovered his eyes and was looking at the screen, still blushing. He looked over at me and looked away.

“Um, can you turn it off?”

“Oh, come on, I was just getting into it. Look, that guy’s about to come – I bet he’ll shoot all over that guy’s face. Relax, man – pretend I’m not here. You were watching it earlier, why stop now?”

“Well, uh, I was alone earlier.”

“Yes, and sometimes it’s more fun to watch movies with company. Seriously, just relax. I’m not gonna jump you or anything. We can just watch and enjoy. Aren’t you stoned? Have some more if you like.”

“Yeah, man, I think I’m too stoned. This stuff is wigging me out a bit.”

He had had a lot of pot, and mine was probably stronger than his was. My best friend had given me some real prime stuff for my birthday. “All the more reason to just sit back, get comfortable, and concentrate on the movie. If you need anything, I’ll get it for you. It’ll pass. You’ll be fine.”

“OK, man. But no funny stuff.” With that he laid back into the couch, giving me a pretty good view of the outline of his growing cock. I wanted to see it so bad. My own cock was now straining in my snug jeans again. I had to stifle a laugh at the “no funny stuff”. I lounged back too, into a position where I could steal glances his way without turning my head. The boys on the screen were just pounding their ways into a crescendo, which soon resulted in lots of airborne cum, making quite a mess of their wrestling mat. Then it was off to the showers, where it seemed the team rookie was to suck off the rest of the team. A young blond stud was pushed to his knees in the middle of the shower and soon had a bouquet of beautiful cocks presented to him, one rather abruptly right down his throat, while others batted at his face and shoulders. I heard a light moan. I looked over and my heart pounded to see my new friend rubbing at his dick through his pants. He had a kind of crooked smile that I recognized as that of the thoroughly high. He looked pretty glazed. I realized that, as much as I really, really wanted to have a lot of fun with him, I also wanted to be careful that I didn’t take advantage of his state.

“Hey – I just realized that I don’t know your name.”

“Steve,” he blurted, without stopping what he was doing.

“I’m Jack.”

“Nice you meet you, Jack,” he slurred slightly, as he turned to look at me, and looked me over, as if this was the first time he had seen me. He took his hand from his crotch and held it out, shook mine, and put it back to continue his light rubbing. This was too much!

“Don’t mind me, if you’d like to get more comfortable, Steve.”

“What’s that?” He didn’t take his eyes from the wrestler with the cock-stuffed mouth.

“Well, to be blunt, if you want to jerk off or anything, go ahead. Don’t mind me.”

“What about you?” He looked over, with a little smirk this time.

“Well, actually that’s kind of why I’m asking. This is getting kind of uncomfortable in my pants. I thought if you didn’t mind I’d…”

“Take it out man, I don’t mind. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Yikes. He was either very stoned, or just really getting into what he was watching.

“OK, if you’re sure…” I said, as I leaned back to open my jeans. I pulled my boxers down and my dick popped out happily, the head wet with the precum that had been oozing out, for hours now. I secured the waistband of my underwear underneath my big balls so that he could see them too. I took my cock in hand, lubing it with my precum, and started to stroke it slowly, reveling in the sensation and the situation. I looked back over at Steve and his eyes were trained on my cock and he was nodding slightly.

“Yeah. That’s nice, man. Looks like you’re feelin’ good.”

“Feels real good… what about yours?”

He reached for the waistband of his gympants and hiked them out and down over his bulge. With his other hand he stood his cock up into the light, and it was beautiful. It was uncut, nice and thick and just a little longer than mine (I’m told I’m at the low end of large, and I am cut). A thick vein stood out along the underside. He started to stroke, pulling the foreskin back off a blunt round head. He kept his eyes on my dick as he stroked.

“That’s really nice too. Feel good?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“I can’t see your balls though, and you can see mine.”

“Sorry.” He smiled and pulled his waistband down further, revealing plum-sized balls, with no hair.

Just then our attention was returned to the TV by grunting there. One after another, the cocksucker’s teammates were blowing big loads all over his face. Since it was an older video, he was taking their cumshots open-mouthed, and buckets of sperm were cascading down his face, filling his mouth, and running off his lolling tongue. A groan next to me brought my gaze back to Steve, who was leaning back further, arching his back a little, pumping his big dick hard, from base to head, and squeezing and tugging at his nuts. My shy neighbour had just turned into a solo porn star right before my eyes. I let out a groan myself and he looked back at me, his eyes going back and forth from my eyes to my cock as he continued stroking his rod.

“Do you need some help there?” I asked coyly.

“What’d you have in mind?” He slowed his stroking.

