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Trust Me

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“Do you trust me?”

She felt his breath ghost across her skin as he leaned close and whispered in her ear. He strode around her as she hesitated. Reaching out he lifted her chin until she faced him.

“Do you trust me?”

Slowly she looked into his eyes and barely moving, nodded her head.

“Say it. Say the words. Say them now or this ends here.”

She shivered at the command in his voice. It frightened her and yet excited her too. Her breath quickened as she tried to speak. “I…. I trust y….you”

A smile of satisfaction briefly crossed his lips. He brought up both hands, a fold of silk stretched across them. He lifted it to her eyes and covered them, tying it behind her head.

She trembled as darkness closed around her. She felt more then heard him move behind her. He caught one wrist and lifting it, secured it to the bar above her. Swiftly he followed with the other. Softly he slid his hands down her arm leaving trails of fire behind.

Again he moved, this time in front. She felt his breath warming her skin as slowly he kneeled in front of her. Grasping her ankles he spread her legs apart, stretching her wide. She felt his hands placing the straps around her ankle as he attached the bar between her feet.

Soft whimpers escaped her as his tongue blazed a trail up her inner thigh. Closer he came stopping just short of her mound. A cry passed her lips as he moved away once more. Her chest heaved as she struggled to pull in air past her excitement.

She strained to hear as he moved past her. A startled cry passed her lips as she felt him looming over her. With no warning, his lips crushed hers, brutal and uncaring. Just as suddenly they were gone and in their place was a strap of leather. He pushed it through her teeth and bound it behind her.

Her knees gave out beneath her as fear made her weak. Choking sobs tore from her. She felt him move close as he reached out and helped her to stand once more.

“Say the word, give me the sign and this ends here and now.” He hissed into her ear.

Trembling she shook her head, knowing that she could not go back now. If she didn’t do it now then she never would. She had to go through with it or she never would.

Smiling, he stepped back and looked over his handy work. She stood before him, chained, gagged and blinded. Trembling and softly sobbing. Never had she look so beautiful. Her full breasts were pulled up and flaunted by the angle she was held in. Her long hair trailed over her sweaty back. Her full hips angled outward as the bar between her feet pushed her legs wide. A thin patch of downy hair crested her shaven lips. Even from here he could see the moisture gathering.

He took a deep breath as lust filled him. His cock hardened more as precum leaked from the tip. Swiftly he reached down and fastened the cockring around himself. This must last as long as he could take. Tonight was for her. Her dream, her fantasy.

He strode to the small table, where lay the ‘toys’ they had selected for tonight. There, laid out before him was a soft leather paddle. Beside it, a riding crop. Nipple clamps glinted from their place in line. In the midst of it all lay the blue vibe that would send her soaring.

He lifted the table and carried it closer to her. Sitting it down, he went to her and once more whispered, “Do you trust me?” A moan his only answer, he nodded and picking up a small ball, he placed it in her hand. “You need but to let go of this and all ends there.” Her fingers tightening were all the indication he had that she had heard him.

Softly he reached out and ran his finger tips over her nipples. Moaning, she arched into his touch, pressing her breasts into his hands. Teasingly, he pulled and lightly twisted them. Leaning forward, he gently licked first one, then the other. Sucking one into his mouth, he nibbled and suckled, feeling the skin pucker and draw tight. He moved to the other and treated it the same. Standing back, he gazed upon her now. Nipples standing out proudly.

He reached down and took up one of the clamps. Tweaking her nipple with his fingertips, he pulled out slightly and swiftly placed the clamp. He tightened it just until it held and would not pull off. Again he reached down and quickly treated the other the same.

Her head thrashed from side to side as the pain and pleasure began to work on her body. She felt him clipping the chain to first one clamp then the other. As her chest heaved in search of breath, the chain swayed and caused the clamps to pull and tug on her nipples. The sensation quickly took over her mind.

He stood back and watched as she twisted and thrashed, sending the chain swinging wildly. Moans came from her throat continuously. He let her move for a moment then lifted his hand and delivered a sharp, stinging slap to her ass. She jerked and cried out.

“Be still. No moving until I tell you.”

Trembling she tightened her body and tried to remain still. Moisture flowed down her legs as heat flashed through her. With lust, he looked at her. Her body flushed and wet with sweat. The chain swaying between her breasts with every breath. He struggled to push his desire down. This must not end too soon.

He walked around her, circling and whispering. “You like this don’t you? Like being helpless, Never knowing what I’m going to do next.”

Again he brought his hand down on the cheeks of her ass, and again. Her cries delighted him. When she confessed this fantasy to him, he had been unsure of whether he could do it or not. But this excited him as much as it did her. To see her standing there, trembling, the cheeks of her ass red and hot.

Abruptly he strode in front of her and reaching out tightened the clamps on her nipples. She gasped and shook hard as the pain overwhelmed her mind. Before she could react, he again began to rain blows on her ass with his hand. Never striking the same place twice, he changed the rhythm and force of his blows so that she could not anticipate them coming.

Abruptly he stopped, his hands stinging as he looked at his marks. The cheeks of her ass glowed a fiery red. Her body quivered with the effort of standing. He reached out and stroked his hand over her, feeling the heat.

