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“Do you trust me?” His deep, soft voice whispered in my ear. He was behind me, his hands gently caressing my shoulders and upper arms. Something in his voice made me hesitate. Did I trust him? I was looking at our bed. At the things he had laid on it. There were padded restraints fastened to the corners, a dark scarf on the pillows, and odd shapes under another dark scarf.

If I let him fasten me into those restraints, I would be helpless, completely in his power. He was still softly stroking my arms, his breath soft and warm on my neck. He was patiently waiting for me to decide. I felt quivery inside. His slow hands were tracing trails of heat along my arms and hardening my nipples in response.

I took a deep shivery breath. “Yes,” I whispered as I exhaled. He slipped my robe off my shoulders, leaving me nude. He urged me gently to the bed. I lay down. He took my right wrist and kissed it, his lips feathery on the sensitive skin. He fastened the restraint and kissed my palm. He did the same with my left wrist. My arms were now outstretched over my head. Then he took my right ankle and fastened it. He gently kissed my instep.

The quivery feeling was stronger and I was beginning to tremble. He stroked my left ankle and fastened it, kissing my instep. He stood by the bed, his eyes studying my bound and helpless body. He slowly removed his robe. His penis had already swelled into a magnificent erection. My nipples were throbbing pebbles and I felt the wetness begin to ooze out of my vagina.

He picked up the scarf on the pillow and gently covered my eyes. The last thing I saw was his smile as he securely blindfolded me. I felt his warm breath on my cheek. His man-scent was arousing me more. His lips touched mine, soft, gentle, lingering. His tongue teased my lips, my tongue as he made the kiss last until I was breathless.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered. The question confused me for a few seconds. Hadn’t I already shown that I trust him? I was bound and blindfolded, helpless. He was waiting for my reply. I could feel his patience.

“Yes,” I whispered. I felt something against my lips urging me to open my mouth. I did. The gag was not uncomfortable, but secure. Now I was truly helpless, unable to see or speak, barely able to move. I trembled.

His fingers began stroking my legs, soft, gentle caresses that made me quiver and moan. He took his time. His fingers traced my body, over my hips, along my ribs, around my breasts, over my throat, never—quite—touching my nipples or my clitoris. I was writhing, trying to put my body where he would touch the most sensitive parts.

I groaned in frustration. I couldn’t tell him what I wanted. I was hot, aroused. I wanted him to pinch my nipples, to rub my clitoris, to make me climax. Now his lips were on my body and the pressure, the need built. His tongue teased my nipples. I arched up to him, almost over the edge. Please! Please! I wanted to beg as the pressure built higher. His thumb rubbed my clitoris. Yes! Please! I pushed my hips against his hand. His fingers slipped into me, gently massaging my inner walls.

Then he sucked a nipple into his mouth, grazing it with his teeth. He pinched the other one between the fingers of his free hand. And I climaxed. My body thrashed and pushed against his hands and mouth as the intense spasms rippled through me, going on and on.

He finally drew back from me, allowing the orgasm to subside. I was breathless, moaning, my body still rippling with the fading spasms, when he pushed something hard into my vagina. The muscles clamped down on it. I felt him fasten straps around my hips to hold it tight in me. He kissed and teased my nipples until I was writhing, wanting. Then the sharp pain of the clamps surged through me, making me shudder. Something cold lay across my chest. A chain? I felt another line of cool metal down my stomach. I heard the click of metal. Something being fastened together.

Then the vibrations started, intensely stimulating my vagina. I started to squirm. The movement caused a sharp tug on my nipples. The vibrations increased. Ohgodohgodohgod! The more I writhed and squirmed, the more my nipples were pulled and the stronger the vibrations in my vagina. I was moaning, whimpering, wanting the torturing sensations to stop.

I climaxed again, my body thrashing in pain and ecstasy as my nipples were pulled and pulled and the spasms in my vagina went on and on. He did not let it stop. Each time my orgasm peaked and started to fade, the sensations increased. I was sobbing, writhing, my body convulsing until I had no thoughts. Only the exquisite spasms coursing through me until I fainted.

A sharp smell. Smelling salts. I was given no rest. The vibrator had been turned down to a gentle, constant stimulus. He slowly removed it. I moaned softly in relief, a relief that was short lived. He was stroking my over-stimulated clitoris. I was trembling. He pulled on it gently until I felt it swell. Then he clamped it. I would have screamed at the sudden pain, but the gag prevented it.

Now my nipples and my clitoris were connected. A touch on any of them was instantly transferred to the others. He tugged on my right nipple. The stimulus went immediately to the left nipple and to my clitoris. Oh god! He was going to make me climax again! Now he kissed my body, feathery light kisses as he stimulated my nipples and clitoris. I arched trying to scream, trying to beg him to stop. It was too much. I was going mad with arousal. He kept on until he pushed me over the edge again. Spasm after spasm. Hard, muscle straining orgasm that went on and on only to increase when he plunged his steel hard erection deep into me. The hot friction of his massive penis moving hard and fast in me along with the continued pulling of my nipples and clitoris took me to mindless, continuous orgasm.

I never knew how long he kept thrusting into me. I could only spasm in climax until he had thoroughly sated himself in me, filling me with his hot ejaculate. His kisses were gentle as he slowly eased from my quivering, throbbing body and removed the clamps. He softly caressed my trembling body.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered. I could only nod, yes.

Then he began again.

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