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Two Hot Dates

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The date had gone really well. Tess had even invited him back for “coffee” and she never ever did that. He was different, smart charming and fuck was he good to look at. They were in the living room chatting and getting closer and closer on the couch the kissing started and the hands started to wander. His hands were all over her, touching her stroking her, he started to talk about moving it upstairs

Panic set in, she remembered what a state her bedroom was, her clothes everywhere, especially her underwear she had spent so long trying to decide what to wear…maybe she would take him into her roommates bedroom, it was always neat and tidy. He always kept his room clean, and he wouldn’t be home for hours, they pulled apart for a second, just long enough for him to see the look in her eyes.

She stood and took his hand, leading him up the stairs. He followed, watching her ass under the short tight skirt as she walked ahead of him, his cock was already throbbing. Slowly she opened the door to Michael’s room and peered in, just as she guessed, it was immaculate as she turned she saw his eyes scanning the room but in the dim light he wouldn’t know it was a guys room. She drew him over to the bed and pushed him back onto it, smiling she began to undress, slowly dropping pieces of her clothing one by one on the floor, his eyes gazing breathlessly at the show before him.

Neither of them heard Michael’s key silently opening the front door, they were too engrossed in their own lustfulness, he began to climb the stairs to his room.

He sat on the bed, close to the edge as her body seemed to wind to an unheard beat, slowly she peeled item after item of clothing from her body. Finally she was in front of him in just her underwear, the black that she had settled on in a sexy contrast to her pale skin. Her bra cupping and rounding her tits beautifully, the thong showing just enough of her pert and sexy ass to be erotic, the black suspender belt holding the sheer black stockings to her legs, finished off in a sexy yet tarty pair of little boots. His cock now solid, strained against his trousers, he moved his hand down to release it.

“No, leave it alone for a minute” she said

“Why, I need to” he begged.

“No” she said again, she wasn’t sure what she was feeling, she has never felt so brazen before. So sluttish the first time with a guy but, there was something different here. She started to peel her thong down, exposing her freshly trimmed pussy to him for the first time. As her panties got further down she turned and bent at the waist, exposing herself to him from behind, dropping the panties to the floor.

Lifting her leg, she placed her foot on the edge of the bed between his knees. Her hand slowly moving between her legs as she started touching herself, stroking her pussy, her clit on fire as she started to circle it with a finger. Running her nails up and down her lips, she took her finger and slid it softly into her hot and wet hole, coated in her juice she turned to him. She placed the finger against his lips, his tongue snaking out to lick it. She pushed her finger into his mouth, watching him as he sucked on it greedily, running his tongue over it and nibbling gently.

“This must be what it’s like to get a blowjob” she thought as a tingle ran through her, the sight of a man sucking cock has always done something to her.

Suddenly the door to the room opened and Micheal walked in, behind him was the shadowy figure of his latest conquest, some blonde slut that he must have picked up that night. Snapping back to reality she realised that she was standing in front of her housemate naked, with a strange man in a serious state of arousal on the bed licking on her finger.

“Well,” said Micheal his voice deep and lusty “what is going on here??? And why didn’t I get invited???”

It took a few moments of uncomfortable silence for them to realise what was happening, the instant bulge in Michael’s pants told him he wanted to join in, the nice looking guy on “his” bed, his naked housemate Tess and her incredible body, the quickening breath of his “date” in his ear as she peered over his shoulder, it was all he could do to stop himself stripping off there and then, he regained his composure slightly.

Their eyes all gazing at each other, the smell of sex permeating in their nostrils, they knew it was about to turn into a very different night indeed. The guy on the bed “Andi” decided he had nothing to lose so he just blurted out what everybody else was thinking ” well I think its time to invite you in mate, care to join us?” Michael smiled at Tess who was still standing naked in front of them all

” Well, do you mind?” he asked.

“Not at all she replied, the more the merrier, but he’s mine” she said pointing at Andi on the bed with a smirk and a sly wink..” But I might let you share” she smirked at Michael. Tess asked Michael,

“what about your date?, think she’s up for this?”. They all looked at her, her mouth open, she was staring at Tess over Michael’s shoulder.

“ha” Tess said, “I dont think we need to ask that question” She walked over to her and took her hand, pulling her into the room, they all watched as she ran her fingers over her cheek, “you wanna be our slut for the night?”

The guys smiled at Tess’s idea as they watched her pull her over to the bed,

“now get down on your knees, I want to watch you suck Michael’s cock “she demanded.

The slut knelt down , looking up at Michael and in one swift movement she had whipped his cock out of his pants and had it in her mouth. Tess’s hands were already between her legs as she watched this, Andi had used the moment of diversion to quickly relieve himself of his clothing, he had his huge throbbing cock in his hand, watching the slut devouring Michael’s cock.

