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Twin Mom

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I used to sit at the window on the second floor of my house and watch her cut the grass. She liked to wear white or cream colored shorts and t-shirts. Even in late April and early May when she didn’t have a good tan her bronze skin glowed. She had dark blonde hair that she kept short and neat.

She was small—just over five feet tall. But she didn’t have the squatty little body that some short women have. She had nice legs and a tiny waist that made her ass even more attractive.

I grew bolder as time went on. I paid more attention to when her twin preschool daughters were in the front yard. That’s when I would find yard work to do and wait for Mom to appear. I was rarely disappointed.

The year the girls got their first bikes was a bonanza. Almost every evening or weekend afternoon for a month the woman would walk behind one of the girls as the little ones learned to ride. They would pass my house on the sidewalk and I’d casually look up from my work to watch them come and go. Well, I’d watch Mom come and go anyway.

That’s when I first realized the pure beauty of her body. Although she never wore skintight shirts, it was evident she had firm breasts. And that ass. No matter what she wore she could not hide that wonderful ass.

We never talked and rarely made eye contact. Apparently the attraction was not mutual. That was OK with me. My shyness wouldn’t have allowed me to actually hold an extended conversation with her anyway.

We had nothing to discuss. She was my neighbor from two doors down. All I wanted was her body. What was there to talk about?

It was the first week of June. The sign in front of the preschool told me the kids would be out in another week. I had to do it now.

The kids were gone Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. I decided to shoot for Monday knowing I had the remainder of the week if I never got the opportunity that day.

I had the stuff ready: ski mask and tape. I put them on the kitchen table and headed upstairs. I sat at the window and waited, my cock pressing against the inside of my shorts. Not having boxers on only intensified my excitement.

It was very late in the morning when I first saw her. She had on the usual white shorts, but today wore a dark pink t-shirt. My heart raced with the anticipation of seeing the clothes on the floor next to her amazing body.

Her garage door was open. That was the first requirement for this to work. Having her in the back yard was the next. Preferably mowing the grass.

My head was spinning by the time I heard the sound of the mower. Where was she? I stared at her back yard as if to make it answer me. Then I saw her, walking behind the mower from the house toward the back fence.

My hands were sweaty as I ran down the stairs and stuffed the mask and tape into my back pockets. I stood there and took two deep breaths. I thought about my plan: in the garage; through the door into the house; stay low; watch her; determine where she would enter the house; get her.

Before I left I grabbed two copies of the local community newspaper that was delivered free to the door each week. I walked out through my garage and into the lawn of the house next door. I rolled up one of the newspapers and threw it on the porch, then continued walking toward my destination.

The sound of her mower grew louder as I passed from one lawn to the next. Then it got fainter as the house separated me from her. I threw the second newspaper on her porch. Without missing a step I strode into her garage and approached the storm door leading into the house.

I could still hear the mower, so I opened the storm door and stuck my head inside, pushing open the large wood door inside the house. Nothing. I crept in and entered the kitchen, kneeling well below the level of the counters. The back door was closed and I crawled over to it, eventually standing in the area between the door and the counter, flat against the wall.

I leaned out and peered into the back yard. She was about half done with the grass. I looked around and found three different ways to escape in a hurry if I had to. Then I waited.

It took less than ten minutes for her to finish the yard. I watched from the door as she made the last trip from the back fence to the house. I heard her bring the mower along the back of the house and around to the side. Then the sound of the mower died.

She was taking it into the garage, I thought. I crouched again and rushed to hide behind the wood door. I squeezed behind it and pulled the ski mask out of my back pocket. I listened to the sound of the mower being pushed into place and a shuffling of feet.

I could practically hear my heart pounding against my chest. I would have one chance at this. It HAD to work.

The feet got closer and the storm door creaked open. She took two steps before I could see the back of her head. I leaped forward and threw the mask over her head, the eyes and mouth looking blankly back at me.