“Whatever you’d like.”

He stopped stroking but held on to his dick, sitting up. “Well, I was thinking maybe you should get out of those clothes, for starters.”

“Of course. I will if you will.”

“Sure, man. I’m half-naked anyway.”

I stood up and slowly undressed, my dick pointing straight at him the whole time. A big drop of precum started to fall. I tried to catch it but got caught up in my shirt and it landed on the coffee table. “Sorry,” I said, “I’m making a mess.”

“Already…” he grinned. I sat down to take off my white sport socks, but he stopped me. “Leave those on for now. I like them.”

“OK,” I shrugged. A man after my own heart. I noticed that he had pulled his pants back up, and I was a little puzzled. Seeing my look, he explained, “I’m gonna get us some more beers. Will you do something for me before I go?”


“Show me your asshole.”

“That’s rather forward, sir,” I joked.

“Stand up, turn around, bend over, and spread your cheeks.”

“Well alright… hope you like what you see.” I actually stepped a little closer to him, turned around, spread my feet, bent over and pulled my asscheeks apart. It felt a little weird doing this with someone I hardly knew, who was after all now half dressed again. I looked around at him and suddenly he was moving closer and leaning in toward my ass. I braced myself for his touch but it didn’t come. Instead I felt hot breath on my hole, causing me to pucker and shiver. He was just kneeling back there with his mouth inches from my asshole, blowing on it. He was making me crazy.

Then he stood up. I did too, and turned around to face him. He fixed me with his now leery grin and stood close, looking me in the eye. I started to think he was going to kiss me and then he said, “Nice asshole, man,” and turned around and walked upstairs.

I sat back down on the loveseat. My cock was really leaking now. It gets to the point of embarrassment sometimes. It can really make a mess of someone’s nice furniture, but I wasn’t too worried about the tattered old piece I was sitting on. The best thing to do is just work it into my dick, which I did while I watched the video, which was just ending. I got up and popped in the other video, the twink one, and got it playing, wondering if Steve would notice the change when he got back. I also finished off my beer.

I could hear Steve upstairs in the kitchen. I figured he was getting snacks or something too, as he seemed to be moving around a lot. He was up there for a such a long time I started to wonder if he’d forgotten what he was doing. Then finally I heard him coming down the stairs. He was carrying two beers and still wore a little smirk. His half-hard dick tented out his gympants nicely.

“Thought you might need another by now,” he said as he put down the beers and sat down. He looked me over as if a little surprised to see me naked except for my socks, and then turned his attention to his beer and the TV.

“Uh-hmm,” I cleared my throat. He looked at me.

“We left off at your turn to show me your asshole, buddy. Remember? ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’?”

“Oh yeah. Sure thing, dude. Geez, good thing I showered today, huh-huh.” He got up, stepped right up in front of me, turned around and unceremoniously pulled his gympants down to his knees. He bent over, shoving his ass even closer to my face, and reached back to spread his cheeks for me. His hairy crack and pink puckering hole were inches from my face. I thought I’d return his gesture and blew on it. His hole tightened shut at my breath. I was actually having a bit of reality crisis moment, amazed at how far this was all going, when he spoke.

“Lick it.”

“What?” I had no real problem with this, it was just a bit weird to start off with, if you know what I mean. I couldn’t remember a guy’s asshole being the first place I touched him, let alone with my tongue.

“Come on, man, lick it. I love that.”

I leaned in and stuck out my tongue, licking hard in one long lap from underneath his big balls, up over his hole and all the way up his crack. He moaned and arched his back, encouraging me.

“Oh, yeah man, that’s so good…”

Rimming is actually one of my favourite things to do, if a guy’s really into it and responsive, so I basically went to town then, lapping and stabbing away at his hole and rubbing my goatee into his perineum. He was really getting into it and let go one of his cheeks so that he could stroke his cock. I wanted to be careful he wasn’t going to come this way, because I wanted to be sure to get to taste other parts of him as well, but I got into it too, stroking my own dick and using my lips and tongue to keep him moaning.

Then I heard, “Hi, guys.”

I looked up and there was this tall stranger standing at the bottom of the stairs. I didn’t even hear him coming down. Panicked, thinking this was Steve’s boyfriend and I was about to get my teeth punched in, I grabbed for my clothes and I already had my boxers on before he spoke again.

“It’s OK, chill, man. Steve told me you guys were playing ‘show me yours’ down here and I thought I’d check it out, if you don’t mind. I’m Tom, Steve’s roommate,” he said as he walked up to the other end of the coffee table.

“Roommate. Not boyfriend?”

