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Twins Really Should Share

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My twin sister Ryan is the crown jewel of the family. She is attractive, athletic, smart, and popular. I’m pretty much the exact opposite. We are both high school seniors. She is the star player on the volleyball team and I’m third string on the golf team. She is dating the stud quarterback and I spend my Friday nights with the chess club.

Physically we are nearly identical; 5’10”, blonde, blue eyes, trim and cute. On her, those stats make her a babe. On me, with my frizzed out hair and glasses, I just look like your typical computer geek nerd.

Last week, on a Thursday afternoon, Scott, her boyfriend and the all-district quarterback on the Wildcat football team stopped by after practice, looking for Ryan.

“Hey little buddy,” Scott greeted me at the front door. “Your sister home?”

“No Scott,” I replied, trying to ignore the little buddy comment, although I did have to look up at the 6’3″, 200 pound rock of granite that filled the door frame. “She has a volleyball game in Longwood tonight and Mom and Dad went to watch her.”

“Shit! What a day I had,” Scott replied, unsolicited. “Two tests, a pep rally, pictures for the yearbook and one hella hard practice. I was hoping to get some of Ryan’s special attention this afternoon.”

My bedroom was next to Ryan’s, connected via a common bathroom. We also shared a phone line. I had hacked into the line via my computer and I could listen to Ryan’s phone conversations whenever I wanted. I guess you’d say I was a pervert, but hell, I get my jollies wherever I can. I knew exactly what Scott’s euphemism “special attention” meant; he was hoping to get a blowjob from my sister.

Eavesdropping on her telephone conversations with her girlfriends, I knew that Ryan was holding out sexually with Scott. But on the advice of her friends, she had taken to orally satisfying him. Her friends talked incessantly about giving head; the best techniques, whether to spit or swallow, how to make guys cum fast, etc., etc. I also knew from her candid confessions, Scott was hung like a horse and it had taken a lot of practice for her to accommodate his size and make him cum. I had watched once through a crack in the door as Ryan blew Scott in the bathroom. I couldn’t see much, but it was clear from Ryan’s efforts that sucking Scott was no easy chore and after he blew a load on her face, I was amazed to see how much cum coated my sister’s cute little mug. It looked liked she’d just spread on one of those mud masks he had shot it on so thick.

I should have been angry with Scott for disclosing his real reason for being here, but in fact I was impressed with his forwardness. I had never had a steady girlfriend let alone had one willing to go down on me. I got off listening to Ryan describe her escapades with Scott, using my hand to satisfy my pathetic urges as she gave blow by blow details to her best friend Veronica. Maybe I could learn some of Scott’s tricks to better impress the ladies. Maybe someday I’d have a cute girl swallowing my dick and making me cum.

“Sorry man,” I replied. “You wanna come in. I’ll grab you a drink.”

Scott sat at the kitchen table and I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge.

“Thanks Brian. Shit I wish your sister was here; she’s been practicing lately and her oral skills are getting better and better, if you know what I mean,” Scott chuckled, downing his beer.

I knew what he meant, but instead of getting mad, I felt my dick stiffening in my shorts.

“You like getting head?” Scott asked as he grabbed another beer and standing in the middle of the kitchen, popped it open and took a big swig.

“Oh yea, it’s the best”, I lied.

“Fuck, I’m getting hard just thinking about it,” Scott exhaled, squeezing the noticeable bulge in his Levis.

Before I could catch myself, Scott noticed me staring at his crotch. “What you looking at man?”

Busted, I mumbled, “You must be hung like a horse.”

“So I’ve been told,” Scott bragged. “But what’s it to you?”

“Oh, nothing, man, nothing. It just looks like your jeans are going to explode.”

“Fuck yea, man. You’re right, my cock has a fucking mind of its own. I can’t control this fucking thing.”

“If you want, take it out Scott. It won’t bother me,” I replied, barely above a whisper.

“Dude, I’m so fucking horned up you can watch me jack it off,” he sighed as he unbuttoned his jeans and freed the raging boner growing between his legs. “Sorry man, but I gotta jerk a load out right here. Fuck I wish your sister was home.”

Watching Scott slowly stroke his enormous member, I worked up the courage, “Ryan’s not here, but I am. Can I touch it, dude?”

“Why the fuck not?” Scott grunted, tugging his big, hairy balls through the fly of his jeans. “Hell, you’re Ryan’s twin brother, it’d almost be like her jacking me off.”

Falling to my knees in front of this strapping stud, I reached out a tentative hand and gingerly wrapped my fingers around the base of his throbbing root. My fingers barely met around his fat circumference.

“Yea, man, that feels good,” Scott groaned as I started to slowly jerk the uncut foreskin of his cock back and forth along the length of his mighty tool. “Jerk it just like that, nice and slow. Fuck yea man. Use the precum to lube up the shaft. Damn your hand feels good on my dick.”

