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Two Goth Chicks

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Sarina was the short one with the long black hair and vinyl minidress, with awesome cleavage I kept staring at, deep-set eyes made deeper with dark shadow, and full lips that parted in the middle even when her mouth was closed. Angel was the tall, slender one with blonde hair in pigtails and faux schoolgirl outfit with plaid pleated miniskirt and thigh-high white stockings.

It was a dull night on Decatur Street when they flagged me down outside of the Crystal. Sarina asked me for a light. My gaze landed on her chest while she lit her cigarette.

“Would you like to pay our way in?”

She’d asked that with a bit of a half-smirk, as if to say, paying their way in was a privilege. I chuckled, but thought about it. This would probably give me an excuse to chat with them longer.

So I paid the way in for all three of us. I’d never been in the Crystal before, since the goth scene had never particularly attracted me. I felt like a tourist or intruder, the only casually-dressed person among young men in vampire chic and thin, delicate-looking women in long, clingy black dresses.

Sarina and Angel let me buy them drinks, and we talked a few minutes. They told me their names, I told them mine. Sarina asked about my job, my life, my hobbies, information I gladly shared. Angel stood silently and drank, listening. When I realized that Sarina had learned the important facts of my life without offering much of her own, I started giving terse responses, but it was too late, the point had been made: Sarina was dictating the terms of our interaction.

So she let the conversation drop and they made out, Sarina leaning against the bar, their thighs pressed against my right thigh. I did everything I could to avoid watching or staring. When they’d had enough, they let me buy them more drinks.

They moved to the small dance floor, and for twenty minutes I watched them dance to eighties new wave songs. They stayed together the whole time, torsos locked together while boys in white frilly blouses lurched around them with glo-sticks in their hands. I felt like I had known them a long time, like I belonged with them. I watched entranced, noticing the way Angel kept her hands on Sarina’s sides, and the way Sarina moved her hands over Angel’s ass and back. Sarina’s dress was pulled up by the motion just enough to show the curve of her naked buttocks beneath.

They rejoined me by the bar, and allowed me to buy them more drinks. Sarina moved close to me on my left. Angel pressed close on the right and moved her hand onto my thigh.

“We saw you watching,” Sarina said. “We love to be watched. We could feel your eyes like hands all over us.”

I said nothing. To be honest they were making me nervous. At first, I had thought it would be fun to be close to them, and had even dared to hope that things would turn sexual. But now that it seemed to go that way, Sarina was steering me however she wanted. Part of me had started to fear her, in a mild way.

Angel spoke into my ear, so that I could hear her over the music, but so that only I could hear her. “You’ve been so lovely, buying us drinks and all. We would love to do something in return.” With that I felt the tip of her tongue trace the outline of my ear, settling on the lobe, which she then placed between her lips. Angel’s hand moved down the front of my shirt, to the front of my slacks, where she rubbed small circles around the head of my cock.

Sarina spoke into my other ear. “One thing I really love is to watch Angel suck dick. Her lips look so pretty around a dick. She’s a fucking artist.” I stared at her full lips as they pursed into an O.

Angel’s tongue moved back into my ear and her hand worked its way inside my zipper, her finger and thumb in a circle around the head of my cock.

“The bartender’s going to see us,” I whispered, a bit shaken. I didn’t think they heard me, but I don’t know that they would have stopped anyway.

“She likes to make it last, I’ve seen her go ninety minutes. Have you ever had it sucked that long? Probably not.”

As if to convince me further, Sarina took my left hand and held it up to Angel’s mouth. Angel drew two fingers in slowly, rubbing the tip of a tongue piercing back and forth over the balls of my fingers as Sarina guided it in and out.

“I like to suck too, but I don’t have her enthusiasm. Most of our boyfriends say she’s better. I’m always learning new things from her.”

I was lost then, spending myself in a few spastic movements. Angel caught it all in her hand, moving the hand out quickly and wiping it on a napkin on the bar.

“Few women should be so lucky to have a husband like Angel,” Sarina said. “Joining us?”

They both left. The curious part of me almost followed, but I was happy to see them go. In a way, that was the only option I had. If I left with them, there was no telling what I would be steered into.

Half an hour later, after I figured they had probably made their way home, I decided to call it an evening. As I left the Crystal and headed down Decatur towards Canal, an old, black station wagon pulled up along side me, and matched my pace. I looked over, and saw that Angel was driving, and Sarina was in the back seat behind the driver’s side. The windows were open. “Get in,” Sarina said, “we’ll give you a lift.”

“No, but thank you,” I replied.

Sarina said nothing, but tugged on the straps of her dress, which she had already unzipped. This revealed her breasts — gorgeous, round breasts, the most perfect chest I had seen in a long time.

