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Trick or Treat?

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You are sitting at home on Halloween, debating whether to go to a party that a friend of a friend is hosting. You want to party, but small chat isn’t what you are hoping for tonight. You keep scanning the Lit forums, searching for a new post and more stimulation. You read some more stories, as you lightly stroke your hard on. You are alone, so are not afraid to get caught and you pull off your pants as you tease your balls and your cock. The images of the strap on sex dance before your eyes.

The phone rings, your cock throbs at the number on the call display. Answering you hear the voice of a vixen that you had met at Lit, and have chatted for a while. You had sent her your phone number earlier that day, but she had said she might be out today. You hear her erotic yet teasing voice say “Trick or Treat?”

“Trick and Treat” you whisper back, your hard on throbbing as all the blood in your body rushes to its shaft and head.

“Get showered and dressed, and be ready for my next call in 20 minutes! Don’t cum!” Her voice carrying a head spinning tone, before hanging up without waiting for you to do anything but moan.

You hop up and run half naked to the shower, but stop to pick up your pants on the way. You quickly soap up your body, wondering what is in store for tonight, and glad that you hadn’t already left for that party. As you imagine her body, your soapy right hand rubs your cock as left reaches back to tease your already opening ass. You begin to get close, and then remembering her order you move your hands onto your legs and continue washing the rest of your body.

Stepping out of the shower, you glance at the clock. Shouting “Oh shit” as you realize you only have five minutes left. What are you going to wear, almost laughing at the thought, since you are rarely this concerned about clothes, but then again rarely is the woman of your fantasies calling you and hopefully stopping by. As you quickly pick out a white t-shirt and jeans, your hope that they don’t stay on for very long.

The phone rings, as you pick up her voice sends a current through you, ending in a small explosion in your fully extended cock and a moan.

“Are you dressed?”

“Yes,” you mumble back as you try to catch your breath, trying not to show how badly you need it, but she is not fooled.

“Very horny tonight aren’t you? Maybe we should do something about that.” Your knees threaten to buckle under you, your cock nearly bursting as her words and their implication flood your brain.

“The address you emailed was correct?” She asks letting her tone rise and fall, hypnotizing you into a realm of pleasure and need.

“Yes…yes, it is right” trying to focus enough to be able to speak. You mind and cock begging for her to come, needing her.

“Be a good boy!” She says before hanging up. You sit on the edge of the bed, unsure about what to do. You rub your cock through your jeans, wanting to take it out, but wanting to be a good boy for her. You move to the night stand to check, yes there is condoms and lube here. Moaning at the thought and so desperately hoping that they will be used.

The door bell rings, you nearly run to the door, pausing only a second to catch your breath, you open it. Standing in front of you is the woman of the images she has sent. Her bright blue eyes shine through a black mask, and a teasing smile greets you. Her cloak is open at the front, showing off her black corset with her taut sweet nipples showing, a tiny black skirt, and black knee-high boots. The heels raise her up so she stands about six feet tall in front of you. Not small yourself by any means, you feel her power and position.

Your eyes travel to the man standing beside her, but you barely glimpse the outfit of a chauffeur, when her voice directs your attention back to her. “I asked you Trick or Treat, and you said ‘Trick and Treat’, correct?”

You nod, and say “yes”

“Say yes, Mistress!” her eyes flashing a message straight to you groin

“Yes, Mistress,” your cock throbbing and straining to reach her sweet body.

“I am about to step inside, and your body and pleasure are mine to control for tonight. Do you accept this?”

“Yes!” You shout between moans. Her eyebrow raises above her mask. “Yes, Mistress!”

“Good boy,” her hand reaching out, and lightly tracing over your body, pausing to tease your nipples and hard cock.

“Crawl to the bedroom!” She commands you, you eagerly obey, knowing she is enjoying the sight of your up-turned ass as she and the man follow you.