“No, no. We fooled around a few times over the years, but we’re just buds. I came home from work a little while ago and he told me he had a hot young naked man downstairs. I didn’t believe him, but here you are,” he grinned.

Now, Tom was actually really cute. I’d seen him around the neighbourhood a few times and wondered a little about him, but I’d decided that he must be straight. He was tall and lanky like me, but with longish, curly red hair and that fair complexion that redheads often have. His hair was a little wet, so I guessed that he was fresh from the shower. He was wearing old ripped jeans and an old Nirvana t-shirt and was barefoot. He was carrying a beer. He had a nice smile.

“So… do you mind if I hang out with you guys?”

“Uh, no, I don’t mind. Hey, it’s your house.” He plopped down on the couch and put his feet up. I like feet, and I noticed that his were nice. “I’ve got to go pee, though, so excuse me.” I stood up and started putting on my clothes to go outside. I actually needed a minute to think, too.

“Hey, just go in your drawers. Leave the back porch light off, and it’ll be dark and no one will be able to see you anyway. Don’t go puttin’ all your clothes back on now,” said Steve, who had stood up when I panicked and after a few seconds of standing there with his hard dick waving around, had pulled his pants back up, sat down and picked up his beer.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to get you in trouble with your neighbours.”

“No, no, you won’t. No one’ll see you,” Tom agreed with Steve.

So I headed upstairs. I stepped out onto the back porch in the cool night air and after taking a good look around to make sure no one would see me, walked to the railing in my boxers and socks and pulled out my still half-hard dick and started to piss. My mind was reeling a little, trying to process everything that was going on. I’d just about freaked when Tom had come in, and now he was wanting in on our “game”. I certainly had no problem with fooling around with both of them, but I didn’t know them and was a little nervous. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking when you’re the stranger, joining a couple of guys who know each other. You don’t know what’s going through their minds. I was trying to just relax about it so I could have fun, because I was actually quite excited about Tom joining us, when suddenly I heard the distinct click of a lock behind me. I looked around, still pissing. Steve was grinning at me through the kitchen door window, and I didn’t have to try the door to know that he had locked me out.

“Oh shit,” I thought as my spirits started to sink again. This was exactly the kind of thing I was afraid of. They had me at a disadvantage and could fuck with me if they wanted to, and here was Steve fucking with me. I finished pissing and walked back to the door. He was laughing and bouncing up and down a little inside. I knocked lightly on the door, fixing him with my pissed-off stare.

“Who is it?” he hammed. “No thanks, we don’t want any.”

“Open the door, please,” I was not laughing. I was getting kind of worried. For all I knew he was planning to leave me out here and make me walk home in my underwear. I was also getting cold.

“Is it cold out there?” he asked through the window. “Listen, I’ll let you in if you just do one thing.

“What’s that?”

“Go to the back gate, hang your underwear on the latch, and come back here.”

“What the…?”

“Come on, do it. Then I’ll let you in.”

I figured what the hell. I still wasn’t sure he’d let me in, but I didn’t have much to lose, so I ran to the back, shucked my underwear, hung them on the latch, and ran back up to the door naked but for my socks.

“Good boy. You can come in now – the front door’s open.”

“Fuck off! That wasn’t the deal!”

He laughed again. “Well, do you want back in or not? It’s open, you just have to go around the side and come on in.”

“And you’re not going to run and lock it?”


Not trusting him, I thought I’d better make a run for it. I ran back and got my underwear, put them back on, and ran around the house. I hunched in the alley to make sure no one was on the street, and then ran around and up onto the front porch. I was relieved to find the door unlocked, and darted inside. The warmth of the house was a relief too. I stopped to catch my breath and to consider whether I wanted to keep playing with Steve and then carried on into the kitchen. I found the door open and looked out to find him taking a leak off the porch. I sneaked out behind him and yanked his pants and underwear down to his ankles. He jumped, startled, but laughed and relaxed again.

“Hey, I don’t mind. No one’s around this late. In fact, this is nice. Feels good on the balls.” He finished pissing, shook off his dick and turned around. He bent down and yanked his clothes off over his feet. He stood up wearing just his socks and holding his pants and drawers in his hand and leaned back and started stroking his dick.

“See? Nothing to worry about. Nobody can see us. Fuck, I don’t care if they do. It’s my property. I can do what I want. Come’ere.” He pulled me toward him and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. His free hand gripped my ass and he let out a low moan. He broke the kiss and, holding me against him, said, “Sorry, man, I was just playing with you.” He smiled and kissed me again and started to grind his cock against my stomach. This made me hard again and my cock was making its way out through the slit in my boxers. I forgot about the cold. He dropped his clothes and with his other hand still kneading my ass he reached down between us to take hold of my cock. He squeezed it first and then started stroking. I could feel it slick with precum. He broke our kissing again.