Striding in front of her again he lifted her chin and looked at her. Tears ran down her face, her muscles jerked and spasmed as she struggled to breathe. Still she clutched the ball in a tight fist. As much as he was enjoying this, it would stop in an instant if she allowed it to fall.

He allowed her a moment to breathe. Crossing back to the table, he lifted the leather paddle. Approaching her again, he reached out and caressed her with it. At the first touch of leather against her skin, she drew in a sharp breath. A low moan tore from her throat.

“You want this don’t you? You should see yourself. Ass red from my hand, nipples clamped tight and jutting. You love this.”

Gently he caressed her moist pussy lips with the edge of the paddle. Her hips thrust wildly as she tried to rub against it. Pulling it away he struck her inner thigh sharply.

“Be still”, He hissed. She whimpered as she forced herself still. Smiling to himself, he traced his way around her, caressing her with the paddle. He tapped it on the clamps cruelly squeezing her nipples. He lovingly traced the contours of her face, smiling again as she leaned into its touch.

Never had he seen her in such passion and the thought that he was the one to drive her here intoxicated him. Passing around her, he began striking her with the paddle. Softly at first, then harder, moving round and round her. Blows rained down on her, stinging at first, then burning. No place was safe from the paddle. He struck everywhere, belly, thigh, ass, leg. The pain built into pleasure as her body began to burn inside as well. Moisture flowed down her legs as her pussy released wave after wave. Constant moans and cries fell from her, as she grew closer to the edge.

As suddenly as it began, it ended. Her body ached and throbbed and sang as every nerve came alive. She heard a rustle as he moved away from her. She felt him return as his hands began to caress her, pressing in as they passed over.

“Very good, love” He whispered. “You’re so beautiful standing there. This is the way you should be. Marked by me.” Again he moved away and again he returned. Stepping up behind her, he caressed and fondled her reddened cheeks, squeezing and kneading them. Kneeling, he began to lick and suck them. Closer and ever closer to her hidden channel he came. Soon he spread her cheeks wide and gazed upon her tiny puckered rosebud. Leaning forward he took a deep breath, then slowly ran his tongue over it. Above him, her body tightened as she moaned loudly.

Again and again his tongue passed over it. Then he began to press inward on each pass. Soon the tip of his tongue began to enter her as the muscles began to relax. He reached forward and slowly thrust one finger into her hot, wet pussy. Pulling it out he brought it back and rubbed her juices around her hole. Again he wet his finger and rubbed it in. Then two, the moans coming continually from her. When he had her open enough to take two fingers within without pain, he withdrew them. Picking up the blue vibe, he quickly coated it with lube and slowly pressed it in. Her body tensed as she felt it pressing into her anus. Slowly inch by inch it invaded where nothing had ever been before. Deeper it went until at last it was all the way in. Nothing remained but the cord and the controls. He gave her a moment to adjust and then turn it to the first setting. Her body arched as the vibrations surged through her. Her breath caught in her throat as she tried to scream past taunt muscles.

Leaving it at that setting, he arose again and lifting the riding crop tapped her across the ass. She jerked, causing the vibe to shift within her. Again he struck, and yet again. The sensations were coming close to overwhelming her. Sensing this, he came around her and unstrapping her ankles lifted her and sank his hard cock deep inside of her.

For a moment he stood there, feeling the vibe through the walls inside her. Fighting for control he drew back and slammed back in. Her screams came continuously as he thrust harder and harder. He felt her tensing as she began to cum. Swiftly he turned the vibe on full and with a cry she plunged over the edge. Ruthlessly he continued to plunder her wet pussy, pounding into it with everything he had. Over and over she came, one orgasm after another. Her juices pour from her gaping hole.

Sensing that she was on the edge of losing consciousness he reach back and press the vibe deeper and releasing the cock ring plunged harder into her. He felt her spasm as he started to shoot his load deep inside her, milking his cock and drawing out every drop.

He reached back and gently removed the vibe from her tortured ass. Wrapping his arms around her and holding her with his cock still within, he loosed her hands. Her arms fell limply to her sides. Staggering on legs barely able to hold him, he carried her to the bed. Gently laying her down, he removed the gag and blindfold. He eased himself down beside her and softly stroked her forehead as he gently removed the clamps from her nipples. Moans came from her as the blood rushed to them.

Slowly her breathing calmed. He lay and watched as she opened her eyes. She turned her head and gazed at him. “Th… Thank you…”

“Are you ok? I didn’t go too far?” She lifted her hand and placed her fingers on his lips. “Hush. It was everything I dreamed and more.” She rasped out. Quickly he turned and taking the glass on the table beside the bed, he gently placed it to her lips. “Just a sip now. Not too fast.”

Slowly she sipped, cooling her throat. “I’m not sure if I can do that again.” He said. “I almost lost control and really hurt you.” Again she silenced him. “Shh…. I know, but you didn’t. You held it back for me. That’s why I could let go with you. I knew you could control it.”

Reaching up she lifted his head until he looked at her. Gently she smiled and softly said, “I trust you”

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