“Stand up.” You obey as her hands explore your body, slowly removing your shirt, as her lips, tongue and breathe tease your body. The pants leave your body next, and as you stand there almost naked with currents of pleasure rushing through you. Your knees come close to giving out as she pulls off your boxers, and her black clad body brushing against you.

She tells you to kneel down and pleasure her as she removes her skirt and her wet pussy comes into view. You eagerly lick and suck, hoping to please your mistress. Wanting her, as you lick up her thigh, she tells you “lick all that cum out of my pussy, and you may get some more later.”

You eagerly obey and your tongue moves faster and faster over her clit and lips, tasting her juices and the cum. Her moans begin to fill the air, as she grabs your hair, pushing your face into her soaked pussy. She moves laying down on your bed, as you continue to pleasure your mistress, she cums hard, squirting more liquid into your open mouth. A minute passes as you tease her and she catches her breath.

“Mmmmm…that was good, now you may have your reward. I know what your fantasy is, and tonight if you be a good boy it will come true.”

She motions for the driver to come forward, and tells him to undress. You watch as each bit of skin tantalizes you as it is exposed. His jacket comes off showing his bare chest and hard stomach. His pants follow and as his boxers with their huge tent appear, you begin to pant, wanting to play with his cock so much. She calls him forward, and pulls down his boxers, exposing his 7 inch cock to her wet lips. As she licks and sucks him, his moans fall on your ears and send a message to your cock of pure need. She holds the back of your head, bring your mouth to his cock. She kisses you and then slides his cock into your open and wet mouth.

“This is a cock…I’m sucking a cock!” Your mind shouts out, but your body tingling with need and pleasure already knows this as you suck harder and harder on the head. You are nervous, but she is guiding your head with one hand and his cock with the other.

Telling you “Suck his head…Mmmm…now lick up and down the shaft…” as you relax and get more confident her commands lessen, but she still continues to feed the very first cock between your lips. Your rhythm and suction grows, as his moans come faster and faster. You want him so bad, need him.

“Lay down” she commands him, telling you, “Don’t worry, you’ll taste his cock again soon.” His body lies naked on your floor, his cock standing erect pointing at your ceiling.

“Now kneel over him and suck him!” she commands you, as her hands guide you into a 69 position. As your mouth encircles his delicious head, you feel her hands rubbing your cock, and then a sudden wetness engulf it. Your moans and gasps echo through the room, as you feel his hot mouth and tongue pleasure you. Up and down, around and around, over and over you feel need rise (whose need?), as his precum drips from his cock, filling your mouth with his taste. You know he is getting closer and closer, as your own pleasure pushes you higher and higher.

“Cum!” Your mistress’s voice shouts.

Almost instantly your body obeys, sucking his hard and deep, as you feel your body tighten, your balls and cock straining, as an orgasm builds and builds, so intense, more intense than ever before as it rushes through you. You explode in his hot wet mouth as you swallow his cum that spurts deep down your throat.

Your first taste of cum, and your first experience with a man. Bliss, and pleasure beyond your wildest fantasies. The softened cock slides from your lips, as your mistress kisses you, and says “Relax, there is more fun to be had later.”

You must have dozed off, because as you wake up you could have sworn you dreamed of playing with Mistress and a guy. In your dream you felt the warmth of his cock sliding between your lips, her encouragement and pleasure had filled your ears. MMM… had been a wonderful dream.

You hear a soft moan and you open your eyes; there they are. She is sitting on the edge of the bed only a few feet away, while he kneels in front of her. He is licking and sucking on her wet pussy, oh how you want it. You lick your lips at the thought of entering her and licking her hard clit. Mmmm…you can still taste the cum on your mouth, and as you watch him lick her you can see his erection straining to reach her, wanting attention.