She began to scream one time before I could push her against the sink, knock the breath out of her and get my hand to her mouth. I pressed firmly against her body with mine.

“Do not…make…a…sound,” I said with authority.

She froze. We were both breathing hard and for the first time I concentrated on the sensation of her body in contact with mine. My cock began to throb, pressed to her ass so tightly a hand couldn’t get between us.

I held her arms behind her back now, waiting for the initial rush to subside.

“If you fight you will get hurt. Very badly. Understand?”

She nodded and panted, trying to catch her breath. I used her arms to turn her away from the sink and toward the dining room and hall.

“I’m heading for the hallway. Lead us to your bedroom,” I said.

I pushed her in that direction and we walked past the table and china cabinet. When we got to the hall she leaned to the left. The first door on the right was a den. The second door on that side appeared to lead to a large bedroom.

“On the right?” I asked.

She nodded. We entered the master bedroom and I pushed my victim toward the king size bed. I was relieved to see that the drapes were pulled shut on both windows and that I could proceed with freedom of movement. The next thing I looked for made me even happier. The bed’s headboard had wooden posts at about eighteen inch intervals from one end to the other. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

“Get on the bed.”

We crawled onto the bed in unison, my grip on her arms never letting up. We were on our knees facing the side of the bed when I turned her around abruptly to face the headboard.

I shoved against her with as much force as I could muster in that position and threw us both face down on the bed. She grunted from the weight of my body on her back.

“Do not move. Got it?”

She acknowledged me one more time. I let go of her right arm and pulled the tape from my pocket. When she let her arm lay limply at her side I felt a little more confident she wouldn’t resist. However, when I pushed the arm up toward the headboard she began to squirm beneath me and kick.

I sat on her back and effectively disabled her. With her right hand just inches from a post on the headboard I ripped a huge length of tape from the roll. Quickly, I wrapped it around her wrist twice and then around the post several times. She tugged at it in vain.

When the left hand was equally secured, I had a chance to relax for a second. I moved to the woman’s side, admiring the view of her outstretched arms, small back and bare legs. And ass. My cock rose yet again inside my shorts at the sight of the curvy ass directly in front of me. Her shorts clung to the crack between her cheeks, giving a perfect outline of what I hoped to see in more detail very soon.

My first job was to find a tie or scarf. I jumped off the bed and opened a closet door. It was filled with woman’s clothes and I moved to the next closet. There, on the wall, was a rack of colorful scarves. I looked down to find the longest one and pulled the silky material from its hook. I ran it through my fingers, feeling the texture of the fabric.

I went back to the bed and leaned over the woman. I slid the scarf under her head and put it around her neck. I tightened it with a second loop and pulled it back, causing her to groan and partially gag.

“You don’t want to die, do you?” I asked.

“No,” she whimpered.

“Then do as I say.”

Her head sank back down to the bed and she lay motionless. I took that opportunity to rush into the kitchen and find a sharp steak knife. A few seconds later I was back with my captive.

I put the knife on a table by the bed and removed her sneakers, taking some time to rub the back of her calves. I was going to enjoy every inch of this woman.

I picked the knife back up and got on the bed, straddling her. I lifted her shirt and placed the knife inside it at the neckline. It cut very easily once I got started. When I got to the bottom, it fell open slightly revealing the back of a white bra. I pushed the shirt open some more to see her smooth skin. I touched it lightly.

Then I cut it open at the shoulders. I could feel her tremble beneath me and I smiled. I carefully tugged the shirt from around her body. I sat on her ass and looked at her bra and bare skin, outlining the strap of her bra with the tip of the knife. She jerked when I got to her side, as if it tickled her.

My throbbing cock encouraged me to get on with it. I unhooked the bra and methodically cut each shoulder strap before placing the knife aside once more. She voluntarily lifted her body when I pulled the bra from under her.

I had to lean back and admire the body under me. Her muscles were clearly outlined around her shoulders. Her body oozed energy and youth. And it was mine.