“Oh yeah – you’ve got a bad leak down there, don’tcha? I’ve been wanting a taste of this since I first saw it. D’you mind?”

With that he lowered down to his knees, pulled my underwear down to my knees, and starting licking my cock like an icecream cone, making me moan. I glanced around a little nervously – we were outside after all, but this fact really only added to the excitement. After a few more licks he took the head of my dick into his mouth and started sucking in earnest. He was very good at what he was doing and I was enthralled, forgetting everything else but the sensations he was causing in my groin. I was starting to wonder if he would keep going until I came, right out here on the porch, when I heard the kitchen door swing open behind me.

“Hey, guys, whatcha doin’ out here? Oh…” It was Tom, of course, whom I had forgotten in the heat of the moment. “Jesus, Steve, hungry?” He came up beside us quite close, and stood for a few seconds enjoying the scene of Steve going to town on my dick. I was getting too good a blowjob to be at all self-conscious. “Fuck, guys, I gotta piss.”

Steve popped my cock out of his mouth, “So piss.”

“But you’re making me hard.”

“Good. Jack hasn’t seen your dick yet, so you gotta show him. Stand right here and piss.” Steve went back to sucking me.

“That OK with you?” Tom said to me.

“Uh, yeah, if this OK with you.”

“No problem at all, my friend. We’re neighbours after all, right?” With that he opened up his jeans. Well, I said he was tall and lanky, and if a dick can be tall and lanky too, his was. It was long, not thick but not thin either, and pink and uncut. I was thrilled that I was now going to have two uncut cocks to play with – my favourite kind. He stood right beside us and I watched him take a long piss over the railing of the porch while Steve continued to slurp away on my pole.

“Oh, by the way, I smoked your roach while you guys were gone, but not to worry, I rolled another fattie for us.”

“Sounds good,” I replied, and Steve nodded his head, making me twitch.

When Tom finishing pissing he turned back to face us and just stood there close, with his pants down and his dick growing as he watched. He leaned in closer and put his hand on my ass. With his other hand he pinched my nipple, setting up a hotline from there to my cock. He leaned even closer and started talking in a low sexy voice, his lips just inches from my ear so that I could feel his breath there.

“Does that feel good? It sure looks good. Looks like Steve likes sucking on your crank, man. Is he doing a good job? Are you getting close, or what?”

“Um-hmmm,” was all I could get out. My head was starting to fall back involuntarily from the overdose of stimuli I was getting. Steve had started to squeeze and tug on my balls with one hand and was kind of lightly tickling my asshole with the thumb of his other hand. I knew that if he applied any more pressure to my hole I’d probably start shooting right there. Then Tom sucked and nibbled on my nipple for a few seconds and I thought I was going to pass out.

See, this is what I like about group sex, you just get to have more going on for your body when there’s more mouths, hands, cocks, holes, hell even feet, to go around. Two guys working me over can get me into a state that one guy can rarely achieve. I feel like I’m going to explode – I don’t mean come, I mean I feel like my body is going to just explode, fly to bits in every direction. It’s quite a feeling, and can be a little scary sometimes. When I do come when I’m like that, I sometimes pass out – just for a few seconds, but it can be a little embarrassing, and a little scary for an unwitting sex partner (not to mention a bit of a downer if they haven’t come yet). And oh yes – I also tend to make a lot of noise in this state, I’m talking primal screaming, wild animal-type noise, and I’m not even aware that I’m doing it. So anyway, that was the territory that I was heading into out there on that back porch with Steve and Tom.

Then Tom started rubbing his dick on Steve’s face. “Come on, Steve, you can take two, you got a big mouth.”

“Uhn-uhn,” muttered Steve around my cock. He slipped it out for a second. “I’m not suckin’ on that old piece of leather!”

“Bitch!” Tom laughed and started batting Steve’s face all over with his long dick. Steve started to laugh, and our rhythm was broken. He let go of my dick, stood up and smacked Tom on the ass, hard. Tom laughed and bent over, “Ooh, yeah, spank me, Daddy!” Steve smacked him again. Tom stood up again, laughing.

I was a little disappointed that the sucking had stopped and was quickly coming back to earth, but I was also a little relieved – I wasn’t sure I wanted to started wailing and shooting here, outside, in my own neighbourhood, after all.