She winks at you and then pulls him up to lay in a 69 beside her. Her beautiful soft lips encircle his bulging head, sucking up and down. She motions for you to come and then you share his head while she traces her tongue down and licks his shaft. She is still bond by the corset and boots, while the naked flesh of you and him create a feast for the senses. She tells you to move on top and go on all fours. Your mind racing with the sights and sensations of his naked body and his erection, as your continue to suck and lick that tasty hard treat that your mistress has given you. You can feel his hands reach up and squeeze your cheeks as he guides your rearing cock into his mouth. It feels so good. The suction of the head, as his tongue fervently circles around, rubbing the ridge, sucking so hard your balls tighten, up and down, hard and fast, then slow and teasing. You build and build with this delicious cock in your mouth. Your tongue and lips and throat enjoy it.

You let his cock slip out to look at it, watching its pulsing head seeping a drop of precum. You reach out with your tongue to lick up that drop, but before you can do so you feel Mistress guide your head. She rubs your face with the dripping cock, and even lightly slaps you with it as you chase it trying to let it slide into your eager mouth. You can see it and feel it against your cheek, your remember the feel of it inside your mouth, you want it so much; you have never needed a cock this bad before, the sensation of its absence and your need to pleasure it growing with each second. Your cock still buried deep in his sucking, pulsing, stroking mouth.

“How much do you want to suck his cock? To be filled with his erection?” She is kneeling in front of you, her pussy lips open and her clit hard. You are torn, you want his cock. You want her pussy. You want to please and pleasure her. You would give anything to continue to please her.

Moan and pleading pour from your lips. “Please Mistress! I want it so bad! I need you! I need him!”

“You will taste us both soon, but first I have other plans for you!” She tells you as she guides your lips to his hard on. “Pleasure him!” She moves out of your sight, but your mind still reels with the image of her pussy dripping at the scene of you and him pleasuring each other’s cocks. Your cock is throbbing, but since you came before you can last a little longer. Oh, but it feels so good, he is licking and sucking all parts of your bulging head and thick shaft. You can tell that he is enjoying the feel of a man as much as you are.

Suddenly you feel hot wet pressure on your ass, you moan as a unbelievable need rushes through you. You almost feel your knees give out, but hold on trying to keep your ass close to that source of pleasure. You let go of his cock, just for a second, and glance over your shoulder. Kneeling behind you, she winks before teasing your puckered treat with a long stroke of her tongue. You moan, and then take him in your mouth, wanting her to continue as you feel your mouth fill with his precum and manhood, while your own is being pleasured by the guy’s skilled mouth.

Her tongue is now circling the opening, flicking over each puckered ridge, causing your ass to open and squeeze shut in a rhythm dictated by the waves of pleasure and need that seem to continuously course through your body. Each wave is pulling you deeper and deeper into a state of bliss and pleasure, nothing matters, not time, not anything, you just want them to continue. You can feel the current pulling you, its hunger becoming stronger and stronger as you approach release. He is changing pace now frequently, allowing you to cool off as much as you can while in this erotic threesome.

Moans and gasps fill the air continuously now. Her tongue pushes into your ass, you moan, pressing back hard against her as the cock falls from your open panting mouth. You shout “Fuck me Mistress! I want you now!” as you feel her tongue pushing in over and over. His suction is increasing as he watches her take your ass. You love this, but you want more.

A moment of overwhelming unmet need makes you moan and beg for her. “Please fuck me!” A cool wet finger answers, you can feel her slide it in deep. You want it so bad, and that need increases as she begins to slowly stroke your prostrate. A tidal wave is now forming inside of you, you can feel the unstoppable pull; it feels as though your whole body is being drawn towards your ass and cock. Tension spreads from your toes to the rest of your body, as you feel lightning bolts of pleasure shoot through you. You entire body feels as though it is standing in a lightening storm, so intense.

You bear down on her second finger as soon as you feel it at your willing opening. Sliding in deep, it seeks out your pleasure spot. In an instant the internal stormy sky opens up wide, releasing waves of current and pleasure through you as the tidal wave rushes relentless over you. You climax; your cock deep in another guy, and his in you, as your Mistress’s fingers stretch your almost virgin ass. You are overflowing with a deep need awakened, and pleasure unimaginable.

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