Scott threw his head backed and closed his eyes, enjoying the hand job I was giving him. As I watched his engorged purple helmet peak from beneath the loose skin of his uncut cock, another urge overtook me and I bent and kissed the bulbous mushroom head, letting my tongue explore his oversized piss slit as I had heard Veronica instruct Ryan over the phone.

“Fuck yea bro,” Scott moaned, “Let’s see if you can give head as good as your sister. You want to suck that big dick don’t you boy?”

I cackled a “Yes, sir,” from my parched and eager throat, before opening my jaw wide and inhaling the first several inches of his pulsing prick into my virgin mouth.

“Goddamn son,” Scott exhaled as his cockhead met the back of my throat. “You don’t waste any time, do you? I wish Ryan had been this eager the first time I stuffed my sausage in her mouth.”

I was in no hurry; I was just so damned excited and turned on that I suddenly wanted to feel his whole cock stuffed down my piehole. I wanted to prove to the stud quarterback that I could suck cock as good or better than my twin sister.

I spit on his boner and using a combination of my hand and my throat to work over his rod, I had his dick squirting precum like a busted faucet. The taste of his salty sauce had me smacking my lips with anticipation. As I took more and more of his length down my throat, I used my tongue to massage the big vein running down the underside of his schlong. After several minutes, I had most of his cock lodged down my throat and was able to stick my tongue out and lick his balls each time he bottomed out down my gullet.

“Fuck kid,” Scott moaned. “If I close my eyes, I’d swear that tongue action was Ryan working over my tool. You twins have some freaky shit going on. She’s a hell of a lot cuter, but I give you an A+ for effort.”

Pulling his spit covered cock from my tortured throat, I knew I had to step up my game if I was going to outshine Ryan. Knowing Ryan would never allow Scott to treat her like a cocksucking whore, I decided that was my opening.

I grabbed his dick and slapped my face hard several times with his raging boner before sucking each of his big hairy nuts into my warm and wet mouth. “Fuck my face stud. Grab my head and use my throat like you wish you could use Ryan’s cunt,” I snarled.

“Oh yea, bitch,” Scott exclaimed. “I’ll make you my little cocksucking slut you faggot whore.”

Bingo. I had hit the mother load. Scott had a dormant aggressive streak that had he ever tried on Ryan, she’d have cut him off on the spot. But with me, he could let his dominant side surface and fuck my throat like a cheap prostitute.

Scott grabbed my head in his strong hands and laying his cockhead on my outstretched tongue, he gave a mighty thrust and drove his spear down my throat till his balls literally bounced off my chin. He held his cock down my throat for several seconds until I started to gag. Laughing, he slowly pulled his cock from the depths of my throat, letting the head linger in my mouth and ordering, “Suck that head, faggot; work that piss slit with your tongue.”

He repeated this assault several times, each time leaving his shaft buried down my throat longer and longer until my gag reflex was defeated and he could fuck my face with long, slow, powerful strokes. I wasn’t so much sucking his cock as getting my throat fucked like the cockwhore I was quickly becoming.

After several more minutes, Scott pulled his tool from my mouth and slapped my face savagely with his engorged member.

“Strip naked, bitch,” Scott ordered. “And jump up on the table with your head bent back over the edge. I’m gonna fuck that throat into complete submission.”

Without hesitation I did as instructed. With my head bent backwards over the kitchen table, I reached down and stroked my raging hardon as Scott put his hands under my neck and lined up his weapon for a lengthy assault. Within seconds, he was drilling my throat with ferocious force, his balls bouncing off my forehead as he fucked my throat mercilessly.

“Fuck little buddy,” Scott exclaimed as I felt his cock surge in my aching throat. “You’re a better cocksucker than your sister will ever be.”

With a loud grunt, Scott shoved his entire shaft down my throat and exploded, his cum shooting straight down my open throat and flooding my passageway with warm, salty spunk. As his cock continued to shoot long, thick ropes of jizz, he pulled free of my mouth and coated my face and chest in his special sauce. With two quick jerks on my boner, I erupted, shooting my own load all over my belly and chest.

As Scott wiped the sweat from his brow and let his slowly deflating cock fall back into my open mouth, he exhaled, “Damn, Brian, you need to give your sister some pointers. And while you’re at it, see if you can convince her to spread those frigid legs of hers for me. She’ll never let me fuck her throat like that, but maybe I can pile drive her tight virgin pussy.”

As I sucked the last few drop of spooge from Scott’s fleshy appendage, my mind raced; I didn’t have a pussy to give to Scott, but I did have a virgin ass. If he can’t fuck Ryan’s twat, maybe he’ll settle for packing my fudge with that glorious cock of his.

But that’s a story for another time.

Scott, buttoning up his jeans and heading for the door, shouted over his shoulder, “Check out your sister’s v-ball schedule and let me know next time she’s got a game.”

“Absolutely,” I replied, sprawled on the kitchen table, a blend of man spunk drying on my naked body, only too happy to be Scott’s backup plan.

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