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Tuckme Into Bed

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Betty turned off her computer and rubbed her eyes. She listened to the noise from downstairs. She shared the house with her boy friend and three others, but sometimes she felt like she had forty roommates instead of four. All four of them were wildly popular in their different “cliques” and everyone came to their house. It was THE place to be. Which was cool in a lot of ways. They always had the best parties.

You could always get a ride somewhere or find someone to go with you wherever. But it had its draw backs… Like now. It was 12am on Thursday and the house was still full. Tomorrow when Betty got up for school there’d be 1-6 people sleeping in the living room or library. Thank GOD she moved her computer out of the library and upstairs. She’d never get any studying down if it was still there. Fortunately, most people knew she was in school and so tried to be considerate.

She picked up her cell phone and text messaged her boyfriend. Finished studying. Tuck me in? Rabble made fun of her for making Duncan tuck her in every night. But with their crazy lives, it was often the only time they saw each other alone all day.

Duncan’s reply beeped on her phone, Right up. Care to partake? Partake of some marijuana, he meant.


Sarah come too?

Sarah was one of the newest groupies. A very cute blond with long spiral permed hair. She was a lush little dish. Betty liked her a lot. She was smarter than the average groupie and had more to talk about than how she hated her parents. Betty was an orphan and didn’t have a lot of pity for subdivision kids and their hard luck pretensions. Sure as long as I don’t have put clothes on.

Lol…I’ll warn her. We’ll be right up.

Betty got up and undressed and climbed on to her intensely soft mattress and leaned on to an impossibly big pile of pillows and pulled the sheets and quilts over her chest. Betty was a sensualist and loved a decadently comfortable bed. Before she waited very long, she heard footsteps on the stairs. In a moment Duncan walked in followed by Sarah.

“Hey, Sarah. Climb on up. If I known you were here, I’da taken a break and came down to say hi.”

Sarah climbed onto the bed. “No problem. You need to study.”

“Hey baby.” Duncan said in his always-on bedroom voice as he leaned in to kiss her. Betty expected just a peck, but before she knew it, Duncan had her bent backwards with his hand fondling her breasts. She broke away

“We have company.” She said breathlessly.

“Sarah’s seen us kiss before.” Duncan said nibbling her had and still caressing her breasts.

“Not like this.” Betty said pushing him off her. “Go turn on some music.” She sat up and pulled the sheet further over her breasts. Duncan obediently reached over and turned on the CD player on random.

“Don’t worry about it, Betty.” Sarah piped up. “You two look hot together.”

Betty blushed. “Thanks.”

Duncan lit up a honey dipped joint and passed it to Betty who took a hit and passed it to Sarah.

“Thank God I’m done for the night!” Betty said on the exhale.

“What were you working on?”

“Stuff for school. My Sex in Literature class.”

Sarah coughed on her hit. “That’s a class? Sounds cool.”

“Yeah, and the teacher is a total rake.”


“Yeah…um” Betty took the joint from Duncan and tried to think how to define rake. “It means a man who’s always on the prowl, always trying to get somebody into bed. Doc Johnson is always flirting with the women students. Whenever, I want a good grade, I sit up front w/ a low cut top on. A+ no problem.”

“You’re such a slut.” Duncan leaned in to shotgun her then he passed the joint to Sarah reversing the flow.

“That’s a bad thing.”

“Hell no!” Sarah said, leaning over to shotgun Betty herself. Betty was a little startled, but what the hell. Before she broke it off, Sarah started kissing Betty who kissed back.

Betty broke away first.

“Wow. That was fun.” She said leaning back into her pillows. Sarah stretched out too with her head resting on Betty’s lap. Betty’s hand automatically started stroking Sarah’s hair. She’d always been in love with Sarah’s beautiful blond hair. It was enchanting – long and thick with rich texture and deep color. Betty ran her hand through it, slowly. Duncan watched the two women and took a hit. He passed it to Betty who took her hit and then held it to Sarah’s lips so she could hit it. The three floated in silence, passing the joint and savoring the moment. Slowly Betty moved from stroking Sarah’s hair to stroking her cheek. Sarah turned and looked up at Betty. Her eyes were hot and captivating. Held by the magic of the moment, Betty leaned down and kissed her. Sarah’s tongue slipped out and into Betty’s mouth. Betty moved her hand to Sarah’s breasts. Young and full. Duncan leaned over and pulled up Sarah’s t-shirt giving Betty full access to Sarah’s tits.