“Sorry, hun, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” said Tom. He turned to Steve. “I think he was just about to decorate your face with a nice big load. Check out those balls! Was your father a horse?”

I had to laugh at this, and we stood for a moment, three hard cocks, one very wet, pointing in to a centre, tips grazing each other.

“It’s fucking cold out here! Let’s go back in,” said Tom, and we all headed back inside. I pulled my underwear up, Tom zipped his jeans, and Steve stopped in the kitchen and put his gympants back on. We went back downstairs, and this time I sat in the middle of the couch, hoping that they would sit on either side of me. They did.

“Oh, I also shut off the movie. Let’s turn it back on,” Tom said when we were all seated again. “Should we spark the doob too?”

“Sure,” Steve and I both answered, and Tom lit the joint he’d rolled, a fattie indeed, and we passed it back and forth while the twinks on screen got down to business.

“Hey, weren’t we playing a game? Where were we?” asked Tom, remembering the show-me-yours from earlier.

“Oh yeah,” said Steve. “We were on assholes. I saw Jack’s, and he saw mine–”

“And got a very good look, if I recall…” piped in Tom.

“Yeah, whatever, so it’s your turn. Show Jack your asshole, Tom.”

“But I haven’t seen his yet.”

“Oh yeah. Show Tom your asshole, Jack.” We were all getting very stoned.

“Well… OK” I answered coyly, and stood up in front of him, as I had for Steve. I pulled down my drawers, bent over, and spread my cheeks.

“Very nice…” Tom said, leaning in close to my hole. “Do you like to put things up there?”

“Depends on what – oh, fuck!” was all I could get out, as I felt a wonderful jab in my hole. He had lubed up a finger in his mouth and shoved it in. He thrust it in and out and wiggled it around inside.

“Hmmm, look Steve. I think our Jackie-Boy here likes to get fucked.”

I stood up, and he pulled his finger out. As good as it felt, I was feeling a little weird being the only naked guy in the room, bent over the coffee table getting finger-fucked. “Your turn!” I said and smiled back at Tom, as I sat down, leaving my underwear off.

Tom stood up and seemed a little wobbly as he moved into position in front of me. He opened his jeans and pulled them down – he wasn’t wearing any underwear – and bent over. He had a pretty skinny ass, and it was very white. He had very little body hair and his asshole and the skin all around it was very pink. His hole winked at Steve and me invitingly.

“Lovely,” I said.

“Finger, please,” Tom said.


“I fingered you – it’s only fair that I get fingered too.”

I looked at Steve, and he mimed a fisting hand, nodding toward Tom’s ass. I wasn’t sure what to make of that, but I wet my finger with spit and eased it into Tom’s hole. I eased it out and back in, and wiggled it inside, and Tom started to moan and arched his back. Steve lifted his hand and mimed with two thrusting fingers, nodding his head again. I shrugged, removed my finger and spit on my fingers to wet two and then eased two in. Tom seemed to like this even more. I stroked away, getting into it myself, and the ball massage that I was now getting from Steve, who had released his erection from his pants and was slowly stroking it, watching his roommate get finger-fucked. He repeated his silent gesture again, this time with three fingers. I figured why not, and spit on my fingers again to ease in three fingers. Tom’s asshole seemed to be very elastic – not loose, but I guess just accustomed to taking things up there. He was really enjoying my digital treatment. He had bent lower and was supporting himself with his hands on the coffee table. I figured I couldn’t go just that far and leave it at three fingers so I lubed up with spit again and went for all four. This really had him going and he started stroking his dick.

“Is that four?” he asked between pants.


“Steve, you bitch! You tell everyone I have a big asshole,” he panted out.

Steve threw back his head laughing. “That’s right, I’m the big mouth, you’re the big asshole!”

“So am I to assume our Tom-Boy here likes to get fucked too?” I mimicked Tom’s earlier comment, as I pulled my fingers out of his ass.

“Oh yeah – he likes to sit on fire hydrants!”

“Fuck off!” Tom laughed, and swung around and swatted at Steve. He looked down at me. “Thanks, love.” His jutting cock was now right in my face. He stood still for a moment and watched me staring at it. “I bet you’re as good at sucking…”

That was all the invitation I needed. Ever since I’d laid eyes on it, I had an idea that it was the perfect size for something I liked to do and rarely got the chance for. I leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. I bobbed up and down on the head, causing him to start moaning again. I leaned in until his dick hit the back of my throat, with a few inches left to go. I took a deep breath through my nose, and pushed forward, taking him into my throat. I buried my nose in his reddish pubes.