“Are you sure?” she said, adding a lilt to her voice. “You can touch these, if you want.”

At that point I realized that, if I’d said no, I would probably be passing up an intense and unique experience. Slowly I opened the door and got in the back seat, next to Sarina.

Sarina was still for a moment, grinning slightly — and then she pounced, her mouth locked with mine, her naked breasts pressed against my shirt, her right hand holding the back of my head, her left hand on my shoulder. Her tongue pressed deep into my mouth, to let me know she was in control, and I was her plaything.

Did she say Angel was her husband?

Her right hand found my left hand, and — she must have had them on the seat or something behind me — with her left hand she slapped a handcuff on me. I struggled a little before she found the other hand and cuffed it too. With a gleeful giggle she moved from me, and took advantage of my confusion, using a second pair of cuffs to bind me to the headrest of the seat in front of me.

Now Sarina’s control over me wasn’t just a figment of my imagination. I was helpless.

She giggled more, using a stocking to blindfold me, and another to gag me.

“I don’t know, Angel,” she said. “That was too easy. He barely put up any fight. But, he does look pretty cute like that.” She slid beside me, and I could feel her breathing in my ear. “Hmm, what are we going to do with you? Or to you? What kind of pain or pleasure will we bestow?”

She nibbled on my earlobe lightly, then bit – hard. I shouted, but only a soft mumbled moan came out through the gag. Sarina laughed.

We rode for a few more minutes, taking several turns until I had lost track of which way we had gone. Then we slowed and stopped, and Angel cut the car off. Sarina and Angel got out of the car, then came around to get me. The way Sarina had arranged the handcuffs, it was not necessary for her to free my hands to remove me from the car. I was attached to one of them, and then led from the car into a door, and up a flight of steps that smelled of fresh wood finish. At the top we went through a door to the left, entering a cool, breezy room that smelled of incense.

“What should we do with him?” asked Angel.

“Well, let’s not talk about it in front of him, let’s leave it a surprise.”

I was led further into the room, and was then suddenly bent over what felt like a pommel horse. Roughly, my cuffs were cuffed to a metal bar. I pulled to test this — it was solid. The cuffs pulled against my wrists a bit, bruising me for certain. One held my legs in place while the other attached leg cuffs, fixing my feet two feet apart.

For a moment I felt panic, especially when my pants were yanked down. To Sarina’s exclamation of, “My, what a lovely firm ass,” I felt their hands caressing me, the tops of my thighs, my buttocks, and the fleshy lower back, hitting a number of sensitive spots and drawing some erotic response. A finger began to probe slightly up my anus.

“I bet his ass is nice and tight, good for fucking,” said Sarina. I moaned (as much as I could through the gag) in protest and shook my head no, pulling with some soreness against the cuffs.

“I don’t think he likes that idea,” said Angel.

“So?” To punctuate that point, I felt a hard slap against my buttocks, making me flinch.

“Try not to pull against the cuffs, sweetie,” said Angel.

For what seemed like an eternity, then, I was flogged… first with a hand, then a cat o’ nine tails (lots of thin, sharp bites of pain), then a riding crop (I couldn’t help flinching from that, each slap made a loud pop and gave a fair bit of pain). The riding crop was followed by something soft and furry, which was in its way a new blend of agony for sensitized nerves. The soft fur was followed by what must have been a leather paddle, which in turn was followed by something thin and wiry which sliced the air with a crisp whoo before delivering a thin line of sharp pain. Angel was right, that it was best to try not to flinch. A couple of times Sarina shouted, “Be still!” or “Did I say you could move?”

A hand reached around front and stroked my cock, which had already hardened a bit; another hand softly caressed by balls. An erection straight forward would have pressed against the horse, so the hand pulled my cock down, not a very erotic sensation.

“When do I get to watch you suck him off?” Sarina asked.

“In time. He hasn’t built up any semen yet.”

I was pulled off the horse, finally, and walked over to a bed. With my pants around my ankle I would have been unable to run. My shoes and pants were pulled off, and I was laid on the bed and tied down face-up with my feet together. The sheets were soft and satiny, but were still rough against my sore buttocks. The handcuffs were released, finally, but replaced with velcro cuffs attaching me to the bed.

Sarina lay on the bed beside me, now completely naked, brushing her body against me. She rubbed her breasts over my arm, and stopped with my hand against her cunt. Then she lay forward across my belly and spread her legs, using me to prop her midsection in the air. I felt Angel kneel behind her and then thrust suddenly, causing Sarina’s body to spasm.