God! they were lovely. Satiny with pale pink areolas and hard red nipples. They made Betty’s mouth water. She slid down next to Sarah and took one in her mouth. Sarah moaned and arched her back. Duncan decided it was time for him to get into the action. He reached over and caressed Betty’s ass. He slipped his hand between her legs and a finger into her velvety pussy. Betty responded at once, pushing her ass back toward him like a cat in heat.

Sarah pushed Betty away long enough to pull her top completely off. Then she pulled Betty back to her breasts. Betty kissed and nibbled first one nipple then the other while she unsnapped Sarah’s shorts. Sarah got the idea immediately and lifted her ass up so Betty could slide them off. Betty flung them off to the side. They might have landed on the bookcase. Either there or in the cat’s bowl.

“What are you still doing dressed.” She said over her shoulder to Duncan as she stretched up to kiss Sarah again. Duncan stripped at light speed never taking his eyes off the two women necking. Betty touched Sarah’s thigh gently and Sarah immediately spread her legs wide. Betty gently slipped first one then two fingers into Sarah’s cunt. Wet and tight. Almost virginal. Except Betty knew better. None of the girls that sniffed around her roommates were virgins. She fingered gently at first but quickly building up to hard and fast. Sarah threw her head back and moan. Still fingering her, Betty latched on to Sarah’s neck like she was a vampire, biting and licking like she was starving for blood. Sarah started to scream and twitch. Betty’s fingers went faster.

“Please. Please!” Sarah shouted. Betty ignored her and fingered her harder and kept biting her neck.

“Oh MY GOD! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Sarah shouted out her orgasm.

“Shhhh.” Betty whispered kissing her.

Duncan, now naked, slipped between Sarah’s legs and rubbed his 8 inch cock over her soaking wet slit. The two girls kept kissing while Sarah’s hand gripped his cock and guided it in. She moaned into Betty’s lips and thrust her hips up. Duncan buried himself into her dripping cunt and shuddered. If Sarah wasn’t a virgin she was damn close to it. “Oh Fuck. This girl is tight!”

“Oh yeah?” Betty asked. “How tight?”

“Feels like a vise grip.”

“My God, you’re huge.” moaned Sarah pushing her hips against him. “I can’t believe it.”

“Does it hurt?” asked Betty smelling a rat.

“Not really. Just feels really full. Please keep going. Please fuck me.”

Duncan opened and began fucking her with slow deep strokes. Sarah whimpered and thrust her hips up. She seemed to want him to go faster. “Please.” She murmured.

“I don’t think so.” Betty answered before Duncan could speak. “Duncan, stop.”

“What?” They both gasped.

“Trust me, Duncan. Stop.”

He did.

“Oh please don’t.” Sarah whimpered. “Don’t stop.”

“This feels good, doesn’t it?” Betty kissed Sarah deeply and fondled her tits.

Sarah nodded.

“Do you want him to keep fucking you?”


Betty moved down to Sarah pert breasts and nibbled the nipples. “Are you a virgin, Sarah?”

“A virgin?” exploded Duncan.

Sarah didn’t answer.

Betty bit her nipples and made her yelp. “Answer me.”

Sarah still didn’t say anything.

“Duncan pull out.” Betty ordered letting go of Sarah’s tits and pulling away.

“Don’t! Please.” Sarah begged. “I’m not a virgin. Not technically. My cousin Tony raped me when I was twelve. So I’m not.”

“Oh my poor little girl.” Betty murmured kissing her again. “That doesn’t really count. Is that the only time? Nobody since then?”

“Nobody since then. But I masturbate a lot.”

“Oh Christ. A virgin!” Duncan pulled out and laid down on the opposite side of Sarah from Betty. All of them were silent for a moment, then Duncan asked, “Why now? Why this way?”

Sarah stumbled over her words. “Well, um…I really like Betty and you and I thought you guys would be really safe and you wouldn’t hurt me and maybe it’d be okay. Besides making it with a woman really gets me hot.”

Duncan and Betty burst out laughing. Duncan hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead.