“Holy shit! He is good! Jesus Christ, man. Oh, that’s good!” He took my head in his hands and started to pump his hips.

I loved being able to deepthroat him. He was just the right size, as I’d guessed. Most guys, if their dicks are long enough, are too thick for it to work, but if they’re long and not too thick, like Tom, I can really make them crazy, and I love the sensation of my throat being filled with cock too.

Steve was by now stroking my dick and his own and he leaned closer to kind of cheer me on, growling into my ear in a bedroom voice. “Oh, man, that looks so hot. I can see his dick in your throat, man, fuck you’re good. I sure hope I get my turn in that hot mouth…”

Much as I love doing it, I can’t deepthroat for long. It’s hard to get my breathing down. I pulled back so that Tom’s cock eased out of my throat and continued to work the head and first few inches rigourously with my tongue.

“Oh, fuck that’s good, oh yeah, man…” Tom kept his hands on my head but stopped his thrusting. I wondered if he was getting close. Just then I felt Steve’s hand leave my cock and he stood up. He pulled down and stepped out of his pants and stood next to Tom, holding his beautiful, fully hard cock in his hand, pointing toward my face. He wanted some of what Tom was getting and I was happy to oblige. I let Tom’s prick slip from my mouth and grabbed Steve’s and pulled him closer. I stuck out my tongue and ran it around the big head, looking up into Steve’s eyes as I did it. Guys always love that. He grinned down at me. Tom, meanwhile, had dropped to his knees on the couch and leaned in between us to suck my dick. He was pretty good too, good enough to distract me from my work on Steve’s crank for a few seconds. As I took Steve into my mouth and slid down his thick shaft, he held up three figures for me to see, then put them in his mouth to wet them and unceremoniously jammed them into Tom’s asshole. We heard a muffled “Oh, fuck!” as he didn’t take his mouth off my cock, and then he again started to moan and writhe as he had when I’d had my fingers in there. I buried my hand in his thick curly hair and guided his head to a tempo that I like.

I knew Steve was expecting me to deepthroat him as I had Tom. That’s what I get for showing off. The trouble was, I already knew he was too thick for it to work. I kept taking him in all the way to the back of my throat and then I would feel myself start to gag and would pull back. I decided I’d just make it really good for him otherwise so he’d forget about my throat. I tightened my mouth and sucked him like mad, and squeezed and tugged on his big balls. I popped his dick out of my mouth and tongued and sucked his nuts and tickled his asshole with my thumb. I noticed him go up on tiptoes while I did this, so I guessed that was getting to him. All the while he was reaming his roommate’s hole with his fingers. I slurped his dick back into my mouth and met his eyes with mine again. He smiled down at me.

“Yeah, suck it, baby. You look so sweet with your lips around my cock.”

Now, I’m actually a total sucker for that kind of line (pun only half-intended), and I decided then that I’d give my best shot at giving him my throat. I took a deep breath through my nose and pushed my head forward. His big head hit the back of my throat and I stopped, holding it there for a second, trying to control my gag reflex. When no gag came, I eased forward slowly. I could feel my throat start to stretch around his head, and held still for a second, then eased ahead a little more, and he slipped in.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Steve groaned, and held very still.

I moved both hands to his hips to take control of any thrusting, and eased my head back and forth so that his cock was now fucking my throat. I couldn’t believe I’d gotten it in there, but once it was in, it was pretty easy. I buried my nose into his pubes and felt him rise up onto his toes again.

“Jesus Christ, that feels good! Yeah, suck my cock, boy… mmm, you’re gonna… make… me… shoot…”

I eased back so that his dick pulled out of my throat. I didn’t want him to come just yet. You can never be sure with a stranger if they’re going to be into more play after they’ve come once, and I definitely had a few ideas about other things I wanted to try with these two. Tom now had his mouth full of my balls and was sucking and tugging on them while he stroked my spit-slicked dick. If he kept it up much longer I was going to come too. I did one last deep bob on Steve’s prick and sat back on the couch.

“I need a break, guys,” I panted, as I tousled Tom’s curly hair and stroked Steve’s muscular thigh.

“Ahh, come on, man – I was almost there,” Steve moaned and stroked his wet dick.

“I was gonna make you shoot too – your balls were churning like mad in my mouth,” said Tom, after looking up at me and letting my ballsac slip from his mouth, still stroking my cock.