“MMMMMMM” he moaned as he walked towards Tess, he grabbed her from behind, she felt his hard cock pressing against her ass, his eyes never leaving the sight of the slut licking and sucking Micheals huge cock, “mmmm” he thought, “I want a taste of that too”.

Andi wondered to himself, how could he let everyone know that he wanted to suck some cock??? He started to play with Tess’s ass, squeezing it pulling the cheeks apart and pressing them back together, he put his hard cock between the cheeks of her ass, squeezed them together over it and started to dry shaft her, running his cock up and down the crack, watching as the blonde woman sucked and licked the length of Micheals hard and impressive cock. He could imagine how it felt, the smooth skin on his tongue, the feel of the helmet between his teeth, the taste of the pre cum on his lips, he was starting to really think about it. Tess could sense him getting hornier and harder, she started to rub her arse up and down his cock, encouraging him to push it in further…

Andi had an idea of how he could gauge everybodys openness to a bit of wild playing.

“Tess, why don’t you go and introduce yourself to our blonde guest he said”, She turned to him, a twinkle in her eye.

“no babe” she said, “why don’t you take Micheal into my room for a minute while I introduce myself to her properly”

Andi looked at Micheal and saw the grin on his face at the thought of Tess and his date meeting each other.

“Come on Andi, lets go and chat for 5 minutes, let these ladies get to know each other”. Andi walked out from behind Tess and let Michael lead him towards her room, they walked in, turned on the light and there strewn all over the bed was Tess’s underwear collection.

Andi’s cock hardened even more as he walked towards the bed.Michael’s heart was racing as he heard the door close behind him. Here he was, naked with a strange guy, a very nice looking guy who was also naked and he could tell, very into men. They were alone in Tess’s bedroom, a chill ran through his body as he anticipated what was to going to happen.

Andi was looking at the lingerie strewn bed and had a very mischievious grin. Walking over to the bed, his cock began to twitch and harden further as he picked up and touched some of the flimsy pieces of underwear. Michael watched as Andi grabbed a red lace thong and matching bra set, the same pair he had helped Tess buy only a week before.

“up for something totally wild?” he said to Michael ” I want to see you in these and on your knees begging for my cock, you’d like that wouldn’t you?” Michael took them, smiled and without a word began to dress in the lingerie, his cock felt like it was going to explode, he had never been so turned on in his life. When him and Tess had been shopping that day, he wondered what it would feel like to try them on himself.

Andi began rummaging around on the bed further till he found a matching set in black lace. He smiled to himself as he stepped into the panties and pulled them up his thighs, his bulging cock was standing upright glistening with pre-cum as he imprisoned it behind the lace. He felt himself straining against the fabric, his head poking over the top. He reached to the bed and grabbed a set of fishnet stocking.

“I want you to put these on me ” he said as he lay back on the bed.

Michael dropped to his knees straight away and took Andi’s foot in his hand. Slowly he slid the sheer fabric up along his muscular legs, allowing his fingers to graze the skin. His cock was so hard it threatened to burst, his mouth was watering to taste the huge cock he was staring at. They both knew what they wanted without saying a word. Michael placed his hand on Andi’s cock, squeezing gently.

“You want to taste my cock you filthy slut? take it out and suck it…now” he said. Michael leaned over and pulled the front of the thong down, freeing the huge cock. Within seconds he had his hand and his lips wrapped around it firmly, he had never tasted or wanted anything so much in his life. His lips were gliding up and down the thick shaft, his hands were squeezing Andi’s balls, he wanted to cum so badly his own cock was throbbing like crazy.

Andi was directing him, telling him to suck it, lick it, bite it, squeeze his balls. He was moving his head up and down in rhythm with Andis thrusts. Andi knew he couldn’t hold back much longer, his heart was pounding, his pulse racing. He wanted this little cock sucker to take it all, drink his hot cum.

“Im going to cum in your mouth, I want you to drink it all, swallow all my hot sticky cum” Andi moaned, Micheal was craving to taste it, he could feel the huge cock pulsing against his tongue, taste the sweetness of the pre-cum which had already trickled out. He kept milking the cock, his hands pumping the shiny silken skin while his lips milked it faster and faster. Andi was thrusting violently now, fucking his face, in and out, in and out, his moans and screams demanding Michael to suck him getting louder.