“Can’t argue with you there.” laughed Betty.

Sarah perked up eagerly. “So we can finish then?”

“Sure, but we’ve got a problem. Duncan’s not going to be finishing anyone like that.”

Sarah looked over at Duncan and saw his 8 inch cock has shrunk to a limp 5 inches.

“Have you ever given head Sarah?”


“Well, it’s time to start. If you give good head you can have any man in the world falling all over themselves for you. Lay down, Duncan. You’re the guinea pig.”

Duncan obediently stretched out in the center of the bed with a girl on either side of him.

“First some basics. The under part of the tip is where it’s the most sensitive.” Betty lifted up Duncan’s limp cock and pointed out the area. “So is the under part of the shaft in general. Right were the big vein runs. Lick there as often as you can. When it doubt, lick the bottom.

“Some men like the ‘paint the tree’ method. That’s where you lick all around the base. Some like you to focus a lot on the tip like you were sucking on a tootsie pop, you know what I mean.”

Sarah nodded.

“In general, try a lot of different things and pay attention to their response. If you suck a guy often enough you will know what they like so much you can do it on automatic pilot. I’ve written term papers in my head while sucking Duncan off.”

“You have not!” Objected Duncan lifting his head up.

“Okay, maybe not the whole paper.” Betty teased. “Now when it’s soft like this and you’re trying to get it as hard as possible in a hurry so they can fuck your brains out, there are a couple of things I like to do which usually gets them going really fast.

“First you take the whole thing in your mouth (careful of your teeth), wiggle your tongue along the bottom a bit, then suck on it real hard at the same time you pull your mouth off of it. It comes out of your mouth slowly and a lot of the time their hard before you finish. Fortunately, at least for right now, Duncan is used to this technique so he won’t get hard right away. I’ll go first. Now watch.

Sarah watched as Betty took all of Duncan’s cock in her mouth, held it there for a moment and then let it out slowly. It came out wet and shiny and harder than before, but not totally hard.

“Okay, your turn.”

Feeling a bit self conscious, Sarah leaned over and took Duncan’s cock in her mouth. It was smooth and tasted of pussy. My pussy, she thought with a rush of excitement. She wiggled her tongue along the bottom and heard him moan. Sucking on the cock like Betty told her to, Sarah pulled her head up letting it the cock slide slowly out of her mouth. When she got to the tip she swirled it around her lips like she always did with a tootsie pop. Duncan yelled and grabbed her head and tried to push her back down his cock.

Betty pushed his hands away. “She a beginner, Duncan!”

Duncan moaned in frustration.

Sarah was amazed to see Duncan was completely hard and huge! That huge cock had been inside her.

Betty put her hand around it. She could just barely touch her fingertips. “You hold it like that when you want to hold it. It helps if you get your hand wet, so it slides easily. Like this.” She licked her hand and gripped Duncan’s cock again. She slid her hand up and down his shaft. “You do this when you’re just doing a hand job or when you’re just gonna focus on the tip. Now watch me, because you’re going to do it next.”

Betty lay down next to Duncan’s cock and Sarah watched her take it into her mouth. Betty bobbed her head up and down while moving her hand in rhythm. Duncan started to moan and thrust his hips forward. Betty stopped.

“Damn it!” Duncan exclaimed. “I can’t take much more of this stop and start shit.”

Betty ignored him. “You try it.”

Sarah slid down to mirror Betty and leaned over to swallow Duncan’s cock.

“Lick your hand first.”

“I don’t care if she licks her damn hand.” Duncan shouted. “Somebody suck my cock!”

Sarah glanced up at him quickly and saw his was joking.

She licked her hand and gripped his cock. She licked her lips and swallowed his cock for the second time. The pussy taste was faint now. Instead their was a salty musky flavor. It tasted a little bitter, but not that bad. She bobbed her head like Betty had, working her tongue and trying to keep her hand moving in rhythm. It was harder than it looked, but Duncan seemed to like it. He was moaning loudly now and his hands were gripping the back of her head pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Suddenly she felt him hit the back of her throat and her throat closed up. She felt she couldn’t breath. Panic hit her and she broke away. She looked at Betty who was flushed with excitement and hand her fingers in her pussy.

“That was fucking great!” gasped Duncan.