They fucked on top of me. Sarina was orgasmic, moaning loudly the whole time. This was a wonderful way to tease me, creative and funny, and a total turn-on. I could feel every thrust; sharp, short upward thrusts that drew staccato gasps from Sarina; deep, slow, deliberate thrusts; finally a soft, fast rhythm of thrusts balanced against the bounce of the mattress springs. These rhythms, the sounds and smells and the touch of her skin on my skin got me completely exited. A small bit of the motion found its way to my cock and soon I was erect, drawing only a small vicarious little bit of pleasure.

Sarina climaxed hard, ejecting a lot of warm wetness onto my thigh.

“Thank God,” Angel said, with a chuckle, while Sarina climbed off of me. “I was starting to cramp from the hunched position.”

A rubber was rolled onto me then, and Sarina climbed astride me, taking me in quickly. Using my chest for support, she was vigorous, sometimes almost violent, in her thrusts; though I was inside her, it almost felt like she was the one inside me, in total control.

She stopped, then, and giggled. What now?

Then – a sharp pinch on my right nipple, some kind of hard metal clamp closed on me. Again I shouted, but again only a soft moan came out. I moved around, hoping to avoid the same fate on the other nipple, but I was unsuccessful.

Sarina began to move, again, slowly now – as cold, wet cold hit my chest. I jerked and gave a muffled shout. The ice was spread around on my chest, over every sensitive spot, then left to sit and melt, letting the cold penetrate deep. Tendrils of cold water dripped down the sides and into my armpits.

I smelled burning wax and saw a flicker through the bottom of the blindfold and knew what was coming next. Oh, hot wax then, on the chest that had been made extra-sensitive by the cold. Sarina chuckled while I struggled against the bindings.

At that moment the rubber was removed from my cock, and I felt wet warmth on me. At first the mouth was soft and still. A pierced tongue flicked over the glans, very lightly, while a hand cupped my balls lightly.

I didn’t know for certain that it was Angel until I heard Sarina moan from beside me.

I had never done anything sexual with a male before, but it was still hard to think of Angel, with the miniskirt and the white stockings and blonde pigtails, as male.

Then the whole length of me was swallowed, a masterful suck that made my whole body shiver.

“I told you my sweetie gives good head,” Sarina whispered in my ear, before nibbling on my earlobe.

For a while Angel kept me there, deep, while his (her? …her) throat made soft motions around the tip. Then she came up again, and started a slow, deep rhythm, drawing the tongue-piercing up and down the middle of my shaft, and lightly back and forth. When she came to the end of an upstroke, she took her mouth completely off me and paused before plunging again. Her tongue kept a light back and forth motion against the glans through every stroke.

Then she sucked vacuum tight around me, so hard it felt like she might tear my cock out at the roots, and kept me in deep. This wasn’t pleasant at first, but after a minute or two it almost felt like my cock was going to dissolve into pure pleasure.

After this she alternated between the slow, deliberative sucking rhythm from before, and a standard, mid-depth, light-pressure suck, the familiar “blow job” suck that made it easy to build close to orgasm. But no, somehow Angel knew when I was close, and she would stop a moment, and then perform the slow, torturous suck, building slowly back into the familiar rhythm.

Beside me, Sarina would occasionally cheer her on. “Oh, yes, suck it slow. He has such a pretty cock, it looks marvelous between your lips.” She sat against my side and pleasured herself with a vibrator; during the slow sucks the only audible sound was the vwoo-vwoo-vwoo of the vibrator going in and out of her.

Angel stopped for a moment and moved off the bed, leaving me to wonder if I was going to start cramping or something. Sarina stayed beside me, teasing herself with the vibrator and giggled at something Angel was doing across the room. Then Angel crawled on the bed again, moving my thighs apart to cup my balls and resumed sucking. Only, a minute or so into it, I felt two cold, lubricated fingers enter my ass!

I gave a muffled yelp into the gag and struggled against the bindings — until I noticed how good it felt. Angel began to thrust into me, fucking me, in rhythm with her sucking, and before long my whole body was spasming uncontrollably from the pleasure. A tingling started at the base of my spine, a warm electric tingling that spread slowly through my body. The jerks in my arms and legs were coordinated now, and I could tell I was approaching orgasm — but an orgasm unlike any I had ever felt.

My body became a solid current of electric pleasure then, my head filling with light, and for a brief moment I felt as though I had ceased to exist… …coming back into my body then, then back out again… …and back in again, feeling a second, then a third, impossible orgasm shudder through me.

“God, I’m so jealous,” Sarina said, moving away from me. “Sometimes I wish I had a dick so I could see what that felt like.”

They kept me blindfolded until I was dropped off on Decatur, at the same spot I’d gotten in the car.

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