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Turn About Is Fair Play

Category: BDMS
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I am so insatiable today. I’m probably a danger to society, but you really really got me going last night.

So I’m thinking what about the flipside what would I do to you if I tied you up and had my way with you, used you for my pleasure? Found ways to torture you with passion…

Would I tie you standing up, hands towards the ceiling and then dance for you, taking off my clothing until all that was left were nipple clamps and an egg inside of me? Maybe if I did that, I could cover your body with cinnamon or clove oil and every time I blew on your skin or you felt the chill of the air goosebumps would rise… and I could taste it as I licked nibbled on your ears, bit your neck and licked your chest and your hips and your thighs and your balls and the shaft of your cock while you watched me feel wickedly powerful over my teasing you. I’d suck you, swallow your cock into my throat and push you until you threw your head back and said ‘please, please, please’.

Should I take you down and reposition you on the bed? Maybe I grind down upon your very hard cock and please myself without letting you cum at all? I’d lick myself off of you and bring it to your mouth to taste. Sit on your face and have you fuck me with your tongue, watching you with my eyes gleaming with delight.

Certainly my friend would have to join me wouldn’t she? She and I would dance, my taking her clothes off, pinching her nipples down tight and sucking her nipples while she squirms with delight right about your head so you can see the slope and curve of our breasts hanging heavy with desire above you. You can see my hand upon her naked pussy, caressing and teasing her clit, pushing inside of her, and then I bring her nectar to your mouth and tell you to suck my fingers clean. I lean her over your face, nipples grazing your mouth and tell you to suck them hard while I slide my finger in both her pussy and inside her ass and play with her g-spot until she cums above you. You can see my technique and I tell you to note it for me for later, when you will be my Master again. You retort that revenge will be yours in an extraordinarily decadent tease and my tits and clit throb at the thought of the delight you will bring me when I submit to you again. But for now, I want control.

I position myself above you and she spreads my cheeks wide and tells you to lick my ass. Meanwhile she is kissing me and sliding her pussying against mine above you, both our legs stradling your body. I push her pussy down upon your cock Baby, and she shudders, cums and moans with sweet release. Your cock is hard and beautiful and huge. It aches. It needs relief. It is throbbing and swollen and hot.

She and I lay next to your hips on either side of you, taking turns licking the shaft of your cock and licking your balls. One will suck the head of your cock while the other licks beneath. One will stroke your very hard cock while the other will mouth and nibble at the head of your cock, licking and gently sucking and moaning. One will ride your cock while the other will ride your face, always careful not to let you have sweet release.

I ask you if you want me to let you loose, and if I do how you will please me? Will you please me by pleasing her? Will you turn the tables on me and have her please me for you? Will you fuck us both ferociously?

I think I’d like the opportunity to cover her body in oil too, and mine, and squirm all over one another. I’d like to fuck her with a toy, make a mess and have you lick it up. I’d like her to suck and lick and kiss my pussy while I see you fucking her from behind…and the more excited she is by your gorgeous cock the harder she works on my pussy.

You are working hard on her and she is duly appreciative of you, of me. I tell you not to cum on her, don’t give her what I want, what is mine to have. I get up on my knees and you slide inside me and it’s very very hot and tight. She is underneath my pussy licking my clit, and stroking your balls, while you are fucking my pussy in nice, long, slow strokes, using your head to massage my sweet spot. Our friend, our slave, she soaks her fingers in oil and she slides her index fingers into each of our asses. You are surprised. I expect it as I’ve told her to take you this way, and me. She pumps it and you puslate and fuck me harder and harder and harder. Close, so close…

She begins moaning on my clit. You being fucking me harder and defiantly saying it’s your pussy and I scream and clinch down on your cock as she drives her finger into you and rubs hard. The sensation is intense and you explode in me. Obedient and grateful she licks my pussy clean and makes me cum and then sucks your cock clean, as the three of us collapse onto your bed and you cradle us on either side of you, arms around us and two heads slumbering upon your chest. Your cock spent, wet and throbbing gently as you drift off to sleep.

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