“I just need a little breather. Have a seat for minute, and watch the video. Don’t worry, you’re both gonna come for me before I leave here!” I patted the couch cushions on either side of me, and they sighed and flumped down beside of me, still half-heartedly stroking their dicks. I reached for my beer, as did they, and sat back to watch the fuckflick for a bit. I love just hanging out naked with other men almost as much as I love having sex, so I really enjoyed this too, just lounging on a couch, naked, between two cute naked guys. They let go of their pricks but we were all still hard, and I wanted to relax a bit and at the same time let some tension build. There’s nothing quite like getting some just at the point when you’re basically gagging for it.

The twinks were having a nice time on the screen. It seemed they were running a pool cleaning service, whereby two of them would tackle a pool together, as well as the older owner of said pool. Then came a scene where one of the twink poolboys didn’t show up for a job, leaving his colleague alone to face an older couple of bear-types, who soon had the lone young man sandwiched between them, with a fat cock up his ass and a long one down his throat. This had my dick actually twitching, and my mind racing with the realization that I was perhaps in a position to try this out, one of my all-time favourite fantasies. I don’t usually get fucked. It’s not that I don’t like it – I do, but I’m actually very tight down there, and it takes a lot of prep and going slow before I can get a good ride going, so I usually keep that to sex with someone I’ve been seeing for a while. But the more I thought about it with these two guys, the hotter I got and with a last gulp of my beer, I took a plunge.

“That sure looks like fun!”

Their heads spun around to face me simultaneously.

“Are you serious?”

“Well, it does look fun, doesn’t it? They sure seem to be enjoying themselves.” As I spoke, the big guy in front pulled out and noisily blasted a big load all over the twink’s face. Soon he was shooting too, while his ass was still getting pounded.

“Fuck yeah!” blurted Steve, grinning at me.

I turned to Tom and smiled. “Wanna fuck me?”

He looked down, feigning shyness, “Well, I guess so…” then grinned and looked me in the eye, “…hard!”

“OK, but I warn you, I’m tight, and that means there’s a bit of a process to getting in. I have to be on top, and then once we get going you can go as hard as you like. I’ve got condoms in my pocket over there, and we’ll need lots of lube, so I hope you’ve got some.”

While I was speaking, Steve had leaned over and was reaching far under the couch. He came back up holding up a big half-full bottle of lube.

“You’re such a pig! I can’t believe you keep lube under our couch!” laughed Tom.

“Well, you never know when your neighbour’s gonna come over and want his ass fucked,” Steve grinned back.

I stood up and went over to get the condoms out of the pocket of my jeans. I guess I shared Steve’s sense of always-preparedness.

“OK, Tom, lie down on the couch.” He did, and I slid a condom onto his prick and poured a generous amount of lube onto it. I straddled him and stroked his slippery prod while applying some lube to my ass as well.

“What do I do?” asked Steve.

“You just stand there for a minute and stroke your big dick for us for a minute,” I said, “unless Tom wants to suck it.”

“No thanks,” said Tom, with a mock grimace. Steve hunched down and batted at his face with his dick while Tom giggled and wriggled around under me.

“Now hold still – no thrusting until I say, OK?”

“Sure man, go for it.” He stopped moving, and Steve stood and obediently stroked his cock for us.

I held Tom’s long dick against my hole and put my weight onto it. The head slipped in past the first sphincter and I held still, remembering to breathe, and keeping some pressure bearing down on his cock. I love that part, the anticipation of getting my ass filled, with a dick just inside me, but not quite. It usually makes the other guy crazy and that’s when they want to thrust, but if they do I spasm and it hurts like hell. A few seconds of patience though, and it’ll just slide right in and we’re both in heaven. Sure enough, after a few seconds of holding his cockhead hard against my second sphincter, it slipped in and I sat right down on his lap, my ass full of his meat.

“Oh fuck, man, you are tight,” Tom smiled up at me,”it feels so good…”

“Yup,” I said simply, as I started to ride him and he started to moan. Steve had knelt on the floor beside us and now leaned over and took my dick in his mouth. This really got me going, but I knew I sure wouldn’t last long with him sucking me while Tom fucked me, and I still had my vision to enact, so after a few good bobs of his head I pulled him up by the shoulder.

“Steve, you’re doing an amazing job down there, but I think you should get up here in front of me and feed me that lovely cock.”

I didn’t have to ask twice. Steve practically jumped up onto the couch and stood straddling Tom’s body, with his dick bobbing in my face. I steadied my rhythm on Tom’s pole, took a deep breath, and sucked that beautiful prick into my mouth. Here it was, my favourite fantasy come to life – two hot men, one dick up my ass and one in my mouth. This was heaven.

