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Turn About

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There’s this odd sect that used to own some property out near the picnic grounds in our town. They’ve broken up and gone now, but it was one of their weirder antics that led to this tale.

A group of us had been to the picnic grounds for a meal, some hiking and some swimming in the nearby lake. After lunch I’d gone for a walk with Carla, with Suzy tagging along.

Little hints that I’d appreciate some me time with Carla as I wanted to seduce her just flew past Suzy. She heard what she wanted to hear, end of story.

So there we were, strolling along, when we passed the gate to the sect’s compound. There was a new adornment just outside the gate. A set of stocks. Not the comfortable type where you sit down and put your legs in them, but one of the more uncomfortable types, where you’re bent half over with head and arms imprisoned.

Best of all, from my point of view, was the fact that the stocks were occupied by a naked young woman, who I would assess as being in her early twenties.

Carla and Suzy thought it hilarious, and Carla told me this was my chance.

“It’s not as though she can do anything to stop you,” Carla urged. “You can have some fun. Suzy and I don’t mind watching. It’ll be educational.”

I pointed out that I couldn’t really just walk up to her and rape her.

“Why not?” asked Carla. “It’s her own fault for being naked like that. If she doesn’t want to get raped then she shouldn’t be nude in public.”

I pointed out that she probably wasn’t given too much choice in the matter, but Carla was adamant that I should take her, with Suzy’s enthusiastic agreement.

It appears that because I wouldn’t I was immediately relegated to the status of wimp, not a real man.

Ignoring the rude comments I approached the lovely young prisoner and asked her if I could be of assistance. I was quite willing to let her out of the stocks.

“No, sir,” she told me. “You can’t do that. The elder says I have to stay here until someone comes along and actually takes me. Then they’ll send someone out to bring me in. They’re watching,” she added.

I considered this rather strange, and told her so. I asked if she’d like me to take her, so she could get out.

“Don’t do that,” she said quickly. “They’ve got a punishment set up for whoever does take me, and I don’t want to see you get into trouble.”

“What sort of punishment have they got lined up for the culprit,” I queried, amused.

“I’m not supposed to say,” she said, but at the same time I noticed her kicking at some leaves and things lying nearby.

I looked a little closer at the leaves she had kicked aside, then I thoughtfully walked around behind her for a slightly better look at her pussy and behind.

Walking around to face the girl I asked her if she’d been given any medicine, and she nodded.

I strolled back to the girls and suggested we continue our walk, but Carla balked.

“I want to wait a minute longer,” she protested. “Mike is coming down the track, and I don’t think he’ll have your delicate sensitivities.”

She was correct. Mike was coming along the track, and where his delicate sensitivities were concerned, a Scotsman in a kilt would be in danger. The young woman in the stocks was simply a no contest.

He looked towards us to see if we were going to object. Carla and Suzy cheered him on and he totally ignored my recommendation that I thought that what he was going to do was not a wise choice.

Mike just walked up behind his victim, unzipped and drove home. She squealed a bit, but didn’t seem overly worried about being raped.

Carla and Suzy were cheering Mike on, definitely not earning themselves any kudos from me, while I just watched and waited.

Finishing, Mike came strutting up to us.

“Not going to have a go yourself, Norm,” he goaded me.

I just shook my head.

“Not me. When I considered all that poison ivy she’s got on her bottom and pussy I thought that I give it a miss.”

Mike looked at me appalled and the girls started giggling.

“Check the leaves scattered around her feet, Mike,” I calmly suggested. “Or better yet, go find a way to wash your balls. It might help.”

This time when I suggested that we continued our walk, the girls came along, still laughing.

The whole incident had set me thinking, however. As I said, I had not been impressed by Carla and Suzy’s attitude to rape. If they were that indifferent to one person’s rape, would they be like that to another’s?

– – –

Carla was chatting to me a few days later about Mike’s woes. In his usual arrogant manner he had ignored my warning about poison ivy until he woke up in the middle of the night with balls of fire. The rash was so bad he had to see a doctor for medicine and treatment for the scratches where he’d tried to claw his testicles off.