“It was awesome.” Betty agreed gripping Duncan’s cock and stroking it to keep its interest up. “What did you think?”

“It was cool. Fun. I like how he tastes. It really turned me on right up to then end.”

“Yeah, I got carried away. Sorry.”

“We’ll cover deep throating next time. Now I want to watch Duncan pound the hell out of that little virgin pussy of yours.”

Before Sarah could react, Duncan had rolled her onto her back and was between her legs. Sarah smiled as Duncan shoved his cock into her pussy. She arched her back and thrust her hips forward. “Yes! Oh God Yes!” Duncan leaned forward and kissed nipples. One then the other.

Sarah closed her eyes and focused on the wonderful feeling of Duncan’s cock fucking her wet tight little pussy. All thoughts were gone, just the incredible sensations rocking her body. Duncan’s hand’s gripping her breasts, Duncan’s hip slamming into hers, his cock pounding her pussy. She felt one hand let go of her breast and be replaced by a soft feminine hand. She opened her eyes and saw Duncan and Betty kissing above her. Each had a hand on her breast caressing her. The sight was so incredibly erotic.

“Oh yes.” She moaned slowly. “yes.”

Betty bent over and kissed her. Just kept kissing her. Kissed her lips, her face, her eyes, her throat, her breasts, her nipples. Suckled on her nipples and kissed down her belly. Duncan leaned back a bit to make room and Betty kissed her way down to Sarah’s clit. She could barely make, but could snake her tongue down to tickle it.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh…” Sarah groaned. She could feel her orgasm building. Any second now. “Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Shhh…they’ll hear you down stairs.”

“I don’t fucking care! Oh Yes! Fuck me! Oh God, Yes!”

Betty moved out of the way and Duncan kicked into “jack rabbit” speed and fucked through that orgasm and into another. Finally Sarah was laying there trembling whispering, “Oh God. oh God. oh God.”

Duncan pulled out and moved back. Betty crawled in between Sarah’s legs keeping her ass in the air. She leaned downed and gently licked Sarah’s flushed and wet pussy lips. Sarah started and looked down at Betty’s head between her legs. Betty felt Sarah’s body relax as Sarah let her head fall back onto the bed. Sarah pulled a pillow over and stuffed it under head so she could watch Betty eat her out.

Betty bent her head down again and tasted the tangy flavor of Sarah’s cunt. It was delicious with a lingering flavor of Duncan. She buried her face in deeper. Nothing got her hotter than eating tasty young pussy.

Duncan moved in behind Betty and shoved his cock in hard. Betty moaned into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah looked down the length of her body at the woman’s head between her legs and the godlike man behind her and thought it was the most erotic sight she had ever seen. Duncan was fucking Betty hard and she was moaning and licking Sarah’s pussy frantically.

Betty felt like she was going to faint. Between Duncan’s hard fucking and Sarah’s luscious young pussy, she was completely overloaded.

Duncan looked down at his hands gripping his girlfriend’s hips. His eyes traveled over the two women to Sarah’s beautiful blue eyes, clouded with passion and the build up of another orgasm and thought he was the luckiest man alive.

Betty felt her orgasm coming like a freight train. It exploded in her body like an H-bomb. She started screaming and shaking all over. She set Duncan off and he shot cum into her with a loud howl. Sarah felt her orgasm shake over her as she watched her two partners climax before her eyes. She relaxed and let it roll over her in stormy ocean waves.

Betty collapsed onto the bed still trembling. Duncan kissed Sarah and lay down next to her. Betty crawled up and kissed Sarah too.

“So did you like you’re deflowering?”

“Absolutely the best.” Sarah said smiling.

“Hopefully it will only get better.”

The three of them lay there for awhile floating in the after glow until Duncan stood up.

“I have to get back down stairs. Sarah, you coming?”

Sarah blushed a bit. “I’m kinda tired. Is it okay if I just rest here with Betty for a bit?”

Betty hugged her. “Of course.”

Duncan threw the blankets over them, kissed them both and tucked the covers around them snugly. He opened the door and went down stairs. When he hit the landing the living room erupted into cheers and clapping.

“Ya all are just jealous.” Duncan shouted back at them.

Betty and Sarah looked at each other and giggled. The two women cuddled together and fell asleep.

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