He let out a huge roar as he felt his juices running through his body and spewing out the end of his cock. Michael’s mouth was full, he felt it hit the back of his tongue and then glide down his throat, moaning as he continued sucking, wanting to drink every last drop. His hands and lips milking and sucking till Andi had nothing left to give, his body exhausted from the intensity of the orgasm, he lay back trying to catch his breath. Michael’s tongue was busy cleaning up the last few drops of cum, licking round the huge head and down the shaft, looking up at Andi he smiled as he swallowed the last of it.

“wow” Andi said “guess its my turn to return the favour huh?” he stopped suddenly, thinking “better still” he said, “lets go see what the girls are up to, and dont bother changing Im sure they wont mind” he grinned.

The door behind Tess opened quietly as Micheal stepped into his room, his cock solid in the tight red thong. Andi was right behind him, his cock still tingling from the amazing blowjob he had just received.

Micheal stopped in his tracks as they both see the beautiful sight of the two women on the bed in front of them. Andi stood slightly behind and to one side of Micheal watching over his shoulder. His hand snaking around Michael’s waist he took out Michael’s big hard cock and started to pump it slowly in his hand. His own hard again cock pushing softly into Michael’s thigh.

Tess heard the boys behind her but was too intoxicated by the blonde in front of her, her tongue was slowly licking up and down the juicy, sweet lips of the sexy young girl. She was so smooth, freshly shaven as well. Tess’s hands pulling the sweet lips apart, burying her whole face as she licked and sucked. Her tongue twirling back and forth, up and down, flicking across the hard little clit poking out from the silken smooth snatch.

She heard the moans from the guys and felt a hand touch her, sliding over her shoulder and down towards her hard nipples, the fingers pinched and pulled the puckered flesh and her entire body responded. She let out a gargled moan as she plunged her tongue deep into the blondes cunt, she felt a hand near her face and looked up to see Andis finger, teasing the girls ass hole, his finger slid in effortlessly as she moaned. Her whole body began to quiver and shake.

Michael’s hand was still over her shoulder, caressing her naked breasts, she could feel somebody’s cock poking at the back of her neck. Tess hadn’t felt this turned on for as long as she could remember. Here was her gorgeous date Andi, her very sexy room mate Michael and a slut purely here for their pleasure. All of them so incredibly turned on, she couldnt decide who to do first.

Tess slowly pulled away from the girls juicy cunt, and stood up, instantly she felt Andis arm around her waist turning her body away from him. Michael’s mouth was on her breast in seconds, licking, biting and sucking her hard nipples. Andi gripped her hips and pulled her against his cock, he was watching Michael over her shoulder. He wanted that boy so badly. Tess laid her head back on his chest as Micheal licked her from her nipple up to her ear. Andi leaned forward and kissed Michael, the two men pressed on either side of her embracing, it was so hot. Her hands were sliding up and down Michael’s body, he was wearing her underwear, it was so sexy. Her ass was rubbing against Andis cock. Michael’s cock was so hard, squashed against her tummy from inside the tight lacy thong.

Tess wanted to taste him, her mouth watering at the thought. She felt another set of hands on her, the blonde had joined them. She was behind Andi and was rubbing herself on him, her hands were on Tess’s tits though as she held them out for Michael to suck on, this was too hot to comprehend. Tess wanted to fuck somebody seriously bad now, and decided to take charge. She slowly leaned away from Andi and told blondie to get on all fours and kneel on the floor at the end of the bed, the girl obeyed without a question,

” I want your mouth at my pussy lapping at me while Andi fucks your ass and I ride Michael’s cock, Im gonna sit on him and face you”.

All of them saw this as a damn good idea, “Michael, slip your cock out of that thong and lay back on the bed” Michael took his hand away from between Tess’s legs long enough to work his way up the bed. Tess climbed on the bed, she stood over him, her ass facing him. She looked at Michael’s huge hard on as it poked out the side of the red thong. He opened her up as she sat on him, feeling him slide deep between her swollen pussy lips inch by inch she lowered herself on her room mates cock. She leaned back against him, his hands holding her hips, guiding her on him, “Now blondie, lick my pussy, suck my clit while Michael fucks me, lick his balls. Andi is gonna fuck your ass so hard”

Andi stood for a minute watching as Tess slide up and down on Michael’s huge cock, her cunt so wet that it had coated his thick shaft in a glistening juice. Blondies tongue was busy, licking Tess’s pussy and sucking on her clit whilst she was riding that fat cock. Andi slowly walked up behind Blondie and pulled his thong down, freeing his hard again cock. He wrapped his hand around it and started to slowly pump the shaft, enjoying the view.

Blondie glanced a quick look over her shoulder to see where Andi was. She arched her back as he moved in closer and began slapping his hard cock on her ass. Tess was so wet, so juicy, Blondies face and lips were coated with her juice. She slid her hands between her long legs to play with her own pussy. Her fingers sliding in so easily, her pussy was so wet, “My God” she thought, “If I don’t get some of that cock soon, I’m going to die”.