Her shorts were easy and extremely erotic to remove. I reached under her and unsnapped them, getting the zipper to pull down on the second attempt. I kneeled behind her and hauled them down her legs, unable to take my eyes off her white panties. I threw the shorts on the floor and ran my hands up the inside of both thighs. I could have cum at that instant.

The woman hadn’t struggled throughout the process until I began to pull down her panties. Then she kicked and cried out her desire for me to stop. A fast tug on the scarf calmed her down. I stopped when the panties were clear of her ass and I got my first full look at it. The little round cheeks arched downward to her thighs and the back of her pussy with its light hair around the edges. I stared at that pussy the entire time I pulled off her panties.

She was naked now.

In all the time I watched her I never imagined that she would look so good with nothing on. I always figured she had to have a flaw that I couldn’t see. Seeing the perfection of her body from her ankles to her thighs to her ass and back and shoulders…I had to have her.

I sat on the edge of the bed and took off my shoes and shirt. Then I stood and dropped my shorts to the ground. My hard cock pointed at my victim as if indicating to me where to go next.

I climbed back onto the bed nearly shaking with anticipation. My hands gently pushed the woman’s legs farther apart, allowing me to put my knees between them. Then I slowly lowered my body onto hers.

When my cock first made contact with her ass I thought I’d explode. The cock was so hard it hurt. I put my hands on the woman’s side, feeling the bulge of her breasts. My cock rested in the crack of her ass and I slid up a few inches to feel more of her flesh.

“You are magnificent,” I whispered through the mask into her ear. “You make me want to fuck you so hard.”

I pulled my body up and watched as my cock slid from one side of her ass to the other. Her cheeks felt cool compared to the heat in my cock. Then I put my hands under her, lifting her slightly, to grasp both breasts. I cupped them in my palms and played with the nipples.

A drop of precum shined on the tip of my cock. It was time.

I kneeled behind the gorgeous woman and lifted her at the hips. She sobbed quietly, but complied and rose to her knees.

“Spread your legs,” I said.

She obeyed, bringing her young pussy into full view. I looked at the folds of skin that opened at the entrance to her cunt. My cock strained to touch her as I moved forward. Leaning backwards, I was able to position my cock directly behind her cunt before bending over the woman’s ass.

I wiggled until feeling the tip of my cock enter her. I was going to do this slowly at first, to feel her body take mine. My hands were on her hips as I slid in farther. She was dry, increasing the tension of her tight cunt around my cock. Finally, my legs were pressed firmly against her ass and I was all the way in.

At that point, I moved my hands to her breasts, feeling them dangle below her chest. I squeezed the nipples and rolled them between my fingers. I smiled as her cunt muscles contracted even tighter.

I began to fuck her. I took long, deep strokes to begin with. But the anxiety overwhelmed me and soon I was pumping into her more rapidly. I continued to play with her breasts and a small amount of moisture inside her cunt eased my efforts.

I leaned over her body and moved one hand to her clit. I heard her moan something I couldn’t understand when I began rubbing it in time with our fucking. It wasn’t my intention to make her cum. This was about me having her to myself and the pleasure I was entitled to.

It only took a couple minutes for me to be on the verge of cumming. Many times during the planning of this I debated whether to cum inside or on her ass and back. Now that it was happening, I didn’t want to pull out. We fit perfectly together and I wanted to feel my cum pouring inside her cunt.

When I was ready, I grabbed the front of her thighs and held on tight. Each thrust was harder and deeper, until I felt my balls contract and the sperm flow through my shaft. I held my body tight against hers for a moment, then pumped her one more time.

A long, hot spurt of cum exploded from my cock and I grunted with delight. More than two years of wanting this woman was released in the next thirty seconds. I had no clue how many times I came. Cum lubricated my cock and I slid in and out of her effortlessly.

Each time I squeezed her breasts her cunt tightened and another stream of cum filled her. I managed to watch her ass quiver like Jello with each thrust and that only made me want more.