Carla was maliciously amused by the whole incident.

“While I have no real sympathy for Mike,” I told her, “I can feel sorry for that woman from the sect in the stocks. I noticed that you and Suzy didn’t waste any sympathy on her.”

Carla was still wasting no sympathy. “Serves her right,” she snorted. “What did she think would happen standing out there naked. Any woman who gets naked in front of a man can expect to have sex with him, like it or not.”

“You seem to think that it’s her responsibility not to be in that sort of situation?” I pressed.

“Damn right I do. If she drops her panties she can expect a man to take up the challenge.”

“I also noticed that you and Suzy seemed to enjoy watching her get taken by Mike,” I said, urging her to open up a bit more.

Carla laughed at the memory. “It was a hoot,” she giggled, “the way she squawked when Mike stuck it to her and then the indignant look she had, waiting for him to finish.”

“So,” I said idly, “you probably wouldn’t have too much of a problem if I was to get better acquainted with Suzy if I happened to stumble across her naked.”

Carla giggled again. “That would be fun, seeing Suzy grabbed and bonked. I can’t see it happening though, because I don’t think Suzy will be wandering around naked anywhere.”

“Probably not,” I said, almost indifferently. “Of course, if she dropped by your place while I was there and you set up a game of strip poker or something similar…” I let my voice trail off, leaving the rest to her imagination and my faith in that cruel streak she had.

I was not too surprised to get an invite suggesting I drop by Carla’s house on Saturday afternoon. When I stopped by I found Suzy was also visiting, and the girls had set up a game of poker. Suzy blushed when I came in as she was in her undies. Carla was slightly better off, still having her skirt on.

Suzy suggested that maybe they should pack up the game now, but Carla suggest that I should join in. I demurred, saying I wouldn’t want to embarrass Suzy but, in typical Suzy fashion, Suzy promptly switched from packing it in to insisting I join them.

Reluctantly I took my place at the table and the game continued. Not greatly to my surprise, both Carla and Suzy were rotten players. If I’d wanted to I could have had them both starkers after a couple of hands, but I let the game draw out a bit. My strategy was to have Carla naked first, which would then persuade Suzy to shed her panties as well when she lost the next hand.

Things went well from my point of view, and it wasn’t too long before both girls were nude. Carla was keeping one eye on me, wondering when I’d make my move. She was itching for what she considered the real fun to begin.

With both girls naked, they didn’t have any real stakes for the next hand, so I told them that I happened to have a crepe bandage in my pocket. If they lost the next round, the girl with the worst hand had to agree to being tied up. Carla agreed, as expected, and so Suzy went along, also as expected.

I dealt what would be the last round with the results coming out precisely as I wanted. (Did I ever mention that I’m quite a good amateur magician? Card tricks a specialty.)

Suzy was now blushing and Carla was giggling. I suggested to Carla that we move the coffee table over to the side, as this would give us more room. While Carla pulled the coffee table aside, I had Suzy turn around and put her hands behind her back. Using the crepe bandage, I quickly and carefully bound her hands together and then tied the other end of the bandage around the leg of the couch, effectively tethering her to it.

Then while Suzy watched with eyes that were opening very wide, I quickly finished stripping, revealing that my erection was raring to go.

Suzy was staring at me, wondering what was going on, so I thought it only right to show her. Turning, I grabbed Carla and kneed her behind her knees, causing her to fall to the floor. Guiding her as she fell, I laid her on her back while I sank down so that I was kneeling between her thighs and leaning over her.

“You’re naked,” I pointed out, “and I’d just as soon have you as Suzy. Sooner actually, as you’ll probably put up some fight.”

Put up some fight, was right. She exploded. She finally realised that the whole stunt was aimed at her, and that she was going to be the one to get taken.

Carla’s language was quite shocking, but I manfully ignored it, concentrating on making sure that she didn’t scratch my eyes out or knee me in a place where I’d much rather not be kneed.