Tom reached up and started playing with my nipples and I thought I was going to shoot right then and there. I was trying to get Steve back into my throat and this broke my concentration, but Steve didn’t seem to mind – my loud groans around his dick had him moaning too. Just as I got his cockhead in back there, Tom moved one hand to stroke my dick, while continuing to tweak on one nipple. This had me flying, getting into that state, where I think my body’s going to explode. I sucked and rode and savoured it for a few minutes, but just before I was about to shoot Tom’s eye out with cum, I slipped Steve’s cock out of my mouth and lifted myself off Tom’s and stood up beside the couch.

“Ah, come on, man… not another break!” said Tom, looking a little pissed.

“Nope,” I said, reaching down for another condom, “Switch.”

As I was putting the condom on Steve’s wet dick, he and Tom shared a look that seemed to say, “Can you believe this guy?” I lubed him up, pulled the condom off Tom, turned around, bent over with my hands on the coffee table and said, “Fuck me.”

Steve hopped down of the couch and lined up his big dick with my asshole. I had purposely had Tom fuck me first because he wasn’t as thick as Steve, but now that I was stretched a bit I knew that I’d have no trouble taking him. He started to push in and for a moment I wasn’t so sure, but I breathed deep and concentrated on the pleasure and soon he was in and thrusting slowly and gently, well aware of how tight I was. While this was happening, Tom had come around to stand in front of me, between me and the television. It was an amusing visual, a real-life naked guy standing there stroking his dick, with asses getting fucked on screen on either side of him. I waited until my ass was comfortably full of cock and with my customary deep breaths, leaned down and opened my mouth for Tom to shove it in. As before, his dick slid easily to the back of my mouth and right on into my throat. I was in my element, the exact position I’d fantasized about so many times while jerking off alone. I was a sawhorse of lust, and the effect of a guy fucking me at each end made it feel like one long cock was running back and forth through my entire body. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the overwhelming sensation. Long moans erupted from deep within me and mixed with the grunts and groans of the men filling my mouth and ass. I felt like I could lift my feet and hands and be held there in the air by their thrusting. Tom reached down and started to twist my nipples. I struggled to remember to breathe. Tom started panting, just as Steve reached around and started stroking my dick, hard.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck… I’m gonna cum, oh fuuuuck.” Tom pulled his cock out of my throat and mouth and with a few strokes of his hand started firing rifle shots of hot cum all over my face and shoulders, some even landing on my back. This visual seemed to push Steve over the edge and he increased the speed of his stroking on my cock and bent low over my back as he pounded into me. I could feel his cock swelling and his hot breath panting out onto the back of my neck. I was so close. I bent my head down to look back at his strong hand working my cock, just as I felt him erupting into the condom in my ass. I felt my whole being rushing to concentrate in my pelvis and a rope of my own cum hit my face just before my whole body whiplashed in orgasm. My vision filled with gold, and that’s the last thing I remember.

“Jack? Jack? Come on, man, wake up. You OK? Jack?”

I woke up on my back on the couch. Looking up at the two hot sweaty naked men, and the strange room, it took me a second to figure out where I was and what was going on. Then I remembered it all, and smiled and stretched. Steve and Tom were both kneeling on the floor beside me and Steve had been gently shaking me. They both wore worried expressions until they saw me smile.

“Are you OK?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just passed out I guess. It happens sometimes when I’m over-stimulated.”

“Jesus! You scared the shit out of us, man. I never saw anybody do that before!”

“No? Well, it happens. The French even have a term for it – they call it ‘petit mort’ – ‘little death’. It just means you guys just showed me a really, really good time!”

“Fuck! ‘Little death’ all right. I thought you were dead, man. But we could see you breathing, so we didn’t call an ambulance yet.”

“Good, ’cause I really am fine,” I said as I sat up. I had runny cum dripping down my neck and chest – Tom’s – so I knew I couldn’t have been out long at all, otherwise it would be drying. I’m usually only out for a couple of minutes at the most. I looked behind and saw a big mess on the floor. It seems I had fallen down on top of their old seventies-style coffee table, and let’s just say it hadn’t survived the crash. It was on the floor, with broken legs splaying out from the four corners. It was smeared with cum – mine, I guess – and the empty beer bottles and the ashtray and other stuff that had been on it were strewn across the floor.

“Oh, geez, guys – I’m sorry about the coffee table. I’ll pay for it – ”

“Oh, no way, man,” said Tom, “I hated that coffee table anyway. This will give us an excuse to get a new one. We’ll get a nice strong, padded one for when you come over.”

He looked me in the eye, and gave his eyebrows a flirty bounce. I looked at Steve and he grinned.

I leaned back into the couch and looked at the two men kneeling at my feet. I sighed, then threw my head back and laughed.

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