Andi, sensing her anticipation, rubbed his cock on her wet lips. He watched her fingers pumping in and out of her cunt. Taking hold of her hand and pulling it toward her ass. She used her fingers to spread the cheeks of her ass, he watches her slide the middle two fingers into her ass. “She’s done this before.” Thought Andi as he watched her finger her ass expertly.

He took his cock in both hands and guided its head toward her asshole, Blondie slid her fingers from her ass as she felt his cock pressing against them. He put the head of his cock against her tight little puckered hole and she breathed out slowly, relaxing it as she felt the helmet pushing into her. Tess slowed her riding of Michael’s cock to watch Andi slide his meat deep into Blondies spread ass. She rose from Michael’s cock, leaving only the tip of his helmet in her soaking cunt.

“That’s it baby” Tess says, ” Slide that cock up that sluts ass. I wanna watch you fuck her tight little ass hard” Andi looks across at his date, this beautiful lady he so badly wanted to fuck, now holding her cunt poised over another mans cock telling him to fuck some sluts ass. What an amazing night he couldn’t help but think, his mind buzzing.

He started to push his cock into Blondies ass, all the time looking Tess in the eye. Pushing until he felt his balls pressed against her clit. Grinning at Tess as she slams back down on Michael’s cock.

“Oh fuck that feels good” Michael moaned as he thrust up to meet Tess.

“I know,” says Andi his cock deep in his new friend’s date for the night. He drew back slowly until only the tip of his cock remained in her ass, then he slowly started to drive it back in. Blondie moaned softly, her voice still muffled from being deep in Tess’s pussy. Tesswas starting to match his speed, for each thrust of his cock into Blondie, she was giving a down stroke on Michael’s cock.

Blondie, getting more adventurous as she felt Andi’s fat shaft stretching her ass, leaned forward again. She ran her tongue along the base of Michael’s cock, it was covered in tess’s juices, sucking on one then the other ball. Her hands free again she brought them forward. One holding Michael’s balls up her other going further she reaches under him to play with his ass, grabbing the cheeks, squeezing them. Michael moaned again, louder this time as Tess rode his cock and Blondie lapped at his balls. He felt her pulling the cheeks apart as a finger tickled his asshole gently.

“Holy shit that feels good,” he says again.

“What does babe?” Tess asks.

“Firstly, your tight cunt on my cock, secondly her mouth on my balls and her hands playing with my ass” he moaned

Blondie took this encouragement to probe a little further, pushing her finger against his asshole, he moaned again, louder this time.

“Right” she thinks, “I know what to do here.” Her hand moves again, this time it wraps around his shaft, rolling her fingers over his cum covered cock. She takes one and slides it into Tess’s cunt, pulling it open a bit further, coating her finger in juice. She took it back out again and pushed it back against Michael’s asshole. He moaned again, but this time she didn’t remove it, she pushed harder, he moans louder again as his ass starts to stretch open, allowing her finger to enter it. He starts to pump up and down, pumping his cock deeper into Tess on the upstroke and burying the finger into his ass on the down.

Michael couldn’t believe the sensations pumping through his body, Tess was writhing up and down on his cock, Blondies finger probing his tight virgin ass as her tongue licked at his balls, it felt so erotic. He was totally turned on, unable to comprehend what was happening, his hands lifting his roommate up and down on his throbbing cock.

Andis eyes were watching Tess, her eyes so heavy with passion she looked as though she was in a trance. He wanted to see her squirm like that on his cock. “mmmmm that would be next” he thought with a evil grin as he kept pumping hard into Blondies ass, her tight hole gripping his cock, his balls slapping against her with every thrust.

Michael began to lose control, he couldn’t hold back any longer, the finger in his ass was massaging him, it was driving him over the edge. All he could hear was Tess’s moans and Andis grunts, he felt it racing through his body like a freight train. Tess knew how close he was, he was thrusting fast and hard, she felt her own orgasm approaching just as quickly. Blondies lips were on her clit, she was shaking and trembling.

Andi was watching it all, could feel Blondies muscles contracting around him as she reached her climax as well, that was all he needed to feel his own peak. All at once the room was filled with loud moans, erotic sighs and heavy breathing as each one of them was pushed over the edge. Andi couldn’t take his eyes off Tess, her face was wracked in pleasure as her orgasm tore through her body. He watched as Michael’s cock still pumped in and out of her, their juices combining and running down all over his balls. Blondie was still shaking on his cock as he filled her ass with loads of hot wet cum.

“Mmm…” he thought, this was definitely a first date with a difference.

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