Being already in position between her thighs, there was not much Carla could do to stop my abrupt entry. Apparently she’d been getting excited about what I was supposed to be doing to Suzy as she was already wet, which greatly facilitated my entry.

While Carla yelled and swore at me, I pushed forcefully into her, quickly plunging in to my full length. Then Carla really got mad. She started bucking and squealing and thrashing around, desperate to try to get out from under me, but all she was achieving was to give me an exciting ride.

I didn’t have to worry about pumping into her and matching rhythms. Carla’s wild exertions were giving me all the friction I required and, quite frankly, I was amazed at how fast she was able to bring me to a climax.

Feeling me pumping my seed into her, Carla finally froze. She gave me a nasty look and called me a nastier name and then relaxed, knowing it was too late for her to do anything about the situation.

Pulling loose from her, while still holding her hands in self defence, I pointed out that what I’d done was only what she had advocated.

It seems that she didn’t mean that type of situation to apply to her, but she hadn’t said that.

“Too late to tell me now,” I told her. “Still it was fun. Want to try again?”

Carla almost spat at me, but for a moment I could see her considering it. She was undoubtedly horny now, and our brief bout had not been as fulfilling for her as it had been for me.

Carla suddenly seemed to remember that Suzy was there and had been watching the whole show with interest.

Suzy was decidedly flushed now, with her nipples erect, and her temper up. It had hit home to her that as far as Carla was concerned, she, Suzy, was the one who was supposed to have been lying flat on her back getting screwed.

I looked at the two angry young women. The two angry and naked young women, and my hormones stirred again.

Both women turned to look at me as my erection decided to stand forth again, indicating a desire to continue the action. They then turned to look at each other, as if asking who would be getting served.

“Suzy, why don’t you roll over onto your tummy and lift your bottom up,” I suggested.

Suzy pointedly stayed right where she was. Carla, however, decided to be helpful.

“Don’t be such a wimp,” she snapped at Suzy, grabbing her and rolling her onto her tummy. “If I can handle it, so can you.” Carla then grabbed Suzy by the hips and dragged her up into the required position.

It seemed that Carla was determined that she wasn’t going to be the only victim and an object of sympathy. One in, all in, was her philosophy.

Ever willing to help, Carla moved Suzy’s lips apart, taking my cock in her other hand and directing it into place. Suzy’s crime was seeing Carla get jumped, and now she had to pay for it.

As soon as the head of my cock had penetrated Suzy’s lips, Carla indicated that I should stay still. Slightly startled I did so, and heard Carla directing Suzy to press herself back onto my cock. When Suzy shook her head, Carla gave her a sharp slap on the bottom, with a curt command to not be silly.

Suzy yielded at that point and pushed herself hard back against me, neatly spitting herself on my shaft.

Carla was now watching with satisfaction as I started taking Suzy in earnest. Suzy was indifferent to what was being done to her, apparently just getting no reaction from it. I didn’t let this worry me, as I was definitely getting some pretty pleasant reaction from her tight pussy clasping my cock.

I calmly took my time, thrusting home steadily and letting the momentum build. When I was finally ready to come, Suzy was still just swaying in time with my activities, apparently not really participating in what was happening. Come I did, with Suzy showing not the slightest reaction. I will admit it was slightly off-putting, not the sort of thing that would encourage a return visit.

Getting dressed afterwards, I studied the pair of them. Carla was furious with me. Not for having taken her, I realised, but for tricking her. Suzy was still indifferent to me, but furious with Carla for setting it up. It suddenly dawned on me. Suzy was gay, and she wanted Carla, but Carla didn’t know it. An interesting situation, but not one I could actual assist with.

Being shown out by a coldly furious Carla, I stopped at the door.

“I will be back this evening about eight,” I told her with a smile. “If you’re naked, you know what will happen. If you’re not naked, I will undress you anyway, and then you know what will happen.”

“You’re an arrogant bastard,” Carla replied and slammed the door. No matter. I’d take a bet that when I returned, she’d be naked and waiting.

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