It was over much too quickly. I fell on top of her and we lay flat on the bed, the scent of our sex filling the room. My limp cock lay against her thigh, dripping small amounts of cum. I felt totally spent.

I think she was crying. I would have loved to take off the mask and touch her golden hair and kiss her neck and ears and face. But this wasn’t the time for that.

I sat next to her for a few moments, just admiring her body again when the urge to see her from the front came over me. I knew beforehand this would happen and resigned myself to the fact I would probably have her a second time.

I picked up the knife and tape.

“I’m going to cut you loose for a second. If you do anything stupid I’ll slice you. OK?”

She agreed.

I cut through the tape between her hands and the headboard. I also removed the scarf from around her neck and tied it tightly over her eyes, on top of the mask. Just to be sure.

“Turn over,” I said.

I sat by her side as she rolled. I expected her to do something stupid, but she didn’t. She simply lay on her back, her glorious breasts jutting up at me. I quickly re-taped her hands to the headboard and put away the knife and tape.

I ran my fingers over her breasts and nipples. They were still a little pink from the attention I had paid to them earlier. The nipples stood erect, bending with my touch.

I moved my hand over her stomach and down to her pussy. A thin patch of hair around and above it felt soft to my touch. She was warm and wet.

I rolled on top of her and began licking a breast. My hand pushed it up to my mouth and I took as much of it as I could. The nipple bent back and forth as my tongue slid across it. I put it between my lips and tasted it. Then moved to the other breast.

My hand found her pussy and clit, causing her to flinch. This excited me and I moved down the bed.

Her legs were spread wide as I fit between them and licked all around her clit, teasing her. Finally, I ran my tongue directly over it and she nearly jumped off the bed. Now she was pulling against her constraints and rattling the headboard. I licked harder and faster.

I put her ass in my hands and pulled her up to me. My entire mouth enveloped her clit and I nibbled, licked and sucked. My tongue moved to her cunt and tasted the sweet juices that were there, then returned to her clit.

Her reaction to all this convinced me now that I wanted her to cum. It was exciting me nearly as much as taking her body originally. But would she cum for me? We’d soon find out.

I concentrated on her clit and could feel it grow. Remembering how she gripped me tighter with her cunt when I played with her nipples, I reached up and took one in my hand. This resulted in a moan from her that was not one of discontent.

My cock rubbed against her leg, getting harder by the minute. I began to wonder which of us might cum first.

Without any other warning, her body tensed and lay still in my hands, outstretched to its fullest from head to toe. The woman cried out and began fucking my mouth. She pushed her cunt against my face again and again while I desperately tried to stay in contact with her clit. I felt the wetness of her body on my chin. I felt the trembling of her entire body in my hands. I heard her exclamations.

It was a splendid couple of minutes. All the planning and worrying were worth it. She was incredible.

When she was done, there was no doubt she was crying. I let her rest, watching her body shake along with her sobbing. I stroked my cock, knowing I would be inside her again soon.

Then we heard it. Was it a car door? I looked down at my captive.

“Don’t make a sound.” I touched the knife against her throat and she lay motionless.

I jumped off the bed and hurried down the hallway, crouching as low as I could. In my nakedness, I looked out the living room window from behind a wall. There WAS a car. Empty.

I turned into the dining room and rushed to the kitchen, heading for the door leading outside.

“Sandy, it’s me.”

The woman’s voice seemed extraordinarily loud as I pressed myself flat against a wall, out of view. I heard the storm door open. I was going to have to move fast.

I heard two steps before seeing the woman move beside me. I jumped behind her and clamped my hand over her mouth. The knife flashed in front of her eyes at the same time, then toward her throat.

It felt like déjà vu. This woman was nearly identical in height as my victim, with similar hair and body build. I caught a quick glimpse of the side of her face and even those features were the same.

Could it be? Could the twins’ Mom be a twin?

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